Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 12, 1976 · Page 24
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 24

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1976
Page 24
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24 CREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Fri., Mirth 11,1KI A + nnp /f\ All Nations Ptnttmiai JMMihii. TlrsmilR. D*»!t * 30a.m. Sunday school 10:« a m. Morning Worship. 4: 30 P.m. Youlh Pel cwsh.p ':30p.m.Even1n 9 servrct. 7:JO p.m. TtntrMay. Evangels Baha'l Filth lIlZIIhAve. JJM1N 8p.m. Friday Flrriidei in the tit fliisiieitiAve. B«rean Fundamental Church Rev. Roicov Schulti, Paitor til 3fth Ave. Ct. Creeley, Colu. ». Mo. m. Sunday School. 10: 40 a.m. Morning Service. 1 P.m. Evening Service. 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Family n Bible sludy and prayer. Beth Uriel Srmgogui 1611 Reservoir Rd. 10:30 a.m. Noon. Sunday daises 1 M7y«n. 7 p.m. Thursday. Hebrew L'tions ·cthel Bipllit Church ftev. George Dvirnak Gary Jarvlj, Yauth Paitor 1107l7thAv*. 9:lSa.m.SundaySchool. 10:30 a.m. Morning WorjhJp. S Topic: "The Love Of Ihe Dtp Christ." S:3Q P.m. SOul Dimension. 1 p m. Evening Service. Musical N 7 p.m. Wednesday Midweek Servlc Bethel Lutheran Rev. Htrold Broke ring 4th it. jitd walnut Windsor 9:15 a.m. Sunday School. ID: 3D a.m. Morning Worship. Bbl*MI»loniry Church lit HthAve. Rev. Reuben Paul 10:40 a.m. Morning Worship. 7p.m. Youth Fellowship. 7:30 p.m. Evening Service 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, mid-week vice. Bonell Home Chapel 701 llnd Street ErwlnF.JinMcn. 3 p m. Services in Wall Chapel. 3:4$ P.m Services In live Frl Cenier. Broadview Park Church HI Ifilh Ave. Ch§rl« B.Cray Hirold Kim tit, Minister oivisltitlon 9:Ma.m. Sunday School. IO:4S a.m. Morning Worship. 7 p.m. Wednesday. Family n Explorers Cub, Junior Hlgn Fellov and Adult D b e Study. IBDllfttlAve. Warren L. Norton 9:4ia.m. Bible Schoolforallflncs. 10-JSa.m Morning worship. 7 p.m. Wcdf f.rtav. BIS e Sluly, Churcti ot Wlndior 510 Walnul Street Dr. Rebcrt P. B*rn*s 9:30a.m.5undaySchooI. 10: 30 a.m. Morning Worship. Church BfChrltt l.llilhSt. JKitSleptitni 11 a.m. Morning worth p. 4 p.m. Sunday nlghl service. 7 p.m. Wednesday. Bib e Study serv Church el Christ WllthAvt. Dowitno.reung 9a.m.Blbleciass. 10a.m. Morning worship. 6 p.m. Evening message. 7 p m . Wednnday. Midweek service Church otOod In Christ Mennonlte Gerald, Paster lOa.m Sunday School 11 a.m. Worship Service. Everyone Welcome. Churchgf Jciui Chrlil of Latter.Day Saints mill Avenue 1*1 ward - Wa'ren K. Beck 9a.m. Sunday School. 4 p.m. Sacrament Meeting. 11 a.m. Sunaay School. 4pm SacramentMcet ng Church el the Brethren «ii Main St., Wlndior Herb Z*iler I0'30flm Sunday Schoo 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship Eaton Biptitt Church Ind and Mapli FranklinM. While 0:45a.m. Sunday Schoo . lla. m. Morning worship. 