Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 1, 1972 · Page 32
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 32

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, May 1, 1972
Page 32
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32 GRE15LHY (Colo.) TRllHJNB Mon., IMiiy 1, 1!)72, O f f i c e Space 22 Fcr Rant--Apti. 1 7 | For Rent--Apts. P A K T I . Y f u i n l t h h l M'KHnit-iit, O'-iO 17th j U N K U H K I S U K U * K-lr«xxn a · A i m r t i n e n t . I'lHUie 353- 4 libOM fi I Sl'ACIOUS _ _ SMAMi . fr ; r n f t r nl M* cto«f lo ij ri only. Call «[|. fS5. Mnrrfol coiii-tr Ko children or K-H. 35 i :-5G2*. ATT. for rent, i br.Iroom, f u r n U h r r t H3S Slh -Si., 353-6707. JJACMt'LOIt «pt s. tor MS NEED fem hrdrooni nlcA to u r i a i itpxrlment _ F U R N l S H K D 1 bfflroom niU. for sinitTi pel-son. Cloie to CAII.IUU. JM. 356 30SJ. _ CADET Arm* Ant*. Nnw r^r.ttnp In Windsor. Chililrcn and 1 ixrti __* .lowed. 6S6-7 « S2, A'IGK furnl»hed hnsemenl npnrlnient, Couple onl)-. Close lo caminn. JSQ . month. I'hone 3b2-3SR6. DKDROOM (umhhcA apt. JUS. Air conditioned, x f t e F,v»ns 1or«(inn. 353-65-12 TWO bcJrooni unfurnUhctl apartment, ~ rapes, curvet, electric kitchen. 353 kit- 2 UEDHOOM apt., full; a ehrn. Carpet and drupes. TsOtMci] M 291S Slate Farm HcwI. Cull llaroH Maj-cr, 33-1U2; busineat phi _3 52-6510, VERY, very practical for money-minded couilw and iluttenla. Not fur from cani[us. Furnished apnrlmc^ls · Me May 1st, fl30/mcmth. C«H 356- mi. ONE hrdroom u n f u r n i s h e d ipnrtment exempt »lm-« and r«fri pern tor. Carp*i*d, heat furnished, in; fHcilittes. Married couple or liuly. No r«la or children. 907 2Sth Ave. 120 month. 353-5531. OLDER 4 room furnlahcd apt. Very nice. Carpptod. IMvMp entrance. Ideal for workltiR couple or 1 Kirls. Js'o p e f a . *1SQ per month. Utilities 1966. Days. 353-OQSl; a f t e r fi, 352- BPACIOUS 2 bedroom unfurnished arUn«nt in nev tnirnho-.ur. l*arire kitchen with nil appllanros. Utility area with wnxher-dryer hookup. 1 H baths. Lovelj- drapes *nd ihig e»rptt. PricM* fenced bsek yard. 1 child, no r*U. 353-0353. IS YOUR RENT MONEY BUILDING EQUITY? 353-9942 nM.r.l jumrliurnl. full 35J u:ii n t C e r 3 :SO. L A R t i K 2 lifi.ioom a p a r t m e n t for rer JS'K,\V 2 hi-Jh.hiiii. H r i r n . Cf kUcfcrn, In.M Incl. f100-? 1^5. 221S Fl _K|., 3M.7100 or 35S-S1Q7. KSS1M "\Viii~to L* Acroii froni canivu DtfVlllg A.-nr.inrt.ts. 356-1311. 3 KOOM f u r n l a h n l apt. m acron floor. No nets, no chlMreiu 3K2-27C! 1I2P 7lh St. D K U I X K 2 I'tilpoom r»|tj, .11 c!«lrjt 4-|i!«. Vltohon Cnri'tl , ulilll nnd c h i M i c n . JS3-OE59. After 6. 352 1265. IMO-$'ll5-fl20 M O N T H L Y laymen buys motile homo. Man;' a d u l t Ant family aimers avxdnMe. 3R3-3M4. FUIiN'lSHK! 2 bedroom a p n r l n i e n t 'ICO month. No pets, 352-2023; 353 ONK ('eilrrom (nrnjahcil A|iHrtme]it te rtniplc. ffir]irlp.l. *125 |il-.n Hcht S p r u ^ i t y .kH'Oiil. No ~ room n p t . , only. »135. 352-2637. After W3-5T07. nnfiirnl!h«d 2 tp-l lon'ntoivn, couil 6:30. 352-5725 01 O N B iKilroom Stove ar.d $137.50 -In- iinfurnlsheil Apartment, tefriprrator f n r n U h r d , Ifph's. No pe LV Sea aser. 11C2 13lh SL SKCRKTAliY, 21. woyM 11V* to ahj her 2 Jxiitroom. furnished, luxi art. 1100 month each, plui Vi utilities. 353-3793. VANT out of |K« city llmlt» of Giee- Ics'? Tnkf ft look nt these one two bedrooms apmrtrrtDnt*. Call M6- !33I. BETTEilT«kt"ii look! 1 bedroom «iAtt- menl^ lo^Aletl the U N O cnn-.p'Js and c!os« to shorpinfr. S140-S160/ month. C/ill 352-1371 or 356-1331. CASCADE APTS. 2022 28th Avc. '. New, 2 bedroom unfurnished ', npartmentfl. Appliances, carpet- .