Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 30, 1970 · Page 3
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 3

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1970
Page 3
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Not Just Demonstrating Sat, May 30, 1970 . GREELEY TRIBUNE Pagq Youth Ought To Be Working For Causes, Says Kennedy NEW YORK (AP) - Edward Southeast M. Kennedy, D-Mass., said Fri-j day that American youth ought to be working for the causes they believe in "and not just day' demonstrating." 'Their track record in terms of many of the things they've been interested in is not any better than perhaps some of the politicians or public officials of today," he declared. "Protest has become too easy in our society, and if they've really got the interest now in doing something about this they ought to be registering blacks, they ought to be out working pie with drug addicts and the prob-" lems of the people in poverty, and they ought to be out electing the candidates that are com- hopelessness, mitted to the cause of peace in Asia, and not demonstrating." Kennedy was interviewed on le NBC television network "To" Show, on the 53rd anniversary of the birth -of his elder brother,.the late President John again F. Kennedy. In response to a question about polarization among segments of the nation, Kennedy replied: "I believe that this is perhaps the greatest danger we're fac ing today. I find that it is true, that there is polarization. . . that now we have too many peo- natcly, who are appealing to more baser instincts, the more baser emotions. The emotions of fear and fright and despair and MURAL OF GREELEY IN 1870-Students in the fourth level class of Mrs. Helen Fransen at Maplewood School recently completed a-mural of early Greeley scenes depicting several buildings, Indians, a covered wagon and persons in dress of the period 1 . Admiring the work, from left, are Chris Shaw, Kenny Dean and Donna Croleau, who contributed parts to the mural. (Tribune photo by John Dugan) In the Courts COUNTY COURT Judges Lee West and Sidney Emeson Ignacio Hernandez, Brighton, spilling load on highway, $10; illegal size, $5 and costs. G a r o I d James Wells, Frederick, no operator's license, $10 and costs. Charles Albert Wheeler, 1915 15th St., driving under the influence, dismissed; driving while ability impaired, $100 and costs. T e r r . a n c e Lee Windholz, Brighton, careless driving, $15 suspended and costs. Ave., operated non-registered vehicle, $10 and costs; misused l i c e n s e plates, $10; 'no operator's license, $10. Terry Eugene Peck, