Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 7, 1945 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 7, 1945
Page 4
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PAGE FOUH Cas Wodnwdty Aftwnoon Ftbruiry 7. 1345 Aggies to t Paso Miners Double Bill By ALBKKT HALL ; Claused aw u n d f - p i n g x UK: NY-.v Mexico Apjilfji nn-'-t tin- Tt-xari College of Mines on t h r - A.M luirrJ- woods tomorrow ni^'hi. A return game will lie plny f "l ?Vlday night. Hard luck M r u r k nt the AKK'W* afrflin ihin v-vi-lc with tin- ]is» of Robert Draw. Draco althfin^li not on tin- u. u u;i] ttt'artlng lineup wa« t h e hoy iih- HUftlly called on \vh*;n.a r e g u l a r Baamcd lo f u l l e r . Bob Altcrbury. who «pr;iincd II!H anklo In a practiu 1 .sc.ssion Jam WCC It W i l l not !"· ii hi i- In f n l c r the gnnie.. 'The Mines, hov/i-vi-r, Jsnvc :i much Htrniifier I t - a m Hum t i n - ori'- tftftt lout t o t i n - AKfile. f i v e c i i i l . f r th1« AfHfirtn, Two 01 Urn-'- n.-w m»-n have been fi'l|c,j lo H i n r n n i t f K . and the t e a m M'-HUN lo ln ou i h lip KHlflc. The Mill-S ' [ I l l l l t ' - l V,!l! bif on their t w » I" i i v n i j f . - t i n - two panic d i - f r a l Juuuled Mi^in by t h e Ki the fc-fl fiUdi'Hfnl i l l l l ' - y fn,i lf, ·'!·· the s«-rn'S '.villi UK- Mill"'-. You a n br »ure t h a i Hie A^n-:, ···- i l l i" oUt lo liolt] UK- w i n . v t i i j ' ovri lit" Mini-s, KriaNj, ."Hid. PORTS LANTS »v MI i ri.LKKTON, ,nt. NKW v o K K , Ki-li. 7 /l'i W H I M , for j r O K t - w n r deli very: i n - m-w fiportfl '.if o t h e r n l n 111'111 in t h ; i l ^'ill f i l l b a l l { u n i t * mi Mays wlim UlVy'rc nut l - v l n j ; \w\\ J m l u j n - . l)al] Illl'l ,'..'.!!,-,.| , . . Thr. i i ' t l t l t r Khiifi Shau^hti'-i;,y. i i i h - n i d l n n ; i l K'UHiii' j i i ' f ' H J ' l n i l . [ « · · « ;i I n ' i i d Inward w i d e r UH*' n| h a i l parliK . . . Thr owinT/i, lu : j^ayH, a i r t i ' ^ l n j i n i ^ ' to rcnlirv ill a I t h ' 1 r x i i r n i m v |Han!:* jitnntl lillc K U I I I I - ::IKI » | j i v « ;i v"' atll t l m l t l i r y i - j i i i p i M j j I d h l y n - t i t thcill o u t f o r ( i ^ l i l . H . rtirU.'.i-K. l i ' i . . : '. . Our n u i K M I- umi,' r l u l l u l i n li figured to I'.Mf M u m l S M I , ( M i l ) liis! HCfiHOn w i l l ) u pirni- Ivinn rciiil/r'j more I h n n J.'iO.ouO prodi iii,-,lrni! junt liy r c i i l i n n ils pin It. 4- OHHKKVATION I'DST Tilt- o t h e r l»y wln-ti K| Harrow' ftht) Jnc M r C i n t l w u'l'fr i l i H r i i h s i n n baseball prospiTlH, Ktl n M u n r l t i ' i t : "It's «ot to !«' ( i i i a i i l i l y n i l l K - r t h j j n ([iiiiliiy t l i i n y i ' i n , \\v n n i n t K\KI\ H|l » lol nl K l r i - u (minis to t,r fl\ llic Miti- M i l l . " . . . iMi'l t h a t JuHt What H i i u i . - l i K i r l d - y w m i -say- Ing a year njjrr.' . . . And \v)ml n l l O W l lie f;ol f l n n i faun. THURSDAY ONLY iCnn Your Hour! Tako II? Wo Daro You to Soo Thono Two Showul plus Ruthlas, Reckless M U R D E R "Paroled from the Big House" LAST TIMES TONIGHT Big Spanish Show "El Padre Morelos" and "Johnny Doosn'l ) Llvo Horo" Soviets Set Up New Bridgehead Across the Oder 'rif.v ^JiiiiH by M?ir.4h;il I v