Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 25, 1957 · Page 31
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 31

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, June 25, 1957
Page 31
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Pigt 16 GREELEY TRIBUNE Tuesday. June 25. 1957 Both Parties Applaud Dulles Air Exchange WASHINGTON # - Both Demon ority member ol the Senate For- erits and Republicans a p p l a u d e d ' f i ; n Relations Committee, and Secretary of State Dulles Tuesday'Sen. II Alexander Smith (R-NJ| for to Russia "a regular jilsu praised the Slate Dept.'s step exchange of uncensored radio and : and said it would win "bipartisan television broadcasts." i support in the Senate." They said this "approach lo the ' -I'm for anything that wiU open people" of both countries, if i r - ^ h e door so a little light can creep copied, might smooth the p a t h i of in," WJry declared. riisarnument negotiators in London and strengthen bipartisan foreign policy at home. The administration's proposal, handed the R u s s i a n a m b a s s a d o r Monday, was in step with the sug- getion advanced by Sen Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Tex) t h a t it pro- The Courts Case of Kiddie-Car Driver Pelici Court [ . , - , Billy John Channel nf 2003 Sixth i pp,e an "open curtain to help Ihr . l l r f t t , p f f d l n K , $ 18.50. United Stairs rxprrss Its views c , cnn Eu( , ene E d w r nf Aul| directly to the R u s s i a n people. ,,,,,,,,, dmi ,,, ^ Sen. Mansfield ( D - M o n t ) .aid · Don , I(1 ,, K r a s i r r ,,, ,. ; the action indicates a merlin! of ,,,,,,,, df| ,, 3M minds between the Lyndon J o h n - , AUrt ,,,, ,,,,,, , ,,, 3wi T |h · on proposal and the efforts of thr ,,,,,, , ,, Wtslty W. Tolt Jr., Is tht lO-ytir-old drivir el · four-foot Itng. lKnme»ir-p?wtrtd car who his fin traffic! violations ptnding · gilnit him, in Miami. Fit. His lathir mikti an ad|ustmtnt en lh« motor. Th youngittr and his fathtr will app«ar In court to answtr appri Is a stp forward and emphasizes a type of bipartisan cooperation ire could all use more of." Sen. Wiley ( R - W i s ) . ranking mi- Mulloy Gains Second Round at Wimbledon WIMBLEDON. England isi Gardnar MUUoy of Dfnvrr ;amrd the second round of thr. Wimhlp- don tennis championships Tuesday hy beating Derek Lawcr of South Africa in a match interrupted by rain. The scores were 6-4, 6-1, 3«. (-4. drunk. JI3 50. Ilo;or Vargus of Ault, drunk, J13SO. Dora Cnohdje nf 1010 Fourth aicniir. dogs at lirgp. tV William William Prrea Gavaldon of F o r t ' , a l d , h l t ,,; , nuol , ,,, ^"·^·l! 31 ",' .. ....Jch'Pl" had raised «U (Continued nom Pagi 1) Dr. l l a r f r h . who gave the report. Sl.SM, the With Smuggling CAIRO on -- An Egyptian mag- Albino Diaz Jr. of 221 Tenth I c , m p , i 5 n look three 'weeks and street, d r u n k . J13 SO; a s s a u l t a n d j m r r M volunteer women staffed thr Ihrte booths at Grrrlry hanks, 'rlrrson of Her- j 7),, annual fund drive by the battrry, J23. Drnnis I.arry sey, speeding. $13.50. chapter fell 1200 short of the ll.KM.U. T h r j i i t r a t r Tuesday ordered a further 13dsy detention (or Charles A. Mutes, leader of an American archaeological expedition accused of attempting to smuggle ancient Mrrlr Ovrrstrrrt of 1301 K l e v - J a m n u n ( rollrrtrd the year before, enlh street, failure to e x e r c i s e ' A p p r o x i m a t e l y JU.yiO was collrct- dur rare. 113 .V). : r d . Mrrle Otis Fisher of zi31 Trnth r , rt ,,, |hf ,, Json , nr ,,,,,,,.. avenue, carrlrss driving. W.SO. ' f c h r ) r l wa , , h , |, ck nf Arnr unr!ltrs Gary Keith Browning nf 222S ,,, , drqu ,,,|y cover thr county, it relics out of Egypt. Ejfes Park Woman Active After Rare Operalion on Heart ESTES PAHK - Mrs. Hatlie Harger, 3*. mother