Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 13, 1945 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 13, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO' Tueiday Afternoon Febriiiiey: 13, Las Cruces Sun-News Puliliihcd d a i l y , r.ccj.i S-innluy-werUa* ty lli* I,at OiKri Sun I'ulili.hi.iK Co., at 212 WAU.ACK J ' K H H Y K. ». BpVIJi ',',,, M 1 : M I I I ? H Ol I H K A S S O C J A i M I * J ' R l v S S T K I . K I ' l l o N l - ; JM OH Arnps Eclio Plan To Secure Peace (Continued i r o m page i j to run for another five years. Diplomat; 1 :- rrffk'ials here diH- count'-d Ihe significance of thia lad, terming il u coincidence. £ut It rained all qvor again, spcc^ila- I Hun that Stiil!n hud now declared j to Roast" tentlo'n t Dodging Dtiufeliboy Gets Fathers iff Fate 1 '^ *"" ' ell Bursts; I Jockey i a'' a Ji There's Still Less Hope for Nazi Germany In this sufnrruiim'd f o r m u l a , announced late yesterday from the Crimean scone nf the Big Three conference, just eon- eluded, there is .still less dope for N a / i Germany t h a n existed before: 1. Detailed agreomenl between the U n i t e d States BrHa'i and Russia on military plans against Germany which "will result in shortening the v/ar." 2. A final decision to split Germany into zones of occupation. 3. A commiBfllon to be set up in Moscow to consider the · mount of reparations Germany must pay. · 4. A formula for settling the rankling Polish if sue. 5. Another formula along tho same lino for Yugoslavia. 6. To provide continuing consultaiion of the Big Throe, foreign secretaries aro to moot ovary throe or four months. 7. Agreement reached on a formula for settling the issue of whether a big power, if accused of aggression, should have a veto power on any action against itself--the formula to be made known as soon as China and France are consulted: agreement also included decision lo hold full-dress conference on tho plan in San Francisco beginning April 25. elt and Churchill an in- entcr the war In Asia when military conditions in Europe ; rrmit. U. 8. in New, Active Bole By MANILA, P. I.,' Feb. 11, (pe- A rooster was perched atop a amo!l building .not far from ..the .cjub. There was the.,\vhistle mortar siieli, jpl. Summer Platten, Jamaica Plains, Mas*., h i t , t h « d'irt. Platten looked up, in time to get a face full of rooster ifeaUvsrs.. , , , % ^ . The streets were crowded i t iear the blown Sanf.a,Cruz | bridge when a Japanese shell frpm the.watorr front h i t .,'and the ahull exploded. A Filipino woman sprawled amid the debris, her , The HiK-Thm.- announcement, , b u n d ] e of belongings .beside her. At her feet la,y a tiny baby ,-ihe had , been carrying.' Jt was dead and its j body was burning. ,.. Just across the Jones bridge a shell burst, A. dozen bodies slumped about the. street. An old Filipino struggled toward the bridge, carry- v.:iViT\n% nine major, points, hHiled at Uifi both Re- piihlicnnH nnd Democrats. II mm mils tho United Stalei l'j a new nnd active role in the. j .*;-U lenient of European political I a f f a i r s - u pew departure in American fonUfjn policy. To consider i Ih'-'Ht problems an th,ey arise Bri- tifih, riiissiflr. and American foreign .srcrplarit's arc tu meet every three ; (,r four months, beginning afte: , tnc San Francisco conference. j Jlomi-uanl Bound? On Jil.s way fron Ing .his wife. He approached, a military. policema^ . "A doctor, £. , Jje.aee.Qhed., , the woman and said: "Sit down there,", motioning, toward the S.ujrb. Thp MP V muUerea.tQ ;hlfl conipau,: Ion: "A burial detail is coming, ^e],. them, tell him,. I haven't got the^ heart." , -,. ; ^^oldie.rjn ,a cqUrtyard^iyquat; hoard a mprtftr shell scraan^Jig. toward him,.. He .leaped .against -a pej so hard he. ,cut his Jcg. ,Th^ shell; burst ^but he ;was untouched. "If ,1 had gtayjed whore I.Had bc^n.," he said, "I would have been killed." A companion pointed t6 Ufe ground. A hot, jagged half pqund mortar. figment, lay oil the ,gra§s .ex,- actly where. h« ( had been standing, .The most casual people under snellfire are the Filipino women. Eilljnno men are second. The American soldier is battlewise and ' therefore careful. Clfifeii's Poetty teatm'es' Teltersf oA pxugfam,.ot children's poetry with Mrs. James Poe as leader, was,the meeting of the.State Qpllege .Story League last night hj the recreation room of the R. W. Ludwicjt.