a n Ko- j n r v ' H K k n i i h a n ;irniy which j hint bn-!irln-:l I h - d'l'T 'in a !iO- . mile f r o n t ami plur.K-d 12',;. i n l k a ! beyond th'- .sin-fun in a drive uii-n- | :ir:i,K I l ' - i i m f i o j i i t h t f i J i n k a n d ! Massed A r l i l l i - r y H i t s \u/f« · The C r - n i i f i f : * li;iV" reported n i l - : NHT'ill.H rjrii'yMl!;* (if lh'-' O'I(-T ill I tlic K i i f . s t r . n - K n i n k f n r t aroa I uf U ' T l i n and f a i t h - r jjontJuiHHl :il S t K i K i ' i , ."Jii liiiit-.K norlhv/ of KOIT-V'H brr-;ik t h r o u g h v.'iis south- ' i:fi,M of liiehhni. X l m k o v wji.s h a m mi-ri riff t h r K u r A l r i n - K u i n k f i i r t zone with a re- | i l i « p ; i l c h c j ; .Mud. Hf ha.'l i not yd rl:nmi*tl ii c n i K K i r i K . j Korcv'ii llyinj.; '·n]n;iin» KWCfrp- i in*,' -A'*-:-.! "I t h i - upper (ni'rr f o u g h t n i i l r o i n l and l i i j ; l i v . ; i y mutr.s al-mj; : 111,- S ; ! » J ; I : I N f i i l f "f Ih" "!] Or- | m a r i - ' / , ( · lio'.lnvak f r o n l i r r . O l h e r ' m i l l s prox-d I ward Ui" r a i l j i n n t u m *if L i t - p i M x on tin; way to K ' . m - v l.Vi i , i l ) " H .Tom Dn*- . d « n . f i i n l a ]ii*h w i - H t w i i r i l toward N f i i n a n p l i i d f i l o r a j i l a n d i n s o u t h - j rri! O ' M i i a n y iiml I J r d i c m i i i a l l c r l M c i l i r i ;K 1'isl. Hi;i I r o u p K in t h i s ! i liHiii'l t n i M U M K "!' t h ' - Oder xvcrc ! . S l n l i n a i i i K i i i i i c e d Kom-v'.'i feat j in mi H i d . T uf th': (lay yesterday. PARTY LINE M r s C. I. 1'nli.i.vm nr K m t l u m l an.I ' : i i m i l i i , who is .spi-mllnK 111' 1 ·Jl'lMl'-r mrilllll.l lit !·'II · \ V I H 1 l l K|rmj;.«, N M.. la nimini; I" I.ns I ' I I K CM I r i m . i n m v I') lit- a CIM'Hl of Mm. S. .1. r.;inl''M!', U M ' I v i s i t ' i t l X T M irml.s nun!-' i l i n i n j 4 pn'Vioiis \vin- h-r« .'.|»-nl li'-f' 1 . Mr. i i m l Mrs. C. I I . Ki'Nsli «t I..IIIK Hi'iirh. 1 ' n l i l , m i ' v i s i l l i i K In I h r liumr nf Mrs. Ki'imli'it i n o l h - r . .Mrs J. I!, ll'iyil mi 1'iirhrr rninl. Territorial Governor Visits N.M. Legislature .SANTA K K , Ki-li. 7 (Hi tlmiri!!' C u r i y , I v r l t i i f l i i l K'mT"'"' nf Ni'W M i - M t u f n n i i HI07 t n 1IUO. viHilod I l i r limiHc nf ri'in'i'-scntiillv''}! TIII-M- 1 !iiy, mliliTH.Hnl t h e n i r r n t i i T H briefly iiml i i ' i ' i - i v i ' i l » . s l n i i i l l l l K Irllmti: W l l l ' l l Ml- C D I H ' l l K l l ' . I l - ' l l t y yarn uRo hr w«K prt-Hlfnt of t i n - I r r i I t o r l i i l ncnnli' which vol- ril l u i i i ^ Joi- r o t i j i t r u c t i o n or the c j i p i t o l liu::.!.ii;: he H ; i i i l . Negro Ring Veteran Gets Fight Decision i.os A.N'I:KI,K.S, KI-II. 7 I/TI l l . n r y A r i n s l i i n i K . till' h a r d y )JW Anj;e!es v c l c i a a who once, liehl t h r e e nni^ litle.s Hiinnltiuiedii.sly. h . i t l l c i l n.i in .'