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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Thursday, June 28, 1951
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OUH HOME TOWN tojcauiie of forwt .fires started hy .c'areltsa smokera and campers, Governor Median'iuu declared u state of emergency. Be careful when YOU smoke or camp. 'News VOL. 71--No. 73 ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE IMDEffNDiNT MM HMD fVMMY NEWSMflEA SERVING SOUTHERN NEW THE .WEATHER; LAS CriUCES WEATHER: Little rlunige in temperature or humidity foreseen. Possible. Uglvt. winds.,LuBt 2-1 hours: Lns Cruces, 300-69; Stale College, 103-08. ·'· '·' LAS. GHUCES. NEW MEXICO, THURSDAY, EVENING, JUNE 28, 1951 Russia Proposes ^ _ _ ± ." f · /-WASHINGTON, ; June- : 281 -W-tThc' State Department announced today that Russia has proposed ^tjie .United Na- · / l i o n s , North Korean .and Red . Chinese commanders negotiate a'Korean ; armistice. * '; The Soviet Union suggested , armistice terms limited "to '·strictly military questions". The proposal was made yesterday to Ambassador Alan G. Kirk by Soviet' Deputy Foreign Minister Gromyko in Mos- 1 cow. Gromyko, the department said, "indicated that it would be for the military representatives of the unified command and of the Korean ncpublio command on'-one hand and the military representatives of the _ North Korean command and of the 'Chinese volunteer'units' on the other to negotiate the armistice envisaged in Mr. Malik's state- \ mcnt." Jacob Malik, Soviet delegate to the ·United Nations,' put forward · the original cease-fire suggestion in a speech-Saturday. Kirk, on instructions from Sec retary of State Acheson, called on Gromyko yesterday to seek a clarification of Malik's speech. The State Department announcement said: "The armistice, 'Mr. Gromyko pointed.out, would include' a cease- tire and would be limited to strict- ly'military questions without involving 1 any political'or territorial ( matters; the military! .rcpresent- ' atives"wou1tl discuss the 'question of assurance against ;"rcsuinplioa of hostilities. CENTRAL TRESS PICTURES. PRICE FIVE CENTS Catholic Prelate ·"Beyond -the conclusion of an armistice the. Soviet, government had no' .specific steps in mind looking- toward the peaceful settlement to which Mr. MalJk referred. · · "Mr. Gromyko indicated, however, that it would be up lo parties in Korea to decide what subsequent special'arrangements would · have. ,.to *.bo"' : m£rte-V f or ::"a ·; political . and' territorial^ settlement.'.' : . . fled Views \ TJnVrnmvn "He said that the Soviet government was riot aware -of the views of the Chinese Communist i-cgimc in Mr. Malik's statement. . "The implications of Mr. Ore-' inyko's observations are being- studied. The Department of Slat is consulting- with the representatives of other countries having- armed forces in Korea under the unified command.", At the time of the department's announcement, Assistant Secretary of Stati! John D, Hickerson was engaged in a. series of conferences with diplomats representing many of the countries fighting in Korea. Announced as scheduled to Hickerson were representatives of Turkey, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, Columbia, tho Philippines. Ethiopia and-Norway. American officials were described as encouraged over Russia's response to their first request for clarification of Jacob A. Malik's cease fire suggestion. HUSSIEN MAKKI, of the Iranian committee assigned to take over the ·Anglo-Iranian Oil Co.', properties at Abadan, symbolically handles the valve he says will shut off the oil if Britaia do_es not.accede to his government's ^demands. British officials declare that if they quit the Abadan works, the field will be unproductive for "at least a year". J ·'' (International S'tiuhdphoto) Yrsfor'PloJL (The AjMitelHtril I'ress 'iftirrcs- immient covering the; trial' of Archbishop Jov/.cf OrWm-.. ami hl.s co;(tofcn}iuitt In a. Hitnijpri- nn citizen. Ill* dl.