Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 25, 1957 · Page 32
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 32

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1957
Page 32
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Page 16 GREELEY TRIBUNE Tuesday, June 25, 1937 Both Parties Applaud Dulles Air Exchange Case of Kiddie-Car Driver ({*$ Park Woman | rcrc _ Active Afler Rare iv^vi. I Operation on Heart I _ . _rn WASHINGTON ." - Ec'.h Demo- I10 riu member of Ihc Senate Kor- crais and Republicans applauded evia Ilelatiuns Committee, and Secretary of State Dulles Tuesday Sen. 11 Alexander Smith l l t - N J ) lor proposing to Russia "a regular also praised Ihe Slate Dcpt.'s, step exchange of uncensnred r a d i o and and .-aid it would win "bipartisan television broadcasts." support io the Senate." Tiit* dnl [ins 'aii|U'""!f I" i J i r "t'm tar anyinins that will optn people" of both countries, i( ac- thr dnor so a little light can creep cepled. -night smooth the p a t h s o[ in," WiJey declared. d i s a r m a m e n t negotiators in l.;m- lion and strengthen b i p a r t i s a n lor- «ign policy at home. The a d m i n i s t r a t i o n ' s proposal, handed Lhc R u s s i a n a m b a s s a d o r Monday, was in step with Hie SUR- ; ge.-tion advanced by Sen Lyndon Pallet Court B. Johnson (D-Tcx) t h a i il pro- B l n y Jolln channel ot 2003 Sixth pose an "open c u r t a i n " to help Ihe sltfeli s, ppe ,|i nfii 518.50. Glenn Eugene F.dgar o( A u l t , !ln The Courts United Stales express its views directly to the R u s s i a n people. Sen. M a n s f i r l d ( D - M n n l ) said lhc action "indicates a meeting ol minds between the Lyndon John 0011 proposal and the efforts ol the Stale Dcpl. over the past y e a r to bring about a break in the Iron Curtain." "We will now rr w h c I h c r Khrushchev is b l u f f i n g or it he is sincere," M a n s f i e l d told a rcpiirl- rr. "The Johnson-Dulles a p p r o a c h is a sip forward and emphasize 1 ; a lype ol bipartisan cooperation Tve could all use more of." Sen. Wiley ( R - W i s ) . r a n k i n g m i Mulloy Gain! Second Round at Wimbledon W I M B L E D O N , E n g l a n d ifli -G a r d n a r .MUlloy of Denver gained the second round nf the W i m b l e don tennis championships Tuesday by beating Derek Lawcr ot South Africa in a match interrupted by rain. The scores were 6-4, 6-1, 3-fi, t-4. The graying Mulloy, a veteran of many international c a m p a i g n s , was down one game in Ihe. f n u r l h tet Monday when the contest was halted. Tuesday he won his .service in the second game to pull-oven Eugene Kdgar o( careless d r i v i n g , $13.50. Dontld 1). FrasifT o( K v a n s . careless d r i v i n g , 513..00. Alfredo Ulibarn ol ,110',j Tenth s t r e e t , stnp siyn. S8.f0. Norman llipskind of 1015 Fourth avenue, dogs nt large, S,'). Burdelle I). Helper of 717 N i n t h street, improper rmiltler, SB.5(i. Sandra Ann Davis of 10R N i n t h avenue, destroying properly, 525; d r u n k , $13.50. lUmer V a r g u s of A u l l , d r u n k , Sin.50. Dora CoohdKc ol 1010. Fouith avenue, dogs at. large, 55. William Perca Gav;tldon of I-'rirl M o r g a n , d r u n k , S13..W. · A l h i n n Diaz Jr. of 221 Tenth slrccl, d r u n k , 513.50; assault and baltery, S25. Dennis Larry Peterson of Kersey, speeding, $13,50. Merle Ovcrslreet of 19(11 Elcv- enlh slrcel, f a i l u r e lo exercise due care. 513.50. Merle Otis Fisher of Tenlh avenue, careless d r i v i n g , 58.50. I ESTES PARK - Mrs. Hattie i 1 Harger, 54, mother of seven anrl | i foster mother of two, is not climb. I {ing the snow draped peak* o f ) Rocky Mountain National Park just yet. But with quiet delermina-. lion, she is fighting her way back · to a normal life after major s u r ! ?ory to enrrert * rrinpMn« hc3rt ' defect. ; Al 1:00 p.m. on April n. Mrs. i IhScr was wheeled in to a operal-[ ing room at National Jewish Hos-! pita] at Denver. Vor the next 4 1 Warm Defender Cost of Living