Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 27, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1951
Page 4
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las Cruces Sun-News funded In laSl'Ap^bllshc.cI daily, except Saturday--weekday afternoons and Sunday.niorni'n'jj's--by. the Sunshine: Prcaa, Inc., «t 241 N. Water St.. Las cjjjcjj, N V -M. Entered at Las Graces rostofflce u ·econd-class Stanley Gallup, Advertising Manager Orvlile E, Priestley, Editor and I'ubllsher Wttlonal Advertising Representative: Inland Newspaper P.epresenta- tv«, Inc., Chlcngo, New York, St. Louis, Kansas CUy, Omaha, Atlanta. McmBer o^the Ad*bc!»ted Press. The Associated Press Is entitled cxclusWeljr'td tht'jise for republicanTM of all local news print- r" in this ncririBaper, sTwelfiaa all 'AP ncwa dispatches. xif? uEs ti.TEKEPnONE 33 This newspaper is a member of the AuJit Bureau of Clrcul- »tiona. Ask for a copy of our latest A. B. C. Report giving kudited facts and figures abotlt our circulation. fl.E.C. -- Audi! Bureau of Clrc'ilaiions FACTS as a moasuro of Advertising .Valuo . SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In Las Cruces and surburban areas, JSc per week or 7Sc per month; by motor route delivery' In Dona Ana county, 58.50 per year or 85c per month. By mall In New Mexico 70c per month or $7.50 per year.' Outside of State 85 per Lonth or ?8.M per year. Mall subscriptions are payable In advance. Xiraid 01 Responsibility? ' A u t h o r i t y , increased pay, better jobs -- all carry certain responsibilities. 1 Time has t a u g h t us this lesson year after year. , Yet to$ay 1 $i F aJl oj/l'ho mad scramble to improve ourselves and' vntf,\iO!ni\(ml; in'life a n d ' o u r desire for better jobs, shorterJvjMrs .·irjd.bcUpiVpay, we are unwilling to accept the rcsponsmrHly whTch n f l ' o f Iric-jo carry with them. · For years we have had those individuals who want a u t h o r i t y , b u t they didn't,want to accept,the responsibility which' ·Wils*nutRoi-lt^ or'i4ore«authprily requires. . . . ; Anil we know- Individuals* today who want better positions, positions w i t h authority; positions providing better pay but they are umvillinp, to accept them if they have to accept the responsibilities which go with them. ! One of the groat problems we face today as a nation in so far us our so-called delinquency of youth is concerned is the fact t h a t fathers and mothers want children but they do not w a n t to accept the responsibilities which fatherhood And motherhood carry with them. i Many young pconle want to be married and lo enjoy married life w i t h all of its blessings but they refuse to accept the responsibility which marriage places on their shoulder:!. And as a n a t i o n ' a n d as people and as individuals we are coin); to have to back up a little and rcall/e t h a t authority carries with it responsibility and we must accept that responsibility if we expect to have the authority. We are I'niiiy to have to rcali/c that if we expect (o improve ourselves, to acquire better jobs, jobs with authority, t h a i give belter pay --?ty£ arc going to have lo accept the responsibility that is demanded in order for us to enjoy the other advantages. "'.!