·'ed, drnpes, central air conditioning, soundproof, prime reslden: tlal location. Reaident Manager 353-8149 L A K d E 2 bedroom (umishoj apartment. Utilhiefl [airl. 2 or 3 ntudc or family. No pots. See property maniger At 1102 ISIh St- \VO!iKlNG~rruin. 45. would lik« to shAre hij 2 bedroom, furnished, luxury API. nOO month each plus ^ utilities. S53-3793. r\VO bedroom furnished apartment, Nerrly tirpeled. MAin floor. Private e n t r a n c e And bath. $135 plus liEhts, No pets. Deposit. 353-5707. ; DOVER APARTMENTS : 1424 llth Ave. ·; 2 bedroom furnished · available now-1 tedrooui unfurnished, : April 25. Manager Apt 109 .R6YAL GARDEN APTS. 2100 23rd Avo. 1 and Z bedroom furnished .-unfurnished buffet apartments. Electric hitcheus, carpeted, - drapes, inside laundry, oft street parking or carports. Adults, no pets 352-0152. FOR RENT Mny lit -- On apartment, Vz of duplex , . water, range., refrigerator, carpet and drapes fuiimhed. 1018 12th Ave.. 352- 3i33 days ; 352-5578 alter 6 p.m. )NE and 2 bedroom apartment*. Couples preferred. Appliances and hot crater heat furnis^d. Other extras. IIS'J and Sl'.f). 1924 Slat* Farm KJ. Phone 352-8401. Deluxe 2 Bedroom Apartments 'all electric kitchen, utility room. "Hot water heat, plus trash re- 'moval, air conditioned. Close to shopping center. 'Will allow up -to 2 children. .Call 362-6570 days, 352-8079 eves. FURNISHED APARTMENTS 2 bedroom luxury. Air condi vtioned. Private patio, electric 'kitchen with dishwasher. $180 to $200 . TALISMAN APARTMENTS 353-3793 MAPLE MANOR Large, delude. 2 bedroom, un- furnished apartment, complete · 'kitchen including dishwasher, ^Ehapr carpeting and drapes, cen- .'Ptral air conditioning, private en- 'Urance and balcony. |1GO-$165 '·jper month. ::' 1032-1034 26th Ave. See Manager No. 202 : ' Call 353-7873 GREELEY '·: APTS. INC. ; 1105 7th St. '.:Two bedroom furnished ''apt. Washing facilities. .'Married couple. No children ; or pets, ?135.50. }. 353-6626 J NEW COLONY :· 1009 13th Ave. "iLarge 1 bedroom suite with ·;balcony. Central air cond. ·elevator, year-round pool. : Jn walking distance of ; do^vntown. Lease required · Get Ready For Spring! [You'll f i n d 2 great advantages :ln deciding on your STUDENT . : ijo[jsr;w NOW. 1. 145.00 per f|tr. per ftlnilr^nL Z. u t i l i l i c s I n c l u d e d TOWXIIOUSBS completely fur jjshcd for 4 Students. HOB. Mgr. 2117 28th Street 353-3147 Wheeler Realty Company ; 3B6-1331 CASCADE APARTMENTS 2022 28th Avc. Spacious 2 bedroom, furnished or unfurnished, air conditioned, sound proof, "quiet a n d comfortable," prime residential location by the park. Resident Manager 353-8149 ' E H P O R A R Y homes, rccnrilotel? Tim;. tah«d 1 to :' t^Fdroorn kitehonettes, rlnily nnd rvwVly mtu only. Moun Uln View Matt!. !0» lOih SU U X U B T 2 r*lrcKm ant.. c«rrlfa. JrAped. eloctrl: kitchen, air ron]i- tioncii. iiiArty «Atrns, adults. 2 chiU- rcn. i5;-60;0 or 352-1198. UNFURNISHED I btdroom opnrlmmt. Arrliiir.cei, rlmpn, hcnl furnlshprl. 4110 rr.onth. No veil. 352-Z021; !53- 1SSS. UNFURNISHED 2 bedroom npl. Ne» earpet and dinp«s. All utilities fur. nijhed except electricity. Call after 6, 687-1535. UN'FURN. 2 bffdroom, lard* deluxp, ean*ted and draped, hand;' location, *14u.iX. Kobcar Apia., 1521 llth Av«. 352-CS29 or 352-6195. [ORR for your comfort, convenience and monej. 2 bedroom townhouses and you won't have to worry about utility bills. Call 556-1331. bedroom Heat, hot TOil I.KASK -- ()((!.·· ronlral tOL-rtlion. xix"! i v u r t 1S*!0 (t.. tliUHiuh K r l d A v , tf i ·(YinnXsrV-- All 3U1S n. Iw.tllon r let/ill ih,.]i, ,.ffK-v aHU':iiiiv. -«l|vlh^-, ,ilrr Clilr«ik-o [o t.n-su,- |ini llux I'-IT, c/n Trll.ure. Lcltve ilmvn I.rx^e otc. n f r c ,n]l W r i l c lUISIN'KSS OH IMIOIi'USSlONAL Sl'AClO III now nivtillcct'a bnllillru;. Itlctil vcsl Un'ntiuEi. Up lo 1,000 si. Cl. U'ill decorate anil divide lo suit. 353-1709 Mobile Home Spate f H A l L K I t S52-10I3. line* for rent. SPACES tor rent, nichland Mobil Home Tark. Ph. S3l-210i. OIIll^Thoir.. .l..c. for renl. Mliccllaneoui 27 WOOLIY'S IVt Su,.]i]y Ii nolnr lo Hie. -l.