Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 10, 1976 · Page 20
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 20

Nampa, Idaho
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Wednesday, March 10, 1976
Page 20
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TtVjdaho Free Press The N'ews-Tribune. Wednesday. March 10.1976 Garden school planned Friday _. CAI.mVELL - The annual t 'spring garden school sponsored i by the University of Idalio J iCuoperative Extension Office. jj the Early Morning Garden Cluli ·i and Ihe Nampa Garden Club will he held Friday. March 12, a( (he College of Idaho. ;. Tlie day will include special --speakers, distribution of .^-pamphlets and informational j sheets and lunch. There will be a i ^registration fee of S2.25. which ^includes lunch. £,'. The morning session, presided J'.nver by Mrs. Ellen Sasenbery. \ will betiin with registration and * a film nt 9::10 a.m. Mrs. Dee '· Roper. Bnise. will give a laik. .^VRoses to You." at to and Terry v Sherman of King Brown Nur- sery will discuss the selection and earc of house plants al 10:45. Mrs. Faye Washburn will preside al the afternoon session, which will begin at 1 p.m. with a presentation by Norm Hilbert of Slauffcr Chemical Co., Boise. Be\ Montgomery will discuss preserving fruits and vegetables at l:-jn p.m. and Arthur Walz will talk about local varieties of fruits and vegetables al 2:15 p.m. Craig Bard will discuss insect control on lawn, garden and home grounds at 3 : 1 5 and principles of landscaping will be Ihe topic of a talk given at -t p.m. by Tony Horn. The public is invited lo attend. Academies lose high percentage WASHINGTON' The CAO said it costs the Air ( U P I I - .. . . .... ;« Students have been dropping out Force and tbe Military Acade- ;- of (he nation's service mies SVOOO over a four-year academics al near-record levels ',* in recent years, according to a ··'General Accounting Office ,'sludv. \ This high attrition rale costs ,U.S. taxpayers millions of 'dollars. GAO said. i The Air Force Academy class of 1975 al Colorado Springs. )»Co!o.. had a record 40 per cent lleparture rate, it said. Attrition readied an 11-year high of -10 per cent for Ihe 1974 Military Academy graduating class al West Point. N.V.. bul it dropped lo 36 per cenl in 1975, GAO said. · Thirty-nine per cent of the class of 1975 at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Md.. dropped out or were told to leave before graduation, the report said. This was a 12-year high. There was a 48 per cent attrition rate al the .Merchant .Marine Academy at Kings Point, N. Y.. for the class of 197-1; and a 46 per cenl attrition among the Coast Guard Academy class of 1975 al New London, Conn. period for each graduate. It costs 570.000 to send a student through the Naval Academy and less for the Coast Guard and Merchant Marine academics. Mosl attrition is from students leaving voluntarily. Ihe sludy said, but 20 per cent are ordered lo leave, usually for academic reasons. "Those who drop out of the academies, while