~ ..""''' . . I The person, who acfc-pti{'Vrer)onsibili).ios,. docs.; tjic jorj (hey are supposed to QgM $$$$$£ novfe-jvejlo Kirfeiorne- pne come along behind to check to see whether they are j l o i n g t h e things they are simnosc-d to do and the things they hrc being i itifMiMln-rtnBjn'Irhflvc-loi wowy-much -about-pro, 1 recognition or even increased salaries -- the ve shown they can and w i l l accept responsibility the rewards' they have rightfully earned. insolidalion There f'c pcrliaiwjfi^Bi^ilynjiiy knows if the van « The pi BALON'EY! (net they I) brings Ihci 1 and ic Union onsolidatk The pr (tempted re pel ri;i|JHHiif5L*Hii-«ii'\iij' *«*'·/" "'f; 1 -i'f *7V i . ·ding and·*»? VOltf!he jiioriosedVcQnatjlidalions nis district .school of Dona Ana county, n being proposed for the Las Cruces Municipal those districts now comprising the Union High fur ihe consolidation of Ihe Hatch Municipal and High School would jcsult in Ihc same type of n carried out wtttbyf.fy'diid'.'fj dMfliriat^ posal now bi-ing niafld hcfb, We understand, was bout three years ago but it was not done at that [im'c'iiecau e some jobs gol in the way --.perhaps we should say loss of (jobs. . . . , What .-Klually happens when the plan is carried out is lo make Ihcee consolidated districts -- that is two new ones, Las Csuces,and Hatch. The lowcn part of the county is already consolidated. i When this occurs the county superintendent s office is well as all of the jobs there. There is no'longer a county superintendenl or counly supervisor The three consolidated distrids w i l l be under three iiupcrirdcndenls -- one for each of the dlslricls. Thai means all three of (he school districts are then under one of these rtircc superintendents and such a I h i n g as counly schools rto longer exist. , | -In 'thu case of L('s Cniccs and Ihe Las Cruces municipal (schools and the Um'n High School as well as the Dona Ana, Sail Ticacho, West liieacho, Mesilla and Mesilla I'ark Schools rill become part of ll^; Las Cruces consolidated district. These slhaols will be administered by one superintendenl. I The consolidated mimns thai 'the school funds lor (he \'arioii" districts will all be. one and will be available for use for any one of the .schools. The juggling of funds for tliis or t h a t school would no longer he necessary, i It Is also firmly believed that the program would probably make lor''more efficient operation and r.hou'd result in improved Wl better schools systems as well as IJelter care of the pljinls and schools of some of Ihe smaller ·ij'hools. I Arguments also'are being advanced there would he a sjiving from $35,000 if} $80,000 a year because of the elimination of Ihe rounty siipei-inlcndenl's office and staff. ! There also v. : oul{l be Ihe elimination of one siipeiinlen- dcnt's job in the H^trli district. i H u t many havej pointed out that any saving ([lecled ufill probably not bf.great and that any monies saved on aUmini.stration costs Hinder Ihe present set-up will go back into administration costs or-into school costs. H may require aBditional helpers or assistance for the operation or Ihe ad- JDinistiation of (he schools. ' The fact al;.o was pointed out Hint educational programs hjivu increased year after year. There ii always « need folklore money than Is available and considerable, doubt was vilcccl (hat'Ihe program can or will mean any saving. Perhaps in theory it should be a more economical operation than prevails today but (hose close lo schools emphasize the fact (Hero will be'no saving in the long run.' i U is possible Oiere may be some discussions as lo how (Ko set-ups are created. It was stated that if the o'.her districts join and nm consolidated with the Las Cruces district and Union District, then Ihe