Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 1, 1972 · Page 27
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 27

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, May 1, 1972
Page 27
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HIU S IDE thealre Acmlcmy Award Tor Best Aclross JfliiB Fondn In KLUTE PLUS SUMMER OF '42 NOW SHOWING Showtime 7,i nd 9 p.m. 4499 SPARERIB NIGHT At The Rubaiyat ALL THE BEEF RIBS, Baked potatoes with sour crearn and chives, , and salad you can eat for only JUMBO GOBLETS OF DRAFT BUDWEISER ONLY $225 35 C NO REGULAR DINNER MENU FOR TUESDAY ONLY 5;30 to 8:30 p.m. R E S T A U R A N T - L O U N G E Downstairs Behind Bresler's Ice Cream Parlor KFC DAY COLONEL SANDERS' RLUHL ty fried DINNER BOX · 3 - p i e c e o f Chicken i · mashed potatoes gravy · cole slaw 2 rolls Antal Dorati: Rebuilder Of Musical Organizations By DONALD SANDERS AstorlMsd Pr«« WrIUr WASHINGTON (AP) - Anlnl )orall, Hearing the end of his second year as conduclor of (lie 4Nllonnl Symphony Orchestra, i.'is n reputation us a rcliulklcr of musical organizations. Hut he does nol approach the ask In a revolutionary spirit. "Home people Bay that when new conductor comes In he should fire everyone and hire lew personnel, bill Hint's not Irue," Dorati said r e c e n t l y ' I r an interview. "The big job is lo get the enlire potential of player. "What we do is a little like warfare, except that what wo do is so peaceful. If you lose a war, you can't lire the army and get a new, one. Maybe you can get better leaders." Music critics and audiences generally agree thai the dapper, Hungarian-born conducto has significantly raised the mn sical standards of Ihe Naliona Symphony, just complying il first season as resident organization of the 2,700-seat concert hall of the John F. Kennedy enter for lhc Performing Arts. Dorati says he is pleased, but nol complacent. "The day I am satisfied I The contract, negotiated til n lire when recording companies ire cutting back on symphonic uuslc, Is a tribute lo Doruli'.s xjpularlty tis a recording ml:it. He has completed nearly 300 wordings ;md has been work Ihe past, I never do II," he said. · lie was delighted when one of the mcmhcr.'i brought a billion .- with (he Icgetid "Klektra Loves i Daddy" to a recent rehearsal of Hlchard Strauss' "Eleklra." Dorali speaks with willy elo- ng for more Ihnn'lwo years on l uelu;e allout llis orl: recording all 101 Haydn sym- "Voitng conductors come lo phonies with the P)iilharmonia] m c and ask If I can help them tungnrlca--a lio hopes to complete by November, Dorati says lin undertook the lask because the Haydn symphonies arc "a real treasure and one never attended lo properly by one conductor and one orchestra." The Critics View By WILLIAM GLOVER goes up and, wllh a bit of AP Drama Critic NKW YORK (Ai) -- No- wly's partisan political lean- ngs arc going to gel any aid or cncouragcmcnl from lhc (lore Vidal diatribe "An Evening Will] Itichard Nixon And-" which premiered Sunday nighl at Uroadwny's Shuherl Thealcr. Vldal Is Impartially snide. Witli commendable honesty, the sometimes novelist anti unsuccessful congressional candidate, has one character refer lo "Hie aulhor of lliis highly biased political charade." II starts us a thinly veiled /"nntlniinf inn nf thAen tnlnuicinn coble theatrical sleighl-of- h a it ci , (.ieorgc Washingtj / merges to .Judge the ensuing radle-lo-19V2 events. I'rcsl- cnls Eisenhower and Kennedy re .summoned as chief oppos- ng witnesses. A further bit of (ago business uses two other clors to deliver purported ex- erpls from actual speeches by hose chief executives while Ihey ;air up will) Washington mouth :rralic Vidal comments. How's hat for multiple con fronla lion? Kvery large and a good many rivial iiems from lhc Nixon wckground are (rotted oul while relevant pholos are projected on lv;o overhead scenes Won., May I. 1!)7!2 (Colo.) T U W U N H 27 pro-iind-con prolajjonlsls who set Hie whole Hi Inn In rnnllon. j, w liilc ;iml liluc b ii- WHS provided by Wlllinm Vriin; costumes hy Joseph A. Aulisl; niiilllplc inasta for sundry notables by June Slnin. Viilal iolil nn interviewer rcccnlly lliiit "An Evening With IHichnrd Nixon And--" would c liis lost play. The llicnler la lot Ihrufilcncd with Ilio loss of i potent craftsman. ill 8:30. Bui from 8:30 to 10:30 only (loti and your own lalen win liulp ynu.' "II is nol my function to odii cale. II is my function lo enlcr l;iin--lxw Khiill I say il--in the'dohales Democrat-Liberal Vidnl Ahol| l noble fashion. This is not of Hie way . ,..,, ,,_, ... . . 