.IremioiiH roiilnl^ a:M n l ^ h t a n i l I'l.'ially came out m i l l il t i n a i m n n u s llecinain IIVIT Ci'iniro Kojo. n lociil l i K l i t e i . CAGING SCORES liy ASSOCIATKI) I'ltKSS Viri,l"iii - I I . W i l l i a m * M a r y .'17. Ohio "II, Ohio ttVuli'.viin .M. l l l l n . ' h i '.tt, C h i u n i l e l.'ielil Hi. M a n p l e t l c .VJ. \ \ ' f i t e r n M l . h . Ml C l e a t Lakes SI?. Pcpainv -IS. Texas NY. Teiiis A * M Ml. : N u l l Ii Texas Acfiicn 117, N u r l l l · Texas S t a l e Teiicher.i -l-l. Waco A A I - ' (III. l l u y l u r :'-'. Culoi-iiilo (17. rnlurailo A S M IM. S u i i l h c n i r n l i l o r n l a ::.'-. San Die. ' K . i N A S ::i. Hi-liver S 1 .'. i : i r . Icy S t . l i e 14. : ·« inn: S.VMIS' A l l . O A T ! I ' o K T I . A X P . o i c , I ' c h 7 1.11 · :The w h i l e sand.; l i i i t i o n a l i n i ' i i i i I I I C 1 U Ml ;."lllltcMI N'c\\ M e x i c o llll.H licen h.iii..i..,i l , \ I h e K:IIM-[ Swan I s l i i m l s h i p y u i i l . w h i c h y c s t c i i l a y h i i n i i l l i i l a t a n k e r name.I t h e " V V I i i l c Sallil.-: " i en. Ta , ami .1,tiuc.'ili\vll. N. Y., h.i . t l l i m M up the foul l u l i l l MI l a r recunleil lirlv · lili Miula liy Ihe two teams W a r r e n lost t o u r p l a y e i ^ on p e i M i n a l a lint vi nil the |;ame in o \ c i l i m e . . . A m i in 1 ' a w l m l i c t . K 1 , w h e n Weal l i l ^ h i.lnycil Miusl. o l f i c i a i . s eiilleil 111 t o u l » . Khlf H i l l ami lleil ("loil.l. N e b , h::h .school.s hllil to t;o l i y e o v e r t i m e perm.Is the l,i.^t · MI,Men i l e a t h " lo tteclite Today and Thursday 2 -- B R A N D NEW HITS--2 MacArthur Back To Capital Amid Filipino Cheers f continued from page 1) demolition crews and inccndlarints. IL wiiB hard to Loll whether Ihe .InpiiiH-jii' wurt: doslruyiriK merely IIIi.Mr nwii supplies arid stores in crjuct-ntratcd section." of the city or t r y i n g to b u r n th- city in rc- t a l i i i t i o n for the Ainorican invasion. Japs' Wur*l IX-ffilt W h i l e J i r c H sti!) snioldf:rt;d in the hl.'irkeiitd. inljWc-sLrewn business an-a, M i i c r A t h u r liad told his sol- flic.s "you will .shortly complete the l i b e r a t i o n of the rhtlippines," rlirnnxiriK Japan's "worst military dr-f'-at in i l « liislory." lie rdfjiieatt'tl divine nerv!ccs IhrNii^hoiit. liiH command for "our hallowed dead." I''lfUtK.i HyliiK «t KUtmes appeared to be dying out aloriK P^scoltfi uvenun, through- f a i t ; of theaters, shops and office b u i l d i n ^ M , where Nipponese dem o l i t i o n Hqiintls touched off ex- |i]ijsivc.s and drums of gasoline M o n d a y night. A milf .square area was rcporl- iv] deiitroyt-d. including all major b u i l d i n g s n l o n K the Kcnlta, among t h i M f i f^onii- of the orii-nt'.s fine/il tlif.-iH-r.s, Assorlateti Press COITC-S- piiuJi-iil ItussHl lirincH report;d "a ^rrat black gash appeared lo Jiave burned in t h a t si-ction of the city north of the Piiuijf river." \\'ati-r .Mains Kinpty Manila';; wiitfr mairis were empty, for the enemy had blown up tin 1 p u m p i n g slalions several dity.H Explosions hurle.d liirninK c h u n h a of wottd into arena still mimbiU'd by many of tlm more t h a n 5,000 war prl.soner.i llberntcd S i i l u r d i i y and Sunday, but were i-xtiiif-uiHlH-d. M a n y Filipinos undoubtedly were triippcd in their homes and burned I Hhn network radio reporter A r t h u r I-'eldman said "there was n o t h i n g f'Htch-as-cnU'h-can about t h i n f i r e . The Japs Ju«L