Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 24, 1962 · Page 27
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 27

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 24, 1962
Page 27
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Sht Likes It Neat ·? EDDY GILMOkE '· LONDON (AP) - "Ye s ." said Mrs. Wishart Campbell, "it is odd for a woman to be a dis-' tiller of whiskey. l»ut you don't have to I* an odd Human to be a distiller." She smiled and added: "I think I'm a very normal woman and I've been in the wlii»- ky business for 23 years." Mrs. Campbell's distillery is on. the island of klay off the west toast o( Scotland. Graduating from Glasgow I'm- vcreity with an M. A., in rjsl. she V.M learning to ux- a typewriter! when an appeal canic from Islay for a secretary to an aneient distillery located there. "Tile time was mi and I'd never been up in an airplane. It was suggested that I fly to Way. 1 got up my cuuragc'and flew. ^e landed in a pasture." She became secretary ta the' late Ian Hunter, owner of the distillery, and in time became its managing director. "When I arrived on Islay I'd' .'X'U-r touched a drop of whisky,'; she recalled, "but it didn't take' Infernational Tradition Rules Campus During The Holidays I don't drink much of it at a lime. I'm a consistent patron." acntcn Mrs. Campbell drinks whisky with pure water when she's in New York or London, big cities. or most VONNE RO«RTSON men! trolls which imite guests' At * Dolher resW " lce naU Wrilw'to enjoy a 16th Ceuutry evening'8 1 * 51 * *'U b» welcomed by ! _ Jojeux Noel . . . Front Weilm- a (irice Scripps Residence Hall. 1 Danish Christmas scene as they! en t ertj j n tne gues ( s Fcliz Navidad . . .iThe guests are welcomed with enter the lobbv. for Dorsey Halli . ,,,,,,, ... - '.. ,- .. , . Men-it Christmas. , wasssU and enjoy the arrival of «,t.« «Hh . ir.Hiimn i n»n g " "* llght "* At Christmas, an air of inte.'- U* Vule Log. carried by some. ' * " ** ""*' Da "' "* Christmas tree they will be 1 ' " ' entertained by traditional Danish long : dances. Each year the tree A complete Scandinavian din Monday, D«c. 24, 1962 GREELEY TRIBUNE |ner with plum and apple-i'.alied -turkeys, red caggage and apple- across the campus, located at the! grounds. cake will be served the member; foothills of the majestic San The finding of the Mad*QM fcj of the Scripps College faculty Bernardino Mountains, seeking a the more than 300 precession and staff and their families at Ma *nna which has been secreted members closes "1'affaire inter- another campus hall. Here, sing- '*_*" a PP f °P riat * "'""E °° "" nationaJe" at Scripps College. ers in the masks of farm anim nationalism floats across the cam-; rather attractive "druids." ' p y ' pus of Scripps College in Clare- 1 Following the trumpeter's open- st - Lucia . Messed in - mont, Calif., as the 300 women in g of the festivities, guests sit', white gown and wearing a crown decorated with strings of pop- the corn ' cranbe rries and handmade students stage celebrations in le d by the squire, his lady and of burning candles, serves each of the five residence hall to' n ' s court to the dining room. ' ^^ dessert "Lusch Torte ,-..,.:,,,· "all maintains a traditional cere-, the traditional bright red apple in! jlT* ^^ of Si,,:,, aKZ adt*C^«^^ *TM charm for l^jcrarter Suite. "Scotch ha, great i-haracttr. It; still seeks a "tradition." i During the feast, tumblers and I ^""^ raipitnls. "« 8 ueits wiU As . dressed in costumes of. minstrels vie with the jester for| wi | medieval England, deliver parch-i the attention of the visitors. During their first year in the hall, they presented "The Nut- From the Greeley Glass Shop and Employees 2003 Ninth Street Century Radio TV 6251; Eighth Ave. 0 Reuben Albrandt o- o.