Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 28, 1951 · Page 8
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 8

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1951
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT LAS CHUCEB (!». M.)'BUN-NEWS Thundtr Ertnlng, Jun. J», Wahoo Reynolds Racks Third Shutout As Yanks Walk Over Senators, Climb Within One Game Of Leading Sox Hy JOK ItKIC'III.KU ·tAHMK-ialnl.I'rc.s'i Spo'rtH Wrifi-r) "- Thr hcittent JiurJcr in ttic majors lodny in Allie (Wahno) Reynolds, Jlic part Indian ri^lithanfler from ~l!itlifiny. Ok In., who toils for the New York Yankees. I-asl ni^'ht he jacked up hi:i third ,. straight s h u t o u t as the Yanks wiiijtped Ihe WnHliliijjlon ticnal.or.4 2-0 on five bits.. hy Gene Woodllng. Joe tallied the .second Ynnkte run on a double in the sixth and a .single by Johnny Mizc. Trucks I'avcs Way Some nifty relief pi telling by lo with two mtitcB aboard. 12non Slaughter collected I wo singles, a double and ti iplu :uid drove in f five MIIIH to lend the Cards In an crisy triumpb over the Cubs. Studebakers Take Popular By 17-4 In Junior League Sinnnior recreation Softball Junior league's SLudcbakcT Kids fiwept to n smashing 17-4 defeat over Popular Dry Goods last niplit. Rough Oakmont Course Finally' Taken By Ferrier OAKMONT. Pa., June 28 I/Pi -' Tlie Orge of Oakmont is no mor?. This historic, which has ,_ - l i m i t . (.-\ m i d i i i i i j i n r t tin l i i n i . n r n.P wrlory plim nftlroil's 3-2 , hln] w j t j l nolj(jd ( J I l L |lo wa , h(!U win ov«r Cliri. B ., enahlcd t h e ,,,,. R ^ IW(J b . mon . , o f(|m . ,,, :^ i i n k c e s t i . i : l i i i i b w i t h i n one K H i m J l m BII .. J)V w j t l l U|c ty(|lff nin . Some nifty relief p l l c l i l n w by the Cuba, over Popular Dry Goods last night, "us Historic cumsc. VHUL-H mis Virgil Trucks pavcil the way for w ,,,, u H UIllK1 fc|| of C i n c i n n a t i ! Outstanding hitter for Ilia Stu- wiliwtoodoniilaugUls or the world's the 'lU'cis- win over i h o While wim ., h u r l l n g d ,, e , f r o m y ,, 1inff (lobahei-fl was Luuero with two K'"^ P olf(!rH ° ht ' (;oniQ I10LC " ttj Sox. TnickH replaced Ted Gray in Bo ,, ,, Y)cm i uf piltshnrKh. KHITIH-I triples. Caimmuz with a triple H n.l L )ie . nation s lou f e hc«t test, h,.s the ncvcnth w i t h the Timers in (Jl . n w$s Oll | y a St i1k« away from K'm;le, and WilHiiKliani with an- f i n ( ' l l J r l a l c = n « Baling, fr/.tit v.l mid n m n c i K nn fjrui. ;inil ,. ,.i...i,...i ...!,,,,, T,;M t i,,,\,,...i," N nUier trinle. Ciakmon*. s old man par -- no a of the Aim-riran Ix-a^'ue Ipfulinp AVhlte Box. The third place Hn«- 'lon Red Kox alH'i closed in un the fi-Ji victory over Irndcra with niilmleljihiu'.f Alhlctlcii nnd ·now litre t! ganiL-H off thn puce. llrooklyn'fi N n l i o n n l L e fi K u e .lending Dodgers crushed the New York Giants 10-1 to widen their .margin to nix- Annies over thoir : inlernoroii£h rivaln. The SI. i/wiis CanJInalf) vvii'J loped t h e Chicago "Ciilifl- H-2- and Cincinnati edged .J'lttnljurKh 2-1. 'Shcllitcks ftrcwns Clcvclrutd t ;hi:ilacked tin: St. J-mi- JH BIOWIIH fl-1. IJoKlon'H IJriivnji and the Philadelphia Phllls w e r e i j n niiiiiMi o»l. j j, ( Th'. 1 ;!2-yt!;n'-old Reynolds was Jn lioiiblt! only In the f i f t h when iiriiu Vt-iblc «lanum.'d a tlu'ee- K-.