Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 8, 1945 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1945
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR Us CrijpsrSfln-News Thursday Afternoon February '· Bulldogs Play Hitch, Deming Al Week's End - ' i .$* ; ' By ALUEftT MALL .tAlUr suffering defual at the Hindi* pf the Silver City ColtH IIIHI Si.UMay night, the L;IH Crurw BlllldtijTfl return to UK- hnrdwo-,ds ^difitttTOw n l g h l to meet the J l n i c h Belt-a.kt Hatrh. : J5fctli,tday night the n u l l i f y * will meet t h e Drilling WildnitK on the Junior High nfhool floor. "Although UK? Ut-jirs i i a f c dn.ppci! niHriy, all their gumm lhl« HcaKfin U.4 "Dttwgs" are nut f o r K i M l m j : thi Jflim argln hy which they btit the Bear* in iin e a r l i e r home ejinc- Aliything i« likr-ly lo }i;ip|,-n in thi Dcming game Hiilunliiy n i ^ h l Th* Age-old rival?-: w i l l lie Kuninnj. 1 for efch nlh'T u u i i m , ;itnl t i n - W i l - t ' - - -- - Can't Agree on Value of Caging Rule Experiment By JACK H A M ) NK W V O H K , I-Vh. K Ml · · ! O p i n i o n IVHH d i v i d f - d lodfiy on t h e ; Hlirce.s.H of (he C X J i e r i l t m i l t i l ! hfiSkel- I tutJi K.'.IIIC played IIIM j i j u h l bc- i iwei-n f o i n n i t i f f i and J-'unlhain and i in w h i c h the v ; i l i i e of field J.IH) j f.-iiii Knulfc im I'-a.^-'i w i t h the dis- !c entral Leads Grade Schools In Honor Rolls fContlmiffi rr--m page 3) Ann Taylor, Ernesto Montoya, Erlimla Torrcx, Graciela Torres. Kotoml: Tounnio A d k i n s , Carroll Cr.'iv.-foid Manuel Diaz, Geraldin Berlin in Panic As Soviets Crack Oder River Lines (Continued from page 1) communique said the Russians had fought on into the suburbs of F r a n k f u r t · - · perhaps the suburb of , Carol Jane Kjirtin. Mary Dammvrjrat, just at-: , thfc cMfnl t h e Hni|(l«»Kft l i i i m i n l them,' earlier thi.s «cii«un. The ^ H U M IK flXpeclnl tn l»r ;t f r - i - p for a l l with e v e r y t h i n g t l u i l K'»'« " |r Imleil. Coach A ill ton "Bull 1 J i m h i i i n Is mflking no p n - d i - h o n s nn to lh- otitcdriu' of t h f j;imie. Probahle fttfiiliiiK l i n e u p for both git MICK w i l l In- J i t i u i i l i - Vir.-i- montoj), and J';iiil Sim It H.I f m - wardp; lliiflicn Miiyn.-x. imrl A l l r . - . l Apodacx Hi t h e (.-mini p ;;.l :*mn, and i'md Honed »t Die p i v n f «poi. . An '(foiled f i l l i;n him i n t i n - S a t - urday n i g h t Kit inc. w i n c h \n t h e Lafi 'C'ritri'K Hniiii'coinuiK K ;l ""'. will bt' the H i g h *·)!'.'. 1 Jjjiml t v l i i r h In to piny d u r i n g (lie *,'·'' J r | *' A n - Otllff fi'lltlirc w i l l !,· Ihe p r e . T H t ; i - tlon of a Homecoming ( j U ' - r n n l t l i c half! ! me. CAGING SCORES By A H K O r i A T K M I'UF.KN Yalo :tK. Princeton :;.'.. I Cnlumhin T,l, K o r d h u m M. Nnvy ."(ft. Temple M. Forllda A M :m, TnMu^ee a r m y lir»li-r Hi-- ."tiindiiiij li-|iulatl'lii l.y IS iinlntK. MM-I Ciiarl, KiiiHT kipl.-y i,t lln- I,ion«'l too .-nlhiinia.slir. "Th.- rnlca wi-n- n i l r i R l i t . " he- sinil "Hid Kv in.- t i n - nlil K»""' " X" Molmiin, f i l y Colli-ur mi-ill. ,r. K,!!o«-i-il II, i- .sunn- M-iLsf.imiK IHI! i i ' i n i i t l ' - . l ^})f- V.IIK · ' l i l l l l l t i l M l - t i l l - ( l l ' l l ' I I K I . ll.'lS- c-n.'il up a hil " -N.-i] lli;;ll. in l i n g inr.