Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 1, 1972 · Page 24
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 24

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, May 1, 1972
Page 24
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2-1 ( J K K K L K Y (Colo.) TIUHUNE Won., Slay \, 1D72 'American Music' Is Topic .For Fortnightly Musical Club "American Music" was thelsymphonlcs, musical comedy, topic for Hie program presented bullets and incidental music. for (lie April meeting of tlie Fortnightly Musical Club by the program chairman, Mrs. Melvin Lewis; Mrs. Charles Weslrup Robert Benson, who was hostess for (he afternoon. The Puritans had music in Shade" by Hopkinson and "The their church ami homes contrary to belief. The Bay Psalm Hook was printed in 1640 without music and in 1698 it was printed with music, the first music book in the colonies. The first native composer in Sea" Op 47, No. 7 by Mac- Do well; Mrs. Marvin Adams, accompanied by Mrs. Robert Benson, sang "From (lie Land of Sky Blue Water" by Cadman and "By the Waters of Min- America was Francis Hop- netonka" by Lieurance; kinson (1737-1791), a member of a well-to-do Philadelphia family, with a keen interest in all liie arts, and an inventor, writer, statesman ant! signer of t li c Declaration of In- dcwndence. Benjamin Franklin also bad an instcrcst in music. He could enjoy the simple music in a Moravian church or Ihe complex choruses of Handel's oratorios in London. H can be rightfully said that he was the firsl important critic of music to appear on the American scene. The continued growth of music in the 19th century saw Mrs. Don Garlick, accompanied by Mrs. Neal Carpenter, played "Poem" by Read as a viola solo; Mrs. played I e a 1 e g re , ' ' "For Johnny Mehegan" and "For Helen Coales," three nf Bernstein's "Four Anniversaries:" Mrs. Robert Ehle played "Toccatta" from English Suite, an original piano composition written by her husband who then joined her for "Folk S o n g s ' 1 another original arrangement for (our hands, including "All Alone," "Not- influences of Lowell Mason, the tamun Town," "Shady Grove," first great educator, who wrote hymns and in his search for songs suitable for children, wrote the words for "America- My Country 'Tis of Thee." Steven Foster wrote into his simple songs the flavor and characteristic traits peculiar to America. Edward MacDowcll, a native son, was trained abroad and won recognition there, then returned to this country to practice his profession, lie was a tone poet. Thurlow Lieurance was born in Oskaloosa, Iowa. He has made notable contribution to the recording of Indian tribal music, as well as in writing much music based upon t h e m . Charles Wakefield (.'adman was born in Johnstown, Pa., and established his reputation after years of struggle, with two songs, "At Dawning" and "From the Land of Sky Blue Water." Gardner Read was born in Evanston, 111., received his masters from the Eastman School of Music and is at present the head of the music department at Boston University. Leonard Bernstein was born in 1912 in Lawrence, Mass. Extremely talented, he became a protege of Kousse- vitsky, and made headlines in 1913 Performing on the musical program were Mrs. Larry Bat man, accompanied by Mrs. sang "Beneath a Weeping Willow's John Barber, pianist, "For Felicia Mon- "Jennie Jenkins,'' and "The Squirrel." The spring luncheon will be at 12:30 p.m. May 3 at the home of Mrs. Gary Zic'k. ! A program lilted "Television" jivcu by Mrs. Kcmielh Benson [or members of Preceptor Upsilon Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, traced the progress of the Industry from its obscure beginning to its present use In com- AP Fashion Editor Dies PARIS (AP) - Lncie Noel, Paris fashion editor of The Associated Press, died Saturday in. Ihe American Hospital at Neuil-j ly after a long illness. She wasi 72 years old. | Mrs. Noel, whose real name was Elisabeth l.eon, was widely respected and intimately knew the world of Paris haute couture which she had covered for four decades, including a period as fashion editor of Ihe Paris Herald Tribune. Born in Moscow, Mrs. Noel was an American citizen who had lived in Paris since thc early 1920s. She and her husband, a sociologist who died