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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Wednesday, June 26, 1957
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U. S. Proposes Big Powers Give Int'l Group Heavy Arms LONDO.V UP - The United Stain Wednesday proposed that the big powers surrender certain ipecific quantities of heavy armaments to International control. American Delegate Harold E. Stassen told the five-power United Nation! Subcommittee on Disarmament that Mi country is ready to turn over given quantities of war planes, tanks, heavy guns and other armaments to depots on American toil that would be under international control. He proposed that the scheme be Included in a limited disarmament treaty between Russia and the West. The Soviet Union and other ·tales, also would be expected to transfer quantities of arms to depots under international control Stassen's proposal is part of an ever-all program being presented phase program for reduction of U. S. and Soviet armed forces to reach an eventual figure of 1,700, 000 men each. The Russians reserved judgment. Ike Passes Up Colorado for This Vacation Wrltttn By Hocaet Grttlty In AND THK QRECLEV REPUBLICAN VOLUME 4»--NUMBER Ht GRIILIY. COLORADO WEDNESDAY, JUNE H, Ml WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED 1170 Ike Believes Atomic Tests Should Continue WASHINGTON (fi - President'scientists' views, Eisenhower re- Eisenhower said Wednesday seien-| iterated that the United States ists tell him they believe they canjjtill is hopeful an agreement can produce an absolutely clean hydro- be reached with Russia providing gen bomb after four or five more for suspension of tests. years of tests. | He emphasiied that hope does Eisenhower told i news confer- no t stand as an isolated thing in ence the same scientists say that the d i s a r m a m e n t field. ests must continue if we are going to get the full txnefit of know]- dge- regarding possible peaceful uses of atomic power. The President said the scientists WASHINGTON (f Eisenhower indicated Wednesday he is looking for a vacation place in the northern part of the country or it the mountains. He lo ' d hi » «*' """ce he I feel the tests must go on President any pulling back. In the course of the news conference, the President also discussed: Would Avtrt Inflation Inflation -- He called on both Debler Tells Court No Water at Hand for Blue Project City Will Discuss Poudre Reservoir with Rec. Bureau to the subcommittee for construc-L tion. Tuesday he proposed a three-is. , j. ^ . ... but wiU not spend this summer in his accustomed holiday area, Colorado. Eisenhower said that for a num her of reasons he does not plan to return this summer to Denver where he vacationed from 195: Acts «n Lilt Information Eisenhower based his remarks without business and labor to m a k e a statesmanlike effort to avoid price and wage increases. Without any specific mention of on information he said he received talk about another steel price hike, earlier this week from three atom-'Eisenhower said there is always Turkish Agricultural Officials Here July 3 Two officials of the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture will visit Greeley and northern Colorado neit week on a study of the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation program. ' The Turkish government is in- ·terested in a plan for all-risk coverage of farmers against the financial distress accompanying crop failure. The two officials w-ill spend Monday in the Denver FCIC office and Tuesday looking over the Colorado-Big Thompson project The officials are Nebia Yalar. deputy director of the Ministry of Agriculture who takes charge of agricultural credit, marketing and rural affairs, and Mustafa Geiiner, assistant director of the economy section of the Ministry of Agriculture, who U in charge of statistics and crop and livestock estimates. Curtis C. Hicks of Fort Collins, supervisor for this district, and Don Taylor of Greeley, who has a timilar post in another part of the itate are making for tht tour. arrangements Colorado Weather Temperature at p. ra. Wednesday was K degrees. Local for 21 hours