7 p m . Wednesday. Practical Insillul Living. Boyi Brigade f ioneer girls and Youlh Biblesludy. Eaton Fouriquirc Church ·4th and Park Paitor Tarn Albrecht v:« a.m. Sunaay School Classes for ages. Ha.m Morning Worship. Eaton United Methodist Church Jrd and Maple Slrteti Eaton, Colo. Henry Hartberg, Minister f a.m. Sunday School. 1D:30 a.m. worship service. 7 p.m. Youin Fellowship. Cvangel Temple Assembly of Cad Church Hrfl Avenue and llth Street Calvin Ackerson lla m. Morning worship. 7 p.m. bvenlng service. 7-33 p.m. Midweek service. Evangelical Free Church 3rd »nd Maple, Eaton Wlliiim Spencer 10a.m. Sunday School. 8 - 5 0 and U a m Mwn'ng Worst- Sermon Topic. "ChristOurLilc " 7 p.m. Evening Serv ce. Sermo "Abraham. 11 7 p m . Wednesday. Awana Bible Sru drwctirjir rrhearsal. Evans United Methodlit Church Evani.Colo. Rlv.GenaMick f 30 a m Sunday School 10 30a.m FailhBibli Baptist Church 316 15th Ave. Ol ver Shoemaker lOa m Sunday School 7 p rr rvfi'-g SerVce 7 p m . Wednesday Midweek Service North Chiyenne Avenue Eaton DonA. Wllken, Minister v 4Sd m. Sunday School M a m Mc*'n p no worship Fiilh Lulhtran Church South First and Idaho Avenu* Johnstown PadorJamitLaatich 9 30a m Sunday SrJ-OOl t 30a m Corning WOrin. p Faith Un ted Church of Chrlit Wtil Walnut Strtil Wrndtor Rtv. JarobCrtlhir 9 ISa in Sunday School The OfT"/ Sfnk* Sunday Sermon topics 'Satan trembles when he sees the weakest Christian on his knees' u«M»£tarin"ch«ch ·"""'fSSiSS'""" 1 SSStSHS, ByERWINF.JANSSEN Having just entered the goes with it. Some may wonder On that Mount of dive, (her !, 1 u,'ii7if1" s '^r^, , nmiiiAw. iwiKoniin s,n«) Chaplain. Boncll Lenten-Easter season, we may whether there is o bridge was a garden, and the gar* Si. John's United Church 04 Christ Lambert O Oabtort Farm Fart Caltttrla . , » , » » . ° , , . ·»ib«ir«.H,r.w »:«. in sui*."«°h«Ii IIMWIA... Good Samaritan Center have a somewhat similar ex- between Ihe two. was steeped m prayer. (Jew L " L "i'Mi r »n"pw,"r"" ' wSri'ip 1 "SmJrr°i c "'»Aa ! !ii"''tt '«TMB""'ci,', r ,"°' L """' Have JTM evw come UDOn " Penence. Perhaps more often . had prayed in Ihe Upper Rootr e "" ^ a TM£"«""'? ] "' a ?- i '""°"'-"* m * or*..-' m °" w c ' ""' ' io:isa.m.«orninov»orir,i» forgotten heirloom -- an old than otherwise, we sing or read Jesus met His crises with a on ll'e way lo Gelhsemant oMmconc..TMTM.^ !i"J'm' (SmTM°vJH!tD.,stiii»i wmmtnatumi ^um with precious pictures of "Beneath Ihe Cross of Jesus, I song on His lips. "And when Now.inlhegarden.IIewrestle 'S'StdChlreh' 1 «ML«n«iisif«iM. il"',l"al,, long ago, or a stack of old let- feign would take my stand," or they had sung a hymn, they in prayer, fighting His wa crnum ithAvt.andmtsr. oncnipiiitciwrcn *:« a.m. Sunday school, lers from people you had "The old rugged Cross," or "In went out to the Mount of Ihrough lo the words : "Not m !:ii..m*sJn°»°,'"'hooi"° y " latHm."'TM. Top^'-TBeRSJ "n^EieMiMdiS! almost forgotten? Leisurely Ihe Cross of Christ I glory." Olives," Mark 14:26. The more will, but Thy will be done." An lOrwa.m.Morningworship. Rey.nrttrtH.Hiwt chriiiian." youwent down memory lane Always there stands the time we spend with the He prayed on the Cross. t°«m"C!SJ e Family »;,« rS"'."'