put the fini.iliiiif; luui'heH on month.q and perhaps years of preparations be- fori- they withdrew, and the f r u i t s uf 1-heir rfforts came w i t h the con- v u l s l ' i n a I hat .shook the city from .sunset. Monday onwards.") l)l| -laps from It'iitftupN LiberaUng Yanks of the first cavalry and ,'t7lh i n f a n t r y divisions prefHed lh« d i r t y and dangerous job of digging the enemy from t h e i r positions behind barricaded doors itnd from rooftops, \vhile the I H h nlrhornc division, whirh )nnd- ed the \:oup de gruco in a .'iwift drive from the south, speared along two routes In the southern section. Tin- paratroopers met s t i f f resistance around NlrhoLs field, ill Ihe extreme .southern edge of town. Illiisl at ('itrrrgidiir Correiiidin- forlrens, at t )i c m o u t i i of M a n i l a bay, to which m a n y Japanese are believed to have r e t r e a t e d , was bombed with ISO Inns of explosives t h e lieav- load yet delivered there. 'i'ii the n o i l h . on the B t i t a n n peninsula a no! her possible 'temporary refuel' lor the Manila defenders A m e r i c a n troops who have .sealed off all peninsular roads at t h r IIUHI* drnvi' slowly s o u t h w a r d Htnnj; t h e ea.slern edge, moving only yards at a t i m e :ij; Japanese resist ing b i t t e r l y from .tun- file and bamboo thii-ket jtositions. On the east .'tide uf t h e mitral l,i!/oM plain the i m p o r t a n t highway t o w n of Han Jose fell to the Y a n k s . An i'liem,? ni^ht counter-attack northeast of Uosario, south of the Philippine s u m m e r capital at Ba- t;uU, was thrown back w i t h heavy Japanese casualties. U.S. Recognizes Rights of France (t'ontlmied from page 1) I U . T ^ U H I X . 1 .should like t«, n-fi-r j p a r l i c u l a r l y to the secretiiry's ! s l a t f t n r n l on Nov. 11 at which i l u m - w.' invlt.'d Knuice to full j membership on the European mt- "At t h i n t i m e we indicated our | full r e u l i / u t l o n of Kraiu'e'.s v i t a l | I n l e i e s t In the solution of the ("Jt?r- I in:ui prublcm und tho part which Krnnrt 1 will inevitable piny In m n i n ' t a i m n ^ the f u t u r e peace." i hi his reference to Yugoslavia U j r c w iclt»*rnl(Hl hlji locent appeal · l» Ihe K o v o r n m e n t »f t h a t country j t o h u r r y buck to Belgrade si j A m e r i c a n s and other \liplomats F o r m a t i o n ct a uniU'il Vugnshiv ·\ eminent has heen delayed w i t h Die (liM'lPttuw t h i s m o r n i n g t h a t Tito has rejev'led two U' the t h i e e regents appointed In 1 1'eter. Rio Pad Body to Meet in El Paso SANTA F-E, Feb. 7 (1ft -- The Rio Grande compact commission, comprising representatives of Texas, Colorado and New Mexico, will meet at El Paso Feb. 9-10, State Engineer T. M. McClure of *N.ew Mexico said tolay. atcClure said the sessions would be the annual commission meeting required to be held to prepare reports for submission to the governors of the three states. .lie said the meeting was not expected to discuss compact changes requested by New Mexico, although the subject might be discussed by the commission's engineer-advisers if one of them, now in Washington, is jthle to be in El Paso. The changes sought by New Mexico, McClure said, deal