Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on March 9, 1976 · Page 19
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 19

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1976
Page 19
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lApts. Unfurnished 42 Mobile Home Two-l bedroom, nn r-fTTn" _° t " lge M «"'al 4 5 Business Pr °peni«s 52 Real Estate Nampa . ' 54 Real Estate Nampa 54 Real Estate Nampa 54° reference. SS5 furnished'"^' AV^No'' N?'" rea " M ' 7 ' h A/^^oanPi't!!"' " ew furna «' 3 Bedroom wilh 2 baths, qu et ? Bdrm., possibility oU more Ir · unfurnished plus $35 de'oos it uiV?S i "" Ca " street ,,, v^' carpe1 ' °"- s l r e e l ' fen «° »»ck yard, finished bascmenl, s t u c c o 45989i»pvp, P05it -7 *"'3447. o",,;!.,.." 8 ,,^' 11 '-.. Immed. 522,003. EL TORO AGENCv! garden space, good location -- . Misc. For Rent 4.7 ' - " 2S «»«06 well-maintained, $17,900. Phoni NEARM U ER H CY A H M OSPi T1 , st « r ^e rooms for lease. """ f °* R E N T : "0° EC. It. ol first UNFURNISHED 2 nil* 1 r D ,fV. Secure. Nampa. 'oof commercial or profess 1 deluxe, c l l e l e c ' t r i r Bredroom __Call alter6p.m Wlw ^ , o f f i c e space, can !^!£, eS ', a ' r cond " ^creation '"» Sq.ft. building. "" room, playground lor children, Oowntown Nampa. apt. * 10. umper. mgr ^ Fenced in open storage. Ph AfSO FURNISHpri » nt , - ' ' " "° arls - ««-?608. W E S T E R N V I L L A G E A P T S furmP^^I~~ Motorcycle: ore ii derail TT T~. -yo,,, ,,,, !,,,,,,,.. nrrrlr ,| ° ' ',. f e " LAKEVIEW HII i , ; GouiliedAd BeautiM 9h ' I0r Cily " eyes Mobile Homes For Rent 43' overlooking Lakel'owe'll'and^l'he 2 BDRM. IN CALDWELL " "oYt7x a ciu7iv n e C /I!!T County ' s rnone 159-4832 WHITE-RIEDELS.CO. 10x50', 2 Barm -- '· -- "·" Eves. 459-3030 100x1 UMo't ^"reenleVl'' Re?"' ^''t ""* "'" ° f SharS ' ease for P TMSuf S,^ 4 ^ 4604 to ^r^To^S r 2 Bdrm. doublewioeon i acre, 76 ovai ''" 1 ' e . 1 " a t | e b w/ new M(j snu per mo. plus deposit. Long Dr v Lake Area - 200 acre lease or sale. 466-3852 Productive row crop Sprinkle * Bedrooms furnished. 51,0 Mo h'p '^,1 "pTmp "with"' m '£ _,,,' ' ' " y """· """eposit. No b °°ster. Buned mainline 1( P a r k versreens Mobil « Home handlings included. Places' ike H °FuS r H Rfln1 ' BRANDT AGENCY 1-Urmsned 44 215 lllh Ave. So. 466-7871 Spacious 1 bdrm., heat water Nampa. Idaho partially furnished. $135 monln 466-7821 dep., no pets. -159-1384 Cecil McNaughl . ^ff. 466-5885 2 Bdrm. basement house. Large, Arnelha Anderson T 466-4479 partly fenced yard. Disposal JohnDon 466-SI58 Houses For Rent, M A C R E S SOUTH OF NAMPA Unfurnished 45 ' 2 A c r e s in "a 1 / an « pasture. ' _ Cood domestic well and sept c home, 2 bdrm., garage, fenced for home or mobile home, yard, some utilities paid. S100 Owner w a n t s larger place! mo. plus lirsl 8. last mcnih's 531.700. rent. Call 4510619 3 or 4 Bdrm. f a r m house, 5165. S. w. ol Marsing. Has small one Meridian area. Capital Referral bedroom home. Live /ear round Co. 377-0777 Boise. creek. Irriuation well Owner Widow woman w/ 3 children ^ ol'nea!"^^ 3 "^, "'"r* ° r needs 2 bdrm. home In W. Can TM e ° swv^ ° d yon School Oist. Call 45-1-0339 ' 59 ' m Nice house, ideal for retired 124 ~ A C R E S couple, will consider younger All m one field, waters one way. References. Call 466-3230 Located East ol Nampa, easy -- freeway access. 