-y». liO Clli SI., 353-3717. N O U C K rHilxeolor, II.i It. Call !5»- 1CI2 niler t. I G CM. FT. mirluhl frcor^r. I'hone JS3- SfmuiBTrTfi tut »al,\ Ono lilork wci 'n«e l l i i l c a u , dirt wacle.1. 1909 K. Hth R1 8S30. KI.KA~Mirkct -- Kvcry Sundiy-arroi atrcc-t ftom M o n f o r l r a c k i n g Co. N K W C u i b m a n Trackaler (or lak Kranklln del. Sain. 36J.64BZ. ttvcilock K.M.K -- Knallih -7255 » f l c r 5. . 35^-1100 or 3S3-OSSG. mill irli 3MJ-OS10. |i«»lilre (nr cut- mliK. Pol Stock KHtElY 3nl«i 5«mct «t Urumlry' Floor Cotttini. 1ESI llh at. I'lONKKH c h a i n a« (Icaln. Frank Un Ccl Suln. !52-6»9t. MrCIIU.OCM chain i»u- aaln anil Ire. Sixteenth St. Cotioeo. 1071 S I N I i K I L will «lc-i»K. iutl«ibnlF itnojfraiu. Many fancy cleAlxns. V" 3 e \ l r a nttnchmpnla. Take for 10USB Iraller lota tor I P.rk. 1'h. 3S2-49a3 ill at HIM 'N 2 SPACES nvallablc for niobili homci to 12x60 ft. S53.CIS1S. 10th Ki. ICO iq ·II utllUlei fur OKF1CK apace. 71Z ft. flOO month, nlshcd. 3b2-46C8. GUKK.I.EY'S (Inesl. Villa West Mobili Home Bstalca. 27CO 0 St. Itenttnc a 1 . N» per month, 1 m o n t h free rent for ne*t 25 rcjcrvationi. S58-SS99. MO1HLK home on !e]ux« nice. Skirted, tied down, irady lo live in for M little as «1I5 a monlli, Includl BIHCC »]ul paymenL Call SJ3-3S44. b]W p a r k In ftmnll Quiet town, 2 bluchs from 5hoii]i[nar nrca. Stora;. huildlnRS, 2 car off atreet parkin?. lawn lace . f t O per month. Paradi*. Vi] Johnstown. Call S7-1602. .PACE nvnilable Inimediatelr, modern conveniences. Children doable wldes welcome. Valley Ave. and Rlrer SL. Platteville 120 mllr. south of Greeley m a n a c e r 783-2288. U.S. SB). Ftor.i COUNTRYSIDE MOBILE PARK NORTH We have a wide selection of lots to chooso from -NOW RENTING MOBILE HOME SPACES Stop At Our Office At 2036 1st Ave. Phone 356-0711 SA1.K -- AFmnl i'L, 1MO \vith AS i Irln.tu.U, lens ISO rttvln V i v a l : 6]T~SATK7 l.the, full t slK, t n o i k . \ e r t i c o l mllll S«Vor can, em i 1.4 Lrn*. I3^ ileiiiKr f M l « i ft.isli. I r n t h c Y,7 C l a n s l n K . -illnj for vroil 12 Anliquci 28 Y I C T O K I A N nntMuc* for Bale clinr.], t'olo. Oj'«n Tufa'tav ThursdAy.t, nlo S x t u r J n y n f t e r Cftll X52-17-13. Mouichold Goods 30 HOTI'OINT reCrisciBlor, 2 years su!e liy Bide, nviKado, t300. 353-D1TO. MONTH old Klrby. wai IS50 new. FOR SALE -- Good, useil. deep freezer. Hot 1'oinl, 5 CM. ft. Call 35G-4105. KOI! SAI.K -- Alii, ilia E«» r»ns like, in-.v. (SO.Oa. 353-2GS7 a f l e r «. USKO e n r p e l -- 2 - - 1CK12 (t.. 1 -15*23 f t . , I - - Q t i a ft. Rooil con- dHion. 261-659S a f t e r 6:30. TOR SAljE -- Signature frojt free re- triii. freeier, 11 en. ft., f!2i. 352- 07J2. rower lawn ninv anil raoilern, 4.S 352-0127. BAHV ch.cVji «vcry Wcilncsdor. H LrcoLa And white laruisf croji. 10M. 1A1W fhicka -- Hntchtnir twice w ly, Kabcopk, Grey Lcshornsj hnrni, ami 0-22, Special on Jtn Dnboock* and Cnlhorn pullel eh Meyer Brother! IIatchcr, Grwlp WACON w furn.tiirc calibre pistol, mts FitOM xvall to v,-!\3l, no sod «t all on cftnta clear.eil with HLue L-.islre. Jlcr.1 *?l«lric shamitocer, II. Gteelcy Furniture. FOR SALE -- For e«sh or nllallfieil to ftssunie nnymentl on 6 m o n t h olil. SO in. white etertrie rang* with Belt- cleaning oven. 363-^672. iIOVINC! -- Must lell n«w bunk beds ; avocado electric Move, like ne*v: other huuscholil f u r n i t u r e and npL'lian- ces. Rest offer. 