Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 28, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1951
Page 4
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AGE FOUR AGE; LAS CRUCCS (II. M.) STTH-lfEWl Thiiriday EV«nrng;-Juri«"28/I951 ·News i'oundo'd'jfi I'SSl; .puhljshed'daily;- except Saturday--weekday after- .jpons aricj'jSuriday morhlngfl--by tho Sunshine Prens, Inc., at 241 N. 'Staler 'sC"l3»s Cr^cc3;:N;'M; Entered at Laa Crucca postoffice as JEcond-cIf^niatlcr.' 1 Sfanley Gallup, Advertising Manager Orvtlle E. Prlcatlcy, Editor and Publisher Representative: Inland Newspaper Haprcsenta- Jves, Inc.V.Cnlcago; New York, St. Loula, Knnaas OSty,' Omaha, At- ·Tinta. Mcpflbcf jo( iluj Associated Prcsn. The Associated Preaa Is cn- jjlled exclusively, lo the use for repubUcatlDn of all local news print$1 In thj0 newspaper, ajj well as all Al* news dispatches, t M.-** , . TELEPHONE 33 *his newspaper Is a member of the Audit Bureau of Clrcul- Jllons. Ask for a copy of our latent A. B. C. Report gi'-'In, Audited'facts nnd figures about our circulation. ·J\.B.C, -- Audit Bureau of Clrculaiiona PACTS as a measure of Advsrllsihg Valuo ^^JBHCRII 1 '^PN^RATICS: By carrier 1 In Las Cruets and surburban liens, 18c per v/eck'. or 7Cc per month; by motor route deliver;' In ifona Ana county, T8.r0 pur your or per month. By mall In New jlcxlen 7Kc per month or J7.nO per year. Outside of State 85c per jontli or $8150 per yt:r. Mall Hiibflcriptlonfl are payable In advance. Does U. End? I'VavU'n you.Jii npw most of us have- be-on asking Iht ,]ucsliort" Iis to where, t h i - jm'.senl t r u n d ttMicls, where we are ioinjj and- where is il n i l going t u - e m l . A n d 'rfor TO ·ytars wv h*ivL i wailed J'or an answer lo that Todfiy lhi»,silii'alio(i i.s more'cnmplica tod lh;m 11 was five ;rars (·frj'fi'nr-lb'yc'ar;i i u;;o. Thi,- J ' u i u r o does not appear much ^ri^lilor.' Y ' This lio't-bnly applies to prices nnd wagns but it applies ·o t h e world tiiuidtiun and lo tendencies and Lundition.s. The ^iPoplc:; of this world only w a n t one t h i n # --· lliey iVanl haijpincss. There may be a n u m b e r u! tilings needed T;i provide t h i s but in n i ' i n y instance:; it is only the Jieces- . (jtic:: ol life-.' U include.-: food, c l o t h i n g , medical care- and J i e l l e r . '.',''.'*' And fiUl){jUg]i"w(.' may h a v e n i l of the modern eonven- jpiu-es and all of liic various nuidern inventif.n.s we some linie.s wuniler wlieti)i-r wi; a i e ii; happy ludiiy as we were jiiclc iii HUD (SV'ifrli') nr l!)t![. We say we wontfiT. Wf.- gt.'l J t j r e e tyncs a s ' m u c h for sonio of t h e products 1 produce and have more a c t u a l money but we pay four Ijrne.-i fi* muL')] for the limits we buy and Ihe money we have isn't near as v a l u a b l e ;is the considerable, less we had 20 lo · '-(j years HJ»J. , · . . \V'e rereive more wnf.;e.s fur Ihe work we do and yet our ' i.vajM s buy li.'ss a n d i n u i a n less because of the situation and ' . u n d i l i ' H i . ' i ' w h i f h p r e v a i l . All t i f us arc convinced we need a less complicated and · i mure M i n p l c l i f e t h f i n w e have today. And the u u l l n n i i isn't very bright. We have controlled irifc:; mi some t h i n g s and no control on others. Merchants ' " J i i d l)ii;,iness peuplcMare buried today w i t h t h e price f i x i n g ^ilu:; a l l ol t h e 'government buukkci'piiijL;' t h e y have today. 