Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 25, 1957 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, June 25, 1957
Page 23
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P«g« 12 _GREELEY TRinUNE IlnewJiy. Jun* 25. 19J7 1'aul Molnnry, Editor Greeley Jr. Legion Beits Previously Unbeaten La Salle Greeley Elks Beat Greeley Optimists, 5-4, in Last Inning , ,, ,, ,,. c · ,, , d Greelc)'s Lesion knocked La Katie from the Imtrict 3 unde-, om , , )dse hll , 0 r | ite fircli . feaUd ranks «3. M o n d a y ni;ht at J Thr Usion ,,',,,,,,.,, , he ,,,,,,,, Forbes field on the p i t c h i n g o f , in , fc( . , i x l h ,,,,,, , wo ou , , )wl h , Jack Capp and the hitting of ,'aul | M(T , f ,,,,,,,.,, ln(i ldvlncf( , , 0 trcspin. second on an outfield error. Gar- Lapp relieved Crispin in the fifth ( cj , dr ,, vc -S1( , dp hom( . ,,,,,, , OM Inning and pitched -liutout ball ( ,,;,«,. k n w k . n r f d ,,.,, h j l hy , against the Lfons. I.a Sallo reached j f ry p l t c h , , rtlin| , , he ttlfe for Crespin for three unearned r u n s , Cmnin powerful , riplf S(ffl . In the fourth inning, leading to the , n f ) n r r d s c n r f r t Crespin came change of pitchers. . t l o m r m somemlle's imgle. Fry hurled the route in losing his first t a m e in four decisions, battle I/n;mont Salle for control of second place in the Junior I.e- Cion league. Each team has won two a g a i n ' t one setback. The Greeley Legion, currently in'fourlh Capp allowed one hit and time walks in the three inmncs he pitched. He struck out su. C'res . ] a ;alle wi] pin was touched for two hits and Thursday at I sin walks in the four innings he hurled. Crespin struck out one. Crespin's bat was i n s t r u m e n t a l In t h e victory. Hr d r o v e home four runners w i t h a triple, a single and a fielder's choice while pitching and playing left field. The Lrpion nine drew fir*t bl'xxl In the second i n n n i n c vshen Ted Somervillr w a l k e d , stole second and scored on Terry Nunn's hit lo right-center fjeld. Nunn went tn third when the centerfirMer bobbled the hit. Nunn dashed for home on a passed ball. La Salle pitched Boh Fry dropped the catcher's throw and Nunn was snfe. Claude Garcia and Cretin t e a m ed up tn g i v e the Legion another run in the third. Garcia tripled and Crespin beat a grounder to the Infield. Garcia scored ahead of the throw. I.a Salle combined two infield errors, a walk, a fielder's choice and Fred Weber's sinde for all nf its runs in the f o u r t h inning. Wrher's hit sent two m n n r r s -- H a y Fresquei and Carl Smith-home. lj n l ( m a n . " --· Garcia and Cre«pin t e a m e d up a f P - P again hi the fifth to send the Ix- i Steele, rf gion ahead to stay and give Capp the pitching victory. Garcia »·" : and went to third on Jim The Greeley Elks rame up with an unearned run of the bottom of the seventh inning Monday at the Greeley high school field to beat the Greeley Opnmlsti, s-4, In an exhibition game.' With one down David Gilfillan reached base on an infield error. Craig Miller then reached base on the pitcher'i error. Bob Warner beat a grounder back lo the pitcher with Gilfillan attempting to score but the latter was cut down at the plate. David Valencia, third Elki pitcher, won hii own ball game as he singled !n Miller with the winning run. The Optimisti knotted the gime In the lop of the leventh when Valencia ran into a wild itrcak. He walked Doc Mclvy and Harvey Maul lo open the inning. Mike Or- tero. Optimist pitcher, then tingled Melvy home. Maul rame home lecondi later on a pa ued ball. The Ells scored three runs in oi a hit. An infield error, a walk and three more errors accounted Major League it ·r nt ttiocmto NATIONAL HAGUE w. u TIL oi for the runi. The runs gave the MuVISi.!.