'to say 1 will nol perform new Ham K. Buckley (luring election We arc a|l happy il, works . , r lhc are entertaining, campaigns. His altcr-Jgn's (ar- is so successful," he said. "A ,,.,, : .,,\- m ,* i, ,,,i l ,,.;,f ( -,i ,,,,, , S rnc -,., nnt K^Ai. ,,,,,._ has had with Conservative Wil- through the uncertain dramatic recital, however, the author's wider distress with current his quarter of a million records have been sold by now. We un- Ihc audience is educated... "I gel into arguments with people who say they don'l un- i , i ... " . ii^ui^it; VTIIU .in* niv-v uuu i mi- derlook il w i h a great deal of \\ ( ^ mA musi £ Th £ y ilrc ]a/y idea ism, and they found they 0| . inferiority-complex people- can't (urn Ihe records out fast - - · ' - . . ' ' ' enough." usually the latter. You never saw anyone refuse a laxicab About half the Haydn works: ride because they don'l under- iiavc been released, although!stand how an automobile more than .that have been I works get is President Nixon, "his pur- lory and Ihe national life be- [osc "to prove in his own comes evident. words he is a conscienceless "A republic cannot survive if fraud." Then a foreground curtain HORSE IS N A M E D recorded. "One of UK: hardest things Born in Budapest in Ifioii, Do-1 for a creative person is lo know he iti came to this country in!when the creative process is ho: rati 1941 to help put the fledglingjf American Ballet Theater on its s process finished. I'm sure that God had professional feet. Four years'day." on its s o in c splendid ideas on Sun- COLOHADO SPRINGS, Colo There's (AP) -- A radio station hcr held a contest to name "ihc horse with no name" and Ihe prize was a Palomino mare. it wants lo rule other nations," Washington delivers the key remark. "You slaughtered the Indians," retorts Kennedy lo keep i h c negativism balanced, a lot more back and i the Founding at last suggesting there's some justice in the assassination of lhc leader of "a predatory em- .siiould he fired," he said. "On later he look over the virtually! Ihe other hand, I am very satisfied wilh what has happened. Al every performance we look forward to the next one, and Hint's the way we go through Dorali, 65, Is only the third music director in the 41-year- old history of the National Symphony, following ils founder, he late Hans Kindler, and loward Mitchell, music direc- also as chief Ihe Stockholm disbanded Dallas Symphony, more than doubling ils concert activities in four years. From greatly gramming of the' Minneapolis Symphony, and between 19f2 and 1965 overhauled Ihe BBC' 1949 lo 1060 Dorali expanded Ihe pro-. AFA issues 7 Expulsion lai Letters pirc." David D Rollers von wilh I Vidill ' s enlhusiasn1 (or revis ' u a \ i a u. uofecrs von, wun|. s( . llflo ] nml tradition is as his suggeslion "Exodus" andi foo | ish]y s j m p ii s i i c as t |, c fault his explanation: "I feel thatjhe assaults. The piece has a America's song 'Horse With Nolheavy-handed manner despite a Name' is symbolic of modern lot of_ smart aleck cracks, no FILM RATING GUIDE For Parents and Their Children G E N E R A L AUDIENCES SUGGESTED Some Mil.,.(I u f/ H f-SI»-\ "OO'JE UNDER 17ADMITTED in Clillwi w t x ) a - MPAA man's struggle lo release him- jsclf from lhc bondage of loday's; (ors society. The author of Ihe song experienced a 'going out' of one of which seemed to amuse more lhan i half-dozen spccla- Symphony as its chief con-j AIR F 0 R C 13 ACADEMY,j so J ls Mc was g J? J]g ° u t o£ (hc " "'jhassles and demands of modern duclor. I Colo. (AP) -- .Seven or emeritus. Dorali serves conductor of Philharmonic. In addition lo winding up the season here, he is writing a forward for next season's subscription series and recording ,wo major works with the Na- [ional Symphony under a rcccnlly negotiated contract. They are Olivier Messiaen's "The Transfiguration of Our Ixird Jesus Christ," which had He subsequently laid (he mu-:cxpu!sion from the Air Force! sical foundations for the highly! Academy grounds were handed praised Jxmdon Symphony. put Sunday in connection with Dorali is also a composer, lie two separate