Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 27, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1951
Page 6
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PACE SIT LAS CHUCES (N. M.) SUM-NEWS' i f i · ^^ Columnist Finds It's Easier To Cover War Than Repainting Itae ',·· 0y UAL I1OVLK NEW YORK, l^) -r- The crisis Is.past. Tile-painters have trooped out at last, leaving our place ,'n chaos but with a lot of bright new colors o n - t h e walls, Bui 1 dnn/t, think 7 could ever go through the same ordeal again. I e»nt aland, to see my wife suffer KO. Recently Fi./nccH came lo me and .said; "Welt, I guess you had bettor go away to one of your wars or rc- belllonti, Rover." "WhvY" I asked. "|,IT;,UM- il Is time f o him- tin; apartment · repainted," *Jn Mild. "Ami IT wry time It's Imp|-encd IK-fun* yiui always manage In find :i \var or Nomcthiag to run C l l f til." Tl^'.l Is (rue,. Hut ; i f f c r ncnrfy 1-1 years nf iimrrhige. I de.-ldnf In slay (mine, tills Hint'. We \vnnld luce t i n ; painters IngHher. "Vnu will bo a lot of lif.Ip w i t h your r u i n l i t t l e eleven thumbu," My idea uf 'having l l ii* JUHIHC painted was to n i t in my favorite c h a i r , .sip a highball nml break in- In c n c N u n i R i n E Jipplaiijie whenever one of the pointers nnide a parti- c u l a r l y line brush K l r n k p . Hut it inn't like ( h u t »t all. K i n l you carry your p a i n t i n g a and por- tablr lirlc-it-brac over to Icnvc willi frirndfl, .They a l r e a d y have t h e i r own Ktorage problom.'i, anil they HI-PC I yon an IT you hti:l arrived w i t h ;i lioiKe lo pui'k in Uieir N f - x t ymi roll up i,he rugK and M'lul t i l l - i n lo the t Inanri'H. Th'-ll you piii- Mi'i'j-ylhiiig flue In tlie center nf t h i-f/nm. H i l l by t h e n I-'rEinccs was an ner- voiis H.4 n hridi- li-rt w a i t i n g n t I)' · church. N o t h i n g upm-l.-i u '.vo..ian like an lipsi-t IIOU.SR. : The morning 1 ·· the- p a l n l p r s (·IIIIH- rraiJ'T* 'nifl Uicin u l t h :i face nl romplrtf w«e. They lonU- -d nl her warily. Tlin duel ivas mi. I WHS n i l her glad to rse-jipo I tn !hr t i f f l r r . K;ich n i g h t 1 gnl (in aeenunt of tin- fl:iy'K grim buttle an it rajred f f d i n mil IIP\V t n i c - h l u o k i l e J i e n t i l n now unh._lievably cliai ITCIUHC bed- J I i i r i l i l . "I don't know w j t n t h e r I'll It," Ktnd l-'ninctta. "You h n V d ' t d w n i f h t b i i i n every'"mlniii**, 'ot t h e v ' l l do itnlnctlling wrong." One m u r n l n g I stigpf "You're all tired oul. Why don't you J I I H I go- .Humcwhorc and mil "Yi-iili, liiilv. iyhu'll feel n;ild i»nt' nl tin-" Iwu painters euii- tioitnl.v. ; , · ·· "You!!!!!!!" .titkl Km I r l l h t i r i l i i l l y . To l l n l s l i (he Job l l n r ITH cjtnu; tin- lasl day. and l l m l Jienrly '; inc m,v u l f r . Sim hml tu rim harli and f n r l h \veen Hie., rooms like n htrd In cheek t h e i r work. When It wan a l l done, houever. fihc ami the pninUM'a jiliook Inuidtt at] around in Kporttiiniudlke l a s h ion. 1 I h i i i J t Krancen hi."getting hi-j x l i e n ^ t l i ;l)Jtrl[. ! I t ·it.'emed to UK- 1 Iieitnl h'v-r .shoving I l i r n\t\'n l u r k I n l o ] i l . i r i t nn-:i .!?