Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 28, 1969 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1969
Page 8
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P»K« 8 GREELEY TRIBUNE Tiles., Oct. 28, 1969 Second of Six-Part Scries Women One-Fourth of Payroll At Manned Spacecraft Center TV Programs KBTV, Chinnel 9; KLZ, Chinnel 7; KOA, Channel 4; KRMA, Channel C ." By URSULA VILS i that women at the MSC-as in ; The Los Angeles Times |sny business or industi'y-- liave ;.I!OUSTON-When her mothc asked, "Why should we so to (fit moon?" Ivy Fosslcr had the perfect answer: "To keep your daughter em P. } .·Ivy Fosslcr is an- aerospace engineer and, despite her re jiiinder to her mother, an enlhus iast about America's venture irilo space. ':^hc is one of about 1,000 worn ein'-- one-fourth of the payroll-at the National Aeronautics ant Space Administration's Mannec Spacecraft Center here. Many oilier women helped man read the moon-- and turn his eye. farther out in space-- as em ployes of private industry or re cipients of study grants. · W h a t kinds of jobs do Ihcj do? "Everylhing from aslrophys ic's to zoology," said Merv Hughes, coordinator of federa .women's programs at the Manned Spacecraft Center. Hughes keeps a paternal eye nn his "girls" at MSC. He has faith in their abilities-- some times more than they do. "We have ana aggressive equal employment opportunity policy," he said, "and one ol our main goals is to move women out of the traditional jobs -- Ihe clerical, Kecrclarial positions -- into those areas where they can enjoy Ihe pleasures of gelling gray hairs in making decisions willi Ihe men." Hughes said Ihal of Ihe 1,000 women employed by NASA at MSC, about 170 are in professional positions, from engineers and Icchnicians lo one nurse and 93 administrators (personnel managers, budget officers). Hughes is aware, however, lo Iry a little harder. "Women have to do a better job in anything they do," he said. "They must run faster lo slay in the race." Space program women wor ers lend to agree with Hughes. Poppy Norlhcuit, a mathematician for Thomson-Ramo-Woo driilgc Inc., (TRW), one of Ihe NASA's contractor firms on the Apollo moon program, had Ibis to sy; "This is a good field for women and the pay is certain! adequate. I think there's less discriminalioin against women in jobs with a lechnical orien- talion. The men are Ihinkin about loo many other things 1 be prejudiced. In oilier words, if a woman can do her job, is she acceptet Poppy smiled"If she can do her job well," she said. Miss Norlhcuit brought up another aspect of women's em- ploymenl in the space program. "I'm very concerned abou the lack of women asking for jobs." There's a lack of oppor- ttinily for women when there are simply not enough women asking for jobs lo fell." Mrs. Fossler, who said she "ell she never had been discriminated against, agreed with Poppy Northcull. "There aren't very many vomen here," she said, "because (hoy just are not coming out of the schools. Most of (he women employes concurred thai opportunities vere good for women at NASA. Marilyn Bockting moved up rom an executive secretary's oh lo administrative assislan o Ihe manager of (he Apollo rogram when she joined (he Space Agency. Radio Programs KCBL-FM 91.3; K F K A 1310; K G R E - F M 92.3; K U A D 1170; K Y O U 1460 Tuesday, October IS 4:00-KFKA: Hews, Music 2:45-KYOU: Paul Harvey KFKA: Saletime, Mkts. l . n n T f t f t f A . W l . o l l t . U n n ' n l n n A-.30-KFKA: Editorial, -Music 4:45-KFKA: Want Ads 5:00-KUAD: Datz Show KFKA: News, Wlr, Spts KYOU: News 75 5:15-KYOU: Mkts, News 5:45-KYOU: Sports KFKA: Tills is Greclcy «:00-KYOU: News KCI3L: News, Periscope KFKA: Circle J R Ranch 6:15-KYOU: Smith of Border KCBL: Department Stale 6:30-KCBL: Sound 8.