-r with one o u t . A l i i Trucks with l h « Bob IHI Jn into a douliic play via the a ulnitoiit when liill Howerton wul lopcil a liume run for Ihe IJue'jn eei 1 in the n i n t h . f i l liix Hhiitoilt by Rotting- rival pjti ln-i MOM John.-ion to fly lo whorl l i ^ h l and f i i i Conn to ground out. Hrynolrls ^TjilHtcrini; his ctj;hlli wm afHt«i four d e f r a t w , hnan'l ullo'.vcd a mil in II|K \nn\ 2H 'li'.\ I n n i n ^ H nor a bane on hali'i In \\\ '2.'J iiiiilnjjs. A H i c is .shooting for thrre new m a i l f r i inosl wiUTi.'MHli'c filiul- ·oiii gfiiiten, in/iHt HiiecefiHlvti Hhul.- ont Innin^H nnd itutHl eoniiCLMillve intinij;;i w i t h o u t a haau on bailM -hill IH- hti» it lon^ way to gu. H u r l s Slmtntit i;. Hiiitls (DiiL-l White Jnirlcil livi- :,tntif;hl f i l i u l u i i l gnnn.'K for Ihr Whin- Snx hni-)( In JIKM. Wattiir J ' l l u i M t n piU'lu-d f.O roniei.uUve i i u i l n g t i for \Vanhlnglon without atlriwhij; * i n n in l!'i;i. f i n i H t y MHthii'A'Kon did not IKSIIV 1 a liiiiii- un ballH I h n t u g h (IS con- t - ciilivi- imiliiKH fur Ihe Gianlii in ]in:i. W h i t e nwiw the Aincil- r n n Li'iiguc n n i i k uf 0^ 1/H In- nhiK.v Hi- i t i f o n i ] i ] l s h c u t h e feal In M'OV. Tin: YiinliiM'H ttimlp only fjeven h i u n ^ i i i t i s l cx-iiialcb Don .lohn- nun ami Tnni Fi-iriek. Phil HUi-.u- in i,|,i-ni-i| |lti giiinr widi n double tn ri|;l.l nnd ;iL'(n ed on n itiiigle and t h r e w out Nellie Fox to Ihe threat. The TiKrrn broke the tic in the eighth tin ninnies by George Koll and Pat M n l l l i n and I a nin-Hei.nng fly by Dick Kry- hojiki, Trij)Ien by Dom DlMaggio n n d Ullly Goodman and r.lnglM by ChaVlle Miixwi-ll and Ted Williams combined for three Red Sox runs !H the tievenlh. which enabled them to conic front behind and nip Ihe A'H G-r.. Pitcher Hay .Scarborough, who (darted for IJr.ston, was .struck liack of lh': head by Carl plckoff pltcili in the third. X-rays were noga tlvi? but lie was iidvlstid lo iitay at u hoHjiilal over- Minor League Results Hy Tin- AfiS(H-iad'd jike IiIaHter banged in four runs li a hunter nnd two Klnglen t o j p the I n d i a n a Inml Ihe lasiLJ ce P.rowitH Uieir eiglilli suereH-J Hive Jo, 1 !:!. i I'Jon Newcontbc coasted to his lUtli victory as his Jjrouklyit males n«cd two i n n i n g K ---· :i four-run f o u r t h and n six-nut sixth -- to down the GianlH. Andy Piifku bhisled lilf) J O U i homer with two on I n tin; f o u r t h and Duke HnydiM' lilanniKid his 15Ui ami IfiLh. alh- MISSION - M- s i 1 l.i Pu i-it Admisfiion 50c - 40c - lOc . Phono 413 TODAY Thru SAT. 2 FIRST R U N S Robert RYAN lolrt TREVOR IHnHr WOhW WKST TKXAS..NK\V M K X I C O Clovis ]. r », AlbiiqiKirqiiu ·* Lanic.'iii f, Abilene 8 Luhhotrk 7, P;impa 1 J3orf;cr C-2. Ain-'iriJlo 1-1 SONTMWKST IN'l'KHNATIO.NAL Ll-IAtililO I'liopdiv fj, .In.'ircX '.i TucHon 8-G. Tijuumi :-t-4 (tn»t ff;trtu 10 Innin^.s) 8! F'ilKU (i, I l J H l M T - U O I I K l l i q 1 I,nn Vrgns 4, Mcxlcnli :j Y u n i a 14. K] C.'cnro 4 T K X A S L K A C U K Houston 3, Hcniimnnt n Furl Worih n. Oaklttiumm C i t y J Diilla.s ,'{, TiilflH 1 ShrcvcpoiL -1, Kan Antonio 0 I'ACIKK! COAST I.KACUK .S;m Krancisco IT), .SncniniL'titu U Seattle 1, J-o.'i AnRCli;a ' Hollywood (t. San Diego 1 Oakland li. Poi'tland .1 iLlier triple. Ro/.ale.s, pitching for StudebiiU- ur, iilloweil only I vvo hi Us, taken by Pvoniero and Salazar for Popii-j i 1; "'' I Jn the Hcnior league, the Columbian Kquires t'»yj( nvnr DcMolay | 1 by E'-'l. BarncasLlc was leading hit- I '' I ter for the Squires while Parsons ' '' 1 t y f i k Imnnrs for the DeMoIay crew. ! ( ' n " w h n w °. n -" M 1!H7 - That's («« Romero was winning- piteher, Es-! ril ' Kl 6H manufactured here in a pcey loainjj. * ' i n a t i o n a l tournament since Al Ks- TnntplitM* .sciieclutc in BUmmcr · P inns;i tli(! il ir ! Ihe round K O f t h a l l is a.s follows: ! of th(! 1027 n-' -- ylong Junior league -- Unrs Lodge vs. i w i t h othc1 ' m u n t l s of 83 - 8n an(I ' 79 - Hivr.s Ktudio. Keninr lea gun '--- Las Cruces K u r n i t u r c vs. Turrenline Chevrolet. Adult league -- Myers Company V.H. Los Cruces Klfrnitnre. Game lime is 8:1!} in Lions I'ai k with an admission charge of ? ,25 for -- yinldc'i to a half dozen of t h e MO slftrlers in yesterday's upeninif rn:md in the .'Uird PJA championship? I'tvc- othevs in I h e fast ficl'l lirjislicd oven \vil.'i him. Out front ny I wo Htrokes with Jini Ferricr, ! the Australian-J.nn San Kr-ancis- tlicy went into Itfday'a "scuon'.i 18 liolca to pick the 61 match play entrants were defeniHng-champioh Chandler Harper of Portsmouth, Vn.; r Lloyd Mangrum, dapper former national open king Ciuni Chicago; Lew Worsham, hosl pro and former open champion; Wi-.lter Eurhemo, 32-year-old Franklin, Mich., entrant, and Ed- (Pority) Oliver,.pudgy Seattle, Wash,, star. In the twu i/ational opens played here in 1927 and 1835, only one par 72'was shot in the four rounds. *BuL yesterday five players hit the magic figure on the nose. They are Claude Harmon, former Mnsl- erfi winner from Mamaroneck, N: Y.; Chuck Klein of Sun Antonio. Tex.; Charles Easslcr of Catons- vilie, Mr,; New Yorker Pete Cco- per uf White Plains and bespitf; taeled Al '-Brosch of Garden City. Rain which full last night is expected to slow Oakmonts lightning g r e e n - a n d make even bcticr scores possible today. Of the 11,000 different kinds of haclcrla, only about 100 are hann- fnl. Theie were l.-MG.OOO registered fc: death:i in the U n i t e d States dui- ^^| ing 1950 as compared to 3,500,000 *^j** registered births. ^r-9 Brazilian soil produces every crop known to man and contains: every known mineral. Irish Murphy Hears Crack Ai Lighi-Hiavy After TKO On LaMotla By J I U R H A V - HOSE NEW YORK,. Juno 28 wi -Irish Bob Murphy, the' fighting ex-sailor, is almost in sight of his soal -- a shot at the liRhl heavyweight title -- after his smashing seven-round technical Knockout of Jake LnMptta. The red-haired slugger, boxing's liitcst box office sensation, sot the stage for a 1 crack at champion JUG Maxim by battering nnd slicing the Bronx Bull's swarthy features before 21,257 roaring fans at ^Yankee stadium- last night. The gross gate was S11G,6!)0. Today Irish Bobby and co-managers Irving Cohen and Travis Hatfield sit down with Jack ·Kconis, Maxim's manager, and Jim-Norris, president of the Inter- nationa! Boxing club, to discuss a date for a Murphy-Maxim title scrap in _Ncw York. From the f i f l h on LaMotta, very slow afoot at a bulky 175 pounds. Big Fireworks Display --7 July ,4th . i S76WI