Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 10, 1976 · Page 18
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 18

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1976
Page 18
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1fre Idaho Free Press The News-Tribune. Wednesday. March 10,1976- B-t livestock prices ]Teocher at Marsing travels to Colombia on free gift trip Berry's World NAMP« L I V E S T O C K M A S K E T R E P O R T p « I R V COWS, Mjrir, , - Mejd ,,,,,,, 711. snipping ,,,, jnd i,,,!,,, , 0 , , »mc rowir. D A I R Y S P R I N G E R ! Top ow , ,,,. top 10 Holiltin co#b ivtrl^e 4IM9- m«:um Holiltin cowl lU-llO; Hilile.n htifers. ropUJ: Kolstdn shipping HeiKri. ion in «!.».. tuiuein dipping IKileri. top i» Hjlstt.i! hulert ]».!!; Irrth IN) milking com and heirert «1JIO. Gjernsty irt Jersey ipr,n 5 «r heiren m-m : Gvcrnm jnd Jerm springer n « IJIHO. common milling cow* (ill breedtl Z10-)]S GENER1L L I V E S T O C K . Vjrcn I _ Hna coum i.oil AM ciism 01 feeder cattle llfaijy. Slavgnlei cows stronger SL»UOHTER CATTLE - Conmon ro lo» sood siein ll-u S5; w a t« choice neilers jo 13 low qaod hlifirs; lieiltri 1!0 Jl.10; commercial cowi J i j J l f l . uiihty COWSH.Jfl H. cannerund cutlerJ IMJ.Ji; Jeriev a.nd Guermer 1'eert ar.fl heilen I! !W1: sood b'jlls i,hi bu ||, ],. IJ.iO; dairy ,(il IMI.»- choice veal 7115. 13 10. STOCKER AND FEEDER CaTTLE Li$hl ITVF feeder ileeri 4 1 la is 10- heavy 'A'F leeJer ileeri)·!.It. pli.n WF let*r liters !!.!0.]i ; i, S ht WF feeder neileri jj. J* JO; neaw vVF leeder heMers 10-1*13^ plain WF Feeder heifers n.;»i(" iionr Holllein lleers H.JJJi: h,j, Y Holtrem s'eeri 1M.»: leeder cowi ia u.ig HOGS -- Fit hoqi. lop SI 10. bulk 4| JJ. iO.SO, heavy or number Ihrrr 4) Jc-l* IJ; lows u s a . o s t : weaneri. 1.111:1 1)11, large is IT. O.K. L I V E S T O C K M A R K E T « E P O S T CALDWELL. March 1- T h e m arkelwai ireadr on light leeder came Yearung heifers were steady and tjirher co^i were strong Fat catlle ana he*vy ftan-.ig s'eers were I) lawer. SLAUGHTER CUTTLE -- OOMIloch«l» liter! J4-37; common To 9004 Slttfl 33.34- (·d Holilein IrHft «.)(, gM 4 lo (hole, "·« li ! ll » *''«" »·»; tomm«fci«l «.i 7S-rt.i5; ul.1,1, tews ,|. M; can.tri ai* utltrsi|.]j; goodlMilsllJI.MI light tan, »·»; dairr veal IMJ, cMit , veal 11.33 STOCKED AND FEEOEH CATTLE Coed leedtr liters 7JO IM jj t j, ^#4 l«dcr ifeerl 5{5-rtl )((. good , (Mr tjlv»s JM-SW (Mi; pi,, n itMn H. M , ?ocd feeder Miien mat u.]! ; gooa H.ler tll«tl JM-sw !].14; plain h.iltri «. I!: lilhl Hclslein ite«ri H-!l; htliv Koiilfin «ten )!.!!«; plain Hjlitdn lletri!!.]«; Kocter o«i «).HS,- itKker t»*l w-calrti !«.(»(, (Mier [owl II-J4,- baby »!«« IHJ. T R E A S U R E V A L L E Y LIVESTOCK REPOttT CALDWELL. Mircn ] and I -- Caltie meib'e ill.- iheep saleable Ur h«s saleib'e III Bjrcner cows and bull! u«re higher. Hrilh mail other classes sfeadv to lower Commercial cows J(-»; ulillty cows Ilia, ca-ners and curters IMl; Jersey 4nJ o-.'ernie» sl«rs and heifers ]|.]j; good b«as IS II. ligM bum 11.11; letatr ileeri ice wiibs 3t-3l.- feeder sleeruso-IM ILs. 31 J».