Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 26, 1962 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 26, 1962
Page 12
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Cuban Crisis is No. 1 Story of 1962 B y MARY CAMPBELL hate a n abortion H e r ac iis ,i ; n · , · . ,, , · ) · ,, · AP Newrfeaturet Writtr imi^«f ,!,,, ,,,., ,,, .1 , - . . : . ! . "'. m ' ·""·""« Oa - -^ i^J iuu,;, S atiua in!o pure fixing, 9. Cosmonaut -Mai. Andria lhe uivuiiu m? \\oii.j lout-ieo on tne . . Kino Dru" \dii top news storv of 1902. ., , . .? '. r.,,. , - jtnalicKniHH' fron I his vas the announcement byl/ . . ,, PreMdent Kennedv of the Cuban "' . [wlM quarantine. The quarantine and ensuing developments Mere voted , ,. , " y Uini "' r Kri ' llna . and asUil for! An oli-yi-ar election cam-j ,,,,,.,, th ' an 'Ipaisi! which failed to spark much % hours. times in his 1.6 million miles inl ' minutes. Circling in iwi auif tii uif (_ njuxi OldlCS ?0 "·· *.«uui\;i. 4Uiu *MMU ivl I "--e *·« few Ihalidomide-defurmed babies! arms ilum Bl ' itain and America..''"'·^-'^m resulted in continua- "Pace at the same time was Lt. '·' ,,,,,,.,. i i ,, . . '. \\~han ,1,.. U..J r»u:_... - n i ' t if in nf th*» l).ini/ur^tip Knt /·««_! Col Pavt*l Pnnnvi/tli in Vn*4«L member newspa-, aus( were born here. But experts put' W n e n lne KH) the total of babies Iwni without I l ' ease ' fil ' e Nov - r.ed be-' 1 " ^ niiles of ;ant of!p |;iins of Assam. called a: t i u n v ' tne Ui'niocratie but con-'t'ol. Pavel Popovich, in Vostok limbs u soci Oct 22 after a week of tense conferences and veiled mobilization by U. S. armed forces. The ,, . - : , - - - crisis was born when U. S aerial £,^''^Thl " *° returned 5. The stock market, after ,, jagywi five-month decline, on May land si ai Intel ' «hares sold Mav 28-9.3 million, , , . , , · iiun. nw ud\S i ;as the fifth greatest since Black Cu annount . e j it Tuesday. Oct. 20, 1929. mer then rallied mildly towards wear's end. 6. Hed Chinese soldiers, announcing they were repelling In- since number of rci-onnaissance planes with photographic evidence of Russian missiles on Cuba. While a jittery world held its breath. Soviet ships with unknown T ' ie market gained on May 29. orders steamed toward the I'. S. slum P l 'd again through the sum- Naval; blockade. The Navy came alongside 55 Cuba-bound ships, then let them pass through. After a scries of statements that began with bluster and moderated to surprising compromise. Premier Khrushchev agreed that Russia would demolish its missile Bites in Cuba, took his rockets and jet bombers home and said a U. N. team could conduct onsite inspection in Cuba. Cuban Premier Castro balked at the on-site inspection, but the high .tension had eased Second place in the editor's pnll went to Marine Lt. Col. John H (Jlenn Jr. Americans, smarting from the 17-orbit space trip of Cosmonaut Gherman Titov in August 1961, followed Glenn with nail-biting concern through 10 postponements of his flight, the blastoff of his Friendship 7 spacecraft the morning of Feb. 20, the four-hour 56-minute, three-orbit flight,, and his safe recovery in the Atlantic. The President flew to Cape Canaveral to pin a medal on Glenn; Now Yorkers threw a record 3,474 tons of confetti .and ticker tape during his Broadway parade; Glenn received 30,000 fan letters within a month, and most people said there hadn't been anything like it since Lindbergh. When Negro James Meredith enrolled in the previously all-white University of Mississippi, the clash.of federal and state power and subsequent violence made a dramatic story editors chose No. 3. Meredith, 29-year-old Negro, registered at Ole Miss on Oct. 1. Earlier, Gov. Ross Barnett denied Meredith admission to the school three times. The courts found the governor guilty of contempt; President Kennedy federalized IJle Mississippi national guard and sent in federal troops. On Sunday, Sept. 30, Barnett announced he would not close the university to block integration. Meredith then was escorted on campus and a night-long riot erupted in which two men were killed and scores injure'd. Maj. Gen. Edwin Walker was arrested for inciting students, who Kept heckling Meredith long after--he began attending classes. Other choices in the editors' top 10: 4. A new word, thalidomide the name of a sleeping pill-tran quilizer drug, entered the nation's vocabulary in 1962. .News of the drug-startled a world that learn ed U. caused deformed babies wherr'taken by pregnant women Mrs. Sherri Finkbine of Photnix whosq: husband had brought her thalidomide from Europ.'. filed suit in a state court for permission . 21. they were with-! servjtlve complexion of Congress.\ K - Popovich was up 71 hours. 59 ,:ained four teats in'i'inutes Aug. 12-15, for « orbits j t h c Svnate, for a 68-32 split, lost and nearly 1.24 million miles. The the House, still lead 259- Soviet space twins made radio 'jl76. The Solid South and rock-rib- a "d vi!; iial con tact and said later companies signed a con^ M | N , nv England broke tradition 'hat though they were at one id not attempt a rendezvous. 