tending to score .slightly lower as a group on some tests of performance and polc-nlial than those who slay, are slill... of high quality," the GAO said. "Some ... would make good military or maritime officers." The GAO made numerous recommendations, most designed lo aid early identificalion of potential dropouts so less money will be wasted on them. II also suggested the academics re-examine today's intensive student competition. "While we believe some competition is beneficial and necessary." GAO said, "we are not convinced its current intensity is justifiable." PIILISMErS NOTE All r**l MUr« *di«1i!«d In lh, s rt«s- Mpw tisvbjtci lo lrwF«d«riiFiif Housing Acl ol 19M fthkh nukes U il'egil lo »tf**rtli« "my pitltitnct, rimiljl-oo. cr ' t t i o n tan* a n fjci. corfor. MI, H rutioni' origin, w n jny idvfftislng ,QI u»l «il**e which it n v!i}llli»n ol lh»UM. 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Phone 467-1907 I'ATIUCIA 11EAUST LEAVES the Federal f'uurl It nil ding Monday in Sail Francisco uCter a government psychiatric \\ilness pictured her as a rebellions young woman. At loft is L'.S. Deputy Marshal Jancy Jimincx. (ITIPholo) Patty Hearst's appearance transformed since capture By Kick Dullrow The first photos of her after SAN FHANCISCO (UPI) she was seized by the KBI in a Palriciii [learsl was captured San Krancisco hideout in Sep- half a year ago and her physical transformation since that lime has been remarkable. Selected stocks NEW YORK (UPH - The Dow Jones industrial average battled with the 1,000 level Tuesday in a heavily traded rally on Ihe New York Stock Exchange, where investors were hopeful about interest rates. Shortly before Ihe close, however, the Dow stood at 993.70, up only 4.9G points. The Dow's high so far this year was 994.57 set Feb. 25. The blue-chip average broke through (he 1,000 level at 10:42 a.m. KST. retreated, and rallied through 1.000 during Ihe afternoon. Profit taking prevented it from going higher. The morning rise marked the first time since Jan. 29.1973 i( had touched the magic- level during a trading session. The Dow first broke through the 1.000 level on Nov. 14. 1972. when it finished at 1.003.16. It reached an all-lime high of 1.051.70 on Jan. II. 1973. Ihen went into one of the worst prolonged slides in ils history. So far Ibis year, the blue-chip average has climbed around lf0 points. The market's breadth figures revealed there was some investor uncertainty. Advances led declines by about a cight-(o- seven margin, among the 1,690 issues crossing Ihe tape. A large number remained unchanged. Turnover amounted lo around 30,500,000 shares, up sharply from the 25,050,000 traded Monday. The high-speed NYSE transaction tape ran six minutes late in Ihe first half hour. Prices were higher in active trading on the American Slock Exchange. Most observers said Tuesday's early rally w a s a continuation of or.e begun Mor.dav. Aftbott L .13 31 3-4 Up U Adaml Milli 5 3 1 Aircc Incp 1 It 3-4 Up 3-4 Alcan Al .43 11 1-3 Up M JtllHCp till li 3 1 Allid Ch UO 4] T B