539,200 Children, pels, singles OK 4 ,,* Bdrms. 5145. r u r a l town. GAE EVANS J$T$L CAPITAL Referral Co. 377-0777 B r « | t C T m ' Boise REAL ESTATE \^---/ ATTENTION LANDLORDS! _, 3 "-18ZO ^ g We will refer renters to you. Sle »e Hawkins, Eves. 375-0730 Housing, Boise 377-0777 40 A C R E S of undeveloped ? Bd , r ,T' . wilh y a r d l Convem ' er " M,ddie nL Rd. sjs.uoo 2 a 5"» U o loc. S135 a first 8, last. J5D dep., Mo dogs! Call 467-6189 Christian lamily desires 3 burm. ££SD"' j-yicres- house to rent, preferably with iTM." O 111 1 l ood J option to buy, in Nampa area ? , , " Wl 11 \J soil- Call 376-5466 anytime. sllu O V«J ^-CLEAN PAINT S^,* 40 A c r e s rcw cr °P vmir rpntal unite rr hrt.icnc In " 1 '* 1 n ' c e ^ bdrm . hO-Tle renew their value. 457 =114 ss/.ijn. Good terms WE HAVE 2 and 3 Bedroom - "^ ACRF ,^ - undeveloped homes. Singles: A p t s . S. '^lr,,° e!!p wel1 ' a good duplexes. Call "Hcmelinder's", ,,£, E W'nst inflation. 104 so. Kimball, Suite 8. Cald- per a c r e - w e i i . 4 5 9 6 3 2 , 0 r«S-W1. W MIL, m M r,n, , .= rlv . LANDLORDS! Let us rent and 't'^ \ a:rm auout 75 mi 'es collect your rent lor v ou Can 'Jampa. 940 Acres of "Homcfinder's", 104 So ' anc ? ;' 1Gw e r ? bdrm. home. Kimball. Suites, Cald. 459-63?]' s ' )rmsler system. 2?° 0 Down. 1 flVn 1 flR^ GIVE US A CALL - LH.'U^UK^b A C T I O N R E A L T Y 466- Let us fake over you' rental 7878 or Eirner 444 3856, Del problems. We screen prospec 466-3486. LeRov 166-751! five tenants ana reier Ihem to Court 466-085-], Ken 466 136o' you a no cosl! Call Juoy al J59 Wes .!67-?.i5. AI your ser-' 6321 or4S6-907l aller 6 p.m. vice! -HOME RENTAL DIVISION.- 'Acreages 50 Butler and Associains.ooaitn, '.. M 3U Mobile Home · wa: f r ri a hls ' « menl ^'^ Space Rental 46 . cash or .erms. Ms-^rn 50' x 100' Lot for gas or all n4 ;'? nLrt M^ 9000ta , rt1n !r 9 eleclric trailer. 525 8. lurnish 9r °?h ,r ,f " ,i «o .'J^ own utilities. Call 585-2593 north of Caldvvcll. 459-8717 """ ~'~ UOOD VIEW P R O P E R T Y , 1V ? Country living in 103' x 120' mi | es , rom low , ; , 2 lot. sei up for svafer, lights P | 0ls Ptlone 459.57,7 Dial 454-9034 Corner lot: Donnelly, Idaho. T D A I I CO CDAPf ? on trade or c a r r y conlract. IHAU-tr! b f / ^ c a Phone4548558 Ujsei- CJI-507JJ, Building lots: So. Caldwell, · n ^ . . , - r . r - . i , r n A ^ m - ,, located on b w co rner on Lmden BEAUTIFUL SPACES, large A v e p trees, close lo Karcher Mall. 545 A*^ 1 MnMhs rpnl free F v p r greens, Nampa C a l d w l l Blvo. 5 Acre parcels lor sale Phone J«7-U78 near Purple Sage Golf PI.D'PI B :Ar. F f.«p| L 'e Course. Lall 414 U'WU MANOR. Spaces avail, now. 38 Acres Southeast Privacy, large lols, children ol Mampa, 559.500. welcome. Under new manage- Phone 466-1965 . , F O f ? S A 1 F 1 *i f A^ros, Nrirlh MARCHiAPSr on Caldv;ell Irrioalion. 51600 nr-i IT- i-ni-r- · per acre,' i down or S9.0CC cash. HtN 1 rnrr pnone«? uot KARCHER MOBILE ^"wi cindHiock dair" HOME PARK brirn, ? 4 x J 8 lo.ifing shed, 3-stall Call Date Rine. -IA7-40A6 mrictiinc shed with atlachecJ Next fo Karchor Mall v/itfi an gir^ge AAiddtelon area, oil for conveniences. Adult and Family S79.90Q. Dy owner, call 585 7535. OJiel C o u n l r y i,vmg. Now new !ri , evo | , bdrm _ | am 1f y selling 1 acre lols lor mobile room, 2' , balh, lirepiace, some homes, underground power, t ,, ic i Ci Vf( , w , narl h 0( Caldwell w a l e r . sprinkler, i r r i g a t i o n , you choose Ihc colors' 4 5 4 0 / 8 1 so\ver f- surf^r^d rn^ni 56. SCO 5500 down, balance like rent 5 Acres w/ lovely new J level -f North of Caldwell, 457-9132 bdrm hrick, large lamily room. Jusl completed! 