-leeder sIMn je3-«OI6i. It.41. plain ileeri ]«.»: Ii 5 h] Holilein sleers H30; l-eavy Holstein slepis 3»-J4,- alter calves «« ICO Ibs. I3-41,- Heer Cllvei 3CO-« Ibs !II3; plain sleer calves 33-31; leeder fieiltri l» ICO Ibs. 39-33; letder rtiltri seg. 130 IOS IMIi plain heiltrs 1S-17; heiftr cal»n l».5J« Its J».M; neiler «lm 3«- too Ibs ll.jl. pu,n heifer calves 13-ir s'Kker COKI 110.3(0; leeCer covtl 1J.J1- IIOM Hckle.n heiler nil; hea»r Holilein heifers 31 10. SHKFP -- Ewes 13.3J by POURS; It J) each HOGS -- F?1 rtcqi. fop SM3. fculk 4S. iO SC; saws IS II. fetders 4 S - S 7 . weintrs imall :o ]J. large 3C 13 n beautiful prize, or an exolic (rip, seldom have we won. or do wo know anyone who has won Bv Julie Mci'uli-hni MARSING - Alllinugh many ofushai-eatoneiimeor.iiiolher _..... entered a coolest desiring to Kin (he grand prize. However, during the Karchcr Mall celebration in October such a contest was held, sponsored by Channel 7, and the grandmother of (he Marsing High School home economics teacher. Mrs. McMair, won a trip lo Colombia, South America. Katcr she presented this trip as a gift to Mrs. McNair and her husband, David. The trip, which the McNairs took recently along with 50 other Idahoaus provided a (our of Bogota, a modern city of 4' 2 million, surrounded by mountains. Although (hero seemed lo be a lot of poverty and pollution, the people were very friendly and welcomed the Americans. Mrs. McMair said. Most of the pollution was caused by the very old cars which the people use, as new cars arc taxed 400 per cent. Producer narrates film on Oregon Darlene McNair Livestock, produce \OKTH SAM LAKE, (.'(ah iLTIi Utah. Iitalin and eastern Nevjula feedlol and range sales Tuesday: Trade late Monday and early Tuesday slow; few sales slaughter steers steady lo firm; sl.uighler heifers not well tested, .steady lo .50 higher: inquiries somewhat limited in face of higher pricing ideas on part of fet'illol operators, in the beef cojiimiltmi'iits arcountiiii! for bulk of movement, with price lo be determined on Wednesday. Slaughter steers, several loads of good and mostly choice. 3. few 4s. 1,100-1.175 Ib. :IS.ijt/-:W.50. Slaughter heifers, few scattered loads mostly choice. U. 'J25-975 Ib. 34 (KI-3.VOO. latter price in western Idahn. 1'OIITI.AM) i l ' P I i - : l ' S D A i Livestock: Hogs fur Monday (15 compared 05 last week and 75 jear ago. barrows and gilts 1.00-2.00lower llian lasl Monday: U. S. 1-3 200-140 Ib 48.00. Sheep for Monday 40 compared 1GO lasl week and 90 year ago. Not enough on offer lor market test .Slaughter ewes few culls, utility and good 700-14.711. OMAHA il'Pli - Livestock: Hugs: l.m. liulchers under 250 Ib generally 1.00 lower; 230-270 Ib 51M.OO lower: over 27011) generally ill lower No 13 3JO-240 Ih 4C.O(HG.:}5: 240-26!! Ib 45.50- 4ii.iKJ. occasionally 46.25: No 2-3 250-280 Ib 44.110-45.50' No 2-4 BO-325 Ib 43.00-44.01). Sows 25 lo nmslly nil lower: 325-iiHO Ib 41.31142.50. Catlle and calves: 5.501V Sleers and heifers steady to weak, inslances 25 lower. Cmvs fully 5u higher. Two loads chnice «-iih end prime 1.175-1.2U Hi sleers 37.00: choice !)7i-1.250 lit 35.50-.HV75: two loads good ;i;id choice 1.I50-1.X: Ib Canadian shipment 37 0(j. good and low choice 33.25- 3B.IH): choice S75-1.050 Ib lieil'ers 34.25- 