of seven and foster mother of two, Is not climbing the now draped peaks of Rocky Mountain , National Park just yet. But with quiet determination, she ii lighting her way back to a normal life after major sur- my to correct a crippling heart defect. At 1:00 p.m. on April 17, Mrs llager was wheeled in to a operating room at National Jewish Hospital at Denver. For the next 4 hours a crack surgical team opened her chest, laid bare her heart, incised that vital organ, opened up a valve which was abnormally narrow, and then cloied her body By a delicate operation which has been feasible (or only a (rw years, they corrected a condition called "mitral stenosis." Today Mrs. Hargrr is hark home on a pretty hillside overlooking this celebrated village. "f thir.k I'm going to be able o I!T things I w a s never able to do before," she declared. The story of Mrs. llarger's troubles begins some 31 years ago As a small child in Rockport, Missouri, she was desperately ill. Her illness may or may rot have been properly diagnosed at that time; the woman doesn't know. But today doctors believe that shr had bern stricken with rheumatic /ever. The disease apparently contracted the child's mitral valve, which controls the (low o( blood (rom the led auricle to the left ventricle, so that it was unable to handle the volume of blood which the heart normally pumps through Muses, from Indian Hills. Colo'.l"* hnd '- As » TM su "- *'"· "«r- ger woke up at nuht gasping (or was taken into custody June 20 as he was abnut In board a plane at Cairo's international airport, folirr said customs officials brenlh. She became exhausted easily. And her life expectancy was shorter than usual. found he "had four bgs lull o f 1 . " *" nnt unlil lhm f"" »«° t h a t the cause o( these difficulties The graying Mullov. a v r t r r a n i · v " llh » » e n u e . careless driving, W J S rxp |,i nr j. T hr Grerlcy quota ; "tiiuitie.. ',,,. 1 S8..V). u a , ri ;,, ri( .rf hv USD I Thnr export m u s t be licensed tt " rl many international c a m p a i g n s »-as down one game in thr fourth was excrrdrd by $1.»0. The ... Clvrlr of Mm Jackson Thrrr other significant activities j UIlrlrr Egyptian law, s*t Monday w h r n thr contest w a s ! boulevard, profanr and offensive 'covered in thr annual rrport w a s ! Thf talf attorney's office ap- halted. Tuesday he won his sen-1 language. J13 .VI Ihr drcision lo join with thr Grre-; P 1 '" 1 Inr " extension of M""* 1 , ice in the second g a m e to p u l l - r v r n , Albino R. Run of I.a Sallr, i l n - ; | r y Onr Fund drive, the hosting of detention while investigation into J ..,,,;,_ broke Uwcr in the third and wrnt t u r h a n r e . I13..V); f a i l u r r to r o m - | a rrg^nil Rrd Cross meeting Feb. and the disaster rrlir( program symptoms brcame more and (inally Mrs. Harger ird for admission to National en Ui victory. ply. $10; careless driving. $20. Other II, S. winners Tur.'day included Hrrbie Flam o{ H r \ r r ] y Mills. Call., seeded s e v r n l h , who oXeated Paul Rlondel ot Switzerland 6-3, 6-4. 7-S. Pablo Eisrnhfrg ot Maplcwood. K. J.. w-as victor o\rr A n d r r r r j l Shorn Wool Incentive Payments Announced t h a t was conducted during the two at Denver, the Ihr ca«r continues. j world renowned, free, nonsecrctar- Musrs' atlornry. Galal rl Aroun-! i a n medical center for diseases of y. askrd for his.release on the the chest. Criteria for, admission wrrks of nood in Weld county m 1 " 81 "" 1 h r rnulrl not ! f j v r lhe a r e ' h a t lhe applicant be unable to Hljy county in any case. Thr l a w y e r | P'T (nr private care, that he suf- WASHINGTON - Th» Atri- Romr M m f m b r r s from seven northern Colorado chapters attend- led the regional meeiing In February. Howard Benlon. director of Ucis nf Poland. 