in 1942 near remarkable deportation in Auschwitz, had a newspaper when heH ovce - range of friends in the Paris literary world, including James conducted the New York Philharmonic Symphony for Bruno Bernstein has written Mrs. Noel's Joyce library was considertd one of Ihe larg- Waller, who was suddenly taken est private collections of its kind. "A good place for your feet." MEN'S SHOES PWS SHOES 911 16th St. By Abigail Van Bur«n [C im K OMOM TMtaK-N. V. Nwi IT*., hc.1 DEAR ABBY: I have some good news for that husb*nd who wrote In to say that his pregnant wife was scared stiff by those old hens who told her horror stories about the pain and torture of childbirth. It doesn't have, to bo that wayl I had my first baby seven months ago, and it was (tie most beautiful experience of my life. My husband and I prepared ourselves for it by enrolling in a class at the "Y." [It was colled "Childbirth Education."] The reason so many women fear childbirth is because thoy don't know what to expect. We were shown movies, and we were even taken on a tour of the hospital to see the labor and delivery room, and finally the nursery. Please, Abby, let others know about these wonderful educational courses. Every doctor Is aware of what is available in his area. It is free, too. You cannot believe how much it helped my husband and me. GLAD I LEARNED DEAR ABBY: About that girl expecting her first baby and being frightened by old ladies who told her how rough it was: Dor.'t let the old biddies scare you, Honey.-The inconvenience of not being able to clip your toenails for about four months is worse than the short pain of labor, which is something like all the menstrual cramps you missed all rolled into a couple of hours! How can I speak with such authority? Simple. I am writing this from the hospital where I had my first baby just three days ago! It really wasn't so bad. But even if it had been as rough as some of those old biddies said it would be, it would have been worth it. You should see my beautiful baby boy! HAPPY IN FLORIDA DEATI ABBY: I can just hear those old hens felling that poor pregnant girl how terrible it is to give birth to a baby! I'll bet they didn't tell her how they made their husbands, doctor and nurses suffer right along with them. Nor bow they overate during their pregnancies and delivered great big, oversized babies. Labor and delivery is too miraculous a time, to waste by thrashing and screaming, trying to prove that a "good mother" has to suffer for her child. These martyrs are the reason I no longer work on the maternity floor. AN R. N. [AND MOTHER] DEAR ABBY: Good grief! Nobody has to suffer in childbirth any more. All an expectant mother has to do la ask her doctor about the various classes that are offered in her community. She can practically take her pick of the "method" she wants to use. I chose the Lamaze meihod, which is natural childbirth. It takes some studying and practice, but it is worth it to have a healthy baby that hasn't been struggling to .be born of a mother who is so doped up and out of it she makes it rough on herself arid the baby. The husbands are included in these courses, too. My husband took it, and he stayed right with me the whole time. We recommend it for all expectant parents. M. AND J. Problems? Trust Abty. For a personal reply, write to ABBY, BOX 69700, I,. A., CALIF. 90069 *nd enclose a itamped, addressed envelope. For Abby's booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding," wnd $1 to Abby, Boi 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. 90069. Mrs. Robert Fciierstein :iostcss for the evening. Mrs. Benson staled that television is the logical outcome of a century-long evolution of telecommunications devices, start- telegraph. Each new device has come closer to the Ideal of communicating to distant points the realistic sights and sounds of of civilian applications of actual events as the events take place. The basic principles involved were already well understood in the 19lh century, but practical realization of television had to await the evolution of electron lubes, which accelerated rapidly during Ihe 1920s. One of Ihe basic principles was conceived by Philn - - · when he was a composit in- T. Farnsworth only 16. Television is