*p«tch««-;irc nut rensnird but he. is snhjecf to the laws" of his country.) By ENDUE MARTOX . BUDAPEST Hungary, June 26 (/Pi --. Archbishop Joszcf 'Grocsz was sentenced today to 15 years on charges of plotting to ovi-r- throw Hungray's Communist gi.v- u-mnent with American help. Ore of bis eight co-defendants was BIMI- tancecl to death. Archbishop Grocsz succeeded Cardinal Mindszanity as leader of the Roman i Catholic church in Hungary after the Cardinal WJIF given a life sentence on trcacon charges in 1949. In handing down the sentence today, Ihe court sail', the jirosfl- culion bad proved the group maintained "close relations wil Las Cruces Policeman Says Cricket Entered Car Night She Disappeared Thrusts In Red Offensive «y OLKN CI-.K.MUNTS TOKYO, June 28, (/PI-- Thundering Allied artillery today smashed a series of Chinese attacks which Lt. Gen. James A. Van Fleet -varned'may be 1 forerunners of a new Red offensive, The United Nations ground com- nander foresaw no "mnjor thrust, mrriediately." But, he said on .-» tour of the fighting fronts. "Ihe Chinese appear to be building up "or-another effort" to overun U. N.' lines. Neither Van Fleet nor the mi- nreme Allied headquarters of Gen. v B. Rldgrway would dis- Van Fleet said lie knew noUiing ' about '"t- Iran's Premier Tells Truman British Threaten Oil Supply By.ltOBEKT M. HEWETT TEHRAN.'Irah, June 28--(/Pi-Premier Mohammed Mossadegh in Lie 'Encouraged' In Comment On Russian Proposal ; UNITED NATIONS, N. Y., June : 28 I/Pi - Associates of Trygvc Lie paid today the U.N. .secretary g-en- ; era! is encouraged on the basis of . talks he has held ao far about the Russian proposal for cease-fire talks. These associates pictured Lie iia ' feeling" the discussions were mov- inK in the right direction. Nasrollah Entezain, president of the General Assembly, arranged to return to Washington, where he iu Iranian Ambassador, Lie had talks yesterday with Entezam as well . us UN., British, French, Indian - nud Mexican representatives tb the · UN.- One U.N. official, 'who declined to he quoted by name, said-there should be nn barrier to ceaae-flre discussions because 6(. the Soviet Union's diainclii-.aUon to include Communist China among the bel- Ilpercnta who would 'arrange* the This official said the North Korean high command should bo able to t«lk for the Chinese. Jacob A. Malik, 'Soviet delegate who launched the ceise-fire talk with a speech L'ariiay, so far 1ms declined to dlsctign it further with cither Entcznm or Ernest A. Gross, U.S. delegate. Today Britain, inntmctcd her delegate,. Sir · OlAdwyn J ebb', to try to »ee Malik. The Soviet Union Mid 1 it had Riven the United atntes a clarification in Mnsroiv. · a personal letter today to President ,Ti;uma,n expressed .confidence the United States would support Iran's nationalization program. Tbe. letter, continued no hint of a compromise, nor did it make any reference to rumors that Mr. ,Truman. might be asked to assume the role of mediator, . . . Mossadegh blamed the British 'or threatening -to shut down the 'low of Iranian oil to the West. The letter was made, public shortly after Iran sent a formal irbtest..