present municipal board wbuld continue to govern (he schools. ' Under another plan possible five board members would bi elected from (he various districts comprising the consolidated district.. ! Una Cruces, of course, probably would insist because of ils assessment and Its school enrollment on the other schools being consolidated with the local districts and that tl\c municipal board hero administer (ho school affairs. s , -... You..c*n.;t just.prcjch 'trade at Homo' nnd get results · you havo to practice it, loo. . White Testifies As Nuzum Trial Enters Second Day (Continued from pa*?e one) at the_ curb..-Girl iuapf( Out ".As-,I passed, she opened tho door and leaped out. I asked Nuzum what he, \vas trying to do, and told hlrn'if aho didn't want to go with hinVstie didn't have to." Ue^jftld Nuzum asked if he was fng for trouble, then threat- led him. , Moseley said all three went into tile DeLuxe cafe where Nuzum made a telephone call. A few minutes later he said, he saw Nuzum and Cricket outside. Nuzum had picked the girl up and placed her. in the front seat of the car. A»li Testifies Another witness. Bob Ash, who was cashier in the cafe, testified he went out to the car and remonstrated with Nuzum, Cricket then returned lo the cafe. It wae following tills point that Moseley testified Miss Coogler left the cafe, and Nuzum drove away. Moseley Baid he followed Miss Coogler to Church street where she ran, sobbing, down the street after /ailing down on the Las Cruces Judge Yearns For Week Of 'Good Conduct' · ', .. i · Only onn rlnin* and ((iHorderly casu "was picked tip by city police ivcr (lie jiasl wec'liend I L ' w n s HJI- louncud by police-Judge Clifford Curry yesterday. Commenting on the rarity in the lumber of ·disturbance. 1 ! Curry ntilcl; · . t "One drunk and'disorderly cane la Ihc least nunibcr of .'cusei; of thin hind I linvr.. encountered in my elghl ynara ns police judge of J-.EIH Cniccs." Curry mlded thni. there is us- iiiilly noi. IC.HR than 10 UlslurbiuiccR lintnl nn hia book (ivcr the weok- Cllll. Hpcr.ulAting that I-na Crucenn hnd eiilcroil into i! «cw era of good bclmvlor, the judge expressed hope ho ml^'lit yet huve u wt-^it- end without liny .disturbance!!. New City Street Slaps Now Stocked MapB of Lifis Cniccs ctly streets arc -now availnblR.nt the'.Cl^mbur of . Commerce / office, . ; innrjagei ClnL- Smltli/rinn'oimccd- ; this' s fflorn^ Ing. Tho maps am printed on f older- type pieces of lough paper anc nhow the names of nil thorough fartfs In Las Cruccn. The new city street maps ar« glUm to anyone ;\vho would Ilk tl*;m, p anM may he had by .cnljfn Qham^er . of Cominc'rce ' · ' 1 ' l tlnihor, which nature cany rcplncc. for ^00 yi'in'H, \VIIH valued M ?250,- rnio. tfy ;'j| iVulc'nlutf. bttnuifiifl £ . Asat. RcRlmttl Forester V. L Mmiiion i;ald uvcn larger damage, which t'iin'1. bo tfini i n i l conlii. done; to tfini ijnil conlii. UlH \Wltl!I-HllL''.l. A:i Jjoon ua the fire cuoln down. the atrvleo will lieyhi ru-setittlng opel'(i[lonn, Init Ihc J'ln;t. lain can l a k e ^hein (Hit w i t h o u t the^ in-otec- tivo wutei - -holiliiiR n n i l c i l)iHi6ti.;^j [* H.'uJKon j;:ihi lictls, Irfiilfi ' rinrf equipment are lielnR flown lo Glla I'mni apoknni 1 , \Vash., liy the All- Force.' Korean War (Continued from Pace 3) usually strong .·?.