Rises .3 Per Cent in May of Young People Pueblo Bakery Strike Settled Young people had hard-hilling defender in Frank 0. Mclnlyre, director o(i public relations for Ihc California ' Teachers Association, who spoke al the CSCE assembly Monday night at the Garden theater. "Good behavior is the rule in our WASHINGTON W - The cost of j giving rose three-tenths of 1 p e r ; [live record'high, the Labor Dept. j pijEBLO tfi - The 21-day-old [reported Tuesday. bakery strike here was settled The consumer price index ' a *';ji o n day night when negotiators 'month stood at 119.6 per cent o l i f o r ^ 3 ^ ery workers Local Union the !M7-« average, or 3-6 points ' 162 acccpLp d a management oiler a staunch,!") 6 1WJ and friend [above a year ago. m a | rti u r i i v i M . i ui me III-AI t , . , hours a crack surgical team open- " hwls f, d . 9S "" TM ai or rd her chest, laid bare her heart, incised t h a t vital o r g a n , opened up a valve which was abnormally narrow, and then closed her body By a delicate operation which has heen feasible for only a few years, Weiley W. Tola Jr., is the 10-year-old drivtr of a four-fool Ifclg, lawnmowsr-pnwercd car who hai five traffic! violation! pending · gainil him, in Miami, Fla. Hit fcther m»koi an adjuitmenl en Ihi motor, Tha youngster and his father will appear In court to Jiniwer charges of driving without a lieinia, not-having a llcanit platt, not hava an inspection sticker, overloading Iht vohlcla and driving on a public ddewalk. (AP Wirepholo) they corrected a condition called "mitral stenosis. Today Mrs. Harger of our children and young people dn not get into trouble," he said. "But it is Ihc olher two per cent who get all the publicity and cause bad impressions about young people." Mclntyrc was critical of the press, public speakers and public i, ] lai .|j n o m e ' officials for stressing juvenile of-_ Blamed for Need of Public Fiscal Reports I of 40 cents an hour increase dur- ling a three-year contract. I The three-year packase provides for a 20-cenl an hour pay !boost immediately and increases of 10 cenls an hour during each a 35 cent an hour increase, 15 GLE.NWOOD SPRINGS, Colo.· Hi | eeRli naWi an d 10 cents each of --Instances of mismanagement in|| n( , other two years, handling ol union health and wcl-| 7 ne ncw p ac t ai s( j provides fare funds have made a law re quiring public reports inevitable, lhc Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute was lold Tuesday by a management spokesman. 5 cent health and welfare plan for either group to be derived from Ihe wage increases. Fringe benefits also include three weeks vacation a f t e r 12 consecutive ., -- ,, _ . j -j u r n r ''Most of the larger unions nowl v e a r . s emnlovmenl ralher than TM,iK« «"'«·''··""'»' -- zt"£,^:,TS TM."'--. - ·"·'·"»'"«· i,".,..,",s ,,.; ,,,«, ,,.. Dr, Joe (Continued rrom Pag« D Dr. llaeleli, who gave the r n p o r l , said ( h a t nn a q u o l a of 51.699, the chapter had raised 51,830 c a m p a i g n look three over GO volunteer women staffed Ihe Ihree booths al. Greelcy h a n k s . The annual fund drive hy the r h a p l e r fell $200 short of Ihe a m o u n t collected Ihe year before. A p p r o x i m a t e l y 518,500 was collected. Part of the reason for (ailing shorl was Ihe lack of drive, workers Coloradoan Charged Wilh Smuggling I r C A I R O W -- AJI E g y p t i a n m a g 830.53. T h e j i M r a l e T u e s d a y ordered a further weeks and 15-day detention for Charles A. Muses, leader of an A m e r i c a n celebrated village. "I think I'm Koine to br able In rfii things f was never able to do before," she declared. The story of Mrs, Harger's (roubles begins some .11 years ago. As a small child in flockporl, Missouri, she was desperately ill. Her illness may or may not have hcen properly diagnosed at !hal t i m e ; Ihc. woman doesn't know. But today doctors believe that she had been stricken with r h e u m a t i c fever. The. disease apparently contracted the child's mitral valve, which controls the flow of blood from t h e left auricle to the left ventricle, so t h a t it was unable lo archaeological expedition accused * 1 =" l "' :1 , 11 5 ° , L " ,1,, TT u n r ,,,,,,,,,,,!,,,, i., tm .,. 