-. to neighboring Iraq for permitting .the ·British Cruiser Mauritius to enter I*aq river wat- ira near the Iranian oil center of Abadan. Iran said presence of the cruiser ' ' and British 'in Iraq was a ,This was the reaction of ,o British 1 official' to the letter: "There's not a thing, new in it. Therc!s .not. the slightest "inclination to try and get a reachable settlement." ' : Jaycees To Visit Ei-Pasq: . In Aggie Drive Las Cruces Jaycees will take the Aggie grid ticket campaign to El Pas.0 tomorrow when they join a luncheon meeting 1 with New Mexico AM alumni in the area. Jaycee president Charjes Warren today said a three-man delegation, will accompany Aggie ath- united States Legation" in Bud- j CI . ISS :i Rus:sian C B R w-fire propos- apest. All pleaded guilty to the j charges. Object* TIP Sentence . Prosecutor Gylua Alpi, who liuil asked the "severest punishment," objected because the sentence was not heavier. But Judge -yUmos Olti said sincerity of the confessions anri the fact that they had Emphasizes Auto Not Same Color As Nuzum Car JJULLKTIN' . " A Mii-pHse ,vi1-nrs«- Hi**' nflrr- n»nn t'.*tlflpd , Ovldu "jCrlrki-t 11 Cuti^liT .struggled with hyo stulo puller mt»n tho nijrht .the d1s;t[t- SEN. ALEXANDER WILEY (R), Wis.; Sen. Herbert O-Cun- nor (D) Mel., chairman; commitico c n n n s o l Riehnrcl Moser, and 'Sen. Estes K e f a u v e r (D), Tcnn., of the Senate crime committee (1. to r.) face Dr. Victor H. Vogel of the U. S. Drug Addict Hospital of Lexington. Ky.. across the table as the committee begins a two-day television hearing into the nation's drug traffic. ( I n t e r n a t i o n a l Sounrtphoto) ^^:"^ ^^Engineers Study Clearance Of Reservoir Salt Cedars breach of the Iran-Iraq friendship [ pact. British* troops are in Iraq i c ti c under treaty arrangements. The letter to Mr. : . be responsible if the'Abadan refinery closes down. The Premier charged AIOC has resorted to "certain actions which will necessarily cause a stoppage in the exportation of oil . They ith'the alumni. He. expressed the belief that be- r. Truman said ' tween 250 and 400 tickets riay be the Anglo-lrjanian Oil Co. must sold to El Paso Aggie boosters and filTTlS. At their weekly meeting- last night in the Round-Up cafe, Jaycees also voted to accept joint sponsorship of tbe Knothole' gang. It was voted Jo extend free tickets to chi'idren under 12 for the Knothole gang. The tickets will be distributed by school .officials to children otherwise unable to at-' tend home football games. By unanimous vote," Jaycees also accepted (publication responsibilities for AM football programs for five home games to be played In the fall. · . . President Warren announced the Junior Chamber's board of directors will meet tomorrow night to further map strategy in tiie organization's spearhead campaign to sell about 1100 More home game ; tickets for Aggie games. . I arc encouraging the employes to leave their services, a nd are threatening the. government with their masse . . . " There had been iiopcs in Western quarters ihat Mossadegh might have shown some willingness to negotiate the dispute. These hopes were expressed after U. 8. Secretary of State Dean Aclieson called for interim talks in order to keep the oil flowing to the West. But Mossadegh's letter seemed to make it clear that Iran will insist to the bitter end on carrying out her nationalization law to the letter. crime were alleviating circumstances. ' . 'Alapi was the .man who'prose- cuted Cardinal Mihdszerity -and American businessman Robert A. Vogeler, who 'got a 15-year sentence on espionage charges. OHi was the judge In those cases too. (The U.. s. · State 'Department lias described the trial as persecution in the fkmilia?