30 Nev; rental h ,L r ,, Z( , wlv ,' | 0 garage Near- spaces at ^-^'^^"1 Freeway e x i t , lols ol room lo come. See Manager or 459 0159. COUNTRY CLUB 'Quiet rural setting, cily con- 18 - 140x130 Building lols in veniencos. Adulls only, no dogs, newly developed sub. Ccnlral Flrsl monih's rent F R E E ! Easy water i power. Excellent view .access to ! 60. 466 7785 Of Purple £,ige Golf Course. -^ Goorl lerrns. Call 4590-171 Clark's Mobile Home Park. -- ·Beautiful park, close ID shop Business Properties 52 R a t e s J37 to 540. 1105-IJth Ave. "OR R e N f : Shop or warehouse (id., Namp.1. Call J660061 space, 1600 lo 4630 so. feel on E. , , . _ · _ . . , cicvfliin", Cald ill 966J - ·"= "'"lueo. txccutive Pla;a Phone«4-877? Real Estate Nampa 54 garage, $Jg.mVa1l"*i. C |°7? et ' Ana only 526,950. Really cute ranch st/lo on southslde. 3 Nice bdrms., greal kitchen with all built-ins! W H I T E - R I E D E L C O 467-5241 Eves. 454-0890 Comfortable 3 bdrm. home 2 lull baths, on one half acre. N A M P A ' S BEST B U Y ! Country selling, 2 year old home witn sunken living room, family rm., fireplace, beaulilul master bedroom. Pi balhs. 533,500 W H I T E - R I E D E L C O . 467-5241 EVCS.44S-6635 BY OWNER: VA Or FHA ap- - proved house with 8?8 landem money. Good location New 3 bdrm., 1174 Sq. ff., 1 44 balhs s i n g l e car garage. Phone 1 A C R E -522, SO? Landscaped, lovely, pole fenced, room for animals plus plush and pampered 1 4 f t . wide mobile home. W H I T E - R I E D E L C O 467-5241 Eves. 467-4967 want to Buy! Basically sound house with general fix up needed. Must be reasonable Phone 467-3626 NEW -- 73i% I N T E R E S T . Lovely and new. Cedar siding, s h a k e roof, f a m i l y room, fireplace, 1 3 ' baths, corner lot, super area. 534,900 W H I T E S R I E D E L C O . 6 7 -» 4 l Eves. 4.67-6427 By Owner: Spacious older 3 bdrm. home, lull bsmt., newly dec., fully carpeted, drapes, gas forced air heat, 522,500. 903 -E. Georgia. 467-5647 or, 466-206B 1 ACRE Plus 3 bdrms., 1 i balh, living room w/ fireplace, lamily room, shake roof, kitchen w/ all appliances including r e f r i g . , double car garage. Under construction. Choose your colors. Only 534,700. Builder, 467-3753 Like new, 2 bdrm. w/ fireplace, convenient walk-through utility and step-saving kitchen. Also fenced backyard and garden. Good f r e e w a y access. City water sewer. 526,500 Phon- 467-3494 Most Sell! 3 Bdrm. Sunnyridge home on "3 acre, fenced lot, Ui baths, fireplace, large kitchen, utility room, double garage, all electric. 532,900. Call 467-4774. Comfortable 3 bedroom home, f a m i l y room, fireplace. \\'i baths, utilily, large lot SJ8.500.00. 1 Acre mobile home lot. Complete sel-up. 58,000. Terms. ample irrigation waler, modern 3 bedroom home, 5106,000. Terms. Middleton Area, 6?i acres, all electric, 3 bedroom home, full basement, double garage, large storage shop. 564,950. Terms. C, Cash Harper REAL ESTATE 1312-2nd STREET SOUTH 466-2452 Eves: Karrol Coombs 466-1895 Donna Nolle 466-8055 ClarenceShellenberger .466-7127 VanWflzel 466-1176 August Mlchaells 465-7019 JeanShellon 466-6184 BUY FROM BUILDER SAVE $4,000! 