^ipme. Authors quoted by Mrs. · Poe were Judith, King, Rose Fylemari and Christina Rosetti. . Mrs., L.udwlck gave the life stories of.Euffene field and Rachel |oacllo Manage Coach Aulton Durham of La.s Jruces Union high school has '.greed to serve as manager of iihs -Julldog Inn, Canteen,..members of :he teen-age committee announced .his morning. .".We.'re really have a permanent .manager, and are glad Qoa'ch Durham has agreed to .serve -A .that,, capacity," -Gene L,ucero, chairman of the cbtnnjittc^, said.. A large crowd attended Satur- Field,' and quoted from several po- j;^y nlght.'a. meeting .of, the Can- The life of Robert Louis Stevenson and some of his poems were given by Mrs. C;iarles Hanna, and I^ems by A. A. Milne were read by Mrs. .H. U Addlngton. , jAbout a. dozen, members · were present, and guest for the evening was Mrs. J. Pat O'Neill. Tornadoes : Tall * foil of 42 in Eecrrtiiry "f State St (foii« to MOBCOW for i 8. Big Throe powors to join in assisting any of tho liber - stuff chiefs who participated are the Crimea, Stettinfus hes (foii« to MOBCOW for a brief visit. The whereabouts of S,talin, Chur- L h U I nnd Kposevelt wt're not dls- EiltiKud. Presumably Stalin has re- lunitid to hla urgent duties as So\ ji't ixjinmander-ln-chlef and the uthcr two arc homeward bound. M i l i t a r y decisions were made rarly In the conference and the alod or former Axis stales of Europe in carrying out ure» designed lo guarantee peoples' rights lo choose their own government. 9. Summed up by predicting that victory and Ihe Dumbarton Oaks plan together "will provide Ihe greato'il oppor- t u n i t y In all history lo create a lusting peace." Up to the.- very last. H i t l e r iinil Ins Nazi leaders had hoped for a disruption nf the u n i t y w h i c ' h lias existed bctsveen the ig Three; h u t . nn the surface, at least, there is no si/.;n i · disunity in this latest and surprisingly harmonious conference of United Nations top leaders. lniU'iiil uf d v l l v i - r l i i B I l i r u l l l - + - ~ " M i n i u m . n x p m l r i l Iiy I I I U : i Miin-mi"! 1 , Uu- HiK T l u f ' | · nl ii|i|iuri..|ill.v i n r r r l y n i l tin, l l r r m l n i |n-M|)li. ov-r ! hi-nd, w a r n i n g Uml "Nn/. j t'l'inuny l iTniun |»* ' unit Dial n l v ir.ii ki j I I I M - l V * I i y 111 l c l l l | l l M l j ; t it* hupi'luf^ r r t i i H l i i n i ' r , " hitri- WHH nn lllnt n! t'tml n« ot " i i i i r o n d i t l i M m l :-.un exoi'jit In U l i ' l r a p j i l k i i l l i m Orrlnan ju'iipln llicni.'ii-lvi'.'i NliZlSJii mill U ' - n r i r l i i m i l t they p l i K - l i t i n i i ' i l . n i u M j ; t i A m i IHII-II l l l u - I 1 -';: ' |K'ltiti'i| III Illc h e a t ! i't t i n - i .Till! lull-Hi r i i l l l l i r i ' M r i ' l l !· Hi t i l l - at ili'lli-nll.' pi Iliv world nan k n i i w i i ] m r t i v ili-ullii); will! I'lilunil. nviu ami. Iiy hKlii'ri'llon, I I lHurial iimhitlimii «f UimtiHi \Vlli-l!n-i Iliiisi' i - i . i h l - in:. ;, illVi' I II · · r t l l i - i l . "f n i u r nalni In In- m-rii }lilt, i i l i j i a i i M i t l y t i n ' W I I M : 111,' r n n l n n i r 1 , !,,,. lnK l n II.H tu ini'iili Unit t i n - I n nt ]i.-i^t. IIIIH lit-rii iii-1 tip tor f l i t Legal Notices I N THK PhOBATK ml HIT OK DONA A N A C O l ' N T Y , NlCW MICXK'O. In tlu- inatu-r cf ti Knit lYfclnmcnt o[ C It- mis ril. Nu Kitm NOTICK T(MV1I()M IT M A Y I. Siimpsi.n. W l l l m 1 ' J . S»ni|l«o.i. Ili-rt 10 .SnmpfliMi. .InniM 1. S - I n t r ol Amcllii L. Sttni|inii:i, ;!'