0 i. , n , i o n i ' n a n d l e t h o TMlume of blood which broke Lawer in the third and w e n t ' turbancc, S1H.MI; failure, to corn- Gary K c i l h Browning of 2228 j | 0 adequately cover the county, it fs'inlh avenue, careless driving, | w a s rxp | a | nP .(|. The Greeley quola SB-SI. j w a s cxcccdcrl by $150. Clyde nf P-IO!) J a c k s o n : Three olher s i g n i f i c a n t activities boulevard, profane and offensive j covered in (he a n n u a l report was Iringuagc, $13.50. Albino R. Kins of U Salic, dis- attempting In smuggle ancient relics out ol Egypt. . · . , Muses, from Indian Hills, Colo., ,,_ was l a k c n into custody June 20 as he was aboul. to board a plane i l l i e heart normally pumps through As * »'«- al Cairo's international airport. Police said customs officials found he "had four bags full of antiquities." Their export must be licensed under Egyptian Jaw. The stale allorncy's office ap- ger woke up at night gasping -for brealli. She became exhausted easily. And her life expectancy was shorter than usual. It was not unlil I h r e e years ago that the cause of these difficulties was diagnosed. be worked out to obtain publicity aboul lhc belter things aboul young people. Adults who are extremely crit- icai rf young people (orget what they did in their own younger days, Mclnlyrc said, As a mailer of fact, each generation is becoming a little bcller behaved and more intelligent, he argued. In discussing one critic of modern education who had been loud in his criticism, Mclnlyre said: 'Why, I was in school jusl across : aisle Irom lhat fellow and if he had had an IQ 20 points lower he would h a v e been a vegetable." Mclnlyre's thesis was thai the :nain causes of trouble with young jcople are adults and heredity. He urged adults to adopt a positive altitude of thinking aboul young people, a constructive rather than critical attitude. Mclntyre also had words of iraise for the teachers and the obs they are doing. The acLilc, symptoms became more and finally Mrs. Harger on lo victory. Other U.. S. winners Tuesday included Hcrhie Flam ot Beverly Hills, Calif., seeded seventh, who defeated Paul Blondel di Switzerland 6-3, 6-4, T-5. .Pablo Eisenhcrg of Maplewood, U. J., was victor over Andrczej Licis nt Poland, 6-1, fi-3, 8-6, and John Cranslon of Los Angeles, bcal, Jaroslav Javorsky vakia 6-4, 6-4, 64. Bob Sherman of I ply, S-IO; careless driving, f20. Shorn Wool Incentive Payments Announced WASHINGTON im -- The Agr'l- thc decision lo join wilh Ihe Grce- P l i « d ,. f o r an '"tension of Muses' ley One Fund drive, the hosting o! a regionnl Red Cross meeting Feb. 5 arid the disaster relief program t h a i was conducted during Ihe two weeks nf flood in Weld county in May. Some 60 members from seven nonlhcrn Colorado chapters attended the regional meeting in February. Howard Benton, director ol Calif., losl a match to ,lohn Barrett. British Davis Cupper, 4-G, 1012, 7-5, 6-3, 6-1. culture Dcpt. has announced lhat i field service for the St. Louis Mid- shorn wool payments under t h e ! w e s t e r n Area office wns in charge. of Ciechoslo 1956 incentive program will I The flood emergency resulted in a m o u n t lo 40 per ccnl of lhc do!-! the expenditure of S2.430.fi5.. This Temple City, Inr returns esch producer received' money was available, through the from sale, of sucfi wool during the fund drive of February and March 1956 marketing year. i so lhat nn emergency fund drive This will result in an incentive; was necessary, Dr. Hnefeli report- Plane Borrowed for Ike To Refurn lo Wojiifngtenj;TM WASHINGTON 10 -- President Eisenhower returned lo Washington Tuesday from the. governors conference at Williamsburg, Va. Langley Air Force Base, Va.. by electrical trouble in the starling mechanism of the Columbine. 