Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 1, 1972 · Page 34
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 34

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, May 1, 1972
Page 34
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(The Au tornobiler) 8.4 «KBEL.EY .(Colo.) THimJNS Mon., May 1, 1972 Uttd Can and Trucfct 51 Ui«d Cart and Truck! 51 Drive In Auto Discount Center Acres of Parking Acres of Automobiles Shop from Your Car -Over 150 Cars 16th Street By-Pass PHONE 352-7000 i '. 1972 Cad. ..Save$1300 Sedan De Ville, all the extras, 202 actual Miles. 1972 W'bagoSave$1000 Motor Home, 20 foot, every extra they · make. New. 1972 Chevrolet ..$3695 Camaro H.T. Cpe., 350 V-8, full power, factory air. 1972 Chev. .Save$1000 : Suburban Carryall, full power, 4 wheel drive, 9 pass. 1971 Javelin $2795 T ' ' S.S.T. H.T. Cpe., full power, factory air. 1971 Subaru $1295 1100 4 Dr. Sedan, 4 speed, radio, front wheel drive. Save. 1971 Toyota $1895 2 Dr. Sedan, big engine, radio, 4 speed ·trans. 1971 Chevrolet ..$2995 i Impala Conv., full power, factory air. 1971 Chevrolet .. $2995 \ ·· Impala 4 Dr. Sedan, full power, factory " - · · air. 1971 Pinto $2095 '·; 2 Dr. Sedan, auto, irans., factory air. 1971 Chevrolet ..$2995 1 Malibu S.S. Coupe, 396 V-8, power steering, auto, frans. 1970 Plymouth ..$2095 ·; . Roadrunner Coupe/ 383 V-8/ power steering, 4 speed trans. 1970 Chevrolet ..$2995 \'i Ton Pickup, 4 wheel drive, furbohydra- matic, V-8, power steering. 1 : 970 Ranchero ..$2695 .; 500 Model, 302 V-8, power steering, auto, trans. 1-969 Oldsmobile .$2695 -: Delta Custom H.T. Sedan, full power, ;' . factory air. 1969 Chevrolet ..$1895 ; Matibu H.T. Cpe., 307 V-8, power steering, au'fo. trans. 1969 Datsun $1195 4 Dr. Sedan, radio, 4 speed trans. Sharp. 1968 Oldsmobile .$1495 Delta 4 Dr., full power, factory air. Greeley owner. 1967 Pontiac ....$1595 G.T.O. Coupe H.T., 400 V-8, automatic- trans., power steering. 1967 G.AA.C $1395 Vz Ton Long Wide Pickup, new economy six engine, 4 speed. 1967 Buick $1995 '.;;. Riviera H.T. Cpe., full power, factory air, stereo. 1965 Volkswagen $ 495 : 2 Dr. Sedan, 4 speed, radio. This one won') last. 1964T'bird $ 795 "' . H.T. Coupe, full power, factory air. 1961 Chrysler ...$ 100 Newport 4 Dr., V-8, power steering, auto, trans. ; Yes The Only Difference Is Price 150 To Choose From ALL MAKES MODELS Trades. . . The Brightest Spot In Town Open Evenings'til 8:00 To Serve You Wheeler The Dealer Uwd Corj onJ Tiucki Oil lor,; riirv. [nu'flU 1 ,\r. ·(!· C l l K K K H H . KS.OM m1lr. tioi 'CS 1-'01II) I'lOO vlfViu.. V-S, Iwb. tWO. 3i3-UU13 .Tier I, ·rit v w . N«il 353-7!»,0 nder SI i(1OI I S 4 I Slu.lcli.kfr iv/miu, S.-S-1EOI I. ·(!{ SAlirT -- lUiuliler. 'JP. 1 ,1onr. 7 r O K U G.hivir. J3«l or lu-sl orrcr. .1S3-M15. I T U ClK Av f . iOOl) riiunTne 1SS7 Ck«i-. llela JTh. oSS.2(H4. I9«f (lllKV. vmi. K s c c l l r n l c.n IS I M I ' A I . A ' Super K]wtl. » I S O . Cull 313-25S3. KOI! SAl.H: 71 llalsu radio. MM'St'O. 8:1 i f l l K V Y V. Km. S ilo. *1,W5. 5SS-20I4. 1200. nm/flil .