.S??"S°!iirninsw«rsi,ip ' »·"'· cTMniTM S'it? 'som.on: "wi,, and · thought again of long cross, and here we live with so crucified and risen Savior, the Lent invites us lo deepen ou sermon Topic: -The wiidom of Meri churches Grow.- forgotten events. much "dailiness" and all that more we shall want lo sing. -prayer life. Joseph Haydn, Ih '.'SiTM^',;;;,"' ""T^X^£" iarr ,^.. 0ar '··»°-»-TM^L»»«««'«°- . · rellowned musician, went to Hi uhi i !-« am *°!" i ''°i!!Il tk " Bnpomeioihtco«nani5oiGoa." sp.nhhch.ruioiTheN.nrih. . . men's club one evening'. The] jsziss±+ '°~^TM ssasSH Movie recalls Nicaraguan earthquake :£-- S, 1 ^- ;:JO p.m. Wednesday. Mlowetk lervto un Aw. M llh SI 7p.m. Fvenlng Service. , . . SCTVC One S energy, r inaiiy Oni «ndyoumieiio»ihip. i:»p.m. wMneMay Midweek "A Night of Terror" will be tens of thousands injured and medical assislance and O f them said to Haydn: "Ya "" Fir.nwwch.rch S'a"m S °M"n S iTM°torihip sermon 51^'! shown at 7 p.m. Sunday al the hundreds of thousands m nister lo spiritual needs. have accomplished more thar '"·"MI Ti'ml"'' Topic:"in»Lordis«yShcpherd." uMiMcmirehMchriu First Spanish Assembly of God, homeless. The city that was s The film shows a church all the rest of us put together .:is,.n,.o«rch',cn t ,icia st «w.,i , ^T^nC'sL.! sermon TiSw.'ioiSi",!TM' 601 21st Ave. no more. uprooted and believers scat- H ow do you do it?" '"»..». « m ,TM W^MP s,rTM '^"'w5SM? a TMSi; r ,. t . .·u.r.cKc'-hS"" 1 On December 23, 1972, a K- "A Night of Terror" not only lered lo actually find them- Haydn rep , ied . .., have a TOPIC: -Twoiorynoad." ' ' ,o :J oa «,. worship serv'ic.. second earthquake destroyed documents Ihe earthquake and selves planted in areas where nitie chapel in my home. When rmon ;.M° '£«.,. BiBmiiid, in i» """SMM,"'!"""" 1 ii.M.ry.laHToiicctorch Managua, Nicaragua. It its destruction, but also shows formerly there was no Gospel j know not where to turn, I go rung GaromBoom. Mike wniiami ^^iirdAye.andiinasi. devastated an 8',4-square-mile the church moving clear of Ihe witness -- seeds from which ^ ere p ray a w hile, then Fint iiniu church ! : jo«'m's!nS5scS!'ior medeai Ma"lfa","°t'"°'"aam',M D area leaving thousands dead, rubble to feed, house, provide new works could grow. returned to my work ,1,1. ToM»ud W.ln.u,,,., U:JO a.m. Morning ,or,Mp. sermon noon. QlrenBthened " ' c La Sall», Colo. Topic: "ThcAcldTeslolBellpf " Sunday anticipated Mass; Saturday, 5 Mrenginenro. ""iL 0 ^ 1 " 1 ··T'n.le'c^^S.n,"""' '""""'' " S.ll, nTM, ,,,,,,,,* Mm . ^ 'Cf||t|| tltlA FfklCc' CllltlOrt f "' """"* ,"* '" "'T ioa, n sunda, school. MOP.TM. "JiTM«Xp wed., Ti, u ,..a,» s.i. ai .a.m. F|I .,," jo rUlTfl UllQ ETI1ICS SUDIvvT perhaps more than any other J'p'^S's*^"' chSLlfenn ""*" m '" XTO " 1 '" "·"· ' lime ° f y rar ' " L ° rd ' leaCtl '^ 7:30p.m.wedn«day,Blblcstudy. ' st.pjul'j ^ l i . ^ . 