Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 17, 1961 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1961
Page 8
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Page 8 GKEELEY TRIBUNE Friday, Nov. 17, 1961 Dr.Vanderwilt Is Kiwanis Club Speak er Problems faced by tlie seven slate supported institutions o! higher learning In Colorado were, discussed by Dr. John Vatidcv wilt, president of Colorado Schoo of Mines at Golden, at the Kiwan is club luncheon Thursday. "The four major problems 01 challenges each bear a : dollai sign," Dr. Vandcnvilt said. "They are: (1) The tremendous rise in enrollment; (2) the changing na ture of high school graduates: (3 the explosion p[ knowledge; (4 the competition for teachers be Iween colleges and between in dustry and colleges." His comment is suinmarizec here: , . The number of high schoo N O T I C E CARPENTERS OF LOCAL 418 Meeting Nlghti: lit «nd 3rd Mondiyi ,t 909 10th St. 7:30. Plei»* Attend. radualcs is increasing but the umber of graduates entering cni- ege Is showing a sliU higher per cnlnge Increase. It It keeps on ive years,. 44 per cent of high chool graduates may be expected o be entering college. ' Tlmse who go to college stay onger. More slay to gel. Inch bachelor's degree. With the do mand for more persons trainee on the graduate level, the do. mand for graduate programs in colleges has increased. Upper division--junior and sen ior--courses arc more costly Ic [wcscnt per hour of credit. Grmj uate level courses arc s e v e n limes more costly per hour o credit lhan undergraduate courses Duct to more accelerated pro grams in high school, the entering freshmen arc prepared, for more advanced courses sooner. It is not uncommon for a student a! Mines to be able to skip fresh men math courses, having had them In high school. Knowledge, doubles every 10 years. In two decades knowledge will have increased 400 per cciit That Is one reason fof the heavier oad on tlic staff and the students, and explains why libraries have difficulties keeping up wilh demands on them. Corporate and Industrial prac- Ices reflect the increase in knowledge in their need for m o r n horoughly trained personnel. All .his places new burdens on the college for advanced and more costly courses. In the market place for talent, colleges must compete with other colleges, with corporations ant Industry, and with the government. A person competent to be an able college professor has Ihe requisites for many other posi lions most of which pay better. Colorado's average increase in college salaries is 5 per cent while nationwide the increase has been 7 per cent. "The average college salary In Colorado is $7,800 and in five /ears it should be advanced 10 11,000 or $11,500 or we will no je able to attract or hold goo xxple," Dr. Vamlcrwilt said. pencer Ranch Will Hold Sale On November 24 FIOGGEN - The John Spencer anch, southeast of Roggen, will aid a cattle sale Nov. 24. The Spencer ranch is tire former \OTICK OK F I M A l i SKTTl.KMK.Vr ' [« thp County Cintrt In nml tor the Connty o f . Weld Hud mute i( Cnlnt-nriD .No. 8620 ESTATE OI' ) CHARI.US W. HARIUSO.N.) Deceased ) N'otlco Is hereby given that I nnv« filed my f i n a l report In the County Court of Weld County, Colorado, and that any person doslrluK to object to tlio same shnll tllo wrltteii objection with Ihe SAld court on or before No vtinher 3D, 1961. PHYLLIS L. HARRISON, Admlnlstrntrli \iclvlh IMnncr Attorney at Lnw 300 First National Bank Building tlreeley, Colorado '. '!."·, Tho Greeley Dally 'Tribune. .Oct. 27, Nov. 3, 10, ,17,- 1961 ', NOTICE '··'· The present enrollment of seven state colleges is 27,000 am. n 1966-67 it will be 35,000. Besides faculties, facilities mus DC provided to handle the in crease. Dr. Vanderwilt indicate 10-year program required $70, 500,000 for new facilities of whicl classrooms are but 10 per cen of the lotal needs. Among the major needs arc library space and laboratories. Dr. Vanderwilt answered nu (he Weld, StRCt of Col««ii - - - . · ' · · - · · MONEY PROBLEMS · Car Purchase · Imergeneies · Taxes · Medical · OM Obligations · Repairs · Too High Payments CONSULT ;; : us First Industrial Bank 8th Avc, it 9th St. Open Dally 8:30 to 5:30 Parking Lot 7th Avc. and 9th St. MONEY ORDER . HEADQUARTERS 15c «ocH up to $100 . . , . In the Master ot .the Determination ttt InlereEtg* In) Property ot M. Elzhia. Hook,) Deceased. /.'