·· ri-nwil, ami Ninu-y Knnu'lii Hrotl; I In. iitiliiiuwii lirlrs uf till' 'olldWlllR "" n.'imi'il ilfi-riifiril prrsnn.4, t d - w t t : Aiiii'lln I, Hnmpwni. Ili'lijamln K. Si nt t. ilc^-ilHcil Inifitiaiul of snh] u i ' h ' t n l a n t Ot-ii M. K i - n t t , and Ui'ti- uf *nid ili't'i-iulant N a n r y li'i'iitli-iK S r i i l t ; anil n i l i m k i i u w t l r l n l i n n n l H of Inti'iTi! In tin- lu'i-i-lnnftf!' ch-K- i i-ib"[l p f f i n t m - H aiivi'l-Hc tu tin- p l a l n t i f l , I H ' t n i i l M i i l H . Nu. !W2I NOTICK III'' I ' K N I I K X C V Ol' snr TO: KiK-li anil (ill uf Uu 1 nbuve Miutrit ili-li'iiilnnttt tiKiiiniit whiini .·iiiliiitltiileil tici-vii-*- iH livri'-liy Nought V u t t inul CHI-II uf you an. tniroljy niitirii'rt Iliat l)|i! iilinvi- mimoil j i l a i n t l f f IIII.H f i l r i l her ooniplalnt a^aliml yuu. nnil flu-It of ynli, in ! : M r l r t Cuiii't ut Ijiina Ana Cuiin- t y , Xi-w .Mt'xii-ii; t h a t the si'ni'ral ' . l l j l ' . - l t l l l ' l - l ' l l f is 111 l|llll'l t i l l ' t l t l l ' ul t i n ' p l n l n l l f l in anil lu thutii! -cr- lal:i t r n c t n aiiti pan-rlit u f I n n i l n n i l n n l r a t i i t i ' ilcnrnlii'il i n I h c i-olli- j p l n i n l . wlilch I ' r u p n t . v i» Im'ntril In tin* Town ul tjiis ('nii-i-!!, CiKinly nf I J t i n n Ana inn! Stall* uf Ni-w M.'xii-u, nnil w l t l i l n tin- llumi Aim lliMni Culuny ( i r n i i l . and «n llii- »t W i l l \Vl!wm, tiiiillt .vlili n tlic wo Y n i i art - f r nf Amsulor A v v n u e iiud t Kltlr IT! Miiitiulit Sli'tvl. f U l l h r i ludlllcti llntt un- dii i - n t i - r your uppniniiii'i' In j « iu^ ' tin ur ln-fui't' Uu' 21Uh ' f Mitrrh, 1W4B. JntlKiin-nt will | -it l . ami u'li | li t-l.\' nstnmn'Ml |itn [ M i r U i i ) ; t W i l l T i - M a i i i f i i l "I Wilsini. ticrriiM-il. tuih hi-i-i j i i f l m l t ' m I t i r rrohuir of Hi. mi A nit C i n i i i l y , N*-w lllll t.'titt i'\' u n l r r o| .sjinl thi- 21t(i .Itr, nt Ki-!iu;uy U m l In- t 1IH.1, l . ' O l l l t TIIWII th.. t 10 A. IV nl tin- ,.[ M to tin* | i i o l . M t t t K i iiiii T f t t H i i u - n t Hi fill- their tilijci- -f of Dtp Count Ana f t u m i y , Nt -lt A M Utl T o l l T l Ml t i l l Ts. N f \ \ M»'xiat. inn! jOrtu' f n i ' :iil I.»M W i l l aiitl ol yon. in HiiUl 4-iuijic, liy d r t i i u l t . HoM Si M u l t , \vhn?.c p n M t o t l t r t - i U l i l l V M 1.-4 iMH C l I l . - . - H . .N M . I I I ! ' t h e u t i u r n i y « M r p l a i n t i f f . W1TNKSS my haittl anil Ilic wn\ · ·i Mini H m t r i t ' 1 t " i i i i t nf Honn A n n I ' n i u i l y . N M., tlii^ I'J day (il l-Vli- i u » r y . 1H4S i S r i i l t L A I ' A H I U V K L U nislrii-t CU-rlt F«'l KI. :'M. L'T M a r ti-UU.Y alao c;n route after. Is- Kiiing tho initial onl^rn jicccsBury to niounl the promised new as- ·aiulta oji Germany. New Life lo Charter The 0«rman iigrecmont pledges t h ; greatv»t nlllsirici! of military dinl political power In history to i.iippurt the of a peace bused (in the A Until ic Charter, which !hen.1)y appears to lake on new 'iU'. ' . Mut it provides also for the Hrowth tjf I-'runce IIB n fourth great prm'.-r In ICuropp and rocognlujj, Utroiiglt the agreement on Dumbar- ion Oaks, the polentSal power of .'hiiin t n t h e Orient. · The t h i t - p Iciuiurs concluded their :miinimanicnt by flaying that victory plim ercutlon of tho proposed peiieo Hftcurlly organization will niiA'Idi- "ihff groat««t opportunity in till liiMtory" Mr n Iimtlng ieac(;. ItCHIllts Klir|)IIHH llopN Wlu'ii President nooHcvolt left for l l i l n concliivo nome w«eka ago W o H h i n u l o n o f f l r l n l s wen? .siiying p r l v n l c l y th»t this t i m e he hftd to "l/riiig hoiiH 1 the bacon" If the A m e r i c a n people were, to be assured t h n i they would get .nnylhjrig like the. k i n d of world tiicy want out or t h i n wnr. Today many of these' .nnino officials arc saying t h a t tin- agreements reached in the Crimea ure mprc far-reaching .in accept ing the principles of the A Until Ic Charter than they had dared hope. Tho rigreeniftiiln wm- worked out in ^inference rooms of tin- old w h i t e .stone jwlm:c, Llvadla, near the n-.surt town of Yalta which (!znr Nicholas II built as n stimmpr remirt and Which Sov-U't Ktiss'in IIHCH HH ii