Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 26, 1962 · Page 22
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 22

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 26, 1962
Page 22
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Pa»e 22 ( i K E K L K V TKIIH'NE Mr. and Mrs. John H. Strasser. Photo by Marti 1)H '-"' 1%2 Mr. and Mrs. John Binns To Hold ·Open House at Community Bldg. ; Mr. and Mrs. Jolm Binik of 1529 although they have visited each ,11th Ave.. will celebrate their other maiiv times. ;gulden wedding anaiveiarv Sun;day with an open House for all their friends and relatives at the The former Ada Brock became! the bride of John Binns on Christ-! mas Day in 1912 at the farm home lntd fr rom oi6e and empty it there. Aigther way,Church World Thought] t» do this is f p;tad newspapers: I on a floor Then roll '.hem up UES MOLN'ES, low* API-"Be-1 with the litter inside and discard ing a Christian in our tune means _ ,, Greeley Community Building. 701U her parents, the late Mr. and 10th Ave.. from 2 to 5 p.m. TheylMrs. William Brock, in Madison Dear ask that gilts be omitted i County. Iowa near Winterset. Hosts for the anniversary party [Both were born in Madison Coun- vill be the eelebrants' two daugh- ly. Their farm homes were only ers, Mrs. Eugene 'liernice) bteiner of Eugene. Ore. anil Mrs. iix miles apart tut they did not )onald I Phyllis i Cooper of Oma-jin their teens. meet each other until thev were .\7/J 8y HELOISE CRUSE Alt correspondence pertaining to the Hcloise column should be mailed direct)/ to Heloise King Features Syndicate, 235 E. 45th St., New York, 17, N.Y. them. applying Christian principles to And don't forget the beautiful'^ ^^ prob!ems O j wrappings. These can be used MeUwdis , Bish))p t - Gerald later to line bureau drawers. How beautiful Christinas and the holidays are . . . but areu't we glad that it only comes once a year? And won't il be wonderful to have the house in order again? You know and I know that each year when we take down the tree we are so happy to get rid of the "stuff" that we just throw it in boxes. IJon't this year! Save all the big pieces until you ,.j I get in the mood for this job later. Happy New Year: Heloise. ley told a study conference here. frum Always scrub that orange lemon, then dry thoroughly. *)e: fore you grate the rind. should be the conscience of the world." India may import more copra. Neb., and their husbands. They lived on a farm There arc seven grandchildren Wiiilerset until lira when they Usually there is one string of lights on the tree that quit working and we didn't bother to| · near jnd out "which" bulb it was aiul! tions Ncvcr go ^ buv , hese al(jne and seven great grandchildren. The Steincrs' children are: Mrs. Don (Beverly) Kooke and Bruce Roseburg, Ore.; John of Eugene. Ore.:and I'fc. Russell Steiner of the U.S. Marine Corps who s stationed at San Diego. Calif., attending electronics school. The Coopers children are: Tom, at home; Bill, who is married and lives in Omaha: and Mrs. John Ueannette) Boardman Rochester, N r . Y. Mrs. Steincr and her husband arrived in Colorado Dec. 15 first visiting at Orovcr with his sister Mrs. Harry Moore, and her tills band. They came on lo the Binn home Dec. 17. While here thev are ame to Briggsdale. For the first wo years Biiuus worked as a arm hand and in a lumber yard it Briggsdale. The next two years le farmed for himsell and then vent into the hotel business. He and his wife operated the Amer- ·an Hotel at Briggsdale unlil the all of 1931 when thev moved to Strassers Celebrate 50th Year M^Tr.Et'T : Mr. and Mrs. John 11. Strasser : of 1843 10th Ave., celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last ;: week with a mass at St. Peter's . Catholic Church and a dinner at parents and his, Mr. and Mrs. A E. Steiner, longtime residents o Mary's Catholic Church at Foi Briggsdale, and his brothers. Pali '. the Driftwood as guests of their continueed with their farming in: children, Herman A. Strasser ol . Kersey and Mrs. Kenneth (Margaret) Hinkle of Greeley. ·'. John Strasser and Prona Gluck ;· were married Dec. 18. 