ending at 8 a. m. Wednesday: high. 80; low, M. Colorado -- Partly cloudy in the east Wednesday with widely scattered afternoon thundershowers otherwise fair and Thursday Wednesday night cloudy afternoon through Thursday; morning, partly and evenings a Iittl* cooler through 1933. He did not specify any of the reasons. It was in Denver, in 1933, tia. the President suffered a heart at tack. Last year his physician Maj. Gen. Hswsr:! i!. Snyder. said he had recommended againsl Eisenhower's returning to that al titude, at least in IKS. Gas Rate Boosts Allowedly PUC DENVER Ui -- Colorado's Public Utilities Commission Wednesday allowed emergency natural ;as rate increases of more than two million dollars yearly for consumers. The commission approved requests for Public Service Co. el Colorado and the Pueblo Gas Co. a subsidiary. Public Sen-ice Co., which serves Denver and other areas in northern and western Colorado, will increase its rates approximately $1.900,000 annually and the Pueblo company will raise its charges by about 1194.000 yearly. The increased rates will become effective July i. the date which he supplier of tht two companies, Colorado Interstate Gas Co., raises charges to them under a temporary approval granted by the Federal Power Commission. The PUC said the rate increases shall be vjbjcct to review when a inal decision is reached by the FPC in the Colorado Interstate ase. la asking the increases last week, the two companies said they would be wiliing to refund them to customers if the federal agency denies the wholesale price increase: The decisions foSowed a pattern set by the commission a week ago in a similar application by Utilities Co., which the lower Arkansas the Citizens operates in Valley. Two similar applications still are pending, one by the Gree- in the east Wednesday; warmer in the east Thursday; Wednesday night's low 30 in the moun- | tains, 40s northwest corner ta 50s ' in the southeast; high Thursday 73-85 in the northwest to 83-95 in the southeast. Maximum and minimum temperatures during the 24-hour period ended early Wednesday ineluded: Denver 89-36. Fraser 67-34. Alamosa 86-44. Akron 54-53. Colorado Springs 89-31. Eagle 82-40. La Junta 93-63, Grand Junction 9361, Lamar 9S-60, LeadviHe 70-41,iley Gas Co., and the other by Limon 84-32, Pueblo 97-38. Trini- j plateau Natural Gas Co. which dad 93-31. ' h a s headquarters at Colorado Boulder and Longmont -- Fair Springs. Wednesday night and Thursday morning, otherwise partly cloudy Wednesday, Wednesday night and Thursday; a little cooler Wednesday turning warmer Thursday; hish Wednesday t2. low Wednesday night S3, high Thursday 88. Southwestern Colorado -- Partly cloudy afternoon and evenings; fair night and little change in temperature Wednesday, Wednesday night and Thursday; low Wednesday night 30* in the mountains, 45-33 lower elevations; high Thurs- d a y in the 80s; Durango 88-48-83. Hurricane Audrey Heads Toward Louisiana Coast NEW ORLEANS M -- Hurricane Audrey, a giant storm with winds of 100 miles per hour. Wednesday continued its slow, relentless drive towards the Louisiana coast. The Weather Bureau expected the first hurricane of the season to reach the coast by late Thurs- dsy. Residents Li ie scientists who conferred with talk in times of inflation of the hirn at the White House. possibility of imposing government But despite this report of t h e , (Continued en Pa« IS) Judge Convicts Teamster Veep WASHINGTON ufl - Frank W.lPo** « n l investigation. Brewster. vice president of the! meantime Brewster will Teamsters Union was convicted ,'"* on bond Wednesday of contempt of Con-! In the remain Brewster, a long-time power in gress. ! the West in the affairs of the t e a m U. S. District Judge lohn J. '»·'»· »'»» lr rd l*'°« J "d?e Sirica found Brewster guilty on all; Smc » m * 31-eount indictment 31 counts of an indictment grow-t b « e| i n his refusal to produce ing out of his refusal to produce i" cords » nd answer questions be- records and answer questions he-i'°« Ue Sen » tc investigations sub- fore the Senate investigations subcommittee in January- committee last January. Bre,wster challenged the subcom- E r d