with the measure of the amount of river water passing the San Marcial point, at the head of Elephant Butte reservoir, based on the amount that passes the Otowi gage at the head of the Middle Rio Grande conservancy district. The account of the water now flowing over the San Marcial point is kept on a nine-month basis. New Mexico wants it kept on a 12- rnorith basis. McClure .said. Cotton Growers To Be Organized Initial steps toward the organization of a New Mexico State Cotton Glowers Assn. were taken at a meeting of growers of Dona Ana, Eddy and Chaves county at Ar- te.sia Saturday_ returning county men reported today. Dona Ana county was represented by County Agent John Augustine, Walter liamert, J. A. Sweet and W. P. Thorpe. County growers are represented by the farm bureau here, but growers of Chaves and Eddy counties have no organized group, to aid in taking care of their interests, County Agent Augustine explained today. The three counties represent the bulk of the cotton acreage in the state, he said. Perfecting of the state association w i l l spring from the Dona Ana group in conjunction with a two-county association now being formed in the other areas. The two-county group already is well advanced in its organization. As soon as it starts to function, the stnte association will be launched, Mr. Augustine said. Say Spy Suspect Courted Germans '.SW YORK. Feb. 7 W) -- William Curtis Colepaugh. 20, one of two men on trial before a military commission as a Nazi spy, was pictured today as having cultivated a friendship with a Nasii party leader aboard a German tanker interned in Boston Harbor in 1940. The commission, sitting at Governor's Island, admitted into evidence as the trial went into its second day 'A statement in which Colepaugh, an Ameiv-^ar.. aC;nitted: 1-- That he had been a guest at the German consulate in Boston on many occasions from December, 1940. to April, 1941; 2- That he had taken a job as a waiter in a Hofbrau in Boston, where mejnbers of the German consulate met and where members of the tanker's crew had parties. Trial of Colepaugh and Eric Gimpel, SH-year-old native-born German engineer, began yesterday. Say Hitler Ready To Be Shelved (Continued from page 1) reason for .such a change was that he "is no longer able to manage both the matters of state and war leadership." By becoming the president of the reich--a post he abolished--Hitler would be "laying a favorable basis for taking up international ne- .gotiations." the paper said. SuperfortsHit Thailand Japs WASHINGTON, Feb. 7 LTI -Separate fleets of Superfortresses Infilled at Japanese military installation.! in Thailand and Jndo-China today, Flying from India bases, the B-2[is of Brig. Gen. Roger M. Ranu-y's 20th bomber command sprang the twin attacks in daylight. A war bulletin from general of the army I-I. H: Arnold, commanding Hit' 20th air force, did not disclose additional details. Possible targets were Bangkok, capita! of Thailand; Saigon, chief city of Indo-China, and the fleet base at Camranh bay, 200 miles northeast of Saigon. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY NOTICE slip eovers, curtains. Telephone Hiss V.iitz. 459-W, .avenings. 