1 · ! I now lo P 1 " 8 ^ ar '8ht, with =" -SSSr- 3=E1 of lectures at Longmont church i^srJS; Rev. Glenn J. Smith lOa m SundaySchod *.30aiti Sunday School - , . MalwSpSc. prL"e=T s^c, T"' ··'"""' ^'"ATi."^"^?,^^' »"r,i« Dr. Hoficr L. Sliinn, Rcinhold the seminary in July, 1573, Dr. maeazim and as writer and sishl. we may. we must, draw sp.m.juniorHighBVF. carins/'FamTooy. ""*' L °" " iTM. ""'" Niebuhr Professor of Social Shinn's third lecture won him a narratorof a national television " ear ' """""·_^TM""-"«- M « A p. | m.G.«ispoaMr:R«.Denni,oan s »nn, vi,.chor,hoiih, Ethicsat Union Theological standing ovation for the more ier. Fir,ichri,ti.nch»rcn Seminary, New York City, will than 200 clergy from across the «':,'/:',".',',. Gr 7.','i;,! : :»,' 1 V;,', C c h r" 1 Z.'.-SS deliver a series of three lee- country who were in al- Ltiii.L. Bow.riindLetMariin paiigrAiinEiinand i:«a m snnday sihooi. t urcs at Longmont's First tendance. The lecture is titled: fl.Mam Sundayscnool. Mia.m. Sunday School 11 0 m. Morning Worship Srrmon ,, , B , f 10:30 a.m. Morning Worship, strmon 10:lo«.m. worship Servlct Topic: "loday Shall Thou Be wllh Me in Congregational United Church "The PrOCCSS Of LthlCa «h,. I 7pm' C *S7.n°llt';S a s' : e'n'.or,,. Bf IS',TM: JSnVJSJ* 7"p.m." r-.nin, 5l ,ic,. Sc,,,,o,,: ° f Ctlrisl ' S 9tK An " Ual ^ Decision." This leCtUre Will be Youth Fellowship. ; Mp.m. Thursday Minweeh service. "Making run.. .a kid's Game." children's Clergy Institute, Saturday and presented at 7:30 p.m. Sunday. FirnchTruTofchri.! M.ry.M Ti^TaMrnici. Ti's'p m.yoiii,F«iiowaiip. Sunday. Question periods will follow mnAn'aM'uniu 3wont«Avf. i p.m. wrdnc-iday Mw»nck service. shlnn has announced as his Lectures I and III. II a.m. Sunday School lor studenls Palter jVmMLangley Trinity Lutheran Church general Iheme for the lectures: Shinn returned (0 Ihe 'T.'nT'cfr,.- ser,,c, L M «:^Ki, liih's'i'ZdSr.', "Faith' and Ethics for Today classroom in September, 1975, -substance.- «p.m. Evenirnserivce. Rey. warrtnH. wnie and Tomorrow." The lectures having served for Ihe prior year Ship Fir,ich.rch.irn.Niiar,n. ':»P m. T««day. pr.yer. TM im. aM^ra'm^ornin, w w smp. wi " "» Presented in the sane- as acting president of Union Rev'p.o''"" 1 * 1 ' Heritai* Bipiui church communion win in- cr-iedmii-d in mo n tuary of the Church at 9th and Theological Seminary. He was MlnlilirqlVhllillon Rly^MEdfrnon ° "'jop'nvwcdnciday Lenlen service FranCiS, I^ingmOnt. Dean Of Instruction at the .: s .. m "s V u"."y d s", 1 ho^ C "" y !,.CSi, S 5,« l h,p TriniiyTpTscopai Lecture 1 is scheduled at 7:30 Seminary from. 1963-70. 