--~.~" ~ '"" ^JJ i" Elki a 3-1 lead. jnuufeiphia! ^_iui .'su m Bob Haberkorn's Optimhfi com-' sSfylV«" .~L."t_~7_r » S M ? H bined an error, a pasted ball, an-JS,'"TM"* ·" other error and a fielder's choice I Chleaif Kim Yort ( i n .1 - for their firit run in the opening inning. The Optimists picked up their lecond run in the ilith Inning on back to-back triples by Ortero and Fred Schroeder. Don Gorman's Elks got their! ^;.';J;^ fourth run in the fifth on a single j by- Wally Durst, a stolen base, anlj,,. error and a lingle by Art Armijo. inr».ii,.' The Greeley Elks will meet the j"riSl. Both**' Gre'ley Legion at I p.m. Sunday wau.r rii jo«a. at Forbes field. Tb,e Optimists will · , play at Boulder Sunday. ' Optimltts (4) AB R H Walker. 3b . 3 1 o Mclvy, 3 b 1 0 0 11. Maul, ss 3 1 0 I t . Haggard, e 3 0 0 Ortero, p 'n IT jsi i)vt Tutiday'a Schtdult ntlikuril at CUtaci -- TnnA (H . it curtaaau HUM) (HI. BraoUjI at MiUaalr* (light) -- Mf- D*vut U-l) va. Burdttta (M. Monday's Results . ID an* i«tatai r "" rr * "' "* = Gary Wallace, Janet Hoke Cop First Places In Midwest Derby I at MM]--lilt Ma an*, aif-- t T t rT aad FloMbora, Mu.U 17) Mtmu i 1 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L-Trl. f.B place w i t h a 12 record, will play host to Greeley Elki Sunday at Forbes field. Game time will he S p.m. L« Sail. (!) Ab R H E Weber, rf Ilrown, 3b Miller, si Ilusch, c Norm. Ib Frcstjue;, 2b Alles. cf Smith. If Fry. p _ Ltgion (I) Garcia, cf J. Iteed, 2h (,'rc'pin. p l f Somervilie, «» -Nunn. Ib Ilninncr, c 2 District ) Legion Slates The remaining District 3 Legion A and-Junior Legion schedules: (N- Night game. I)Day game). L E G I O N A 0 June 26-- Boulder at La Salle q ! N ) . Ft. Collins at Windsor (N), j! Greeley at Loveland (N), Long- 0 mont be. 0 June 30-- La Salic at Ixingmont (D), Greelfy at Boulder ( D ) , 24 3 3 3 Ab R H E . 3 3 2 - 3 1 1 Lovcland at Ft. Collini (D), Wind- 0 t I j Sail I/cgion VI I * 000 3no 0 021 014 x _ r Deaths and Funerals K I . A I I V Carl Wayar Klacly. l n f . i n l mn of Mr. »nrt .Mr.. .«. I.. K l i d y rf JJ11 Cre«t«ood I)r llroth- er of Sue and i - t e w a r t Klndy. both »t hnn:». l i r . i n d f - o n of Mr. ani) Mrs. It. \V. Sleivart i( \ V h e a t r i d j f . G r f s t f m r d ' o n f t Mr» \V. L- Clapii of Car- d'n C i t y , KanSAs. Arr.itiKC- m e n t R Uler. MF.YEfl II. H e r m a n M e j r r of :1I7 f i h A r e . ^ r r \ l ( c * ^ : " i i p.m. AV^dneKl.iy from M J K S I i r a w - t n c Ilr^mi I n l r i i T i r T i t I.inn Grove. P r i r r u l s n-.i) rnak* m e m n r h l clonitidiis t o t h e I U r t i t M i x i n n a r ) - Society In lieu of f l o u r r * . RF.IS \:rv N r l l i p IM» of I'stcin irA V e n t u r a . Calir. M o t l i r r of J n h n Hell of V e n i u r . i . Calif. « n d M r ^ . P h n i s K r a m e r c f P,irra- memo. ( V i l i f . I t e r t t a t i n n of t h f rtn«sry 7:.M ;i m. T h u r . d x y from . M ? r y » P r a n I n K Jtoom. rterjiilem M u m 9 a m . Frldsy from Ft. Peter'* C a t h o l i c C h u r c h . I n t e r m e n t Linn Orove. R u n s Balled In--Garcia'. Crespin 4, Somerville, Nunn, Weber 2, Smith. 