-.iiii-nl ('! M H I | I » I I I K r i U i i r i - C n l i l TM . ,-inw pi.ssi- l.lliti.-s in -.vil.-nlii K Ihi- I'lnl l.-ilii- f r n i i i H;: l i . 1^ l.-i-l Hills l i n i i h n K t i n - v i i l i l i - nl hi-i|;lll HildiT t i l l I'll! Ill-l. · · l i n t iin- ::-|iiiint tii-]i| )jii,-ii mill tin- 2 - | . i . i i i l I n n ] slim i l n n ' l ionli l : h i - I I I I | I I - I V I - I I I I - I I | N . " l i i n l i i n i i i - m . - i i t i - . l . · · T h . - v i - u l d i . -.MI l l u ' . r p i n y In" i n n i l i . " I 1 A I I K , AT SI, ItKCAU.S SIST ,XK\V Y l l l i K . |.'i-l. S I.Ti H:il«- ! U n t i l i . - l i - l H i i l n l I l i a f i l n t M r l l i i l i i y y i - s l i - n l i i y . u-ciillini; li..\v In- I n l hi.ini' r u n nn. S I "If \ V i l l ; s l l u i l l i n I n OvHiniil In 1!C7. l l u - y i - n r In- ' !,.-! t i n - MTOHl nf (ill nn n i l i l l i l l l . ' l . Ninth Graders Top Junior Roll Ann Thomas, Edward Thompson Ooiothy Jciin Vfiught. Third: Huel A (Ik ins, Helen Chandler, Lore-ace Keeling. Ida Kef, Ciiroj Green, Betty Nichols. Fourth; Curl Loveludy, G. W. WoodH, ir Wayne Sarlin, Robert Gi]inure, Jamw Towns. AlniilftilH I-' Grade: Lela Ana Bates, Patricia Chapman, K f t t r i n k u Hath- ;jwny. A n n e Jcfftrs. Hetty K a l t e n - : liucli. Wilhi Ann Limbs. Laurence l n defense TOSS the river from F r a n k f u r t and connected Hatch Clashes ivilh Auctioneer Who Asserts Senators Seek lo Crucify Him WASHINGTON. Feb. S UP -Auctioneer Jacob Guldbcrj senate investigators today out and walk?" Chairman Mead told f D - N Y ) inquired. they "I did not. You got out In the wert trying to "crucify 1 him and j building next to mine, the navy was accused in turn of making ! building. I meant not to criticize, statements that were "just a little bit reckless." G»lrlberg appeared at a table- thumping, ringer-shaking session of the senate war investigating with tht main city by a 900-foot j committee which is looking into auctions of surplus war goods for the di;f ulant corporation by Goldberg's firm, .Surplus Liquidators, Inc. Cornmitteemen have contended that his bridge. A u r i t h . nine miles below Frankfurt, also fell. ''^fllH Obviously, Zhukov was broadening the ba«e of his east bank wedge for an all-out operation against Berlin. U.-rlin Has O.-f.-nvf Council The broadcast from Moscow said I Himmlcr had been entrusted with of Berlin and a de- rbnra Stryker, Jerry Muno/, Kalomv, Molly Williams, Alberta I,.-./ Warclnjf. Second: J?om;s Lane, Fat rid; Ann W a l k e r . P h i l i p Larsen |(.*n Kvans, Vincent Napi M a r v i n Murris, Belly J o A r m fense council liad been f o r m e d ' i n the city. Gauleiter Paul Joseph Gocbbels, originally entrusted with the city's Car-1, had fled tit southern Germany, Moscow declared. The Germans yesterday denied that Goeb- I'm an auctioneer and sometimes I speak fast. But you rode through at 20 miles an hour--or maybe 16 or 18." "You made a statement that was just a little bit reckless," Hatch burst in. "I still don't withdraw that statement," Goldberg replied. "You did ride through there fast." Hatch had "teen trying to find company used "Illegal" out wny goods remained si r Glo Parten J^iurcncr ! hcls llil(I l c f L I n g r a i n , H m b a r a H a b f r l , L.