-00-KFKA: News, Music KYOU: Country Show KGRE: News fl:30-KGRE: Music 9:00-KCBL: News, Intercom 10:00-KFKA: News 10M5-KFKA: Varsity Carousel 11:15-KCBL: The Drum ll:3o~KFKA: News Wtr, Spls I1:4S-KCBI,: Night cap 12;00-KCBL: Sign oft Wednesday, October 29 11:00-KUAD: Scott Showtime KFKA: News, Music KYOU: News KGRE: Stereo Music KCBL. FM in AM 11:15-KFKA: Music 12:00-KFKA: Monfort Rpt. KUAD: Waters Show KCBL: News, periscope 12:15-KFKA: Weather, Spts KCBL: Spotlite, sound 12:30-KFKA: Farm, Ranch :00-KFKA: KYOU: What's Hap'ning Music "In government," she said, "there are considerably more opportunities for a woman to become an administrative assistant than I found in private industry. "And, at the risk of being sickening, I have to say I have never had a job I was excited about as this one. There is something about this business that is tremendously hard to describe." HHa Rapp, whose job of feeding astronauts in flight is described by Merv Hughes as "one of the most important jobs in NASA, male or female," thinks women have good opportunities wilh the space program. "f think it is an area of equa opportunity for women an men," she said. "Of course, have lo admit that as far as the spacecraft end of it goes I'm the only woman you see a all the meetings. It's difficul lo see who's available some times -- but I'm rather promi nent." Josephine Jue, an aerospace Icchnologist-data analyst, saic she found good opportunities for women at NASA, plus benefit not found in industry. "Our salaries are comparable to industry or better," Mrs Jue said, "and we get 20 days leave aflcr three years and 13 days' sick leave. Ginny Hughes, Merv's wife also mentioned benefits. "Women have a better chance with government than wilh priv ate industry," she said. "J am )L'ller off wilh NASA, both because of more opportunities and nore benefits-" At that, Merv Hughes, the champion of woman's cause in he MSC personnel office, could- I't resist sounding like a hus- and. "You'd never have made any- liing of yourself," he said wilh sly glance at Ginny, "if you ladn't married me." 1-,15-KFKA: Music 2:00-KFKA: News, Music 2:30-KFKA: Profile, Music KCBL: Profiles, sound 3:00-KFKA: News, Music 3:.10-KFKA: Spts, Music 4:00-KFKA: News, Music ·1:30-KFKA: Editorial, Music KCBL: Review, sound 4M5-KFKA: Want Ads 5:00-KUAD: Dalz Show KFKA: News, Wtr, Spts KYOU: News 75 Markets, News Sports 5:15-KYOU 5:45-KYOU KFKA 6:00-KYOU This is Greeley News KCRL: News, Periscope KCBL: Spotlight, Sound 7:30-KGHE: Col. Hi at Eaton 8:00-KFKA: News, Musie KGRE: News 8:30-KGRE: Music 8:45-KCBL: Bushwald, News 9:00--KCBL: Ascension 10.-00-KFKA: News 10:15-KFKA: Varsity Carousel 11:30-KFKA: News,.Wtr, Spts 11:45-KCBL: Nightcap 12:00-KCBL: Sign off DENVER RADIO KOA: 850--Music, news on % hr. KLZ: 560--Music, news KHOW: 630-Music, news KBTR: 710-News 24 hours KIMN: 950--Mus., news 24 hours Aldrin Urges Vioon Flight for World Leaders DACCA, Pakislan (AP) Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin .Ir. proposed today thai world leaders take a trip to the moon before tackling the problems of earth. "We felt it would he very refreshing," he said, "lo have many leaders of the world