- Communist pattern, aimed at supr.eSRing "all human rights and liberties in Hmv gary" and at destroying chui'ch'in- fluence there. Vogeler, recently rc- leksed from his imprisonment, has said prolonged questioning- wn-3 used to breax him down for a confession, lie now terms' this confession "rubbish." Sentenced to Death ' Kerenc Vecer, a. PHulican niunk, was sentenced to death on rharjjns ic organized peasants vho killed 3D Hussion soldiers. Ai- hc henrd his scntt-nce he .ip- realcd. Summing 1 up the case, Olti sharply attacked the Vatican for seat the present regime by force. The five other's sentenced were: Dr.'PalBbszik, n Catholic priest who was a member of the pre-war parliament, 10 years. Dr. Eridrc ' Farkiis. a ' lawyer, eight ycnrs. Vendel Endrcdy, Cistercian Abbot of Cirt'z,' H years. Gyula Hagyo Kovacs. a, member of'tbe prowar'Upper·Hrtiise fHcn- ate), 13 years. Istvan Ccsrrlnr. general nf' the Paullcan Order, 10 years. COTTOX 3IAKK.ET (Courtesy R. T. Hoover Co.) High 44.85 38.43 36.19 36.22 36.10 New July 35.80 New Oct. 3-T.23 New Dec. 3-1.06 July Oct. Dec. Mch. May Lc 44.50 36.02 35.81 35.82 35.72 35.40 33.81 · 33.62 Clow 44.50 36.02-03 35.81-8;i .15.83 35.72 35.40 3387 33.91 we won't let up on .the en- i emy." Fighting 1 Mures Sharp fighting flared all across Ihe central front as opposing armies continually (probed enemy lines. Heaviest action was near Kum- hwa, where a Red battalion attacked a U. N. division last night. Other attacks followed until daylight All were smashed. In the adjoining Kumsong- see- tor, two oilier Red battalions beat hack Allied efforts to 'probe du- fiinscs In that Red build-up area. On a visit to all three corps in his Eighth Army, Van Fleet reported he found morale high -- timif- fected by Red tactics or tease-fire tal*. ' . . .,.,... Won't Comment In Tokyo a spokesman for General Ridgwny said- both Ihe Supreme commander and Van Fleet hat! their orders and would not comment on any 'cease-fire until consultation with the American Joint Chiefs of Staff. , One member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was brought under .Communist fire during the day. Ho Is Acini. Forrest P. Sherman, Chief' of the U. S. Naval operations. Sherman WHS a hoard the Battleship New Jersey when Hod Shore batteries sent sheila .screaming across her decks. The l u x u r i i i n t - forest will have 1 tu he tre.-Ued twice In achieve any j t'ffvctivo degree «!' control over it, .'t'l-s estimated. Extent of water-consuming- salt j cedars in the Cabullo nnd E l c p h n n Butlc reservoir areas was mapped Liu's morning :n an aerial .si;r-1 t ] l o vcy by to Bureau «r Rcclumatimi j P l TMciIiii- B llt lo sproy ,,, 0(|I ., y engineers. f j l l | i l c t w u u I I Suplombor 15 and Engineers John Dclnncy imd t h e laxt of Ouluhur, and again in Clifford IL \Vortli«n Ibi.s mtmiim; i the early j m i t of the following "Ihoustind.s of acres or the June. said Youth Is Arrested Aflei'Stirk-UpOr Las Cruces Firm Hay W. Romick. 2fl, Bvanalon, Wyoming, robbed the Borderland service station at !):-10 p.m. lasl night nnd was captured al 10:30 p. m. by IAS Cmcns' Sheriff's dc partmcnt officers Frank Romero and Porlillo, police said .today. Romick held up Juan Mndi- station attendant, and took In cash. The officers sniri he bended south in a 1950 Chevrnlel he had stolen in Seattle. Romern and Portillo. usaisting- i;i a road blocl^ south of ..Mesilla Paik, ap nrehended him as he cttemnted to escape toward the south. worthless growth luis «]inin- up However, if there Is nn ospeui- In areas immediately .·idjetcnl I n i m l y heiivy riiiiufr into thv rcser- the water storage rescrvoii-s." I vnirs iiiul jirowth Is i'om|h'tely Tliii-sty sail cedars have sprung i siil)iner};.