Up l.fl Altn Cna O II 1 * Off 1-4 A!ce 1 » SO Up 1 1-4 AMAX I.IS 5C 3-4 Up 1 ]· Am Keii .13 ill 3-4 Up vs Am Airti.lei ID 11 ABrand 113 10 7 Off 1J A Can 3.1CJ 35 Up 1 4 AmCyan I 1.] K 3 J Up 1-4 Am Mo'O'i 6 1-3 OH M AmNG 1.S4g 3S 7 i Up M Am Slind I 14 1 * Up 1-1 Amrir SSI if IS Up t-« AM.F In 1 U II 3-1 Up l-l Aril PS 1 31 16 Armco 1 43a 34 Arms Ch 10 ]· Ascrco to U M Aif.lnOI U! 3! J l Up I.J A I I R i t h f 1 1.1 II 1.1 O f f 1 t-S Avco Corp ID 3.4 Off 14 fUbWilto* 1 37 M Oil 1-4 Basiclnc .(0 xll 011 l.| Beckmn .31 !t Up h-7 Bel Hv,l 14 )1 M ErnCii Ml SI 1-1 Up 1 I S outline la 41 Up 1.4 Bobb e 8rks 6 Up 1-8 Boeing Co I 77 3 1 Up i II B^rtfEn I ]0 IT M Oil 1 4 Borg W (.35 ?l Up 1 4 Bril My 1 !D tl Oil J J GruniwX .44 II fJu4d CO 13 IS 1-3 Up U? Burrghi .11 103 1 7 Up 1-3 C a n P a c .Ub li 14 CalerpilTr 7 II 1 7 Up 3-4 C B S \ 44 iS S-l Off 1 M Celanie MO S3 J.4 Up !·] Chtme 1.10 :4 7 1 Up 3 I C«rlUr Cp !« L4 Off 1-4 Cil Serv 1.40 41 l.l OK 3 1 CocaCol 11S U 1-4 011 I I t Co r gaf« n :i 74 (/p t.i C3I Gat 7.14 14 CnwEO 140 » It Up II Comm Sat 1 II 7 1 C1I 3-1 ConEd 1 ID II ?-4 Conim Pjv T 10 Off 14 C c n t f A L I3h I !·! Off 3 1 CflllCan I 10 If Up T-l ContiftlOM 1 tl II Up \ 1-7 Coop In l.ll 41 1-3 Up 1-7 CPC !nt 1.11 14 1 4 O f f S CrownZ I 10 ti CvClOOCp I 171 3-4 O f f SB Oart In I4g }4 1-2 Ori 3.4 DaylonH »4 34 SI Up I 1-1 DtlEdis 1.4J It 1-1 Dramdlnrl l 41 Off S-l Dnn«Y .119 40 34 Up 3-4 Do* Ch I.U II] I I Up 3 1 DuPmt Id ISI 14 Oil il OWMl 1.71 II 1-4 Up 1-1 Eailtra Air I 3 1 Off )·! EHIK ilia ill 3-4 Up 1 14 ElPaiC I.ID 1) 34 Off II Eltr*Cp 1.74 4) II Up M Enltiln I 13 It S-l EtrnarK I.S7 40 Up 1 7-1 Ernyl C 1.43 t4 3-4 0(1 1-1 E**nt Prod I 3-1 Up 3-1 EiCflO 1.10 11 ! 4 Oil 1 4 E x x o n USd 17 I t Oir 1-4 Fa*»te«l 10 U 1-7 Off k-4 flKIFd lid II ft Up II Fintne 1.10 ?3 1-4 up IB FWC Corp 1 76 Up 1 FocdFar .10 I i a Ford^Q 2 40 SS 1-2 Up 3 FrpplM 1.4C 15 Off I S FrcEfcl 110 14 7-B Up 1-B G A T X I B 3 II U Uo l GenCabl .13 n l.l Gen Ornam 1t Up I Cn Eltc I 13 57 1-4 Olf 1 t GnFood I.SO 13 1-4 Up 1-4 GcnMal £Cd « 5-8 O f f 1 1.4 Gen PorNnd 7 1-8 Up 1 G T E 1 !C 'it \-t Oil II Ga Pac tOq S3 II U? I I-B Gillrlle I.S3 33 34 Goodnc 1 17 7S 7-8 GMdyr 77 1-7 Off 3-4 Great ASP 17 SI GtftlU 1.11D 14 OIF l.l Grvhnd 1.C4 It I 4 011 ] t Gull 0.1 1.70 33 7-8 Up 1-S Heiri H I 14 4S 7-1 Up - B Hcff Elecln 8 3.4 Up 1 8 HollyS 3 iOa x40 1-4 O f f I 3 1 HjniDk la 41 3-4 Off 78 Hairv.1 .1C SI 3-4 Off SI HculLP l.t II M Up 1 8 1C Lrd 1.30 U 18 O f f 7 8 Idaho P 3 04 3i 7.8 Up i 8 IcfealBaiic I 17 l-l ing Rnd 111 li I J Up II nISSII 1111 f] Up 1 1-8 IB'A Corp 7 7S8 1-4 011 7 1 IRIHarv 1 70 x ] 7 ] t Off II IntNck I 40a ]1 f-t Up i I l.ll] Pap*?r 1 71 I t Up 1 Irl TIT MO II 7.1 Up I-1 JannM* 1.33 33 1-8 Up ' I KanrAI 1.33 31 SI Up 1-i Kencolt .ISd 3S S 8 O f f L.4 Ktrr McG I 14 1-1 Knight R 14 II l-l OFI J 4 Koppri 1.40 S4 3 4 Up 3 4 Kraftco l.l: 41 3-1 0!l 1-4 Kretg« .14 17 Up 1 1 IS IS I.) Oil 1-8 Lfh Val Ina I S I L.95 My 1 1-1 11 3-1 Up 3 1 Liltcn 3 1-llc 13 fl 01! I Jl War Oil 1.10 41 1-1 Oil II Marcorlnc