111. his personal p l a n e , ' a n d finally had to make the return flight in a borrowed Air Force C54. p a y m e n t of S-IO lor every $100 received from shorn wool sales. The p a y m e n t rale on sales of unshorn lambs lo c o m p e n s a t e for the iol on them will he 71 cents per hundredweight of live animals sold. This p a y m e n t is intended In discourage' u n u s u a l shearing of lambs before marketing, Because tile average mohair He was delayed -to niinute? al price of 81.4 cents per pound re- ccivcd by producers was above the mohair support price of 70 cenls a pound, the. department said nn payments will be marie on mohair sold during lhc 195G markeling j y e a r . The delay made Eisenhower late ! The, payments will he. made, nn for a scheduled confcrnecc with shorn wool and lambs marketed Republican legislative leaders a l j o n l y between April 1, 1056 and the White House. Peru has boosted fish exports. March 31, 1057. USE THE T R I B U N E WANT ADS cd. The chtipler gave Icmporary shelter and food lo 200 people in four lowns, Greeley, Fort Luplon Dacono and Frederick. Twenty-four families were given more permanent nid in the form of clothing and rehabilitation of houses. Barnes, Ihe guest speaker, talked on the philosophy of Red Cross service. Theipc of his talk was, You A R E your hrolher's keeper. k|PdBcdn.and,iledAThehewolreYBK M a r r i a g e Licence* Kennelh Lee Adkisson of Grec- ley and Peggy Jo Ann Taylor of Ault. Allan Roy Davis of Eaton and J u a n i t a May Williams of Greelcy. Lyle A r t h u r Chrisliancy and K a l h r y n f l e e n e Batman, Aurora". Ictcnlioii .while investigation inlo he case continues. Muses' allorney, Galal el Aroun- sy, asked for his .release on the iround he could not leave the county in any case. The lawyer old the magistrate. Muses came o Egypt "lo write a book' about ts anliquilies and had no inlen- lion of smuggling anything." Muses, a writer on comparative religion, led .an expedition which spent about four months digging in Ihe desert at Dashour, near the Pyramids. U uncovered a sarcophagus probably dating back to the 13th dynasty. As he left Ihe courtroom Muses told newsmen, happy." '1 am not un- applied for admission lo National Jewish Hospilal at Denver, the world-renowned, free, nonsecretar- ian medical center for diseases of Jie chest. Criteria for, admission arc [hat the applicant be unable lo lay for private care, that he suf- 'er from a condition In which the mspilal specializes,, and lhat there s a reasonable prospect for im- provemenl with Irealmcnt. The institulion's motto is: "None may enter who can pay . . . none can pay who enler." Mrs. Harger's case was considered and she was adjudged eligible on all counls. She enlered the hospital on March 23. Then began the careful job ol tonfirming the diagnosis and determining whether the patient had Ihe vitality lo withstand the ordeal of major h e a r t surgery. Two important tools which were brought lo bear upon her at National Jewish Hospital at Denver were right heart calbelerization and left heart cathelerizalion. The first has been in use for a decade, but the second procedude was performed for the first lime only three years ago. National Jewish Hospital at Denver was one of the first medical centers west of Ihe Mississippi lo utilize it. In right heart cathetcrization, n tiny tube is inserted in the main vein of the right arm and advanced slowly until it enters Ihe heart. Cardiac experts watch the catheter, as It is called, by fluoroscopy, guiding I pie she portrays. Asked by an "out-i its course. Pressures are read and sider if she had done considerable 1 b'°° d samples taken at various Mcnologuisl Will Be at Gunter on Monday Irene Bcwley, mountain monolog- uisl, will arrive in Grceley Monday with a split bonnet, a pipe and shawl, plus fl whole hatch of wiUy, lines, for her performance of her orifiinal Fools, Feuds and Fur- riners. Her monologue program will be given a l ' G u n t c r Hall at 8 p.m. Monday as a summer session college assembly. 