\|rli!i Sanibia. Gail IJershey, Roberta Ann Money. Shirley Hideway. T h i r d : Hoatrlco Apodaca. CVdl Cole, HoMiy ICvans, Kiwi Garcia, P h i l Kiilh'nlmclt, Lin Livennore. r;,rolyn I t m n t i f y , Patricia S t n l l h , . i M i t n n c Steven*, i v n g e n c S t o u t , M a r y Loulfle W h i t n e y . F ' , t i l t h : M a r y Jo Farney, Belly S i n i l . l i , l'"nmce» Adamsi, Sherry Livermore, J a n i c e Phillipn. Palsy Hunt. Helen Gardner, A n i t a Pearli- Woodljiirn, H u r t Lutii.s Flawlinf-s. Ceiilnil School Five I M : Joyce Ami.s, Jean I.lovven. Kltifi Freudenthnl, Helen HJI ITI 111. Ha i bunt Hcnslry, Clara MeN-jHlre.s. \Vanda Parten, Jade P l a n k . Krni'Sl Apodaca, Gene Apodiica. lOrneslo Haca, A r t h u r Clark, Gu.shtv Hclitf (Cii i-d from JIIIKI- I I n i r foi B t a t t tciir.s 2'2 i w !'"' O k l f l l m i l l H A * M , P »S, L i b e r a l ' A i t '' {Kfintf i ah 1 ( i i ' i d :i. r i. Lubbock H f i n y JiH l l e M 111, Tkt* Tech fifi. 2nd nir ( n i c e ir, Lim n l n i \vi.r i A A B 44. Five \i-'2: Kaynahli ci'. Troy Itaynor, Diax, Oliver IClln Marie .-Linl l.iipe Sulo, Ml I'le.'j; H;IM| 111- ],..,l,'d. i i:iu!ilh ( i r n d c IJM \ K i K h l h j;i:i.ln-s lu-t.-d I M C : M a r y NVII !'.-ir.vr. f i l m i \\'»M| I S n y d . L:i N i i r l l : i ; i 7 . l l . H n r l : . ' j l l i n i c l i a i - l . M n i r t v a I 'him-/. J i i J i n i h i (.'h.-slcr. S l i : i l . y K v c r c t l , G . - r t r u d c 1-Valhrr. I l i ' M y Lull F n i i n - . X a m n i ( l a l l i - ^ o s , M(mitAM) ASKS K I \ U l U i ; H. viunm.!,, G a r c i a , K M h c r G i i l H r Bull Mr d i v n n - c WUH til.-d i n Kir i n-/. J « . M - | i h i i n ' G i i i i i - i n - ? . , Knbcrl Tnifli l U s l r K - i m u M i o d i t y h y ' 1 1 i i l n t » ' d . H e t t y H a r v e y , J'ic'ice H f n i y K. Lindsay i i n i i n x l Glmly:- [ l l n b h a i d , H n l m i . 1 Jutinsnit. P n u l UlltUny. A i - i - r . r d h i i ; l o t h e cur'n JH»'|'. Mlin M a i i n K c . - l i n n , A n n . ' pftlitl, Ihf l o i i p l r u c i c i n a n i e d |i-i L-ncli, I I . - 1 i n L n o \ , Fn'd l/.h.liu.i. 31, HM2 itiul Hi-ui.riitcil Si'pt i n , : H i i r l i i i i n Li^jm. M a r y Lou M a n - 1S44. Then, in.- iu ctiiliin-a. j t - ' r - l a , N H M I H I Markowil/.. I x m i m ! M i ' i i e l H - i n . K - f i h e r Mi'lciidri'M. lnr- | J j rw Morris, A n m l d M r M U l n n , On-nr i 1 ' i i l i a n l . . I ' l i u i Powell. Knieht H»y- i o n i , l , M i . / r l l U n l i l l i ' , . l i i n n i y 1!«. 'i;.-]H. L . - r ^ t i - t S l o u l . M a r l i l c l t - Slo- v i i l t . H u r d i ' l v Sloval], M m y l-'Miiifc.H VciThcr, H i l l y .)"i' W a l l n c i - njid A l l i l r r y Fav Wooii. Scvenlli (inxle l.M ; S o n - n t h f;i m l . ' i N mi t h v honor i-ol!; I h i i - l i n . - A n l i c y . H a y Hnrtoti. M u i l i - n r H i . u r n . Kih-nrd H o y k i n , . M i i n n . - l Cciii.scius. J n y Sin- I ' l i n n i . ln-r.H. PcKK' Lt'ii c h i n i i h r r K , A u d r e y · C o i f , .In A n n C n n i u i l l y . Nda J e a n C r m i d i e k , M a r y Friiiicr* hnntvl-H, J o y A n n D i u i n . J . W . F t i n n e r , - C l i r i M i i i : ! C i i n - u i H u ^ l i G(i|-i!iHT. j V i i ^ n i i i i G i i i h i i I. M y n n i Gta.-..s. : S a M i r K . n ! i . , v . .l.o-k K r l l l i c i l y , · | i i i t , » n - « M a r l t i i w i U , I M l r l c i a Me; M i l l i o n , i i l t ' i - i i Morrt.s. Kn-d Ni-\': ur-.'