Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 10, 1976 · Page 2
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 2

Nampa, Idaho
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Wednesday, March 10, 1976
Page 2
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'·"-itiuuiB. nranesoay. March 10,1976 -- 2 Nampa tax office closure hits House, Senate floors op- BOISE - The issue of closing the Nampa Slate Tax Commission Office has been abruptlj transferred to ihe Senate and House floors in Ihe form nf a letter of mlenl posing such a move. After considerable debate this morning, the Senate, on a 23-12 party-line vole, approved inclusion of the leller of opposition in (he Si'nale journal as an expression of legislative iinenl. Tho Mouse Tuesday agreed !o insert Ihe letter, drafted by the House Ik-venue and Taxation Committee, in its journal. The executive budget proposed iiy Governor Cecil Andrus included a plan to eliminate the Nampa field office and reduce Ihe slaff of other state field offices. Slale Tax Commissioner Larry I.ooney said that proposal of the was one of several iccom- ' mendations made by the tax commission to achieve savings I.ooney said savings in the Nampa office could be Iran- sfcrred lo ilie Boise office, which is only 20 miles a w a y . However, after two hearings on Ihe mailer, ihe House llcvcmic anil Taxation Committee "voted overwhelmingly to address [his Idler .'.. protesting in the strongest way (lie proposal ... to eliminate one of Ihe Tax Commission's field offices and to rediu-e Hie staffs crs." according lo Ihe leller signed b\ lieu. Steve Aiilone. K-Huperl. committee clinirnian "11 is our opiiiion thai Ihe governor's budget is based on erroneous concepts in that we fail lo understand how fewer ainlilors ias a result of slaff reductions and Nampa office At the statehouse They won't go home this week By HichardCharnock H01SE U'PI' - Legislative leaders threw in the towel today on adjourning Ibe se vind regular session of the 43rd Idaho Legislature - now in its sixth overtime day - by the end of this week. Too much legislation has crossed the desks of Ihe I wo houses, been considered in committee and been reported to the floor Debate, especially in the House, has been lengthy - even on secondary legislation. As of Jasl Friday. 1.538 hills had gone through the bill-drafting center. Thai's double last year and most previous years. "That's wild." House Speaker Allan F. Larsen, R-Blackl'oot. said. "We've just introduced loo much." Sen. James Ellsworth. K-Leadorc. president pro tern of Ihe Senate, sadly shook his head when asked if the legislature could adjourn by Saturday, saying. "It's almost impossible." "I really think lie's right." Larsen said "1 hate to admit it. But I think he's righl." Ellsworth said just loo much legislation still was coining from committee to batten down (his session and head homeward. In addition, he said, "committees keep asking for time lo meel and Dial takes time from Ihe floor " "Important legislation still is coming from both sides." he said Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Smith. KTU'xhurg. said possibly the legislature might adjourn by the middle of nexl week Kllsworlh said recent history has shown Hie lawmakers i|uil al week's end Larsi'n said the legislature has "got to" w ind up its deliberations by (lie end of next week. In Ihe House. l;ile afternoon floor sessions have begun ·- along with evening committee meetings. There is talk. loo. al night sessions of the House, if necessary. Meantime. Senate Democratic leadens said there was no way Iliey would go home until there was "definite" highway limiting Minority Leader C C. Chase. I)-St. Maries, said he was in a "hurry" to get the session over with but lie was "willing lo wait" until something was done to finance a highway program other than with an- licipaled surplus funds. Chase said (he Finance Committee already has drafted a bill which provides that if there is any extra surplus monies from the general fund ihe Department of Transportation will receive an amount nut to exceed S:i.B million. This is the amuunl which would have been provided by a bill killed by the Senate lo raise vehicle registration fees Sfl. "We will have to hold mil lor a definite figure." Chase said Chase said to fund highways on the speculate) there ivmild be mure surplus funds was a "damn |»,or wa to fund" road building projects Measure withheld By Karen Souliiuick HI USE -- After hearing arguments that the single-university bill is unconstitutional and premature. Ihe House voted -18-18 Tuesday to leave the bill in education committee The