'rhe ;ivi;r;i/j.' i n d i v i d u a l is so confused t h a t he isn't loo con- J:erned a b u u i a gnml j n a n y t h i n g , 11 i.s loyalty and patriotism ,'s at ;i 1'iW ebb because t h e - n a l i o n a l leao'ership doesn't win JV hold the c o n f i d e n c e or the respect of t h e A m e r i c a n people. A n d il c o n t i n u e s to g i u w worse from day l o * day instead Most (if us woijldn't w n n l to go back to the so-called Ijond old days' I H I ! t i i e r e arc';cprluinly u Rood many of the ,'c had in those day£ jinrhidiug' honesty and i n t e g r i t y , do not have] t n d a v . ' Doctors Testify In Nuzum Trial's Second Day olulion Is Needed I'\)i' yt'iivs now 'wo -hnvp hccn n U r n c l i n f l people to Hit? ho nn.-.'U A m e r i c a n ' d e s e r t -- Ihe uouthwcsl. This area of Jic U n J U n i ttt;itus Jius lirown becaiibx 1 o[ its ideal climiilu t'iKi lL'CHits(.' (;f Us b o u n t i f u l - ( T C n o r y . '.' Tips ;n-c4"vf-Hie rtnlion hns been limited in Us ^rowlh d eoniiiun.'. 1 ; to l)o l i m i t u d ' b y UIHJ t h i n g -- t h e water supply. Venous ways and ni(.'ans hnv*.- bc(Mi discussed for provid- y tl|o,water. And sumo p a r t i a l s o l u t i o n s have been found. ulVCyoi', lla'ix 1 h.-ib nut buc-n a uomplete .solution and w(.* T j i o i n j ; l u r i H i t i n u c to be C'VLMI more l i m i t e d because of lark ol water. ·^ l '' ol l ' (n "' ; ' ( -' 1 ' 1? " VL ' ^ cc ' n iim ' nrc us ' n l.' U P o u r unc ler- , o n U ( l W ; i l ( - ' r . Various estimates are bcin/j nnidc as lo thu Timi«eMglh ol t i m e t h e w a t e r supply cfin and will last. Some M M ' ^ t i m a t e wr are usiuj.; it up I'.i timus faster t h a n it i.s beinj^ |||f)iodufefi. And smie estimate in 10 to Ifi years we will rin^Aiiu^'Uinduf^iutKl water. «1 Our i-lTnrls lo provide* reservoirs ;md to store i'valcr for droiif;h.periods have not been too successful bc- lnn/.fi \ y e / h a v e i H T i n i t t c d - p o l i t i c s to yet into the picture. .V(? iKive usc'tf I hi: water up iiisU;ad of storing i l . We have i ) e n m U i d unclassified l a n f l or land w i t h o u t w a t e r rights *Vo be pul i n t o ])roduction and used water we should hnve [:ay^dj^ storage on this land. -- And j u s t as lonr; as we had water and as lony as we .,1 l i d ' n o t face an emergency we have yone alonjj and though '. \'erytljin{; was f i n e , find have used our water refusing to -coii'/.Lvthijri: would'c-oAio a day when we will wish we had l u l l supply of slured water, ·"·'I'lip I n t u i t of Ihe soulluvest is going.lo depend on water. There are areas in the nation where they have loo much (Continued from Paee 1) · he was very calm and cool, .'! asked him if he would go to La.i CrticeH voluntarily. ".Jerry said, 'Jimmy, do J have to /jo?' and I told him 'If you don't fjn on your own, you'll probably |e JiiTc'iie'd nnd I will have to take you/ Volunteers To da "Tlien Jerry aniil he would gn and could tie ready in '10 minutes." Clark U'Ktlficd life Intel-viewed Kii/.iini }ii!V(,Tiil tiincft. The foui-lh i Una, he nald, Nuzum admitted he knew yilKB Cooglcr and had seen her the night 'Oie disappeared. "But .Tf-rry'Hnid-lie had nothing to do with her death," Clark /laid. "Hu an Id 'T don't see' wliy they ·Jon'l. leave, mo alone. All'" I did v/a.i put her In my c a r ' . , . but film f^fjt out and went into thn rciituuninlfthc DeLu:^; cafe). I tint thi'j'C a while and then went Jioim;. 1 never saw her a^aln. 1 " Earlier In the trial four stale \yiliiot;*ifs luntlfiud Nuzum had jilcl'.nd MISH Cooyler up bodily and I'HiTii-U her to hid car. where he placed hc-r In thn front neat. Throe of the four IcKtified the Klrt «ot out (jf tlm car and went buck i n t o the DoLuxe cafa. The fourth wltnuuH, Mrs. Charley Amis, .suId BlHs BUW NiiKum alone a few minuter later ufluV I he car incident. Before Clark took Die nUnid, the jHirlluli'H (iT what the utatc cuntunds i^ dried human flt'sh nnd blotul taken from Nuxuni'n car wure pa.HHud iitnotij^ juroru for in- 7t wa;i ttdmittGd as evidence only n f t e r lieatod legal wian^liitK. Yustenlay the slibbtance was ideiilified .hy Slatii Police Capt. C. A. "Aixhifi" White six having hrcn HCrnpeil from Nuzum's rar May -1, 1941) and jjivon to Or. nwi};hl Rife for nnulyslH. In luyinif the ground for Dr. Rifc's tc.