2B -- Capp. 3B -- Garciij Crrspin. SB--J. Reed, Somerville, Bmnrer. DP--Solir lo J. Reed lo Sold. U)B-- legion 3. U Salle . Bit--Capp 3, Crespin S, Fry 3. SO -Crespin I, Capp 6. Fry U. HO-Capp 1 in 3 inningi. Crespin 2 In 4 inningi. Runi and Earned Runs--Capp 0 and 0. Creipin 3 and 0, Fry » and «. HP-Fry (J. Reed). PR -- Brunner 2, Busch. Winn:r-Cipp (20). Loser-Fry (31). Time-2:JO. sor bye. July 7-La Salle at Greeley (N), Longmimt al Windsor ( N ) , Loveland at Boulder (D), Ft. Collins bye. July 10-I/ngmont at U Salle (N), Boulder at Grerley (N). Ft. Collins at I/)veIand (N), Windsor bye July H-Loncmnnt at Ft. Collins (D). Windsor at Boulder (D), Ij Salle at Loveland (D), Greeley 0 | b)e. 01 July 17--Windsor at Longmont _ i ( N ) , Gretley at La Salle (N), j| Boulder at Lovcland ( N ) , Ft. Col .3 lins bj July 21--tangmont at Boulder (D), La Salle at Ft. Collini (D) Greeley at Windsor (N), Lovelam be. July 24-Ft. Collini at Greele) (N), Windsor at La Salle ( N ) , It. Ung, 2h K. HasgardY'rf ,, D. Schroeder, cf R. Maul, rf Sl.upe, rf M. Long, Ih Sherrer. If . Ortiz, If 0 , rhirafa _ . 31 23 i!n»rtlaad_ ,, _ I 4 M I Iioatea . . ,, 21 SI 0 j Dttroit ,, . 13 II .It 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 iltlmwf . . · »ai Citj . .SU I .111 T .111 T .w int Orioles Defeat Slipping Tigers A r t h u r 1.. WasMiurn of Roe:. pen. S e r v i c e s 2 p m. \Yedne»- (]ay fron M u r y ^ I ) r a « l n c Ilonm. I n t e r r n e n t ( U n v e . lecord A.vori.i, .N'elll" L. A n r r l l of c o r t h e a t t of ( ; r * » l f . M o t h f r of Hnc*! \ V i l k i r * o n o f I . f w i M o n , M s i n e . W « ) i : » \V. \Vllklll-on of dree- ler.'» John T. \ V i l k l n t n n of I ' U l K . Tn : i l « t i - r of It. I. P l l l l » r ; i o f Ixs A n t c l e « . C i l l f . . ; \ r ] n ('imp l l . i n h n l o m p w of!. W i n . l l k k l l n s rf KeTn j t . u r p . K i r I l u r r o R * i.f U"t lli!l». C . i l i f . »i»t A r c h i e B i c k l i n c o f !reeley. SrrM p r H r . k h t l i l t e n - a ] - » a n r v n e . S . M U P S 2 p m Tliurs- rtay. S^i "r1 Ftir.ernl I l o r r r . In terrrrr.' I . i r n ;nn*'. BALTIMORE * - Hal (Skinny) Brown stopped the Detroit Tijeri on five hits Monday night as the Baltimore Orioles whipped the skidding Tigers, 6-0, and dropped them inlo a fourth-place tie with the Ho:on Red Sox. The Orioles collected 12 hits. Including t 2 run homer by Billy Goodman, after being held hitless for the first three inninft by start- rr and Imer Duke Maas. Goodman's homer, his second of the year, followed Bob Boyd't lead-off lingle in the fourth inning to give the Orioles a 24 lead. Baltimore added another run in the sixth on Goodman's bid hop single over shortstop H a r v e y Kuen'i held, a bunt tingle hy Al Pilarcik and another tingle by rookie Joe Durham. Hector Brow-n didn't allow more than ono hit in any inning while winning his second game against j three lo-.'C3. The Tigers had base runners in all but the seventh and n i n t h , but Brown was in command all the w a y . He struck out six and walked only one. Loveland at Longmont (N), Boulder bye. July IS-Ij Salle al Boulder (D), Windsor at Ft. Collins (D), Loveland at Greeley (D), Lnngmont bye. July 31-Ft. Collins at Boulder (D), Greeley at Ixingmont ( N ) , Windsor at Lovcland ( N ) , I.a Salle bye. JUNIOR LEGION June 2(v--Greeley Elks at Ft. Lupton (N). June 27--Ixingmont at La Salle (N). June »-Greeley Elks at Boulder ( D ) . June 29--Boulder at Lontmont I». June 30-Ft. I.uptnn at La Salle (ID, Greeley Elks at Greeley legion ( D ) . July 1--Longmont at Greeley Elks (N). July »-La Salle at Greeley Elks (N). July --Greeley Legion at Longmont ( D ) . July 10--Boulder at Ft. Lupton Elki (5) Nelson, ss M. Miller. 