I » 1-1 Up t 1 » WaffhF 1.34 11 I t Up 14 McDaiD .44 II 1-4 011 II M G M .3Sd 14 1-4 Ofl l-l MdSaU 1.37 It S-l MjCilOI 3 4 Q S3 l-l Up 1-4 W.cni.n l.ll t] 7 1 Oil H MonlDk 1.19 II l-l Off M Mon?w I 10 IS Up 1 Motorola .70 41 Up 1 4 MIStTcl l.ll 31 M NatiKO ?4C » II Up l-l Natl Can .ft 13 I 8 Off S I NtlDitU 1.40 34 7 1 Up 11 Nil Gyp I OS IS II Up l-l Hit t'.l 1 l-la SI 14 Up I 1-4 NCR Cp .71 17 Up II NilgWo 114 II SI 011 1 4 NL Indutt I II Up 11 KorlolkWl S 10 1 4 Op 34 NoNIGl l.ll 4 1 7 1 Up I M JloSIPw I.U IS 1-1 Norlhro 1.13 IS Up 1-4 NvnlAirl IS rjl 1 1 Up 3 4 NwSan I 70 4S t-1 Up 11 01,1 Cp I 11 4! ) I Up 3-4 01.1 El j;0 3) 3-1 Up II OjIbdM l.» 10 I t Up 14 OwtnCF II S3 14 Olf 1 4 Owrnll I II S7 Up S I pacOM in :» si on n P a c P w r 1.73 70 1-3 OFI 1 4 Pan Am Air t 7 1 011 1 8 Pcnn Ce.ilr 3 S I Pniey I U f6 1 4 Up 1 7 8 Pe/jnPL 1 to 19 l-l Pernio 1 I 1C 34 7 1 Olf 3 I PepS'Co l.ts 11 Up 1-i Pluer In .84 74 1.4 Philip Mcr 1 SI SS Up f-t PhilPel I 10 SI 1-1 Up 1-? Polaroid 33 3f 3-4 up I PPGlnd I 13 II Up 1 1-1 Prod Ga 1 IS M Up 38 PuS Col I 33 IS 3 4 Oft 1.4 Pullns 1 ;a 3! 7-1 Ua I B RaKlcn P 1 is 1 4 Up II Ray'fCOr I iB 1-7 UO I i RCA Corp 1 rll J.4 Up 18 Rep Sit 1.43 31 14 Up 1.4 R t r l«d 1 31 43 7 I O'l I B RpyndVcl 1 IS I t Rcb'hn I 1.3 14 7-8 Up S 8 Rcckw'.lln 1 17 Up 1-4 Hcim Crp S 7-8 CM 1 8 RcrlO 1 lib 44 f 3 up 11 S a r c w a y S I 1 17 I Off 1 8 SllWnrl tt 1 4 Olf 1.3 SIRO^il I SI 49 3 4 Oil 1 4 S e a r ^ ] 40a 77 1-4 Up 1 1-8 Sl-e lOil 11C 48 1-7 Up 5 8 Simr.iC B8a 17 1-4 Up I-B SvaggCO S3 li 1 4 Up 3 B Sn-lh.vhnc 7 43 1 * Up 1.4 S Ca Ed I tl 11 7 1 U; II Sc^lf-CO 1.40 It 14 Up 1-4 SoPacil 114 34 1.4 S3 R^rd .;i 47 lif I 3.1 St Brnd 1.14 IS 1 4 Oil 1 4 S'e Oil Cal 3 11 Up 1 8 SIOIMd V 30 II S I OFI S I 5IO.!Oh 1 3i 44 3 4 OH 1 CtrklyV I 10 If 3 1 S'gdciV 1 11 44 1-4 .34 11 S I Oil II TeUdyne li SO 1-4 Ofl 1-4 T c l t p r o m p f 7-1 Off 3 4 Tcreco 1.76 17 Up l-l T e x a c o 1 15 11 Up 3 1 T r x \*\lr I 111 1 I 01! 3 IciPlL ISO 17 54 Up I I Ibilron 1.10 xl7 II Tim«n l.ioa SI l-l Ofl 1 I Tri.-sjm H 1C 7 1 Ofl 1 I Trar.t W Air kl 7 1 Oil 1 7 Tn Con .lid VI l-l OIF 1.4 TuCFoi SO It S I Up II U A L I n c .(3a 74 7-1 UrCarb 7.50 IS LI Up 1 Un Eltt 1 II 11 1-7 Up 1 t UnOCal I H 41 I I Uniro/al SO « S-l Up I 8 Uld Brand! I 14 Oil I 4 UnCarp at 1 14 Up 11 U$ Gyp I 10 11 M Up 1 8 UiS'ttl 110 14 3 4 Up I 3 4 Utd T 1.33 il M Up I I UriTol 1.17 II M Up I I Upichn .11 31 S-l OFI f I UlanPL 1 43 |1 3 I Up I-3 UV Indul Ig 11 18 Oil 7 1 Walgrtin I 14 II Wang Lb .10 II 5 1 wa Wat l.St 10 1 1 Oil 3 1 Wsflanc 1 4 0 J3 1-7 wunion 1.41 7 II Oil l-l WJUn ei .17 II 1 I WMgni't SH ll 11 CM ll WF-ilc 7/olor 1 14 Up I I WOOLwh 1 10 11 II Up 1 I Xtro* Cp I IS 1 I Up 7 1 YngSIOr ID 10 11 Oil II ZrrilnPad I II S I Ua I M temlier depicted her as having sharp-edged features and giving a elenched-fist gesture. Now, daily in courl al her bank robbery trial, her appearance is that of a softly shaped young beauty with an elegant and fashionable array of outfits that oilier women might well envy. The 22-year-old