Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 18, 1975 · Page 15
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 15

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1975
Page 15
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Jh'-l'l;il!..Kri-cl''nH-.\i-M.s.Tnbiiii t .. TK..S.H.I-. J-Ybriuiry I ~ kT BRIDGE Jettison honor to stay afloat 1US · 5 1 » K t » . ! · X . I HIM I'iisS \oimi A i i 2 ¥ 10 3 » A HI « A A U 7 r 7 li 5 i n ) SIICTI1 A : g j » I) .1 i N o r t h I'.ISS Opening le.n! 18 j S 4 A A 3 » A 2 * K I) 7 4 * i) 9 s .; .1 HI 9 8 1 Ka*l South 1 * J A .1* The bidding has been. 18 ttfsl Nurlh South By Osw;ilil fc Janiei Jacohy Jcltison is n n.imiciil icrm thai applies 10 throwing cargo ovi'rbaird to lighten ,-i sinking ship. In bridge you jettison a winning card to g\.-t ii out of the way for some valid raison. We are indebted to George Coffin for toci;iy's jettison play. A very fan-less South wins Ilic club lead with his king and plays a lrnni|i luist takes his arc- and can beat ilip-coruract by leading a second club for his partner to ruff. A slightly more careful South wins (fie dob in dummy and leads a trump toward his own (land If Kast jilavs low Hints from Heloise l K N T K U I ' l t l S K ,\SSN · Processes remove odor from garment Dear Folks: Many of our readers have taken time to write to us in reply (o "Odoriferous" about how to remove odors from clothing. Many readers have tried white vinegar. Some have added cologne to the rinse water. Jackie Bennet used '2 cup of baking soda to two quarts of water on polyester fabrics and sweat socks lo remove odor and Mrs. W.E. Bedinger Jr., added borax lo the wash cycle along with (he detergent. I think the most successful method I have tried is to add ^ cup of white vinegar OR '-i cup of household ammonia to the rinse water. Do not rinse the garment again in clear water but hang (o dry. All traces of vinegar OR ammonia will be gone when the garment is completely dry. The garments I have rinsed in this way, the odor has not returned. The National ^Institute of Drycleaniiig has furnished us with the following information: "There are frequent complaints on odor problems in durable-press garments. The question is raised: 'Will drycleaning remove Hie odor of my durable-press garment?' "The odor that remains in durable-press garments is due to lack of proper rinsing in the final step of producing durable- press fabrics and garments. It is claimed that any odor in a new durable-press garment may be removed by washing. If this is done at the point of garment construction, the garment will no longer be regarded by buyers as 'new.' Service Directory 1 This explains why many consumers complain about odnr in new garments. Odor in a garment constructed to be drycleancd presents a special problem because drycleaning docs not remove the odorous durable press finish. "Some finishes, if improperly applied, can lead to an odor problem in the fabric. ·Drycleaning has nothing to do with the fishy odor. "The surest way to remove the fishy odor is to wetclean the garment if the garment is wetcleanable. Addition of a little white vinegar or ammonia to the wetcleaning bath seems to help in removing the objectionable odor. Usually, once the odor is removed, that is the end of it." I hope that this information will explain some of the reasons ivhy ve liave the odors in some of our clothing. Heloise Service Directory 1 Over 30 r e r e a d - n o A T,- Qv,n cquinmcn 1 VIK ". B r or; or T/ ·fie hour. B l l B.'"j'- :7 1379 E D G A i N £ S » A i .