3b Wickett. Ib .. Brown, 2lv3b Markley, cf _ Redman, cf Durit. If . ._ J. Miller. If _ Gibbi, rf Gilfillan. rf _ Bonner, Ib ._ C. Miller, 2b . Armijo, c Warner, c G. Tellei, p _ Maggot, p Valencia, p 2S 4 3 7 Ab R H E - 4 0 0 0 0 0 a o 0 0 0 0 0 . is si .m i JJ «J .321 1IH Tuttdav'i Schtdul* Tutadar'a acft«-dul» (all ftlfht lamta): Cl«*»laix1 at r*«w Yark -- Moail (i-1 *· StunliTaB! (l-)l. Chicago at Boium -- Krtfil (S-] va Drtroit al WaihlAiton -- Lary (la *· Hamoa f M l . Kaatai cuy al Raltunon -- I'rtal (1-0) va. IMI (7-3). Monday'i Results iltla.t. . Miai. At*r CTI. Brnwn and Trlao Only |am« arh . a m j»| til-- f U S SKaui (II and HMI Erskine Leads Dodgers to 10-3 Win Over Cards ST. LOUIS urv-Carl Erskine in his first i tart of the year achieved victory as Brooklyn dumped the o!league-leading St. Louis Cardinali tonight, 18-3, on a 6-run rally in 31 S S 3 the fcventh inning. Duke Snider FT. WORTH, Tex. - Gary WaK lace. Greeley akater, Monday took home two first placet tn the 1U7 Midwest regional roller skating ehampionihips at the Holiday rink here. Wallace took top honon, In the juvenile boys' figures and in the C boys' racing. Wallace combined forces Sunday with Janet Hoke to take top position in pairi competition. Min Hoke and Sally Crawford won firsti Sunday In C girls' racing and juvenile A girls' competition, respectively. Other Greeley ikateri placed Monday. Harless Monical took second in Intermediate ladies. Jean Carlson finished third in junior girls while Marilyn La Porte wai lecond tion. in icnior ladlea competi- Larry Gilleipie, Larry Mueller, Bears Bobble Game Away By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Bon Negray'i one-hit pitchin and Dick Gray's homerun kept St. Paul on top in the American Atsn. Monday night by four percentage i ai the Saints nipped Omaha 1-0. , pitchinz and Dick Gray'i home run kept St. Paul on top in the American Asm. Monday night by four percentage points as the Saints Dipped Omaha 1-0. The Minneapolis Millers continued to crowd the Saints by taking an 1-7 win from Denver'i Bean, . . . . . . .who committed icven erron to Missel Monical and Carlson com- present the Millers with seven tin- btned to take third la the mixed l^rned runs. relay event. Patterson Says He Fights Rademacher At Seattle In August NEW YORK IA-Floyd r«tt*r. lon'i manager confirmed Monday that the world heavyweight champion hat signed to defend his crown for $250,000 against Olympic champion Pete Rademacher at Seattle the week of Aug. 19. Rademacher, a balding, 28-year- old former football player from Grandview. Wash., never has [ought professionally. The "unique, fantastic" match, as Patterson's m a n a g e r , Cus D'Amato called it, is contingent on Patterson beating Tommy (Hurricane) Jackson at the New York Polo Grounds, July 29. Seattle promoter Jack Hurley announced the fight Saturday. It will be held In Sicks Stadium, a l park, which can seat 30,000 Optimists Elks Buns Batted 100 001 2--4 030 010 1-- S In-H. Maul, F. Schroeder, Ortero; Armijo, Valencia. 3B--Ortrro. F. Schroeder. SB--Durst 2, Gibbs, Bonner, H. Maul. Shupe, M. Long. LOB--Optimists 7, Elks 11. BB-Tcllci 1, BiECot 1, Valencia 3, Ortero 6. SO --Tellei 3, Baggot 1, Valencia 3, Ortero 7. HO--Teller 0 in 3 innings, Baggot 0 In 2 Inning!, Valencia 3 in 2 inningi. Rum and Earned Runs--Ortrro S and 1, Tellei 1 and with two home rum and ilurap-j ·hackled Carl Furillo with a key pinch-hit double and a home run ihared six RBIi. Erskine showed well in his initial ttart, allowing two runs and just ofru hits in six innings. No Cardinals walked. The two runs came in the first inning on three hits, two of which were of the infield variety. After that Enkine retired 15 men in the next five in a double play in lird frame. r 3. Pn- , w 2. Warner n R. Haggard 1. Winner--Valencia (1-0). Loser--Ortero (02). Merchants Split Twin Bill at Longmont Mon. LONGMONT -- The G r e e 1 e y Merchants showed improvement over previous performances Monday