· rootling rorrr. tn f r o n t of llioir i n u l n build-up iiortli of llio Triangle. Tim (act they wcrn gin^ In en flal. l n m l - - f o r tlio t'lrtit time In the Kurcttn war--Indl- (,'Vjtcil t h o l r ili'lvniilnuUuii lu koup tin; AlHus from dluturlilng tliclr build-up for n n u t t f i c k . -'llilitliiR' waa vicious, but on u small scalr. K i t t h Air Fnrre pilots supporting proiiiul troop:i with flru boniba anil "I'OL'lu-l:) rcjiovlfti Ihoy killed D A I L Y ACKOSS Brunk Is Proniolctl 3 o Sergeant, Heads .Cruces Sub-District I ,. Jerry Brunk, Ktatc polfccmun newly assigned to the Las Cr.uccs sub-district, has bcun appointed lo tho rank of Kcryoanl, accprd- .Ing lo Jop ^uh. chief f .Nc,\Y Jluxicq./.'SUtj ^HcoJv^ '·'""Bi-uiik cafne'fcfLaK CiHieeTfr Tucutncail. Ho replaced state po- , , . . . . irnriRfcrruiJ to Cnirizozu from Las Cruces Hei-geant Bnmk will sumc Jila duties aa head if liic J L (I IN(;w liic % r, ; ^ - . «ii- oupennieuaent JFpr SUit(M'iott ^ .b-X^Lvi^^i rff- iNamea iy JJireclors ' LAS V K t l A K , N. M., .lime 2I f/l'i -- Dr. John I 1 , llowser WHS appointed su^ojrintcmlciit of Ihc state enta([)ioEbl(al|hprc yetiterday. Directors named llowser lo re^. place Dr. Mann-IIus JlcCreary, who resigned bectuiKu of illnusa. Dr. Howser baa been u incmbur of the hospital staff for more than a year. Before that, he served on Ihe staff of Veteran's Administration and Texas slate hospitals n.s u neuro-gurgeon. or wounded about 600 Reds. J!oj;t of the casualties were inflicted in i |nr KuniHong' area by two F-51 M u s t a n g - strikes. K u r lOnst Jill' forces stopped up bomber nilds on Red air fields lu western Korea. Twelve fields were iTutered Tuesday, mid five more during- the night. Communists keep repairing them for possible uso by the growing- Chinese air force. C R O S S W O R D 1. I for ft. Mimic y. LiirRn bird of rrow family * JO. Son of Jacob ( 31. A s l a g o l n Insect life 12. Spats 14. KetMilllod CllCliOO J5. Kldrst son of lilnp ot France 17. rirturfsque IP. Tropical plnnt 20. Prospers 25. River of Lnlvln (poss.l 2S. A Moslem 3:*. Shrewd (rolloq.). SI, A Mexican dish 3I. All rleclrlo. 37. Morsel 38. Korcsl(rrcs U f a region 3°, Krocs 0. T u r n l o l l i f , I. Now El-glum! slnte «.»o»Jlo( ,.| 41. Acamuitalt) DOWN 1. Chew audibly 2. Light, two- edged sword H. rolyncsian drink ·1, Norse god Ti. J-lnlf nn cm rt. Conform 7. Clv|] magistrates iTurlt.) 8. Whole. 11. Gonfi by ' 32. Greek letter 13. Winter precipitation 35. Tlun^cs Into water 16. A suit o f , noetic acM 18. Pinch 21. Wamlcr 2 (.Sweet potato "5. Divisions of plays 26, A constellation 27. Long scarves 2D. Small, crude i hv pilings 30. Leaves off, n a n syllable 31. Snares p Aninct 33. Sprites ; .1C. Music note 30. Narrow Inlet f R C O l . ) 4 1 . Mother 42. Pnrtof "to be" i sidewalk between May and street. That was the last time anyone who Is known saw the girl alive. Mrs. Charles Amis, I,as Cruces telephone operator, said she saw the altercation in front of the cafe, then heard Nuzum talking on the telephone. She testified- that she inquired about the time and a companion remarked "It's 3:05." I-'lnd Body '·'.' i Two leen-agc hoys, Ch'arien anrj Jerry Hawkins.werc-'^alled lo the stand to ^despHbc the · fjpding of Ihe body in th'e shiftingV'jiands of the desert near.-Mesquite. i told the. Jury there'-we're no car or foot tracks visible near th'c body when they found it while''nibb't- liunting near the Mcsquitc cemc"- tery'. .- -:.-,..-. 