-g T A, G _ I nip-- - o r i e ·'«. r ,o" c 3 E E S H I P L E V S. Ir.KIO- ···Oun'ec ro'o ' - H e r . co. 1 ."' ,.t^.. i.i/. i sp'il,.",rj. 0:0,'.- i c.ei-- ' D O .11 I5v ' S 9 WALLPAPERING PAINING BULLDOZER WORK D 8 CJI .M0 ·fvf-':r.i;. 3 ;: ng pljntlmi am: r . o r nc; /ol-. E l l s w o r t h . Ph Si^ /7J-; I ' - i oc oMcJ l o i a l k ,v -h / c u aoo^i your protrom or no.v ,deo A n y p r o ' e c r s u c V .is b ,1 · hf o o n- r e C n s v r o o m TTCfiei or j d c - i ' L X '(. · ,, - o Of.' re : ' _ Pnprio ij.i i i j ? Quality Cab nr-rs i r..r r-o"i"^T Pointing, all phases o ' · - ~ i - , : : t - ing. No jcti 100 sm.-?ii ^) j-;c; S T O U T _ C O N S T t ? ' J C ~ ' l O N Cuslon^ rpmocifl-nt). h o m e s . $^lOps, (ounoTtior« 'l.o*v ccst houtinq av.i I T ' e c c s l 4 5 9 6 0 ^ 1 NEED MORE ROOM? Base men is e x c a v a t e d cemented ur.cier cxislincj hcmei. naU t n e c o s f cl budding on Atso concrete W O T K . Pr. -J66 2369 P a u l ' s c a r p t - 1 msi a n a t i o n Q u a l i t y w o ' k a t r e a s o n a b l e prices. Guaranteed. BALRWIN TRUCKING ' Ronald Baldwin " H A U L S A N D 8. G R A V E L " , Caiowcll, Idaho Upholstery done in my home. Custom work ( if non custom prices. Top qualily discoursed ' r i b r i c s W o r k guaranteed. J82 6J3J R E M O D E L I N G - C U S T O M BUILDING. Large or small iOIs, over 20 yrs. exp. Ricfiard Kolbo, -167 J770 ilfler 6 p ;n R U B B E R G L O V E S S L I P ON/ OI^F E A S I L Y . . . just s p r i n k l e a l i l t l e c o r n s l a r c h inside each glove. Idle items you in longer need setl (asi with a tow cos! C l a s s i f i e d Ad CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION 28 Y r s experience BSITIIS . tirives. patios, slops STOOD-; Q u a l i t y \ v o r k m a n s n i p g u n r G--emlincj, ^6 Cuslom Building 4 remodeling. S e a s o n a b l e . F r e e e s t i m a t e s ' J a c k Hall. 5 »81. Remodeling repairs Skiiica c r a f t s m a n for home or oubiic-ss p ro"ipl s e r v i c e . Pn .166 S966 TREE SERVICE IDAHO P E S T C O N T R O L ( F o r m e r l y Brassficlcls] Spraying of all Kinds, Complete t r e e service. Licensed, bondoc insured L u r r y R a i l s . 4 6 6 «376 PETERSON CONCRETE CONST. F r e e e s N m j t e s . D r i v e w a y s , Patios - s i d e w a l k s steps -e u r o s - chain link fence. For cua'ily work call G a r y . i59 3/JD EXCAVATING" [inrkhce work, any kino. S e p t i c M-ks. drain lie!os Dean Lil 'ic-f'eld E x c a v a t i n g J66 3725. * VACUUM REPAIR * ( · c o v e r . Compaq. E i e c t r o l u . F;lte r CJ^eon R o y a i . Eure'a, Kiruy. A,ir/Af Bells. b,u;s. ir*o'ors. sv*.tents, illi k = nos of p.iris. v.ei's R e p a i r B. Sales ',114 ;jin A v c . So., J66 25-si. VAN'S CEMENT WORK Polios, driveways, sleps, curbs tractor work. F rco estimates, Phone Slar 786 75O or 286-7418. TOP SOIL F ·!! din. e x c a v a t i n g , o'l'iinus. J6i J3»0or 466 4011 HOUSE MOVING A l s o huy .ind sell houses BOB R I C H A R D S O N . PM. J«6 