4 BEDROOM home with IVj balhs, dishwasher, self-cleaning oven, draperies, fireplace and garage. Jusl 531,900. NEW 3 bedroom, all eleclric home. Cedar siding, large lamily room. Pi baths. 2 car finished garage. Large lol in country. 536,900 NEW 4 bedroom, all electric home with large family room, 1 ''· baths, garage. 541,900 NEW triplex! C a r p o r t s , fireplaces, all electric, dish washer, drop-in ranges, and brick-laced. 556,500 Will take your home in on trade! OFFICE PHONE 467-6182 Harry Wad* 466*0853 ftoy Smith, BIdr ^66*5347 · 4 Bdrm., next to Sunnyridge School. 2100 Sq. II., huge family room with fireplace, much more, 545,000. Phone J67-3202, nn Readers, plesse. By Owner: Lovely, 3 bdrm home with lamily room, (Ire place, \t balhs, w/ w carpet fully draped. 1500 sq. It. or corner lot in new suo., $31,fOO Call 467-3858 All bricX. 5 bdrm., full flnlshet bsmt. 3300 Sq. II.. 2Vi baths underground sprinkler system central vacuum, exlr?s. In city 552,500. Ph. 467-1041 or 467-214 By Owner: 1500 sq. ft. home. Bonn., l j i balhs, family room lirepiace, a t t a c h e d g a r a g e arge fenced lol. 1UO'-130', ir ^unnyridge district. 532,000 - Phone J67-Ji60 BY OWNER: Newer, 3 bdrm nome, w/ I'.'j balhs, lirepiace w/ w carpel, drapes, altachec garage. Covert Subdiv sion 532,500. Call 467-3737 alter 5 HERE IS THE SHARPEST, neatest cutest home on the market! Large 2 bdrm., fully carpeted, fireplace, pantry, palio ... and a good location ... 571,900. THE HOMES ARE NEW, and the terms are greal! 3 Bdrms. fully carpeted, built-in appliances, garages. 3 Homes to choose from. 524,550 to 525.800. FHS Gl. YOU'VE W A N T E D a duplex! We listed a good one! Two 2 bdrm. units wilh carpeting built-ins, storage, carports. Great r e n t a l h i s t o r y 533,500. BEEN L O O K I N G lor an exceptionally nice home in a prestigious a r e a ? This 4 bdrm., 4 balh home tias both. Also offered is a huge family room, 2 fireplaces, central vacuum, intercom, 3 car garage and a sun decK overlooking a sparkling Lake and the snow covered Owyhee Mtns. 564,500. WAITING BETTER NOT: This 3 bdrm. home should sell quick! Lots of rich wood panelling attractive decor in this neat and clean lamily home. Big fenced backyard with a play house lor the kids ... 523,900 with 5750 down on FHA terms. FOR SALE OR T R A D E s a y s owner -- on this new 3 bdrm. home, o f f e r i n g a f a m i l y room, in baths, large, roorriy kitchen with lots of buill-ins, double garage, air conditioning. A very good buy ... S35,?0-3. 'fjjMr^^t' Tony Winlher . . . N* . 466-1326 Ike Grace .W. . 466-7080 Merle Beckley ...".. 467-3682 Dave Dykslra 466-665S Rich Butler, Broker. location - 2 Bedroom home on the corner of 12th Ave. and 12th Street South. Zoned R P 521.500. Two Homes -- One lot -- hny one or both: 1. 2 Bedroom with partial basement. Sold subiect lo present lease 513,500. 2. 2 Bedroom with lull basemenl. Oil furnace 516.500. Some like it hot and some like 'em new ·- both new i bedroom on soulh side with attached garage. Carpeted, self-cleaning oven. One at 575,500 and one at 527,500. This c o n t e m p o r a r y slyled home has it all - location, view, and quality. 