352-I30D. Miicclloneous ODD, uset! Priced reaso 3-M coiiyinjr Tr.nchi nabl". Call 352-7037. OI.EMAN no gallon n»» ivater henler. Good condition. IM. 831-9963. UTOMOUlljG nir conditioning *cr»ice. Sixteenth St. Conoco. 1106 16th Sf, IUFFET unfurniflhcd apt. Applfancee, drnpr-; and ntilitf» f u r n i ^ h r d . (100 p*r m o n t h plus 145 dpposEt. See Sunday, 4 to 5 p.m. at 2004 6th Ave., or call Denver. l-93*-7794 for ap- P ointment. U N F U R N I S H E D 1 teJioom apt. Available immediately. Draped, ahak car- jiptfrt, full Ift'indty fnrililies, electric kitchen. TeLi and children welcomt*. Near Motorena Drive In. $150 p f r mo^th. 353-0£2i. NICE 2 bedroom house in Windsor to be rr.oved. S600. Call 356-SOJO or 352- 21CO. CR A FTSM A N too] a an rt tool ch«t; r;'ja IUOK and eciiha equipment. 353- B1UARWOOD APTS. 1825 22nd St. 2 and 3 bedroom unfurnished apts. Rlectrlc kitchen, shag car iet, drapes, private laundry. »raduate atudents. No children under 10, SIERRA MANOR APTS. Inquire 2173 28th St, 2 bedroom. StovB refrigerator. Carpet and drapes. 353-4915 Continental Apts. 706-708-710 27th Avc. Available: one arid two bedroom units. Children welcome. Call 356-0325 or 352-4300 Unfurnished 1 bedroom apt. $130 month U n f u r n i s h e d 2 bedroom, $180 THE IVANHOE Appliances, drapes, dishwasher, carpeted, elevator, s e c u r i t y doors. AdulU, no petB, no ctu- dents. 352-3886 1515 7th Ave. For Renr--Building] Business Building For Lease 2601 W. 10th St. Approximately 2200 srj. ft. Suitable for auto specialty Bho|) --warehouse -- sales outlet -What h a v e yon. 353-2537 .EN'S Lawn moiver rieparr and Sharp- cnine. 2007_6lh St.. 352-0730. AHTHOniZED Skl-Doo Dta!«r. Frank- Un Cycle Salea. 352-6992. KOYAL, rortable trpiurrller, cooj condition w i t h crryinc case, $35. 3S3- 1IS3 Imttiie 1 :30 r .m. A I H COND. '71, Monl. Ward. 6000 IITII, 2700 West O St. Sp»c« 15(. SONY cassette tar.e recorder. TC100, all accessories, sltehtlr used. 3520615. FOR SALB -- Comnlrte dicUnhone recording and IranserlbinR unfts. Call 352-1284, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. FOR SAI.Et WiTght hoci* cooler. W«- t*»rtrp«. Side draft. Used 2 tr.o. 1400 CFM. 353-2103. J O H N Deere 140 sfirrtcn tractor with now blower, wnpon, and front end larlp. Call 353-7384, SAW jharpeninK, all kind*. Qr.e dnf erffice. Alkira'i. 613 3 Ave. 352-S501. SHOPWORN ]uml*r. Ideal Cor corral* and many farm use*. Murphy Lumber Co.. 112 fltfa SL GAS heaters, Bot water Unki, fur- nnct3. overheadj, bldff, m»ttrj»L 352* £463. BLACK and while TV. excellent Brorli- intr conJiLionj 165.: Cut 'n Jump ski jacket, new, |20. 352-0104. LICJUIDATOaR of «n mercbandljt Gary Greenwood, AucttoQtflr« and Liquidators. 260G 8th Ave. 362-4322. FOR SALETM-- Pulremed lawn und garden fertilizer. 353-5S53, 101 8lh Street. TRAILERS for trasb hauling as low as tl.BO for 2 ho!lr». O.K. Trailer Rentals. 820 2r.d St. ?F. ,flUY"~ulel eoior or WacV and white TV's, itereos, radios, or t players. TV Mart. 152-7200. 3TEAM" Brit* carpet eleanlne. The closest t h i n e to getting new carpet. MONEY to loao. ^e bur. sell *r,i trade for arlhing of TAlue. Gree Pawn Shop. 3B3-4137. 402 lllh A?«. WINDSHIELDS--P!«« irlasj, wEndow gliRi, r.erv or uied. Karl'* Greeley Glass Center. 210£ Stij SL 353-2113. QUALITY eanraa worn of all klndi recovering of truck acati, eU. Wood« Canvaj Produeu, 1939 Rtservoir Rd. NEWSPRINT for eal». 80 Ib. Roll endi ^e^hinc (rum 6 to 30 Ibi. Thi Grwley Trlbur-t RKF'OSSKSSKD color eonjole TV. Excellent condition. Call MY. Si/nrr.ons, 353-63.J9. SWEDA reciter, model M-101. ex«l- Jrnt enndition, ? 2 t 5 ; NCR reKislor, model 22-3, nev: Formica top cutting counter, new. 4=1-9893, B E A U T I F U L rpposiesied Mttnivax Rterco con.vsle, lih« new. Must ute to Teli«ve. JMIflnce nt $1^3. Call Mr, Sirnmonj. 