newspaper heiress says she gave the defiant salute because she thought it was expected of her by Iwo Symbionesc Liberation Army companions also arrested. William and Emily Harris, whom she claims she feared. A defense psychiatrist will) prisoner of war expertise adds il was one of the last almost- reflexive actions of a person indoctrinated and terrified. Al any rale, her sheer physical makeup now is so different as to be astounding. Photos and drawings of her as a fugitive and right after her capture indicate she had very dark -- perhaps black -- hair, which, combined with bony features, made for a stark, harsh look. Some television stations slill use file pictures of her that barely match up with (be handsomely garbed young woman on [rial. Her hair row is a soft reddish- brown that falls to her shoulders over the top of her clothes, which are mostly panlsuits. Her clothes, which give her Ihe appearance of a debutante strolling a country e s t a t e , constantly draw the a t t e n t i o n o( courtroom spectators. There is thcgra\ pantsuil. and the rust-eolored one. and the brown one, and the oulfil she wore Monday: navy blue jacket, light blue slacks and white turllencek pullover. There are other outfits, too. including the only dress she has worn at her Irial: n smali- Moral-type gclup which does not show off her confident stride as flatteringly as the panlsuils. She is paie, sometimes seeming almost chalk while. A hit of lipstick works wonders, turning her al moments from a haunted-looking young woman to one who occasionally looks even cheerful. So frail does she appear al times (bat her jackets seem to hang on her almost tentatively. II is the haimtcil look which, in Ihe end. dominates. There is frequently a sad beauty in it, and at limes an incongruous schoolgirl expression that seems lo say, "What am 1 doing here?" Most haunting of all are the eyes, which look as if they had experienced a thousand years of living and wish they hadn't. A generation ago. girls of her tiackground and breeding were portrayed in the movies as happy-go-lucky coeds who wanted lo be cheerleaders and homecoming queens and marry nice young fellows with neatly trimmed hair. Outwardly, after half a year of r e h a b i l i t a t i o n , she looks as though she could slill fit inlo her background. All .he needs, it seems al times, is a riding crop to complete her appearance as a wealthy young woman ready for ; fox hunt. The courtroom seems a mirage. But it is where the realily is. And the Ihousand-year-old eyes. D A F F E R N ' S C O N C R E T E WORK, All flat work. Phone 466-1594 Yard tree spraying, lawn fertilizing. Now is the time fcr dormanl oil spraying. A-Aule Pest Control, under new management. Phone 459-2507 Guaranteed Appliance Repair Nampa Caldwell Area. Miller's Appliance Center Phone 4J7-1933 SEMI-RETIRED! Experienced in interior 6, exterior painting. No [ob too small, what have you? Reasonable rates, Len Day. Call 45.I-95M evenings * S 8 . S * S M A L L E N I N E R E P A I R Pre-season lawn mower tune-up overhaul. 