Progress of Television Industry Reviewed by Preceptor Upsilon '/ lininl ilemonslniled n eomplolellmuEli Hie immicallng t h c moon. television syslcm publicly In iidoptcd Is 192C and the British Droadcasllg System used It for experimental broadcasts In, 1929. More research nml work was done and in 1929 Allan I!. Uumonl made advances and marketed the was first Iminc television receivers built along modern lines. Many people had their firsl taste of television when it was demonstrated Ing in the 19th century with the rival systems were ready to go I system f i n c l l y i The stalo convention,will bo electronic. Color held in Denver June 2-i during the World's Fair in New York City. By 1940 Into commercial operation. At this point, however, World War II Interrupted the development television. On July 10, 1962, Teleslnr One, designed and built by Bell Telephone Laboratories, relayed the first transmission of television signals between United States and Europe, which was not continuous. By March 22, 1967, two satellites, Lani Bird and Canary Bird, working together made it possible to pro vide live television coverage of events of international irnport- iidils n new dimension of enjoy men! to homo television. | Closed IV Is being used mure and more, for learning and caching procedures In hospitals ind schools and also to private nines for children that cannot attend school. Mrs. Renson gave quiz to the members on Icle- ision programs a n d com- nerclals. Tho business meeting was conducted by Mrs. Benson, Mrs. Jerold Barnolt reported for City Council that 81 members representing five chapters of Beta Sigma Phi in Greetey allemlw! vention combining a number of|ance on a scale that encompas- discoveries in several related fields of electricity, electromagnetism a n d electrochemistry. Therefore, no man stands out as a prime inventor as does Alexander Graham Belt for the telephone. However John L. scd most of the nations of the world. C o l o r e d television went through stages of growth similar to black and while in thai the first systems were mechanical in advocated nature al- Golf Play Is Rained Out Fashion Show, Luncheon Held 1 5 Although golfing was rained out Thursday, April 27, for the Greeley County Club Women's tournament as scorer or marshal is asked to contact Sleele for additional information he- were imparted by Dick Bille hus, golf pro al the Greelej Country Club. (Jolf Association nine and 18: fore June 1 hole groups on opening day, a| A few "words of knowledge" luncheon, fashion show and' meeting were enjoyed by the many attending. Following the luncheon girls modeled fashions from Ihe Pro' Shop. Models were Wanda Ewald, Jo Middaugh, Doris Ver Linden, Marge McLaughlin, Margaret Quirk, Rita Husted, Pat Grcss and Claire Fuller. Demonstration Slated At Art League Meeting A special program has been arranged for the April meeting of the Progressive Art League at the Greeley Recreation After the fashion show the SSS pSntt ST mntc-terral ^m. Wednesday hole group, presiding. She intro- ' J duced her officers for the season. They are Helen Williams, vice president; Catherine Allhoff, secretary; Sandra Dpnley, treasurer, lions Ver Linden, president of the 18-hole Associa- ton also introduced her of- Everyone interesed in paint icers. ing and other forms of art New members and guests'cordially invited to attend this rere welcomed. jopen meeting. Tommie Steelo, state repre-j lenlativc, spoke to the group New York's New Yorker-Ho regarding the National Jewish, tel has closed and will be con Lilia Noemi Lezama Wed To William David Ortega SJFT MOM WITH A BEADTY OIFF CEBTIFfc MR.LOREN'S If you give it to her early, she'll enjoy her day, May 14th, even more! 2707 10th St. Ph. 352-3413 Miss Lilia Noemi Lezama, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hector A. Lezama of Saugus, Calif., became the bride of William David Ortega, son of Mr. and |Mrs. David Ortega, 304 13th JAvc., Saturday afternoon, April 22. The Tlev. Samuel Meza officiated at the double ring ceremony at Ihe Pentecostal Christian Assembly in Sepulveda, Calif. The church was decorated with spring flowers in shades A painting demonstration, ant display of supplies and mater ials for arts and crafts, wil be presented by Jacie from thi