9J)« Trenching or sprinxier s y s t e m s B, w^ler lines. Can irench 4" to t" wide Also backhou ex r d v a f i n g . Bob Blessing. Home-dale, Idaho 3 3 7 - 3 8 2 3 . Soon will be the time to install your sprinkler system in your yard. Call now for estimates 4598349. !7:. .A-.l Service Directory Build your nev; home or lix up the old one. Call me at Personals everything comes up roses. biU if K;ist hops up with (he ace buuth s king of clubs eels ruffed. A c;irefu! Soulh remembers lluil opening club bid and worries about a clul ruff. Then he uses with dummy's ace of clubs, jctnsnns his king of clubs nn Ihe ace of diamonds and leails dummy's deuce of spades, i Now all the defenders can collect are two hearls and Hie ace of spades, since South can ruff ihe second club if il is led. 1 » Puss 2 V Ub! .'I V I'.us i'.iai You. Soulll. Jlold: A A 9 7 6 » 2 » K .1 5 4 f. .\ () 8 2 Wh;it d:i \iv.i i!o nou' 1 A -- \\v slijjhtK favor a p;ts, hut uould not uilk-ize anolhcr double provided you arc sure lhal vuur partner won't Itaic il in. TODAY'S IJVKST10.\ Instead of passing your partner has bid ihrce spades over t!ic three lieait i-all by West What do vou do now? Answer Tomorrosv Sena $1 lo: JACOBY MODERN book !o "Win ai Bridge." lc/0 this newspaper). P.O. Box 489, Radio City Station. New York. N Y. [00)9 Q U A L I T Y Concrete d r i v e w a y s , sidewalks patios. CailEarl. 466-1594. Landscaping, shrub Irimming y a r d work No/; is me time lo gel this work 'done 467 5114 Beat those ruing fuel cosls 1 Call QualHy storm Window P r o d u c l s l o r F R E E E S T I M A T E Jit I W a l i e r i p . m . MOLKC S M O B I L E W I L L I N G SERVICE Grinding, rolling, mjxing a molassilyinci- 166 5564. * ELECTROLUX * Vcicuuir cleaner s. R o p e r s Supplies. W inaba JS-iQ);; .1J6662' 4 5 9 6 2 0 3 Excavating 8. Landscaping. Loon Hell. 4 5 9 6 1 2 6 or 4 5 9 6 3 6 0 Top soil. (,ll cfirl fertilizer. WOODY'S TREE SERVICE Rf'iioval (run. s^/rip re-ovj FREE ESTIMATES I CMeJ. p r,ini«j -159 6533 . E X C A V A T I N G Bjckhoe, Lanascapini) S. T r u c k i n g , D I C K N A Y L O R E X C A V A T I N G CO. Ph. JSJ 0351. evenings 459 7613 CONCRETE WORK Basenciils lo K-u«:k. 150 9781 B J FREE SERVICE Toppeu- Trimmed-- Removed Licensed Insured. Free Estimates, pti. 466 5200. NEW RINSE-N-VAC ileam clearrei pro- longi carpel life by ke^ *Vem cleanei lor-ge/i R^nl al AA RENTAI CENTER. 823 Nair-pO'Cald Bl.d . W-3375. O G S T A D ' S F U R N I T U R i ; 6?3Main,C,ildwell O P E N F R I D A Y N I G H T S _ T I L L 9 P . A A . _ S T O L E N SUN. P.M. Sony lope player tapes. From areen Muslang, at McDonalds. Keep player but return tapes. No question-,. B. Norman, j?j 3ru so. « ?!3, Edmonds. Wa 98020. _ Lecilhin! Vinegar! B6! Kelp! Now all lour in one capsule. Ask lor VB6 t . Penny Wise Drug Store, Nampa. inc S.iiv.ilion Army ,now h,is "iiiily puk up m Nompii ,irea fo; Uix ui-ducliblc d o n a l i o n s lurmlui u, licdclinn, c l o l h i n g . .ippli.iiici'S. lc ic ,l br.ic. 466 HB8H Nriv- company (usl jifmitteil wnips .ssue ,ic ricinm .mo hcailn program'. A strong Gcnernl Agenl needed C.HI colled 1Ut 62j 5650 "CANDOCADETTES" Can do anyihincj! Can't drive? Cheerful lady chauffeurs will lake you any place. Spring house cleaning, wall washing, '-lean bsml.allic