Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 13, 1967 · Page 20
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 20

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1967
Page 20
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Mii'io 7r!0 Pr«s t Caldviell News-Tritxine, Tlursdiy, July 13,1937--A* Astrological Forecast By Carroll Rightcr GEXEK.'.l. T K M I K N C I K S : You have a unitd chuno- ;nw to use your h?*l judnmi-nf and y o u r mix! a r l u u l a i r qualities In cunvina- others nf a l m n s l a n y t h i n g Ilial you have in your conscious ti c s s. so make a pifint lo B«' lujcelh- e r u i l h charmers and 111 h e r cun- lai'ls tci l e t t h e m l n i « w hat you have in m i n d and Ihen listen to w h a t t h e y Carroll Rlghter hare to say. ' ARIES: (Mar. 21 lu Apr. |S) Try lo he more cooperative n-ith Dssucialcs and snip suing off on sumo tangent ' r y'ir own and you t h e n uao increase corporale success. Then out lu some new and charming plan 1 with male. He happier. TAURUS: (Apr. 20lo May 20) Gel homf or oftice made more comfortalile. b e a u t i f u l and you can have Rreuer l a p p o r t u i l h those who mean a court deal lu you. Please (he one who means most lo you al abode. Labor with love, diligence. GE.M1.M: (.May 21 lo Juno 21) Out lo wherever you [eel most al home and can enjoy enler- lainmenl or conversations most. Give proof of y o u r devotion to others in some t a n g i b l e way. Then you eel w o n d e r f u l response, results. MOON CHILDREN: (June 22 lo July 21) You w a n t to make some rather expensive improvement to your home, so it behooves you to t h i n k how to add lo income quickly. Re clever, adroit. Then slari l;tn- inj; small, arlislic pieces, brighten y o u r outlook. I.KO: (July 22 lu Auir. 21) l o u have hit un several m e t h - ods now to have improved relationships w i t h others w h o art i m p o r t a n t in your scheme of things. Make sure you nN slitlc- m e n l s o u l w i t h a l a c r i t y , lie precise, however. V I R G O : (Aug. 22 ID Sept. 22) A l i t t l e c o m p l i m e n t n u w anil Ihen to those \vlio have power over you can bring much betler results lhan for some lime, lit interested in Rellinn everything around you to operate very efficiently. He enthusiastic about w h a t e v e r you are do'in*. LIBRA: (Sept. 23 lu Oct. 22) You have an ambitious plan that you can discuss wilh a fine friend who can give wonderful advice and ideas connected vvilh il. He very sociable. M u c h .-/'.-.v^re as well as benefits accrue thereby. SCOlll'IO: (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) An i n f l u e n t i a l person's advice can show- you how to gain y o u r most cherished aims. The rijfht solution occurs to you after much conversation. 1m- pruu romantic life by handling present situation rightly. SAGITTARIUS: (Nov. 22 to Dei. 21) Out with some good (ml lo n new place where you can £el the i n f o r m a t i o n you need. You get m u c h assistance in gaining personal desires if you are m u r e broad-minded where ideas of others are con- cemej. C.'il'RICORN: (I)ec. 22 lo Jan. 20) Show appreciation for the aid given you by one who comprehends y o u r aims and n m b i - lious plans for the f u t u r e . Male understands your ideas more quickly now. You readily get Ihe cooperation you need. AQUARIUS: (Jan. 21 lo Feb. IS) You have to have a different a t t i t u d e toward your associate if you are to operate together more successfully. Jle sure you get tiul to some charm- injr spol wiih one w i t h whom you ivanl lo discuss personal matters. I'ISCES: (Keb. 20 to .Mar. 20) Go over your personal expenditures nnd gel budgets ivorking properly, both yours and your mate's. Gel all s t a t e m e n t s in fine order. Evening should be devoted lo romance. Forget worries, business, etc. IF YOUR CHILD IS HORN TODAY . . , he, nr she, will be one of those d e l i g h t f u l young ones who can accomplish a (jreal deal since there is a fine understanding of Hie desires and wishes of others, plus a willingness to cooperate. Teach early n n t En he so possessive or be completely under the domi- n a t i o n of another. Artistic, precision work is best here. "The Sturs'impc). they do-not compel." YYhal y o u make of y o u r life is largely up to Y O U ! _ Carroll Slighter'* I n d i v i d u a l Forecast for y o u r sixn f n r August is now ready. For y o u r n|y send your h i r l h d a t e ' and Sl.flO In Carroll tighter Fan-- casl (namt of newspaper), llox 1921, Hollywood M. California. HH15 TIME THE SPEED EARTHWARD ISTOOMUCH THE STEEL CAGE BEGINS TO DISINTEGRATE. ONE PIECE HEADING PORTHE SPACE COUPE