.- , i · ' ) THE PEOPLE OF.THE STATE UF COLOBADO: ·'-. ·-··.' To: H. Ij. Hook, Keith Hook, J J. Hook, Ruth Mo'nletth. Jeaae Hook, Jnmes Hook,. Ruby Couch- rnnn, Roberta Johnaon and to al or claim other persons who ara '6r c to be heirs of said decedent, to all persons-Interested. GREETING: . . ..' · Tak« Notice that, * petition UBS been file'd In this cause, al- lefflriffjthat the*above-named decedent died leaving an undlyldec onerhalf' ( # ) Interest'.In .an'd'.tb the following described properly '. -Lot?-I; I,-'3, and"6 and the Southeast' Quarter (SEtf) of the Northwest Quarter ( N W U ) nnd the South Halt (SK of the Northe»s.t: Quarter (NEK) of Section' Six (»)' Township Nine'' (8) -North. Han Be ' Fit ty- eifcht (58), West-of the Sixth P.M., In Weld 'County, Colorado. -· ' ' Tliat- the petition names th« above persons aa the heirs of thi ecedent, and the present owner: f the said property^ You are notified to answer said BUtton within-twenty (20); day fter service 'of this notice on ou (If served by publication within twenty (20) days attei tie last publication of this no ce) an'd'ln 'default* of "an an- wer, the Court will proceed to ear the matter xi provided bs [IB law. Dated . at Greeley, Colorado his 26th day of October, ls-6'1. " Clerk of the District Court By BETTY L. PRYOR, Vett and West Attorney a for Petitioner II Greeley Building 3reeley, Colorado The Greeloy Dally Tribune. Oct. 27, Nov. J, 10, 11, 1961. Deputy ..VOTICH OF ; FINAT, SF,TTLEIL3XT (he Cnunty Court In mid for the County of Weld and · S t n t e of Colorado No. SG5: ESTATE OF - ) .IOLLIE D. SWAN, ) alao known as ) MOLLIIil DENNEE SWAN,) Deceased · , · - · · . ffotice" Is hereby fflven that. lave'filed my final report In the County Court of, Weld County Colorado, and that any person desiring: to object -to "the same n h a l l - f l l o written objection with hij ntiEd c o u r t ' o n ' o r before Ko Vcmbcr 21, 1961. . WIT.LJAM H. SWAN, · · Executor buries 'A. Karowsky, Attorney for'Estate · 307 Greeley Building 1 Greeley, Colorado The Greeley Dally. Tribune Oct. 27, Nov. 3 , - l O j 17, 1951 NOTICE TO.CREDITORS la (li« Couwt}' Court in miri to the Coiiaty of .Weld and State of Colorado . ; :..'. No. 88M-" - ' Estate of ELMER I. ED WARDS, Deceased. ·-. " .All 1 .- persons having, ..claim against the . above , named estnt are' required to f i l e ' t h e m ' f o r " a l lowance In the County Court o Weld County, Colorado, on or be fore the IGth dny ot May, 19G2 or said claims shall bo foreve barred. PEARL EDWARDS I£xecutrl Clay R. Apple, Attorney The Greeley Daily-Tribune. Nov. 3, 10, 17, 24, IS61. . NOTICE OP · PTXAI* SETTIKMEXT IB *fae Cniinty Court In and tm the C o N M t r mt .W«li1 MHd .- State of Catarado No. S«5S KSTATE OF - ) JACOB DANIEL-' ) HEILMAN, a. k. n. i 1 . ··;·'- ') JACOB D . HEILMAN - M Deceased Notice IB hereby Driven that have file:! my final report In th Co u n ty Co u rt of 1 repor Weld County SEAL) ROBERT W. RHODES Colorado, and thtU any perso desiring 1 to object to the shall file written objection wit the said court on or before No vember 23, I9«l. FLORENCE M/HEILMA.N, Executrix William R. Kelly, Attorney The Greeley Dally Tribune Oct. 27, Nov. 3, 10, 17, 1961. EHRLICH SALES WED., NOV. 22 - 1:00 P.M. DAIRY SALE Vt mile north and V 4 mile west of Firestone, or 3 miles south and 1 J/j east of De! Camino. 47 Head Hplstein cows,. heifers, steers and' bull. 16 cows, milking now and several to freshen in January; no base; 15 heifers, open and bred; 11 steers; Bl. W.F. heifer; Bl. W.F. steer; Hoist, bull. 3 unit Surge milker, complete; cooler; milk cans; wash vat; some machinery and scrap iron. No base. CLEMENS STADLER, Owner Ehrlich and Sears, Auctioneers and Clerk. Call Brighton 659-0286, Luplon 857-9900 or Keenesburg 732-4203 for information. terous questions from tb« floor. Lew Kits Inducted Dr. Bernerd olach into th« club. He wu onsored by James Townsend. Next Thursday being Thanks- ing, Ihe club will meet Tues- y. illiam Painter ranch. Featured al the sale will be any cows carrying the service Elation 80 of Model. The Bull as champion at the last Wyom State Fair and junior cham- lon at the 1960 national show at ulsa, Okla. Tho bull was owned and shown John Spencer. Harold Harden. wner of the Antelope Springs anch, near Nunn, recently pur- mscd a half interest in the ani- .al. . laybiirn Grand Man,' Sen. Allort Comments WASHINGTON (AP) --' u.s on. Gordon Alloll, U-Colo., de ribed House Speaker Sam Ray urn of Texas, who died early lursday, as "a grand man in tin 1 «sl tradition of Congress." "His -experience will be solely tssed," Allott said. Grover. " NOTICE DETKH Ml NATION OP INTERESTS tHe DUtrlet Court of Well ' - No; H993 .