.. Hinnon Kc.le, U h ' h a n l ; "!!. M a l l it- Lmi Hobi'rt.s, Fnmk S n l ( i ] i l t . M in-i.'i S n i l l h , J u a n S l i y k r r . A i v . - l T l i . i i i i i i s i i i i d .' . T n i j i l l u . ; Apudar-n Ann KVi ivc n-:c Nclvn Craddlck. Mary tii^i-. K l o d l t i Lifli'Hinn, R u r l h a ii-to, Wcndoll J'.tfard. Ronnie rk, Hubby C n i n y Scrna. le, Benny Johnson. The RiinHians said the Germans, counter-attacking In East Prussia, wert sending packs of dogs w i t h a n t i - t a n k mines tied to them against Russian tank formations. Ten more blocks were captured in the encircled western pnrt of The Germans were dug into cellars three and four stories deep and manned tunnels and caves in the old hilly .section commanding narrow, w i n d i n g streets, Big Three Plans For Joint Action Expected in Week (Continued from page 1) methods and that there were "discrepancies" in its dealings. Goldberg, w;io has expressed confidence he will be vindicated, ·trushud a straggling lock of gray hair from his ofrehead and declared in a hoarse voice at one point: "j know you want to crucify me." A bit later he described a visit by the committee to his warehouse at MaHpclh, N. Y.,, where one of the auctions took place. He told how crowded it was with surplus gonds and unreeled a scries ol' photographs yards long. "You drove right through-- at about 20 miles an hour," he declared. K t n a l o r Hatch bristled, flushed, shook his finger at the witness, and [ roau'il: "You saw something that | did not happen." | "Did vou sec the committee : warehouse in some cases for 30 days after the auction. . The witness said he wouldn't let the material go in some instances because he had seen "collusion in some places and rings being formed." He said he "wouldn't be associated with .auction sales that were not competitive and not in the best interests of the government." The heavy-set, middle-aged auctioneer, whose work for the defense plant corporation has been under congressional scrutiny ibr several weeks, testified he lost $4,000 under his contract. Links Ex-consul With Profit on Water Treaty By LYN CROST WASHINGTON, Feb. 8--UP' -A former stale department offi- j c i i i l owns two-thirds of the Mexi- I f i i t i liind which would be benefit- to "maintain poace." led hy the water treaty between Tlic l i n k i n g "f «H th«se problems ! tin- U n i t e d -Stales and Mexico, WILS inU-fprcttid by officials h t ^ r r l A l i y . CJen. Robert \V. Kcnney of as showing 1 n belief of the lenders !(_'al i f u r M i a said today. that t h e f'ffcctivi. 1 control of Gcr- j K c u n e y told the senate foreign m a n y and the f a i r settlement of ivhitimis committee that W i l l i a m LAST TIMES T O N I G H T P«rolod from tho Big HOUBO "Dead Mon'B Eyen" Friday - Salurday As You Like It! "MAN FROM CHEYENNE" with plug j FRANCHQT TONE | VERONICA L A K E i "THE HOUR BEFORE ihe DAWN" I Five R-1: Kmiald P,owra. Tommy : Dii It.Hrm, A r t h u r !Iahtni), P.yron ' Hcrshcy. John Kcltaller, Daisy Lee M i l l r r . K a q u c l Torres. Six IM: Leiuira C u l b e r t , K i l n Curry, Carol A n n K d w u r d H , . H e t t y J.