Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 13, 1967 · Page 3
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 3

Nampa, Idaho
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Thursday, July 13, 1967
Page 3
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*lahn Fro, TVirsday, Ji,lyn,i%7-.'! -- _ ' - - -- J v n j » . » ( 1J1.M---,V New Leader Takes Over College Announces Salvation Army Duties Third Term Honors Around About The NAMPA Area ' DOR HOUKF.H NAMPA -- Capt. HulanJ J. Junes is wrapper] up in Ms work as Ihe new commanding officer nf the Nampi Salvation Army al ·103 12th Ave. S. A native o! Logansporl, Intl., Capt. Jones came from Ft, Collins, Colo., where he served the Salvation Armyfor eight months. Prior to that he was in San Francisco for lour years. His wife, Emma Lou, a native of Boise, works with him on the Salvation Army projects here. From 1958-61 Capt. Jones ami his wife lived in Boise where he worked for the Post Office. He succeeds Capt. Leonard Johnson in the post here. Capt. Johnson has gone to Mertford, Ore. While stationed al Hill Air Force Base in Utah, Capt. Jones met his wife. At the lime she was assistant to the captain of the Salt Lake City Salvation Army. Assisting Capt. Jones and his wife this summer is Cadet Benny Jacksch and his vile, Virginia. Jacksch, already ordained like Capt. Jones, will go through Ifce Salvation Army's officer training school this fall with Mrs. Jacksch. Bolli the Jones' aiiJ Jackschs' have three children. Welfare work, counselling, religious services and young peoples' work are the four principal types of activity carried on at the Nampa Salvation Army. "Under welfare, we provide family service for people who live here," said Capl. Jones, and social projects. "We (ry 10 meet just their In the other category ol Ihe immediate living needs. »'e young people's work, the Sal- feed and bed transients, often \ation A r m y directly seeks lo just for a night, and try to help bring people into Ihe three those looking for a job." groups. More time is spent by NAMPA- Thirty-five area Shannon Galloway, Kenneth Frit- students achieved High Honors laga 8TM Moore, Pamela Doi, for the third term at Northwest Patricia Wood, Patricia Saw- Nazarene College according to yer, Bonnie Robert, Wanda Hen- Ihe Dean's List issiiedthisweek. ry, Robert McKay, Ray Doane, Students carrying a regular Maridel Woodcock, Leon Ful- acaderalc load who maintain i *er, Richard Haines, Galen grade point average of 3.50 to Guess, Janice Keoppel, John Cur- 4.00 earn High Honors, offi- 'is, Dennis Carlwright, Janice cials said. Manning, Herbert Smith, Diann Sampans cited for achlev- ing 4.03 or "straight V aver- WK include PalrMa William- ages incniae raricia iMiiiam Miller, Alma Keene, Melvin Brandt, Louis Henry, Roy Jones, Marguerite Chase, Aaron .. * ' STKAK FRY - Newcomer's Club summer steak fry slated at 7 p.m. Saturday has been changed 10 Lincoln Pdrk because of the large number of reservations received. Each couple is asked to take a covered dish, own table service and steaks. Sojoorners and Newcomers are reminded thai out of town guests are welcome. FOUND - A halt grown Siamese cat came to the home of 107 KUhAve. S., CAPT. ROLAND J. JONES, the new commanding officer of the Nampa Salvation Army, and his wife, Emma Lou, look over details cf a work project. Capt. Jones has succeeded Capt. Leonard Johnson in Ihe Nampa