or garage, haul your trash fo Ihe dump, baby sil Ihe elderly. Complele sel up and handling ol [urn. or garage sale. Call us. Reasonable rates 466 2088, 4665097, 4660598. COMMUNITY MENTAL H E A L T H C E N T E R S ' Counselling 8. Emergency Aid Days 446 8m · 459 0091 eves 8. weekends Phone 451 0091. P A R E N T S ANONYMOUS Help loi p a r c n l s who lose control. For more information. Ph. «6 727? days, 467 I63S or 419 1766 eves. Ken's Loan J e w e l r y loans money on anylhing ol value. We alsodo jewelry repair, diamond setting and mounling, too! 1226 Isl SI. So., Nflmpa. 466-9647. Income Tax 6 Male H»lp Wanted 10 Male* Female Help 12 Misc. for Sale 19 MELBA TAX SERVICE Ca'l Mis PoDinsoii. 4.95 2755 INCOME TAX SERVICE Elmer RosdaM, 215 Hudson 466-2164 M A N Y H A P F - Y R E T U R N S ! Neva Chapman. 26 years ex .perience. S5.CO up. 818 N. Illinois, Space 3H. Phone 459-177j Income Tax Service by Eleanor Hursh. T r a i n e d under Federated Tax .Service. 467 I75J Special Notices" ALCOHOLICS A N O N Y M O U S Nsmpa charier group meols Thurs. 8.-08 p.m. in Ihe Counly nidg.. 9lh Avc. 8. 2nd SI. So., P.O. Box 1024, Nampa, 466-3312. .Alcoholics Al Anon, Nampa meets Man. B p.m. M e r c y Hospital. Sun. 8:30 a.m. C o m - munity Cenler, C a l l veil. Wed. 8:30 p.m. 51. David's Episcopal Church. K a l e y Mcd. Center. 10 Logan. Wed. 8 : 3 0 p.m. 466-5476 466 3325. 459 6460 or 457-2152. Lost Found 5 LOST: Gold leather wallet. H,is Kangaroo fur insert. LOSI, in Nampa. REWARD, 166 3083. Income Tax 5 MIDWAY ACCOUNTING T,ixesS Bookkeeping Mrs. Shirley Jordan 459-4822. INCOME TAX SERVICE W e c o m e t o y o u r h o m c Seasonable rales. 376-2665. Schools Instruction 8 End r e a d i n g , e m o t i o n a l , learning d i s a b i l i t y problems loru'ver, with automatic phonic lessons in iusl 6 weeks or il c o s t s YOU nothing. Lasts a l i f e t i m e ! Lessons / or home sludy 467 1597. 1012 13lh SI. So. Nampa. E N J O Y YOUR PIANO! Privalf lessons with exp. -n sfrucfor. All ayri. beginners t h r u a d v a n c e d M A R J I ' S PIANO S T U D I O 466 5194. 50 Homo study courses on cassettes. 55 95 ca. Far F R E E list, Wrile P.O. Box 8?, Namoa. A R T C L A S S E S Day or evening classes. Mur;el Pooley, 466 037? or 4tk 1316. "To V.'nm a challenge? Wanl an I will irain you. You must be over ?J, bor.dable, .imbilcous 8. have t a r . Phone ·'.66 7060 for oppoinlment. 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Ask lor Bob. NOW H I R I N G : E x p e r i e n c e d p l u m b e r s , e l e c t r i c i a n s , a s s e m b l y men. K i n g Mtg Sport King Campers and Motor Hoiros. Top pay lor lop men. Apply in person only. 1808 In duslriat Rd. Nampa. Male Help Wanted Male FemaleHeTp ". 12 POSITIONS NOW OPEN FOR: · Car Hostesses* Cooks · Waitresses A3piyinPer',onbet'Aeen245 809 Nompa/Cold. Blvd.. Nampa "lnl'i|unl Hfifii.i-lnriin|,/,m-i " Nrnd Row Crop Farm Manager H'P monthly salary, fr. round cnifjlo/mcnt, pd. v a c a t i o n Fringe lienelils Reply Bon 286 c o kiflho Free Press, Nampa. Female Help Wanted 11 NEED: Denial assistant. Exp. nrelerrc'd bul will Irain Ihe right person. Apply in person. Or. Ilin. tan 4lt SI. So. Nampa. Lady 25 J5 years old. Must be able lo no heavy lifting be dependable. Appl/ in person al