m a n B. Debler, Denver hydraulics expert and former regional director of the reclamation bureau, testified in district court here Wednesday he does not know of any w a t e r which the Blue-South Platte project could depend on, unless existing w a t e r dccress arc modified or canceled. Debler was the fourth w i t n e s s called by the objectors at a hearing on the proposed Blue River- South Platte water conservancy district. The hearing nn the objections has been under way over a week. Dehler said no water was available to his knowledge lor the project from the Fraser, Williams, Blue, Gore or Eagle river basins. He previously had testified regarding recent water decrees awarded and claims field In the five river basins. He also stated the Blue River- South Flatte water conservation association, which is seeking to lave the proposed w-atcr conservancy district established by the court, had not m a d e any claims for water at a recent Eagle river adjudication hearing. Taking of estimony In the case has closed. Puts Ceil it J700 Million Brewster had waived a jury r trial and left it to the judge to de- mittee's authority to investigate cide the issues of fact as well as law. The 60-year-old teamsters official was not present when the judje handed down his decision. He had been given permission to return to hit West Coast home and not be on hand for the verdict. Judge Sirica did not fix t time for imposing sentence. The mail mum penalty for contempt of Con gress is a year in jail and $1,0000 fine. Tht Judge taid the Brewster cas* like all other criminal cases will b« referred to the court's pro- jalion office for a pre-stntenee re of labor unions, other teamsters officials same stand are Weeks Heads Special Survey on Oil. Imports intern*1 Three who took the awaiting trial. Brewster subsequently produced records and answered questions before the special Senate rackets committee. He described as "absolutely fan lastic and completely untrue" testimony which had linked him and other teamsters officials with efforts to control vice and rackets in Portland. Ore. SAN DIEGO. Calif. If -- Teamster West Coast boss Frank W. "high substantially the same as the Blue-South P l a t t e Montczuma route project the reclamation b u r e a u planned about 10 j e a r s ago. Not Adequate ta Replace Grtfn Mtn. Dcbler also expressed belief t h a t , while two reservoirs planned n e a r Kremling as part nf the proposed Blue-South Platte project couH be m a d e to provide the same c a p a c i t y as Grrrn Mountain reservoir, w h i c h would be "retired," thry could rot replace Green M o u n t a i n reservoir from the standpoint cf water supply. He explained Green Mountain reservoir was intended for three purposes. These are to offset Colorado river w a t e r depleted by the Colorado-Big Thompson project, provide additional water for the wrstern slope and to produce power 1 . "These features rnuld not be replaced physically by the two proposed reservoirs," he stated. An opinion sufficient w a t e r Is available above the proposed Blue- South Platte transrr.ountam w-alcr diversion project to provide 370,000 acre-fret annually for the proj- been rr t !r d meet requirements of existing water decrees was. voiced in dis LT. COL. JAMES T. LEWIS Debler estimated building the proposed Blue-South Platte project at the present time would cost J700.000.000. H« said the Monteiuma diversion project being built by Denver Is trict court here Tuesday aftemnn by Mills E. Hunger, retired reclamation bureau official. Bunger «aid a study made by himself and his brother. Howard P. Bunger. showed 330,000 acre-feet of (ContlQBM on Pitt ?) Col, Lewis New Commander of CollegeJOTC Lt. Col. James Thomas Lewis, 33. a n a t i v e nf Rock R i v e r , Wyo., who has been in Air Force serv-i ce since Nov. 1333. has arrived j t Greeley to become professor of ir science- at Colorado State Col- ege where he also --ill be comm a n d e r of the Air Force ROTC ctachmenl staff. He is succeeding Major Julius A. Corman as commander nf the rle- achment staff at the college. Maior K o r m a n w-ill leave in August to become air salety officer at Clark Field, Philippine