co-sponsors nf Ihe hill. Heps. C I, "Hutch" Otter. H-Caldwell. and Larry Jackson. R-Doise. were unsuccessful in Iheir altcrupl lo bring the measure lo (he floor for the normal reading process and debate. Jackson, noting the legislation was similar lo last year's bill, said il will establish a chancellor for Ihe L'nivcrsily of Ida tin al Moscow. Pocatello. Boise and Lewiston "This is not an a t t a c k upon those universities and Ihe areas which they serve. It is merely an altempl In streamline Ihe administration of universities in Ihe stale of Idaho."he said. "If ivc are going to be proud of our university system, we are going to have to develop people who can come oul and compete We are going lo have lo provide education for Ihe whole state and not depend on institutions in surrounding states." Jackson adder!. oiler charged that the House Education Committee "continues lo over-respond lo the oducalion community. Il is very difficult for the committee lo make a logical decision, especially when il might embrace Ihe deterioration of some of our more favored institutions." He ciled Ihe location of the law school in Moscow as an example of poor planning under Ihe three-university set-up. He said the law school is not in an environment where there are opportunities for on the- job training. Oiler added Ihe law school should be in Bnise. where the law library, the legislature and numerous law firms are located. He also said the chancellor system would pin responsibility for higher education one one person instead of a stale hoard "I want somebody to blame for Ihe poor slate of affairs in higher education." he added liep. Norma Dobler. D-Moscow. said Ihere were constitutional questions about the single-university system and it offered no advantages lo Idaho In other stales where the system has bten adopted, "it resulted in Ihe mushroom ing of costs and an extra burden on the taxpayers in supporting another level nf hierarchy. The chief advantage of this type of system is having a unified budget, which we already have." Dnhlcr said. Hep. Kurt Johnson. It-Idaho Palls, chairman nf ihe education cnrnrnillee, said Ibe bill had been discussed al length before Ihe committee decided to bold il because il was ·premature " "I don't think the committee has seen fit to go ahead w iih il al this tune and disrupt the program we have now The State Roard of Education lias slrived lo make the system more efficient anil has come a very considerable cxlent." he sanl Canyon Cnunu's oilier three members of Ihe education committee. Heps. Carroll Dean. li-Nolus. Percival Wesche. H- Nampa. and Dorothy lleynnlds. DCaldwell: broke with Oiler and voted In hold Ihe bill in committee. Meps Virginia Smilh. H-Caldwell. anil Halpb (lines. H- \ampa.voleitwith oiler in the attempt lo bring Ihe bill oul of committee oiler, who has attempted unsuccessfully In gel the single-university onto the floor fnr four years now. said if he's re-elected, "it'll be six." He said he would ny In tiring il hacli again next jcar or initiate an interim study committee The motion Tuesday lo bring it to the floor "gave usan opportunity lo debate the merits of a sludy. I believe we w i l l force Ihe hand of those who could dn il In crcale a study on the hnicfils of resolving the higher education s;slem into one university." filler added if Ihe Slate Hoard of r.rlticatinrt won't dn li. he would try lo p;iss a concurrent resolution next year to create an interim committee In study Ihe benefits nf ihe one universih sislein. Negotiation bills tabled BOISE - The House Education Com- miltee has decided to hold two teacher negotiations hills, effectively killing them this session. The committee voled 7-5 Tuesday (o hold a hill drafted by Ihe Idaho Education Association and 9-:i In hold a hill drafted by the Stale Department of Education after two days of discussion on Ihe issue. The IEA hill received extensive criticism Monday from such diverse sources as a Meridian school board member and an official ol the AKJ.-CIO. The department's bill, discussed Tuesday, also received crilicism from (he AFI.-CIO. Jerry Evans, assistant superintendent of public instruction, explained lhat the department's hill sel up definite lime frames in which lo negotiate and defined what was negotiable. It also provided [or offers and counteroffers, as well as Ihe finilinps nf mediators and facl-finders, lo lie made in public session. Although Ihere was no provision fur compulsory arbitration, "when the fact- finders' report is a public document anil bnih parties must vote on i t . .they would have to have a vtry good reason In rcjecl i; or face Ihe public wrath." Evans said Uohcrl Macfarlane. executive secretary of the slate AKI.CIO said neither hill would improve the negotiations process and "you're belter off without any." The only teacher negotiations bill remaining is one sponsored by Ihe Idaho School Hoards Association now before the Senate Health. Education and Welfare Cnmmillee. Thai bill was attacked as unwnrkable in a public hearing lasl month closure] can produce more revenue," ihe letter added. "The committee feels lhal Ihe personal services provided by Ihe employes of Ihe tax field offices are of greater value Ihan Ihe anticipated savings would be." il concluded. In debate on Ihe Senate floor. Sen. liichard High, Il-Twin Kails, chairman of (lie Join! F i n a n c e - A p p r o p r i a t i o n s Committee, urged Ihe Senate In include the letter in ils journal In indicate inlenl nf the entire legislature, not jusl one chamber Nigh said the Joint Finance Cnmmillee had added $130.1100 to Ihe governor's budget for Hie Slale Tax Commission lo improve auditing services rather than reduce Ihcm. However, lhal committee did reject a motion to include an amendment (o (he appropriations bill that all field offices would he kept open Sen Walt Yarbrough. l(Grand View, another member of the joinl finance committee, said Ihe money is Ihere In keep Ihe field offices operating al present levels. "We believe t h a t with anything as important and as cltise lo the pet/pie as (axing problems, these dislricl offices should be maintained, he said. "Why should there be consideration to close those offices, when in all olher areas we want lo go oul into regional offices'!" Yarhnmgh asked. Democrats opposing (he motion lo include Ihe leller in the Senate journal, including Sen. Mike Mlc.he.ll. Lewislon, Art Manloy of Coeur d' Alcne and lioherl Saxvick, Hurley, said it was an improper method In express legislative intent. "Mitchell's substitute motion lo give copies of Ihe leller to Ihe entire Senate and then lei the "proper" committee - the Senale Local Government and Taxation Committee - consider it. was defeated 12-2:1 SHARON NICHOLSON, Nampa. a Mountain Bell employe, stands beside a display of conlemporary and antique telephones which are part of a Mountain Bell open house al Ihe company's offices in Nampa between Ihe hours of 7 and 9 tonight. Billed as part of a telephone centennial, 1876 to 1976, the open house and displays will also take place al Ihe phone company's Caldwell office Thursday evening from 7-9. (StaffPholo) Officials face slander lawsuit MOISE HUM i - A Mountain Home man accused of violating Ihe Idaho Consumer Protection Act has tiled a $:t(M] million slander suil againsl Attorney General Wayne L. Kidwcll and other slate officials. Hnhcrl I). Sparrow brought Ihe action in U. S. District Court Tuesday. Monday, he was one of seven men accused by (he attorney genera! of violating Ihe consumer act in connection with land deals under the Carey Act a law providing for bomesleading of government land in Ihe deserl. In addition lo filing Ibe slander suil in federal court. Sparrow answered charges against him in Fourth District Court. He denied Ihe allegations brought by the attorney general, including one that the hoard of directors of New Acres Water Co. had not authorized a S:t per acre assessment. He also denied a charge he ever staled he « as a licensed engineer for purposes of preparing a feasibility study of land entries. In slalp court IIP also asks, in a counter claim filed with his a n s w e r , for a S30I) million judgment againsl the slate. In both actions he also asks the courts to prevent any further allegedly slanderous aclions by officials. Besides Kidwell. the slander suil also names Chester Johnson, an attorney general's in- vesligalor. Verl.King. of the Department of Water Resouices: Rudolph I). Barchas. deputy attorney general: Jordan I 1 . Smith, assistant attorney general, and 50 unnamed persons as defendants. State halts renewal of Heyburn leases Idaho news briefs IUI1SK I III'] I - Idaho Slale Police have, acquired 13 new- moving radar units for Ihcir patrol cars and six units for loan In other law enforcement agencies in (he stale. The 1 Department of Law Knlnrcemcnl expects the slate police with ihe new radar lo rediice by four In five per cent rural accidents caused by speeding The purchase of the til radar units was made through a ya.7711 highway safely task force grant approved by Ihe Idaho Traffic Safely Commission. The new equipment functions cither as a stationary unit, slow meel ing unil for under :i't miles per hour or a fast moving unil fur speeds over .15 niph. IIOISK. ilMMi There were «11 cases of flu reported in Idaho last week, an increase of more than 5n per from Hie 5H5 reported the previous week. Dr. Frily Dixnn nf ihe Stall' Department nf Health and Welfare saiil these statistics include only those cases officially reported by schools and medical personnel, lie said Ihe actual number of cases, reported .mil unrrpnrlcd, would be higher NOISE i IT!' A Bnise man is accused of trying In break into Ihe home nf a policeman who lives nexl door Kicbard C. Turner. 