-.1. lone ...I '62 ai.lP.M(lt1ll,K SS. t'2i! 352-?6;0 n f l o r 7 I'.ni. 135"! PONT7AC 16lh An-. J53. Kiicbh.V Jl.llW. HM S ' jftji V-C. Miloinallr afl,-r 5. L i T l O ,ln-.-. ISTO Foi oit. K\rr]!ent ifns n tokn. 353-4:115 n t l r i C I I E V I'll. SW I rakcs «ml topivr, r!ckm.. I ...iic lew i-ainl. 3J03 I k h u*r t:. . Mrcrin? .11.1 r ^O.O.'O milt!. KAMTi.Y cnl^^cil. Mu-l .lorl'inl. TVivrr c.]nlin «l 1U1 K. 2 0 t h St. No fll ir-f.i; Tim c.i. f i n s . 30. -MUST jlTP'S? liiiinlilpr. (ii,»l c.'iiili- lion. JL2o. Itcsl offer. 1011 I T t l i Ave. 1SC1 CHEV. iii trtRif.c. Call Kadellc, KOO--1 condition, ·. J67J. 3?U l u t h St. Marr Court. Xo. 3, 1 .. ',i ton. rel.-.lilt I T :3fl p.m. 066. '71 TOYOTA Coton.i 4 .Irxjr. Us rn- 1115. «ulom«lio, 11.COO miles. C2100 r nssiiuif. 353-2910. 55 C H E V Y 1 iloor Li stf-erlnR, iifiwcr brstps. Ins. n e w I'liinl. Will 1SFS GAI.A.MK oOO 4 .!.K)r. ic.l w i t h talari: interior. KtcellpnL condition. 6 Jl'.iSO. 3i2.337S. ·70 C H K V E L L B Malibu, 2 c!our lianl- top. t r:pccd. l l n r s t . v i n y l loi, CraE- nr mnRs. new rxilinl lire.5, nmny t\- trns. 353-71F3 a f l p r fi. ·07 I'l.Y.MOUTH H a i r ir.iliviil-jiil I'nrL- is.Ion. Ils.lio. 11 . 4 Fju-e.1 . tir«, rtc as Is T R A U K -- Mack trader. I0i7 B-H with KNOT 673 tuibo «n E iiie. 15 speed triplrx. tnc ax]r, steelier, c.t- ce-lient tire? and condition. Trni!e for :J5 to JO ft. tnndeni nvle flat h«d trailer. IrriRntion and Power liuir- rr.erjt, Ud H i g h w a y So. So. Grceler. A C R I K I C K 1070 Onft Itnllye. O r i c i n a ] owner. Very J?cxv4 cor.'litlon. 1.9 I. rn- Kir.e. F i!isc brakes. Tach ant] i n s t r u - ments. NDIV ot*e?i!C tires, exhnust sitilem. li shock I ' n n n s o n i r , h i t c h , tires 01 It 3 U U V K 3 . Ij.Ml H3 n i l ] / I 1 1 1 . V nir, rear defroster, Iriiiler-J, iviring. 2 *l'rrfr?p.l rjilinl snow r i wheels. A f t e r 5:30, 353-033S.'(»]V Used Can and Trucki 51 - SAI.K PI- (milt- tor l u i n ' c i l y I I07i t tn»!T Town n i u l t ' u i u i t r y , r u l l iililllTfil. i H i l l n l iticA, USS-lf-H ,!»·/ roir's.ViTvf"-- 'M J.YI* smUi \\HK- on fuciuitcLi'h* ivlniHl iii^liu 1 , (M.,1, 3M-U76. !ttlt JMh SI. IM. ; tt V\V SuiiiiuWk Mai Inn w*wn. llr- , liiilll r i i K l n r {KiinrmiU-ttl) Ni'iv in nt. *SJ5. 3ftti!Mll. ··" CHKVY"an ]miui-iik*er n-,Wl In*. rniiOilli'ii An 1*. SiiL»m[| UL in lit ~^^- iUy» S.'li^l D h l r k l . Hi l^v^Utf , (\ "- m,ki sur.ii. K K K T un Iriu-Un' ~ 'fil V W llm. ItL-l^-litt fiitrhu', IHIU- p n l n l -inl lliv.. houCci^. UIIK! iHiint iElMiilnil.r, lw 1-ixrroL i-nitv H-MJAW, ?otM114. VrtVfOW "Subinnrliir-- '61 Cut *·* SLIPTCIHO U-ili., *iU cjK 1 . oiiif. u i v n « r , yi-llow wllh blui-k inter, new eli cVi, n, ".v l.ivtV.'s. CML nflcr 6, 350-3305. S»]Js. m |21 Slh Av*. ' ir-.:i M I l l l ' K I.i^nlrr 1 lU^r l i n u l l n i ' . V.-iy «no.l c o t i i l l t l u n . 3^2-27^3 cvc- lilliKJ*. KOH SAI.K -- I90'i (Jlii-v. 2 «1oor inn] td]i. 3 bi-ccvl. Inii-ket lonta. Very Booil i-iiruHirtisi. ?52-1061 »!«ys, 3 Si- 5 1^3 nivrhts. ncinn \vitU M u c k Inlt-rior, powor iliiumtni!, tai«c R U l o m n t U " lrunv, linlcil K!»«S, 350 vii. in. i-iiginr, lioiivy dulv air Inv^t sour siii-.