Islands, United Church of Christ Organized Srewster disappeared in evel" meeting Wednesday after iis contempt of Congress eonvic- icn was announced. CLEVELAND IP -- A major new church -- molded of the diverse element! of two historic old denomination* -- emerged on the Registration's eipo'ed areas were advised Thursday; partly cloudy Wednes-1 ,J MS u,e lowlands riay and Wednesday night and in to evacuate the north Thursday; fair in t h e ; Tides were rising and were ex- south Thursday; warmer in the p^d to reach f i v e to eight feet northern border Wednesday and 1D ove sea levels along the Louisi southeast Thursday; turning cooler northern border Thursday: low Wednesday night 33-43 in the mountains to 45-33 high Thursday 70-80. elsewhere; ana coast and over the nearby Mississippi sound. - WASHINGTON in Eisenhower Wednesday created a special cabinet committee to study whether crude oil is being im- xrted "in such quantities as to hreaten to impair the national lecurlty." Creation of the committee Is a 'ollow-up to what the White louse called Eisenhower's indica- ion last April that he felt at that ime there was "reason for belief that imports did threaten to im- »air national security. The language Is from tariff laws hich permit restrictions on imports if they become a t h r e a t to his country's basic defense industries. The President designated Secretary of Commerce Weeks as chairman of the new committee. Other members ire Secretary of State Dulles, Secretary of. De, fense Wilson, Secretary of the American scene Wednesday. President Eisenhower sent his j commendations, saying: "Now, together, your services Before stepping into conference ;(,, God and neighbor will gain new ihambers he said onJy: 'strength and inspiration." "You can say that I certainly j M, r ged into a single communion will appeal the verdict. Other than U-ere the national bodies of the t h a t ^ I have nothing further to Congregational Christian Church- lr -" ei and the Evangelical and Re- Teamster officials at the annuar 1 0 rmed Church. netting of the union's Western} Affected are. about l,4m.ono Con- Conference here would not talk grejationalists and E. A R. bout the contempt decision. |Church members in «.3It conjre- Brewster said earlier if he is gallons across the country. -- President : found in contempt it does not mean Their nrw d e n o m i n a t i o n : The Since April, 19S3. Col. Lewis has been stationed at the Headquarters of the U. R. Air Force at the Pentagon, XVashington, w-ith the office of Directorate of Plans (Continued on pare J) City council decided Tuesday evening to meet with reclamation officials regarding the city stcrin; water in the proposed Idylwilde reservoir west of Fort Collins on the Cache la Poudre river, when and if the reservoir is constructed. The action resulted from a letter received by City Manager B. H. Cruce from James H. Knights, regional project planning directcr nf the reclamation bureau. Kniehts asked an expression of opinion by the city in regard to the development of the Idvlwilde reservoir. Councilman Charles Willson. reporting* on a recent meeting he and other city officials attended on the subject of the reservoir, said Km'jhts and his staff are preparing a preliminary report on the potential remaining water sources of the South Platte river basin. The report is to be completed by July 1. 1D38. Willson said construction of the Idjlwilde reservoir is being urged as a means of retaining for this area the remaining "free flood water" originating in the mount a i n s west of Fort Collins. He added the project was being supported strongly by City Manager Guy Palmes, whom WUlsoa said feels that the water will bt lost forever'by this area soon unless the reservoir is built. Willson said the proposed reservoir would store 130,000 acre-feel i of w a t e r . He added it has been proposed that Greeley store its water from water rights in the- mountains in the reservoir, so that the water could be used for electric power purposes. Willson added the city would re- air ownership of the water. Gree- iey would pay rental on water stored in the reservoir but the city would be spared the expense of building dims to impound the water and the cost of maintaining them, the councilman explained. The council set July U as a Broker Dies GARDEN CITY. N. Y. ofi -Albert C.'