Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 25, 1957 · Page 9
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 9

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1957
Page 9
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Warden Says Weld Convict Admits Slugging Attempt CANON CITY * - Warden Harry S. TinOey slid Monday CJireace Van Cos en. K-ynr-olil tonrlct, idmltted he tried to'iluj Guard Archie Templeton with a bill bit. Templeloa eaufhl t liince of the wnpoa n he wai raakinz hit i i.ra. check Suidijr ind dodsed to time to mUi a blow on the held. The bit itruck Templeton'i ·houlder a jlancini; blow hut not bird enoujh to prevent the luard from lubduinK Via Gosen. Tiniley nid Vin Gosen admitted he pUnned to knock out the tuird, .tike hit keyi icd mike a getaway in Templeton'i tuto. Van Goien wn received here Sept. 19, 1956, from Weld county where be wai convicted of confidence fame charfei. He wai terv- Ing 2 to J yean and hid been a trusty ilnce illy. He would hive been ellfible for pirole in December. Saddle Bronc Riding can measure \ In rhythm with a cyclone, tht saddlt bronc ridtr rolls with tht pitching ef tht horst and spurs over tht break ef tht shoulders. If ht tiuchtt any part of tht saddle, tht rein, or tht horst with his frtt hand ht's geosttggtd, and ht can't wrap tht rtln around his hand or changt hands. Ht mutt slay aboard tight or 10 stconds (dtptnding on local rutts) and spur tht bronc frtm ahouldtr to flank to tam tht high scort it takis to win. All tht thrills that sad- dlt bronc riding can offtr art a ftaturt of tht Crealty rodto. Saddle Bronc Riding Full of Traditions "There never wn i horse that couldn't b* rode ind there never wai i cowboy thit couldn't be throwed." Thus, In the hallowed idiom of the sport, the cowboy lumi up . v. -:·· the ehillengc r.f i.f.i'. ins. the contest of man versus bust thit has become the accepted tridemirk of both rodeo and the Americin West. Elshty-odd yeirs igo. when bronc riding was considered more a business than a sport, knowing how to hang onto a saddled outlaw was necessary cowboy skill- Breaking wild or untamed horses to the saddle was something just about every hand had to be able to do. But in these days of mechanizi lion ind jeeps, when horses are ', kept mostly for show or racing, bronc riding 1s a full fledged i iport, complete with a bookful of rules and a trunkful of traditions. Somehow both leem to favor the horse. Whenever bronc riders reminisce about the greats of a past era, you'll hear them talk about Steamboat-Five Mlnutei to Midnight, and of a more recent time, Miss Klamath, a mean mare that dusted every champion who tried her before she died last year. But the greatest of them all wai LET YOUR'OWN.CAR DEMONSTRATE THAT SHAMROCK QUALITY I N G A S O L I N E A N D I U B K I C A N T S M E A N S I M P R O V E D ' P E R F O R M A N C E Colorado Senators Assured Fryingpan Be Taken Up WASHINGTON * - Sen. AUott (R-Colo) and Carroll (D-Colo) received assurance Monday t h a t every effort would be mide to bring up the Fryingpan-Arkansas legislation for debate on the Senite floor this week. Sen. Allott said Sen. Mansfield (D-Mont), icting mijority leader, issured him thit effom wOl be made to bring the bill up ^ . at this time of ye.r nicht who stirted out I! the saddle horse of a Canadian School marm. One day, the story goes, the then gentle horse shied at a tumble weed and pitched his mistress in the ditch, an outlaw from that mo- ment'on. In better thin i dozen years of bucking off the best riders in the business, Midnight'! record wil unmanned: nobody ever mide a qualified ride on her. When you know the rule! that restrict the saddle bronc rider In a modern rodeo, you begin to wonder why more horses haven't equalled the record of Mill