10 SO a.m. Morning wonnlp. rp.m. Evening service UMW.lOSIreel P.m. Saturday and is entitled: , ,,,.,.,, , i,-- i-.-i,:... . s.«p.m.Youinieiio,shi P . p.m.wednod,,.Mid»eekser,ko R.y.c. Horm.n Middi,i«, ··Reflecllons on Srpn»ri(« (nr '" addition to h.s teaching a "Z' : "^T' t r' ,, ,,, 7:30.m.Hol,:.mmunlon.noSe,mon. K«'««°ra « Scenarios [Or h| h s| 1 Mp.m.wedneidayFBmllynlghl. Hllllldi llptltl 10a.m. Sunday School. an Unknown Future." 1 ., , , ,, , Flr-ICongrTg^alchurc .*3££SSL ?£3%%S%XS£Z Within the Context Of the ^ ^ «« f ' ' TM ^ riSKSSr ircrrS' 0 ' .:»«.!«..,.,-,«,«». service of worship on Sunday JjJ^j 1 Dr. Alfr«JR. Slighter 7 P m Evening Service United Methodist Church morning at 10, Dr. Shinn Will !Oa.n,.Crir7hL"h B i. l icl.."»«thro U oh '''^^ "*"*?** · Pn * er * en1 "- ""wlndm""' P 1 " 080 " 1 I ' CCtUre II: " Tlle Win " AuUlOF of 11 books, editor and sycarKinderganenoniv.) tgiesia Au»entisu RobcrtMusii and (he Whirlwind." Scripture co-author of Iwo additlona T^^'-o^Si^TM^n^:00 D-scp.joD,. ! fl 'i mms »±U C JS; M r references include Hosea 8: M lilies, Shinn has served as FirstEva .nicaVcov n Minwci vasqu« 7 p m. Youm Fcuowsnip. and 7 and Matthew 5:1-12. contributing Editor of MjiothAvt"" "" lilm^wnSlShi! 1 united p cr ,"i^oTtai church Al a Minister's Conference al "Christianity and Crisis" "· ·*·»· Thomas Smith 3:»p.m. Saturday. Voolh F* Hows hip "10 10th St. ?:30a.m.Sijndav School. 8p.m. wcdncidny. Midweek Service Edward W. Withe /· · | | * · 10:4$ a.m. Mornino Worship Sermon c^acrvnc. S! , rrnon . 'CvAA IMMAAM' A«1VHt.HMl.H.H Topic, -Mou.h.M«rUmJF«,.-' .mm.n«,l_ U th,r.n church "Instructs to^ ^Salnls ' .^186 1110660 0111001011 7 p.m. Voulh Fellowship. Mth f^ vti ^ Llhciide Dt 11 a.m. Morning Worship * ** J p.m. Wednesdflir. Evening Service. Marvin L. Lanfltlartd '·« P.m- Evening Service. , _ | _ | | t:l!a.m.SimdaySchool(oralla 0 cs. 7:4;p m. Tl.urstldy Olblr-Slua/. CPT HPYT UfAP-lf flT .Thlll'^n FlrslEv.r.ftllcal Fret Church ] 0: 3D a.m Mornlrrg Worsnlp Sermon *CI IICAI WVCUK Ul VIIUI VII llth*y*.andljlhif. Top ie: -we Qcllcvc.. In Abundam lire Unify Trl-SUtc Study Croup ,:«..n,. su r»«S" '7^;.'":"w«ne,d.,.vo u ,hnro ! ,r,m ^XZ^Z,,,, ,, T he National Free Will National Home Missions of n am. Morning worihlp. wllh Lenten Service lollowlng. S P.m. Wednesday at Fort Collins C.ill Baptist Spring Campaign OH- FfCC Will Baptist Ond Will SpCak JpmWedSarMld^ek Servke Jrtoviiirt.Wllne*. 'oriurti.ijr.n.orn.alior^l w-173/. ,j,| cdi ..p ree Indeed," Will On home missions. Special AHiico««rtiatiBn wesieyan church begin Sunday and continue music will also be provided Fourthan'uorae"" BisemenVi'th/To"! Library FranciJU^Hubbard through Sunday, March 28, at For further information R«.L A e U wA C M e is,rer p 0 bMc l t fl ;K"''ih S'^Mc^iS^'orship sermon lhe H '6 hland Park Free Wil1 concerning regular service »'»a.m.sunaayschooi. study following. c a'cdiower TOP;C . ,, rjca