/lugo. SI. vice president of A. At. Kidder * Co.. Inc.. Wall treet brokerage firm, d:rd Tue* Th« total nvmb«r tf GrMlty residents who rtgist.rtd Tuesday for tht special cigtr.ttt tai tltetian July II was 11. This brings rK« numbtr registered at rht Crttltr city hill It U01. Deadline, for registrations is S p.m. July f. he will lose his jnb. I To Take Part In Atomic Test Fire Station Plans Will Go to CSCE Board U.S. Beef Sugar Output To Beat I Million Tons ! United Church of Christ. It w a s ushered into tv;nz T u e « - | day n i g h t ' w i t h pomp and worship! and solemn vows. Standing bnfore the assemblage. thf Rev. Dr. Douglas Hortnn. a long-time leader in the u.iijica-j j t i o n move and now president nf i I Harvard Divinity School, s p r e a d , his hands and prayed: "O Ird A r c h i t e c t u r a l plans and m a . . . speak peace and e v e r deeper, ''rials for the city's proposed south mutual'understandmg to us in the · ''"· station at Fourteenth avenue j i n (h , A c r i c u l l u r e Dept. said the years tn come . . . Seal our cove, and Twentieth street are to be f o r - i n j , j c j,, u f ,, u r , r iher "it is ntces- n a n t and hies? our communion a s ; m a l l y submilte-d tn the board of ,, ry f o r W a s h i n g t o n to run the tentative dale for the meeting with reclamation officials on the matter. Sill « Milts Wist e» Fort Collins City Manager Guy Palmes of Fort Collins said Wednesday the proposed fdylwilde reservoir would he located about 45 miles west of Fort Collins just below '' i old Zimmerman homestead. He said ft was the key feature o/ a proposed irrigation, power and flood project on the Cache la Poudre that would be a small duplicate of the Colorado-Big Thompson project. Loetg-Ranf* Program Th* project vrould be a long- ·ange program tn be completed in VI to M years. Palmes said it was banned that 30 to 60 per cent of h» project's cost will h paid by ·"·venue from power facilities to bt built all alnng Poudre canyon. The proposed Idylwilde reser- v o i r wouM have a rapacity of between and 130.000 icre-feet and would back water up to about '· mile above w h e r e Sheep creek e m p t i e s i n t o the Poudre. he said. The reservoir originally had been planned at Elkhorn about 32 mile«j west of Fort Collins but the location was chanied to Idylwilde we yield ourselves tn Thfe. . ( C o n t i n u e d nn F i f e :i) 9th Sf. Parking Lot Designed Is Given Approval FIVE DAY FORECAST Colorado -- Temperatures will a v e r a g e from r e a r seasonal to 7 degrees below normal Li the north to near seasonal in the s o u t h ; ' Over 3flO ATOMIC TEST SITE. Nev. TLA force of l.sno U. S. Marines prepared Wednesday to face an a t o m - ic blast while crouched in trenches 4.000 yards from the detonation tower. The shot is scheduled at 4 43 a.m. Thursday on Yucca Flat. When the ground quits shaking , _ , i and the dust begins to settle, the Treasury Humphrey See re a ry o | m i n n f , ^ , f r o m ^ t r f n c h . Interior Seaton. and Secretary o f , , , ,,.,, ,,,,,,.,, , O W J r d |imulmd nb . Labor Mitchell. jectives rear ground lero in w h a t Eisenhower instructed the cnm- ,, ,, rnlrl , "vertical envelop- f^s^^rnU^r;^- «,, ^ take ou m 32 ^c^^,:^ " t h e ^ e a r l i e s t and practicable ,,,,,.,,,, ^Uceptm and fly t o | t , develop at Seventh a v e n u e a n d , date Handing lines r e a r the objectives. street was approved by city i Panther jet council T u e s d a y e v e n i n g . cover Th» f i v e lots for the p a r k i n g Irt missions, are tn he c.Mained f r o m F r a n k Track vehicles moving from the Weller J u l y 1 u n d e r a l i n g - t e r m trench area will employ the "On- leave v s i l h an nption (n purchase-. tos." a new a n t i t a n k weapon. Th, p a r k i n g design approved by Thi; will be the sixth a t o m i c ex- th, rnurntil for the Weller property i | ] percent in the 1357 t e i t series ar.d ,, i d e n t i c a l tn a rfe'ijn p r e v i o u s l y entries, well oser l a s t l o m i a o horses