Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 13, 1967 · Page 17
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 17

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1967
Page 17
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HINTS FROM HELOISE Silk Lamp Shades Can Be Washed Practically Idaho Free Press 4 CaldweU News-Tribune, Thursday, July 13,1967-A: Deans' Lists Include 28 From Meridian THE OWYHEE WRANGLERS CLUB, some of its members pictured above, is slated to appear todav, Friday and Saturday at the Weiser Rodeo and i (he Snake River Stampede in Nampa, Front ro»v, from left, are LeRoy Galemore, pres- idenl, Holly Nelson. Michelle Haylett, Julie Townsend and Lloyd flatter. Back row, from left, are Evelyn Neal, Suzann Heal, Linda Elkins, Joyce Gilmore, candidate for Snake River Stampede queen, Don Drver, Bruce Nelson and JaneeneTowi- send. ANN LANDERS Looks Not All In Marriage Condition Is Good Rule Established BOISE (UPl) - An inmate who was knifed in (he back at the Idaho State Prison Tuesday is reported in satisfactory condition at a Boise hospital. The convict, Wayne Barr, 24, was slabbed shortly after inmates reported for work at the j. Dear Ann Landers: Ichuckled raise him to manhood. prison cannery. Barr was serv- |.i»hen Ireadyourlypical Landers' In the three years my daughter ing a two-year term for assault i reply to the woman who married has been away she has never re- with a deadly weapon, ·a handsome man and ended up turned to see the boy. He has !lonely and miserable. You said, become very attached to roe and ' "Marrying for looks is a lot calls me "Mommy." like buying wax fruit. You can Last week my daughter called to say she is getting married to a doctor who lost his wife two years ago. The doctor had no children and he is eager to have this boy. I reminded my datigh- WASHINGTON (I'PI)- Under a new federal rule, an employer must give his workers time off for religious holidays unless he can prove it causes an undue hardship to his business. YOUR GIANT HELPERS in solving problems: Classified Ads! Us« th«m every chance you gel. Call 4667391 459-4664 today. DEAR HELOISE: Silk lump shades arc so expensive and they trill gel dirty. I experimented s e v e r a l yeurs ago with one 1 was going to discard if it couldn't be salvaged by washing -- and here is (he way I've washed all my FABRIC shades since then. I make some suiis In the bath tub with a mild detergent and cool water. Then I put in a couple of dirty silk shades and roll them over and over until thoroughly wet. Next 1 gently scrub dirty spots on the edges with a soft brush or wash cloth. At this point, some shades with glued-down hen)s will begin to look hopeless. Never fear--after they are dry the edges can be reglucd. Drain the tub and close the shower curtain. Turn on a gentle spray of cold water from the shower to rinse. Be sure to get all the detergent out. The shades will now look like a saggy, baggy elephant, but the fabric will shrink as they dry, Tie a string: around the cross wire at the lop of the shade and either suspend it from tlio sho'.ver red, or take it outside imd lie to the clothesline. Let il drip dry. Tjasl of all, glue back any edges that may have come unglued and congratulale yourself on saving money by mak- ing the did shades look new iiguin, Ciiullon: Don't leave them soaking tun lung. If the phone rings, lift them out of the" wale i'. Alice SpauMing · * » I'.S. 1 assumed e v e r y o n e washed fabric lamp shades, but yesterday 1 went shopping with a friend who was going to replace five shades. When I told her about this, she went home nnrl tried it. This morning she called and Slid. "I love you. You saved me J30.00 yesterday." How about that? « * · DEAR HELOISE: A hollow plastic rolling pin mukes a wonderful container in which to carry eggs on a camping trip. Place it In a jar to hold It on end, then break each egg Inln a dish and pour II from the dish Into the rolling pin. (Mint- easily holds eighteen eggs.) To use, just pour out eggs one at a time. And it's a simple mailer to keep them refrigerated in an Ice chest with no worry about breakage or spoilage. LaVone Tufford » * * DEAR HELOISE: My son is stationed overseas and his military address Is not likely to change for some time. So I had some name stick- er.s rtmde with his full overseas address for my use. H is s-u much easier for me jusl to stick one of these on his letters rather than writing out the address which was nlway.s hard for me to remember I iilsu mailed him some In send to his friends. Mrs. J. MtKerma DEAR HELOISE: What