([/ t h i n imrnlng, And :.hi- wnn hit mining. Now I loi'l b r t t e t ! Teacher. Ignores Cosily Equipment In Experiments V.y C.AKlt UAJtTMA.V A!' . V C M - » . l l ' I l l l l R ' S P A R I S E v i T i n n k f ! H I I i-1'Tl.rU: inutnr mil uf pins or a Ii-;;t-lulj(. l o i i l ftf an nld l i j - h t b u l b ? | With $. r i w o i l h of ·.·cnip hardware instead of a l i i h - l i i l l of d{-li- cate iiistjuiiH-nts, a Missouri schonl teacher bar. set o u t f i o i n J'ari.-j Id ti-arrh Thailand at.niii the womtaiii uf Kclencis. K l l s w o i t h Ol.onrn has bct-n tna- chliig for 28 of bin f:j yraiu. He linn always insiitlcd t h a t hundred. 1 * or bsnk: fvf)(.'i'iint!nl?, (.';in be perfoi'in- . cd with e q u i p m e n t bon-owrrl from the nisly 'tool-box behind the gtir- or what you ran buy ill lh: The U n i l r d Nulionn E'tucaf ion;il. Scientific and C u l l u r n l O r g a n i x n - tion (UNESCO) i:i .s-Miding l i i n i f r o m Us P u r i K hcadijuinlcr!; to prove It for a year. "Take a bunKtl-nut light bull-, Obuuni rx;tlaiimd I ) reportoit; hurt In bin h"!ii cla^iii'oom i t i r u i n u r . "You r u i l l out the insi'ln and \v*i»d'n l u f l Is a flit 3 lofit-tuba or lalioralory flfiHk. f U n n d s 'n lot of. hunt. Tin- gla»H Jod inalioH n f i n e m o u n t for a compasm nciidl. 1 ." Ohouin ducKii't dcspimj rxpcn- sivi; pfjuipnient. Me tahe.'t great liri'lf in his well-filled 1 laboratory nt t h e .Inlin liurruuglifl School fn Clayi'.n, Mo., where h» lieacln the M-ii'iii-f ilr|i3vt;nimt. But ho knows j t h a t !t.c world (ri:i a lot of poorur | placci t h a n the jsubur^s of St. i UrtiliH. j "In jno.'it A m o i i c a n schools," lie I wi-ni on, "LI.i- idea if ylatic clcc- j d i ' i i l y in d'.'iftoiifjtratcd with an h']'.;i-l!o:w:(ipn. Tv;o .strip:: of gold I |i-rif l l i i l l c r uport wb':u you apply I the c i i r i v t i t . Costs $» to $6 or «n. i "Von can get tiie sami; effect ' w i t h lv/'i nicklfi balloiiK. Tic them i l o g f l h e r . C'luirge on« of th'im by i nibbing nn your hair. They'll fly · opni-t ju.'.t as well a:; thu -gold h.-af." .KOI- niori: advanced electrical cx- I pcriini.'iiti; Ohouin ran mak« y fine I niotdr out of a dozen pins a few rorlU'. I h u i n b - t a u k K , t i n f o i l scraps, a bit nf v.-iic anil a dime- s t o i c JIl.-lKIH't. X Oboiirn apologl/ntl to reporters in Paris fur having sent his Sf k i t hi-ii'l to liangkok. It contains a argi; t j ' i a n t H y ('f tin canf,, slflpg. ·iuar l.-a/.cii and old haclmw bliid- -;·.. Hi; [jj;!!i:; to stipploniclit. it Iroin j t l i c l»i:al H'jioiirrcH. * "I um!':i:(t'Jii'] Bangcc; n big ci'.y v.'llh lots nf -ilorca," O.'innurn '·x|j|:iinH, "anrl then: ai-e at ! b.iKKvar 1 .: .'-lon-i w!;errevcr Ihere is 'I ,-'. tcaclHM- t j a i n i n g .school. H'J.siilcH 1 ; want, .'jnytiic I teach to be ingcn- ! iriii.-i ciio;i;;b l o Hig up lit.-! own ma- j trriiil." I H i ' i n y V H P h;ul two of liln nix i ijiii-cns bf-licadcd. Me f l i c ' l at r»! ! a f t e r a reign of .'18 yc»rs. Tim polar and grimly are (he h i j ' r s t nii'inbeu; nf tin- br:ir fam- KOREA AMPUTEES ASK 'II' RIGHTS Student Solves High Price TV Problem For $75 AI* jVinvsfi'af iircs C I N C I N N A T I - -A television pro- WHA which hn.4 bccn-cofiLing thousand. 