night as they split a doubleheader with Lnngmont teams here. The Merchants lost a 2-0 con- est to Harsh Lumber Co. in the opener. The Greeley team rebounded to take a 60 victory over Tolorado Cement in the nightcap. Bob Baker pitched and batted Harsh to victory in the opener. In the fourth inning Baker singled icme Bob Bell from second. In he sixth inning Baker homered 'or Hirth's other run. Al Gebhirdt pitched good baseball for Greeley in the opener. He allowed four hits and walked two. But one of hit walks was to Betz hitter in the seventh inning eruption after he and Sam Jones locked together in a tight 6-inning pitching duel. Ed Roebuck replaced the veteran righthander for the Dodgers and finished up. Pinch hitter Jo« Cunningham got to him for a home run in the eighth inning. Gino Cimoli, a strike out victim in two previous trips, opened the seventh with a double and advanced to third on an infield ground ball. 3903=-= CALL SKYSCENE. 3301. Icr MEMORIAL S P R A Y S Allta Acrel U Harola Adcock FUNERAL PIECES On Short Notice M A N S E N ' S G R E E N H O U S E ] Se. 8th Ayr. Ph. 70S --Fret b i M v p r y -- · Heir To Big Estate Takes His Own life COLORADO "SPRINGS. Colo, if -r S h e r i f f ' s officers reported Mon- f o r m e r airlines pilot who was [named w i t h his brother as heir 'in a one million dollar estate, look his own life. j Detectives IVm Smith and Frank IPiiplev icporte.l Cj!lii"' body u i t fitund bv i, Michael, IS. and Gerald Hi-i'nelt, a friend, on the Starr R a n c h off State Ilifh- ·i.iy 1I.V Th.' r j r r h is kno»n ai Irii* Vouns Life Youth Camp. The detectives t.iij a hose had beer, attached to liir c x h a t i t pipe u! the c»r and run inside. Coroner A Better MEMORIAL · ot LOWER PRICES Salle ( N ) . July 12-Denver CYO at La Salle (N). July 1(1-1 _a Salle at Ft. Morgan (S). July l»-Kansas City Life it La William Josi phced the lime Vf' 5 *] 1 '', (N J- ,, . .. d f f t h it about 1 p.m Saturday.!^ J jJ, y j^ 1 ,'", 1 "" 1 * Mom ' nn The following is the U Salle Legion Uons non league schedule: July 12--Greeley Legion at Greeley Elks (D). July 13-I.a Salle at Boulder (D). July 14-Ft. Lupton at Greeley Legion ( D ) , Boulder at Greeley Elks ( N ) . July IS-- I/mgmont at La Salle (N). July 17--Ft. I.uplon at I/nntmont (N). --Ft. Lupton at Greeley: in the pinch. Bob Ijnd reached Elks ( N ) . Greeley Union at La third for Greeley in the first after Salje ( N ) . July 24--Greeley lesion at Boulder (D). July 27--Lonsmont at Boulder (D). July 2»-I.a Salle at Ft. Lupton in the fifth inning, but Baker (D). July 29-Boulder at Greeley legion ( N ) . Day ;amti at 1 p.m., night girtiM at I p.m. LA SALLE The La Salle Lesion A Bomber homer by Weber with one runner nonleague schedule is as follows: ; on. A pair of tingles, an infield June 2*-Kinsas City Life at La ! out and a fielder'i choice netted Salle ( N ) . Greeley a run in the fourth. After July 3-.Morri.son and Morrison ] Wet*r'l home in the leventh, the at I.a Salle ( N ) . j Merchanti collected a double by July S--Denver Red Shields a t ! Lind, a uncle by Gus Anderson, a in the fourth inning. Gebhardt itruck out teven. Greeley threatened Harsh three imes. However, Baker ?r=s ttingy j singling. Gib Dresser followed with { a tingle in the tccond but died on third. A fielder'i choice and a tingle i sent Greeley'i Al Weber to third knuckled down to strike out the last two batters and end the threat. Baker itmck out four in the game. The second contest was all Greeley Merchants . hits including Dog ObtditiKt Club To Mttt Dog Obedience club will resume its meetings Tuesday night at 7:30 o'clock at the home of Carl Pearson, west