3 Bedroom, 2 baths family room. Electric host pump, redwood siding, shake roof and underground sprinklers Lots of extras. 558,500. Vallivue Disirict - nf. w ·) bedroom on J/ 10 acre. Fireplace, m baths, ap pliances, carpet and double garage. 532,500. BRANDT AGENCY 21 5-1 1th Ave. S. fff Nampa, Idaho W 466-7821 Bill Arnelt 466-4281 Arnelha Anderson 4C5-4479 JohnDon 466-5150 Cecil McNaughl 466-5885 ^mffif/ff^'mfff/7/fff s~m,SsJ(j/ \A/\^ff %/\/ \As\S\jf S" TO SEE 4 NEW HOMES OPEN DAILY -NOON TILL DARK · 3 Bedrooms l^^^^vs..^ · 1 or 1 '/2 Boths J "'f£Cnowc.'*"^ 1 ^* v% ~«n · Double Garages f e '" ) wsi u^,^'* S a w / ? PRICED FROM / S,, me . Vcn: « 'sV^'TM' 1 $27,800 to $29,600 / "^''"··"^·^ as -^ ] VA,FHA,or ( ^ ^ s ^ · Waici, f Cotwenlionol Financing ' i» .. . u._ - f BU'CJM pays a"o*able closing COMS *~^ ROBISONjEALTY ^M Call 467-4409* -A7I?7 \jlTir Cliff Btocher . , 467-4746 Bob Am«s . . . 467-4409 466-7263 Price reduced on all brick, Lak Lowell Ave. beautyl Sovo gas f live where schools 8- shoppin arc convenient. 3 Large bdrms Hi baths, lamily rm., forma dining rm., new carpet, drapes wallpaper, complete klrcho incl. malching refrig. freezer Covered carpeted patio, far lasllc yd. Assume 7V96 loan o refinance, 540,500. 467-1049. MULTIPLE HOUSE "/srti r\ j cover ^v/^"*^ room, firepl, ... y\ eat location. Hurry! 527,900 S ACHES (bare ground). Soul of Nampa S15.COO 1 ACRE building lot. Exclusiv subdivision, east ol Nampa .... 512,500 balh QOI I^ WTMce. Owni OVJL-Lx ' V A .. 527,5. W. ... ,o 27,COO. COUNTRY ATMOSPHERE 2 new, 3 bdrm. homes. Family rooms, ('.replaces, elec. forced a r heat, fully rarpeied, all built ins, 2 car garage. Buy direct , rom builder. Emmelt Smilh " Conslructlon. 466-7576. ' .OWNER T R A N S F E R R E D . 3 j Odrm. homo in e x c l u s i v e Weslwood Manor. Charming · vlng room fealuies a white brick fireplace, large private · lamily room, 2 baths, douDle garage, low maintenance ' sloing. Call us lor the many _ extras lhal make Ihis THE HOME FOR YOU 535.000. UNDER C O N S T R U C T I O N . Lovely new j bdrm. home n Bonnie Rrac subdivision For mal entry, 2 baths, lamily room with lirepiace: all eleclric with i:eniral air, easy living door plan quality construction. An i excellent buy at 538,900. EAST ol Nampa. Hiway 30 rontage, older 2 bdrm. home, - -iltiched shop bldg. ! Might sell cxisling book business, too! . S25.0CO. 10 A C R E S cast ol Nanipa. Al traclive 2 bdrm. brick home wilh fireplace, full unfinished bsmt., good barn, oversized single garage S65.SCO. !(taho Free Press i- The A'cvvs-lYib'iiie Tuesday Mareh9 1976 Real Estate Nampa 54 Heal Estate Nampa A-a 54 k ACR, Eg -- j Bedroom home on Ches · EXECUTIVE HOME nu t. carpeted 8. full basement WOW! Prime ground, privacy S24 900 CalU66-0233 plus near new home ivifh 3 . bdims., oflice. i'« baths, family to "TM room, fireplace, elecKk heal ' A L M °5T NEW pump and so much more.' bedrooms, sunken l i v 569,900 room, dining room, na 4SJ-SJ41 Eves. 466-3703 range, 1 3 i baths, elec SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES back yard, located in W H E N D O L L A R S HAD elusive subdivision W "CENTS"!!! Nampa. 542,000.00 Terms may irade lor smaller 10 537,800-20 Acre bui'ding site . G O O D C O M M F R C I Panoramic v i e w . 2 Bcirm. BUILDING - on Hi Way mobi e home, f e n c i t o . small 30^ S q f| Good f o r o! metal outbldgs. sp , lf e or r e t a ; l bosl if SSO.000.00 Good terms. 