6-1, 6-3. S 6. a n d ' c u l t u r e Drpt. h»s announced that f i f l d s r r v i c r for the St. Ixniis .Mid- John Cranston of Los Anjrlrs. h r a t ' s h o r n wool payments under thr wrMrrn Area olficc was in charjr. told the m a g i s t r a t e Musrs c a m e . l f c r ' rnm · condition in which the to Egypt "to write a book about hospital specializes, and t h a t there its a n t i q u i l i f s and had no inten- '* " reasonable pro«prct for Im- tion M smuggling anything." prnvemrnt with treatment. The Mii'rs, a writer on comparative institution's motto is: "None may rrliiion. Ird an expedition w h i c h : r n l f r who can pay . . . none can Jaroslav J a v o n k y ot Czrchoslo-. 19JT. incentivr pro;ram will The flood rmrrgrm-y rrsultcd"mi s p c n t lhnut (our m " n 'hs digging in Pav who entrr." Vakia 6-1. M, M. i a m o u n t lo 40 per crnt ol thr dnl. thr rxprnditurc of S7.4MK:, This lhe d " frt " ""hour, near thr 1 Mrs. Ilargcr's casr was con-id- Bob Sherman of Trmplr City, ' l a r returns c=c!-. producer r;;,-ivrd monry was available throujh the i T j m l d «- u uncovered a sarco-jerrd and she was adjudged rligible - - - - ' - '-' probably dating back to nn »11 counts. Shr entered the hos- Calif.. lost a m a t c h In John n » r - l f r o m salr of such wool during the fund drivr of February and March.I' 1 / 1 ' 1 "' probably rrtt. British Davis Cupper. 46. 10-' 19V, m a r k e t i n g r a r . so that no r m r r g r n e y fund d r i v r , . dynasty. 12. 7-5. 8J, 61. Plane Borrowed for Ike This will result in an incentive was nrcrssary. Dr. Hacfclj rrport- p j j m r n t of JIO for r v e r y $100 rr- rd. crnrd from shorn wool taJrs. i Thr chapter g a v r Irmporarv Thr payment ratr on sales of u n - l s h r l t r r and food lo 200 prople in Tn P'Srn In Wathinnlfin '' h " rn l l m b s ln compensate for t h e ' f o u r towns. Grerley, Fort Lupion. IU I.CIUIII IU nailllligitll M1V ,| nn | nrn1 M ,|l be 71 cents p r r j D a c o n o and Frederick. Twrnty-four families were given more perman- pital on March 2.1. of live animals WASHINGTON Mi -- PrrMilrnt !soM. This p a y m r n t is intended lo ent aid in the form of clothing and Eisenhower returned lo W a s h i n g - i discourage unusual shearing of i rehabilitation of houses. ton Tuesday from thr governors · lambs before markrting. i Barnes, the guest speaker, talked conference at Willjamiburg. Va. Rceausr the a v e r a g e mohair Hr was drJayrd «0 m i n u t r f a t | p n c r of 8 1 4 cents per pound re- Ijngley Air Force Ba*r. Va.. h y , r e i v e d by producrrs was above Ihr on the philosophy of Red Cross srrvicr. Thrme of his talk w a s , You A R E your brother's krrprr. mechanism of thr Columbine I I I , a pound, thr drpartmrnt said n o ] electrical troublr in thr starting j m o h i r r support pnrr of 70 rent*! kTdBcdqand.iledAThchewotreYBK Marrlago Llconsts Kennrth Lee Adkisson of Grrr- Iry and Peggy Jo Ann Tavlor of Ault. Allan Roy Davis of Eaton and J u t n i t a May Williums of Grrelry. I.vlr Arthur Christiancy and kis personal plane.'and finally had p a y m e n t s will hr made on mohair tn make the return flight in a bor- sold during the 1936 marketing towrd Air Force CM. year. The delay made Elsenhower latr Thr payments will V* made on Jnr a scheduled confrrnere w i t h shorn wool and lambs m a r k e t e d Prpublicat. legislative Iradrrs at only hetwrrn April 1, 195S and the White House. Mcnologuisf Will Be at Gunler on Monday Irene Rrwlry. mountain monolos- uist, will a r r i v e in Grccley Monday with a split bonnet, a pipe and s h a w l , plus a whole hatch of witty, lines, for hrr performance o( her original Fools, Feuds and Fur- rinrrs. A* hr Irft thr courtroom Musrs j Then brgan the careful job of toM, "I am not un-'Confirming the diagnosis and dctrr- happy." mining whether