1 ! of dollfint lias been peifcutcU here »y a University of Cincinnati Ktuilent-- at a coal uf only $75. . The (Invlcc. built by Clayton F. Winder, a Ktmior electrical engineering student, is known as a flying spot-scanner. It is us.»l for fiupcrimpo.sing pictures directly over thtiHC already belnp transmitted. He and university officials ex- plained that the device makes it possible to place transparencies, signs, picture negatives and a Variety of other visual Hem's directly over the face of u television .tube which already niis another picture uhowing on it. CiiinlitncJ J'iclun! TIio flying .fipot-Ktnmier, ilsing the lijiht impulses from the television tube, picks up and transmits the combined picture. Wilh Winder's device, "a television station here, for example, could superimpose material on a telecast coming; from -another city for the iiakc of local interest. U. C. officials say that under the "commercial .system of s;uphr- impoaition now being used on tin; major networks, it is nucus.sary. for two cameras to take separate pic- ' lures. Then. they are . combined find synchronizc'd electronically.. Tlic new spot-scanner also was j described as having other com- jmcrclal uses. By the flip of a switch it can transmit, negatives of photographs which are seen as positives. That, it was explained, would--enable doctors to view. X- rays from oilier parts of the coim- I try : I Negatives Shown --L.ikcwl.ic, mutton pictures and filkics can be 'televised by showing them in front of a television tube UaiismlUing light but no picture. Winder explained this would do away with the need for a television cifmera lo "take a piclurc of the picture." ' · Winder already has received one' ! : GrandmolhersV Leave New Mexico After Hqax trip ALBUQUERQUE; June 27 OTI --. two eastern ,-;rani(mbLhi!i;; left Albuquerque by'nlanc . (TW-A) al 2 a.m. (MST) today P t t e r - V - N e w Mexico visit that began as a-hoax and ended U H H - h o l i d a y : "·'':'-. Mrs. Mary Kcflin, 55, of. Clarkn .Summit.,-·.Pa.,' and Mrs. J'rnnlt Llcari, 01, of East liockdwayi N. Y., said Uiey enjoyed then' slay offer from a local television station for-his 'spot-scanner.... tail' ihey\wercVgld'd^.ta'.i^,return- f ing. Hom'e.s.'TIicy:-Hoped* publicity^ sorrpdiidlnf ^thc -ty^ .WpuldVhbil\- follow.'"them' cii§iwprd. t *-- ·!;_·;'·. -.···" .The two 'came, fb 'AHiOqucrqiie last Friday behinff.v.tljey ^wfetfe bound for Los ; Arig%lcs-'iys; quests of a radio program. .· .'Mrs. Keihn' 'was .lour, t^yari unidentified .telephone caller s i i R h a j l . w o n i l h c j trip unil could pIckMip "'restervutluus t o Albuquerque ,at*",Stmnlpn, Pa, i But when they/ 1 got -Here/ there .were no arrangements" for further travel. . A check* slipped the call apparently had 'b'qen' avfakof They hid §40 "between : them. ,.- .'Tran's-.WoplikiA.'iplUieJt.' gave them . tickets "·home arid" .a holiday at Santa Fe;-,'-' V'tw^s/V.---''* 1 " KOREAN WAR AMPUTEES f i n m V.'iill.