art and craft center at the Hill side Mall. tospital Ladies' Professional Golfers' Association Benefit in verted into a hospital. The hole was sold for $13.5 million to th Denver August 24-27. Any ladyiFrench and Poiyclinic Medica .ntercsled in helping during thelSchool and Health Center. i Sigma Phi week, nnd Miss llulli (lehrkc will be tho chaplef ' · delegate. Mrs. Gene Honkiowlrz was welcomed as a transfer member from Fort Morgan. Mrs. · Jim Hiiwklns ami Mrs. l,eo Coffman will furnish refreshments for the May Day Party al Iliiell School. Coming events include a ' Mothers Day Breakfast at the Farm Fare, and a birthday dinner and Preceptor ritual for (bo next meeting, with a social hour al the he Founders Hay banquet lit Karbs, he American Legion. Harold of this Smith's · just one n ice. tit ing after another Mother's Day May 14 Trifari hasihewordfor it... "ATHENA" The classic Greek, key design.., new and elegant for today. Golden- or platinum-loned, antiqued or bright. Necklace and bracelet, $7.50 each. Earrings, $5, Mothers deserve a gift from Smilh'sji MITH'S known for fashion- 353-1740 802 N i n t h Street a short train, and her bouffani veil of illusion was attached to a crown of crystal flowers. : Maxine Meza served as maid of honor and bridesmaids were Martha Knight, cillo, Margaret Dorothy Tuccillo Tuc- and Rachel Mungaray. They were dressed alike in yellow flowered dresses and white hats. Each attendant carried a basket of flowers. Robert Maestez, gunners male , , , - - , t,-. , LI. 3C., U.S. Navy, served a s best of yellow and white, and the m a n T)i(J Jroomsmcll were pews were decorated with whitcL K f M j h c nbhon bows with small co!oredj H . iymon(i s *^, an( [ Joe The organist was Consuelo Al- Lczama - varado and the pianist was Deborah Redondo. The Rev. . Meza was the soloist. Ireception rflcrward, also at the The bride was given in mar- church. Among the guests from riage by her father. She wore a f a r - in addition to he bride- a gown of white organza de-gTM m ' s P arenls a n d brothers .'signed with a f.lted bodice wilh| a ° d ^ r , s f TMTM 'natural waislline, a Peter P a n ' collar, and long sleeves. The ruffled skirt was designed with Approximately 150 guesls attended the wedding and Ihe FASHION POINTS for 72 Gapl , thc bn(le s grandmother, Mrs. " ar S;L rit!1 Catstill °. a n ^ a " ? u n f ' Nlrs - T' 1 'TM '- rama ' holh from Mexico City, Mexico. The couple planned to honeymoon for a week in Colorado, before establishing a home in Sepulveda. Vnr traveling the bride wore a dress of baby blue knit. The couple was honored at a reception given al tho Northern Koom Kriday evening with the bridegroom's parents as Ihosls. ! The bride is a graduate ( 'f Canyon High School in Saugus. T h c bridegroom attended (Irceley Central, and now is serving with Ihe U.S. Navy attached to *e third division of the USS Ogden. Bride-elect Honored A miscellaneous shower was given in Scpulvcda to honor (be bride-elect on April H. ess is like wearing no u r ig at all 930 353-H4X 1 DON'T MIX 'EM i Afler opening a package of d i y beans, pras or lentils don't mix thc contents with that of| I joiner pnckngcs bought al sep-| | .a r a I e limes, particularly! several months apart, says Ihe U.S. Department of Agriculture. (.Mixing piickriges will result in "uneven cooking since olrlor jljcnns lake ion;.;er In cook than I fresher ones. Keep Hie product ·in Ihe original package u n t i l ijopcncd. 'Hien store in a glass I!or metal jar or a »tiilaiuc-r with · a light-fitting lid. WOMEN'S WORLD "Colorado's finest equipped figure spa for Women" 1300 Ninth Ave. 352-6498 THE MOST COMPLETE WOMEN'S FIGURE SPA IN COLORADO. NOBODY--BUT NOBODY CAN COMPARE. For Milady we feature: Sauna Bath, Whirlpool, Eucalyptus Inhalation Room,. Sun Room, Nursery, Coffee Lounge, Private Dressing Area, Swimming Pool, Holiday Magic Cosmetics, Personal Extraordinary Service, Nutritional Guidance, Grecian Body Wrap, an exclusive of the Slim Swim Club. As a member you can expect to lose up to 2 dress sizes in the next 60 days, so please call or come in now and get started. And remember we arc a part of ihe Greeley Athletic Club--the most complete health club for your favorite man.

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