1912, at St. orth, Tex. Kor 28 years they .armed and raised livestock near Steamboat Springs. In 1944, they came to Greeley, purchased their present home and anil Glenn and their families, al iving at Longmont. The elde Steiners moved to Longmont in 193G. The (crests with some property they own south of Kersey. Besides their two children, they have three grandchildren and two great granddaughters. night with their son, Tom. This is the first occasion in 2 years that both daughters am their parents have been logethe First Baptist Society and Circles Have Tea, Meetings Green presented Miss Bolendcr who sang. "Bethlehem." Mrs Green read, "The Littlest Angel.' Coopers arrived Sunday ur tree down we just throw all lie decorations in a box and tell 'Urselves that we will worry about more lights to complete the string. ,'est 'em now! Remove one Binns worked for Ray's Poultry and the Cameron Coal Co. before recoming an employe of the Weld County Garage where he has been since the fall of 1942. He is now working only part time. The Binnses have lived in their present home for the past nine years. They arc members of the First Baptist Church, transferring from the Briggsdale B a p t i s Church when they moved here They are active in the Senioi Citizens Club and Townsend Club No. 5. Mrs. Binns also belongs to the Iowa Club. i pack ihem away, test each light 'gi^ rj lat Christmas is over and You can stretch a slichtiy beat dipped before crumbing by addinj a couple of tablespoons ol watc to it. ared less . . so when we lake| A | ways take your husband with you! He is the one who spends on this sort of thing. Don't forget to save your prcl- 1 '"·'·" ;"'·"· jliest Christmas cards. Save Ihem But what Happens? Usually j [or next y(!ar Wncn v ,,,, are mai| . 'ear we "only" need one or t w o j i n g packages . . . instead of thai expensive ribbon, cut out the beautiful pictures from these ilring of lights from your tree and cards and pasle them on the gilts. ay it on the floor. Before you; !t jg|,t noWi you arc this one string and sec if it vorks! Throw all those bad lights away, now is the time to buy light bulbs and tinsel! Thev are on perhaps you can't remember much all those wrappings cost! All you wont is your home in order. But . space. Save cards take so little 'em and see how sale! Watch (or bargains. This isimuch money you will save next what saves up money when itlyear. comes to budgeting. One can buy! i | lave a | so (ound t |, at j[ you i, )ul ,, wiM sheet under "the i ree Mmf vou bcgin lo , ake a n v decoration down . . . . t h a wauliful boxes of decorations thisi time of year. When you pack your bulbs discard the broken away ones. This is the only way to make sure you'll get new ones. I know! I have been married over Next year when you put up en egg into which food is to be your tree, catch your husband i the r.:ood and show him that your tree is skimpy. Then he will buy more lights, bulbs and decora- lake the sheet to the garbage cni this saves much energy. The need les from the trt-i. are bound to fal and you will drop the little hook: that held the balls, and evei. tin balls themselves. The sheet catch es all of