does one do t: keep the wick from disappearing in these candle warmers thai come with coffee servers, casseroles, etc. The wax keeps melting up around the wick until the wick disappears, the flame goes out and there's no longer anything left to light! I've tried pouring the melted wax off, but it doesn't work too well--drips all over. Any suggestions? A Render « » * 1 too huve tried to salvugp some of Ihene short randlf* without much success. I had some squat imtlii candles In colored glasses melt und haven't jet figured out hoiv (o fix them. If anyone else had this problem and solved It, drop us u line In rare- ot this |m- )rr. We'll love, to hear from you. MERIDIAN- Sfiveral College of Idaho and University of Idaho students from Meridian have been named to deans' lists. John Rartu'ell was named to the dean's list for the college of letters and sciences at the University of Idaho. A chemistry ma|or, he is the son of Sir, and Mrs. K.D. Harwell of Meridian. A!so making the dean's list at U of I was C. Randall Byers, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Byers of Meridian Route 2. He Is majoring in statistics at the college of business and will be » senior [his fall. Valerie LaMay, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. LaMay of Meridian Route 2, was among 26 top C of I students, winning straight "A's" for tlie spring semester. Also among the top 26 was William Cox, son of Mr. and niii. Herald J. Cox. His sister, Barbara Cox, was one the dean's list for toth fall and winter semesters. Frank J. Thomason, a freshman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Thomason, Meridian Route 2, is also on the College of Idaho dean's list. PHONE 466-7891 or 459-4664 to place your classified ad. Fill 'Er Up Course STOCKTON, C»!if. COT!) -Forty unemployed young men will learn how to become service- station attendants here under a $41,12 grant from the federal Manpower Development and Training Act. The students will undertake a nine-week course. I starve to death looking at it." j 1 am something of an authority j on Otis subject since I have had iboth types. My first husband was · so food looking 1 could scarcely fget him away from the mirror ter of her promise and she said 'to go to work. My second hus- she is sorry to break her word i DOWNER'S GIGANTIC ftand was an ugly little runt. 1 ,'am sure now that [picked Num- iber Two for his ugliness, having :been completely soured on ; beautiful people. · Now I realize that looks had nothing to do .with either of my ; marriages. Just because a man 'is ugly 'does not mean he will ·be faithful, considerate or kind, i (The runt cheated more than the . Adonis.) . If 1 marry again I will pay no i attention .to,, a. man's looks, f but she has changed her mind. This boy is my whole life and it will kill me to part with him, Please tell me what I can do to keep him. Is the law on my side? - HEARTSICK Dear Heartsick: The child is I hers, and the law is on her side. I Of course she should not have I made such afoolishpromise, and it is wrong to go back on one's word, but a larger issue is at stake here and I hope you will | . .. - see it that way. on the .''"ftftere are many children who I basis of what we ha vein com men, need the love and care'youcan | .·his character, maturity and most of all, his appreciation for me. ' - TWICE DECEIVED ! . Dear Twice.: I hope all the , teen-age girlswhosee your letter ' will lean something from it. · Dozens of gals who write to me . say they are.head-over-heels in love and then they go into rap- OF QUALITY give. Call the Family Service Agency and make plans to take a | foster child In your home. Confidential to Green Grass Blues: Sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence because the people over there take better care of it. ( tores over the'guy's looks. They If you will he honest with your-1 . flfin'f · monfftvn /inn u'r\v^ a limit -don't mention one word about self you will admit you ha«e not I . character, maturity or the way been the best wife and mother in I ;-he treats a female. The qualities the world. Pull upyoursocksand | i to look for in a mate are the work harder to fulfill your res- :· very ones you mentioned. Thanks ''aheap. Deaf Ann Landers: Three years ago my daughter and her husband hart a big fight and he j walked out on her. They are now r divorced and my daughter went j to live on the West Coast. ' When my .daughter left she ' asked me to take her little boy. ' He was only six months old . then and a sickly child, at that, I said yes on the condition she ponslbilities. The rewards can | be tremendous. Do you feel ill at ease.,, out I of it? Is everybodyhavingagood time but you? Write for Annljn-1 ders' booklet, "The Key to I Popularity," enclosing withyour request 35c in coin and a long, | self-addressed, stamped en. velope. Ann Landers will be glad to | help you with your problems, Send them to her in care of this I SAVINGS UP TO 1 75% BUNK BESS Fine quality- com P lele ,,»!, choice of loom or ;^.»acma mattresses. BEAUTIFUL The big storm came and hit us like a thief in the nightl We're not laughing . . . we're crying . . . mayb* fhis is what brought on the flood at our warehouse. Noah had his ark and was afloat for 40 days and 40 nighls but it took only 40 minutes to float our furniture in the warehouse. Jonah had his whale to k«p him dry . . . but all we had was.a whole of a loss during the recent flood . . . so we're 1 having a "Wriato of a safe" and "spot/ring" saving* tike you've never seen before. Come early and get in on these terrific prices on water- damaged and factory close-out merchandise. -SUN " n * 3 DAYS ONLY! July 14-15-16 3oen Sunday 1 o 6 p«d, 7 h .'. ' NOW R «S-1)70.88. NOW NOW · NOW *259" cover. colors. in Mil-motctw) «*. '- ''. NOW, SET ) . . . NOW . . . . NOW . . . . N O W . . NOW '13J1 '49.91 19.91 $229.97. I Now ; would promise not to ask for him newspaper, enclosing a stamped, i later. She agreed to let me self-addressed envelope. Several Guests Visit Meridian FREIGHT DAMAGED ·MUSI I .MERIDIAN- Mrs j.schalk of Oildale, i been a guest of the Archie Scriv[ ners. Other recent guests were j Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Scrivner of [ Boise and Scrivner's sisters, rMrs. Verna Leavitt and Mrs. j Ina Balkin of Long Sea-'h. Mr. 1 and Mrs. Larry Scrivner and i : family of Onfarioanrt Mrs, Jessie ' Marsh. Ellen Go(t- A Fourth of July family gath- Calif., has ering was also a belated birthday observance for W.S. Bridge at his home. Present with Mrs. Bridge were Mrs. Jessie Bridge, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bridge and | family, Mr. and Mrs. Don Radke and daughter, of Kuna, Mr. anti Mrs. Earl Jensen, and children, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Bridge and family of N'ampa, 'and Mr. and I Mrs. Larry Bridge and family Mr.?. Marie Bergakter of New of Weiser. Holland, S.D., has been a guest Another groupnnservingbirth- days was the Meridian Birthday Club tot honored Mrs. V.R. Bot- I kin, Mrs. Keifer Biddle and Mrs. Elsie Riddlemoser with | Mr, and Mrs. Roy Stark of luncheon in Roise. Mrs. Joe Seattle divider! their visiting he- iverson was hostess. Iwoen two sisters of Mrs. Stark and Iheir families. The sisters nre Mrs. William Jurges of Meridian and Mrs. Virgil Harm of damage- I Only. BRAND NEW ^966 Model | SOFA BED I CHAW i i INCH SOFA R, «UiPt ·*··" »"*-- -ARMLESS LOVE SEATSi IflNinUMMMHU* DANISH CHAIR ~ i SOFA!CHAIR SOFA BED I" 108IMH SOFA NOW '119,91 * v »9951 «/i Pieces... HWK ' Damaged , 9 - $ 5 9 . I Now, Set Gold wl«1. NOW . NOW l*» iAA A NOW *W«M N0 w »2U1 '129.91./. 4OW ^9.81 $ 19 97 j 1 "sisKS? igod. X only, NOW NOW i $199.97 . . , w below whole- of her daughter and soi-in-tow the Rev. and Mrs. W.E. Teter, and visited other relatives and freinds. 1 too many- S«0.00 Rta ' HOW '49*1 '159.91./, MQ9.91./. '299.9K/. . NOW *89.91 NOW '13191 !¥.«»..,,... *tt,n 17,77 */. . $239.97 NOW. ' $' · Kim.1. ; Miss Lori Brown celebrated her 10th birtliriay *i(li a family nnd friends p;irty SuinUy evening at the Lloyd Brown farm liome. The guests wore tjiwell Oiss, Keith Ifayrton, John Wood, Har ild Percy, f.lpn Gray and , Aden WhHor families. The parly included home mado ic« cream and cake nnd fireworks ilisplay. Gi/ls Have Moving Experience ST. 1X3UTS l U P H -- I I wasn't ii sludrnt dcmonslralion or I prolcsl by any means whrn Ihc Fonlbonnc Collpgr cirl. 1 ; lined up. al! 850 of thorn. The pirlf became n human conveyor and transferred 50.! 000 books from Ihp coltepe's nld library to the new one, down three flights of. sleps and ncross B pallo. As a reward. ' librarian Slslcr Albrrta had wxia nnd pretzels waiting for the plrls . .... . SMlttr.ighl damage. I DOUBLE SlWS^ B »^ sliBhtlr , MaoTM,,; I DAMAGED LAVATORIES ^f^^^ FREISHT DAMAGED TOILETS'*»,.·»·*»*· THREE WHEEL BICYCLES JS-- *'^ f** °' NOW '11.91 *99.91 CHAIRS '9- J79.97 W 0n fj, AT FORMER MGM TRAILER FACTORY O N . . , " 11 th AVENUE N. EXT, S *LE BEING CONDUCTED BY NEAR INDUSTRIAL ROAD DOWNER'S WESTERN AUTO COME SEE A WAREHOUSE 250 FKT LONr.i f'LLED WITH FLOOD-DAMAGEDTAND FACTORY CLOSE-OUT MERCHANDISE! - NAMPA

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