-itlmony ynUcrdHy, Dr. O. A. JUaddox, ij»M Crucca, tcali- Jidd on e x a n i i n n l i n n of the-badly drrnmposrd body. "I iilsu HUpgested to K h f H f f Ap- odnea t h a t im autopsy b« perforni- i'il," Ur. Maddox Haiti. "He oald he didn't I h i n l t it was noiicHHUry. Ulz dt-scrlbcd the HiibHtance takni from under NuKiim'H oar a.H bdiitf about 2'/, Inches long 1 , Inch wide, evlnp and'bi'lttle nnd durk, deep-red in caloK II broke Into I wo or three pk'CeH, lie mild, when It WHS placed in an envelope. u t z ahio refuHcnl to give an o])lnlon an lo how long the BI jitunct 1 nil(jhl huve huen on tlie car. Tlm jury W;IH excused for the fii'iit time KiniM! tho trial started during an :u;ument over a |K.4- Hlltle cuiivursalloii Utz might have tuid witli Cinupbcll. ec'Hlls Exoneration % The defense attempted to prove that Campbell exonerated Nuzum on receipt of the report from tlie TexaH Department of Public Safc- Ly through the patrolman. The testimony of Mrs. Ruby May Land of LlUlerield, Texas, was read into the record by Special Prosecutor James Cooney. In lier testimony, Mrs. "Land-to'ld how zuin'fl car had struck her 2- year-old boy In Llttleflflld some- lime In 10-19. The boy was not Injured badly, aim 'eaid, and hla skin was not broken. . . . ' - · - ' Nuzum took him to a hospital, Mrs.' Land said, and gave him a dollar "to buy ice cream."-; '·. He ^mid her injurlns include a sltull depi-CHuion, an eye.torn, from Its HockeC deep'cuts, and bruises on all party of the body. Wow On Head ' ; ) ; " · ' "What, in your opinion, caused her death?" he wan asked by Special Prosecutor .1. Benson Newell. "A the head," the physician replied. Charles Owen, El Paso attorney, aaked Dr. Maddox on cioBH-examlnutlon If he had performed an uutopsy on the body. "No, r didn't." Dr. Maddox said. "I suggested an iiulopuy to the sherrlff but be didn't think It necetisai-y." Apodaca, now serving a.ycar'R sentence in La Tunu Coric'ctional InsUtulion for toiluring a suspect In Ihe case, may be culled* by tlie proh't'cutlon today as a rebuttal witness. More mystery In the investigation of Cricket. Cougler's death writ? revealed by Dr. Rife, Farminpr- lon, N. M., consulting crimlnologist to Ihe New Mexico Slain Police? riititic.s KusjuM'.l A f t e r Identifying a substance taken from under Nmnni's car on Mny 4, 3940, as human tissue, Dr. Rifn said he had not been asked to teat tlm tissue for blood type. The specimens have become incapably of such tenting now, he said, In eliminating the possibility of checking with the blood of Cricknt, Cooglcr for similarity of types. Afikcd on cross-examination if it would be possible at tills time to' type the blood from the victim's · body. Dr. 1 |Hlfe agreed that It won hi. "J understand some of my col- (I --t^'atcr^ A^.^licro^ has been discussed on wort; than one {·^ccnaio^^u.urjyi^In^llT/ChlsAvattir. 10 Iho .soutliwesl. 1 '^ft'^Pi'/jjC^t^on iiuo'^idea hhvc born .advanced off and i m for^tfofflnianXrycnri-^hhl flood Waters from tlie Missouri ···iver o^ilx^^iflsisshjpi'.Vivi?)' should l)e brought to the south- icest --xwatx}r^v|.uc^-could x nmi woulct irxean f u r t h e r develop' "7"^ Certainly the peoples of Ihe areas \vliicli suffer year after f'ear from flood water w o u l d approve of this water being jjnovftl fronV'thMv'seclions -of the nation to points where il lould he stored and where il i.s needed. . . ,\^e;,«re tnUI, of'coiu'.'K*. i h u ' c u s i ' o f such n project would ' ! iolpw)ftBilivWf We arc told t h a t the differenci- in ihe grade - pvould make it almost impossible. ""** WiVwnrcMncc lold that, ihu construction of ihe Panama · ^Mlju^l u'lis iiq^ossibh: but it is a* reality loilay and it lias r)ald '-for* itself. 