3o1-S33S, ADDINU macniTio, typewriter!. All rnakfi, new and used. Salei, ttt- vlee gnannleed. Ed, 120] l l t h Office Scoce N'F; UOnM office for rent. 1723 9th St., ^',2-1361. OFFICE ipac* -- Two 10x12 rxirn», additional Ejiace available if reo.uire'1. Full t i m e n e c r e U r y a v a i l a b l e l'i «n- airrer jjhrjne and /or part time b^-olf- k e e p f n f . 2S06 6lh Av«., 352-BI90. Mobifa Home Space 23 (1KAN1TK P I N K {2.50 I I B A M GREELEY TRIBUNE HOLIDAY VILLAGE MOBILE HOME COMMUNITY Spnccfi available for double ami single wide mobile homcf. Crill liud Larson, Park Manager or come by our new club house, 3102 17th Avenue. 353-7741 GASH for y o u r furntlur* and mlsrel- !«nwuj. Pint nnd courtpoiia service. Greenwood Liquidation Center, 2505 8lh Avft. 352-1822. 6 U N I T -ir,et»l kitchen clutlea: inK*lc f i n k , electric retrigfrntitr trir roMlcr with 2201 6th St. abinet, in- faucets; small ? ranpc; tlcc- nj. 353-3303, FOR SALE Used furniture of all tyiies Stoves and refrigerators AT THE WAREHOUSE 422 2Gth St 3B2-2332 Money fo Loan WE SPECIALIZE In small tid larai loans, 1st ar.d 2nd mortgaitea oc liusj- nesi. We i!ao buy 1st and 2nd tnoit- Rar:«s. ConiD]iia([an loans our g cialty. C-K.C. Corp., Gold Nai I/ivestrr.ent, 6lh Ave. and 1 Uh Street. 352-0134. Roofing and Insulation 33 ALCO Roofinz Co. -- All typra rool jr applied. 122 26th St 352-23.12. Building Material 34 6 CUSTOM mnrfe rliureh-top dears. with Rome r* size. 352-163?. Blutned slius. For th» unusual. R . the 10 UNITS WKI1A Milk li».« for 5M-S21S. ( Y K A I l old ililtltdl lel.llliir, lilS MS-IU?. NKUMlnllvliTual calf iitni. TWA ll.i GSO.'iO^L HOI1SK3 lor laie. Call ttcnlngs, 2=I-7S10. }IBUKVOHD l i r l f r r lcrcil, 1 In 1* n for 1* nd yi K K I I N Biiil Sm\t Tuck Room. K»iUI* bnili and tack lepn[mL 217 Km' 181K St. UOllSKSIIOKINfi -- Trulnlrur,. Cmlon n j em. ,. t a c k . DnrMn Ctovr, CSS lOMSKS Itniirdeil: May and grain fur- nl*heil. Ite^t r l d i n u aren In to Stork Feed anil Kuinill-, 852-1730. J.H. «nj BtOCV. I I H B A K l N r . , 5S8-I491. and showlnz f*r etxla. Jcvhn Stro\ \(1I1A inrrel cclilinn t r. oM. Cur- rt'nlLr bclnir slimvn nud %v[uii[iis Ii Wc^ttfr]! rk'Rsnro. Slmulil lie nil ex ccllcnt all aronml youth ?luw Kcld- Inp. $1400. John Slroh, o?8-HOI. AT STUD: Dynamic Hank, !y Tonlo M»i! Haul., tiallcr charupkjil. Triple A TMrc homo. ItMl A d l l A alalllon In Colorftfio. Many ways to Ij your Kood niare. Conic sc« for yourself. 353-3120. P o u l t r y BOOKING ORDERS NOW Turkey Poults -Ducklings -- Goslings and Guinea Keet Meyer Bros, Hatchery * Stock 'OR K A L E -- Poodle pup. 120. 3M.174CL AKC Bassett bound, male, 10 months. 352-5616. Boars Suppliei 35 USRD fishing bent and trailer for ««]«. S8o. 1,01 E. 2Sth SI. 1S71 FIBERGLASS boat. SO lip John- Hi, aki equipped. 353-6655. Sporting Goodi 35-A RUGER: 351 mas. with boh!rr I.ell. !95. Cull 352.0142. FOR SALF, -- 357 Majrnum Rirger Colt f r a m e wfth western style holster and wide belt. T120. 3j'J-4926 days. x9 FT. umbrella tents, regular 159.95. now loTo off. Greeley Tent and Awr,- i n g Co., 529 £th Ave. One net Wilson 9 irons, putter, nbrell; DOG BUYERS AKC Wants You to Know... t . . . you buy a pure-tired dog hat you are tnltl is eligible for egistraltuii willi the AniL'rican lennel Club, yon are entitled to eceive from the seller an rtp- lUcciliun form t h u l will enable ·ou to register your clog, f . . . the seller ciitmot sive you tie apnllcalion, you should de- inntl find receive full iitentifi- n t i o n ot your ciojj ill writing, ii;ned by the seller, consisting f the 1) r e e rl, tlao registered lames of your dog's sire and am, your dog's