22. lloise. was arrested oarlv Tuesdav inside Ihe garage nf .Specialist Curtis Knot, allegedly trying lo open a door connecting the garage with the house. He. was clad only in inidrrshnrts and a T- sliirl al Ibe time. Turner, freed on Solid bond pending a court appearance March Hi. was charged \silh first-degree burglary and al tempted rape. He told officers be was walking in his sleep. HINII ii-as on duly at Ihe lime of the incident. His wife and two children wore nl home. BOISE HUM i The Church for I'rcsidenl CoinmiUee issued an invilalinn In Ihe public Tuesday lo join in welcoming Sen. l-'rank Church. D-ldalin. when he arrives al Ihe Itnise airport al 5 p.m. March I" Idaho campaign co-chairman liny Trilby said LI. iov. Jnlm Evans has said he will attend and Buise Mayor liichard Kardley also is expected lo he on liaml. Church plans to announce his candidacy for president March in al Idaho Cilv. S4USMIKII If you (ail lo receive your paper by 5:3Gp.m., please confaef your carrier or, unlil 6:30 p.m.. The Newj- Tribunc oHicc, 459-4664. or ihe Idaho Free Press office, 466 7891. Caldwell panel discusses bill CALDWKLL Kailure lo introduce legislation lo Ihe I97B ho Legislature lo allow local voting concerning county-wide highway districting was discussed during Ihe Tuesday noon meel ing of Ihe Caldwell Chamber of Commerce Roads and Streets Committee. Vcrn Ilinklc. associate chairman of the C of C subcommittee lo push Ihe legislation. Inld Ihe group inly "inaction had Inkcn place." Hinkle. advised thai District II l l e p r e s e n l i i l i v e D n r n t h y lleynnlds "did mil perform after ndicaling she would ... and refused In introduce" Ihe bill. lleynnlds. contacted by this newspaper Tuesday, said the )ill had Ix'en introduced to (he ransporlalion enmmillcc but 1.111 not received cnniigh support "rom area representatives lo gel nil of the cnnunillce IlinVlc. indicated the issue vould I* pursued and attempts unite tn ensure introduction nf he measure lo Ihe 1977 legislative body. The bill, if successful, wnuld allow county residents lo vote as In whether or nol in change Ihe present syslent of designating highway districts within the cnunly. Also discussed al Ihe U it S Ill USE u:i']i - The Slale Land Hoard Tuesday voted againsl renewing leases or permits issued for cabins or floalhoats in lleyhurn Slate Park pending the outcome of a suil on Idaho's righl lo allow [i.'ivalc dwellings in the park A Idler for the I': S. Solicitor last week demanded immediate action by ihe hoard or the federal government would reclaim the 7.MHI acres which was transferred In Idaho w i t h the condition Ibe properly he used solely as a public park "I'm besilanl In roll over and play dead lo one solicitor general's opinion when we have other options." Gn\ Cecil Andrus Inld the board Attorney General Wavne Kill- well said the letter from the solicitor contending Ihe .stale has violaled Ibe mil transfer deed was "3 UimlishHI for the Stale of Idaho because nf ils consequences " Acreage set for auction [iOISK - The .Slale Land Hoard agreed Tuesday lo a recommendation by the Department of Lands tn have an outside appraisal made nf surplus land at Ihe Idaho Slale School and Ifnspilal and then offer il al public auclion. The 1 recommendation applied only lo an irregular-shaped tracl nf 2» acres Incaled on Ihe south side nf Inlerslalc SON and separaled from the rest of the institution's properly by the freeway. None of the other land has been declared surplus, although ISSN has phased out its farming operation:; and entered into negotiations with the University of Idaho tn have it lease and use the land for agricultural and forage research. Once the appraisal on the 20- acre track is made and approved. Ihe land will he offered · II the tin collage sites leased in the park, 124 will expire Dec. 31. I!i7ii. The board will not reiH'«' Ihnse leases nor reissue permits for I he final boats on the north lilaho lake The cabins are on only liiti acres within the park which.,in addition.lo the T.iKlfl acres from ihe federal govern- menl. includes private lands deeded In Ihe slate Tlu issuance of the permits and