636 w. Roosevel!. Nampa. «7-178l SKIP'SGIFTt, HOBBY SHOP. Nampa-Cald. Blvd., across Irom Midway School. 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Box 337, Parma. Ellective2/ 21/ 76 _ COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH C E N T E R S Counselling Emergency Aid. Days 466-8981 4540421. Eves. 8. weekenos. phone 4 5 4 0 4 2 1 . Electrolux * Repairs?. Sales Call 45-1 0777 or Auto parts cost study requested WASHINGTON HTIl - A government consumer official says aulo makers and dealers may be jacking up the cosl of parts lo make up for business lost during Ihe recession of Ihe past t w o years. A dealer spokesman denies il. Edward J. lltidcn of Ihe Office of Consumer Affairs told Ihe Senate Commerce consumer subcommittee Monday that the aulo industry slrould be investigated to see if they are doing so, or if big increases in spare parts costs are being used to pressure consumers into buying new cars. The subcommittee is looking into Ihe increases of as much as M per cent in Ihe past two years. It is also trying to speed up a Kederal Trade Commission inquiry thai has heTM going on sime 1972. "Crash parl price increases over Ihe past (ew j.-urs have been more than twice as large as Ihosc for new cars," llciden said, adding that auto sales and service brought more complaints lo ()l.'A lhan any other industry. The official said he was, specifically concerned "whether aulo manufadurers have raised crash part prices to compensate for lost profits from declining car and appliance sales." Sales of parts lo replace those damaged in accidents now run between $1 and $3 billion each year and insurance companies say they are a big reason for higher aulo insurance rales. lleiden's testimony brought an outraged denial from car dealer John J. Pohanka, who heads Ihe National Automobile Dealers Association. He said the prices are not arlificaliy raised, anil that if replacement parts are marketed through in- dependcnl distributors rather Uian dealers alone, as Ihey are now, the distributors would slock only parls in high demand and "the consumer would lie Ihe loser." TRANSIENT CLASSIFIED RATES (EHeclive June 1.1974) MINIMUM AD -3 LINES FOR 3 DAYS No. of lints 5 lines 4 lines S lines 1-3 Tines 5.25 6.00 6.75 4-6 limes 7.00 8.00 9.00 7-10 Times 9.00 10.25 11.50 IMS Times 13.00 14.25 16.00 19-26 Tines 16.00 17.50 19.50 $1.00 DISCOUNT PER AD, IF PAID IN ADVANCE OR WITHIN 5 DAYS OF FIRST INSERTION * ONE CHANGE OF COPY PERMITTED (aft,M3d»ys)ON26DAYRATEONL.Y! Classified Deadline -- 1 t:45a.m. prior to day ol publication * BOX NUMBERS... $1.00 ADDITIONAL CHARGE (S1.50 ilrcplies are mailed) URDOFTHAflKS 1 BUY OKLY tt50 AUCTION UPS 12.30 per Col. Inch dail DIRECTORY 2 Col x l Inch 79 per Calendar month. The Idaho Free Press The News-Tribune reserve the right to determine classification under which all copy shall be published. In case of our error, the Idaho Free Press The News-Tribune will be responsible lor Ihe FIRST INSERTION ONLY! OFFICE HOURS 8 B.