- 6 Harvey Maul I It's Christmas time afiain ... may it be your merriest ever, with lasting joy and happiness. Carl Altcrgott And Employed of MAMMONS' IMPLEMENT CO. 717 6th Street CANDLELIGHT PROCESSION wends its way along a cypres»-lined walk on the Scripps College campus in Claremont, Calif., Marching for a Madonna and Christmas tableau. Finding the tableau always is the climax of an evening In which each of the college residence halls has given a traditional Chrisl- mu party. , im , "" y ctose, carols sung by the Scripps choir call the guests from each nill pool. The ones whose candletj of the halls to join a candlelight fle-it the longest «r« assured aj procession. They wind their way ioyoui future. On the door of each girl's! room a cat. t bowl or an elf] ielli the dory of the whimsical I brownie, Jule-Niaen. who must' be left a bowl of porridge on CbrUUnu Eve as a bribe to control his mochief for another year. As guests cross the campua to approach Browning Hall, the light coming from hundreds "Lumiiiark»" placed along thejg walks «nd icrosi every part ofi| the rooftop announce thit Old! Mexico lives again within the walls. (Luminarios ire cudles centered In und placed within corn- moo paper bags. The glow of the candle's flame through the paper casts t golden light.) Senoritas and senori sing gay fiesta songs of the Mexican people and dancers swirl around the floor to tht nation's celebration musk. A dramatic matador challenges a somewhat unusual looking bull each year and alway* succeeds in mastering the animal. Climaxing the Mexican fiesta, candy cascades from a pottery pinata which is smashed by the guests. The treats are rapidly gathered by the youngsters delightedly attending the Mexican party. ?/. 3 Gjtcdinat Welcome io the Hol- idiy Season with ill Us joy ind happiness. And think* to our m a n y friends and cuttomtrt for their fine friendships in tht pist WELD COUNTY LUMBER CO. U.S. 85, Labile 284-5515 Christmas Greetings to our many friends Ellis and Capp Equipment Co. Fay Implement Co. Garniey and Wheeler Co. Greeley Implement Co. Irrigation and Power Equipment Reynolds Farm Equipment Co. Your Greeley New Farm Equipment Dealers ish phrase since the 17th cen-l tury. Candles have been used to] measure time and 1'ght. King Alfred the Great ordered the manufacture of time-keeping candles, six of them sizsd to burn in 24 Candle Holds Own in Age Of Electricity WASHINGTON - The simple .candle, man's main source of hours. In both England and the light for JO centuries. brightens! Am( ' rican colonies, the saying its own special corners in the daz-i"" 1 ' by lne inrn o{ » candle" zling age of electricity. isignified an auction at which peo- Although incandescent bulbs!?,!' f nu!ljbid until a bit o( can ' ended dependence on u-ax andj dte ^^ ""· A London act of tallow dips. « well as oil and gas! 1860 ^'l"" 1 " ndl » .P 0 "'" fls » lamps, lens of mLhons ol candles '""',"' 1'gl't pven by a sperm are set aflame each year-in the calllil P lvcl * ;hln K « slxlh ° [ » dusky still of churches: over Ihe P 01 silver, crystal, and cleaming! C ' nlur1 ' ° f C«ndi«nMkinj of festive tables; on , Tf(limlsl i dl PI''"S 'apcrs on a countless birthdav cake5. : k . lk ;' c " M m p '" Syracuse. New , '. :\ork. Cierman immigrant Anton No one knows when paean man ^-. , , , pio d,5cove,ei that he could coal a ranii | cmilliiD| , in tlle Vlliled fabrous w,ct w ,th fatty substanc-^,^, T| , c (irm he foundod now es and produce a light s.ipenor makw ( . and|ps (o( . ,, )( , Vmicln to pitch knots or f rease-waked | Afi(Uh( ,,. Amcrican ,, rm , ,. reeds, he National t-cosraphic ;,,, |n N1amaror , cok Ncw York says In anc,cnl Hmos cninc| di j a ,, d | av|sh|v (iccor .. 