rest hcniic for workers. Hour a f t p r hour the three lend- i'i'H and their prlnlcipnl. utlviaers, ini-hidlng Foreign SecrctarU's H L f t t i n l t M , Kdot and Mulotov, sat iiruiiiul u huge whltc-rlothgd lir- eular tnlilc iiiui talked out problems of grout power cooperation t'tii; peace. CmirlimtuiiK Nut nit t'uhllc All Lhulr conc'limloiifl were not mink' public. Thi« soluUon for the split lml\vcen \te pnlted States and Kusulti nvrr tbg,t-,s ot' a Ki'etit power "Veto" on oluirgeH in- \Mlvlny itsell in the world aefurlty oi-f-iuiizatlon i« tu to given out only s i f t e r Kiana- aiul China are ny \w\wt\ «u , ' ! l l l ' l ' ' i l t j l ' i t i l l l l h Mud LHM will ht-n-l-y M » t l t i r t 1 tdiiii in ilu- - i j . Cli-rk i»l Donii 01 t n t for »«id Ciiurt Iftiiuui y, A Sr«H ai dtty niv h u n i t itiut tin* DM- ;i(Mli 1). ll'l't A l l K h A (Ut.N/.AI.V'S, n t y D r r k . I X I X A A N A {'Ot'NTV. N K W M1-:.X1I'O In Ilii' Malli-r nf tin- K.lato ul SI'.MIIIIII \\'iilliir UllkiT, ili'misi'il. No lltJTi NOT1PK N o l U - f tli Iwri'liy K l v r n t h a t Ihi' iiiuli.wt(!i«.,i wm i.n thi. Sth ilav of l - V l n u a i y , HH.%. ii|i|Hlntrll ,1|||"I||D t l i a ' . i i s or Uir i-stah- of Si-ymun \\'iillii'i H.tki-i. ilci-.-aM-il, Iiy tin- I ' t u L a l i ' Cuiii ,f Dnnn Mm {-(inn. 'rhi- liliuifl fur Joint m i l i t a r y nc- tiuii tu "shurU'ti tin- wtii-" iiKninal ( J f r m i t i i y filso ari unrevralpd and UiiTt- IK no lUtMitlon wlintt'Vi'r of j t h e war n^uliist Japtin. \vhlch ! li-avi's iincliHlltniiril tile mounting | pii'dlctloiu Unit after tho Einop- ; eiin war HiiBula will bi'coimi an ally | in the clostiiK phases of thv Tac* 1 j i)n|mn In Mt-punite I'nrlvy, . Mwinlnti u a a nny . refL'|-i-i|i-e to · Itusalan partieliialion In igUi-Anuirieait wnr against Jim :iu Krli o. 1:1. :'u Hi THtiii' j i ' i n c i A i . COUUT. DONA ANA N K W M l i X I C i May M. M.iwli'y, known us M u v .M.Don,, or an MIK M. t m n a l i l l l n The llo.- Tll«'n i'l with Hi. dant« iiK n t i i M n a n . .'. whom Aul |ii'l»on« I m v i i i K c l n l i n n «n»»"t a t n t v an- lu-iel.\ n, t i f l e d tu ' j ' l i - M ' l l t till- .-t;inn- in tilt- turn- anil i n i i n i K r rnpuii-,1 Iiy law ui th »mni- w i l l He l . n t l i ' i i M A T T I K U A K K K . .\iliiilnl.sliali Ix I 11)11 NAI.K. f o i i;ti-!]. an m, at S u n l i t r.. N M , j.Suit.- Owned No IS. n j l l M I - t ' O l . l n i l l n l Furiinil llnU'li, 7 i |mx.rnKvi xedan. w i i h lire*, unit in n i n i ' l U K » u n i t : l | . M i . Cjii m t ty |,e t n - :»pe, li'd .-It Ihe SitliU Fe M u l m Co I I M I , i f «hoiild In- « u m b i t l n l In w i l l . Orn^l)i-e. Slali- arrvlcc iji tirr.|).v Konght to l Itlnril, Ip-wll: tllr fulliiwlnii n u n i ' d j IIIK A K e n l Simla I-V. w t l h . rr drffiuUnln h.v name If hvinc. If rliwh iillni'lied |nior lo 10 ,'. Ihelr u n k n o w n ln-li«. lo-wlt. yra M, Srnll, flora Sally A. M. Krb 28, 111(0. nt which lime bll will lie «|enicl. . Kmellnt Julli Broil, Junwi I'ub. Kcb. 13, 14-IWO. IIhe A i ; Japan. i I'rroedlnK thi ttirce-yower con- [elave, President ni.oseyolt anil' ' P r i m e ^Minister Clmrcliill. wtlh I t i e l r military am| i l i p l u m n t l e ad- yljierrt eontem'd at M a l t a in the ! Mfclitfrranenn. j .lajiftn pr«batiiy W-B.S M jirliu-ipal ;''··:'.' of (tllcus^ion t)i*;ve. AdvlnfMi Sit In rniitprfiwr ! I ' l l f t l t ' l i i i i t i n f ; w i t h the Rtji Thn-e in t h e nine.k kt*a tulkx were 13 A i i i e t i i n n . e i K l t t RiiMinn anil 12 | t l r i l w l i ofti.'iHls. m i l t l a r y and : - . i - l l i n n I \Vltli riesidenl ^Roosevelt were |Sei'ietary of i f t n l e Hdwanl R. I S I r l t n l l M , Klimt A i l m u a l \Villlnt\i ' n . Leahy, ehief of staff to ihv I im-KUlcut; A d v i s e r H a r r y I. lloji. Umii. \Vfti Motilllrer Jnme£ K. ; llyriuyt. Ctllef ijr Staff ijfti. neor^e 11 1 . Marshall. A J m . Kriitnl .1. King, j fleel cunimaniicr-in-chtt-f; t f t. Oriv j Hrelion H. Sumi'tvill. oomrnandlnu ^em'ial, aervlee forces; VU'C i Admlnl Kmory S Land, war shin|Un(! admlntstraliir; M»J- O'n. IS K u t f i . of n lr army air (nrr»; W Avn«ll llarrlinan' an.ha«s«(lor to KUM|«^ l|. Kri'dinn Mttllivwi. Alfor HIM and Chirlra G. DoMon vf the »ut« d«p«rtm«nt. (Continued from page 1) ston, us at Jkiontgqm.