-XA, l.nv in K-.D-'o, clofin, $27.10. TnlL :5:t-0n'ja ' 1968 MALIBU 4-UOOR SEDAN liiiiliii. h o n l c r , iiowcr sloiii'lnB lilG-l FA1RLANK 4-DOOK SEDAN liitdin, licutor 19G6 WESTCOASTLUl 3-\VHEEL M A I L SCOOTER HenUT, d p f r n s t f i r anrt inoro! WINOGKAU'S ·m nth st. Trailers and Campers 53 J M Mobile Home { Service Supply } RED DALE \ No'iuid J Campers and ¥ Travel Trailers \ G30 26th St. | 353-9290 ) J KONOm (f ^ KAMPKRS ^ ^j ^j- Winnebago ^ » yV Trailer Hitctea f 1 fy IJimo Buggies 9 | Y f Tent Trailor Kenlnls i V Storage If ^. r^ Rupp Mini Cycles ^ J ft Camirer nnd Trailer A y Economy Body Shop f b i\'o. of fiamada Inn ^ J 352-6628 a i^^^^^-o^^^,. ·£ 3or A P 0 E ^^ ieel Drive v' IT/^ r A i rr Trailers and Canipoii 73 I'ni; SAI.IC -- U M. Ciull S l u r rjuni-rr Unlli-r, I'l run. f a l l .lAO.lMt. lPu',1 U H l l l f t l « Vj t-Hli V A l l l p C L . l l H T . l l V I'lcn uirtl. ^Sl-L'3LO n f i c r A, M|-.A1H)\V i,vf l i i j l i v . t n v r r .i.cll for i'.S."^ Kl CAiiilno. 3[ii.iU4ti. l'j7H S FT. Hi-. I Unlc cnunx-v. Kxccllcnl ciuiiHi^ii. Cjiii 3^a-i7(i^ nfu-r 4. nVll'sAl.K -*- lumitnUM rmnny f u r R f(. rU-Vui Kix. ('.ill 11^.610^ or ire )tl .liUi; l l t k Si. u f i i r 6 p.m. T D l T K I t for l.-Tip. \\tile 1m*, I iiiontli «iM. Snvo $|IK. 3^S.7H^i^ n t l r r 0. inr- Vo'irSAlJ:""- Mnl. lie Triivclrr nU-k- i-r, Tn 11 tisC-'J'.i 1 S ft (if r 6 i. rn. V;fi~TUALLf:t{. 17 fl., sk-iT* R. Hm-«c w i t h lui-n. k-e lw\, hvM.-i, lights H I M \\ntcr, mi n i v i i 1'Jiili'ry sysU'tu. Dsi-i mily im !o.i^iii, Kxri.'iillunKlly rlrnn. Auction) 54 Trailer* and Campcu 5 KmiK'lilnail Denier TKRKY, MONITOR, , Y15I-LOWSTONB, C A R D I N A L Ktilca nnd Kontnl D . K Service 4,32 U l l l Av«. 3S2-3718 or 052-D288 J M Mobile Homo Service Supply I'orlii Polll -- hlU'liijH -- gns/ o l n c t r l o rad'lKornlorfl. Sco us fo your uimiior suiiplloR. 030 2Glh St. 353-P200 Auctloni 5^ | AUSTIN AUSTIN 1 AUCTIONS i sinon inns . ! D R Y L A N D EQUIPMENT AUCTION Wcdncsdiiy, iMiiy 3, 1972 -- 1 :00 p.m. 7 Miles E;ist nml 1 Mi. So. of A nil, Colo. MAR C K O V K S -- O W N I O H -- I!H'.7 disc 10:12 Whentlnnd Diesel/ C:ili. 3 )'(., liiiiilH/Ailj. Wills./ nicnvur: 10S9 Caso 000 Diesol Std.; !I7 A.C'. 111)7 ( N e w E n g i n e ) Iliosol Crawler; ISll'.i Jl.jl. "G' )iosH; ln-17 flirv. 2 '[' lie:ir l l o i s l ; I S M Chcv. l\' 2 T Hcnr l o i s t ; l!!(il Ciilkins (Jliuinp. 1-1 Ft. Ital W n n d o r ; inBO »I.A1. No 12 Hi I'M. C o m b i n e ; IttOn J.I). 1 7 I 2 1 I A ( i m i n D r i l l ; Sclmoter li VI. 'randnni nisi: on ^Vho^;lJ^; Howie ISLTg C" (Jrnll4 Angm v / K i i K i i i c ; Al.M. 12x16 r.riiln Drill; M.H. l O x l i l Grain Drill; 1 Suction Holnry Hoc; Id FI. C r n l m i n Hocine; 14' ]·'!.