200th Bill Draws ' Demand for Drinks SANTA FE, Feb. 7 UP) -- The drinks were on Rep. J. A. Montoya of Albuquerque today. Montoya had the dubious distinction of introducing the 200th bill in the house--which means that he was supposed to treat the entire membership. The Albuquerquean said the bill, dealing with teacher contracts, was handed Lo him ty someone to introduce, "and I don't know what it's .all about." REPATRIATION OF SANTO TOMAS INTERNEES PLANNED AS SOON AS HEALTH WILL PERMIT IT Increase Budget for N.M. School of Mines SANTA FE. Feb. 7 (."PI --Budgets of $70,000 yearly for the New Mexico School of Mines and S50,- 000 for the state bureau of mines were asked of the legislature yesterday, Last session the school received 365,000 a year and the bureau $25,000. Valley Loan and Finance Company Complete Financial Service LOANS Automobile -- Personal Furniture DISCOUNTS We buy all types of contracts. Established in 1936 129V 2 S. Main St. Ph. 445 By RUSSELL BRINES SANTO TOMAS INTERNMENT CAMP, Manila, Feb. 7 (£)--Speedy repatriation for all of the thousands of freed civilian internees who wish it is being arranged by American officials within this jubiliant camp while gunfire is still ringing in Manila and artillery bursts sail over the campus. * Army rations are being distributed in this camp and to other "reed civilians. Medical supplies arc available for the first attempt to build up the run-down health of the 3,700 Santo Tomas internees. Col. Howard Smith of the army medical corps has taken over hospitalization. Col. T. W. Grimm, an old-time Manilan and new camp commandant, is assisted by Lt. lol. Charles Smith, another longtime Philippines resident who escaped capture. Food, is being given sparingly 11 'at first as a health precaution for I people whose stomachs shrank on I protracted handfulsize Japanese! :-ations. - I Santo Tomas internees included! approximately 2,700 Americans, I 745 British, 100 Australians, 601 Canadians, and 50 . Hollanders.! The remainder were an assortment ] of other naiionalities. Santo Tomas internees had made I their camp the best Jap control! by handling most of their own af-| fairs including the purchase o f food with their own funds, but the past year has been one of pro gressively increasing hardships The Japanese army took over th» camp from the Japanese civilians! in February 1943 and immediately J established severe restrictions I which led to starvation of some! internees and a number of deaths I from malnutrition and beri-beri.J First try to get it in POLONIUM S P A R K P L U G S The only piog with tft» Polonium alloy electrode that gives quicker, easier startB. Precision-engineered. Guaranteed to 'start your car quicker. R A Y ' S P A R K Texaco Service Station MESILLA PARK PHONE 493-J2 Air Forces General Sent to a Hospital WASHINGTON, Feb. 7--OTI · linLS.T iiidUL-c'd liy overwork ha* sonl l.;ni. H. M. Arnold, army ;iir I'OITP.S comnmndcr, to on air fom- valcscRiH hospital for a month's rent. Tlio war department, disclosing tins today, quoted Maj. Gen. DIIVM! N. W. Cirant. air surgeon, as say- tig Arnold's illness is not serious ind t h a t he is "recuperating satis- faetorily." Arnold is 58. TO IIIT1LD BlOr.S HANGAR ALBUQUERQUE, Feb. 