the patirnt had the v i t a l i t y to withstand the ordeal of major heart surgery. Two important tools which wrre broucht to bear upon hrr at National Jewish Hospital at Denver wrre right heart cathcteruation and Irft hrjrt rathrtrrization. The first has been in use (or a decade, but the second procrdude was per- (ormed for the first time only three years ago. National Jewish Hospital at Denver was one of the first medical centers vrcst of the Hrr m"nolocur program will I Mississippi to utilize It. In right hr givrn at Gunter Hall at 8 p.m. heart cathrtrriiation, a tiny tube Monday a« a summer session col- is inserted in the main vein of Ircr assembly. I thr risht arm and advanced slow- Miss Brwlry iv * n a t i v r of thr ly until it enters the heart. Cardiac Tcnne«sre Hills and therefore h a s i e x p r r H watch Ihr cathrter, as it Peru his hoostrd fish exports. . M a r c h 31, 19.-.7. _ _..., . I [ K a l h r v n Ilrrne Batman, both «f · first-hand Vnowlrdge nf the pro-,' called, by fluoroscopy, guiding 1 USE THE T R I B U N E WANT ADS Aurora. i plr shr portrays. Asked hy an out-'" 5 course. Pressures are read and sirirr if shr had donr considerable! 1 '' 00 ' 1 samples takrn at various rrsrarch work (or hrr perform- P°ints Americas Lowest-Priced Three Features America's Lowest-Priced Full-Sized Station Wagon hr comfort ol i S.ptv*r.rn «rdin fmom (or % mnli Hidta»ty wit) . . . msrt, functioni) stybnt . . . fuH pn»rr ft-rjhnder rnjinf . . . up to 19 mill* prr f lllon . .SJr'.Mr/irtr/r/irrynifijwy. For mtrk or p!iy. this nrm- ?T.t.T^ Etition Wif on k today 1 ! ben vi!ur . . . ind tomorrow i, ux -- beciuw of th* rrtrfi r-n,o..^ cnj ),,p b u i]j ^^ rvrry 6tudrh«V»r product. Sf« this nrw mtion vtjon . . . ud Itn cemptr.ioa 2-door ind 4-^aor srdia modrls . . . lodiy. Sart hunilrrds cf dollars v^tm ^o« b u y i . . mora Mh diy ym d.-u«. ·HtATtR/tlEFROSTIR. . wlpwt. mir-r* iD i vltilrj TIT *nly IWA! UIM. tf lay. lad tn«tiorutirt troa Bou ance, Miss Prwlcy lauchrd as she exclaimed "Research work! Why! I nrvrr did one hour of rrsearch work in my life." "The a t m o « p h c r r of my monologues is all a part of my own background or that ot people I know about in other mountain areas. The rii((rrrnce hrtwrrn me, a n a t i v r , who w r i t r s and presents ' I n led heart cathrterization. a hollow needle Is insrrtrd from the hack into thr heart. Then a catheter Is pushed through the needle and pressures and blood samples are again t a k r n . Thrse procedudes told the Na- tionil Jewish Hospital at Denver surgical t r a m w h a t it nrrdrd to know about thr patient's condition. native matrrial. and thr outsider Rhf w " adjudged a cood surgical who comrs into our mountains in! r " k who wnuM bfnpf ' 1 from sur «- srarch of material, is lhat. dg- i "v. , u r a t i v r l y , Ihr rrsrarchrr must I . Whl1 ' Mrs ' H " sfr ' h «- hi ""l. h u n t thr 'spring'. I am a l w a v t at ' Krn '"' lh ' · "rprntrr. waitrd in a Ihr ' s r m ' . I ust ick u m · . rr " r " nn """.the patient wa, 'sprms'. I just pick up my · . rr " r , n " l t k r n t n courd and rlrink gourrt tn* clnnk. nf t . f t r k i r d trtdjticii. Studebaker-Packard c o i r o R A T i o n tflAft£fUa nftf(c»(maii/jt. ermf.i du£/ ELLS MOTOR CO,, 1221 Eighth Ave,, Qreeley Relief Smorgasbord for Frederick Sunday A gourmet and f u n m « k e r s df- licht hot drsmbrs Ihr Frrdrnck Flood Hrlirf Smorgasbord dinner and t a m r nilht to br hrH «t thr Thr e v e n t this SimHir l hrinc iponorrH bv thr r o m m u n i t i r s of he Tn-Town » r r to r a u r funds o at»j*| Frrdrrick lo pay fnr a rmporary w a t e r system in«tallrd 'ollowing th.r rVstnirtion of lhe ·rculsr «itrrn IT a floor! May ». Fredrnck residents arr stacinc a last ditch stand to s a v e their town from extinction. Coloradoans