- Cralinin loomo: 14 ]·'(. Oneway: 2--500 Onl. C!ns Tanks; Old Horse Mow-Inn Miit-hinu. Suine Scrnf Iron -- Slioii Tools -- Misc. TERMS: CASH AUCTION DATE. AUSTIN AND AUSTIN AUCTIONEERS -- REALTORS E. K. "Kid" Austin 1203 9th Street, Greeley, Colorado Ph. 303-353-0790 Te/ev/s/oi B C Y N T H I A AP Television NKW YORK ( A P ) - - CBS demonstrated with a yair of spucinls Sniirtay night (wo forthright techniques for the production of workman-like television programs. In "The Issue of Busing," which pre-empted "60 Minutes," correspondent Roger Mudd outlined the controversy, and [or the next hour a parade of spokesmen tor different opinions--government officials, congressmen, representatives of organizations-- merely faced the camera and read their statements, pro nnd con. In "The Metropolitan Opera Salute to Sir Rudolf Bing," the network two weeks ago focused Is cameras on the opera house stage and the glittering audience when the tribute was lield for Hie retiring general niinagiT. Then the tape was edited from about four hours to n Review y LOWRY R a d i o W r i t e r vision's long-running, "Foreign Intrigue." The hero, a coot world-we'arj customer played by Roy Snei der, runs a Munich saloon ram reluctantly 'moonlights by helping some mysterious Unitec States agency .catch -bad guys In the pilot lie was. trying to lo cale $5 million in stolen gold bars and to protect a prett; girl from a trio o f . menacing thugs. There were lots of killings wild fights and furious chases- all filmed against interesting German backgrounds. The tola result, alas, was very familiar trenchcoat derring-do with a well-telegraphed ending. If the networks are really serious about holding down violence in next season's product ABC's censors have their work cut out in advance on Ihe "As signment: Vienna" scripts. City Cou Lists 24 Agenda M Tivenly (our Items i ngcmin for City regular meeting 'hie nlng. The ngcndn Is ns fo Public liDfiring on i of Gondolier Inc. for license for Cables I 2fith Ave.; public li aiinexiilion of large nr ing '35lli Avenue bcl Avenue and U.S. 34 b Final reacting :ii lioaring on ordinances improvement districls 356, nnd 357; fiiiaj i ordinance amending earning improvemen procedures. Final reading of appropriating city's cost for participal Colorado Municipal : opimsing Mountain increase request; f i n ; of ordinance concern! lalion of burglar alarr Approval of change ship for 3.2 beer 1 Roadway Inn; app resolution selling tees cedures for 3.2 Ijcer i special event permils. Request for correct Ficial zoning map in !ofs 4 and. 5, block 7, Subdivision; approval replat of Cascade No Bells But the Cham By RODNEY Plh Associated Press \ LONDON (AP) -lolled, but the engine hooted mournfully a pagne flowed to mar of fire Brighton Bell night. ,. Seven hundred nnslf elers sang "Auld Lang farewell to the train worked between Lo coastal Brighton in I stateliness since 1898. Over Ihe years its ahd engines changed train, with silver leap restaurant car and socks beside seats, style of travel uniqu this rail-conscious nal Four hundred p paid $2G each for a champagne, pate am salad on the last r ended in Brighlon at 90 minutes and 50 m London. A n o t h e r 3 0 0 w crowded the capital's Adtllllrw on \V. 20lli Street mid 27lh Avenue. A))|ruvnl of nmumlcd pint f«i W o i) (11) r 1 n r 1st Annexation, npproviil of ninuiided ]lnt loi Wcslinnor Isl Killiifj, Inlrodue- llon ot Assessment uritiiinnco for Iluinzu-Cilcnmcrc Crust sewer on 22nd Slrccl Road between 2lsl iind 22ml