^ry, a freight train wafl tpssed about, lilts Mercian First . . . .. The storm first, hit Merld^n, Miss., leaving a path of. destruction as it cut about the city.-pn twp fifdes r before turning eastward into Alabama, . » . . ' . The .dead In, the Meridian .area wore placed uhpfficlaliy^at .seven, More than 50 persons were Injured Ihero. , , . . Between 30 and.40 houses werq destroyed in ihe Meridian area and torrential ruin6 hampered search for, the.Jnjured ,and the dead. State Guard Calted , . . .After,a tour.oj the.Montgomery urea, Gov. Chauncey Sparks of Alabama .ordered.,three, companies o,[, the state guard into action to prevent looting. Montgomery nqspitals, jammed with the injured, were handicap'ped by a Ipck, of. lighting. The entire capita] city was. without electricity for several hours and telephone service was disrupted, Speaker arns Rights Menaced (Continued from pa£e i) , Communism a}so is a po- Russia^ Smash Sober; R|vef Line IhDrbsnlJfive ,, (Continued from pa^e. 1) and Koenigsberg-, but "without being able to score an attempted breakthrough." . . , .Moscow announcements-cootain- .cd no hint, that the. Germans had massed strength sufficient even to delay Konev.at_the Bober. Converge on Berlin, .The. Germans : also declared Marsha! Koncv had sent a column into the Naumburg district, 40 miles northwest of fallen Bunzlau and 70 miles southeast of the German capital. . . . . ... If Koncv has troops at Naumburg they are onjy -27,,,milea from Zhukov's forces at Cr,ossen, on the north bank of the,Oder. Kpncv'E westward thrust acr.qss. .northern Silesia .put the German garrison at Brcslau in ever increasing peril. . . . , Col. Gen. Ivan. Pptrov's fourth Ukrainian army, thrusting through the southwestern, tip of Poland In n new. offensive, speared within 20 miles of ,Mprayflka Ostrava, Czechoslovakia's third city and known as that cpuntry's , Pittsburgh, by cap'turing Strumien. BomBsorilataan, Gorre'gidior Lash Coi-iifered Japs (Continued from page 1}'~,}Up near the south Manila docks "now , is closely encplsed and, la into tontial menace to individual liber- vies. 135 Attend Ilimquet I gradually, being compressed Mr. Bennis was introduced -by j extinction" Ally.. Lytton Taylor., former Las ; Sccs ..geif-iakV' Tran Crucea resident who now lives in El Paso. ; , . , . . Mrs, L. L. Rpby, president, of the Women's Republican club o f ' property! Donii Ana county, In a b r i e f , t a l k ; ai-t, forth .the objectives of the or- ; ^ He said every care was. being taken to ; keep American casualties at a , m i n i m u m and preserve city A»socited Pre^s Correspondent C. Xnfes .McDantel reported, the mlzfttion. , . Japanese defenders "have never Ally. J. Benson Nowell presided., tmd any hope of espapin K from Approximately 1S(S attenfied the | thelr 8el f. laid trap ... ^ e ,,,",,,,,. banquet, \yhlch was held In the, .. T ^ r la not a Ia3t . lnute fight Tortugas grill. , · · · · : l o r desperation, out apparently a Pupils of Ihc art,department o f ' arefiilly-culoulateii plan to set' Jsinlor high school had.,, ra(meo-, t h e pt . |;e o , ihc vvlmo 0{ Manlla graphed, tho menus--hand-flmwn as ,,hi E ii in lives and property as letteHn K , with cover-page featur- j lhl ,, r dealn , ctlvc i n g aimUv ing n silhouette of Lincoln's head ; Catholiic Woriieii Hear Fr. Gaynor The Cathplic Women's club, mst yesterday afternoon In the home of Mrs. Harry Williams, with Mrs..E. G. .Shannon serving as co-hostess. ·Fr. Gaynor spoke briefly to the group following a short business session, during which plans were made for a rummage sale to be held March. 