Klamath and Midnight. The deck He can either bring hit own or borrow a saddle but it must conform to definite specifications let by the Rodeo Cowboys' Association that rule out high pommels or cantles or my "freak" rig gins thai mike U easier to ride. For eight to 10 seconds (according to local rules) he must not only hold his teat* on the hurrl cane deck but do his best to spur the bronc from shoulder to flank. He has i course, briided rope rein to hang on to, which he can't .wrip around his rein hand or even touch with his free hand. Unless he spurs the broae over the point of the shoulders on the first jump out of the' chute, he's disqualified. He earns a gooseegg in the judges' books, too, if he touches any part of the saddle, tha rein or the horse with hi! free hand, or if he loses stirrup during the ride. His ride is judged by two experienced cowboys who watch ever)' move from opposite sides of the horse, marking the rider from one te twenty points and the horse from 65 to 15 point!. The horse, of course, can do anything to get rid of the rider, who has one small consolation. If the bronc deliberately throws itself to the ground, the cowboy can a«k for a reride. Corner Thtmai Welsh Sp«iVi it Appralsm Institute Thonai if. Wtlih. of Welsh and Anderson Inc., veteran Greeley realtor, spoke recently on "Hew To Appriiit Rinch and Grating Land," In Chicago at the silver an- r.ivtrstry insioa of the Amerlcin Institute of Iteal Ellite Apprllien, of which hi U a member. Welsh wai at the conference three days before the central lei- lion started, serving on the Firm ind Ruril Commission nf the Fourth Pin American Apprilsil conference. Welsh confined his remirki to work in the "short grass" country, stressing the preservation of Criss ind the cue of the ringe. He out- ined Mi procedure In eriluiting a cattle ranch, alonj with mountain 'ore«t {ruing permits often held the plains ranch owner. His peech was strictly technical. On leased grazing lind sources he slid: Permits to gme the nilionil brest miinly located on the principal mountain chains and extend- ng Into the drier brush covered oothiils. Approximately §0 million acres, or SO percent of the total area of the national forest lands in conUnentil United Stites, produces 'orate suitable for griting and some 9 million domestic animals annually graze on this area In the 1 western states embracing this national forest griting area. "The secondi tource of leased grazing land Is public domain In- luded in whit is commonly re- erred to as Taylor grazing lands, usually leased to owners of ranches to which the land la contiguous. 'The third source Is state leised ind, often referred ta as school and as the proceei usually go to the support of the public schools. "In addition to this, there are many sizable tracts of privately owned grazing land within the xrandiries of or contiguous to rincnes thit ire leised on an annual bisls." The time address that Welsh tire at .Chicago will be presented y him it the' Farm Brokers con- 'erence or short course it Colorado State University it Fort Collins in August. Elephants with Circus Here i r w r w . \m . June 25, 1S57 GREELEY TRIBUNE "Pit« 8 to set this trlde extended to 100 million lollars a year each way." Klihl said Japan it present has no btentioa of recognizing Communist China. Asked to comment on tin can of William Girard, accused a thooUct a JiptEe« woman whl!i on military duty, Kiihi ssld men ly that he thought U Should bi "settled between the two countrio In accordance with the adminiitra tlve atjreement between th* tvi countries." The question U whether Glrlrt shall be tried by Japanese. elvUlai authorities or by U. 6. railitarj authorities. Kishj Wants More Trade with Communist China .NEW YORK I* -- Japanese Prime Uiniater Xobusuke Kishi