Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 10, 1976 · Page 19
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 19

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1976
Page 19
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Fighters ACROSS I Wen-ai- -5 Rank and The Idaho Free Press The News-Tribune, Wednesday, March 10,1976 -- B-! WIN AT BRIDGE Wednesday. March 10 Arthur reviews opening lead 17 Sornewr-al IsuHi) 19 nose producl 20 N.ghi belore 21 Cnemical sul(i 22 H relmg ?6 Seed vessel 29Slaleposiiivel ( 30 Eggs 31 Possess 32 flvor in WarchurM 33 De'iauu 34 FranK 35 No mailer which 36 51 Plead « Negali.el, charged pari: C ie 53 D mirlL!-ve S'jri., 5J Bena DOWN 1 *i 3 distance 2 Ouer garment 3 Lo* ·3 Contevj 5 Frerch 7 Form o( praypi 3 Growing out 9 indones'an oi Mindanao 11 Canadian piov.nce lab i 12 Secretive Q'Odp ( a b ) 3 Boat paddle 18 Spanish lad es 20 Be ge color 21 01 a Near Fasi rrember (COM I 27 Finished 28 Gainsay 31 Army 36 City in ll. ! ino,s 37 --- Malar 38 Frarrework ol a nvlilaiy uiil 40 Verbal s u f r x 4 1 Oxlorrj l-jlor J2 Knead iScot ] 43 ComT-edifl de:f -s-l Essayist la-rib ·55 Swan genus ·J6 Togelt'er ICOTIO lo-rii 48 Consurre 50 French ar- c y NOHTH i * A 10 8 2 V 8 4 4 A Q I 0 4 4 . J 9 4 WEST ID) EAST 4 K Q J 6 4 A 9 n » A J 3 » K 10 li 5 2 SOUTH *:. » J2 * A Q 10 8 7 5 2 .North Sculh vulnerable iVcsl Nonh Kast South I * Pass Pass 2 A i » 3* 3 * 4 * 'Jss 5* Pass Pass 'ass Opening lead -- K A ed him (o game. West opened the king of spades. Arthur won wiih dummy's ace and called for dummy's jack of clubs. ELIS! p l a y e d l o w a n d A r t h u r studied. Why had West failed lo open the king of hearts? Surely lie would have made that "lead w i t h both ace and king. Therefore. East held a high heart. Could he also hold the king of clubs? No. because he would have responded with two kings. Arthur played his ace of clubs and was home with his game. By Oswald James Jacoby Arthur Robinson and Bobby Jordan of Philadelphia were probably the best pair in Norlh America some 10 years ago. They relired while still young, but many of their hands are worth study. Here we see Arthur playing in five clubs, Jordan's ,'ai'ltre to double two diamonds or Irv notrump over that bid by West was because he hoped his op. ponents would bid on. Sure enough. East tried three spades which would have been set two tricks, but Arthur's hand called for a four-club bid and liobbv rais- A Kentucky reader wants to know if it is true that an expert declarer knows where every card is by trick three or four. The answer is a decided "No". That is most of the t i m e . S o m e t i m e s , as in today's hand he acquires a mighty good idea very early in the play. If you don'i think so read tomorrow's article. /Do you have a question lor the experts? Writs "Ask the Jacobys" care ol this newspaper. The Jacobys will ansve[ individual questions if stamped, sell-addressed envelopes are enclosed. The most interesting questions will be used in this column and will receive copies ol JACOBY MODERN.) THE BORN LOSER by Art Sonsom OORK OF F*! 100 L6ARW UORITIUfc WPREAPlklfe AMP ARITHMETIC ' CAMPUS CLATTER with BIMO BURNS WHAT GIVES, 5'--«0 ? N I Dl D ,\IV YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO ] BEST U ! RiTE GLOWING THINGS/ COACH ABOUT OUR ATHLETIC / x -/ TEAMS ,/ J**;-' THERE'S A Li,\iiT TO PUFFERY, EXAGGERATION AND DECEIT BE VON D I CAN .MOT SO ' BUT, COULPN'T YOU DESCRIBE US BSTTERTKAN 11 THAT MEAM EOQv\ / ^--v. OMUV? / (MO ./) by Bob Thoves rtiSlTl- POVEpTV CgflNT U 1 MOM CONTINGENT \ ON OUR AglfclTV To J PAIifc MATCHING I FUND5 IN ?H6 I PRIVATE itCToP, ALLEY OOP by Dove Groue MUCH lOKiiSER PO WE HAVE / NOT LONS.MISS AVEI. ON THIS RAFT MR. 7AKC[ MOKJA! I..... LlSfTHN. ^ MARY WORTH BACK IN HER MOTEL ROO'A, ZEIMA PUTS IN A LOK6 D.5TANCE CAIL TO TnE EPlTOR CF I KATE BE.NG A QUITTER BOSS, BUT IM AFRAIP ' TAVtORViLLE IS SKCW-- FULL 0= PECP L E WHO WCS 1 PC u ? YOt' 1 ? SCAR Afi9 / CCWS WE, ZEt! WE'VE iWESTEP EHOUSH 'N RuWSS DO/iN A RUV.CR THAT A1AV I'W SURE THE STORY 6 ihERE, iF 1 rcaf CNLV- / : HAVE TO SIGN .ff CT! SCMEBOOVS II' K^CCXlSG CN .W POCR' V THERE/ I'LL PUT TH|5 ! J, / M O W fAL GO (JACK · ! i.( ^KTO AW ROOM AND y ' ij LOCK THf CONNECT- j i M50,1'P BETTER POWDER STUFF UNDER THE MATTRESS INTHEKOCW NEXT 70 rvCME. i REPACK Wi BAG DO THE -NEIGHBORS STILL COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUC? DOG t reo HIM A TAFFV APPLE ANO NOW HE CAN'T GETHiSMOUThl OPEN' ,-- REX MORGAN, M.D. · THEV'RE BOTH U3VELV PEOPLE AUO THEY HAVE A CHILD' I KNOW LITTLE GLENH MISSES Hi FATHER ' YOU SEE, DOCTOR--AW MFE WIKS TOA1R5. PRESOTTT ABOUT ONCE A WEEK/ THAT 16, MRS PRE SCOTT CALLS- -TO SEE HOW HE'S GETTING ALONG' SHE'S snti VERX A1UCHIN LOVE WITH HIM; AHO HIS wire SEPARATED ? COME OUTA THAT SHAKER, THE FLINTSTONES ...FRED '6 IN THE- AMDDLE OF _ AND CAN'T PUT DOWN \MHOfeYOUEOTHER ! k BENEDICTAKNOU5? ONE Cf MY 7 WO UNCLES FRQVv OHIO IS VISITING-US ME BUIUDS SCHOOLS.

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