35.50; some choice and prime 975-1.025 II) 35.00-35.35: good and low choice 31.0034.50: utility and commercial cows 27.0030.00; canner and cutler 21.50 27.00. Sheep: 500. Slaughter lambs 25-50 higher; ewes in small supply; choice end of prime 107-110 Ib shorn iambs 52.50-52.75; lew lots 100-125 Ib wcoled lambs 4'j.5050.50: few cull and utility ewes 11.00-13.00. Wednesday's eslimalcs: Cattle and calves 4.500. hogs 3.500. sheep 300. JOUET. III. lUPli - Livestock: Cattle sales insufficient lo establish market. Hogs 1.000: trade slow: barrows and gills 1.00-1.25 lower: No 1-2 200-230 Ib 47.0047.50: No 1-3 200-240 Ib 4C.50--17.00: No 1-3 240-260 Ib 45.50-40.50, 260-270 11) 45.00-45.50 Wednesday's estimates: cattle- 3.500; hogs 1.200. CHICAGO lUPI) - Bulk selling prices as reported by USDA: Butler: prices paid delivery lo Chicago firm: 93 score 86.50-87.00: 92 score 85.25H5.50: DO score uneslablished. Eggs: prices paid lo delivery firm. Prices lo retailers iGrade A. in cartons delivered): extra large 60-62: large 58':'- liO 1 ^: mediums 50'--52. DEMVEIl iL'PIi - Grain: No I hard winter wheal 5,42 cwt. No. 2 yellow corn 4.85-1.91 cwl. Nil. 2 barley 4.45 cwt. DGDEN lUPli - Grain: No. 1 hard winter wheat 3.45 Im. No. 10 protein 3.45 bu. No. 11 protein 3.45 bu. No. 12 protein 3.67 bu. No. 1:1 protein 4.02 bu. No. | while wheat .1.41 bu. No. 2 barley 5.10 cwl. Tola! 12 cars: 10 wheat: 2 barley. By nuiiil.vGrayboal MAUSING - Sludents al Marsing Grade School rnccnlly viewed (lie film "Outdoors in Ensterii Oregon" which was produced and narrated by Jim Wilcox nf Vale, Oregon. The film covers Ivvo areas in eastern Oregon. The first section covers (he Eagle Gap wilderness area in the Wallowa mountains in liaker and iV.illowa TOiinlies, and the second section deals with birds iind animals in Malhaur County. The scenery was spectacular and included many wildlife scenes, views of mountains that are eroding away and views of hirds and animals including «' ilcrfo «''- ° w l s - l k i l r s ' she added. While in Bogota the McNairs enjoyed potato soup with chicken and a piece of corn on the cob. which is the main Colombian dish. In Iha porl city of Cartagena, located on the Carribean Sea, the McNairs dined on sea food. There (he temperature averages 90 degrees even during the cool season. The couple visited a textile factory, a salt mine, and a gold museum with alt gold artifacts Mrs. McNair reported that the methods of driving in Columbia and the siesta, or nap lime, were nolahly different experiences for her. There arc no speed limits, marked lanes or traffic laws whatever. North America is still much more advanced in many ivavs. she reported, bin she did enjoy (he relaxed atmosphere of Colombia. "The filth and poverty there makes one really glad to he back home," she commented. "It really makes you appreciate vour own home." ©1976t»KEft lr.c "I wish you wouldn't tell me such personal things. I'm like the House Intelligence Committee -- I can't keep a secret!" fox, deer, and elk. Also, Wilcox showed lakes lhal were formed from glacial activity. Wilcox's presentation was bolh informative and en- lerlaining. As he narrated the film Jive, he was able lo fi( his