Avenues. Introduction of ordinance ir rcgnrd lo irnpriu'cnienl district No. 359 on Mill Avenue Court north o[ W. lOlli SI root, introduction of ordliiiincc con : cei'iilng improvement dislrict No. 300 on 'till Street between :i5!h mid Htilh Avenues. Introiluclioa of ordinance In pay city prosecutor for legal services in drafting traffic ordinance and ;in ordinance pertaining to municipal court. R e q u e s t for survey of pedestrian use of intersection at lllli Avenue untl U.S. 34 bypass for possible pedestrian overpass, discussion of revision of b u i I d i n (· code including requirement for sidewalks he- fore occupancy. Request for authority lo make Glcnmcre Park shellcr house ar. open-type shelter house, request lo change building code to per- licensc of mil use of I'VC plastic i)i|e for Council's sdny eve- for 3.2 beer End, nor. ing on adjnin- :n llith is. public codi! LOD- l district ordinance siiara of ing willi league in licit rale of Park 3rd use in sewer piping. Approval of bids on improvement districts Nos. 347, 318, 351 nud 355; discussion of policy regarding information distributed r'ith agendas. Reports from council committees, oral ami written petitions lo council. No bell R-12 Renault 4 Door $2295 PJ Front Wheel BENDER AUTO SALES AMBASSADOR, JAVELIN, MATADOR, AMX GREMLIN, HORNET, AUSTIN, RENAULT, MG 125 8th Ave. 352-4358 WE SELL GREMLINS ALSO OTHER CARS. BENDER AUTO SALES L 125 8lh Ave. 352-4358 1970 Ambassador 4 Dr. ____________ $2495 V-S. automatic, power steering n n i hrrikcH, v i n y l roof. 1969 Renault R-10 4 Dr ........... $1295 1968 Rebel SST 2 Dr. H.T. ... §1695 V-.s. n i i i o i r u i t i r , power sU-ering and brakes, air condition! ntf. v i n y l roof. 1967 Ambassador ................... ....$ 995 W h i m . Kxtra Clean. BENDER AUTO SALES AMBASSADOR, MVELIN, MATADOR, AlvfX G R E M L I N , J10KXET, AUSTIN, RENAULT, MO. 125 8th Ave. 352-4358 and carriages passengers a supper of chicken n which slalion to give the belle a fit- ling sendotf. Many passengers raided dusty attics and arrived wearing crinoline gowns, lop hats, straw boaters and striped blazers. Tlie porters wore red roses and some had tears in their eyes. "People are being very nostalgic about it all," said a spokesman for British Rail's Southern Region, which is replacing (he Belle's II aging coaches and plush car with modern restaurant slock, including a stand-up, serve-yourself buffet. CHURCH RELIEF CiKiNKVA ( A P ) -- Material relief supplies valued at nearly $12.4 million were shipped to 73 countries in 1D71 through programs of the Lutheran World Federation, it was announced here. Military radar that translates its target findings into audible one hour. Watching a succession of closeup shots showing serious men expounding their opinions is not exactly a visual treat, but the method docs permit a lot of ground lo be covered and various shades of opinion lo be aired. It was a good summary. The opera gala was as satisfactory as most entertainments John Reed Replaces Ken Hook In Social Security Office Here Ken Hook, district Social nnl conceived expressly for Security director in