said Monday Japan would like to Increase trade with Conmunist China to a total of 200 million dollars a year--in peiceful goods only. Kiihi told i new: conference the present tride between the two countries total* 110 million dollars, with Japanese exports compri«ln£ 60 million ind imports CO million. "We would like to extend tride relations with Red Chini not in stnteglc but only in peaceful goods," Kiihi slid. "We would like Florence, Italy, entertained IU,639 American touristi list year who spent some (9,600,060. The abort illustration displays thrtt members «l tht Al G. Klly t Miller Bros, htrd el 21 elephants corning to Greelty on Saturday, June Nth, afternoon and night, at tht Rostdalt grounds. At tht upper left is "Jumbo tht Jnd", ttwiring "Two-Slorltd Mastodon" a sptclts ef tht African elephant, In tht ctntir Is "Ttna" an unusually intelligent Indian tltphint. To tht Itwtr lilt Is "Congo" t pygmy African tltphant recently captured In tht dark depths of tht Hurl Forest, and acquired by Dorty Mllltr, ent of tht suptrviiors of America's 2nd largtst circus who ij Justly termed by con- Ifmpary showmen, the "Wild Animal Kins." Mr. Miller has ipired no effcrt or expense in astemb- linj specimens of the largest of ail land animal', scouring the last frontiers of the globe, In Witt Company Will Get Flaming Gorge Camp For Sale By Owners Investment Property Business - Professional Offices -- Apartment! Eicellent location, excellent condition. Income over $12,000 Wrife Box N-8, t/o Tribune, Greelcr, Colo. search of representatives to appear in Miller Bros, grand con-' grf«s of pachyrlermic phenomeons. | The average circus or zoo Is sit- Mird to present i few Burmese Would Halve Crow Payment on Yellowtail WASHINGTON IT) -- Rep. Met calf (D-Mont) proposed Monday the government pay the Crow In dianj no more than 2V4 million dollar! for a lite for the Yellow, tall dam on the Big Horn River in Montana. He offered an amendment to a bill now before a joint House In dian Affairs and Reclamation Subcommittee which would authorize a five million dollar payment The senate has approved a five million dollar payment. Metcalf told reporters he believes 2Vi million is the largest amount Congress could authorize without risking mother veto by President Eisenhower. He vetoed a five million dollar payment last year. Reclamation Commissioner W. A. Dexheimer told the committee Monday the Interior Dept. would Co along with the 2 l i million figure. Metcilf told reporters thit he DENVER (M -- Charles A. His-[understood thit Sens. Mumy (D- kell. former Republicin state I Mont) and Mansfield (D-Mont) chairman convicted of failure to and Rep. Anderson (D-Mont) still file a federal income tax return I favor a 5 million dollar payment 1951. wis ordered to surrender Tht committee recessed before WASHINGTON W -- Witt Con- 1 struetion Co.. Provo, Utih. wHI be iwarded I $2,765.031 contract to build the government's construction camp at the Flaming Gorge ' s m a i t e ^ n northeastern lltah, the | n t 5 . n f ^^ iterior Dcpt. announced Monl'j.; it|TO , m ^ cott tricks, not in The community facilities will wi)h A , fi KtU . , nd M1Utr Broji | house government engineers, i n - ! , n (hf 5 Cont j nfnt menagerie c a r j spectors, ind administrators and j M b , h( ,.,,,,,,., Jn(1 ,, r£tst I their families during construction | . r a n bf (( . fn rlf[ , nin , 5 , rom of the dam. Liter they will serve, , n d j l _',,,,,,, chl s l a m ,,,,,,.,, the personnel lor the operating c , d Bonl ,, u . rll ,, headquarters of the complete proj-^ A[r|cJ ^ rarc!t ,,, , u ,,,, ''· t y u m y elephant from the heart of Reclamation Commissioner \S.A. thc Bii c j, n Congo-lhe litter tho Sexheimcr slid tht cimp will be 0 miles from the nearest rail trlnsportation or town of any fire. - - 60 miles comparatively small as elephints go, is a fully matured adult, and this liny "tu«ker" is beyond ques- Rock Sprinsi,· * § ^ ls w m " CI tion the most c Flamins Gorpc dam and ( ' " f i c a i exm A power plant project on the Grrcn I Western Hemisphere in the River wil cost in estimated $37,-1 na lf a century. 