winner ,, · crmon Baptist Church, meeting in the times, contact Rev. Thomas at lla.m.MoriilngWorthtp. serv^McTtlnV" 1 '' 1 ' ' ThfOCr °" C Sell «"« n « Y t w^ni jo^""" 1 SCrVi " *" m TM'' "" D A ' V ' Hal1 ' 2407 5th A v e - 353-8199. First Presbyterian Church " " " B 7 p m Wednesday. Midweek Service The Rev. Bob Thomas, ias chapters and essays in Highland Park some 30 books and has con- FREE WILL Iributed articles and reviews in BAPTIST CHURCH numberous scholarly and 2407 5th Ave popular journals. (New DAV Home) The Rev. Newell E. Davis, Sunday School -- 10a.m. senior minister of First (All Agis) Congregational UCC, on behalf Worship -- It l.m. of the committee planning the Sun "'L EVB i± gs ^ 17v ''- m event and (he congregation, ;."" m said Ihe Ihree lectures are open Rev . g,), Vhornis, Pjitor o the public; there is no ad- 353-liff Shepherd of the Nil Is Ev. Lutheran Church A Mission of the Wisconsin Synod Sunday School Bible Class 9:00 A.M. ^^^^^^ Worship-- 10:15 A.M. HP^BlV Meeting temporarily at KtP^KjQl Farm Fare Cafeteria ^ ·W«vBi 1024 9th Avenue y-W ' Rov. Larry G. Lemke .--.Pw Pastor ^ffl Phone:352-7320 4^a«»i.« MOUNTAIN VIEW ^^^^^m EVANGELICAL BMl^lH FREE CHURCH Lt^^vH A Bible believing, Bible f* '*'" J^B teaching church. Ml -e- ^B^H SUNDAY SCHOOL 7:30. .m. N ^M^^l MORNINGWORSHIP 10:]0a.m. · '^fl^^t' EVENING SERVICE 7:00 p.m. r aUKHH ACTIVE YOUTH MEETINGS: Pastor Ed Senior High-Wed. 6:30pm. Underwood \ AWANA (Grades 3 6 ) Thurs.. 7p.m. 353-6086 ' 'S^-S^S'' st'dSiT "' k "" W1 " M ~" m'r:"S s , Sunday School enrollment in ' » ^tWiA Sunday """"""""'-- '"" rv '" ..^.^.FHday.Tt^raticschooiand ^^ £»£««'«' thee weeks. Sunday has been at Sunny Vie* church First Spmiih Assembly n d m. wwbt.ipsery.ctf. designated as "Ueclaralion C.TM.,,,". 0 ,?.,.,,,,,. Ch".?,"^", !;:":w«nc«."Mi:.«K S cr,, r , S""^-" Wm * 21 ^ "^' Ch " dr TM TM* ^ 'TMi]iCS uey.simonMeienom iiooiindiniM stitulion Sunday and March 28 will be featured al G p.m. ulX^^^Mi'^TM*TM'''""*'"'*'''TM" MM' · M. ' I as -Hallelujah Sunday." Sunday at Sunny View Church iSorar' T Da """ " "" c " w " '» P" Thursday, ineocraiic school fflfflfSl 600' To climax ttle campaign, of UK Nazarenc. 4100 W. 20th St. lo.m'E'.en' Film: -A rim,. "'"'""' '""""'· March 28 will be "Home Puppets from the children's « ° 1 ,TTMw«n M ,,.F,m,, y H«r. «T,."'.'n"i,» WOlfD ft) fiefM* M^ionsSunday" with the Rev. church will tell a Bible story p.uiri.Mariin tfiwwf* iv nvwi R(Jy T |, oraas of Nasnvil i e along with the cWldrens choir ,S?£'"" S, m m S cSc'h"c"h S ..r Til n «tfA«*Ai. Tenn. The Rev. Thomas is the and special music from Frank Mead,.. Mimiier ^|| PrOlCSSOl Associate Director of the children. 10a.m. Sunday School. MounulnVlaw *^ all llam.worihlpseryice. Eyahi.llcal FreeCh.nh ,, , GREELEY FOURSQUARE CHURCH "... A Christ, Exalting, Bible Believing t *fe_^» Church -- ministering the Life Flow ot f ^"^^ ' Jesus." 