date of birlh, lie name nf its .breeder and, ir vnllnblc, Us AKC litter number. Jon't be misled by promises of "papers" later. Demand a registration aprilica- lion form or proper identifica' lion as described above. If neither Is supplied, DON'T BUY THE DOG. A phamphlet on tlie subject is available. WYilo the American Kennel Club Dept. Y, 51 Madison Ave, New York, N.Y. 10010. Real Estate 48 TO n i V K A\var -- Oil* kllleni. S».3tll, K i l - r K N a |,i nlv« lo i(io,l homn. ST. ItKllNAlTn VUII|M. Call asa-csta. S^rlJI) eervlcc--Siua]) nilnlalur* rooi siieelallKlng In ilMrk aiirlcot. J('j.2j Q t, SroVlNcl -- Musi r« « t l h : lovntbl o nunilti a|^nye,l W ( i e r m a r t fSlicpheril l i a s hail uluM.. S52.47[iP. ·l,'i4-2C^1 t 1 m i t e borlh of ^aton llc-l llulll. ' j i n l l j wrat. FOR R A L E -- Purchrnl A u s t r a l i a n iild,''li"« 'ej'e'fl."9l-(i!!ll)" "' THOIMOAT, tUBl Vltli Ccimt mot complete Una of aQUKrlnmi tml aim pllri. HlthUntl Aauirlum. H0« tth THOI'IOAI, (lib, aoljfi.h. iiulrl Utera, nlr p u m p a lAaratora), pran t«l nnJ H»lch«r. 708 10th' Slr*U LAltHAUOIt iiuppln. Litter riper* to e n U l m t l o n . Mnlci. 175.: lenulo 150. Si'= nt Weld County Ill-Vroducti 1012 Nmlh l l t h Ave. H n y your Pure Rretl Hog or Cat from A BltEBDER--!{ yon don't want · pure lirc'd, glvo a mixed breed another chance for life--. FUBE IT FllOM A · SHELTER Sponsorort by Tho Greeley Kennel Club Sewing Machines, Vaeuumi I ' f R l i Y ' s V a c u u m Centar. Rebul] Xlrby'a, »55.05.1501 8th St. SH.COSt PARTS for vncuuma, honei, b«ltj bnishra, ete. Perry'a Vaeunm C«nUr SSS-OOSI. 1501 9th EL Ecwiim machine. )90. Srac* S, '200 37th St.. rBiit. 1971 SINCER will lie-tag, b-.lllonhote monoBram. iTnny f a n c y designs. With no extra attachments. TaVe for las C paymenta ot 15.33 or T29. 352-B516 REBUILT KIRBYS $59 and up Authorized Kirby Sales mid Service 1C21 5th St 353-0700 Complete 1 dny servica on 'most makes Bags--Bolts--hrusfieft, etc.- Sce our all new Kirby Classic V--Rodio--Services, Sale* 46 'V RENTALS. per month. Color 830.00 per month. 352 T 1200. UOB'5 TV. 2011 ptli Si. S«rvie« eilU J7.BO 3G3-1786. 'OR wick TV i en let, TV KATt' 7ZOO. Service whiU JOU w»Jt. jOOD used colai and blaok »nd wblt« TVs. Budaet tsrma. TeJ^Tialoa Mitt, CM 2tb SL 352-72QO. Musical Intiumenti 47 UNI VOX bass Ruittr, Silvertoni amp Excellent condition. Sell la b«it off er. Call Gary. 351-3601, FOR SALE -- 1 Hanrlmastir amp. Little Prinres* amp., p l u s itrntotis ter cnUAr. Call S3-5559 after 6 P.m Real Estat* . 11EDTIOOM bnrk. Rplty, 3.53-7265 Action Heal Fjtale, Inc., 353-0346. ;COTT School Riea. 4 bedroom bE level, 2 bath*, air conditioned, double K«ra?(.. 352-^25. No oaent* pleas FUR SALE by owner -- nealrien . home, close to both crimpus**. By appointment only. Phone 353-7744. BEDROOM house in Kalon with (ire- place «nd f u l l basement. Can come cee house on Sunday. Call after 6, , nnd olilcr 2 story 3 room brick home. 6 miles northeast ot Lucerne. T 19, 600. Immediate po«- Bession. 35a-770 or 352-5o78 a 6 p.m. Attention Veterans Duplexes--4-Plexe« No down, GI, Reply to FRONT RANGE BUILDERS 218 K. 6th Ave. Loveland (169-1177 'OR SALF, -- One «et Wilson n o l f ] , elubs, 4 woods " ' ' 2 sets of head covers, umbrellu. A J i j ! . used only one season. ?l0. 353-C92C !i day*. I! Air ContJitionfng 37 L A R G E forced «Tr natural aia furnace, 163,000 nTU. Suitnble for church or R.irage. Call S3I-0939 alter fi p.m. Frulli and Vegetables 39 WI1ITK poUtoea J3.50 ye. 10 ]hj. »2//0. 