3 ing ndy are trie ced ex- est or me. A L 30. ice ss. style. Close i'l. Cor.vcnienl Wt M 11 . · .amny Y Splinter Agency $»,«»-- 3 Bdrm home W,th I103-3id SI. So.-Dlal 466-6721 doylighi bsmi. on 1 a c r e Eves. Sam 466-o77S, Beau ;ijl v.ew. Worren «6-3475 or Van 466-558S SJS.aoO -- 3 Bdrm., sweeping J BDRM. HOME, single garage, view ol !he Valley. Huge living new corpeKng, new furnace, room w'lh fireplace, formal close to shopping .. 522.000 ciinmc and partial unck. i BDRM. HOME Could be 2nd 5SB.500 -- 3 (4) Bdrm ho:re. bdrm. in usmt., plus large custom kilchen cabinets, formal storage oldg ... SU.300. dining, f a m i l y room, game room, eleganlly draped. W,H 3 BDRM. HOME, new g^s consider treine. f o r n o c e . single a a r a o e lamily room, coiy fireplace. ^BflT^nMHiiliKlim S74 200 -- 2 Oup'exes (Four 2 near Mampa High. An excel- g'UillJiKSgffHHBi bdrm. units!. Prime Calcwcfl ATTENTION BUILDERS, "h'.'n.y" '" "Tl^' BA^dLULilKLffizlIf arcil T e r m s '° b e arranged. nave several lots in vail Evenings Call: A C R E A G E west of Nampa. Leora Gingrich 466-122S 1300 Sq. II., 3 bdrms., lamily Frances Coyle 466-5155 room, lirepiace, double Wm. E. (Gone) Rlchey. 466-56-15 garage, shake rool ... all on 1 Roy Shannon 466-1 621 acre. Hurry! Only 3 left! .... NealH.Russell 466-2731 Bill Thompson Co. REALTORS 623-1 HhAvu.S. NAMPA 466-5454 Evenlngscal!: Naomi Shaw ··· . . 46G-OB01 KenKoslellc VF. ..467-3827 Bill Thompson ,. .T 467-1204 ... and then ACTION!! SPARKLING NEW 3 b,frm nomc w/ fireplace, new d r a p e r i e s . I m m e d possesstion. 531,900, 109iDn. WEST HOLLAND 3 hrirm fireplace, 1 /? balhs . . 528.300. G A R L A N D A V E N U F , 1 Harm, home with family room t acre. Enough room for duplex 533 900 N E W L Y P A I N T F D Story home w/ 4 bdrms.. Owner Transferred. StB.QCO B E A U T I F U L 4 hrirm h[niP on west Hudson. Fireplace, native stone trim, lamity rm fenced yard. 546,900 CLOSE IN - Spacious 3 bdrm. Rome w/ fireplace, double garage. 523. SCO NEW SH»u=r.,- , , tt T bdrm. Oftl r \ v r m . , firepli "SI I l l l r own carpel VJV?- 1-* and 'OvJL-*"^ loan ' CONTEMPORARY 3 BORM Modern new carpets, air conditioning. VA or FHA Terms. S32.500. NEWER MOBILE HOMF nn corner lot, a nice retirement set up. SJirfOT". 516,900. LAKE LOWELL AVE. solit entry, small acreage, 3 bdrm., massive family rm. w/ lirepiace. S49.93J CLOSE IN 4 bdrm, home on 10th Ave. So. Ext. Large shop, attractively priced al 524,900. beauly, fireplace, exlra large master bedroom. $31,900 LOVELY - 3 Bdrm. brick rambler on Midland Blvd. Good lot, fireplace. 532,5011 WILLOW LANE _ 1 i arr= = expansion. Covered palio 531,900. C E N T R A L C A N Y O N 1 rm., a lol of room lor the money. 526,950 WEST S H E R I D A N Rambler 3 bdrm. w/ family rm., fireplace, patio. 537,900 C O U N T R Y L I V I N G in bunnyridge Dislricl. 3 Bdrm., f o r m e r banker's home, fireplace, family rm , 544,900. SOUTH JR. H I G H nilT 1 barm, nome, w/ family rm.. swimming pool, large lot 542,900 WEST JR. HIGH niSTBir-r -- 4 Bdrm. rambler, lamily rm., fireplace. 544,900 Let's looft? PARMA - 3 Bdrm. home w/ lamily rm., chain link fenced yard. 516,500 S H A M R O C K V I L L A country Eslate i bdrm. tri- level home wilh family rm.. ireplace. 549,900. Lei's look? LINDENWOOD DRIVF - Btauly! 