·THE MATTKR OF THE) EtERMINATION OF IN-). ERESTS JN THE PllOP-S RTT OF JAMES G. FOR-) -STER, j Deceased.) HE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF COLORADO: o ALBERT EDWARD FORESTER, CHARLIES A. FORKSTER JO ANN FORESTER - M A A G and MARY ALICE FORESTER lo all other persons who are or clatni to be heirs. of BRlt" flccctlenl, and to all persons In ?RBETING: TAKE NOTICE that a petition as been filed in this cause al effing t h a t the above decedent ied leaving the following d« cribcd property: "All of tho N»4 of tho SEU of Section 13, Township E North, nan so 63 AVeit of the 6th P.M. and all that p*rt of tho NEH of said Section 19 Iy- Koath of tl.c center line of tho old railroad grade, more particularly described aa ColIowa: Beginning: at tlio East Quarter corner of .said Section 19 thence running North 1*18' West on the East line therco/, 396 feet to the center Itne -of the old railroad grade; thence North 69'2r West 3,856 feet' along- the center line of said" railroad grade to the North and- South center line of said Section 19; thence South 0* 52' East 1,365.2 feet along the North and Soulh' center line to the center of aald Sec. 19- thence"East on the East and West center.-Hn'e ot aald Section 191 2.662 feet more or less, to the point of beglnning-j containing In all 135 acres more or less, according tp tho Government Survey thereof, Excepting however, therefrom all rights of way for public highways and dltclios an£ all mineral, oil and coal riehta; Together .with 3/23rds of a 23/2ths' ahare ot that certain appropriation of" Irrigation water from the South Platte Hirer.' established and decreed by the Dtatrlct Court of Weld County Colorado In B ·r MKS. CHRIS KOCNM GROVER - Mrs. Verna Smith, a p*Uent at Weld County General Hospital, is recovering satis- actorly. and can have visitors. She suffered a complete collapse at the horn* of Rev. Gertrude Jorn latt week and was rushed o Greeley by ambulance. Al- hough Mrs. Smith has been in ill lealth for several years, she had 3«en caring for her father until ast week. She had been school nurse and office secretary. The.second Crow Valley feeder sale was held at the Nunn station [ast week, wilh some of the feeders bought by Norman Koenig spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. anc Mrs. Chris Koenig. He' apprentice iron worker, and has been employed near Lander, Wyo, for the past four months. He will report for a physical for Army call Nov. 27. Mr. 'and Mrs. John Hoffman were-weekend visitors in Gillette, Wyo., at the home of their son-irt law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs John Laney. the Hdffmans were getting acquainted with their new grandspn, Bradley Glenn, who was born Nov. $. Mr. and Mrs. Laney have two other children, Dalennc and Johnny. Mrs. Laney is the former Gay Hoffman. Mrs. Earl. Cornwell was recenl hostess to Friendship Club at her home, wilh 12 members'and sev eral children present. Guests were Mrs. Bud McNeese and Mrs. Jin 1 Ha'uer. Business meeting was con dueled by Mrs. Carson Zink, pres dent. Main item of discussion were plans for the Christmas par ty to be held at the next regular meeting with Mrs. Bill Davis, Secret sister gifts were. received by Kate McKay, Karen Zitek, Merta Philp, Ada Zink, Gladys Zink, Hazel Bunnell and Ernes :!ne Koenig.' Mrs. Cornwell was n charge.of games. She.was assisted in serving refreshments by Mrs. McNeese and Mrs. Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Kenyon Ayars returned Wednesday from a week's rip to visit their son Kenyoh Jr at Durango and their daughter, Ardath in Arizona. They delivered a new car to their daughter, who is an instructor of music in the Superior, Arizona elementary schools. Kenyon Jr. is a sophomore at the junior college at Durango. They also were overnight guests of the Kenneth Ayars at Center. Date was caring for things at the farm here during his parents absence. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Konig shave received word from their daughter Doris in England that she has been awarded a scholarship of sizable value, given by the British government. Doris is at present taking advanced piano instruc- tion 'from a teacher (here. She hopes to go on concert tour next year. Billy Knupplc spent the weekend at home. Billy who recently entered the Army is stationed at Camp Carson at Colorado Springs! The Grover football team lost 34 to 12 Saturday against an undefeated Peeti team in'the. second of the-state playoffs at Wei- dons. L-ynn Koenig and Cody Znamenacek have sustained back injuries in several games and other players have suffered leg injuries. In Saturday's game, Bob Anderson and Corky Smock were sidelined wilh old leg injuries, and Frank Burnett with broken bones in his foot. They will be in casts or on crutches for several weeks. Other players this year have been: Tom.Kavlik, Dave Arnold. Roger Sorensen, Jim Smith, Mik« Goodwine, Bruce Koenig, Jack Hillman, Hugh Carver, Melviv Smock, Jerry Anderson, Alvi* Smock, Bill McCurry, Micky Martinez,. Frank Eggtesl on and Rudy Martinez., Eugene Hahn and Bill Hoffman were managers. ... Victor and Carol Wisdoa'of Sterling attended Sunday school at Grover.and spent the rest of Ihe day at Ihe home of Mr. and Mrs. James Potter. Four -employees of 'Colorado Game and Fish Department, including G. P. (Pat) Zimmerman of Greeley, were guest speakers at the Lions Club meeting Monday evening. Began For Pr««rrp»iom.-AJv. XOTICE TO CREDITORS I» Ihe CenMty C o n r t - In mid foi tXe County pf TVelH »«d S*Me of Cnlnmdn No. 8SBJ Kslate ot BERTHA HOSTROM FRANK, also known as BERTHA BOSTHOM, Deceased. Alt · persons having clalmb against the above named estate are required to file them for allowance In the County Court ot "Weld County, ' Colorado, on or before the Hth day, at May, 19C2, or aald claims shall .be . forever barred. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF GREEI.EY, COLORADO By LOUIS C. RIEKER Trust Oftlcei Executor .and. Trustee John W. Henderson, · Attorney . : ' ' The Greeley Daily Trlbun* . Nov. 17. 2, Dec. 1, 8, 1861. BE PREPARED WINTER WILL SOON BE HERE BATTERIES $Q ALL SI/KS IN 7 STOCK 95 12-V Exchanae 6-V Exchange $13.95 · TWO YEAR GUARANTEE TRI CITY ELKTR.C Delbert W. Rlrigtted COMMERCIAL and INDUSTRIAL Boiler Controls Protecto Relays Flame Detector* · Repair Service EL 2-5731 3)6 18ri Stn* Greetey, Colo. ANTIFREEZE PER GAL. Not Installed RAPP'S GAS * 2601 10th St. * 2445 8th Av«. Your II. S. Roya' Tire Battery Distributor tain proceeding BB priority of right No. 24 for a total a m o u n t of 2S of water per second of : time; said 23/25ths ol said priority No. 24 being therenf ter by decree of the District Court of Weld County, -Colo', changed aa to Its point ot "d I version to Hint certain "ditch commonly known as the- Hoover Ditch: aald Hoover Ditch being Ditch No. 1 In decr«e i\i said water adjudication, the he ad gate of Raid Hoover Ditch being - located In the N W % of the NEtf of Sec. IB, T. EN., Range £4 W. of the 6th P.M., Weld County, Colorado, on the North sld« of tha flonth Platto River, where ealct 23/28ths of satd appropriation of water is now diverted and being used under said Hoover Ditch." That the- petition names the nbove addressed persona as the helra of decedent, and names Mary 'Alice Forester aa the present o\vner of aaid property You e r e ' n o t i f i e d to answer said petition within 20 daya after lervlce o( this notice on you (If served by publication within 20 daya after the Inat publication of this notice) and In default of an answer the Court wfll proceed to · hear the matter aa provided by law. Dated at Greeley, Colorado thU 14th day of November, 1960. ROBEEIT W, RHODES Clerk ot aald Court By BETTST I* FRYER (SEAL) Deputy The Greeley Dally Tribune Nov. 17, 24, Dec. 1, 8, 1961. YOUR HOME ina Sale Ends Sat. Nov. 18 ACOUSTICAL CEILING TILE _ONLY 17c p«r cq. ft Two Classic Lanes Specials CLASSIC TURKEY SHOOt Mi Nov. 20, 21 and 22 $2.50 CLASSIC Separate Handkap* for No Less Than Two On Any Two Lanes! J7^2/2£4 HANDICAP SWEEPER Starts SATURDAY, 1 P.M. 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