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If you'rp looking (or jnlid itylmj nnd workmanship tl i consirioral* prur. he nurt to uk your dpalcr lo lei you borrow · new 1957 Papicrd Clipper Tom--*r Oii"/rj,-Sfriin f,ir · ttm driv». From ihft mnmcnl yp\i sirp behind m Mlpiy C on* «hwl. you R-ilt recopm*- i h i i hrrr u prrfnrm«Tirf , . . ri»r» i« HH- . . . here » quality in Lh« finest Pickifd tradition. S tudeb ake r -Packard C O R P O R A T I O N ELLS MOTOR CO,, 1221 Eighth Ave,, Greeley resqarch work for her performance, Miss Bewley laughed as she exclaimed "Research work! Why! I never did one hour of research work in my life." "The atmosphere of my monologues is all a parl of my own background or that e-t people 1 know about in other mountain areas. The difference between me, a native, who writes and prcsenls native m a t e r i a l , and the outsider who comes into our mountains in search of material, is lhat, figuratively, the researcher must hunt Ihe 'spring'. I am always at the 'spring'. 1 just pick up my gourd and drink." Relief Smorgasbord for Frederick Sunday A gnunnet snd dp- light best describes Ihe Frederick Flood Relief Smorgasbord dinner and game nicht to he held nf Ihc Frederick school pyni Sunday. Added to the m e n u this week was statement about as complete as lhc avcrage corporation sends its stockholders." said Edward G. Fox, president of the Bituminous Cnal Operators Assn. "All unions are required to file statements with the U. S. Labor Dept. The Labor Dept., however, has kept these reports secret. The proposed law would correct this deficiency." Speaking on "A New HJca in Labor Relations," Fox said'" t h a t a Senale Labor Committee two years ago conducted a. thorough examination into the welfare fund ol the United Mine Workers and found it was "managed both honestly and prudenlly." The strike began June 1. when negotiations bogged down over wages and a new working contract. Klady Infant Dies Accessory Thefls Reported to Police Crecley police reported three auto .accessory thefts Tuesday norning. ' . Headlight rims · were reported stolen from an aulo parked on a used car lot at 1310 Eighth avenue by. the Edwards Chevrolet company. The Weld .County garage reported the knobs stolen from the Lwn-specd shifting levers of a truck parked on its lot behind 'the garage. . . '. ' Gilbert Swelzig of. 2533 Fifteenth avenue court-reported all.four hub caps taken from h i s ' c a r which was parked Monday night' at · the Miller Super Market lot, 1540 Eighth avenue. i Carl Wayne Klady, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Klady ol 2313 Creslwood drive, who. was born June 18 at Weld. County General hospital, died early.Tuesday morn- his parenls, survivors are: a brother and sister, Stewart and Sue, at home; grandparents, \Ir. and Mrs, Wheat Ridge; ing. Besides mother, Mrs. W. L,:Clapp'of Garden City, Kan. Funeral arrangements will be announced by Macys. . Private Le Roy Baas al Fl. Carson, Colo., was a private be fore he entered the U..S. Army. He was a private detective. Boycott Threatened in Tuskegee Dispute T U S K E G E E , - A l a . Wl -- Pasasgf of a legislative act excluding Negro voters from the city has brought threatening talk oE a mass boycott ol white merchants' in Tuskegee. Said one N'egro leader, William P. Mitchell, an employee of the Tuskegeo Veterans Administration Hospital: "I guess you could say our people feel that if Uiey can't vote in Tuskegee they won't trade here cither." Mitchell and other N e g r o spokesmen said an undetermined number of their race have already begun to withhold patronage from the merchants in Tuskegee, but how extensive the boycott will be- R. W. Stewart of come remains to be seen. and great grand- j A mass meeting has been called Switzerland has a ncw "co-op" o provide loans · for small tourist hotels. for