4 Bdrm home on large lot. Room for a horse. 543,900. Quick possession. MODERN D E S I G N E D 3 bdrm. home on Smith. 522,900. Assume 7% ioan lhat is JI7.400. C A T H E D R A L C E I L I N G S enhance the spacious family rm. of a newer 3 bdrm. home lhat is luxury throughout. 565,000 £A L O W E L L D E L U X E rambler, i bdrm. w i t h lirepiace, double garage. Reduced lo 531.500. ram ^||! 1 | double G I V E U S A C A L L A N Y T I M E ! ! ! 1214-2ndSt.S. HI- Downtown Nimpa h?^ EVES. CALL: KenMe«nach 4S6-1360 Court Swlnson GRI . . 466-0854 Dol Hobza, GRI. . fff . 466-34B6 W«s Fulwood . . . .W . 467-6245 ·RoyHorn*. GRI "..466-7511 Elmer Broomhall 466-3S56 D. W«slm»rk, GRI, Bkr. 466-4109 MORE FOR THE MONEY ... n this 3 bdrm., newer home with almost 1200 sq. ft. of living space, large utilily dinino area. JUST 523,500. E V E R Y DETAIL planned lo please the most discrirninaling buyer! 3 Large bdrms., lamily room, sauna, double garage, extra linen storage, cedar lined c osets. Economically priced S52.9CO. LOVELY new counlry home on large '/ acre, featuring a sunken living room, see-lhrough ti'eplace, plush carpeting in exquisite t a s t e . ' A REAL FAMILY HOME AT ....536,500. PROFESSIONAL Office Space- available. Owner will build lo suit 3 BDRMS. and a family room for 526,500? T h a i ' s right! Fenced backyard and storage and newly tiecoralcd. Phone for appointment loday. UNSURPASSED ··'- of Ihe mounl; /·N/"\l f \ a r e only part ol V ^ l II 1 Iiackage Fxlras Ovl-^ar old 3 bdrm. hume on 1 acre for 528,900 Nampa WT 467-4414 Eslher Fillmore . .f" OIlieFillmore, Broker BRAND NEW suburban 4 bdrm., 2'.} baths, natural cedar siding with shake roof, formal living dining room, fireplace, eleclric forced air heat, c e n t r a l air c o n - ditioning, double garage Located in New Orchard Park subdivision ...545,003. S U N N Y R I D G E S c h o o l D i s l r i c t . I m m e d i a t e possession - sparkling new 3 bdrm.,2 1 .; balhs, t r a f f i c Iree formal living and oining rooms, large family room, ireplace with heat-o laler, sc-parale uti!liy room, custom carpelin.g s, drapes, electric forced air heat with central air. Valley Ranch f stales 543.900. K A R C H E R R A N C H E T T E f.ome nov; under conslruction by C.Reeser,o.ualil/ builder. Choose your own colors, carpeting and fixtures. Look now 536. .'03. MIDDL6TON A R E A . Mobile home 1? x 64 with tipout, on 2 ull lots, plus storage, barn 8. !il ° 515.000. NAMPA HIGH area. Corner lol, 3 lidrms., family room ireplace, 2030 sq. fi. ol uxurious living, ample ouill f ns 547, 7CO. BETTER THEN N E W ! 3 Bdrm. home, lovely car pelmg, see through dining room, giant palio snd garag« - - 57.1,508. N E A R L Y 2 3 C O s q II. ol living space on 3 floors. Livino loom lamily room (each wilh fireplace). V, balhs, double carport and garage 528.500 EXECUTIVE R E T R E A T Sunken living room wilh sweeping view of the cniire valley from (tie spacious windoiv area, 3 bdrms., den/ hobby room, f a m i l y room abundance ol storage space! ccnlra! air. eieciric lorced air heat. All hrick home on 2 nci ' (;s VIEW SITE next to Purple Sage Golf Course. Approx. 1 acre in excellent subdivision. S4SOO. m AMERICAN?* REALTY "-"ijBJF KARCHER MALL ^SL 466-4666 ^B^ EVENINGS CALL: Keith Cheldelln . 