3. . A letter from Mrs. Wade Brookreson, former member of the club, now residing in Phoenix City, AJa., was read-and answered in round- robin fashion. The hostesses served .refreshments, to the following:.Mines. Emily Stanley, Phil Kaltenbach, Dave Bronson, F. W. Pollard,, Sam Lenox, A. Reid, Miss Jane Riley, Mrs. Tynn, and Fr. Gaynor. COMING EVENTS . The Sew,and So club will meet with Mrs. Fred Gatton tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. Pan American Round-Table will meet in the home of Mrs. Covey Baher Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Edith Brock, .resident of Peru for many years, will speak on life in Peru. Co-hostessea will be Mines. Charles Loomis, J. M. Webb, H. B. Wright and Chester Carwardine. The Wednesday Literary club meets in the home of Mrs. M. B. Stevens tomorrow afternoon. Mrs. J. C. Waterman will review a Russian novel. I raise it." ; Fire Even KKrlicn Sink i The trapped Japanese .have turn- j od bulldlngs.wjth the thickest walls into fortresses and have strewn [ t h e path or the, qncoming Americana with ajmost every known type of mine and explosive trap. A large gun even fired a lew rounds from the tower of the city hall before it was knocked out. Rockets, some eight to 10 Inches in caliber, are the latest missiles Republican Pits Bit Thr6e Pact VAbtllNGTON, Feb. 13--«*)·· Hcp, - O'kpaaki tll-Wls} Intcmipt- f d . gpnoral .house acclnlip of tho Crimean Big-Three nKrccmgnt today to denounce it as "n sell-out of Poland." Tht) HocMicvtilt - Church.111 - Stalin confi'ronce, ,0'Konski said, "rep- regents fl victory for CJocbbels." lie termed the Crimean c o m - ! slzeablo pocket of resistance on hiiiniqili! "B stub in the back to | ihe w a t i r f r o n t north of the Paaig, rreedom--n stub In the back t » ; 0 f f e r c t j no mturn fire yesterday. the moat freedom-loving people, \ ,...^ Ihe Polca, who have done, more U crtiflh Nazlmn t h a n any other nation on earth." O'Ktinsld took tho floor after two members of Uie. fureign a f f a i r s | hurled which from the eneiny pocket, is rhicfly in the ancient intramuros (walled city) near the Pasig river month. Tho "Little Tokyo" district, last Chinese i ;in · * i . · , \rails lo commlltco- Hep. Helen Gtahagan Dnuplna (D-Cftllf) and Rep. Lutlu-r A. Johwon (D-Tex)~had sioken In prai»e of tho Crhnenn ajfree- . pplnfidontMly, the be|ief finiiuHl j licfldwny in oonrR**!! that Prcal- j dent Roosevelt ami T*rime Minister i Cluirehlll may linve reached a n ' ngrffinent wlt^i Mar'ahn) Stnlln f d 1 1 i\'fnhm] Russian pnrticipntion in i the wnr BKft'"'" 1 -Tnpnn. ! ii GiiVi 'Kills 9 Iffrrf NEW YORK, Feb. 13 1/11 -Tho manpower, shortage, not St. Ocorge, has hilled off Chinatown's drAK° n Ordinarily there would be n parade- today--first day of, the CliiDcsr Lunar calendar year of 4.642-- with a weaving 100-foot, i,, ceremonial drngon manned by a I crew of 23, ' Last. year the dragon had shrunk to 15 feet and \l\tw men. Tliis year: No dragon, no parade. BPW Observes Lincoln Birlli Tlie Business and Professional Women's club met in the Club^cafe party room last evening with 22 members present. Lincoln Day was observed by answering- roll call with an anecdote or story about Abraham Lincoln. . . . Mrs. Elizabeth Murphy sppke on new.books at the library that are proving popular, and.colored ajideg were shown by Miss Ross, including interesting studies of native desert plants and southwestern jenes. The health committee,.in charge of the program, is composed of Mrs. Ruth Boyd, Mrs. Kress.Mc- QuilHan and Mrs. Millicent Eastley. Other members present. were: Edith Woodard, Helen Nelelgh. Calla Wolfe, Clco 'Dean, O.llle Eide, Minnie Hyland, Edith Lantz,. Naomi Horton, Lillian .Ncff, Eyangc- llne DUrio, Clem Wyatt, Juaqita Denney, Dorothy McKinley. ,?er- ulce Jaclcson. . Theodos.ia Foster, Veda Strong and Carolyn Bricker teen, including high school student With 19 troops of Girl Scouts organized in the area, plans are being made for further expansion, according" to Mrs7 G: A.'Feather, Girl Scout commissioner. The program . for., Lhq year includes measures to'iiiiake,Scouting; available to more gjrls. and, to in- cre^ase the , SQliedul^^of "activities. Mpre progresBive year-round troop programs are being-considered and guests from SemTng. Two visitors *,,[' ?"