4 We know of ' m a n y others things wliicli we eoulfl not he done but many of them luu'o heen ,,' J-i*3 wav for the engincors w i t h vision, w i t h _ "and w i t h the proper backing to work out this pro. njid^to *^5O' it t h i o u ^ h to a succeij^ful Icnninaliun. "unn!;, (jTiCourse, would have lo be provided-hut in Hme JHa.vToY itself. | America spends billions helping to save the peoples of !*thor nations and often times some of this is used to f i g h t ris. Yot;iO our own n a t i o n a few billion could bring tho great ^.oulhwest to 'one of tbe greatest produelive areas in the tvjtion and provide even more water 'for more people for Uu's fjrtfh'Ji' -section of our nation but we argue il can't bo lone boc'iiiKc of llic cost. · We doubt t h a t . We t h i n k il could bo done and we know L America could do t h i s job just KK it has dune mnjiy other jolw and carried out many other groat projects "" "' " ' lerlcii' ojcciatwJiich could only be done witli tho American x i i l i t y- j . Billions for the'vest of th/i world?, Well lei's spend a few iiore sa*vlrl|{ one section of ournntion from floods nnd bring* ;~morc-wnlcr-io the ^renter uouth\wst, Crippled Children Society Secretary Addresses-Rotary Mr:l. Ilillii 1 Vlii-t Nicholson, PX- i-rniivi; Mciviary of tin; New Mexico Hoi-lc-iy for CrlppU'd Children, iiddieMHed the Las Cruccs Rotary club «l Its mecllny Wednesday. .-vuir /··'? · j ( -** ···-'jp : s* -i mMl-^j : MM MRS. B. V. NICHOLSON M i s. Nic-hnlKon H|X1«' on the \vorl; ami pro-am of the suclotj nnd how it lu-lps himdleappo chllttivn jiitd adults in hits Cutce i l i s l r l f t . OoiMj;o M. Ctinolta, .the IOPH! tllHlru-t trvaitiuvr of tlm yocloly, slult'd lliiit ovi'ry iiu-iiihor of tho Notary dub was Intore.strd hi ht'!iriii£' bu\v thin ufj;nniratlon hi p u n H.S tin "ttTfuprinj;" of Htilni -- fnllowint; n filial accidont. Mm. iNli-bclsnii pnliHcd out the him- niiijur prnjin-ts nf tho aocU-ly. 'I'hoiif? siorvippH iiifludo n I'l'ichnil jmlay tiny -srhool nnd nionibly out- imtli'iu. rlinic; n illiiKimMIc nmi tin:iniu-nt r c n t r r for oplltipltcfi; ^pcrrh iuul homing rohi\hllUnllon rlinlos in IniU' I'fnli'r.i nf tlu 1 Htnli u m l ' a .suuinu'L' camping Diagram for oiippli-d children. Thft society nmluUihw n wheol chslr unit n'liU'h htnik which pro- vldCH for the loan of thoso anpll- tihco.s all tivor tho mn\f- to thonu who need them, Mm. Nicholson nahl. 'All Uu'sp services uiv pi-ovttlcil thuiUKh Iho nimual Ku.slor tlonl f«l« ninl,»!ontrlUutlons. Stncp tho ttaclety (3 rondo ring n locul coiiuniinlty service,- mom bom of ItoUry v^|tlVNAtM ttiloretil la learning moru »b\iut U, leagues have,.bcen able to type the blood of Egyptian mummies," D*. Rife said. J " Consultant Stnw 1924 Mout of the Ifisliniony given catltor tri the duy only' Bet Ihe stage for the appearance o n - t h e witness ntami of the*crlininologift. He desci-ibed his qualifications as Inc-ludlng the taking of about 15,000 blood (cuts, many among the Navaju Indians and in Central America. He haw been consultant to the .State of New Mexico .since ' T h e expert described, .teats he ·made on a metal atrip taken from .'NuKiim's ear-as being blood.