northeast television. The stage itself Colorado for four years, is presents definite limitations, transferring to Denver, flis re- Howcver, (here is so little das- placement is John A. Reed, sical music and even less operajemployed in the regional office seen on television t h a t this program with its all-star cast of singers and bits from great operas, had to be a special t r e a t for millions of viewers. for 11 years. Hook w i l l serve in a position similar to that left by Reed in the changeover; his area will be the six-stale region of Colo- South Dakota, Utah Wyoming. Reed, as direclor, will oversee the nine-county area of Weld, Jackson, Larimer, Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Scdgwick, Washington and Yuma. The district, serving some On Ihe light entertainmentjrado, Montana, North Dakota, side, ABC came up w i t h a two- limir pilot program for an action show which will be on its f a l l schedule. "Assignment: Munich"-- which will be called "Assignment: V i e n n a " in i(s hour-long incarnation-- evoked i memories of the giwd old days! of "The Third Man" and tcle- 242,000 potential recipients, has sub-offices in Sterling, Collins, and Greeley. Jlook said about 33,000 per- ancljsons are currently drawing benefits from the Greeley branch area of the district. Of these, some 19,000 in Weld County collect benefits totalling almost 51 million a year, he said. The Social Security benefits are for retirement, survivors nf Fort-deceased workers, disability, and lo help administer Medi- Auto Discount Center For This Area is. i'' IT'S XO SECRKT WK SRLL SO M A N Y HAT'S THR REASON YVK SELL SO C H E A P Low-Low Overhead Over 175 Now Used Cars Pickups To Choose I'Yorn Wheeler The Dealer -HaroldCroisssnl ·Jack Wheeler,SalesMgr. Harry Wootdridgn BudWooldridge .lack Wheeler, Sales Hi-Way 85 at HJth St. Phnnn 352-7000 Harold Croissant Harry Wooldrid^n FAMILY SUPPER Creole l-'ish Fillets Potatoes Snap Beans Salad l!owl Strawberry Shortcake CREOLE FISH FILLETS They're hakcil in the oven, casserole style, j ;i tablespoons salad oil I 1 can (fi ounces) tomato paste I l'/i cups water | I envelope (I'.i ounces) sca- Isonini; mix lor Sloppy .Iocs Vt cup finely chopped celery '.2 cup finely chopped green pepper 2 leasjxxms i n s t a n t rninccd nniun 2 pounds fish f i l l e t s Salt [ In n saucepan combine all ! the ingredients except Ihe fish ami snlt. Bring to a I j n i l , slir- ||ring constantly. Sprinkle f i l l e t s 'jv.-ilh s a l t ; arrange in layers in i.-i l)iitltrcd 2-(|iiait casserole, iHrxxining sauce over fish layers. j H a k c in a preheafcd .IM-dcgree lOvcn W lo SO minutes. M;ikc. 6 'servings. 'Die energy in one pound of uranium can perform us much NEW DIRECTOR - John A. Reed, sent- td, is flit; new Social Security direclor for ·work m Ilircc million pounds o f i I lie ninr ; -county area in Colorado. h;i'i moved here from Denver lo re- place Ken Honk, slamiing, whu is transferring to the regional licndr|iiailcnt In Denver as a senior sla/f officer. (Tribune phnlo by Jrssica (·'ra/.irr)

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