and western horses., the 31st in the history of the Ne- approved for the n e w p a r k i n g lot nn xr. have been received $1,700 Prlit Monty ! V|! * Proving Grounds It is ex- Seventh slreet between Eirhth and s a r y trustees nf CSCK at hoard m e e t - ' ( j e r r i e s and f i e l d s cf the beet inz t h i s w e e k . City M a m c r r H. II. s u r a r ird-.;Mry." Cruce reported tn city council ]), M ,d t h a t at the p r e s e n t l i m e T u e s d a y e v e n i n g ((-, j o v e r n m e n t allots s u i a r beet Cruce said R. F. Lir.strdt nf p e n - . a c r e a g e tn each s t a l e u n d e r « pro- ver. a r c h i t e c t for the college, had pnrtmnate s h a r e p r o g r a m . He said recommended orally t h e coUece a l l o t m e n t p r o g r a m would not br and city accept a p l a n for t h e s t a - n e c e s s a r y if growers and prncei-i tion prepared by K e n n e t h, Greeley a r c h i t e c t . · The plan was p r e p a r e d by K i n - h n r n w h e n t h e city w a s c o n s i d e r i n g I n c a t m r t h e propped s u b s t a t i o n at Ir.sp.iratmn Toirt It calls fc.r 300 Enter Horse Show Opening Saturday Night j Twenty-four F3F planes w.:i fly simulated t h e c r r ' t r u c t K - n r/ a n r . r - s t n r y b.-ick s t r u c t u r e w i t h l i v i n g q u a r - ters for the f i r e m e n nn nr.e iH». a kitchei on the other ar.d the- f i r e t r u c k s housed in the center of the b u i l d i n g ITcr.ttr,':"! rn Tare- I5| D E N V E R '»·--Bret m£ar prod u c t TM Li the U n i t e d States will exceed two million tons in 1357, U. S. Department of Agriculture specialists predicted Wednesday. The prediction w-as m a d e during a public h e a r i n g here to determine frnm beet growers and prncessnrs | heeatise the reclamation bureau w h e t h e r acrrsce allotments should ( found more electric power could b« he imposed fnr 15."». ! developed at Idylwilde. An after- Lawrence M v r r s , Washington. D. I hay fnr a power plant still u C. director of the s u g a r division ] planned at Elkhorn as part of thl long-ranje project. Palmes said. The long-range program, .which is planned as a reclamation bureau project, also would include a d i v e r s i o n dam at rr n » s r Stove Prairie wth a t u n n e l from thert to the Livermore basin. gelding Risirvoir at Livtrmect A larf e holding reservoir is planned in the Uverrnore basin as a flood control project. This reservoir would h a v e a c a p a c i t y of between 300.000 and SOO.r/n acre- f e e t . Palmes « J i d h? h*s contacted U. S. Kcp. Willum Hill cf Fort Collins. A s s t Secretary of I n t e r i o r iors will cooperate v o l u n t a r i l y on the amo-:nt rf s u g a r produced. R e c o m m e n d a t i o n s w i l l h* sought a; t h e h e a r i n c m the desirable si;e nf the 19"» s u ; a r heel acre- i i e , r r r l h o d s nf dlvdlTfc the ifTf- *;r a r n i - r 22 prr-d-inr; s t a t e s a n d n!h'r ir.di;try p r n h l e m s . G c v e r r n c r f l experts e s t i m a t e the 1517 o u t p u t nf tvet rj;ar at more t h a i t'*o million tors f r n m 513122 a c r e s of beets I.a't s e a r ' s p r o d u c t i o n w a s l.wwo t r n s f r o m F.2I 3 1 *} a c r r s . numerous e a s t , f i r s t w-ill start at 7:30 p m. Satur- weekend; hishs j d a y and the other two will start at there will b« small temperature | year's number, c h a n g e s until -becoming cooler i fnr the 13th annual Greeley horse rorlh and east over the weekend; .show. isolated afternoon thunderstorms.! The show is in three sections. The becoming more portion over the V95. lowering !o 7383 over the 2 pm. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday at Is weekend; lows 30 mountains. 40s land Grove park. Tickets can be may he useo by entrants towards northwest. Ws southeast. ]cbtair.ed from the Greelry C h a m - j t h e master championships granted ;ber of Commerce or at Bennett at the close of the year to outstand- Cleaners. 