1 · Sunday School 9:45 '"^ *^ T Morning Worship iO:50 \*it^' J Evening Service 6 : 00 \ ~ /\ Youth -- "SALTCOMPANY" 5:00 -^Jy^^. Thursday -- Bible Study ^H/i ^^B and Prayer 7:30 ^^M '* ^^^H Nursery Services Provided At All Services 1st Street and 25th Avo.- Alan Eastland, Pastor i -X p.m. wwneiday. Midweek service. Bdward ill underwood communications al UOlorado ·"·«··""» "" "" laaijuiuiiui iv. j au J|7vun F,r,, U n^,,hod,,i STmSltrrihip ""Tf?'' ""' **»*,. On Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Mr. and Mrs. Slrickland, -S'L '°"° ·-=-----. ,hemeelronh a e n GreSe e yAre a a Strickland. Buenos Aires. **W*tot^. have loam Sunday school. Ministerial Association at 8 missionaires will speak at _,. ... ,, a , rs 9:4Sa m. Sunday School. Our Savior's _. , i -n j · I'ley Will SHOW COlOred SlluCS 11 a m. Worship. American Lutheran a.m. TUCSOay at Broadview Calvary Baptist Church 1002 tolling ahnitl fhpir vvnrlf JameiKHIer, Mark Crates rC ' * jgth Ave. BUCHOS Aires. i7h2'!?n n "1 -^.rn.siyS 0 " AVG ' "lllOMil B:Ma.m. and n a.m. Morning worship. . , . .^JS-aa- 1 -"TM ISssr-^"-TM""- Music N| g ht Kadlecek to address Unitarians s .r:»c"^rrrn,rri ^p-». *«««,,. ^..nw.^ R 0 *i,ai Sen - 1TM* K * a ^ D - ». »p.TM'cw^n^l,'laa»5 e rHichoir pun, vaiie, i.pti.i ch u rh '*" " J DCIIICI Greeley, will speak on the Kadlecek served on Ihc r T«Sm senior HI hen '1" ?"!%;*'""' Equal Rights Amendment at 11 Appropriations; Agriculture, ,, ;pm jun-urHun youth wnoUih" 10 a m. Sunday school Music n 'Z M wi " bc a.m. Sunday for the Unitarian- Livestock and Water and V Mo c .ms t niorHi,hy w ihFe,,TM,hi 0 . J^TM;"";'TM^*- celebrated at 7 p.m. Sunday at Universalist Fellowship at Ihe Business Affairs and Labor § " : , , MO o.m. Eytnino service. Bethel Church, 2307 17th Ave. Creative Arts Center, 1508 8th committees § Flnl United Preibylerlin 7:30p.m.wcdnciday.MldwcekSeryJce ' i* ' Church M '^zi!E^:r ,.JilP : * ehovoh '* Witnesses to meet at Morgan iam and iu:3oa m.Morning worship " * m Mornino worihip. sermon Leo E. Newell, presiding Newell stated, "I encourage really giving serious thought to ? KinZrn ··° P ' t: ""' °" B " M "" T T» C m'' J v°ol h ,"hVe'iSMo." overseer of the local all in Ihe local area to give what the 'Word' is telling us lo S 7prr. -come Together - 7 om Evfnmo service, sermon: congregation of Jehovah's serious consideration to their do and why." y twc'h/peT WM ""'" V "men service m " C ,^J TM^ n ^,., y , MmM servlc . Witnesses has announced spiritual needs and the value of Newell continued, "The § -- circuit convention will bc held Bible instruction in their daily highlight of Ihe convention, Ihe § th F At'"','d^.°ih"si chur?h"ij"u'"hri,, a ' Korl Mor 8 an H '8 h Sch ° o1 lives. The convention, as public lalk at 2 p.m. Sunday « R,,.j.m,,».».v.n oiLaiier.rj.ys.M, Saturday and Sunday. illustrated by Ihe theme entitled, 'Ate You Doing What £. n Tm. 'wormTM woruip sermon HaiMcKa.n Scm.