oj Greeley. Additional information on the meeting or membership may be secured from Bill Stevens, 3R37-W. Low Fallout H-Bombs Can Be Produced loss ended a Denver 5-game winning streak. At Wichita the Braves kept only four percentage pointi off the pace when they rallied in the ninth to (core the tying run and gain the nod over Indianapolis, 3 2 in the 10th inning. Pinch hitter Roy Hartsfield doubled in the tying run and Harry Hanebrink broke up the contest in the tenth with a lingle after Joe Koppe walked and was sacrificed to second. , Louisville at Charleston was postponed because of rain. WASHINGTON UPI - Atomic scientists Monday told President Eisenhower this country now can produce a hydrogen bomb approximately 35 per cent free oi radioactive fallout. Three University of California physicists, visiting the President with Chairman Lewis L. Strauss of the Atomic Energy Commission reported the progress on produc ng a "clean" H-bomb. Strauss t o l d reporter! that strides have been made since June S. when Eisenhower, reported hat fallout had been reduced by nine-tenths from that of earliest ;l-bombs. "By the time he made that we had gone about half tha way a ten-tenths." Straus i said. The scientists -- 11 obviously leased -- stood witn Strauss as le spoke. They were Dr. Ernest O. Lawrence, Dr. Mark M. Mills, and Dr. Edward Tefier, all of the University of California radiation laboratory. At one point, when asked wheti er it now is possible to make a " c l e a n H-bomb," Lawrence nodded. But later, when the question wai put on the basis of whether this country now ii actually making clean fusion weapons, Strauss In tervened, saying the question should not be answered for se curity reasons. Strauss also cut off a question to Dr. Teller -- whether a mora toriura on nuclear weaponi testing would hamper progresi toward producing weaponi which would Phillies Beat Braves 10 to 4 MILWAUKEE IP-Stan Lopata, Ed Bouchee and Rip Repultki crashed home runs Monday night as the National League's fourth place Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Milwaukee Braves, 10-4, in a make up game. The defeat dropped the Braves from tecond to third place, a full game behind the league leading St. Louis Cardinals, defeated 10-3 by the Brooklyn Dodgers. The idle Cincinnati RedJcgs moved from because it might hinder disarms third to second, a half game be-' ment negotiations now in progress, hind St. Louis. j One of the arguments that has The Phillies outslugged the I been made for a halt to weaponi not The hirm civilian populations question should not be answered, th AEC chairman said. B.-avcs, 13 hiU In 12 in the game that was a replay of a contest halted by rain May 21st with the testing t ls that accumulated fall out --'radioactive dust and particles drifting over the world -score tied 1-1 in the fifth iniag. might rise to the point where It ai they bagged 1 3 l i t closed » 3-cime icries which was causing bone cancer and ef- seventh inning the Phillies grabbed with three feeling genetic changes. victories. J Some experts contend there are The defeat ws the fifth in 12 1 dangers from the radioactivity al- decisions for Milwaukee veteran {ready released. Warren Spahn who wai lifted for a pinch bitter in the tilth. Philadelphia lefthander Harvey p.m Officers laid Collins, formerly a pilot for Cont.nor.Ijl Airlinei, had been iuhje:l to ipelli of de- sp.-ndrncy heciuse rf ill health. 