-an LooniH Oorls Lord, Arli-ni' P r i l n b i ' t l , Jon Adfi-htild, J u n i o r A l d f i i ' t e . l,)nn Gene Alexander, N n y l o n Clei'jj, A u g i t f l t u s (Jni'laiul, ' ( i r i ' f ; i i r i i i M i r a b a i , Jack Towne, Joe i Vi-scari'it. · Six H-2: David Knlopolt, Jo Ann ' navou.M'll, Ni'lilii Jo Cothcrn. Ollllii Krew, ('laricci.' H a l l , Naomi Hei: j i h i - y Freda May Myers. i H.t\ H-;i: ll.ih.'rl N ) i r v a o 7 , Tnni- ' r.iic P a r i ^ . M a n u e l Knn!:).s, John Paul Hedillo. W i l l i n n i I V i r g i n i a Ht'chl. Patsy j C l n r i c e S m i t h . | Sl\ H--t Ihirnlil Cole, I Harris. A r t h u r Hubei tson, Laura G a r i l a , M n r y Lee N a t i o n s , Hetty j Lmi Phillip*, Latlslm Hidge. Keb- ri-fii Torn-.s. H i l l y Joyce \Vyalt. I Nuiillnvard School j .Second t i r a d e : A l i c i a Apodaca. i Frnnci.s Hm lu-, Lavona MJIT- Dyltes. ' H I M v K v e r e t t , H l l l i c Sue Holden, ropc'.s m a n v bitter and oentur- ! -Jenkins, former U. S. consul Strvcna, CiiUioun, !g-old problems, KO far as they j a t Puebla, Mexico, bought from the can be settled fairly, are equally i I"' 1 ' Harry Chandler, former owner i m p o r t a n t w i t h internat'innal or- j " ! i h e Los Angeles Times, more ganizittion if peace is to be secur- | l l i a n 500.000 acres of land below -d. I I h e Tackles Tough 1'rolilr.nui | ti The i rank M u l i n g of political and | y economic pi'oblcms as being on the ; agenda m e a n t that President. , i Koosevelt had at last come to grips t i with Kome of the toughest isfjue.s i ; growing mil of the European war. ; m These are issues of llussian and II: H r i l i s h .security, power muni.stic. minorities in Mexican bonier when the i'iity was being negotiated last i-iir. Tin- Californian asked that bc- H'i' the committe-e acts on the ; t l y , now up for senate l a l i f i - il.ion, it request the stale dcpa client for intormaLion on Jenkins. federal bureau of investigation r n u n t n e n , of Anglo-Soviet eonflu I in t h e eastern Mediterranean .'ind of A m e r i c a n hopc« to .set 1 A t l a n t i c t i n ' nf Die of C o m - ' Tor any reports it has on him. and liberated the office of censorship for possible Charier principles applied to frcetlom-^larved peo Ics censorship intercepts. Terming Jenkins "perhaps the most dangerous enemy to the good i neighbor policy we have had," Ken' ncy identified him as an o f f i c i a l i whose kidnaping by Mexican rebels i in 1D10 brought the United Stales l a n d Mexico to the brink of war. Says Colepaiigh j Offensive in Italy' Suspected Nazi Checked by Germans -- ) -NEW YORK. Fol). S- I/I 1 ' Senate Sifters Commend AM SANTA FE, Feb. 8 UP) -- The senate Wednesday heard and approved sub-committee investigating reports of the New Mexico AM College, Las Cruces. the New Mexico School for the Blind, Alamogordo, and the State Teachers' College, Silver City. The .sub-committee investigating AM College, headed by Senator James T. Brewster, rccom- mendi'd encouragement be given the experimpnbil department; adefjuatt: provisions be made for dissemination of information obtained oy the experiment station to the people of UK state; that all savings which the college is able lo make in its a n n u a l building fund of the i n s t i t u t i o n to meet the demands at th« end of the war. The report commended the administration and entire school staff and added t h a t a combination of the sub-station n t Albuquerque with the prison farm was not practical. THEO V. NELSON OPTOMETRIST Modern Eye Examination Lenses Duplicated Glasses Fitted US W. OrlpcH Ph. 282-J COLD STORAGE MOVING and HAULING We Can Serve You on Short or Long Flaulfl H. K. THUCK Phone 280 HOME, Feb. 8--#"' -- The li- A j m i t e d offensive o f Ammenn f i f t h H l l i - h u - M l i r v Hrlll in on t r i a l before n liirv com mission as a Nii?.i j MiAVImrtr ' I . S. T A N H K H IS LOST | \\'.