BEHIND. ON ITS NOSE IN A RIVER? WAITf ILL SAVE SOMEf I'LL STAND THIS COUPE ON ITS NOSE IN A RIVERf WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT BEFORE? ITS STILL BURNING MOSTOFOUR MONEY IS BURNEDTft UP.' 42. Cut off 43. Silent 48. Monkey 49. Maxwell 50. Lake 20. Macaw 21. Raised platform 22. Fitzgerald 23. Organ! ike instruments 24. Vegetable 26. Cravats 27. Being 28. Comfort 29. Robert MARY WORTH MY OEM CHILD: I COULBN7 FACE LtCTURt OH MICOLJNTINi NOWI I-I'M l«!l B06WEIL, * N MM-HMtttH-fROWTKE BANK! 1 YOU IETT VOUR CHE«300X TC / BE-IW-WIT IN ORM.R I WAS ASK.CD TO DtllVtR / IT...ANDEWIAIN... / VOJ HE, ON THE. VtlJBi, YOU HAD OULV SUBTRACTED MWUO NIWBIK f ROM THE. HKti Mi 51. Affirmative 52. Back 53. Dimple UEUT. W[IDW?-YOL! WOULD HAVE CftLtEO HOT THL AIRPORT, OARIWS! 1 HWE IT!-5TAV ·Q C1NNER! THEN PJRHAP5 I'LL BE ABLE 10 CONCENTRATE.! VERTICAL . Destiny 2. Salutation TAKEVDURHANPOFFME CANT VOU SEE VOU'RE UfSETTINSAWFI/WCEEf THIS MAN r... I HEN ERSAWUIM BEFORE IM 1/T" . )(· MY NECK! SHE'S MY WIFE, , CHRISTY. WURGAMEAWWtf? NOW GET OUT AND STOPANNCMNSHE? OR I SHALL CALL THE POLICE. CERTA1MLV, MV DEAR. HORIZONTAL 1. Final S. Heathen deity 9. Health resort 12. Above 13. Back of neck 14. Summit 15. Slum dwellings 17. Thing (law) 18. Labyrinth 19. Fry quickly 21. Lure 24.Iceberg 25. Wingllke 26. Youth 30. Ailing 31. Climbing plants 32. Place. 33. Raciest 35. Table, land 36. Electrified particles 37. American poet 38. Game 40, Register a vote Avccftge time of solation: 22mlfilfM. (Q 3967, Xlne Features Syad., Inc.) I Today's Almanac Today is Thursday, July 13lh, the 194tli day ol 1907 with 171 lu follow. The moon Is between its new- phase and first quarter. ' The morning star is Saturn. The evening stars are Venus and Mars, Born on this day in 188C was Father Edward Flanagan, the founder of Boy's Town. On this day in history: In 1787, the t-.S. Congress passed Ihe Northwest Ordinance, setting up Hie first organized government west of the original 13 states. In 1865, HoraceGreeleywrote an editorial (in the New York Tribune) that federal civil workers wlio didn't like Washington should . . . "go West, young man, go West, and grow upwiththecounlry." In 1942, the underground Free French movement changed its name to "Fighting France!". BIONDIE WHEN TH6Y PUT IT IN MAILBOX VOU'O. KNOW IT'S MAOAM-- WOULO YOO LIKE TO JOIN THE SAL AM TH(E 'CLUB?: A thought for the day: American statesman Daniel Webster once said: "Cod grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it." Ratio's They'll Do It Every Time MES5V WOULP TRV \ TO SHAKE HANDS L WITH THE VEWUS r DEMILO-- ./ THE WISHT IS WONS YET- HE'LL LEAVE A C,ISARETT£ ON THE POOPPECK / TOO BAD ELMO / HASN'T GOT A = ^ ) CHINA SHOP"/ ME5SMORE COULD REALLY x V ENJOY UH-. \ [ HIMSELF CAREFUL, \V WE5SMORE ASHHH £y, ELMO WOW! SWELL SHIP MODEL" DO THE SWLS 6O UP AND DOWN? REX MORGAN, M.D YOU HAVE A WOST^I WOMEN HAVE PONT TKOUSHT IT WAS A STEAN5E EEMAKK FOR A SECRETARY TO MAKE THAT SHE ANP W. KESStER APPRECIATE Vv SUSPICIOUS MINP, INSTINCTS ABOUT WOMAN HAPPENS TO COCTOE/ WE'RE WHAT MADE YOU SAY THAT ABOUT MISS WINTERS, fJUNE? MRS. M. IS OP5TWRS LCXDK.INGINTHE CLOSETS- BE YOUN ANO ATTRACTIVE / FORGETTING 10 SAY 'NO TOUCH" AS YOU SHOW WUR PRIZE POSSESSION TO A FUWiBLE-THUWB PAL- WHAT ARE YOU DOING? MAKING POPCORN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HAVING A LOLL.I -POP-CORN TtKsNX AMO A MW TIP TO 6TORV.S SARASOTA,, Ft.*,. DONAID DUCK CAN'T 5ET IT ON AMV B16GER-LEA5TWAYSJ MOT ON THAT OOOCJ! .1 IP YOU RE GOING TO OO S VSOAAETHINQ, DO IT RIGHT! ) « '"^^-i -- s ., ._^--*^ y . I'M SSN'OR PARTNER WAKE MV NAAAE BIGGER! SCROOCE ! Me DUCK BEETLE BAILEY PON'T KMOW ABOUT TMiS CA*E. IT AND SES WHAT you TktlMK OF IT THE FMNTSTONES BUT THEYLL BE THEM LIKE VARIETY HCWS .' A PBW- GOOD SHOW..-TOO POPS AMD IT. WHATTA YOU MEAM I DCM'T SEE IM HE 6ENERATIOM, EITHER' COOL OFF. and lie mmi- dent that you're nhvays In good tasie In this jiui.vsim and skirt. Straps conceal bra. er shorts flatter leps. Printed Pattern 4i23: Half Sizes IS';. H'.j. IHV IS'-j. 2iH L .. 22*2. Size Hi's I'lnysnli 2ii,"yils. 35-in.: skirt 2' 4 yds. FI'FTY CENTS in coins (or each pattern -- add lo cents tor each pattern for mailing and special handlinsr. .Send lo Anne Adams, care of itoo Free :'-ress Pattern De[it.. 213 West St.. Xe» Vork. N. Y. lonn. P r i n t N A M E . A D D R E S S willl ZIP. SIZE and STYLE N U M B E R . FALL'S -VEW FASHIO.VS -- s~ee (he he^t of ihe n?»~ .^txle.-; for all ?izes in mir new Full- Winter Pattern Catalog f',oi one (tauorn free -- just in Catalnc. Hurrv. send 'i' 1 ' rieht now.

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