anli war in- is working on a piano concerto for his second wife, the Austrian pianist Use Von Alpcnheim, but says it is going slowly cidenls, authorities said today. Two of the letters wont K. (wo 'Jll^ u ±' men who identified themselves as members of a volunteer society lo lhc desert." The new slabie for Ihe horse Nixon; Slcphen D. Newman, as s al a rcceiv fare children. cause he has so lillle lime forjservice farmers' . association.! il. | The two breached a fence, en-' He draws and paints, in oils lcre l ' h = academy grounds and acrylics "I drew all my life, but the wilh a tractor and plowed and had plowed CO furrows by the color is a recenl acquisition,"; 1 ' m e authorities arrived, he said. i A c u d e n w officials said. A Dorati rehearsal is a good-i Tt j c , Academy spokesman i . ... . . . ii'niim nrf Amhnrntn would not Dorati here several weeks ago, nalurcd session wilh a lot of ca- wo "' u !TM 1 elaborate. and Tchaikovsky's Fourth Sym-'joling, some wisecracks and no offlclals sa)d lhc olner lel phony. I harsh words. "Thai's a thing of !fcl .' s "' erc !" a: }5 ed oul , as a ','°' : ?. isult of an incident at the cadet | chapel. i Three persons stood and; shouted during a scripture] reading, officials said. The Ihree were asked lo leave fol- Actress Gia Scala Found Dead HOLLYWOOD (AP) - FilmlScaia also had roles in 811 23rd St. and 2501 W. 10th St. actress Gia Scala was found | dead in the bedroom of her'Hol- lywood home Sunday, police reported today. Detectives said the 38-year- old brunette may have died from an accidental overdose of drugs but thai the cause was uncerlain pending an autopsy. Officers said Miss Scala, whose film credils included "Don't Go Near The Water with Glenn Ford, had been lak- ing medicalion for a drinking problem. The actress' body was discovered by one of Ihree men slaying al the home. A judge sent Miss Scala to a state hospital for psychiatric examination last May after she collapsed in a Ventura, Calif., courtroom, during an appearance on a drunk driving charge. I.asl July she was fined $125 l a n d placed on two years proba- j lion for a disturbing the peace I conviction stemming from a fracas with a parking lot attendant. Horn in Liverpool, England of Italian and Irish parents, Miss "Four lowing the reading and com UILI.- in iuwii, AH Thai plied. Explusion tellers were Heaven Allows," "Never Say given to the Ihree plus two olh- Girls in Town," "All loodby," "Garment Jungle," "Hide A Crooked Trail," "Tip on a Dead Jockey," "The Tun- Navarone." nel of Ixive," and "The Guns of rs wailing outside the chapel, authorities said. Academy security reported turning away another 13 demonstrators at the gate Sunday. Since 1944 LIONS CLUB PANCAKE S U P P E R TONIGHTS! GREELEY COMMUNITY BLDG. S tcr8 IP. m. ALL YOU CANE AT $1 Tuition $2--Only $1 with this ad For those interested in Developing Mental Powers Ramada Inn Junction Highway 85 and Highways'! Monday, May 1 -- 7:30 p.m. !651 W. lOlh SI. Coming attraction starting Wednesday THREE MLS AND A JACK 9 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. IAD/ES' DAY All Doy Every Tuesday Ch.imp.igno, Cold Duck, or Bar Blend Cocklnils :c Anolher Greeley First -Draft Champagne Also Cold Duck on Tap Chnmpnqnc included with dinners this week from 5 to 9 TONIGHT AT 7 : 3 0 ? : 3 0 roles as (hough it were a ma- Danny, Shooter, Fatback and the Kid. They learned a trade in the army. Killing. Irvine as a scowling, noodnik Wash ing Ion; Gene Rupert ami is ;it a receiving home for wel Humbert Allen Aslrcdo as Ihe x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x at MINI FUCK Greeley ROOM 11--7 0 : l f ) plus inn iupr,ES 8-.i5 ADULTS ONLY At Cinema 35 Fort Collins E L V I R A M A D I G A X 7 10:45 COLOR BY DELUXE® [R)g38 W I N N E R O F FIVE ACADEMY AWARDS INCLUDING B E S T P I C T U R E BEST ACTOR Starts Wednesday IN THE GREAT TRADITION OF AMERICAN THRILLERS A I J s e a t s S 2 . 5 0 e a c h 356-2499 NOW SHOWING NORTH COUNTRY «1AE£S FROM THE £**YOT THEVAULTOF.HORROR TWO OF THE BEST "NEVER GIVE A INCH" was the motto of the Stampers of Oregon... and live It they dldl A story of Lnc young... for Ihc young and lhc young at heart! HALWALUS RED SKY AT mtCHaasawaan Box Olhco Opens Al 7 p.m. Showtime 1:30 Come As You Aro--Try Our Sruick Bnr U3M

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