-d fcir four or live numths. up in urea now bolnR drained with- ! il 0111 br killed in t h a t manner. out replacement as severe iM-ought | In event of spiayijii;, the foli- contincs to ])laeuc the upper and '. aj;r \vill l,e spraycil by planes with lower valleys. | 2-11) when Ihr planis me "hot" Unofficial -estimates of the tvo t i m e t h e y will alinnrh the nui.xinm engineers arc that nearly 5.0011 acres of Salt cednr musl ho cleitred to clean otft tlie 17-mile Htrelch of water-way. n n i n u n t nf dcsti'i into t h e i r systems. K n t h c r I Man mist, the spray will he released in drople! form. Tim; · Salt cellar B i n w t h will ho spray- ;· melhoil achieves m a x i m u m siilur- ed with 2-lD, a chemical In stnnd- I nllon, erfcct In dcslrnyin); the ai-d use in sjHayin^- such growth. I plant. Administration Seeks $3 Billion To Add To 87 'Billion Tax Plan Airs. Alary- Koy, Organ I"JISH. dn- serlltrd an Incident In which n Xpu* .Mexico stjita policy air pulled i u t n Ihr. White SnniH Proving Ground parking lot on Church stroM. ; Shtt wild officers wt'ilt over to Mirts Cnofflrr, who hml fnJIcii nn I ho. street. At l lie point whero Mrs. l-'oy U'IIH (IrecrtMng n ^trupr- pie b«twe-en Mi«w Owglcr unil stud* pollt'r, · offlt'crN. presiding (fudge Chnrles II. Fmvli*_r willed n two-minuti*. recess. Mrs, I r oy (li'M!ribMl-"Uie. csi-r us iutving "two gold. Hhlplrt*" {Insit;- ulii rif New Mi'xier «tat« pulU:«' ( rti the front iloor tind 11 rod light tin top. By BUD ROUSE and FORREST, EDWARDS Cricket Coogler entered a car t h a t was not Jerry Nu- /.u nVs the night she disap- pc/ircd, city patrolman Ruben Florcs testified this morning, Flores testified for the defense as Nuzum's trial on murder-manslaughter charges -in the 1949 death of Qvida, "Cricket" Cooglcr went Into its third day. "She jjot into a yellow ciir--ii si-dan -thill -stopped for ' hor," Flu res .said, "I did not sec who was in the cur." Ho added 1m did not know the ' rnr's owner or its license number. · "It w«*3 not n mnroon rnr." mo- rpd .siiid. Nti7.inn owned a ninroim MHO Mrrcury nt Ihr time. Klnre.i was emphatic In his obsrrvathm that the our WHS Tiol maroon. "It was not a Mercury," he mliJ- W A S H I N G T O N . J u n e MS i/t Thr Tnimnn a d m i n i n t i ; i t m n [Jay a.ske:! the Sena to tu add n b u n t S3 biNion .more to Ihe HUIIKU-IIJI- provcfl boost tn individn;il income and exciKc(.-.-.les) luxe;;. Secretary nf the Treasury Sny- rler told tbe Sim«lc Finance cor*- i im ,| .should film chit-fly at Individ- mlltee tho $7 billion lax hike v , , i - I U(1 | incom ,, ,,,,,, ,, X( .i; ( . l j l x o s foj . ! liillion in ' President ii 1 in neiu-ly a year I hat nrniiunU has had to j-f.surl t f i n n n t - i n " . \Vw. ho insl;.'L«'d, slitniltl n l li'jist Mu- n i n t h l y $10 in I'xlm fixes iiKktMl by |Truman nn^ Governor Mechem ProclaimStateOfEmergencyAsNew Forest Fires Break Out, Gila Blaze Continues Unchecked Hy Tin- Associated Press Gov. Edwin Mechem today d'c- clared a state of emergency because of forest fires in New Mexico. I The executive order prohibited smoking, campfiros and burning of limber trimmings "and sawdust in the forests. Executive action came in the'g-i- ant Gila fire, in southwestern New Mexico burned · uncontrolled over about half Us 70-mile perimeter. It has swept more than 30,00 acres since It started a week ago tomorrow, Save for a ftfirc-up that yesterday burned several · hundred acrcH/on the south crign of the fire, the Gila blaze wus quiet. New Kirfc Threat Newest threat came from across the Arizona border just west of New .Mexico. There ,a . ' f i r e 1 in Apache National Forest blared out' of control., ' Representatives of J^ttttc and federal · agencies gathered -with Governor Mechem to .discuss plans for combating the growing danger of flro In forests dried and setrod. from four years on drought. I bcw State land ioffictals said t h e ' emergency order affected II mil lion acres of federal, 2 million acres of private and 30,000 acres of state forests. "I expressly prohibit," the 'governor's proclamation said; "the destruction of slash and sawdust by burning.. I also prohibit,' except in places of habitation, all smoking or