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday 6 a.m. to 12 noon Saturday 466-7891 459-4664 IDAHO FREE PRESS 191 NAMPA.P.O.BC The NEWS-TRIBUNE NAMPA, P.O. BOX 68 RIBUNE CALOWELU,P.O.BOX1179 Card of Thanks D E A N L I T T L E F I E L D E X C A V A T t N G Seplic taaXi drain fields. backhoe wort any Kind. 466-3725 ""EXCAVATING" B a c k h o e , L a n c s c a p i n g trucking. D I C K N A Y L O R E X C A V A T ! S G CO. Hh 45J 0351 cvcn'.mjsw 7613. ~ S S EXCAVATING Cat w o r k , top s o i l , septic systems. AM types o! e x c a v a t i n g Jack Stites, J59 2301 We gratefully acknowledge Ihe prayers, expressions ol condolence. and the many acts ol kindness ano the assistance which our friends and neighbors extended to us at Ihe loss ot Charles Robertson, husband, father, grandfather and friend. The beautiful floral remembrances, memorials, cards, food and visitors to our homes have all helped to ease our sorrow. a O u r thanks lo all oi you. The family of Charles Robertson We wish to lhank all our relatives, friends, and neighbors tor the flowers, cards, calls, gilts and other expressions ol kindness lor our b e l o v e d husband, lather grandfather Mrs. Leo Haines Mr. Mrs. Robert Haines and lamily Mr. 8. Mrs. Tony (Mollie) Bradshaw 8. lamily _ Special Notices 4 Recycle Non-relurnable GIASS C OF I NEEDS J A R S AND B O T T L E S F O R G L A S S BLOWING CLASS. Leave in marked b i n s a t c u r b on Fillmore .at 20lh, Caldwell. A L C O H O L I C S ANONYMOUS Thurs. night. County Building, Nimpa, 8 p.m. Call 466-331? P A R E N T S ANONYMOUS Parenls - are you concerned sbout ycur parentino but have no one available to help you? Davs 4591766, eves. 466-8657, 467 1635 4*1 Alcoholics Al Anon, Nampa, meets Mon. 8 p.m. Mercy Hospital. Sun. 8:30 a.m. Community Center, Caldwell, Wed. 8.30 p.m St. David's Episcopal Church. KaleyMed. Center, 10 5. Logan. Wed, 8:30 p.m. 459-215? 454 1043, 466-5476, 466-6674 Interested in FREE ENTERPRISE? If so, plan lo attend the SEMINAR by the FOUNDATION FOR ECONOMIC EDUCATION APRIL 2-3-4 McCAU, IDAHO WRITF.: "a«o';al Alternatives Forum 907 Nampa-Caldwell Blvd. Nampa. Idaho 83651 Lost Found LOST: Yellow, male, Persian cat, 1 bad eye, hair partially clipped. Call 466 8204 L O S T : While English Setter with Nghi brown t i c k i n g . "King." vie. Sunnyriage area. f'hone -167-1917. LOST: Female, Black Lab, 1 Jadee/'Mclba area. Please call 495-3629 LOST: Large, brown Collie/ German Shepherd cross male. V e r y Iriendly. Call 467,4776 L O S T : Small,blacK Poodle, vie of W. Holland 8, Midland Blvd Reward. Call 467.4729 LOST: Male Norwegian El* Hound, silver black, vie So Montana and Ustick, Caldwell Reward. Phone 4593227 L O S T : Woman's ey shades ol brown (rimes In Karcher Mall, Feb. Nth 'bcl ween A g, 5 p m lf |ound ca|| celled, 337-3950. Income Tax ~ ?· Income lax preparation Call Marilyn Harris, Grecnloa), 459-6055 ELEANOR'S BOOKKEEPING . Reasin. Backed by 29 vears Qljervlcc. Boise 376-586S . J O R D A N ' S T A X S E R V I C E Bookkeepings, Income T a x . Midway

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