1011 Ava. Jap Boats Collide TOKYO IP-Two Japanese fishing boats collided six miles off HoUaido Monday night and 11 fishermen were reported mining liter I one of them ia(k. July I-Art M a l n a t i at U Salle (N). July 11--Epworth Community Center at U Salle ( N ) . The Greeley I.rcion-F.lks hit two n o n l e a g u e games left lo play. They are al Cheenne July 12 and Ft. Morgan at July 1) at I p m. lliddix claimed the victory, Bxllig ' *' tn 'S aint four defeati. his Man Hailed by Patrol fielder's choice by Chuck and successive singles by Bill Koch ler and Glenn Haas for three more nin«. Bill Koehler w is m a s t e r f u l a, he AfJrjlilS DeiiVCr HoldUD set Colorado Cement down on l»o! ~ hits. He walked only one bitter and itruck out 13. Vern Palinckx w e n t the route for the losen. He didn't walk a man and itruck out two. (First (imt) R H I Greeley 000 000 0-0 5 1 Harsh 000 101 t-2 4 1 Gehhardt and Hits; Baker and Harper. (S«c«nd « a m a ) R H E Greelfy ... 000 Ino S-« 13 Colo. Cement .. 000 000 P-b 2 COLORADO SPRINGS. Colo, ir -- Two men Hopped by a high- w a y patrolaan wtre held Monday for Denver police whfn officers said or,» admitted the pair had I robbed a hotel clerk at knife point. Schnackenberg laid he stopped Charlet Clyde Talbott, 26, and Arthur Fercho, 23, Saturday night But the three icientiita accompanying Strauss to the White House were emphatic in stating that all the H-bomb tests to date have produced hatmlrss and "negligible" quantities of radioactivity. All Wyo. Elk Permits Have Been Applied for CHEYENNE - More than for a traffic violation Both 1 Lfrom Jamestown. N. D. enough application! tn fiH the 1200 quota for ipeclal elk permits la Grand Teton National Park have been received, the Wyoming Game and Fish Dept. laid Monday. Permiti will be handed out on a "firit come first lerved bails,"' Hawks Advance on Off Night By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Topeka'i Hawki were idle Monday night but by loafing, they boosted their lead in the Western League to seven full games, their greatest margin of the season. The Hawks gained a half-game on Amarillo ai the Gold Sot lost a 10-6 Springs. decision to Colorado The Lincoln Chiefs, now in third place, gained a full game on the Gold Sox by beating Sioux City 3-2 in a home game after a tour of the West part of the league. Last-place Pueblo had little trouble dumping 4th-place Albuquerque !»-«. Topeka and Dei Moines were resting after their Western Jaunts and did not play Monday. The Gold Sox couldn't recover from a 6-run splurge by Colorado Spring! in the bottom of the second inning. The Sky Sox were trailing 2-0 going to bats but a homer by Lee Bohicnder, a triple by Gene Sheets, a double by Dick Means and three singles overcame the Araarillo lead. Amarillo catcher Clay Dalrymple kept the Gold Sox in the game with two home uns. Albuquerque alio jumped off to an early lead at Pueblo but after the fifth inning was completed, it wai itrictly a one-sided match. The Dodgers collected seven runs in the fourth, six more in the fifth and closed out their scoring with five runs in the sixth. Pat Enos got five of the Sky Sox 23 hits and Bob Mancss drove in eight runs with a grand slam homer and a pah- of 2-run doubles. ·r THE isMKiiirn ritu AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Kia - . ... m «· "I I- i w -i r if). rutj(» ID t»4 lta«a til. Fate* (U) M!ttl l..t.« f tod H»«fOl Banwa a«4 C*m Ri»maa«i ·U Bear ·I. faal Oaaaka Nflrai maud. n...,c . !·· l«l w-t 11 T MlutaptUi - - M Ml I I I -- a I t nowtra at* ouui Btanlri. lUdrUmi (I), BurBtlda l aad Holinaa. L*tliflHa al CtarlvaUai p*ila«ai4 rtta raciric ?om trtr.ft Vanrotim I. Sfattlr I. Only farat achtdulfd. IMtl.NillONIL UlCCE Miami I. Tormu I. VoatrtaJ I. Rlrhm«a4 1. Buffalo at Columbus. postpoaH raim. oalr larari arhrdulcd. irxti tt»ctt Oklahoma Cltj 1-1. HouaUl MO. lort Worth 4. Austin 1 Sin Ailral* I. Oallaa a. Tulaa I. thrtvrport I not-inrix »ss"r. Menphla f-1. Btrmttfkam (-4 Naiatuio at llabu*. pootroitd rail. Oalr zamfi tthrdultd. WEITEKM LEIGl'E Albaqutrwt II. rutola (. Llaroli 3, Clous Cltr S. C.lora* Sprlua II. AraarUla I Onlr tamee aehtdutai. Idate Fil!i 11-7. Made Val; M ame caurd !