nn E. Linden, Caldwell. S E C R E T A R Y R E C E P T I O N I S T P'irl lime, 9 a.m. To I p.m Shorthand. l y p i n g s k i l l s , knowledge of Bookkeeping and p l e a s a n t telephone v o i c e . Position is in Cdldwetl hul prefer Nampa person, must l»fivp transporlaiion Wrile Box ?87, c' o Idaho Free Prt'ss. Niimpa. B.iby siller wflnled, liyhl housework 6 a.m. to J p ni. Five dollars per day. 467 6603. NEED lady lo help with lighl housekeeping in my home _ CalU66 5617 ask lor Ida. ^ull or par) lime job avail, lor waitress. Musi be able lo work noons fc'xcellenl for High school or c o l l e g e s t u d e n l . No ex pc-ricncc necessary. Apply in per50i|, Country Inn. 803 l?th Ave. So. Nampa. Male Female Help ~12 T Y P I S T - Fasl, a c c u r a t e lypist required lo v/ork in the com posing room ol the Idaho Free Press. Please c o n t a c t Keith Briggs at J66 7891 belween Ihe hours ol 3 and 3:30 p.m. Monday Ihru Friday lor i n t e r v i e w WANTED: R E G I S T E R E D N U R S E , supervisory dulies. day lime hours, near ski area, summer sports, many company fringe henelils, salary open W r i t e lo B I?, c/ o The News Tribune, Caldwell. Idaho 83605 WANTED FLY TYERS Glon L E v a n s needs ex PC'rienceillly l y e r s w i l h b u c k t a i l ' · o Work either fll home or in Itlnr-i Apply Glen L Evans. 306 I'.T ^r.ier Ave.. CaltUviHl L o c a l opporiuniiy. W e l c o m e Wagon InipinaJionat hiring representalivei for work in the Caldwell Narmpa Meridian area Flexible hours, car required Wnie Mrs. Grace Henderson, Rr I. Box 1730, i.aGrande. Oregon. 97650 An Equal Op portunijy Employer PHONE 466-76?! or 459-4«4 to o l a c e /our classified ad. it's lavi. easy f- economical. K J T K.V. needs a few workers. Apply R V. o f f i c e on Airport Road. Caldwell, Ask for A r n y ! W E S T E R N EMPLOYMENT S E R V I C E T a K m g appl'calions, N E F D - S a l e s m e n , Mgr. · Trainee.* Mechanic. Plumber, Comb. Fry Dinner c o o k , S e r v i c e station all en aant and o t h e r s . 10-J So Kirr.ball. Suito 10. Caldwell. _ j^ 1231 Looking lor sotie do*it-yoursel( fob securily in these uncertain times? Local Amway disrri bytor will show you how to get ii wilh 6 profitable part time businessol vour own. Phone 459- UPS for interview. ^^ H A V E " 3 O P E N I N G S . Op p o r t u n i t y (or S1BO w e e k . Bonuses. I n s u r a n c e . H a r d ooods. Commissions. Apply 9COJ Fairview, Boise. E x p e r i e n c e d c o m b i n a t i o n ainner Iry cook. Pollaro's Resfaurant, ^59 9791 for appl. R E G I S T E R E D N U K S E W E E D E D C a s c a d e C o n - valesceni. Center. J590BOB. Immediate Opening! Ambitious personable. S e l l i n g background desirable bul will Irain. Excellen! working conditions and fringe benefits. See L a r r y Nielsen at Burke Hudelson Ford in Nampa. Wanted - Used Aquariums 4596939 Beautiful clierry wood Har monium [small organ! wood carving around entire lop. 3 fl key OoarJ. Excellent cond. 5550. it,t 6J37. _ R I C C A R open arm, automatic May be purchased for balanre osving J59 1123. . ' r A c r e View building site Honaa T r a i l 90. Polalo peeler. Filler Food conveyors- Belt tlcvotor. pumps pressure pumps, with motors. Fool c o a l e r H e a l s e a l e r . P a c k a g i n g m a c h i n e . Misc scrap J46 0303 oarl mornings I97j New Zenith Trans Oceanic shortwave radio. DISCOUNT i S?50 Dial 4S969J9. S i e e l l r a m c 8. deck '.O'xj'uiility t r a i l e r . SI'S PMone J.W 6686 Heeler's A'jlo Repair Service C r a n e Opc-iiiny prices: O v e r h a u l s , a c y l . S?20 S750: V 8. S259SJ75 2514 Clt'vPlanc, JS9 9578 or J59 9050. UPRIGHT PIANO. s?oo 1968 D U C A T I P5cc,S?00 _ Plionc J«7 5167 _ _ HONEY Quarts. J S gallon containers. All kinds of bee supplies. Garden tiller, rjladiola DulDS. No Sunoay Sales. Coll Oarrow. J66-683S. Camper deluxe. S's'ioe in w/ bed. o v e r h e a d c a b i n e l s 8. loauinq iacks. SJ75. 459-9766 Employment Personnel 119% So. Xlmball 459-6321 Sales People 13 Personals I ' M A A A K I N G S I O O E X T R A A you can foo. Mrs. Daisy Kepharl, 466 2139 I iviil no! be responsible for any debts incurred by Jeannelle II. Brown as ol Feb. 15. 1975 diaries j. Brown Need someone lo lalt-. to? Call Holline anytime J66 3511 or J59 2311 INCOME TAX SERVICE VIRGINIA BLOCK ifd, Ccldwell -- 459-0448 "TR BLOCK" America's largest fax servi'ce Nampa: 1707 ?nd SI. so , 466 6331 and ??J Uth Ave. No. J67 1301. Caldwelh 1020 Cleveland, ·1590539 and in Sears, Caldwell. INCOME TAX - Reasonable rales. Marilyn H a r r i s , Greonleaf. Phone -159-6055. MANAGEMENT POTENTIAL Wehave openings for personsto train for management positions. If you meet our standards, we may have the job for you! · Also openings tor stoie clerks, luli or porl time in the Nampa-CafdweK Area. FOR AN INTERVIEW, APPtV ,N PERSON 8 A.M. lo 5 P.M.. Monday · Friday DepoilTenl of Employment -- CAlDWEll CIRCUK FOOD STORES SERVICE INFORMATION OF RELIABLE FIRMS SAM WANDA'S Vacuum Sales and ^Service WESTATES IRRIGATION CO. -- S«r«Ic* 25(1 '.i Mi. Center Riser Hsindlines ( 'Mi Wheel Lilies -- Complete and Installed. S ' 6 ' Wheels ...... $3850 Coll Dale Pailin 466-8209 or Tel-Car 888-1423 Unit 5505 LEADS FURNISHbU Rapidly expanding I He, health accident company. 27 y e a r s in N a m D a Boise a r e a , will in lerview people or positions as agenis. w h i l e looking for management material as wen. Wo inieno to expanu inio olhcr areas of Idaho when v.'e have Ihe right people. License is nol necessary, however il would be helpful Wo will train in a few Shorl a a y s . For interview call Mr Holdren. BBB 5351, 9 a.m.-12 D m commencing Sal Feb. 15 lues Feb. I8lli. [inc. Sunday! Situations Wanted ~?4 SEWING Prone 467-4943 Drop in bab/ sitting and sewing in my home. All types oi sewing. tall 466 4167 Child Care 15 Reliable baby sitlers, anytime cay or nioht. Any age, low tales! See us at 306 N. KimbaK, Apl. No. J, Caldwell. NEED Mature reliable person )o babysil few eves, including every of her Sat. ? pm 9pm in our home. Phone 466 2776. 3 Year old needs p l a y m a t e . E x c e l l e n t c h i l d c a r e , c l e a n surroundings. Phone -)59-66rfi. Licensed b a b y s i t t i n g . Any age. Phone J59-8633 A _ Wanda McConnell 69 T McConnell 2816 E. Linden 459-2562 - SWIMMING POOLS _Ji All Shapes of Fiberglass Pools s-~~-' tnstatledar DoII Yourself ARTISTIC POOLS 454-1019 Sales Service RI.3,Cald. HEAT PUMPS AH Types and Sizes -- Sales and Service CALL 456-8401 for the "dirty luinace cleaners" OWYHEE SHEET METAL '°TM- HIBBARD