'I'om Graham, funeral director who. brought -the ; -remains to Lai Cruces,'...testified' condition of .the body made H necessary lo use' 100 pounds of iime lo "kill blowflies maggots and the odor." Later, al an X-ray examination, it was founc the lime made full examination of Ihe body impossible by clouding tho x-ray film. W. S. Howard, Mesilla Pa'rk lumberman, told how he found one of Cricket's red shoes on the highway south of Las Cruces. He testified a few hours later the appearance of Ihe shoe had altered when he was shown Ihe tiny shoe by former Sheriff Apodaca. "It looked like someone had sandpapered-the Bole," he stated. ; ' . Testimony I« "««· W. O. Johnson, finder of Crick- "oi's other' shoe',- 'which lay about 600' feet from 'the first, was not present- n t the trial Tuesday, but Ills testimony was read., into, the '···cord' from ' t h e transcrirry.of the preliminary hearing held here May 11.' 'A sharp flurry of objections ·from;the'defensc came when..Moseley ,wna testifying-.about hi'S trip around' town .wiurcrickct, '·' Prosecutor .J. Benson.../ Newell ask'ed ''!why did you turn' 1 around aVid go back L to your, holel /i:«fo 'when you saw Cricket .and the'ap- proaching 'car ( o n C h u r c h street)?" ,. . "I xvas scared," said.Moseley. "J To^ s Damage , Stock A break-in'^.ihc^alley. Pro- j ducts Monday : nigbtfe.^*'!^ 1 ' '** ' sonje 5200 dainage-^t^b'liijjlinE · anil (lie loss of sevcralT^i»irljS^iis. ' ·?'lirca)j-lri was reporl'ed^Jiy A. D. Snun.Sers.i. owner. . · · , Entry"' i^|''thc.«buildlng : was '', gained by forclnif^l' window under the loading; plafirm. This' is an old part of! Ihe - building. and - is seldom'.app'roachcd by people work-, ingfji'Sp Valley Products. i Thc :i icatt«A|^r items oiUsldc j the buildlt^»ated . that tho break-in invd^ff;.fllldrcn as no I -.caulion was useoVWhide the 'items thst'.were taken. '·'.'·' ' ' ' · j ·'^CUty^'^iollcc are · conlinuing to . invb'stlcftte'the.'-ineldcnt. :· j ihwgbt If he TNiizum) wanted her ' At : HhisX,ppint .both attorneys Sutherland arid^.Owcn jumped to Ihei'V, fefltj sliouthy; · their objections. ',''i - ..!·':. · · · :.*-,. MANOS'N'tOVS'isV BUT FOR -SOME REA'SOIS OK A WE CAN'T. SET ANYONE TO LI THERE ! ' - " ' MICKEY MOUSE NONSENSE I TVS GOT JUST TUB PHING TOE -YOU I .. SAWKSHI B'JEE ...BUT VVB OON'T EXPECT I AMRACLES! SO YQU'D LIKE A FINE HOUSE'FOE VERY LITTLE RENT? THE.ibta RANGER by Fran Strike? HIM DEAD' / WM LOSTTHE CHMKCE] [WEIL SENDTHE B(WS OUTP5S LEURN ABOUT ALL M«,SKfiC I*M WHO ROOF AWAY WITH TitE CROOKS IN - HOW BADLY 13 ^ L PtEHTY BAD HURT/ DATES HURT? DOOR LOCKED, WINDOWS.BARREO 1 WALKED SBCAT WA BIRTH THEME 70 THE CEUAR. SODARK-CAN'TSEE ATHINQ by Brandon Walsk LITTLE ANNIE ROONEY 'iVE HUNTED' IN "THE SWAMP THAT TIGER IS A -1 HOPE THE TTGEP IS DOOMED, BUT I'M SCAREb ME AlU'r-- THE SHERIFF SAYS EVERYTHING IS COMING ALONG FINE--WEYCMSEO THE WOUNDED TIGER o=: WE LOST TlIE TIGER'S TRAIL AT f= njp cn^rnp TUP nAMi^PDni l*^ *-J THE EDSEOF THE DANGEROUS QUICKSAMDS-- THE BLOOD/TRAIL PROVES THE TIGER WAS WQUMDED-I SURE-THE'i' SAY A CAT HAS NINE -THIS TIGER SEEMS TO HAVE- NINETY- NINE- IN1OTHE DEADLY 17* AMY LIVING QUICKSANDS--,Sf THING TRAPPED IN DEADLY SANDS IS DOOMED by Lee Falk aid Phil Davii AYE, WAT YOU DID! AND WE DEAL STAMW AS IS.' NOW GET OUT. AND IF YOU EVER COME BACK-WEIXWU CAN EXPECT THE WORST .JUST WHY DO \DU THINK ^OU SHOULD HAVE \OURMONEY ETTA KETT HERE'S ONE/WOULD ,_. YOU SE INTECESrcD IM ^NUOVB IT.?- BUP.- A POSITION AS WAirfSESS 1 OM,OEAe." Ar A FiNB SEA-_£--_ M I'D HAVEFO SHORS v-/Si ^XTM LEAVS HoreLi WITH Voun PEreso CWOUUD MAHE A GOOD VITH TIPS" ir ovsc.'.' SPE iv; TD J

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