1/3 mi.p f L-«rnc. S02-2S6 evening*. h u n d r e d ; »l of I-ii- YOU WILL LIKE THE low cost of Want! Ads. Try one today. LOTT AGENCY, INC. BUILD us 3iRlp -- wo r u n provide construction money for your new homo. And ;it the Bnnio time guarantee tho amount of money you Ijorrow on your rBrmnnent loan when (lie Iiorne Is flnislied. Our experienced staff is eager to serve you. BUYING OR REFINANCING Arc you In need of extra money for unexpected expenses, or t h i n k i n g ot making an i n v e s t m e n t , or planning to liuy another house? This money may lie found In a now h o m e loan. r,et us Kive you a new, up to Jala loan appraisal. 918 llth Ave. 353-1443 TIME REALTY 923 16TH STREET "Nile or Day, Call 352-8838" Fdft SAI.K -i j l d , m«re. u e n l l r , lf,t ·, H£s hijjr I' J l H K A K I N f i arid I r t h e II'.,I C NEW I3KLAIR HOMES la 11\*. r,':-/! ti'iini; yr,n )javr, a l w a y s drenrned about. K b a k f s TWit, ?, i,r 4 \,:4r«invi, »ha; carpet, 1% hathn. r.iDKe. dl»|,ov;pil, )liihwai,b. : r. B t n l n l r ^ n Btr.-el K i n k s , f l r o - Iila':r:. jC,:r-«-f':. anrj ;,r|r : . sir', Inr:|i|rIr!H drapes, ?. hcilroom ( _ 4 \:-4rt/,m -- V-:\,Vi. r.-onrcnllnijal f i n a n c i n g A F A M I L Y UUSIN'KSS Try Ibis i,n fir *.\v-.. -ji,\ir t,-nu y.irii nbtip t h a t you or your w l f « 11,1, run. Vi : ry'l loi.allon nml HhrjWB n (,'(,r,rl i,(:t p r o f i t 'I ),!* l / i i x l n ' - t n I n prior;.) to H e l l at ^O.fir.O, '. .'|JJ \l,Vt-.nti,ry l J/nV I'AYMK.STH 1,0W DOWN S t a r t ytinr *n*rr)*;-: ;iW: tf.l* \,, v ,..t y 2 br-ilroom home. Off yif'.f,':n, Irjr.-ftrjJ nf:W fllllflfrlo 15 A C U K X OF MOUNTAIN PUOI'KRTY T h i s II.-IK nrir, i,l tbr- l,r : jit vlfiv/c. you will r-vnr f l n r t F^ion I i n v l l H }'.;,-V.\,w. w, : ai of f . o v H n n d , Colnrailo. K-I5 1,0'I'S In Jt-.'i l a n d tn l,u(]rl w l m U i v n r you niwl In t h e A V O I I M O . Piirehatin prlco cr, nnd pavlnR. R«ol BKDROOM lioini wllli «tlclic.l n- ll». Cill niter 6:30. J52-Jo!9 CAl.Ti Ilex Tlmnlhr tor fKrini - rtnclir* lun.l. 35S-II65, I.snon llanllr. (·'Oil 8AI.B -- 1 room hiiwt, H i l l It. lo U m u v f i l , IH.'JIll. hoini of llr, W i l k i n s o n hi 1," tillte. 10 rooms, loullliil home. Car- anil ilrniicil. 201 Main HI. lUIII.DIKd mul Imller loll on tlie 1'ouilre-lllver, w»tcr nnil «r|itk [n. County Realty, tS'Mill, 1'i I'l.ATTKVlU.K -- Ne» a l»lrm, HI bklh, Tully r«rpil«il, illiins'Kilirr, rr- frlscrjitor, mine. 770-1074 I^iikrnxinl. 492-128S KI. Culllni. N A T U n A l , r«bln l l « l 2.7 nerci o! nietilnts', rnekA Mnil tree*, hlen] c*li!n ilt« UMile*] unkouR link]Ui rock for- niHtEi»i, · DEiolutriicLnt view if nuiierli Know |«iik9, iirulecle.l from I m n i n H ate nelkf!)lor« on 5 elilra liy r«rk area, cHfljr lo r«nrh all yfftr, «lrctr[- elty available, 1 ?1 huuri ttom Denver, A bargain for toZOD. W||L torjnt. Gonlinerilal \VcaL HeiiUy. K[ccl«llilA ' tn rtcreMltinal Unil, (irocnwiKHl 1'ln- za, KuBlewood, Colo. 80110, 303-7702262. .. Reel filatt 41 '1'ltACT--4 IjeJrooiu linine, 'ilen, I V roum. Corrals.-Isl.77B2. COLLKCIK n t r * . nlri 2 bedroom honn ^slt^l l.asrmenl a|,rliiiiiil. I car «l- raife, Call Sarah ftl Cnrliauvh Fl'll- 17. JS2.0I21 Q U A L I T Y S bnlnmin uillil lilleV lioiin, coiner I'll, near l.aU School. New e a r o r l l u i j anil ilrnites, Ciutom bath, l.arii,- "J ear l/aiaxe. Full basemen* w l l h t^OQ numlhly Ineiime, Ity ap. IHilnliuent, 3S6-17R8. NEKD SOMtC ROOM? Uny t h i s n aura '.rnct wltb tills 4 bedroom homo, f i i m l l y room, t l i u p l t i e o , hoi wutor haul, 2 cnr KuniRO, m u i i u t n i n vlow, .Wind- nor St;li(nl Dlatrlcl, Fred 1'elta Itoulty. WlndBor, Colorado. Of- fleo, G8C-2SSO, ovonlngs, 686-2507. WANT A GUARANTEED SALE ON YOUR HOME? For Information Call: SCOTT REALTY CO. 1212-8th Avenue, Greeley, Colo. 352-1212 . STOLLSEAY CONST. CO. Builders of "DISTINCTIVE CUSTOM HOMES" Presents a complete personalized homo building norvlct