1C. Billie Sol Estes, big wheeler-dealer from Pecos, Tex., was arrested by the FBI March 29, testified April 4 that his assets were $20 million and his liabilities $32 million and found himself and his financial empire the subject ,, : '.vith Oklahoma electing its first an hour in benefits but no pay Republican governor and Vermont increase, after Pn^idi-nt Kennedy and New Hampshire their first asked that they hold down infla-iDemocratic governors in genera- I'. S Steel]tions. Republicans became governors of some populous states -York. Pennsylvania. Ohio . Five days later. 1 was raising tin price of steel $6 a ton. Within three days, eight other compnniesland Michigan. Biggest casualty announced corresponding hikes, . of lhe election was former Vice An angered Kennedy sent aides' President Richard M. Nixon, who °' investigations by the Senate, to steelmen whose companies had! presumably reached the end of House, federal and state grand! not yet raised prices; the Jusliceihis poliiical career with defeat in juries, the Texas attorney general Department threatened a grai«l ! l'alifornia. and the Department of Agriculture. Charges piled up portraying Estes as having undercut compe- .ition to become the biggest li- GLENN CLIMBS INTO CAPSULE - Astronaut John Glenn climbs into the Friendship 7 Mercury capsule atop the Atlas rocket at Cape Canaveral Feb. 20. Glenn orbited the earth three times, was greeted as a national hero on his return from space. ENFORCING THE OUARANTINE-The L.S. Navy radar picket ship Vesole comes alongside the Soviet vessel Volgoles Nov. 9 somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean The wing of a Navy patrol plane is seen overhead. quid fertilizer dealer in Westilarmerb on imaginary storage, Estes was later sonlenced li Texas, collected MO million fromjtanks, illegally obtained 3.00o! Tyler. Tex., to eight years in I acres of cotton allotments andiprhon on criminal charge! of i received S8 million in [edwal swindling aud theft, awaits trial ( f u n d s for storage of surplus gov-!on other state and federal eminent grain. | charges JAMES MEREDITH, carrying briefcase and eye glasses, Is escorted on the University of Mississippi campus Oct. 2 by Chief U.S. Marshal James McShanc, left and another marshal at right. At far right is one of the Army troopers stationed on the campus. Meredith, the first Negro to enter Ole Miss as a student, registered Oct. 1. the day after a night-long riot on the campus. 'age 12 (JREE1.EY T I U H l ' N E Wed., Dec. 2ti, 1962 SEE . . HEAR COMPARE Th« Beauty of PACKARD BELL Color - Black and White - Hi Fi and Stereo tSnila aaJ Ontiollailm cDui tSfucLatty PhMw EL 2-2113 1720 9th Strtct TIRE SHOP -- 611 Greeley, 8th Arc. Colorado Top Ten Stories jbuy first Riverside Powergrip Snow i ire or IST-107 at Wards No-Trade-in price get SECOND O THURS.,-FRI.,-SAT. 1. Russia establishes missile bases in Cuba, U.S. successfully blockades. 2. Three-orbit f l i g h t ol As- | tronaut John Glenn I 3. James Meredith enrolls i as the first Negro student in the University of Mississippi, two are killed in rioting. 4. The drug thalidomide is found to have caused thousands of babies to be born deformed i 5. Worst stock market dip since 1920. 6. · Red China invades Indin 7. Steel price rise is rescinded under pressure from President Kennedy. 8. Off-year election. 9.' Two Russian s p a n m c n 01 Kit for several dny.s ;mH e.^ lablish visual and radio conlacl 10. Investigation "f business mdiiipulations il liillic Sol Ks- tes. Gets Vestments COLOGNE. Germany--Cologne's. Schnuetgen Museum recently ac- quirpd what it calls one (if Uic world's finest collections of church vestments. The garments. were assembled by A u s l r i y n K m - ; press Maria Tlvtraa in 1773. j RIVERSIDE NYLON , Agowl df («lt fl rno rnarnrvp (or Ma of ("ad. Ad- prool'd on tifod wear. NO MONEY DOWN FREE MOUNTING *.70-I5 tubid black Guaranteed 15 full months! No) a retread or second but a brand-new Nylon tire. 6.70-15 or 7.50-14 block tubeiess 11.69* *. n; ui cici-p ttr and yow old ttrf. Wfcff^wolli 13 mfr«. ST-107 NYLON POWER GRIP NYLON GUARANTEED NATIONWIDE FOR 27 MONTHS Mattrlftls - installation .,_ All Styles WKLLBR LUMBER CO. tr. o - i t r : r r f r , r m n e w - c n r p i l e s of t o u c j r i . bi',v/out r w i t h ^.VJO tr,vt";n fr,r fritra r o ^ ' f t j r i p p f n g act'nr.. · Extra tttcp. Belf-elfanmo t i f a H for ''Sure-Go" in hub-cap-Jeep snow. · ? outside row» of ind«vifliifll Vdtr iitrong. sawtooth buttreisrx add Do liar for dollar thr hp*1 m iis a« for K a f f t y P nd ov*r fl || preform- · Ruin quietly with no whine r KC ' growl. OFFICIAL STATE INSPECTION STATION - WHEEL ALIGNMENT - BRAKE SHOES INSTALLED MI.'iN SI 1(17 !"'; ':'·" I I l ' l . ' J 5 ' . J 7 - i .; | M . I ; .,,|;. , , 5 5 . ''· M' ·'· 71.95 'n I" «.',n |j ro.95' 1 '' " : ! ' MKI I I 76.15' m - ' i " i ' l l 32.45" Inr ' i m n 30.05'$;»i;-, W l i l r ' wli:li-«-i!l- .', innro I,,T n,i-- Ml

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