Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 1, 1972 · Page 22
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 22

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, May 1, 1972
Page 22
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22 (JREELEY (Colo.) TRIRUNE Mon., Mny 1, 1972 One of the houses Hill built on 23rd Avenue. The house is almost a year old, the trees are older. Hill Presents New Concepts in Building By Jessica Frailer Tribune Staff Writer Greeley home buyers should expect more for the prices they says builder Hill who pegs his houses in the Greeley is terribly larking in $28.500 to $35,000 range. One reason for market, said Hill, inflated '. . .in (ii'eele'y y o u ; don't have the educated market that von have are paying, Richard Hill. ,. ., , , , . . . ,, ' · · · · B o u l d e r where the · growth · is 10 years ahead of .. ,, '-lUreeley. .'People there are cited ahout design anil land-jpretty much . aware .of how scape and approaches buildinglmuch a house'should cost." with an environmental bias,| "j| ere vol | .have 1111 1JUU1UI '. Hill, who has built a handful I pattern i .of: houses in Greeley, gets ex- Greeley. and outside thej m a l . k c t ' controlled . b y two or both inside house. "N'o one is going to begrudge me my honest 10 per cent," Hill, but he derides the a virgin architecture except for some custom houses." "The reason 1 came back to Greeley is that living in California and tionlder I saw people realizing they don't have to live in square houses. I want to give people something in the houses they buy, something they can be proud of," said Hill who grew up in graduated Greeley from three people," said Hill, whoiUniversily of Colorado is afraid of being;degree his views becauseifairs. admits he qnoled on political leverage can adversely in international af- p r o f i t e e r i n g attitude that|affect his success in CJreeley. "squeezes the last dime out ofj ... . , everything." lie said the buyer . s P a n n e u too often ends up poor quality for high prices because he doesn't know what to expect for his dollar and because he has no alternative. "I don't think people are getting anything For their money in any of the price brackets . . except the expensive custom houses," said R U S S E L L STOVER For The Very Best In Chocolates At All GILBERT REXALL development (pud) proposal for Ihe Altes Acres area has already been once defeated, partly due to what he calls He said this is all in an attempt to integrate indoor and outdoor ground living. He notes that variations--mounds of cnrtli--add visual appeal while reducing traffic noise from the street. Unlike many builders, leaves existing trees on the lots whenever possible. "I try to design tola! living environment. It jusl relates back and fortl and Ihe why I would save trees and jusl natural terrain instead of flattening them out." "It takes 15-20 years to grow He said he can design a a mature tree; why tear them total living environment of 800 out. 1 can't believe it's t h a t square feet or less, ". . .Without much more convenient to tear having to give people a box to the tree down so you can drive live in. ]l can be a house thai a truck in a straight line rather :lue to what lie calls a ""V"Y, , family fend. But Hill plans (o .' g»a»t liouse. is always interesting to Ihem whether it is a small house or resubmit the pud with a lower density. can't California builders put in strip, grid just sub- more divisions anymore. People Unique Homes Hill's bouses have varied floor and ceiling levels (no "flat ceilings and square rooms"), haixlslained woodwork ("instead not take it,'" he'said, adding.' 0 ''. Pointing everything white, that to be really up on (his way people can see the chilecture, you have to lake a ", alural teall( y in l h c house"), - -·- - shake shingle roofs, natural wood exteriors, floor-to-ceiling [windows, and earth sculpture ' o f uniformly flal lols. couple of frips to California j 8 ' 13 ^ s j» n £ le r °° fs - ( natural every year." '"'""" "" "···""· ' --·· · ' · Lack Design Hill's major complaint than a curved line," he said. Hill's brother Larry explains, "It's not anymore expensive to leave the trees in, people jusl have to work around them.' Larry Hill, loo, has an enthusiasm for the natural beauty tree adds rievelopement, and to notes any the houses he and his brother build are designed to set in the trees. "I really can't put it into words," he said, ". . a tree's a tree . . a really beautiful P H A R M A C I E S SAVE $$ ! on Vinyl Coated Steel j or Vinyl SIDING