DRIVE-IN JAe*** I BLOCK OFF U.S.80 ON COLLECt B»AP L A S T T I M E S T O N I T E ! '·"5XM\ 1WtftW\W*W+ **t RAIDERS PLUS SECOND SCREEN HIT JOHN WAYNE 1 EXTRA! BUGS BUNNY COLOR CARTOON RIOT Warren Douglas ?.n "SecreiE o£ Monis Carlo" News Color Cartoon Eiffel Tower Hi-Wire Thrill ! ! P L A Z A * STATE A Face to Haunl Ihe -Earlh Forever . ~,. T O N I G H T Thru S A T U R D A Y Plus "BLONDIE BRINGS UP BABY" dripped blood from every.' poro. : / JIIBL before the bell rang la..end. i; . the .sevont round, blood, gamhed, t'\ from a.deep "cut: 1 over. Jake's ·llcft . eye. ' " '.. ; . '-, GOOD EVENING Pleasant Lisleniig K O B E ; . » · . 1450 On .Your DUI ' TONIGHT - THURS., ""i"si." ··"··' :l: '-"''"' i: '-7 v - '·"".'· J:liO Evoning: Bui'crs'Guido 5:00.. Mcrl'g Hccord SIluw StilO Bobby'Bcnso'ri'. 6:00 UP News . " ' 6:15 Fulton Lewis, Jr. . 6:30 bet's Waltz , 6:46 . War News · , · . 6:50"' .Sports Cast 0:55 ' Bill Henry New? . 7:00- .Korwa'rcl America 7:28 · ' EtlUy 1 Arnold 7:30 Tile Unexpected ,-· f 7:45 Erra'nd of Mercy 8:00 A Lull for Leisure 8:15 I Love A Mystery 8:30 Jackpot Jamboree 9:00 UP News 8:15 Navy Star Time' 9:30 Reporters Roundup 10:00 News ... 10:05 Sign Oft TOMORROW -- FRi.' A. M. · 6:00 UP News 6:05 ' El'Cbrrldo Mexicano 7:00 Robert Hurlclgll . ., 7:15 Farm and Ranch New« 7:30 UP News 7:45 . Trading Post 8:00 Cecil Brown . " 8:15 Onther Round Kids · 8:25 News 8:30 Morning nuyers U'JldR \ 0:00 Morning Devotional 9:15 Three Sons \V 9:25 News 9:30 Queen For a Day - ' J0:00 Facts and Fun.lor Everyone 10:15 Lanny Ross . * 1U:V!5 News'* 10:qO Ccdric Foster irtMfi Curt. Massey ' 11:00 Tony Fontaine , ft Co. · 11:15 Stun Lomax Hpbrts Views · 11:20 News ~ ' _ , 1.1:20 Detroit vs. Chicago K O B E Your Friendly Station A MUTUAL. NETWORK . ' . . ' .'·AFFILIATE I 2 MORE DAYS · Open Friday Evening DuN'T MISS BOY SCOUT FIREWORKS SHOW, JULY 4lh, AM CAMPUS! WOMEN'S MISSES MULTIF1UMENT · RAYON CREPE SLIPS Lnvdy, lai:i. 1 I r i n i m c c l top and hc'in, \ v h i t u ancl paslcli;. Vim hnvc .si.'i.'n lliusu slips sdl i;]sc % - wlutu fur as nindi as S^.SI . . . all sinus . . . $1.97 WOMEN'S AND MISSES RAYON CREPE GOWNS and FINE SLIPS Kinc q u a l i l y n i u l l i f i l i m e n l crepe . . . l u x u r i - ously hire t r i m m e d . " Roy. in $:i.ail. 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PLAYTEX SUPER FOAM PILLOWS The greatest discovery in sleeping t:uinfurt in over" 1,000 years, ancl a w o n d e r f u l selection of coverings in r e g u l a r or extra plump . . . make your scledion now while our stocks are complete . . . $9.95 to 11.95 QUILTED MATTRESS PADS Finest q u a l i t y . . . 100'"! new filler of absoruilive cutlon fabrics . . . twin or double si/.c . . . S.1.88 COTTON PRINTS Thousands of yards of these fine materials . . . pretty, colorful III) square . . . summer patterns . . . colorfast. lieyular -I'Jc . . . 3W CHILDREN'S RAYON PANTIES First quality . , . all pastel colors and white. Sixes 1! lo 12 . . . LOOK FOR THE'MANY VALUES LIKE THE ONES LISTED BELOW FAMOUS CANNON SHEETS ' Fine q u a l i t y long staple cottons . ... type 128 ... long the favorite of housewives. Will last the average family for over 4 years. Stock up now and save. 81x99 72x99 81x108 $2.49 - 2.39 - 2. 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