1214 Ninth a v e n u e ling national horse show exhibitors The show is part of the Go West en w u h Greeley celebration, which There are ribbons, .trophies and 'P«t»l to he in the 10 tn 15 kilnton some 11.700 at stake for entrants. ran;e. ». kiiitin is to This show is'approved by the Amer- .l.'ft ' r "- r ' "NT. lean Horse Shows association a n d ; the Rocky Mountain Horse show association. Points earned here Colo. Man Appointed Jo Wyoming Position U. N. Rejects Red Request To Confer on Uniting Korea Rccional Weather Ninth avenue*-. The lot w i l l h a v e space frr t h ' parkin: nf 31 v e h i c l e s There will hr three entrances to the In! f r n m Ninth street and t h r e e e x i t s en the aL'ey b^hir.d the propertv. 1 City E n r i n e e r Genr:e H F r l l o u s , reported bids would he npened by P A N M L ' N J O M n -- C o m m u n n t i t, f , 4 - i - j r i l»!er Red Chinese ithe city Wednesday for concrete North Korea Wednesday called for ; r| P m i f r CM i E n - l a i . speikug to 'surfacing r,f the new p a r k i n g let on ' a broad international conference n l p l r l.i~r.-t M peipaj, g a v e H a t l i e l d Chil'on nf Loveland and a number nf coniressmen in efforts to promote the project. He added the reclamation bureau "needed a little support" frrri Washington to obtain f u n d s fir m a k i n g the f i n a l s u r v e y for the project. He slid the cnrperatirn of both u r b a n ar.d a i r i c u l t u r a l interests in Weld and Larimer county would h» necessary if progress is to be m a d e towards gcttLig the project. Palmes said he had w r i t t e n aa j economic repnrt. covering the history of flond d a m a g e en the Fnu.-ire from 1818 up to d a t e , fnr t h ? r e c l a m a t i o n bureau in tioa with the proposed project. Kaschall Today Wyoming -- F»w light sho Li the mountains and in the e a s t ' w i l l also include a parade, fire- Wednesday and northern border w o r k s display and a rodeo during New Meuco - Fair the last week nf June and the first Hay afternoon. Wednesday night w c r k of July. and Thursday euept few a f i e r - ; Thirty-one daises h a v e been in- noon n- evenLig thunderstorms j eluded in the horse show this year, mountains and east; continued ( t a k i n g In such traditional horse Maay special and brand new CHEYENNE f -- New consult-' Seventh street. It is anticipated to a r r a n g e the w i t h d r a w a l of a ; i j ( u u suppirl o! the c o n f e r e n c e pro- 'fi'i events have been included in this ant us v a c a t i o n s ! rehahjjtation the hid of the s u c c e s s f u l bidder foreign troops frnm Korea ar.d pmal and dem;.-.ce-l U. 5. policy .1 · T t»t ··"KMtrn ntss SOIIOMtL rimki'il I* year's show. for t.e W y o m i n g Ed-jcsUn.i Dept. will be extended to include c^ncret- hring about a p e a c e f j l solution to Ore cf the events will be a w e s t - is Kenneth Burjrn of L a m a r . lag nf the Ninth street p a r k i n g lr,t the problem of the d i v i d e d peni.i era trailer race in w h i c h horses will ;Coh be unloaded from trailers raced B a r u m . a g r a d j a t e of Gillette E f f R Has TIlTCC Yolks around a ring and brought hack. : Hi{h School, will m a k e his h e a d - - _ Another special event will be jn hoi;, high Thursday 90-100 north- show classes is Jumpers, hunters, i exhibition twice at eicb of the three 9S-1U tlsewtert. 'saddle hof se ^eeds. roadsters, Pal iwttsj Wtsttmtlrts IdilbH jq-jarters in Casper, according t n P R O V I D E N C E , R I P -- M r s Commission, w a s promptly reject- ? Velma Linford. s"pt. of public i n - j ' g n e s Go!dr*rg c r a c k e d cpen ac ed by the V. N. Command as not struetvui. Hi takes over July 1. en Tv-esday and faund |sht laid. Ithret jolxs. Li K n r e i The C o n m u s i s t s put the con- I'J'a ference d e m a n d f o r w a r d as a re- The d e m a n d , m a d e a! a m e e t i n g r : v (,, t)-,e U N. c o m m a n d d«ci- nf the Joint M i l i t a r y Armistice sun to v o i d the a r m i s t i c e provl- ITfteri R-|»t I I -- M I M t l l r l S I LI n**ti*«4 ».. T-t« n*i si IUn« ** *m «ei-f I S MW ·!* NH--S t · i] Nurrn, K i r r h i . ·M »!· WI-1 IS · (Coatin-jtd to it had a rrnper subject tn be takea up at it rotary conference. sicn prohibiting the introduction o f i new weapons into Korea. The U. N. told the Commutists at I com- (CoBilau'st otfrai* i,j Nun*. «*.r» r ' ' "

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