1( , d 2 . candles »ere made of fats «ilh m ^^ [or ,,,; , oronation of sheaths of husks or moss I- v»rve lEnP j al , d - 5 QllTCI1 E li ; ahc,h II in as w,cks. l i e Olo Testament :,,;',, Vears carlie ,. tho curapallv speaks of both candles and can- fai , hiolle(1 ca ,, dlcs jn ,,, e \^ dleslK-ks. ^.indies have Ions been f u|ii;ln Kuswl , (or l)iampnd used ,n rituals and ceremonies. !jim ,,,..,,),., , nblc Thc (irm glso Asj«:i»ttd Wllh Worship in-.adf one of the world's biggest In folklore, bees mere crenlejjwax lights, an IS-foot-high me- for the purpose of providing purejmnrial candle that is lichtc-d once wax (or church tapers. '.i year ,-,t sintier Enrico Caruso's While randies «ic tnidilMnally' 10 "* "' llai nssocialod with rcli.dmis worship. 1 Modern madiines speed the many supciV.ilions have leapt w " l k ""' pionwr housewives out of the flickering lijihl. If r,i kncu so wcl1 - t'" 1 chandlers still flame burin blue. W ii-.«tancf.' llan(1t1l P w mold Ihe finest can- there is a dmsl in the house. A tlcs ' l nllkc t!lc vamiiemakers of spark signifies Ilia! .1 letter is old ' however, today's craftsmen coming to the person Jilting ne,ir-l us - ! l K ' ciil! ingredients - cxcrl- esl the randle. ; ' cnl "axes, paraffin, and stearic "To burn the candle at holh n '' !(1 lo iwdni-e a,-, article that .ends" has been a familiar Endis mll " !c ' s5 - dripless. and smoke . . free j , i i i ,, 5l''rc tlian 530 (W 00 worth of isliomd lie preserved Of coinse ,, he purist drinks it neat. stiaigbt. as you say " Ihe United "Plate's each vear. She said that she dcploies rowing habit cf lith lemonade. d that she dcploies a ., , growing habit cf drinking Scotch: /V ' orr y l n HKI.KAST - You:ie i'lsler cou "I've actually seen tins done in pi,.,. ,,,-o|iihited from marryini. Seollnml." she said. "Isn't Uiis ;U nlil they are 16. are makins'usi nf " !? " 'nf Kile's low lecal ace limits She i. a firm helievev Hint jon-i; |,,r girls and' 14 to- boys. l!c don't set handovers with gcodiccnllv .1 Ij-year-nld I'lst'er sir " '"'· ^^^ · nnd lici' Iw friend p*', IIWITIW "Tliat is." she explained, "iiiv.m Dublin, itul the ol Mid ..« you nvei'-indiilse. No per.-on.inarriai;e i not known wlm vrally apprcci.ilrs Sco!di would io tliJl." : U5E THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS ANDERSON SEED CO. 710 9th Art. 353-0188 May the Christmas bells ring in for you true joy b e y o n d all m«aiur«-th* kind of joy that your heart will forever treasure. Hohert \V. (Joiner Caliin 1.. S m i t h l.vlr 1'. S m i t h M. .1. Overman Sterling Horner Frank Kant) Frank Atlkissnn David R. M a r t i n Claire Scolt Jack Wnlf Richard S. l.innhrricrr Roger Keatcm .lim S m i t h Jiinnila Sallee Parlcne Linnhericrr Jane Anderson II. H. Piirlim Chas. A. Phillips Valda Hudson Smith (ilen l,ionber$rcr (ieorge Hath U- .1. Herdman James M. Herdman Oon H. Herdman Okey S. Herdman Herdman Electric Co. ·09 10th Strttt Gr*«l«y, Colorado

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