650,000. outstandinR io- to past former GOP Chief Told To' Surrender July 2 for Prison precedence is «iven to appropria- r-?^/^ 1 £.?»«! ·?·-«- ^ »*- - ·- «·"' ««te. mirshil July Hiskell, SO. was sentenced to ;!«,«oo. G. Walter Bowman, federal a vote could be taken on Metcalf s amendment. Neither did it vote on one by Rep. Siylor (R- Pi) to piy the Crows SO million doiiars for their land. He said this could b only fair to the I n d i a n s tion (for the Fn'inspan bill) by the end of thii week It will be ; j HaskrH in view of their pist treatment passed and sent to the House. ,,, A toatliria|( , ralr . d , t , j,.i b r ^ se , mmtn ? "We are very pleased to re- j . / . Ir ", ·"'- " - ceive this issunnce from the act-,'"TM °ff !,,,,,,{. Ing majority leader as this lejis- Court « A ^'*^ lation sat on the Senate calendar for 14 months during the lait ses- lion of Congress." little black bronc named Mid- 10th Circuit It did. however, approve an t.nundment providing tha. my ^..^ ,,,,,,,,, | m O B f y plid , or ^ d l m i j t e vnM to rehear the case and the United |be put in the Crow Indian trust State Supreme Court refused list fund, rather thin being distributed The'lnstahtTaste is gone! Jgfllnstant Fblgers Cbffee Does Your Lawn Have Burned Spots Hard To Sprinkle Areas? Inltall * GOODYEAR underground tprinklcr _ eyitem ind ifft uniform cov«ra« . . . GUARANTEED apaintt d»m»iT« from freezing and corrosion. I Wt HAVE EXPERIENCED PERSONNEL TO INSTALL THESE SYSTEMS . AVAILABLE UNDER F.H.A. LOANS Up to 36 Months To Pay CALL CONSUMERS OIL COMPANY Fnr Fre« Estimates Phone 456 »eck to review HiskeU'i coaric- tinn in Hay. 1956. among the member! in per capita payments. You Must Be Registered By JULY 9 To Vote YES FOR RECREATION STICKER TIME! Official Brake and Light Station McARTHUR-WHEELER Yegr CADILLAC-OLDSMOllLr Dialar fill Tlh Street Phone S99 Rev. J. B. Kelly Dies NEW YORK W -- The Rev. John Bernard Kelly. 69, poet, essayist and spiritual director of the! Catholic Writers Guild of America, died Friday. He was Dirt spiritual zuide of Roman Catholic] writers for more thin 35 years. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Elmtr U. Anderson Radiator Service PHONE 1SI 1018 Ith Av«. entrance In il Sinner's Beet and Bean Weeders BIGGER PROFITS-CLEANER CROPS Weed right in the rows where other tools won't -- Rives you cleaner crops while growing, more profits at harvest. --Used in All Major Beet Growing: Areas-ELLIS -CAPP EQUIPMENT CO. SOS 8th Ave. Phone 1346 "Lasting Value Is the thing that sold me on Olds!" Attendant! ft ft, I'tf InrnlM at OMi frnm rmy antlr, un^rnMth, undf thr bond, and I r«n trll jmi--OM« rml/y knntri how to put 'rm to^Mh^r! Owntn Vr«, in-l OWi (until- thit ton know ·ill IMV in tjle. Y.irr th ck on how tcu'h ny»f; nn t»t for an OHi trad'-ra? Attondvnti Yon ftt ew« tlian loti of hifh^r pricrd cart bring. Owntn Rlfal! Th. way OMitnohil* rahie lasta raaVrt it t imart hntitmtot. And ibfrf'i lot* mvf ... Attendant! Surf, Islr tiat Rorlft _Enpae*. . . there's still nothing quite like It. I iNiri talk It up, f"n though the' B«r 1-2 Rnrkrt don mean I pump \m gat. Owntn ITnea TOO add it np, and take I lonk it lh» prir^--it rrally mat-* aenae t» own an OMi. Atttrtetontt That'a for sure. I'm dririag i Golden Rnrkrt M. too! ABU »*r i.' nuit of ray fuitom'n art roiog ortr to v o u A U T H O N I Z I D O L D « M O « l t I Q U A L I T Y f rt- ·KCH-TV O I A L I M

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