\siii.\'i;TON', IT!', ii I.-TI 'Tn.- low n| mi Aniri:t .111 tanHer OH' l-'iu-t Lee. Ill Ihe linliitn »ce:u : | t i;.1 N . - v i - n i b e ! l i n i i i n n i - n v m y t ' T - [..··!.. l u i s j u - . l br.-n i i i ! h « i i n . - l l.\ . furnier Amerlcmi schoolnnttc uf ( n r m y troops in the m o u n t a i n s Lung, J a c k i e H u l h U v d l i a m C u r t i s Colepaugh. ir - j southeast uf Bologna wits .stalled ' t o d a y aguinst strtuigly fortified and heavily defended enemy positions, the Allied high command announced. The doughboys were hailed iif- ter forcing their way forward up to 600 yards in two days of bitter f i g h t i n g in weather conditions made d i f f i c u l t by a sudden thaw I ) . . M l : : ' J i o i Masuii. II,·!,· Humpi'i's. Third i.Inulf: Joyce littfikln, Mil- I on Heard. M a r v i n Heier, Marion visited him in December and -sud lie had become suspicions of hLs partner who bail accompanied 11:111 cl, Stephen Spltzer. OlcpaiiRh Is on t r i a l w i t h Kneh LAST TIMES T O N I G H T -. "Balwoon Two Worlds" "Lei's Go Steady" FRIDAY AND SATURDAY S T A R T S S U N D A Y '*( O l O t t O U l H O t V Of AN V N r o N O V I I A I I I MAN! THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM · 1*x c. tONNM.SUHl ·fr ^--..,JOSfPHI HANKIfWIc; ^ 20.1 (TT; j l-'iinrlli l i n i d c : N a o m i Bavoiisi'tt, Cin'.pi-l, CJt'rninn-lint- j N Y I U l.i.n rli-BK- B"liliy Hunllo. | Tlu-.v niv cliiirRvil vvitli fiil,-:-in K in n, c Apennines mountains" ! l ) n v i l h-.-y. N l l u O'lliilr. V l r K i n l u ! this ^nnnti-y secretly from :i (i,- r . j · ; U f l n T l s , Hitlil.y Uiihlf.s, .liu-nuclln ' : n i n n slilinijiniic lust Xov. L'il ' \ V l l l . u r . i '1'hi' wilm-x.1. Eilnunul 1-'. Mnl- (ii:iiiil\l.-.i Si-li.iiil I n i l i y , 2S-yi'iir-i.lil Jniiinira. Qn, !is. I ' l r - K l i - n f U.inii'lin Alil.-lvl.v .slu.i- Mil.-.snnin. sni . I l l i n t riili'iKiiiijIi l-'li.-il Ct-ti.t,.: Kilily Clnirnll. M i k i - ' I,,1,1 him } K , uino t,, t h i - rn.t',.|l r.-iin. I.ins Hulls. Henry ApiKliu-ti. | states u-itli a man nnineil Cn-en Lu.-y l-'li.res. (·oni-llli Kuill-Klinv. ! I.nt t l i n t Ciilepaligh \\-ns siisjii, ions . l i m n i l n M o n t o y n . mill wns tr-ini; t" ^el awny hum S,-i-"ii,l Cra.le: Klsle M i i r r n f o . , lum. J i n - .Sniilli. NIII-B Ui.mer.i, Ui-in- U ivns testifiei] eill'ller tluil v l i i n - vi.-ve R.iyhiil. C.l.ina Knrrl.i. ' pel the alias i.f Kilw.ird l-'i.nrtll ( J r i u l e : P a n n y Al.lfrelr. iJcor^i- (.Ireen. . 1 . 1 1 - l l . l t l X l l l l ' . S , ; . . Valley Loan and Finance Company Complete Financial Service LOANS Automobile -- Personal Furniture DISCOUNTS We buy all types of contracts. Established in 1936 129% S. Main St. Ph. 445 Solons Recess in Row Over Asylum (Continued from 1) member board for the Carrie Tin- glny hospital, in line with recommendations of the subcommittee which investigated that institution. One of the 8B new senate measures would authorize ribbons or medals for members of the 200th coast artillery regiment which