post. (Free Press Photo) Problems (Ml come up fur (he leaders and greater emphas- quilts, visit hospitals and carry counselling include financial, is is placed on these groups, nut other educational and social "We They are the Hoys Club, Sun Reams for girls andGirlGuards. The Hoys Club, divided into program is based around relig. Caldwell students are Guth'ridge, ton Kietneli Charles Davenport, Judy Pugh, Terry Wide and Maureen Box. Sc nultz . G 'TM L«PP«rt, Doris Others earning High Honors Dougherty, William Farner, Glen are Ronald Parsons, Duane Hy- B^V a nd Connie Farwell. berlson, Terry Caudill, Marilyn Boiseans include Stephen Hybertson, Carol Olsen, Larry F° sler . Merlyn Knight, Rudy Olmsted, Raymond Box, Joyce Unrtbloom, Aaron Knapp, Biff Welde, Eleanor Dahl and Pat- Esholman and Krdhryn Welling- ricia Jones. ton. Caldwell residents include TM he rs are Dorothy Rodgers Christina Rutledge, DorothySfin- ar1 Michael Sakahara, Ontario; son, Charles Randolph, William Neal McConnel and Sandra Ham- Viers, Dale Piper and Dorolhy Won, Emmett; Diane \Vyatl and Tish. Boiseans are Ceva Bush James Johnson, Parma; Nancy and Linda Foster. Garlin, Notus; James Holiday, Other area studentsachieving Fruilland; Alberta Swander, High Honors are Arthur Free- Sweet; Nancy Dane, Pocatello. man. Eagle; Patricia Fujii, Also Ken Benedick, Lewiston; Ontario; Stephanie Kichols and Rickey Skeen, GrangeviJle; Andy Russell Aman. Emrnett; Car- 3. Bull, Princeton; Laree Hill, olyn Haley, Castleford; Marilyn Marsirtg; William Hamming, Mahler, Homedale; Sandra Hum- Klmlierly; Diana Rodgors,Good- piireys and Garren Hagemeier, ing; Elaine Carlson, Idaho Falls; Meridian; Virgil Seward, Nyssa; Carolyn Sparks, iuiiui; Sliirley George Lepperl and Stanley Hoi- Breshears, Nyssa; James Perry, ton, Greenleaf; Melvin and Ima Knna; Wanda Gossard, Grsen- Wikoff, Grangeville and Burton leaf and Donu Hansen, Twin Bowen and Nancy Hilliard, Julia- F-'" s - c-fla. / Students carrying a regular academic load who maintain a program. TheMen'sFellowship grade point average of .1,00 to Program has 10 members who 3.50 will earn Honors. Cited for meet al 7 p.m. Saturday. Honors are: The Home League for women Nampans lynda Campbell, has 30 members who meet at ------·--'~--~~TM--~~~ I p.m. Wednesday. They make TWI-LITE LOUNGE "7/ie House of Blue Lights" NEW MANAGEMENT LIVE M U S I C . . . . Friday and Saturday Nites "AL LOPEZ TRIO" Your Hosts: AL VERA LOPEZ 453 Caldwell Blvd.-466-9875 Drivers Get Citations NAMPA - George P. Tollefson, 512 BlhSl. N., Nampa, was charged wMi failure to yield right of way Wednesday in a two- car collision a( 3:12 p.m. at Third Street S. and Second Avenue S., police siid. Sharon L. Hill, 111 16th Ave. S., Nampa, was listed as driver of the other car. No injuries were reported. At 12th Avenue Road and E. Colorado Street, Maurice L. Clements, Nampa Route 4, was charged with driving to the let! of the center lane after the car he was driving was involved in a collision with a car operated by James M. Penny, Caldwell, police said. The collision occurred al 8:54 p.m., Wednesday. No injuries were reported. Closed Sundays! Enjoy Dining at its b e s t . . . Paul's Pizza VIENNA GARDEN FRIDAY NITE BUFFET Served 7 to 10:30 P.M. Seafood and Other Detectable Entries. $2°° AND V I E N N A GARDEN 139 Caldwell Blvd. -- Nampa marital and .spiritual, deal mainly with lay people," said Capl. Jones, "and