come on a space flight and look back and be treated to that beautiful sight (of earth)." Aldrin made his comments at a news conference following a frenzied Pakistani welcome for the three American spacemen on the Apollo 11 crew's 20th stop in their 22-country world tour. Explaining how the world KFKA: Circle JR Ranch lools from lie moon, Aldrin 6:15-KYOU: South of Border saifl . " w c never see any boundaries anywhere. We don't see differences. We don't see many of these problems that do exist. We have full many of these problems that occupy our daily thoughts smaller now that we have had Ihe opportunity lo look at earth from a greater distance." Pakistani newsmen questioned Aldrin, Apollo commander Neil A. Armstrong, and Col. Michael Collins about Vietnam and the value of spending money on a moon shot many are in need on earth. The last question was pertinent to East Pakistan where the United States has just started providing 1.7 million Ions of wheat lo meel the food shortage. "Politics baffles us," Armstrong said. He added that the teamwork of Ihe moon landing showed how lo solve difficult problems. Ti»r,day, October 21 4:00-KLZ: Andy Griffith Sh'w KOA: Truth or Consq. KWGN: Blinky 4:30-KOA: Big Valley KLZ: Gomer Pyle KWGN: Batman 4:45-KRMA: Friendly Giant 5:00-KLZ: News KBTV: News KRMA: Misterogers KWGN: Flintstones 5:30-KOA: News KBTV: Pepper's News KLZ: Ch. 7 News KRMA: Pocketful of Fun KWGN: Gilligan's Island 6:00--KOA: Huntley-Brinkley KBTV: Dick Van Dyke KRMA: Once upon a day KLZ: Gomer Pyle KWGN: Voyage Bot. Sea 6:30-KLZ: Red Skeiton KBTV: Jacques Consteau KOA: Dream of Jeannie KRMA: What's New 7:00-KRMA: C. de La Raza KOA: Debbie Reynolds KWGN: Movie 7.-30-KRMA: Cookbook KBTV: Movie KLZ: Gov. and J.J. KOA: Julia 8:00-KRMA: Sex Education KLZ: CBS News Hour KOA: Movie 9:00--KLZ: Lancer KRMA: Firing Line KOA: Run for your Life KBTV: One Man Show KWGN: News, Wtr, Spts 9:30--KWGN: Perry Mason KBTV: One Man Show 10:00-KBTV: News KOA: News KLZ: News, Wtr, Spts KRMA: Inform 10:30-KLZ: Merv Griffin KOA: Bronco Highlights KWGN: Movie l.-00-KBTV: Joey Bishop KOA: Tonight Show 2:00-KOA: News KLZ: Movie 2:30-KBTV: Califomians KOA: News Wednesday, October 29 1:00--KOA: Jeopardy KBTV: Dream House KLZ: News KRMA: Americans All KWGN: Jim Conway 1:30-KLZ: As World Turns KBTV: Let's Make Deal KOA: Putting Me On 2:00--KOA: News KBTV: High Noon KLZ: Love is Spl. Thing KWGN: News, farm rpt. 2:15-KWGN: Capt'n Dooley 2:30-KOA: The Doctors KBTV: Galloping Go'met KLZ: Guiding Light 1:00--KLZ: Secret Storm KBTV: General Hospital KOA: Another World KRMA: Fr'ch, Soc Stud. KWGN: Steve Allen 1:30--KOA: Bright Promises KBTV: One Life to Live KLZ: Edge of Night KRMA: Science 2:00--KLZ: Dialing for Dollars KBTV: Dark Shadows KOA: Letters to Laugh-In KRMA: Science 2:30--KOA: Days of Our Lives KBTV: Newlywed Game KRMA: F'nlture Repair KWGN: What's my'Line 3:00-KBTV: Dating Game KOA: Concentration KRMA: Art Forum KWGN: Movie Game 3:30-KOA: He Said, She Said KBTV: Mike Douglas KWGN: Underdog 4:00-KLZ: Andy Griffith Show KOA: Truth or Conseq. KWGN: Blinky 4:30-KOA: Big Valley KLZ: Gomer Pyle KWGN: Green Hornet KRMA: Friendly Giant 5:00-KLZ: News KBTV: News KRMA: Misterogers KWGN: Flintsones 5:30-KOA: New* KRMA: Pocketful of Fun KBTV: Pepper's New» KLZ: CH 7 News KWGN:. Gilligwi's Island »:00-KLZ: Green Acres . KBTV: Dick Van Dyke KOA: Huntley-Brinkley KRMA: Oiice upon.a day KWGN: Voyage Bot. Sea 6:30-^KLZ: Beverly Hillbillies KRMA: What's new. KOA: Virginian . KBTV: Vikki Carr 7:00-KRMA: C. de La Roz» KLZ: Glen Campbell KBTV: Eddie's Father KWGN: Movie' 7:30-KBTV: Room 222 · KRMA: Color Outdoors 8:00--KOA: Brass are coming KBTV: Movie KLZ: :Hollywood Prem. KRMA: President's men «:30-KRMA: Insight 9:OO^KOA: Judd for Defense Believe ft or JW/ THE DEVIL'S TOWER of the CASTLE of. FOPPUTAL/, WAS GIVEN THAT NAME BECAUSE THE STRUCTURE'S OWNER, GOUNTESS TELDA del SUIDI, BESIEGED W THE POPULACE FOR HER CRUELTX STflKVCD TO DEATH IN THE TOWEK KATHf/f 7MH SURKEHSEK. TH? SKULL of DR. FRANCIA, DICTATOR OF- FAKASUffr" FROM IBM TO I8-4O, IS OH VIEW AS AH EXHIBIT III THC GOD01 MUSEUM ·JN ASUNCION KHAULibn AHMED (718-78*) A POET AND MUSICIAN W BASSORA, IKAO, COULD ONLV l«tT6 POETRy AND COMPOSE MUSIC WHILE STKfET BOIURMAKEK S HERE MAKING A DIN OUTSIDE HIS WINDOWS KRMA:. News .!."" KWGN:'News, Wtr,iSptl! . i ..«.._.'. , J.'- ·· ., « · * · _ . * 10:00-KRMA':" pn^ing'.'Black ''··KBTV:'; 10:30-IOZ:' ,KOA: Tonight Show ,KWON:.Lou Sabln : Joey Bishop :KWGN:iMbvi« .,' ." 'KRMA: Inform Movie . , '·· IJ:'»-*BTV:: California)* ·- DAILY ACBOM CROSSWORD ' Africa . ; .. S. Clerfjjman. 1 ' 11. This piae* i!. In the--'' . , . S.eitu|UMt 15. The color red ;·"' ' W.Vlgucpui ; ' . · »bbr.) 19. GoddtMOt strife (Or.) 30. Element JXJBUttal tt.Aluka ·;":P»rf. · . ».'With- . ;,,.,.. Myth,)' ;'T/Sfirit-. . . ·;*. SuMrit ' as ,'Bb*; ' . . SI, Hand- ' ' lome . i 24. Kin'* of ," it. Eat awijr . 27,-Mlirep-' :' · renrit 28.F«V« · . 28. Front 30. Earthy goddeii . SI. Wan 3Z. River ; (Chili.) 33. Rouyh- · ' . coated do( 37. Harden 3».T*n*» 40. Rancor' ' 43;Avoi!«, . M.Gtuwtd.) DOWN lHe*4 ' cook 2..Valo»u«., one DAILY CRyPTOQOOTE-- H«n'« how to wo* ft: ·· " ' ·· ' Oi» l«tt«- : ijnpjy etude ttrVuMKMV to tM. aample A » t«»d for th. flow LVXttrVai two O-«, etc. Blnrl. letUrav apojtrephw, On KBftk; ant-tanmtlo* e* On wort* w* *· hinU. lack dayth. eo«J«'lrtt«« ar» afferent , · N Y J - P T 'O'B;P.p. : .1T3p.I, : y,o!Q : C..T: L-v:JB-P'll' S N X ' U: L ; i}!.Q.V ' Te»t«rd»yi Crypto^wte: A NATION VAT LOSE m MB- ERTTE3 IN A DAT.'.'AND.'NOT JOBS THEM FOR 'A CBN-' TURT.-- MONTB8}DDBU : , . : . . . · . .· -. . . . - . · · . · . . · HENRY .ByGkrlAnderson ''GOOD AFTERNOON-J HENRY! JOHX Lw«Y--' 10-3$ · .·' · "· ARCHIE By Bob Montana State Bank of Greeley Member F.D.I.C. COME ON, ARCH; YOU KNOW WHAT I AAEAM/ OUR DUMMY/ IT'S AS SOFT AS YOUR /6IWME IT/ I HAVE A COMPRESSED- AIR TANK MY SCUBA GEAR.' Op YOU KNOW HOW TO BLOW UP A -- The government announced that negotiations are underway vith the Italian makers of the REX MORGAN, M. D. the luxury vehicle in this coun- By Dal Curtis try. Components would be im ported via the Mozambique port RESAINED - ^fs= CONSCIOUSNESS ANP \ RUNN1N AN EK I ON HIM / I'M ALMOST ./ CERTAIN HE'S HAP A 'Sr-- HEACT ATTACK Of SOME \ / is MR. RODELL Hetter EMERGE* of Lourenco Marques and fin- COUUXTCOME R RI6HT ished cars would be distributed HCW (3 k- H/ALLACE, DR. MORSAN?- : .=- HAS HE KW.Vtfi CTOR'S .CAEEr-'HAS"N( BEEN TAKING ANVMEMCME the deal is completed. IT'S STICKER TIME! See Karl's for Windshields New or Used Karl's Greeley Glass Center Request Us To Your Agent 2105 9th St. Ph. 353-2113 By Bob Montana ..TAKE MY LIGHTER / ' WHEN MDU SEE A\E COMEOUTTOFTHM- RJMPHCUSE WITH HIM- rrcucH OFF THAT JIL-S THEN OIlrSATURATEP ROPE I TOO WANT LE BECQUE ALIVE KU.W..SO.. FOR THE COPTER.' Li'l ABNER TITLE--LI'l Abn« R«. U.S. Pit OH. CHEF'S SOUL- YOU SKNTIMEN1W.

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