leases was questioned by northern Idaho Indians who maintain Ihe slate has violaled Ihe terms nf its agreement for use nflhc land which ivas he'd in trust by the federal government. Kidwell said the board could tr\ lo gel federal governmenl agreement 10 allow the remaining leases In slay in effect until llicir normal expiration dale, some of them going until 19KI Deputy A t t o r n e y General Terry Coffin told Ibe board he loel the slate has a viable argument in defense n! its actions and thai there is a good possibility at pcttinp a declare- :r\ judgment on the question, pnssibh by the end ol Ihis jear Slate Parks Director Steven Hly lolil the board sewage and water plans arc almost completed lor a 52 million system lo correct Ihe pollution problem al ihe lake C o n s t r u c t inn was scheduled in begin in May Kidiiell sail! il will be necessary in see about scaling back on Ihe sewage plans lo make any installation fit slriclly public purposes Iil\ said Ibe slate could save S75!i.OOO by not including the collage sites. Board.members'. iiowYver. 'Holed'that without the collage siles the stale loses Ihe provision il wrote into legislation lo have Ihe lease holders repay Gil per cent of ihe bonds that would finance Ihe sewage system. The board was unanimous in veiling in notify all lease holders on expiration Iheir leases will not he renewed, lhal permits will noi be reissued, and there is a possibility leases with expiration dales from 1SI77 to 1981 might be canceled. In addition, there is a moratorium on ihe Iransfer nf ihe leases from current holders lo another parly Noon stock quotations Vital statistics mums UNDE1K - A hoy. born March 8 to Craig and Tina 1-ar.ders, Caldwell. al Caldwell Memorial Hospital. RUSSK-Ahoy.hornMarchS 10 Thomas and Rnhbianne Itusse. Caldwell. at Caldwell Memorial Hospital WOOD1IAL.1. - A girl, horn March 8 to Mark and |, V nda IVondhall. Caldwell. al Caldwell Memorial Hospital MIVORCF. DKCUKKS from STOCK QUOTATION'S Kl'UMSHKDTIIROl'Gll KDvYARDDJONESand CO ofCALDWKI.L ' These figures do not represent actual transactions. They are intended as a guide lo the approximate price range i DO\V.)O.\»;AVEKAGFS NOON Industrials iffli B-J-] nf 1 ransporlalion 20B KH (M Utilities 87.D4-K51 Composite 3d?, n.i LISTED STOCKS Albcrlsons American Telephone Helhlehem Hoeing Hmse Cascade Chrysler ChsmpiMillnmeHuilcicrs Exxon Fleet wood General Kleclric Genera! Motors Ida ho Power IBM Kcnnccoll Kit nlN , anc '.' N '- Salisbury Philip U'lgh Salisbury Janice.) Walker from Monald Mtlrnsot 'Knudsen J. Walker Donald (| William 22'.,; 5fi ·IGv ' 2 7 ' , . 19'I 87 ] 51','' 68V' 2fiO - Helen I.. Williams Cnllecri Hay f.iule I'restnn Little from from Murder trial begins CALDWELL - I'roseculion al public auction and the cosl of meeting was Ihe possibility the appraisal will be included in ol a private bus company n, e purchase price establishing inter-urban service k'lwcen CatiUvcll. Nampa and Ifflise designed primarily for Ihnse commuling lo employment. A representative nf Ihe Caldwell School Mus and Charter Company lold the group began Ihis morning after Iwo the company is cnnlemplaling days of jury selection in Ihe such a service, t e n t a t i v e l y murder trial of a .Marsing man planned lo leave Caldwell accused of Ihe l'J7:l shooting around 7 a m . five days per doalh of hU wife, week and return leaving Ihe Gerald K. Vanderhoff. 411. has Hoisc area around 5 p.m. been in a Veterans Ad- Tickets for the service would be ministration hospital in Sail aclually began $:iperround trip or a package nf Like Cily for most nf the Iwo- Vandcrhoff stands accused ni five undated lickels for $H. and-one-halt years since Donna first degree murder The trial The rnimmllru vnled to give .hi Vamlcrlmff. -12, died from which began wild jury select moral suppnrl and encourage gunshnl wounds Sept. (i. 1117.1 at in Murphy Monday was m eH Ihe company in ils attempt In her Marsing home. lo Caldwell talc TiinVrf eslnblish need for siK'h a ser- Gerald Vanderhoff. seriously because of a need for aHTM,?,, vi( ' L '- "Wed '» !ne same incident, i"rv acoomndalior,; " )U11e Incidental Petroleum Phillips Petroleum Portland Gen. Elect H II lioberlson Hey nolds Tobacco Sears SL Oil of California union Oil w^rcas: ^^ Neltlelon. sheriff in 1973 would nol comment on the actual nature of Vandcrhoffs wounds 23 : 'j 62', i 30 4P 4 : 1,V, ' 76' 2 8 ' 1-fX-Al.OVKR THE COUNTER QUOTES Hid Ask 32'; 33' 2 34 36 MUTUAL FUNDS Inv "· of America E c J'' D "» Bi »iFl. p'lnamCrowlhK. I iilnam Investors V »-5l 930 1 3 4 9 1 4 7 4 1.M BM 10.431)40 784 857

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