-annually, Jehovah's 'Bwaiuie Doers of Ihe Word' God Requiria of You?' will ,, iooic:"vyortnip the Lord.- ua m Sunday school. Witnesses from southeastern emphasizes Ihe need lo con- emphasize that problems in Ihe $ e?,ke 1 TM" ! f"?no''" 0 'su n oa°,?ea"ch "'· 1 "' w " 1 " ip ^_TM- W y o m i n g , n o r t h e a s t e r n stantly check ourselves per- world today give strong in- § m jp'm'«cd n neiL°°F"]m*"'""' ov * sai«atun«rmy Colorado, s o u t h w e s t e r n sonally with God's Word, dicalion that many humans are § ayFamii,N.on!. capia"n"TM"io»"inii« Nebraska and northwestern determining whether we can not giving serious thought to S oaieion Baptui church y:ioa m sundaysrhooi Kansas convene as a circuit of make some adjustments so as Cod's requirements. Even the Mni..i.r°«TM'o"»'!n T»orp. i'i"mTr«TM ""'ice 23 congregations to keep up-to- to become better 'doers of the lives of those who profess belief S ioa m Sunday school ' p m Evemnoscrvicc date as to methods of teaching Word'; thereby increasing our in God give no evidence of I t'"t"^L"S?^,'°r Ihc Bible lo interested persons own happiness as well as lhat of serious concern about God's / uopm *edne«ay.v.d«rei,ser.:ce ''""ilmili".*"'' 11 as wc " as self-application of our friends and neighbors, requirements. The deplorable ? wiiiardj.chrineni.n. p*uor Biblical instruction. There are Attention is also to be focused condition of human society / 9 45 a m Sunday school tor an ihe Aiiociaie Piiin" expected to be some 1,800 on the danger of doing things emphasizes man's need to turn / "io""s»m worwipservice i.a'm'«or"i"M"sr,''S' delegates present for the two- according to a routine, merely toGod'sWordand lo consider i'. § wrdrosday nibtfsiwjy and prayer 7 M P m weunewsy! prayer day gathering. out of a sense of duty , without seriously." V* NEW LIFE FOR YOU! Life is at its best when God is in it. Sunday School 9 : « a.m. Morning Worship 11:00 a.m. Evangelist Rally 7:00 p.m. Wednesday Prayer Praise 7:30 p.m. N. L. Bascom, Pastor GLAD TIDINGS ASSEMBLY OF GOD 35th Avtnuc S 4th Street Phone 352-5342 ^*^*^*^*^*^*^*e*^«?w^H^xx^n^*eivi*£»^M^«)*x ji FIRST ASSEMBLY VB^j 1 rm OF GOD Cp*«1 1 VJaT "h St. and 13th Ave. B Til"" EJ ? Sunday School 9-45 a m JK^/ji f Morning Worship 11:00 a.m. ^HlvjW | Children's Church 11:00 a.m. ^9l^l I Evening Service 6'00 p m ^^^^^^^ I Nursery Services Provided Micklev y A Growing, Going Church in Greeley § ·***0*0***0*0**0*0*0****0**0*0*43 *^£^"£^^*0*t*^**r*0*0*0»a*0Ktr*f**j ··PMn BEREAN FUNDAMENTAL \ Wf^ )M CHURCH ? ^Vr», ^ ry9 tit 36th AVC. Ct. ? ' ik^. ' Sunday School ?:30 a.m. 7 TL^_ i Worship Service 10:30 a.m. . ? ^^* A^t ,. Evening Service -- y *A « «ftfc 7:30p.m. 1 4 Ros p»s s ,o h r ulti «f«-v (ml Phone 353 303" Mrvicp \ \ / / / ;:30p.m. ·vjkx "Jesus Christ, the hope of Mankind." | ·'~^'-^««»»«»'«»*»'^»»x»».t?^^^

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