· lib br nuitw). Gr»il ralla I. Boi« I. Kit Lakl ClU T. I. rocattUo «. Mjaaoula S. U.S. Tennis Fortunes Hit New Low Monday WIMBLEDON', England HI American tennis fortunes hit t hard rock bottom Monday in th« cold, wind and rain of Wimbledon when the No. 1 player of fhe nation lost in the opening round of the unofficial "world" champion- hips to an unseeded Chilean. Hamilton Richardson, once eon- lidercd the lad who would help \merica bridge the lean years un-il the youngster! developed, wai tnocked quickly put of the TUt Wimbledon championships by Lull Ayala, 3-6, 6-4, 7-5, 6-4. Several players put up a howl ait wteV when Richardion was seeded third, and Monday's rough defeat strengthened their claim rf "preference for Americani." Rain began to sprinkle just ai play got under way on a ehffly afternoon but a few matche* Daggered through to completion. Mending Champion Lew Head of Australia was one of those who beat the weather. Then it really began to pour down and all activity stopped for nearly two houn: After the letup, Richardson took his beating. The opening day'a ichedule at Vimbledon was a shambles by hat time..More than half the program was postponed because of oggy courts and bad light. Everything didn't go badly for he Americans, however. Sixth- ceded Vic Seixas of Philadelphia and Budge Patty of Los Angelei and Paris, the 1950 champion who doesn't rate a seeding, won by opsided icores. Two other Ameri- :ans--Hugh Stewart and Myron Franks, both of Los Angeles--also rfat P e ' "" second round and only '« "*"' li w "« eliminated. Seixas, America's No. 1 player, knocked out an unseeded American. Cliff Mayne of Lafayette. Calif., 6-3, 6-4, 6-J. Chris Crawford of Piedmont, Calif., top-ranked American junior, yielded to 'he greater experience of Japanesi Davis Ci.pper Kosei Kamo, H, 6-3, 6-3. Three Accidents in Monday Trials for Pike's Peak Classic COLORADO SPRINGS OR - On« major and two minor accident* occurred Monday as trial runs began for the Pike Peak race July 4. Jack Hahn, 32-year-old veteran driver now of Cheyenne, W'yo., made a complete turn and went off the road into a gully 20 feet *Iow. His nose wai broken and Red Qfiina Commends Men Who Shot Up American Plane HONG KONG CP -- Red China, Monday commended 11 officer! i he had possible other "head" inju" and men of antiaircraft units ries. which th» Communists claim ihot Another veteran, Louis Unscr, ' down two Nationalist jets and driving a stock car, turned over damaged an American plane in at the 11-miJe point. He was not Jie Sawtow area June 12. BOSTON m-The daily double at Suffolk Downs Monday paid $2,590.20 each to 21 tickctholden. lend of hii'caT. hurt and the only damage to tha ear was a broken rear window. Glen Major of Denver ipun out on a curve and dented tha rear The Instantjaste fegone! 5g3lnstant Fblgers Coffe £ Forbei field i B. Koehler and Haai; Palincki | ml Johnson. Totice said Talbott w a s wanted ! li July 1. tn North DtkoU for psroli viola Uoa, ' are I a department spokc.' said. Deadline for applying for permits i I UJI THE TRIBUKI WANT ADS GREYHOUND RACING in DENVER A full tvtnlrff el ·nttfAj l i l n m t n t l l- ua , i k f j i l t l MOM*.r*^ mi fVERY NIGHT (EXClPT SUN ) 7:30 p. Wf MILE HIGH KENNEL CLUB "·'- '- ' ard at I »7«d

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