we also make several classrooms available to the Welfare Department of Hie Unemployment Office." Protestant religious services uer rousts, educational performed at theSalvLitioiiArmy and work projects, include sessions ut II a.m. and The Sun Beams, IS girls aged unite the groups," stated Capt. p.m. cm Sunday; Hi We study 7-11, :md Girl Guards, 22 mem- Jones, "to getabetterbalance." Archaeologist Listed Friday projects. The remainder of the senior IVA M? A - Dr - Har ' e y K - Fin age sections of 8-U and 12-17, ^smiMsTfteseiiioTbands- ! ey ;. no ' ed .. arl ' !i; " 1 ° I1 E isf . ^ ll meets at 10 a.m. Saturday to participate in sports, hikes, wei- trips men and senior songsters meet Kcbmm-n* United Monarchy with the corresponding youth ""TM n , eci ly _Archaeology" at members ' Friday's session of a two-week s "In the summer months we TMkshop ou "Archaeology of the :il 7 p.m. Wednesday; iindprayer meeting at 7:-lfi p.m. l-'riday. Normally Capl. Jones and his wife Kivo Huwe wri ices. Hi'i'iij: (onus iu:it'ri:ij,is and officiates at funerals. 9 "' ;· [t i:; in Hip field if .umiip jipoplo's work that there are sev- vrat .»c(iult's fur \aryiiitc age yniups. · "We try to divide (tils work jlitii Iwii categories, 1 ' said C:ill. Jloni's. "ill line] wi' try to pro- Jiide more iliroi.-! leadership." '· Tliese Kroiiris, number of liii'inli'iYi ami iiit'i'liiit: limes include: baud pr.u-lice, Ifi mi'm- tXM'S, li::10 p.m. Monday; vount; ;\eiipU' songsters, ^0. 7:iUl p.m. Mimd;u: I'nrnsCudi'tj:, 13, t!p.m. s'imikiv: I'msLiilors (U'^i's li-ITO, !·), 7 p.m. Tluirsil.iv; ;llid Torch llKlivrs (:i^i-s lS-:i6\ If., 7 p.m. ' 'Hie Criisiidi-rs, ondi-r Ihi'ilir- t "c'liiii i[ Mi--* Vi'iM Hiilrr, .ind I Hi' Ton-h |ii\iri'rs, iiudiM- C':i|'l. .lulli'.-., iliv "li'll In :lll Hit- viiili:r (Vllpll 1 ill till' I ' l H l l l l l H I H l V . TIll'V iMITV I'll s p i l - l l l l . i l . I ' l l l l i M l i i ' l U l Band Concert Slated Sunday NAMl'A Tin 1 N.imp:i ^'iti Hunt will pri'^'id .iiu'tb.'i 1 i-i'ii- i-i'rt of ils siiiuini'rsi'r- ti'S .it ^:-W P.m, Silllil:lv :lt tlti- uilsi'vi.'w I'.irk Iviiutsi'hll. I ..I. 1'inlr'i 1 ilirivliT .l.iiiir.--- .'nlius (In 1 Inliul ^ ill pri'-'i'iil tin' ". r , d n I n d i a n M.m-li, K . I . Klni^: J\.m: Mnvli. HiiTh l ' r l v : d i ' s . l \ . l . jmc Mrihllii'ii i Vi-vlniv, Ihr- ,,|,l .Mm-;.HI; M:iVi-li. KiniMli'iirv, K . I . Kini': Si'nlli P.irifii-. |ii'!*'Ts |.il. i-inu-'-rl iii.iri-li. '/.imluins: 'pint:! 1 .inv', I'M'rliirr.iMiii'v.i: .Mn.-h. It'.' st i(i'-.-ni:i'i. s'i ·|i,'i,nini- IV:.ti\:il. I'.li'ii.wsin-. Tilii-ii- Mi'iinl.iin ^i-i'lun'. Ti'ii -:IIM: .iii.l M.nvli. f i . l . ' l l t v . il.'in .in.) l'.iiri.. H M i l l .vllr.lnrli' n i l l i |lniil: .'f Ilir tiers aged 12-18, meet al 3 p.m. Hidle" lit Northwest N'azarene College. Dr. L.F.West-he, summerses- opened in IStiS. Railways Plead For Rate Boost WASHINGTON i.Ul'l) -The nation's railroads maiic a formal plea lor a rate Unwl this week, i-himiiij: that il was nut only justified liul overdue. In Icstiinony lulorc the Interstate (.'ommiJi'ce Commis- sinu (Il'C), Ihe liastem, \Ves- teni ;uid Southern railroids all ai'i;iti!il thai w.iis. 1 increases :mil liiph operatinj; costs had oaten away tlnii" i-apital. The iMrriers asked tlie IIX' 0:11 IJL'r fur ^oleolive rale hitos avorafinii al'nul;( per ivnt. U il is ai'pi'ovcii, thi.' iiK'C.