$??,* "front Massachusetts also enjoyed the Bulldog ; hospitality. The pan teen will be. open every Saturday night, Miss Lueero stated.. WITH A ANA COUNTY WOMEN' By CLY.TICE KOSS Home Demonstration Agent vyomen. of the A. B. C. Exten. slon Club met with Mrs. Guy Green, FebrUary 2, when they had their demonstration on accessories. The Dona Ana-Hill Extension Club..had the same demonstratio.ii at the home of Mrs.,C. C.-Ozmeni, February 6. In both. clubs most of the patterns copied or cut were 'or .bag's and lapel ornaments, although somp of the dickey patterns were cut too. This demonstration consists of purses or handbags, dickies, lapel ornaments and but- :pns, all of which .can be easily made,.at .home.'Most of the ones in the demonstration were made of materials left over from other garments, or from felt.or felt hats. All are easily made and would be very attractive additions to a spring wa'idrotw. T. The Alta Vista 4-H Club was organized February 7 with Eulalia | Minajarez as President and Rosa Pavla as Secretary. The same day a demonstration was given for the advanced Horns Economics girls at Valley High, lowing the accessory demonstration. The girls cut a number, of patterns to use later in the spring as part of their clothing work. Despite our suggestion, pre-1 lously several people are asking f it ia necessary to have pressure cooker gauges tested again. We do vant. to emphasize that it is quite, .for more adults. establishment of a; district camp as the E] Paso -cantp will hot be available this season. . , .The troops at present. have the professional service of Mrs. Rose Hunt. Girl Scoot field advisor, and a staff .member of the. .national organization, ,for,from three days to a week,.each month. , In addition -to-theae instructive gatherings -under ..the,, supervision of Mrs. Hunt,., the ,tr6ops meet weekly ./or, training: and .recreation, including hikes and field trips. In Las Cruces the organization main* tains Scout rooms through the cooperation of the town board. During the year more than 50 adults' have received' leadership training, Mrs. Feather reports. Spanish Teachers Plan Chihuahua Trip at Easier At a recent meeting of the executive committee of the New Mexico branch of the. American Association of Teachers of Spanish announcement was made of., an Easter holiday trip to Chihuahua, Mrs. Erlinda . Chavez, travel chairman of the group, stated that the trip would be made by special bus with accormodations for. 36 persons, leaving Juarez Thursday, March 29, at 1:30 p. m. Club members only are eligible to participate. Stuart Tracy was appointed to fill the vancancy in the office of treasurer, and Annemarie Tyre .reappointed publicity chairman, with Graciela Baeza as assistant It was voted to establish associate membership for hubands and* wives regularly attending. "'. Ten Chihuahua educators visit-. necessary. Maybe your cooker gauge . is accurate, or fairly ac-1 ' n S in New Mexico in April wll be curate. On the other hand maybe ' invited to be in Las Cruces and t is not New gauges, or gauges on the new cookers usually do not need testing until they have been used a year, but the older gauges should be tested each year. We., have had instances of spoilage brought to our attention, and while some of it may have been due .0 other, causes, some may also have been due to faulty cooker fauges. If the gauge is more than 21 or 3 pounds .either high or low t should, be replaced by a new gauge. .With all of the meat and vegetable canning people are doing t. is especially important that canning equipment be in the best order jpaslble. A cooker gauge that re- jisterp correctly is especially important. State College April 6 and 7..A program is being planned:, for that time, Mrs. Tyre, chairman of the event has announced. Juniors to Be Guests Of Wesleyah- Guild Members of the Junior Wesleyan Guild_ will be, guests at a dinner given by. the Wesleyaii Guild at ,the Methodist church tomorrow night at 6:30. and daughter, Bambi, spent