this litter. By placing a sheet under lh£ tree after you have finished re moving decorations you can jus Children's Shop-Hillside Center OUT GO THE CURRENT STYLES DOWN GO THE PRICES! ENTIRE STOCK OF Girls' Sklrtl, Siies 2-14 Girls' Uieeses. Sizeg 5 mos. - 14. Girls' Tailored Slicks (Corduroy and Wool). Sizes 3-14. Girls' waterproof orlon stretch pants. (Zipper and snap tab opening with stitched crease front, fleece iniide.) Sixes J-14. Velvet Orestes and Velvet Sett ENTIRE STOCK OF Boys' and Girls' Robfi (Quilts, Flannels, Terry). Sizes 20-4. Boys' and GJrli' Sweater*, Sizei 2-14. » Girls' matching 2-piect coordinated seti. (Knitt, corduroy and cottoni) ^ Sixes toddlers and 2-14). LLil' Clrli' and Boys' 3-plcce Cor. duroy Set*. (Jackets, pants, hit to match) Sizes toddteri and 2-4. D e c e m b e r 31st t.°/ 1 /O 20 OFF 4l^lB«MlttlBB^^IBi * Frw^M^T^WW C Women's Mission Society of Ihc First Baptist Church enjoyed its annual Christmas Tea recently at the church. Hostesses were the music committee, Mrs. Robert Bowles, chairman, and Mmes. Jack Allison. Henry Baab, Roy Briggs, Earl Nauman and Le Tripled. Mrs. Banb was organist and Mrs. Triplett, pianist, for the prelude, "Noel." Mrs. Bowles gave devotions on "The Miracle of Love." A sextet, Mmes. Bowles, Oliver Brock, Charles McPhereon, John Thompson, Triplett and Richard While sang "Wffile Shepherds : Watched" and "Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head." Mrs. Helen Lowrie Marshall Denver poet, was the speaker. The Rev. Oliver Brock gave thi benediction. Circles of the church held thei regular meetings and accounts o those meetings follow: Circle ~ne Mrs. Harold Archer and Mrs Sam Wyatt were hostesses for a dessert luncheon of Circle One Miss Linda Archer assisted wit refreshments. Mrs. Roy Brigg read, "A Defense of Christmas, 1 and "Good Things Happen 0: Christmas Eve." Miss Archc played "Winter Wonderland" o the organ and Mrs. Briggs led til ' 'group in singing several Chrisl mas songs. Karen Cook played "!t Came Upon (he Midnight Clear" and "Angels We Have Heard on High" on the violin with Miss Archer accompanying on the organ. Mrs. Briggs read "A True Friend Is a Real Present" and Mrs. Lois Lyons read. ".lust a Thought "or a Week." Xcxt meeting will lie Jan Hi, al the Immc of Mrs. \V. E. Hammond of 2122 8th Ave. with Mrs. Mary Wilson assisting. Circle Two Mrs. G. Willis Williams entertained 17 members of Circle Two at her home at 2017 20th St.. with Mrs. W. E. Dmihan as assisting )cl|)all h . ]s jbM1( , d ., R( . w s , hostess. Mrs. John Taylor pre- s h c r a i l l | , .,.,,, 1IU , S1 . , hi | dren lf sided at t h e meeting. Members\ ·,,,,,, .,,,,, hll , for lhoir reported .TO calls made tu the M!*j llri |, in , l(TO | ,, rnw ,h to aI |,,HhorKl. · and shut-in. Mrs. Douhan gave .,.,,,,. ,,,,,,.,,],,,,. is ,,.,,., ,, f ,, l r s l i . devotions. She ir;:H t'nc Christmas story fniin liie f'ible and i.n ar- liclc. "Business As Usual" by Ixie I.Mndrrs. Mrs. Mnmcr (i(Kid : read a ]nn'in. "(,'andle Dippin;;" and a Cliristm.'is story, "A Miracle in Texas." Nox! meeting will be JRII. 1". al the Iminc nl Mrs.] Herman Aker-.. I'.'.i'.i 21sl Ave Court. ! Circle Poor ;v:i! cclcbralinii in Japan whiTeby Ki.iirlini nn'iiher.'. nl 'ircle]|, : , rc i,is lake their chilriien In Four enj'iyi 1 '! liie hu^ulali'iy " I j i - h r i n c s for p r a v i n g Another l e - - j ] Mr:-. (.). K. Cai-tlr- who was a s - J n v a l stamp ijnail by Japan .M'-li'ii by M i s . Jack Allison aral|.v||,,v.- (;I | children in iiala'dress. Mrs. Ail..111 |i;ll Mrs. Fied S u l - l » · * I'.n p:x'sid«l. Mi.v Clay C.iir!n-v\ Swciicn has i-Mii'd two new|| inc^i-iili'd I h r p ' n t r a n i by :-cacliii::--.t,-, m ps cuminciiioraliiii; ihe DOth'; a f ' h n s i m . r ' n r v and Mrs. V.