Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 13, 1967 · Page 18
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 18

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1967
Page 18
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Miho Free Press Caldwell News-Tribune, Thursday, July 13,1967--A2 DR. MOLNER Chronic Comp/ainer TV IH REVIEW Still Used * Shoes Stainless Steel lhe« Anaheim Again Minx' To Nikita Khrushchev UP Man, things change but -t By JOSEPH G. MOLNEB, M.D. Dear Dr. Molner: Is there any help for a chronic complafner? My wife is one. We have been married 15 years and she has had some kind of ailment 90 per cent of the time. "That's 69 cents for the turtle, $1.29 for the bowl, 29 ?::±z turtle bath, 39 cents for food, 49 cents for shell conditioner, 19 cents for vitamins, 29 cents for the neutralizer..." TELEVISION LOG Responsibility for th« corrertn«« of television programs rest entirely upon frie television Italians. This newspaper can assume no responsibility lor errors in the listings. Channel n KBOI-TV L THURSDAY, JULY 13 4:00 Bowery Boys 5:00 CBS News with Walter Cronktte (C) 5:30 KBO! News Today 6;00 Beverly Hillbillies (C) 6:30 My Three Sons (C) 7:00 Thursday Nighl Movie "Die, Die My Darling" Tallulah Biflkhead, Stephanie Powers 9:00 Dragnet (C) 9:30 Cameo Theater 1 10:30 Ten Thirty Report 10:45 Sports 10:50 Weather 10:55 Movie Time "Mongols" Jack Palance, Anlla Eckberg · 12:30 Morning Headlines Channel "7 KTVB-TV / THURSDAY, JULY 13 3:30 Fugitive 4:30 MLsler Ed 5:00 Huntley-BrlnMey (C) 5:30 Big News 5:45 Weather 5:50 Sports 6:00 Daniel BOOK (C) 1:00 Gel Smart (C) 7:30 Bewitched (C) 8;00 Dean Martin Show (C) 9:00 Summer Focus (c) 10:00 Nltebeal News 10:20 Weather 10:25 Sports 10:30 Tonight Show (C) PHONE 466-7891 or 459-4664 · to place your classified ad. II' s fast, easy economical, Alrfm. Call 459.1505 Packard Ml KA ZMtM Sytvania Color T.V. Service G.E: WxHnghwiw Admiral Magnavpx Emtnoh_ Curtn-Matho .MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 7|00 Ctplaln Kknzaroo "t w v $ws $ ' ' \ 8|25 KB01 Mdrlng News : ' 8:30 Jack LaUffine (C) 9:00 Andy of Mayberry 9:30 Dick Van Dyke Show 10:00 Love of Life 10125 CBS Mid-Day News 10:30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Guiding Light 11:00 General Hospital IH30 As the World Turns 12:00 Password .12:30 Kouseparty (C) 1:00 To Tell the Truth 1:25 KB01 News 1:30 Mike Douglas Variety Show 3:30 Secret Storm FRIDAY, JULY 14 4:00 Bowery Boys 5:00 CBS News with Walter Cronklie (c) 5:30 KBOI News Today t:00 iucy-Desi Comedf Hour 7:00 Friday Nleht Movie (C) "About Mrs, Leslie" Shirley Booth, Robert Ryan 9:00 Hogan's Heroes (C) 9:30 Avengers (C) 10:30 Ten Thirty Report 10:55 Movie Time "Guerillas In Pink Lace" George Montgomery, Valerie Verda 12:30 Morning Headlines MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 7:00 Today Show (C) 8:00 Snap Judgment (C) 8:25 N^c News ..,: , ., I. 8:30 Concentration 9:00 Personality (C) 9:30 Hollywood Squares {C': 10:00 Jeopardy (C) 10:30 Eye Guess (C) 10:55 NBC News 11:00 Dating Game 11:30 Let's Make A Deal (C) 11:55 NBC News 12:00 Newlywed Game (c) 12:30 The Doctors 1:00 Another World (C) 1:30 You Don't Say 2:00 The Early Show FRIDAY, JULY 14 2:00 The Early Show 3:30 Fugitive 4:30 Mr. Ed 5:00 Hunlley-Brlnkley C) 5:30 Big News 5:45 Weather 5:50 Sports Picture 5;55 Business Kews 6:00 Occasional Wife 6:30 Man from U.N.C.L.E. (C) 7:30 T.ll.E. Cat(C) 8:00 Laredo (C) 9:00 The Invaders 10:00 Nltebeat News 10:25 Sports 10:30 Tonight Show (C) PHONE 466-7891 or 450-4664 to place your classified ad, It's fast, easy economical. Topnotch Drama At Buhl Theatre a drugstore with partly used patent and prescription medicines. Numerous doctors cannot find anything wrong with her. She never feels like doing any housework but slays on the phone calling everyone she knows, re- must hale to hear the phone ring, The present ailment Is stomach trouble. Could this be from a combination of so many kinds of medicine? Visits from our children (by former marriages) are becoming less frequent and the grandchildren almost refuse to come. Of course she doesn't realize she is running everyone off, and no one has the heart to tell her. We never know when she Is really sick. She is a devout reader ofyour column, so If you would print this letter, maybe she would recognize herself and see what she is doingtoherself andevery- one else.- DEVOTED BUT WEARY HUSBAND. The heart of the problem Is to know whether she is really ill or is trying lo attract attention. When "numerous doctors" have found nothing wrong, it makes me wonder whether she ever las been thoroughly examined, or whether she has merely made the rounds, lakingone problem to one doctor, another to a different one. (Somebody must have found something wrong at times, if she has so many prescriptions.) Has she gone into the hospital for a really thorough checkup, Including such possibilities as thyroid deficiency, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), or the familiar menopause symptoms? Any of these can be made to look like a neurosis by a pat- lent who delights in relating her complaints. Or a psychiatrist might find that she has a depression state. Or even that she Is'plain ,bored L ,,, ., I would Ins 1st .