can help t h r m win t h i (isht and rn- t h r m s r l v e s «t thr same t i m r oprrating rooms in the hospital's nrw surgical wing. "I wasn't particularly frijhtrn- r\'." ^iir Ircalird todly. Waiting (or hrr were t h r r r iur- grons. two anaesthrsiologists, a cardiologist, two rlrctronics engineers (nrtr n( thrm an M.D.) who monitored hrr bodily (unctions dur- , i n e f u r ( . f r y j IhlTf but shr did not h a v e to pay a crct. Althoush still rrcuprratins at home, shr Is ahlr lo five morr and more of hrrsrlf to her children. Trgcy, 17; Cathrnnr, I f ; twin". Karrn and Sharon. II; Krnneth. »; RoVrt, 7; and Harry 3. Shr had rot ytt t a k r n ovrr rnm- plrtr charce of hrr home and furp- y. hut Is looking forward to a highway «7 (Washington h i g h w a y ) ' and h i g h w a y 52 Polio Clinic Thursday University College, near A c c r a ! JOHNSTOWN -- A Johnstown in G h a n a (Gold Toast), is e x - ' and Millilrn adult polio clinic will pandmg its facilities to ensble e n - j h » hrH Thursday at the Johns- rollment of 1,000 students, alto- town fire station from 7 p m . until I I»th«r. ' I S p m. Price per shot U I1.2J. CSCE Speaker Warm Defender of Young People Young people had a staunch, hard-hitting defender and (riend in Frank O. Mclntyre. director o( public relations (or the California Teachers Association, who spoke at the CSCE assembly Monday night at the Garden theater. "Good behavior is the rule, in our schools and 91 per cent or more of our children and young people da not get into trouble," he said. "But it is the other two per eent whn grt all the publicity and cause bad impressions about young people." Mclntyre was critical of the press, public speakers and public officials (or stressing juvenile o(-_ fenses and said he (elt some way ought to be worked out to obtain publicity about the better things about young people. Adults who are extremely cril- icai rf young people (orget what they did in their own younger days, Mclntyre said. As a matter of (act, each generation is becoming a little better behaved and more intelligent, he argued. In discussing one critic of modern education who had been loud in his criticism. Mclntyre said: "Why, I was in school just across lii* aisle from that (ellow and it he had had an IQ 20 points lower he would have been a vegetable." Mclntyrc's thesis was that the main causes of trouble with young people are adults and heredity. He urged adults to adopt a positive attitude of thinking about young people, a constructive rsthcr than a critical attitude. Mclntyre also had words of praise (or the teachers and thf jobs they a-e doi'ng. Cost of Living Rises ,3 Per Cent in May . WASHINGTON * - The cost of living rose three-tenths of 1 per cent in May to its ninth consecutive record high, the Labor Dept. reported Tuesday. The consumer price index last month stood at 119.6 per cent of the 1M7-49 average, or 36 points above a year ago. Union Mismanagement Blamed for Need of Public Fiscal Reports GLENWOOD SPRINGS. Colo. O\ --Instances of mismanagement in landling of union health and wel 'are funds have mad: a law re quiring public reports inevitable, the Rocky Mountain Coal Mining nttitute, was told Tuesday by a management spokesman. ''Most of the larger unions now make public an annual financial statement about as complete ai the average corporation sends its stockholders," said Edward G. ~ox, president of the Bituminous Coal Operators Assn. "All unions are required to die statements with the U. S. Labor Dept. The jbor Dept., however, his kept hese reports secret. The proposed aw would correct this de(iciency." Speaking on "A New Eirt in /abor Relations," Fox said*"that i Senate Labor Committee two ears ago conducted a thorough xamination into the welfare (und i( the United Mine Workers and