the weekend in the home'of Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Arnold at Fairacres. A baby girl was born to Mrs. Quincy Smith at McBride hospital Sunday night. Plans for the world day .of prayer were made at the meeting of the Baptist women's church circle in the home of Mrs. Dwight Allison yesterday afternoon. The Bible i visiting in. the James Poe home I * tudfy vS * ^"ducted *' Mrs. R. V. Mesilla Park. Major CvNeill. Barton - PARTY LINE ' Mrs. J. Pat O'Neill, the former | Pauline Poe, and daughter Judith! y f s * erda r afternoon. The Bible Name Hostesses for Covered-Dish Supper . Hostesses for ihe covered dish supper at the Country Club Friday night at 7:30 will be Mrs. Leland Evans and Mrs. Qlenn Hamill. Reservations for the enchilada supper to be held at 7:30. Sunday night, Feb. 18, must be made by Friday. Members may call Mrs. Hamill or Mrs. John Ritter. At ihe Hospital Mrs. LeRoy Dyer was dismissed from the hospital Sunday. . Edmundo Lucero underwent an appendectomy at McBride hospital last night. Baby. .Martha Barela and Mrs. Opal Taylor are medical patients. Thi'ee County Couples Get Wedding Permits , Three new marriage licenses of j record at the county clerk's of- at formerly,of MesiHa Park, station- |cd at Aberdeen, Md,, Is with the research laboratory at the.Aberdeen proving ground. Mrs. O'Neill and Judith plan to visit the major'.-j parents in Roawell before returning to Maryland. Col. and Mrs. J. W. Lowe have returned to Las Cructis after several weeks stay in El Paso. They are located on ;\lountain Ave. Harry Williams, returning from a trip to QJUahoma tor the reclamation bureau, got. back in time to visit with his son, Robert, who 16ft this morning to report to Alameda, Calif., where he will attend maritime school several months. Another Williams son, S. Sgt. Harry^ Jr. has landed safely overseas. The Roscoe Ake family, visiting in the Willams home for several weeks, has left for their homo in Cheyenne Wells, Colo. Mr. and Mrs. O. R. (Tex) Arnold Dona Ana LAKK CM-Y. bvi. 1:1 IA* Kttwn.t'il Urovvn aimed n wotxlcn jcnn nt n flight of plRt-ons and Bhoutvd "l-jing. Imnfi," To the SHtynishn^tH of, my |I(C." fommrntM Drannr Sniorl. who mndf the R»H». "It's the fir?! \\mt- i'no of my Runs WIT klllod EMt-rs wore plgron suffered ,|?.AO Mil M conviruTtl th» h«rl n t t n r k . I New Mexico Senators Back Indian Appointee 1 WASHINGTON. Feb. l.T i\ ..... I Chairman O'Mnhone v v (D-Wyo) of ! tin- *cnatt» Indian affairs t'ommit- | lee, said toduy that William A, Hrophy of Albuquerque, N. M., appointed by Prtaldent RoqievoH yeMerdny » Indian commissioner, lins the support of both Senators j Carl Hatch nnd Dfnnla Chavez Now Mexico Donocrat*. O'Mfthonry nddcd that Brophy "itfttna to I* nn outslnmllng ln\v- yer." 8*nator Chnvet told reporters , tt« wa* "happy lh*t .lh« nomina- --«lv. tlun went to New Mwlco," . today. Involve county principals. They %vent lo: Nora Maxwell, 24, or Las Cruets, and Wm, E. Fiahcr, 27, El Paso; Micaelo M. Romero, 10, of Mesquile, fuyj OrtBoriO G, Holguin, 24. Las j Cruces; Emilin Rodriguez, 18, nnri J'SO Sllva Gnnulcs, 28, both of Fishing Tackle Lines AND Hooks Ii, Gru J, L«l«r «nd FUEL COMPANY 111 South Cktirck Phones FOR SALE Large phonograph; drag scr«p«r; largo oak desk, small d«sk: dining table and 6 chairs, solid oak; bedroom suites; baby cribs. .Wood and coal cook stoves and ranges; all kinds wicks and repair parts;' all kinds hoes, shovels and rakes, and repair handles. Chicken wire, barbed wire, hog wire. II you trade with us, we save you money! LOZIER'S 311 NORTH MAIN TO EASE MISERY OF CHILD'S COLD RUBONWJCKS VVAPORUB Valley Loan and Finance Cdmpany Complete Financial Service EOANS Automobile-- Personal Furniture .? DISCOUNTS We buy all types of contracts. Established in 1036 129Vfe S. Main-St. -Ph. 445 A Sandwich and a Drink.. We make ihe Tory best sandwiches and fountain drinks. If you want a short lunch, this is ihe order! La Fonda Cafe JOE Y. ROGERS, 'M«r.

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