--ase would le Hie (ii'*l sini'i' 1'JOO. s'l'O.iViui: for (lie Eastern railroads, tMw.iril Kaiser s.iid "Itie railroads liavc :ilsurlied all the iui-reased i'ost Ihey can.' 1 Hi- s.iiit the iiiilusln has been liKlilui;: the rale line over Hie \,\.\ sis u-.irs t'ul I'.in't i-iuitinue HI n .1. Itiiivlu-ll, t h o fni tln Wi'sli'rn nil- v\ith Kjisi'r. Hi- ···.liil riiilrniit had boon rising every year. This plus increased wage costs made Ihe rale liike necessary. Albert H. linss, spokesman fur the Southern railroads told the cninmission that the rate increases were"vitallynceded 1 ' to ineel inweased cost. Without them, Hnss warned, the rail- nulls ii'iiiilil nul be :ible to provide shippers willi adciiuate servk-e. \\Hrkini; capital, lie said, is now at the lowest level in a) years. Kailrnad earnings, which in (966 were at their best level lhau l!i:.". fell sharply in Hie first quarter t .f this year. Net operatiii:; income dropped by 'K per cent to $1-13 million in the f'.vsl Ihroe iiii.uths nf \'X6. .'.flf-.''\V'esfhe said the group spent Wednesday at Weiser studying recent iirclneological finds. A numlier of are al- tondinp the workshop sessions which will continue through Friday, July ;i. Garbage Burning Reminder Issued NAMPA-- It's imhfffultotiurn garbage in the city, (lie Namps Fire IVparlmenl reminded Wednesday. There was sotiwlmrnini; of parb.ipe near Smsel Ave, Club Plans Picnic NAMi'A - The Vomiir Sltick- meu's J.-H Club will linld a picnic a( 1 p.m. Sunday. July in, near the bandstand in Lake View Park. All members are ·asked to briiif their own food and dishes. Punch and iee i-ri'.im will Iv furnished. DEL BUFFINGTON is associated will) MUNSTER'S BARBERSHOP 120? MlliStrci't S. OPEN 8-6 Schwarz Honored HI ]si-: (\'\\\ - i i . c,ii, i-rl S'luv-irz nf JM'JSI- Jw.s J.|.,-j) arar.led Ihe liri'iue Star Mc.lal .111.1 Mr Ali'ihl fur . in prinm-l .iir i-.. in Vit'liciin. NOW SHOWING PECUL POPULAR PRICES PECIAL SCHEDULED PEHFQHMAWE 1 MAritVECS 2:30 ;VENINGS 8:30 «10 SEATS RESERVED PAULNEWMAN FREORtC MARCH RICHARD BOONE DIANE CILENTO PLUS A T T H E T E B R A C E PLUS-"ROADTO ADVENTURE" Let this Coquette la the dreamiest of bedrooms . . . lovely now and far into your future. Has worlds of storage space in an enchanting variety of delicately sculptured pieces. Some that fit snugly together, turn corners, hug and climb walls. All with the delightful chnroi of authentic French Provinci styling. In rich Ivory and Gold finish, wilh matching mar- resistant plastic on case tops. The perfect companion to any room color scheme you choose. Coquette Is so «ngegmgiy styled and ex pertly craf fed it looks expensive, yet is very k.nd to budgets. Make your selection soon French accent to IIOHJ· LIBERAL TRADES AS SEEN IN SEVENTEEN AND HOUSE BEAUTIFUL IN ROOM SCENE AT TOP ^ 9 DIOVH-I 6 4 ' t u p l e Dn's'.-i inii'rd WollMoanl Mlrroi 51 »35 . . SI39.W . . . S50.CO 5-Drov.cr36' S109.95 full-SileorTwinChairijQcliBed . . 564.95 2-Orower Night Stand S49.95 IN CORRELATED ARRANGEMENT 3 Dniwi'r Corner Chesl . 5119.95 . . S?4 95 . . 584 95 . . . 574.95 . 579.95 J.DrQiei JO Single Dresser. F'omed Tilrmg Mirror 5 Drawer 32 Chest Full Sue or Kin Poster Bed Canopy frame . . ' . . . . . 2-Dra\.e. r Nighl Stand . . . . . S89.95 . . S30.00 . . 589.95 . . 599.95 . . 515.00 . . 549.95 PLUS A WIDE CHOICE OF OTHER PIECES INVITINGLY PRICED \ DIAL 466-6261 NAMPA W3 THIRD ST. SOUTH

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