campflres of,any kind." A timber cruiser for the state Innd^ office reported' the danger from the Arizona fire. George Stevens reported a flight over the area late yesterday sho\v;cd the fire In Apache county between SprinRcrvillc . and Alpine, Ariz., was out of hand. It raged onl£ about four mihw from the New Mexico line. Dully Flight Pntroi Ho said tho fllfiht Was one of a dally series to bo made over danger areas through the rest of the fir* season with approval.of the State Land Office nnd the Gov* ornors office. One of the air patrol*, .Slovens n*M, wll| be ov*r Mount Taylor, r ecn Albuquerque and Gallup, the Grants area and Cation county. Another will be over the Rio Grande grant in northern New Mexico, Iho Cimnrron area and the region around Las Vegas. Other such patrols may be. arranged for llmberl'and elsewhere In the state. · There were signs the 30,000-acrc Black rflngc fife In Gila National .F'oroKt weal of Truth -or Consc- quneces might be ncaring control, but a blaze on Escudllla mountain across the New Mexico- Arizona line ngaln wris out of hand and racing toward New Mexico. Kenneth 0. Wilson t»f Albuquerque, chief of -fire control for .th,e southwest region of the Forest sen-Ice, was at the Kscudilla. fire to. supervise tho fight, and five rangers from Grand Canyon and tho Petrified Forest National Monument In Arizona and White Sands and Alnmogordo. N. M., were en route there, More than .100 men were l cx- pocted to bo baltllng the Escudllla fire today. ; Stevens ffiid tliei'C is H half a billion to one billion board feet of ponderosa pine In Calron county ami all of H Is connected. Any fire in the area would threaten thousands of cattle grazed there by some of New Mexico's Inrgcut stock ranches. Charier'. Prospect* IIttr There were better proxped^ concerning a fire Just north of the Colorado · New M e x I C o bonier, whlcffbtoko out Tuesday. The forest service, aald fire, flfihtera ap- pnrently had control of fires atop Curnhrcjus pass, headwater^ of tlic Hlo Grande, and .southwent' of Antonio, Colo. The Cumbrcsa pans fire wan Just Inside the Colorado border ncnr F Clmma, noithcrn New Mexico village. Tho IIURC GllR forest blaze flared up · Alonfr the southern rdgc yitntcrday,'but proKrcHH generally was reported »«tl*factorw. M. H. Davln, forest aoivicc rc- filonal operations chief, nald about hulf 'the firo was surrounded by a controlling fire break. · by Lhn House i.s insufficient, because it t h r e a t e n s to put the fiovernmnnl in the n:d nmi add U inflationary pressures. Backing up IUH plea, Kn Drove Own Car Previous witnesses in tin: trial have paid Nttzum waa driving his oar the night of March 50. 1019 -- just before Mlsa Coupler tUs- appuarcd. Mores was t h e second defense w i t n o s H to t n k c the sis rid today ;ifU'i- Hit: slate rested lt:t CHHQ al 10:25 this morning:. ·· . I'lvn-dhijj Flores waa \V,'C. Mi:-' . ". | Uriiii;. Socortn innehcr who "saUl In: Miss Coog ler cross tlio Htrt-oL Inward u ligm-grny'uar 'the -night tho IS.'! b i l l i o n addition Lo tin- House lax bill. Tin: Moil:;,' bill wnuM niisi- individual income laxo.i by ]'2 i-J, ptM cent lo. proviile nn nxtr« $2,S't7,- said the government alrcndy has [ 000.000 in stalled borrowing money again j tiivt'H on jrn.soliiu. tobticco :in to make ends meet nnd will hnvo \ ninny n t h r r itoms would hi- bouat to borrow "several billion dollnrs" c-d by vary ing iimount.s tn briuj in Hie next six 'months. II i.s the I in Sl.ittU.OOO.OuO mon- n n m n i l l y . House Committee Voles 30-Day Extension 01: Price Control Act WASHINGTON. Juno '^8 i^l»i The Banking: uommltlci voted 21 to 3 today for a IM-da; extension of 1 the present price con trol act. The Idea is to fiivu Congir.s.' more time lo consider a new, j.