Pueblo Bakery Strike Settled PUEBLO IP -- The 21-day-oH ibakery strike here was settled Monday night when negotiators (or Bakery Workers Local Union 162 accepted i management offer of to rents in hour increne during three-year contract. The three-year package provides (or 20-rrnt an hour pay boost immediately and increases of 10 cenU an hour during each ot the ensuing two yrari. Shippers and wrappers received a 15 cent an hour increaie, 15 renti now, and 10 cents each ot the other two years. The new pact also providei a S cent health and welfare plan (or either group to be derived from the wage increa.e. Fringe benr(itj alto include three weeki vacation after 12 eonsecutivt years employment, rather than the (ormer IS year seniority provision. The strike be:in June 1, when negotiations bogged down over wages and rew working contract. ound it was "managed lonesUy and prudently." both (lady Infant Dies Carl Wayne Klady, Infant son o( Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Klady o[ 2313 Crrstwood drive, who. wan born 'une II at Weld County General | hospital, died early Tuesday morn- Accessory Thefts Reported to Police Grcelcy police reported three auto accessor)' thefts Tuesday morning. Headlight rims were reported stolen from an auto parked on a used car lot at 1310 Eighth avenue by the Edwards Chevrolet company. The Weld County garage reported the knobs stolen from the two-speed shifting levers of a truck parked on its lot behind the garage. Gilbert Swctzig of 2533 Fifteenth avenue court reported all.(our hub caps taken (rom his car which was parked Monday night at the Miller Super Market lot, 1540 Eighth avenue. Private Le Roy Baas at Ft. Carson, Colo, was a private before he entered the U. S. Army. He was a private detective. ing. Besides his parents, survivors are: a brother and sister. Stewart and Sue, :t home; grandparents. Boycott Threatened in Tuskegee Dispute TUSKEGEE, Ala. on -- Fassagt of a legislative act excluding Ne- sro voters from the city has brought threatening talk of i mast boycott of white merchant! is Tuskegee. Said one Negro leader, William P. Mitchell, an employee of th« Tuskege. Veterans Administration Hospital: "I guess you could say our people ffel that if they can't vote in Tuskegee they won't trade hert either." Mitchell and other N e g r o spokesmen said an undetermined number of their race have already begun to withhold patronage from the merchants in Tuskegee, but how extensive the boycott will be- Mr. and Mrs, R. W. Stewart of | come remains to he seen. Wheat Ridge; snd great grandmother, Mrs. W. I» Clapp of Garden City, Kan. Funeral arrangements will be announced by Macys. Switzerland has a new "co-op" to provide loans (or small tourist hotels. A mass meeting has been called (or Tuesday night at a Negro church presumably to discuss the impending new law. Handbills announcing the rally spoke of a "crusade for cititenship." Negroes outnumber whit* residents approximately 7-3 in Tuikt- 'gee, a city of 6,800 population. The InstarvtTas^ is gone! '·· ' jgSlnstarrt Fblgeis Cpffej Western Wear Horse Show, June 29-30 Greeley Rodeo, July 3-4 To Fit and Flatter · Western Trousers 9.95 to 25.00 Sixes 28-48 · Western Suits 42.50 to 79.50 Siici 56-48 · Western Boots 14.95 to 39.50 Siici 6-12 · Western Straw Hats 1.98 to 10.00- Siiei 6'/4 to 7',4 OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS UNTIL S:30 H B a r C · nd R t a l Iport H Bir C · nd Rtal Sport by Justin Clctton Balliy Western Shirts A fine hqndsome selection of plaids, checks,' and solids. Whether you like to pay 4.95 or 14.95 or anywhere between -- Hibbs have 'em -- in all sizes 14 to 17 in men's, 2 to 16 in boys'. Go West With Greeley Dress Western at Hibbs Since 1911

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