Including designing, drafting, financing, and a home tradft- in program. We specialize In quality construction and crAttmnusnlii, plus the newest ideas aud Innovation In custom home building. Phone 362-5687. REALTY CO. 1212 8TH AVE 352-1212. MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE COLO., WYO., MONTANA, NEBR., TEXAS STUDENT RENTAL Five bedroom older house that lias just, been painted on tlie outside. A new roof [ml oti, a new shower added and some pnintlng done on tbe Inside. N o w . cringing in $335.01) a m o n t h and the owners need to sell. Ijook and make ua an offer. NEAR NEW HOUSE Ona yenr old thrco bedroom lirick liou^e, 1 car at- tnched garage and n full u n f i n i s h e d basement. Lawn Is In both the front and hack yattl and the Inside of the house is like new. This home Is very reasonably priced at $22,500 .with almost immediate possession. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT I860 square feet of living area. Four bedrooms, two main, two 2nd floor, walk In closets on the 2nd floor, 2 full baths, living room and dining; room area. Kitchen has dishwasher, garbage disposal and range. Utll- tties off the kitchen. Basement has apartment to rent. It includes dormitory bedroom, largo l i v i n g room, % bath, large kitchen w i t h utilities, separate entrance In the rear, all furniture included in Imsnmenl apt. Thli home has 2 garages, 4 car from thu alley, 2 car frrim 12th Ave. Garages have Ideal storage or Is great for a car hohby repair. This home also has a screened In patfo and harhnciic, a complete sprinkling system Ii ·underground. Make an a n p o i n m c n t today to tour this beautiful home. 415 16TII AVENUE COURT Tf two bedroom home Is w h a t you need, call us on Ihis now! Newly painted Interior. Home Is just a fine value, clean and Living room and one beti- rnnrn In carpeted. A d e q u a t e eating area In kitchen, no garage, however p l e n t y of lot area to Install ench. No basement, gas wall furnace. COZY CAPE COD Distinctive flvo liedroom, 2 alnry houso at 3242 W. 5lh St. Rd. Faintly room tn basement u t i l i t y rnnm, 1 car attached garage. low t r a f f i c area, kitchen equipped with KB dishwasher and range. Two dill hatlis. Havs us show you this beauty. 1536 - 1540 10TII AVENUE Biccpllonal location for m u l t i p l e f a m i l y construction, Ideal for college housing, J n n t 2'/i blocks from markets, '/i block from drug center, just across the xtreet from the lower eml of ll.VC old campus, Plenso call today for ilclnlln on inirclinslng one or both properties. BELAIR PARK Under construction. You're In time to detect carpet, w n l l pnpcr, counter tops anil ll(jht f l x l i r r e s . Thl» rnncli slyic Iiinno linn over IfiOl) aiiimre feel of floor «paco on the innln Invol wllh ft f u l l basomenl. Th» main floor Ims threo good nlzed bedrooms, larj;» H v I n K room, formal illnlnK room, ffimlly mom wllh fireplace, kitchen w l l h loin of c n h l n n t n ami nmnll d t n l n f ; nren. One f u l l bath n n d -y, Imlh off t h e mnster hcclroom. The unfinished b a s e m e n t has Itio u l l l l l y arcn, roiiRh In for Vi b u l t i nnd a u n f i n l K l i e c l flroplnco. (live un n call, complollon In nbniil -ts days. BVBNINOS tr W E K K B N D S r(«lph Coopnr Leonnrrl Dorownkl Krl Anfartnn 8r,2-l2H2 Mne M f i K l n l n y 1)111 O n m h r n l l K. Y. rirlf? W a l l Dick llnoltcher, .Ir. f)f!nn Avnrs nnx Hcoll I l f n r y W. l l o r h i t (.'iirl H l i o w n l l n r .IiininH Hoyillcr John M p A r l h n r Duvld If. Aclon 867-6787 353-7151 lloiiK Hfnrn Lurry A n d n r « o n I I I I O K K I I Krnlfl fidf.ll ,1ft2-074» 3. r n-22b7 JfiS-SMO «62-)IMI

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