- vised law. Without coiigruKsionii action tn keep il ulivu. tin. 1 pry.icnL law will expire Saturday at midnight. I n f l u e n t i a l Senators arc MU ing any such "stopgap" inovu and herft appears to be danger thr Sfilurday dcadlinir rnny nrrive without a now law or any autiuu to retain the bid one. In that case, Ihe wholu\ govern- mi-ill conlrol pro/;rhm would collapse. Seeks Ne\v MeiiMirr The Senate Is driving 1 to pjiss an en lire new measure whlt.h would limit .thiirply the picsitnt control powers, llul the m'w law nuiHl also have MOIIHP appioval. And a Housc-approverl rt'.sohillnn oxtentllng- the old law would no rnmplisli nothing unless tho Ht v n* ale flgieed to it. Tlio HotiHO Banking cnmmltlct' also v approved n onc-inontli ex- InnHlon nf t);e fcdoiol tonl control program and the Prcslilcn't'autho,!- lly to control liupoitn of fau nnd oil ft. The extension,would krnp ihetn sll nn the tKinkn until midnight July 31. Senator Maybnnk (D-HC) declared 1/tsl n t K l i t I h a t .stivrrnl Kcn- :itors "inicnd to talk and tall: nnd t a l k " to kill any move in the S'tnate fnr a (itop-Rap cxten.slon of the old law. IcHdors set'inrd t he Sunn to would n gre a t t i t l u i n , coilfidonl cv»m if n?luciinilly, lo a brief extension the old l.iw. Clialiman ^penco ( U - K y ) . o f the Banking commit 1 1:« and ! Iti-p. Wohott of Michigan, the I commit to's lup Ftupiihllmn, told I newsmen It would be "impOB«lblo" for Congi-c.s.s to get a new law completed In iiic fuw dayjj -fltuain- mg hefnrc J\\\y \. Krcord Mils SlillC (iollc^vTudiiyi lKhcst Icmpointmc (n-cr I'ts I :OKli!il at stHlc Ciilldfic hll t h e ; irhcinl Imliiy us the thitminniotcr ' so:ucil lo Iftll. ' '' I lip ropurt wai( nmilu liy' M. 1 K. OvorpocK, rooporntlvo ntwiirvrr'nl .lie ColloKc. Ovcipcth mki tlio lusl 10(1 wna ·cpoitcil wan Juno 6. ims. Anri in downtown Um Cnicu« oclny. Ilio IhormomoWr hit ' 1 ^ 7 Ills nftoi noon n t ' t n o cotirthouuc. sho disappearcii. MrBrldc said'he thought lht( car carried an official license number Kinco it had only throe numbers. It dirt not have the county n'uiuher which passenger and commorriul- vehicles carry. Times A i t - Similar Boih Floros and Mci5iiJc placed the time of their different observation;; sometime after 2 a.-in. March 31, HUD. - -. U ' i : M Tbe two wiim-usus wwit ori tlio -stand f o r . i h u dt-funso after n tlijfenst: motion for a direct ·vot'clloL of innocent was denied 'by pre; aiding Judge Charles H.' Fowler. Chief defense counsel \V. A, .Sutherland, in limiting-'the: niuliun this morning after tho state rested its OHSC. .said the proaccutitia t a i l e d to prove Miss Coofflcr died "th»» only night Jerry Nuzuni hail any tonlact with hor. . · ·' '. "The prosecution· · has fuilod tu connect Nuzum with 1 - thy glilV death in the early morning-hours of March 31, l[M» f " Sulboilaud. Vliili'iic*; Unpruvcfl . .-.. , : . - , "In "fact." he charged,, "tlie. .])vosy- cution has not even' pruvcl»Bhe. ctlod In a violent or IHcgHl manner." · . · The defense motion came abort- . ly after Stnto Patrolman Juiur* Cliu-k tcstifttid nn iho Inst atato wltneKs. Clark testified Nuzum turned · "very pale" when Atlajj Coogler's namo was first mentlpnwl to him, "Jerry became.very excltml HIU! . : nurvotia nnd «aid he. didn't kiio'.v anyone hy that nHmc," Clai-k twt- Ifiod. . . . . . ' \ . ' . ' . ' . Interviews Ntuufii ' * ' " ' ClBt-k. then stntioncit ut Clovts.'' whcro..Nuzum'a parents, Mr. 1 'ami ; Mrn. w. N. Nuaum, Hvo,-sntd-ho · fti-Ht interviewed the ( football star April \i was four days before -'Mlw/Coofr-''' lev's battcvcd bod# w«» v fouh(l,"~ Clark explained, "1 waV.takcd to Intnrvlow Jorry affain. This time (ContlQVitd Ml jMtf* lOMtJ ,

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