467-4124 !?. ) » vy !S 435-2629 Alleene Mora«n 585-2236 'I' Morgan 466-7603 sndy Cope. GRI 466-2322 Bialn* Br«ckon 46C-5772 P I O 1 We vue 1?5.000 -- 6 Plex. Two bdrm. acre lots in Star, unils, built-ins, excellent rental u slory. Close to Holly Shopping GOOD B U S I N E S S O P Center and NNC. PORTUNITY. Commercial ot r~J\~ *fm-»j in Meridian. T* KET _ ^^ T WEST Y Wjft £B [fi 467-6546 AA PEA LTV 431 NAMPA/CALDWELL BLVD. " · ·»»·*»· · Scoll Young 467-4082 467-6503 Carolyn Summerton .... 454-8290 155 Nampa . Ca | d . fll(d Nam ' pa Jeiry Johnson 466-8830 . Howa;d Corner 466-5815 Ferne McReynolds . . 466-5386 Faims Ranches Bob Cook 459-01'38 Mike Loegering, Bkr. . . . 4S4-9006 Ra Steinhaus, Broker. 466-0367 $$sss$$ssssss$$$s$$$$ssss$ss$$s$$s$s$$sss$$ss$$ / v 3 BDRM., excellent soulh side location. Newly ^ redecorated, wall to wall carpeting. New gas furnace with / air conditioning. Basement wilh rec room. 522.500.00 « JUST LISTED -- All briri, ' · -m. home. Immediate % possession available. · pAl rUrpeted, lotal electric. v Carport, nice locatioi ^l 1L.VJ 'own with assumable $ 8 ' 7 % loan. Priced at rV.Y.w. » 51,875.00 T O T A L DOWN P A Y M E N T to Qualified buver. ^ family room w/ fireplace, formal dining, counlry kitchen OT wilh pantry. 2 car garage, palio. Large lot. 537,500.00 in M A C R E A G E ! Priced to sell. Excellent modern 3 hrirm J/ home with formal living room, cozy family room and M fireplace, 1 3 j bath, 2 car garage, nice fenced back yard jg plus pasture lor horse or calves. 538,900.00 / v 5 A C R E S MERIDIAN AREA: Executive 3 bdrm. home. 5; Over 2700 sq. ft. of taslefully decorated home. Electric w urnace. central air, 2 car garage. Complelely fenced, Jj planted in alfalfa. Call for appointment. 565,500.00 $ 600 HEAD C A T T L E RANCH in remole i'tlB. Terms w available lo qualilied buyers. Priced al S500 00 p°r JX unit. Ask lor Mike. H A y / ^Sf I/! 'L/i Oyt^/vV^9/Y^ L Wl // *'*'+(·'/{' Evening Phones: 25 / *r HtML cSllAlk mmesnarp 466-6901 w /!C7 JMJIA OateJsmes 4S7-3105 « 4j ib/'T^lv) SkeelNalley 466-3689 w P 123 -- 2 n d S t . S K e m M^nalt,.,, 467-1844 !2 £ \ NAMPA ' VernUrwtn 888-2918 % Ifef I1HIVITH Roy BeelS, Bkr. .. 466-2550 /) |« f $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$S$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$S$$$S$$$$$$$$$$ $ w v y v u SSSSSSSS$SSSSSS$SSSSSSS$$SSS$$SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS$SSS : Real Estate - Real Estate · Nampa/Caldwell 54A: Nampa/Caldwell 54A' ·^--- -^^SB^^^BH "TTCTnt ^Mf^Cl^JMilj^Iatn^SEfuBm ·iedVoVnews"^"''-'! 3 bcoroo:ris - bi fl country kitchen^ big shade trees' "" ''" Darn ' machm; sfl Ms, corrals, and ^ . A . home of your own is more man just a dream. It can come true today at NEW HOMES! CHECK THESE PRICES AND TERMS! 11 :. li§ ifssssr S S ".OG°0 D - 56^ §o°ES : LilT^T^-'^'^ am "' S]3' S 1° S "' W D ° V '"' s ' l ' :c) -9''eaf flooVp'an P Na' r ^ h '- ir '" impa i 534.500 - S 1 5 0 0 D n . j b a r m J J hafh . " ^ ^ m p d 538,650 -- 52100 Down 4 bs^ ' , rm.. fircp f i3ce. Nampa ( 537.903 - lOMJownl'tri 'eve?'? '^'^InM" r ''' epla;e ' N a m Os S40.4SH -- 526^75 DoTn ^lllfli VrpnVal-^ '?T' rm ' C a i o w c l 1 ^ ^ . ^ ii 1.5. urepiace, 3 bdrms.. Nampa Marl« Williams 466-2856 c ' John While ....'.'.' ,' .' .' .' "e-t'ci j?m ^'"""n 0 '" «9-303C il 1 Kerry Ried. '*« * «5-3?39 · "··""Mil. . J

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