-Two spots about the size of pinheads were examined, he said, : not enough to decide whether they were human blood. A lent later in the day identified a substance lemovcc) from the right roar spring, of Nuzum's" car as containing human bluott, Doctor Rife said. , SiiHic.rhnid Qncslloim Ha faced a battering session of rrws-exfiininalion by Hutherlund. Ho admitted knowing nothing", for mnrc 1 than two yeai'H, of a" repprt on the same specimen he identifl*tj as h n m n n tissue, submitted hy the Tt^xan Department of I'liblic Safety. The report, admitted by agreement of coumud, Hhowcd that the Toxaa laboratory could not confirm thai ilic (substance contained human protein. Tlnoughout tlin testimony, at- I.L'mptinfi- to prove that the substance way from the hotly of Criclitit Coogler, one of the spectator:! silting in u from row scut was Mrs. C. C .Baumerl of AluJc- .shoe. Ti'xurt. sister of the dead Cricket who closoly I'eseiuble.s Ihe victim. Two tatters were included in the rt-jjori, one to Capt. C. A. (Archie) While of the Stutc Police, dated May 10, 10'lfc, and another to Gov. Edwin L.. jMechem, dated last June n. Confirm Analysis : The letter"to.;AVhite read;.\. f . rt Wc c6i^|ii'-*^V'*^ui'uitiuice is tissue and blood, buti^ilbea hot respond favorably to the test for human protein." ' - To Governor Mechem, the Department of Public^ Safety wrote: "It is not possible to state that the' specimen examined did or did not contain human protein." The defense is expected .to rely heavily upon the report, in closing arguments, to offset-the testimony Of Dr. Dwlght Rife. Captain White, who has " been state police identification officer since JSMfl, took up the entire morning on the witness stand. Me told how Nuzurn was brought to Santa Fe - more than a month after .Cricket Coogler disappeared. Tells Wife ilidway through examination of the car, the witness testified, Nuzum was Ordered out of the police garage, "to get him out from under our feet and to lake care of his wife." Through most of White's testimony an envelope and sealed package rested on the court reporter's desk containing ^llie specimens the ntate insists are from Ihe body of Cricket Coogler. W. J. LITTLE BEALTOR . RKAL ESTATE i LOANS First National Banl! Bldg. 1'IL - 270 or 13015 Insure and Be Sure of LOSS PROTECTION Auto - Fire - Polio LIABILITY Be sure and insure with Bill Chilton General Insurance Agent CHILTON LOAN INSUHANCE CO. 123 No. Church St. VALLEY LOAN FINANCE COMPANY 122 West Griggs Ave. --'Las Cruces, N. M. -- Phone 818 LOANS - DISCOUNTS - REFINANCING .- AUTOMOBILES - REAL ESTATE - COLLATERAL We Buy All Types p£ Contracts "It's Easy To Piy Our Finance Way" Ga's Firm Uses New Mfetltod In Drilling SANTA FE, June 28--W-- El Paso Natural Cos Co.. by using natural gas instead of mud to Patrolmnn Vctlan Ut/. Utz, now stationed in Las Vegas and for seven years fi member of the State Police, followed White to the stand at the afternoon session. 'orce cuttings' to* the surface, hus .worked .ipuVa.'system'to/cipse out. gas ^ ; eliV?in''48.houi t i.'.'in'j(!ead1 of H, 'days.,-.-. \";·.".-·"-' 'x ' ' .'. : Thls'.waa disclosed;today by R. R. Spurrier, secretary of the Oil Conservation commission. He said the new system will permit completion Df more wells per month and likely will allow'faster development bt the San iJuan basin. V'ALLKV DRUG STORE - Main £ .Organ, I-is'CniCR America's Newest, Smartest Hardiop Convertible The Rambler - (7 Nearly $300 of Custom Accessories Included in the Low Price! Thnl cnnlliicntd! Ihir! !\fw m'-A-i el vlsibilii vtiUdrtttind. A/IT? tlian 17 foci of clear with ti curvcil, vue- windshield. Now sec somclh'mE entirely new--the Nash Rambler in a dazzling new hardtop convertible sedan! 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