talk to both the age and the interests of the students. Ability Counts winners listed Marsing chapter notes FFA week -Hy Gen Slonc MAHSING - National FFA week observed recently, was a busy one for the Marsing chapter. During the week the members passed out "A Future for America" pens lo many Marsing cilizens including (he teachers; pul up new road signs; and started work on rebuilding the tennis courts. Also during the week five Junior varsity team honored ByKvan Miller MAItSING - An end-of-the- season spaghetti dinner was held for the junior varsity basketball team recently in (he home economics room at the high school. The dinner was prepared by Susan Howard and Coach Gary Williams and served by Howard and Mrs. Slanger. Dessert was homemade sugared cookies. members of the chapter -- Hal Howard, Allan Siggers. Barbara lilackslock. Hob Harlles, and J,in Ileckalhorn - attended an all-day Southwest Idaho I'urebred Swine Sale in Meridian. IJOISK TiTric Marrie Kice. Mi, an Idaho Kalis Skyline High School junior, was named first place winner fur her entry in the statewide Ability Counts Writing Cnnlest sponsored by the Idaho Governor's Committee on Kniplnymenl ol the Handicapped, according lo George N. Slmips of Roisc\ excculive .secretary of (tie governor's committee. Miss Ilice will he awarded the Sinn first prize and air Iran- sportalion lo Washinglon. D C.. provided by the Idaho Slate Ai'L-CIO. according to Sloops. He said Idaho's winning reporl on productiveness of han- dicapped workers is entered in national competition sponsored by the president's committee, as a contender for the Sl.OOO first prize or one nf (our oilier cash prizes. Miss Rice's writing teacher is Mrs. Dee Lil- /enberger of Skyline High School. Others announced as Abilily Counts survey winners in Ihe statewide contest for juniors and seniors in public, parochial and private high schools were Debbie Schmidt, a senior at Vallivut? High School, second: Dani Johnson, a senior al Kuna High School, third; and Janelle Zauha. a senior al Bishop Kelly- High Schnnl. fourlh. They will receive cash prizes of $50. $10 and $20. respectively, provided 1)\ Ihe Idaho Slate Chamber of Commerce and Ihe Idaho Slate AKL-CIO. Honorable mention winners include John Hummel, a Bishop Kelly High School junior: Ron Dillon, a Vallivue High School junior: Marian Neeley. a Nampa Christian High School senior: and Mary Lowe, a senior al Nampa Christian High School. Governor Cecil D. Andrus will present the Ability Counts contest prizes and certificates during the annual awards luncheon lo be held in April. BOISE COUNTRY STORE BOISE COUNTRY STORE -.NAM-PA (;. I). Complon was a founder "I Ihe University of Southern California. AT... NAMPA BOISE COUNTRY STORE! "DITTO DAYS" """"" SHIRTS $ 3 OFF REG. PRICE OUT Of TOWN? CAU COLLECT Nanpa' LADY LEE LEISURE SUITS 100% "IS Polyester. ^ 29" MEN'S "LEE H WESTERN 0199 I CUT PANTS 2P 9 Blue Denim. 50% Polyester 50%Col!on. LEATHER LIKE JACKETS 3 Colors. M - L X L g . Fl Reg. $19.99 SALE "COUNTfiV STORE" SPEClfl BATH TOWELS SCotofS. Reg. 3.99 SALE or Men. F-'rom GOLD BELL KNITTING YARN )% Orion acrylic. fleg. 76'Ea. 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