j We can cover the j overhang , I "have no design. I i Deal Direct with if- Joe Pease, owner ^ j 14 Years Experience £ Pease Home i- Improvements think 1 1 1 I 1 1 Wyoming Strip Miners Reclaiming Mined Lands We Can Cover Window Trim 352-0936 Greeley, Colorado 1403.9th St. CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) Homer Derrer, administrator of recl- the state's strip-mine operators are doing something about the of reclaiming mined Wyoming's 10G9 mining amalion law, says all NEED CLOTHES? CO h- .1 ^ 2 Q_ o SEE I problem (lands. Derrer made the comment in response to a statement by the director of the Environmental Protection Agency's implementation research division in Washington, Dr. Alan Carlin. · At a synthetic fuels confer jence in Cheyenne last week, i Carlin said reclamation in .Wyoming was virtually nonex-! veys and ma s of , ne " ai : e ., to istent. He said he hased his in-!h» ,-^,.i^; m «,i --1,__ _,i_:_:_ after mining has been completed, some companies are reclaiming as the mining proceeds--which lie said is the most economical method of reclamation. He said the state's reclamation law has been criticized for (he flexibility it allows to the administrator of public lands in adjusting regulations. Chicken King To Underwrite Dem Telethon WS ANGELES (AP), - minium John V. Brown of Ihe (cnliicky Fried Chicken clmln snys lie will underwrite $1 mil- Ion of Ilio expense of singing a 'mxl-rnlsing lelelhon for tlie Democratic pnrly. The telethon will be flircd by American Broadcasting Co. on July 8-3, the eve of the Democratic National Convention. Tola! cost will be $1.25 million. The fund-raiser is intended to :iel] erase tile parly's $9.3 million debt. "If we can'l gel Ihe party out of bankruptcy we're no! going :o be effective In the fall," saitl 3rown, who makes his headquarters in Ix)iiisvillc, Ky.'Ha was here over the weekend to make arrangements for the program. We're supposed to, be the parly of the people and we're iaking our case to Hie people for financial support." Brown said those scheduled !o appear on Ihe telecast include Glen Campbell, Andy.-Williams, Warren Boiitty; .Paul Newman, Alan King, Carol Burnett and Shirley MacLaine. (Tribune photos by Jessica Frailer) Builder Richard Kill, inside, and his brother, Larry. Tho Returns To Pans; Says Hes Ready To Continue Talks PARIS ( A P ) - The North Vietnamese negotiator who held secret talks with Henry A. Kissinger last year is back in Paris amid predictions from his colleagues that a new round of secret Vietnam talks may begin United States and South Viet-|iiot to permit (he American ad- nam. The public talks resumed ministration Io establish under Thursday afler a five-week sus-jits control there a puppet pow- pcnsion called by President Le Due Tho, a Hanoi.'s Politburo, member returned Paris Sunday by way of Peking and Moscow and declared he was ready "to continue negotia- and regulations were enforced,io' , ( a staff of some 35 persons t 0 - o o m n Tho made no direct comment on widespread expectation of resumed secret negotiations. But spokesmen for Hanoi's peace mission here said last week such talks probably will be held. The United Stated has declined comment on tiie prospect. In his airport arrival statement, Tho attacked U.S. Ambassador William J. Porter's insistence that the first item of business in public talks should be "your invasion of South Vietnam." The white-haired Communist leader said aggression against Vietnam by the North Nixon. Tho said the United States must halt its bombing of North Vietnam without conditions and set a deadline for pulling out all its forces from South Vietnam. President Nguyen Van Tliien of South Vietnam must step down, Tho repealed, to make way for a national unity government. "We do not want in any way to impose a Communist regime on South Vietnam as Mr. Nixon has invented," he said. "Bui our people are also determined | BETTER TO BE BALD NEW YORK (AP) - "it Is belter to slay bald than have a bad hairpiece," says wigrriaker Richard Hiirlwich. "Filling has to be perfect," he says. "Wives should be the main inspiration and make sug- gcslions when a husband needs a hairpiece." Cus;TOM HOMES EVERYTHING IN ONE COMPLETE PACKAGE! WE DESIGN, PLAN, BUILD SITES In Qraeley and LaSnllo FINANCING VA, FHA, Conventional WELD COUNTY LUMBER CO. LA SALLE 284-5515 · GREELEY 353-113j administer the law would be required. He said the cooperalion of operators in drawing up sur- : formation on the North Central Power Study which concluded t h a t Wyoming's reclamation laws are "less exacting" than was impossible because the fighting "is the just right of the entire Vietnamese people to self-defense." This reflected the North Vietnamese position that Vietnam Wyoming's law actually is'' 3 al! onc TM u n t 7' ^ lh and those in othei-| Solllh ' and lhal l h c divlslon at be reclaimed makes adminis- tralion of the act much easier. Wyoming's belter than slates, Derrer said, because it!'