Tuesday night at a Negro church presumably to discuss the impending new law. Handbills announcing the Tally spoke o£ i "crusade for citizenship." Negroes outnumber white residents approximately 7-3 in Tuskegee. a city of 6,800. population. ThelnstarrtTas^ is gone! (Instant Folgers Coffee t» points. "In left hoart catheterization, a hollow needle. Is inserted from the back into the heart. Then a catheter is pushed through the needle and pressures and blood samples arc again taken. These procedudes told the. National Jewish Hospilal at Denver surgical team what it needed to know aboul the patient's condition. She was adjudged a good surgical risk who would benefit Irom surgery While Mrs. Harper's husband, Kenneth, a carpenter, waited in a reception room, the patient was lakcn to one of Ihe three modern operating rooms in the hospital's new surgical wing. "I wasn't particularly frighten- «1." slie recalled loday. Waiting for her were, three sur- Reons, two anaeslhesiologisls, a cardiologisl, twn electronics engineers (one of Ihem an M.D.I who monitored her bodily [unclions during iiirgery, and three nurses. Blood was transfused Into her body during the nperalion shock. Oxygen and lo reduce v a r i e l r nf real Italian spaghetti and m e a t - , i a ] ui nt was ,,,, h a n d jn halls, m a d e _ a l home by the J t a h a n cas( , nf omer(;cncv . Mrs. Harger camp, through the operation In good condition. She was discharged from the hospital on May B. Her Irealmenl had cosl S2.S2S.Ofi hut she did not have to pay a cent. A l t h o u g h still recuperating at home, she is able lo give more and m n r e of herself to her children, Peggy, 17; Catherine, 16; twins. K a r e n and Sharon, 14; Kenneth, S; ladies o[ Frederick. And who can make better spaghetli? The pwnl this Sunday is hping sponsored by Ihe communities nf Ihe Tri-Town area In raise funds tr assist Frederick to pay for a t e m p o r a r y water syslem installed following Ihe dcjlruclinn of Ihc r r c u l a r system by a flood May S. Frederick residents are f l a w i n g a last ditch st^Tiri In save, their town Irom e x t i n c t i o n . Coloradoant can help t h e m win this fight and enjoy themselves al the same time by a t t e n d i n g the dinner being served .1 In 1 p.m. Sunday. All proceeds of Ihe event «-,ll be l u r n e d j sh( , js ] a n n j af(ivi(j( ,,. w h j c h over In Ihe town of Frederick as all | f o r m r r ,j. wprp d p n j p d h( , r There food, facilities, prizes and labor u , wi| , br fishinR , rips and picnj( . s nemg donated. i with nor Frederick is located on h i R h w a y Itohcri, 7; and Harry 3. She had not ypt lakcn ovp.r complete charge of her home and f a m - ily, but is looking forward to a happier and more, active life. __ and onr nr |hpM , P v r n i h ^ 52. 7 miles west of Forl Luplon d ^ j|h h h fa * or 2 miles past of Ihe junction of highway 87 (Washington highway) and h i g h w a y 52. I Polio Clinic Thursday University College, near A c c r a , JOHNSTOWN -- A Johnstown in G h a n a (Gold Coastl, Is ex-i and Milliken adult polio clinic will panding its facilities lo enable en- be held Thursday al the Johns- rollmcnl of 1,000 students, alto- town (ire station from 7 p.m. uolil gflhti- ' B p.m. Price per shol is $1.23. Western Wear Horse Show, June 29-30 Greeley Rodeo, July 3-4 To Fit and Flatter Western Trousers 9.95 to 25.00 Sixei 28-48 Western Suits 42.50 to 79.50 Sizes 36-48 Western Boots 14.95 to 39.50 Sixei 6-12 Western Straw Hats 1.98 to 10.00- Siier 6'/4 ro 7% OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS UNTIL 8:30 H B a r e and Real Sport H Bar C ant) Real Sport by Juitln SUtton Dnd Ball!/ Western Shirts , A fine handsome selection of plaids, checks^ and solids. Whether you like to pay 4.95 or 14.95 or anywhere between -- Hibbs have 'em -- in oil sizes 14 to 17 in men's, 2 to 16 in boys'. Go Wesf Wirh Greeley Dress Western ot Hibbs Since 1911

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