7 l.Ti Contract for constructing a h u n p a r iiI HiKRs Field, El Ta-so, Tex., has been awarded to C. II. Leave!] of i]| 1'nso, the district U. S. finny ·nglneera announced today. A mount of t he cotnract was reported at $13f),813. ItOY CYCLIST IS KILLED SANTA FE, Feb. 7 UPI--Clnrem c Burcli, 10-year-old son of Mr and Mr.s. Inland Burch of Espan.ila. died yesterday of injuries rccciv- ,1 Mmiilny near Riverside when lie was s t r u c k while, riding his t i r - ycle. TWISTKIl HITS AlltrOKT CLOV1S. Feb. 7 l/Tl Three b u i l d i n g s a n d a small a i r p l a n e \vi re damaged late yesterday when a "twister" hit in the western part of Olovis and then skipped two miles east of (own to smash al itie HilhTcsl airport. Try first to pet It In Oners! SPECIAL RATES ON SERVICE WORK DURING FEBRUARY Charlie's Radio Shop 120 North Church St. Could Victoria Reign 63 Yoars with Stomach Ulcor Pains? ·« Tito'-* rtfhitn rea.Minntilr," i i r v w ivpli.-d t h a t I h i s K mvrnnu'nl i.s not e n t e r l M f ; m l o dl.Hi'iis.siitn.H u i l l i ViiKO.Hlitv peu-ionahties on 'f ditterein'e anu'ii^; them. Tomato tiro will Tonuilocj show ihc best flrowth a;ul ieiit tho m a x i m u m of dull when llu- «tu| nniUms ut lp;t»t 005 lull i-o|ipei POI nultiiMi ivirl* of ioil Ntrawbrrry IM*nttnf i Summer or fall pbmtmt; of ntnnv. v» is not KU'ommrmtcd, l*lnnt- j made In .uiiUuniiiuT uininlly t in a iK'or ittini] and low yirUU. IiUnttnit may jjlve n better itl nnd the pl.ititj may f r u i t HIP spiuiK but Ihc yield will lr Lumber AND Building Materials Rio Grande Lumber and FUEL COMPANY 111 South Church Phon* 3 RANCH BRAND SOUP, Chicken and Noodle.. Woz.tinslSc CCPELAND'S BEANSr pre-cooked pkg. 5c Assorted Lunch Meals Ib. 32c Fresh Ground Pork Sausage lb.31c Ground Beef Ib. 25c Beef Roast Ib. 25c Pork Roast lb.31c Leg of Lamb . . . . Ib. 34c Beef Short Ribs . . . . Ib. 18c Fresh Side Pork . . . . lb.30c No. 1 CRC Pinto Beans . . . . 5 Ibs. 41c Diamond M Flour 25 Ibs. $1.20 Good Luck Margarine lb.25c SwansDiwn Cake Flour . . 44oz.box2Gc Scoco Vegetable Shortening . . . . 41bs.81c Armour's Tree! 12 oz. tin Spiced Lunch Meai 38c Arnita Green Tomato Conserve. 32 oz. jar 25c Litile Mayor Soy Flour . . . lib. box 9c Quaker Meal , . . 24 oz. box lie Miller's Corn Flakes . . 6oz, box 3c Folger's Coffee . . . . llb.gls.33c Libby Pickled Sweei Tomato Relish. 16H oz. gls. 25c ^1 Fine for Juice ORANGES Sunkisl LEMONS Full Bunches CARROTS Firm Heads CABBAGE Fresh Local SPINACH Flame Tokay GRAPES . Ib. 9c . Ib. 13c each 9c . Ib. 5c . Ib. 7c . Ib. 19c All Gold Diced Beets. No. 2 lins 15c Libby's No. 2/2 glass Apple Sauce . . 35c Heart'! Delight... Pears. No. 21 tin 36c Concord Grape Punch . pi. 29c Faultless Sugar 2 1 /2 tin Pumpkin . . . 16c Uncle William's cr. style Corn... No. 2 tin 16c Budget Pack Macaroni... 1 Ib. 14c Valley Red 8 oz. btl. Chili Sauce . . . , 15c Areo Paste Wax . I2oz.jar22c Myles Salt...24oz.pkg. 5c Soap Pads Brillo. . . box 15c Argo 1 Ib. box Corn Starch He Hex Fruit Jelly....51b.tin53c Liplon's Tea . . 4oz. box27c Sunshine Hi-Ho Crackers.. 1 Ib. 23c JAKE'S GROCERY A N D · M A R K E T FORMERLY VALLEY GROCERY WE DELIVER PHONE 140

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