-r llrnl hnr-jiltnl in piHu-t in front of ( l i t ; U. S. CnplM. n r k l n j ; oqii:il r l p h t n w i t h World War J l vcliTJUl.H. I M M M I Ml: ITi:. i : . ' i i i l : ; n l 'JVpin. Temple, Tex.; Pf«. Hnlicrl ,1. linker. M D M t r m . I'a.; I'h 1 . l!:iymoinl McNeil. riillmlrlphin; Cnl. l l n r v r y I I . Hophln:;, Plnnl C i t y . Kin. ( / i i r m i c i f i u i i i i r J H m J j i f i o I u ; as Tomorrow S U R E F o r o c a t t : Tnnuirrmi- will n r r i \ - nt niiiloif;lit. It M i l l l u n r '.l\ lloiiV". ll'f, f i i M . i i l r nlil-ki-\ -- n i l over Anirriwi-- \\i\\ In- Sr»(:iiniri7t]nMMi. \ \ TOMORROW Juno 28, 1951 SUN RISES 4:55 A. M. SUN SETS 7:12 P. M. ToBtSorvad W l t h P i l d o l /"^ v -i'lll^- To Bo Received WJfh Plooiurol Naturally fl iitini fwU jili'iuw-il ^ * i l l i him. X i i l t i V i d l y nur purstH feel r4mi|it!incntri1 ulirn ; I ; ; t : nntl n*t* hit fncntU' f.u-Di ir^i-h-r ^.^\illJ: "Only llio liuoi i* lim* fiiou^h ftn my '' npjirovnl of hi* olmlro. furiidV 1 i Cf6(vii. Blended Wliiskey.SG.8 Ptoof. Gi% Giain Nculial Spiiils. Seagram-Distillers Cotp., N.Y. J--k. PEffiEYB END-OF-MOMT|I NYLON CREPE SLIPS... 3.98 Sizes 32 lo 38 Lace Trim - White, Pink 51-15 NYLON !E.....98c Sizes B'/ z io 11 81x89 Naiionv/ide 7 '"50 » £**a3 / 13i2 Thread count. CHILDREN'S SUN TlOr 1 P J (Tf T1 C' GO DEESSiS o@c . For Ihc 4ih cf July .. : C L O S E O U T SUMMER While'sand Cblors. (...,".' 203t'40 BATH · "·' .54c All the v/aniad colors!'. ' WOMEN'S BLUE.; .. 2.49" Bo ready for the. 4th! BOYS' BLUE '*· Tl 5 . . I. 1 8 oz. Sanforized. Western cul. Men's While Mesh D R E S S Sizes 14 lo 17 MEN'S DRESS ' S T R A W HITS . . . L98 "COOL". They'll wear. Boys' Saorsucker . . » They don't noed ironing! MEN'S KNIT BBIEFS..'69c Made woll (or long wear. Sizes 28 lo 44. Men's Broadcloth S H O R T S Fast color, sanforized. Sizes 28. 30, 32, .40, 42, 44, 46. Tomorrow A T P E N N E Y ' S THE DARK COTTON SHEER is a hard- to-find treasure! DRESSES Drosses io v;oar right new nnd Ihrough Iha Summer. Rayon Shcors nnd.Collons. Broken nizes. TOHQBRQW .aJ . F - E N N I Y ' S GOES ON SALE T O M O R R O W R E M I A N I S PRICE Men's Short Sleeve Cotton Sport Shirl !|, CRISP'COOL SKIP.'DENT! '· SANFORIZED VAT-DYED! ;, ., ftere's'a cool short.sleeve sporl-shiri Ih^l.leis-lEe b^eeiBs 1 ·in! .Crisp, I ! .ghiweigr4 i.c'qtipn skip dent V..,. /'Wishable ....·!. durable . ; . .desvjned'with your..comfor^'.in.inin.dl Ch'ooae : from blue, tan',-:grtienV grey, ^Hite, .^Buy ^everil :! al this thrifty Penney pr.icel- Small,'medium;'large; ; ; " Now! Big Buy In Men's Matched Sets HURRY! SAVE!. SPECIALLY PRICED! Rush lo Penney's right now for this smashing value! Save on first quality matched sets built for. botltr fit, extra wear! They're cut over graduated patterns which assure smarter looks, more comfort. Sturdy Sanforized iwill, grey or tan. Strong seams! Shirts. 14-17. Pants, with zipper fly. 29-42. ' '· · · ,- S P E C I A L P U R C H A S E M E N ' S K H A K I PANTS , . ' . , . 2.93 pair Army Twill made strong , at points of strain. · ' Tomorrow ai RENNETS

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