-on-a : really thorough examination, with the physician fully informed of the complaints of the last 15 years and (I should think) a complete list of the medicines still in your medicine cabinet, (if she is dosing herself Indiscriminately with her accumulation of medications, it couldupsetherslom- ach. So could nerves.) If she genuinely needs treatment for something, throw out all the old medications inrtstick to what the doctor prescribes. If she doesn't have anything physically wrong, then throwoul the old medicine bottles even quicker. If, after the examination, her real trouble proves to be belly- achin' Instead of bellyache, tell her, plainly but kindly, that she is driving her friends andloved ones away. If she Insists on being "sick" anyway, it would seem reasonable that she be required to stay in bed-- and away from the telephone-- until she feels recovered enough to get up and do her housework. Self-centered personslikethis are often bored. Suggest she do some volunteer work (preferably not around sick people). Numerous organizations are looking for help--church, cancer pads, Red Cross, etc. ByRICKDUBROY/ HOLLYWOOD (I'PI) - The city of Anaheim, Calif., cor tinues to be a jinx to Nikita Khrushchev. When he made his famous visit to America as premier, he was unable to see Disneyland-which is in Anahe!m-in the well-known incident that angered him. And Tuesday night, the country home 17 miles from .'·. 'scow, he expressed his ··· V'»n for the late Pres. , his dislike for Hu ·. .ion, his amiable feeling ,j*ard Henry Cabot Lodf;e, his lack of high regard for President Eisenhower's abi-. lity and his criticism of Mao Tse-tung. NBC-TV got its material from private sources, and it was in fact an amazing broadcast NBC-TV special featuring ills simply because we were visiting views and life in retirementwas with a former Soviet head of delayed until late at night in- state just the way we might much of the nation because of watch an hour about a retired the Ail-Star baseball game, on the same network--and at Anaheim--went into lengthy overtime. The scheduling of this Important Khrushchev documentary on the heels of a sports event that had the potential of running long was most Ill- advised. It was a tight fit at best. With the baseball game running late, the documentary began about 11 p.m. in the East --an hour later than scheduled --and it is safe to say the audience probably fell off in numbers there, in the Midwest and elsewhere. If there was a possible amusing aspect to the late start the 58th convention of the Natin much of the country, it was ional Association for the Ad- imagining how Soviet observers vancement of Colored People of the program in New York (NAACP). He received the NA- 14ih Goodyear's vision, and they're still used today. The difference to shoe president. Newman, ^5 remans one-third ot an inch -- the length of a frain Brooke Hits Inaction On Rights BOSTON (l!Pl)-Sen. Edward W. Brooke, the nation's first popularly elected Negro U.S. senator, says the path of inaction in civil rights leads to continued racial which "will recurwithever-increasing intensify." "Black power is a response to while irresponsibility," the Mas sachusetts Republican said Tuesday night in an address before American however, did offer a critical analysis of Khrushchev's naturally one-sided view of his history. The home movies of the ex- premier with his family, eating, walking outside his home, taking pictures like any amateur photographe; 1 proud of his expensive equipment (in his case, a Hasselblad)-all this was effective as counterpoint to films of his background and political career. And the Russian music was superb in setting the tone. The only complaint one can register regards the commercials. As with last week's CBS- TV documentary, "the Anderson Platoon," about men at war in Vietnam, the advertising intrusions were offensive beyond words. History sponsored by sleeping tablets is unnerving. Homedale's Bicandi Wins Seaman Award HOMEDALE - Seaman Firsl Class Skip Bicandi received the Outstanding Seaman award ior this quarter and was presented with a $25 United States bond and a 96-hour pass to Hawaii, It was announced that he was the firs I Sea Bee in two years lo win the award. Bicandi is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Angel Bicandi of Homedale and a graduate of Homedale Steel Company. PHONE 466-7891 or 459-4664 to place your classified ad. It's fast, easy 4 economical. of barley. and Washington, D.C., might