-il-"i|jr||,r!ay of Kin:: (lu..|.iv VI. T'nc'.j !i'|- ttni^nio ; r i - M : l " ' l t l . i ' d'."|2:i |,:u~ Hi H I T and Ti pin*. Hi Ore Stamp News AP Ntwsfeatur«i By SID KRONISH F'our new stamps depieling Red ea fish will be issued by Israel efore the end of the year. All iur species are fuund in the vi- inity of the Bay of Eilat (part of le Red Sea) and touches Israel's outhern coast, reports the Israe 1 ^hilatelie Agency in America. The agorot features the Pennan Coral Fish. The 6 a«o"ot show- he Butterfly Fish. The 8 agoro llustrates the Winged Fire Fis which hides in caves during th day, but swims out into the ope waters every sundown. The 1 agorot depicts the Imperial Ai jcl Fish. These stamps will b available at your local coin de parlments. * * + Fiji has issued seven stamp changing old values and design their regular postal series The three lower values are sim ilar to the old set except that th FIJI has been changed and the designs vary slightly. The lour higher values have new designs --portrait of Queen Elizabeth Trooping the Color -- 180 degree Meridian and International Date- inc -- White Orchid -- Orange Dove. Each stamp also includes a portrait of the Queen with the St. Edward's Crown. The Canadian Poslal Adminis- ration has announced that in September of 1963 it will issue a new stamp slur.v'ng four Canadian geese in flight. The release of this stamp will mean that two Canadian stamps will have geese in their drsigns. The single goose now appears on the 7c stamp, but '.bis is being redesigned for release in l!»i4. ti,i N ; i l i \ i l y S'.'.iyj=hniv Ldditi and s e v i r a l .-rppn.prialp i«iem Evening Circle uo to M li.'il l(l(l,.-inlyill of I M I i K o i i l l ' :: : ii '.vc . v.,is l;iis1i-.- !" !." r u i n - ' \I!;-. i ·;·- ..! K i i r : i : - j i - J i r l f "I '-Iv. Fir.-t li.ip'i.-i C l i i i i c h at a in"'' :r.S nt i" r I m i . n - Mi:.. 1, C Kn .-i-si-!'(l Uurs' ur:e Mi a p o r l i f t i ! ul NIC King. The ' v.nlti"i un tlu'se .si, imps tin- Kind's ::'ii|i A n m v u s a r y l.llKin for SwciliMl Cullni;!l ! ! ":'!: In..! (·i,inm'in. i iraiivf s!a .:,,! 1'K.:! to bi: issueil liy the Cml .;Na!:nTis w i l l be in f r b i u a r y . w h Ami' 11.1 I'.o'i'mlcr. \VallT C'iri-!i!i» Mibjrct will be the U n i t p d j j lei -'ii'1 Mnu's Delbprt Grditu- '\::!ioii's role m the "l)e\clopnient I Kdnard Cm-ii nf ('o|ii:,-,il-i:Tliinivh S:-iciKcc and Trrhnul-'' Spr;iu:-.. -MKi A h u i H i ' " k. Mrs r rn'v " The second U'niteH Nations 1/iys (Jierii picsidcd. M i s . ('lar-MiimnK'nicralivf to lie i^suc'l in tncc {ia.ih cave devoliun.s i h i n a . March w i l l feature "Freedom (he "Miratli" of l/ive." M i s . l i m n Hunger." OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT CLEARANCE MEN FLORSHEIM CROS1JY SQUARE RAND-RANDCRAFT CALUMET 8.95 to MEN'S SHOES NOW 4.90 , 11.90 FLORSHEIM SHOES In 2 Special (Jrmip.i Values to 24.95 16.80 .o 18. To 50% On Top Quality Footwear ON TOP QUALITY FOOTWEAR WOMEN CHILDREN PARADISE KITTENS FLORSHEIM-RISQUE' NATURAL BRIDGE RHYTHM-STKP TRIM TRKI) 9.95 to 18.95 LADIES' SHOES 2.99 ,,· 10.90 I'atcni, siii'de. calf and kid leathers. Kail and w i n t e r Myle.s. Si/.es lei II 1A to C in the group. CHILD LIFE LAZY BONKS POLL PARROT SCAMPEROOS ONI- ( J l t O I ' l 1 I,A1)IKS K I . O H S H K I M DIIKSS SIIOKS 12.90 ci.osK-oi"rs (ilRLS 1 H.99 SUEDE CHUKKA BOOTS 2.99 ( i r c v or Hlack. Sizes lo !l. ('U)SE-Ol!TS KEG. 1.99 ;1KI,S' Leather MOCCASINS 1.99 Tan -- Krown -- Black*. 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