BROS. CONSTRUCTION Custom Built Homes and Remodeling. Call Bob 459-7048 or Bill 459-6515 "LAZY J" Sales Service · Mobile Hone Moiiif · Stt Ups · IPUC Authority " " ' · Insured · Unties» Skirting 454-1251 A MONTH IS ALL IT COSTS TO PUT YOUR ADVERTISING RIGHT HERE WHERE IT IS READ DAILT BY OVER 68,000 PEOPLE IN TNE NWPA-MLDWELL TRUING UEJ MILLER'S VACUUM REPAIR Hoover - Cunpacl -- K rby -- EletUolux -- Et-rtko -- Stnbearj -- ffahfcow and others - PARTI IN STOCK- Vour Authorised HOOVER Dealer FILTER QUEEN SERVICE PARTS 315 So. Kimboll, ColJwell, 459-6328 L A AUTOMOTIVE 1524-lstSI.So. 467-3802 FREE PICK-UP «. DELIVERY - AU WOW GWJMNTEED! 'eb'unf Spfi 8Cy' 6Cri . . . CALDWELL 459-7471 NAMPA SunMcCoi'ntll SAM and WANDA'S VACUUM SALES SERVICE * flainfeow · Royal · X7rby · · Compac* · Eledrofux · Si (m King 1 Hokjf's · Apoiio Home Co/* Products 2816E.Lindtm459.2563 GREEN THUMB INCORPORATED ·..· AG Chemicals Roneet. 2--1D, Epici.-n. .'.- Rcde-i'icides -.'.- Fie'dScecl .. Response Wicronu'nenls .'. Equipment 459-3349 ROOFING HAROLD T. KILLER Commercial and Residpniio! Free E(fimaf«i 466-3362 · PIPE .VALVES · STEEL Crooks Industries, inc. 1731 Industrial Rd., Nampa 467-4445 Heavy Equipment Rentals te' ·JS eV 40 TON CRANIS · CtADERS . LOADERS · COMPACTION ROILIR* 4 OTKIR O HIAVTAUTYIQUIPMINT '/emuto: pipt £o.,«c Caldwtll Blvd., Nompo PH. 4664971 SceAIAI... PEOPLE'S DENTURE UB A I Work Gvata-.'t»d - Pepai/i Whi'e f o j Wa-' I 8 Yean at Same Localion Hou/19 lo $ Weekdays 466-4205 ·atur^ft Eies. Gag e-s TRI-COUNTY CARPET "We're out to floor you" .. Nrnp« 467-4991 STORM WINDOWS w x LOW MOHJHLY WMlHn _ -25% SHIELDS ENTERPRISESf9 , A Tr / )6l6-3rdSl. S«. Mfl AJAEl S1S!!iS. v^l^ VB.467 T ii« 4o7-Z435'--'-- KIDDIE KOOP C A R E CEN T E R . all ages. Lgc. play area. Nursery, classes. Call 459-j?li. B A B Y S I T T I N G Any age. DayTime only. Drop- ins welcome. Debbie, 467 5666. Excellent care for your child. My home. Hoi meals. Play Rm. Icnced yd. Reasonable. 167-4504. DAY C A R E Humpty-Dumpty Cenler. Hoi lunch, slate licensed, pre-schotil program cerlilied teachers. 6:10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon. thru Fri. 511 Nampa-Cald. Blvd. 467-3652 or J66-2679 Money to Loan or Wanted 17 Tne spirit of giving is upon us and (Jncie Sam is in the mood lo receive. Money lor (axes, spring lix up. consolidation or any good reason. Loans up lo S5C.OOO wilh up to 144 months lo repay. Call Ihe "People-People" T e r r y , AM or Mel al NATIONWIDE FINA N C I A L CORP. across Irom Karcher Wall. Dial 466 ?jOJ. DEBT C O N S O L I D A T I O N Loans up to $25,000 Put your equily lo work. HI s. 2nd morl sage. R e a l E s t a l e loans Associates Financial Services 714 Cleveland. Calti. 459-461l' FIREPLACES All kinds, built-ins. free slan ding, franklins. New homes. remodel, mobile homes. Free e s t i m a t e s , free ideas, f r e t ? brochures. C o m p l e t e i n - stallation or do it voursell wilh expert advice. By..... ' M A S T E R C R A F T 459-7032 N E E D ' E X T R A CASH? win pay S1J per thousand lor night crawlers. Any quantity. 