fought the Japanese in the Philippines. Million for Feeder Koads Other senate legislation included: Providing that honorably discharged service men receive unemployment compensation at double the rate provided for other persons;* appropriating $1,000,000 to construct farm-to-market and feeder roads;' providing for pensioning of state employes; transferring liquor license control from the slate to municipalities; to prohibit discrimination in employment because of union or non-union status; creating an industrial development commission. New house proposals included these: To abolish the bureau of revenue and transfer its duties to Uic state treasurer; set up a system of regulation of the aviation Industry and provide for airport zoning and airport planning; provide a $30 monthly pension for residents over 65 with an accompanying revision of the tobacco tax act of 1943; permit the state to conduct lotteries; create a prepaid health service system; creating a state athletic commission; returning New Mexico to standard time; requiring every high school; in the state to teach Spanish. Death Sentence ±. For Drill Dodge / Changed to Life CAMP ROBERTS, Calif., Feb. g -- i f f } -- p v t Henry Weber was out of. the shadow of the gallows today, his death sentence changed to life imprisonment, his wife continuing her ifignt for him. The 27-year-old soldier, a shipyard foreman at Vancouver, Wash., before being drafted, was sentenced by court martial to hang for refusing to drill. Yesterday, by direction of the ·commanding general of the camp, the court martial reconvened, revoked the death sentence, sentenced Weber to life imprisonment at hard labor,- gave him a dishonorable discharge and ordered his pay forfeited. Going away, coming home, h»* ing a party ? Please telephone the Sun-Nc\vs. JFIKE DAMAGES HOME Slight damage resulted at the J. A. Smith home. West Amador, at 5:30 p. m. Wednesday when a supporting wooden block burned away allowing a chimmey to collapse. Firemen extinguished the blaze in a few moments. Try first to get It in Graces. Hardware AND Plumbing Supplies Rio Grande Lumber and FUEL COMPANY 111 South Church Phone 3 f ,nan in £745 has them. T. but today we all must University Seeks $165,000 Increase i Las Cruces Soldier Is Missing in Aclion S A N T A IT., l-Vh S l.l'i T l i c ; PlV Rariiwi Vl(jil. u f l . n s Tru hi !n be . « ! l l i r l r ^ i « l : i l u r v l . t i - Sril'.S.SVO a On-, LM. HM4, hlw \vi!V. M r s Linn- y.'iir Mr .'ui-h .'1 t h e mxt t\vn f l » . II V i R i l . lias IvTM nolil'i.-,! |.y liir t-itl yt-:us i.^l.^.^lll^l it yi-;ir nuiri- win' (l.'piirunrnl I t i i u i uii. 1 . i i | p r t i i r l n l n ! I'or t)u- cur- ' I U ' wn.i tn .s.Mvirr on t!u- !;,-]- !i-nl t ' V i i i m m i K n i i n li'"nt TMr u;iivci:.!t's ivijiu'M wits ^ u l - I Mi?-. V i ^ t l n - i - f i i t l y V'-i-'-iv,-,! a i n i l t " t l 1" Hi.- tunisr ii|'[impna[:uns p h ' l n i ' - »r him lulit-n nl I.l.'.^i- ] Vf. , . i ! n i i i : l l i - i - ·. s t « T i l a \ t \ T-'in l \ i p f - . H u ' l l l i In.-, lini-.onkii. Hi- was llu-ii | . i \ . l l n u - - l s . l v r n l l l p l l . i l l , - ! ' l l l , ' \ l l l ; Up \ v l l l l I I I , - .-uhanr.llj,' Tin- Stli.''.tilO in,-r,·,,.-:,-. l',,|,,-j,iy A m , - I I , M i l l,,|',-,s. lnl.l Hi,- I -,- «,,ul,l |ini- I'lt' V l K I l w a s illilll,-l-.'