try ACP's Spingarn medal for dis- to explain to Moscow that a tinguished achievement as apub- High School in 1955. He has baseball game held up the lie servant. been stationed at Midway Island "I am not an advocate of broadcast about Khrushchev. At any rate the program included (tie promised "exclusive films, photographs and destruction of property will lead voice tapes," with reporter the Negro--or any other minori- Edwln Newman the anchorman, ty--to equality," he said. But The title of the hour was congressional failure to react to "Khrushchev in Exile--His Opi- reasonable requests for civil nions and Revelations." rights assistance "is an invila- Talking at his comfortable tion to riots," he said. for the past 18 months. black power, nor do I believe CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS that violence, bloodshed and the HOMOGENIZED $100 * GAL. 51' GAL. I MILK MILK FRUIT BEVERAGE 19 2% -SKIM 14 GAL 48' ....... GAL. * THURSDAY ONLY, W/K.GAL.MILK Vt GAL. PDCAH FRIDAY ONLY 10$ DltLHU W/GAL. MILK . . LOAF | *J CApO WILLIS O TFQC LUUO LARGE AA £ DOZ. | «J FARMERS DAUGHTER Kl PROTON DRINK HIGH IN PROTEIN HIGH IN CALCIUM LOW IN CALORIES PASTEURIZED-HOMOGENIZED b HALF GALLON CALDWEU 4ihBlaine NAMPA 923 12th AVE. SO. ONLY 41 YOU ALWAYS SAVE MORE AT "THE STORES THAT BROUGHT LOWER PRICES TO TREASURE VALLEY" MEN'S WESTERN SHIRTS PRINTS OR CHECKS LONG SLEEVE REG. 43.95 LADIES' or GIRLS' PRINT JEANS COMPARE $Q98 $6.00 O The Antique Festival Theatre at Buhl, Idaho, dips Into two mediums of art, dramaandpaint- ing and handicraft. In 1964 a trio of local artists (Aldrich and Di Bowler and H. Paul Kllss, a professional actor and director who left a theatre company in Honolulu to return to his home in Bihl) salvaged the old jmoui theatre to stage a trial-run play-- Mollere's Bourgeois Gentleman, The Bowlers sought potential actors and establishedtheirfirst cast-- a salesman (former FBI man) from Sake River Trout Ranch, three coeds home for the summer, a postman who had been a star performer in his church dramagroup;severaltea- chers, dancers from a Twin Falls ballet studio, singers and a local florist with a talent for costume design *to remade old clothes, drapery and bedspreads Into rich costumes of the era portrayed. Its success was Immediate anifsoon the founders were drawing up articles of Incorporation and by-laws patterned closely upon those of the natlonally-known Shakespearean Festival at Ashland, Ore. During each performance evening, the city closes off the alley [t"rf courtyard adjoiningthe theatre and the Alley Fair is open for exhibition. The Fair is a showcase for artists and craftsmen from Idaho and neighboring states. Alternating one-man shows ,if paintings are hung on the lava rock wall of the Alley during the repertory season. Crafts in fibre, clay and metal are exhibited and a portion of each sale nf art is earmarked for the Theatre's scholarship fund. The 1967 summer repertory opens on Friday night, July 14 and plays every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night throughout July. In August, Thursday matinee performances will be added. (Xhcr promoting organizations nourishing the dramatic arlsln- clude the Alpine Playhouse in Mb Call, the Boise Little Theater, the Idaho Falls Community Players, Inc., the Lake City Summer Theatre in Coeur d'Alene, the Sandpoint Community Theatre and Academy. anrtThtstei toilet Kepertoire in Idaho Falls, Pierre's Playhouse In Victor, (tie Lcwislon Civic Theater, and m Valley's Holiday Hut Carden. The modern Olympic Gnnies were first held In Athens. Greece, in 1896. Whether she'll recognize herself in your letter is doubtful. People often don't But maybe . . . let's hope. Note to Mrs. S.: Common vegetable gums are the only stabilizers or thickeners approved for use in cottage cheese (these your worries are Variations incook- urd can change the from one batch to but this does not af- fecl the wholesomeness. + + + Hemorrhoids can be cured! If troubled with fissures, fistulas, itching and other reclal problems, write to Dr. Molner in care of this newspaper recopy of the booklet, Cure For Hemorr- long, self- stamped envoi- n r . Mo inerwelcomesallread- er ma[1 bu , , s thal dl|e (0 |he , remendo * s volumc re . f d ^i, te |s unable i0 ariswer individual letters Read- crs , ques i lons m incorporated in his column whenever possible. PHONK «6-789i or 45D-46M l " P 1 "' »TM = la « i(l « J ad - 95' SIZE CREST TOOTH PASTE MEN'S WHITE WESTERN SHIRTS 2 or $ 5°° FULL LENGTH DOOR MIRRORS TIES or BELT BUCKLES 77* WESTERN STYLE Reg. $1.98 . . -. BELTS $ 1" 30 GALLON GARBAGE CAN MEN'S or LADIES' SUNGLASSES YOUR CHOICE GIANT SIZE INSULATED PICNIC BAG WITH LID GU.VMIZED STEEL REG. J3.99 PILLOWS I HUFFY BRAND 60 IS'or GIRLS' TRAINING BICYCLE GILETTE FOAMY HAZEL BISHOP SHAVE CREAM BLACK FLAG INSECT BOMB

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