!* ? !c mi!ilamed TMnc is an ar- i - " o * aitm:n, i ^ u i l c r SnIU, DCCaUSO It nhose in slates such as Montana provides for flexibility in reel-' 1 ''' 0 ' 3 ' one - ami North Dakota. amation efforts. I Tho reileralcd demands Derrer said lhat allhouRh the j "U' s ' beHer" than having" 1 " 1 0 ' has l)cen m a k i n B a11 Tire Damages iGrade School ! COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. i ( A P ) -- A fire lentaiivcly [blamed nn arson heavily dan" aged the George Washington Elementary School here Sunday afternoon. C.V. Kmnry, district fire I along peace in nearly four years of talks in Paris with the j act requires reclamation only sorneonc sU{ing in an o f f j c e drawing up rules l h a t aren't even realistic," he said. Derrer said m permits hnve , been issued under the law a n d j p u t e r has caught up with per-! his agency has not yet revokedIsons who have overdue parking f any performance bonds guaran-l fines. A FINE COMPUTER ELGIN, 111. ( A P - T h e com-! teeing that reclamation will he City officials, according to undertaken. David Jepson, assistant finance Wyoming's statute, approvedidirector, said the new system 'includes forms that list all overdue fines owed by the car mined before it wtnt into effcctiowner. arc not required to reclaim the! The new notice includes an by Ihe IM9 legislature, is not retroactive and those who strip- chief, said there was evidence of several fires on the top floor of [he two-story brick school. Also, Kmory said, Ihcre was evidence of a hrcakin. Detectives were called to in- vcstifjale lhc possibility of ar- i.son, . ! '"mory said. I No injuries were reported as ] firemen spent several hours : combatting the flames. The i IjnilHin" was believed unoccupied wfjcn firemen arrived. Firemen blocked the Utc! Pass highway leading west ; f r o m Colorado Springs as they fought the flames. lands. 'envelope addressed to the cily. A COSTLY SWITCH : I.AIO, New Guinea ( A P ) -- ' Two Gfiod Samaritans, trying: 'to get a friend out of j a i l , were u n w i t t i n g l y responsible for gelling him a fix m o n t h s sentence. The friends applied Io bail him oul, using Ihr: man's correct mane, w i l l i u u t knowing ' t h a t he had given police a false n.-imo. J'clitc Ihcn charged · I h e i r prisoner w i l h using a f.'ilEi! name. , NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE Sealed bids In duplicate addressed to the Purchasing Agent of the City of Greeley, Colorado £0631, will be received at the- office of the Purchasing Arjent, 1300 A Slrtet, Greelty, Colorado until 1:00 P.M. on Wednesday the 10th day of May for the s.ife of the following used equipment. 2--1970 Ford 4 DR Sedans, 1--1961 Ford Station Wagon, 1__1963 international Pickup, 1 --1961 Ford Pickup, 1 -1963 Dodge Panel Truck, 1--1957 Chevrolet Truck w/sew- er rodding machine, 1 --1963 Dodge Dump Truck, 1---1962 IntJ. Dumr ""ruck, 1 -- 19-10 Ford truck with tank, 1 -- 1959 Intl. flat hed truck, 1 --1964 WeetcoaBter 3-wheel vehicle, 1 --1967 Cushmnn 3 v/heet vehicle, 1--1969 Wayne Star- sweep, s t r e e t sweeper, 1 -- Barber Green hot plant with oil tanks. Specifications and conditions of sale are available, at the office of the Purchasing Agent. Mark fact of envelope "Sealed hid on Died Equipment," The C f t y of Greeley, Colorado r e s e r v e s the rlfjht to reject any or all bids and to waive formalities. C i t y of Greeley, Colorado Robert E. Quaco P urn ha si no Agent The G r e f f t y Daily Trfhune April 29, May 1,2, 1972 Open a Savings Account today. If you really want something to happen, you have to save for it. Soslart selling some money aside each payday in a Savings Account wilh us. Al our high rates, a iillle becomes a lot in almost no timo. And (here's no betier time to begin saving than loday. 5% on Regular Passbook Accounts 5'/4% on 90-Day Notice Passbook Accounts 5 y 2 % - 6 % on Savings Certificates Accounts Insured by Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation NORTHERN C O L O R A D O L O A N A S S O C I A T I O N 1ITH S T . · G D C E L C Y , C O L O R A D O T E l E P H O r i E 132-ltlt

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