«l i n l , MT- v l i l i - Sini.linil a v ' I," II..-II-.-IM-,| vi,-,. 11 year npi an,I has I,,.,.,, ,,,, iApe t h s He ] , | , , \ i , l - J.ln.tnlii \ , - a i h t o r M ' :»ml M"* l-'iank X ' l K ' l . »! Mi:.-uy nul.-n.-.,'.-.; ami SIS.Wiii nn- · I'ruo-s H i s \\if,- is a sisl,-i ,,f h i i a l l y 1,'| m-\\ si-ni,'.-s. i Mrs Crur Alar,-/, o!' (IM M,-si!la. | II,T .sun. I.H-ul Ki'lhiniiil I..,)-,-/ an DITCH CABINET I1KSIOXS a v u i t u i . 1,-,-,-nUy was hill.-.l !u M l . i ' X I H ' N , Ki-li. « '.I" 1 Hutch ', """ " V1 'r I l i l r n i n . ral'ini-i nn-inlMMs .MiliniiUt-i) tlit-ir i,- 1K "ali,,n.s I , , I I I K | I I |,i yiii'i-n \Vil- _,. , , _ lu-iinin.i a. uii ,,r a .-otitm- otBie of Georgia v.-.s, ,,v,-i ,,,,1,,-y a,,,i in,- ,,«·..,, Abolishes Poll Tax l i n n u - i l i a l v U H-.|i,-,l I'n-nin'l I'ifti-i C i - i l i i u n i l ) ti, nvoii-liHiH- ii K " \ - A T L A N T A . Krl. ;,.,,, S i» r i i i i n r n l . M,ui.lav u l u i l i d l i i - i l Hi., poll i » x ' l','ll a.-, a ccvrnii,- I H V U M I I , - jm,! ,, N'KVV M K X I C A N l)l:C(IH.\TKI) ' ,,i,.,-.-,|iiuH,. f,,r V..IINK \ V A S I I I N c l T O N . K.-K :: c.V, Th,. .-i,-li,.n l.-fl only «,-v,-,, ,.,,|l IM Ju.-k K Vim-s ,,r lti,»»rll. all ; l n \ sliih-s in llu- .villtl] T.-nn-,,,,,., l l i l i i n l i v i i . . - i i i . lla |.,,,-n ! i u a ! , | . - , l ' . \ l . i | , . i : r , u . Al ii i n s a s . MUii~M|,|,i' Hi,' l.r.inir ,lm· iiifdai. tiu- win ,!,-- I V l r i i i i i l i i , TPMM nii.l .s.mlli iv.i,,. imllnHMil iinnoaiu-rO tuOMy. hinii, BOY.SCDUT WEEK FEBRUARY B-14 · S C O U T S OF THE W O R L D MOTHERS T D B E T H E R ' i Thla Advorlisomonl Contributed by the Las Cruces §un-News Y OU can see in an instant why your one and only car really needs to be "triplets." Let's just check . . . . if Yon started with a pre-war car. it if It became your wartime car. tWBut now it's still got to be TOUT postwar car-- because even if 1945 sees unbelievable new car output, tie chances of getting delivery before 1946 or '47 are way against yon. That's why today the cry is, "Conserve your car!" But you want real sure help ... And here's what Conoco N' A motor oil will actually do for car life by surfacing your engine's insides with OIL-PLATING. OIL-PLATING assures distinct 6xtta defense-- at trifling extra cost. Topping every advantage that an oil can get from Nature and latest refining, Conoco N'* oil also brings its unprecedented rnan-made ingredient. And this bonds protective OIL-PLATING to the fine inner finish that's really the life of your engine! With durable OIL-PLATING, plus durable liquid oil film too, you have every defense against excess wear. And that's the basic defense against carbon, sludge, and battery drain. What's more, even corrosive engine acids-- always present-- can't freely bite into OIL-PLATED surfaces I So there you plainly get safety of every sort-- simply by changing to N'* oil at Your Mileage Merchant's Conoco station. Do it today. Continental Oil Company; N O T E : New car prices will b« up. You'll want tlio b«t trade-in. Conoco N"- oil help, keep your cur shipshape. M O T O R O I L MURRELL CONOCO SERVICE Ri'storr Yiior Car's Original Luster'With Our Wax-Polish 1 Job. Lubrication and Wash Service GOODYEAR TIRES and TUBES "BUSINESS IS GOOD" N. Main and Picacho Phone 117

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