467 1904 WOOD H E A T I N G S T O V E S ! Ashley, Norwesler. OGSTAD'S F U R N I T U R E , _ 459-1691 _ CUT YOUR FUEL BILL IN 1/2! Wilh an "Cut in the Room" Fireplace. We have chimney kils. We Deliver and Install O G S T A D ' S F U R N I T U R E , ·159-1691 Good resale clothing clothes sold on consignment. The Villa Shoppe, 124 3rd SI. So., Sunsfl Villa Motel. Phone 466 7819. New C A S T R A T I O N a~nd D O C K I N G d e v i c e for in stallaiion ot rubber bands on lambs. To ellect the bloodless, painless castration docking! Easier (aster .installation. Only SI. 00, sold only by C.E Burkey at 1111 3rd Ave. N. P.O. Box 565 Nampa. Ph. 467-6393. D R Y F I R E P L A C E WOOD Mixed hard woods. *" Delivered. Phone 466-9376 Y E A R - E N D C L E A R A N C E SALE! Buy now belore prices go up. 20% oil on painting needs, paint, paint brushes, thinner, etc. ALSO, all styles ready made framed mirrors, ?5?o off, andwa!lpaper20 a iofl. Superior Paint 8, Glass, 123 Blaine St., ·Caldwell. Olfer good through February 26, 1975. New Spring Sportswear arriving daily. Missy sizes 6-20, half sizes 12'3-26'/ 7 . See at Betty's Henny Penny Shop. Old Mill Block, N. Kimb'all, Caldwell. 459-7512. Want to make your dollar S - T - R E T C - H ? Shop at "Sallies" for good used c l o t h i n g . The Salvalion Arrny Thrift Store. across from Police Station in Caldwell. Dry Prune fireplace wood. S20 Pickup load. Maggard Ranch Phone 459 61 37 . Homelite Chain Saws F a c t o r y a u t h o r i T e d s e r v i c e . Genuine Homelile parts. 1000's ol pans in stock. New chains bars, sprockets. Chains sharpened. b a r s m a c h i n e d 1 hammered. W E T R A D E ! W a r r a n t y w o r k , no c h a r g e D Y K S T R A ' S R E P A I R , J4-9th Ave. No. 466-7161. WOOD SIGNS Give a name plate as a gilt! Ranch 8. Businesssigns W E S T E R N C A R V E R S 466 50V3. CEDAR S H A K E S ?,' rcctfrom "lemill. Garage Sale 18 Swivel rocker, maple head- noaid, stereo components, baby Wings, vacuum. ?2t Morton Phone 467 3748 Misc. For Sale 19 1H£ proven carpet footer Slue luff'e i* POly on the badg,.! R«il 0 es forgone colo.i Her,i electric ihompw $; Supei Thrill Drugi. nj Holly, Na-npo. FIREPLACE WOOD C^H 59 4019 H Y D R A U L I C J A C K S R E P A I R E D A B B O T T ' S A U T O SUPPLY 12611thAvenufNorlh NAMPA. 466-4631 STORAGE Fern, A°iE}.'£"]S "*°* ^Mfi^rjo [ V A 1 ^ K t N l A L S . Spinets,"5 mo.. Consoles S20 mo K i n , a , applies on purchase price Ask 'or details, W I N T H E R MUSIC K ilrrhtir A» -.11 .,. ^ . . « '*.. bsl. Blue Ivilrf Ii Arrerico'i | 0 voiii t iVompooer SI. Owyhee Hnrd- »oie 4 Af.plionte. 1020-lsl Si. So. Lj £" lr - ; " 68 4M Kon ^i; 1966 Plymoulh station w a g o n ' small stereo; vacuum cleaner' 5 channel CB radio,- n channel I.B rodio; 9x12, ] j x Ii rca carpel. Call 1SI \SI1 Art you out ol milK? Well, come to Ihe Udder Place. c'cW We niw.iys have miiv at reason- TMf price*. Homo-S1.35pergal., 2'451.79 per gal., so ccnis dco on lug. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 10a.m. 10 p.m. End reading, emolional, 4 learning disability problems lorever, wilh aulotnalic phonic lessons in just i weeks or n costs you nolhing. Lasls n lilelirnel Lessons t,/ or home sludv 467- li«- 101? I3lh SI. So. N\m" s . R E N T new Bale, option lo buy. P I A N O O R G A N _,, 11=K NamDa Caldwell Blvd.. Namoa Furnltur* t Appl. 2 1 CUSTOM FURNITURE Disabled Veteran 3 5 or *

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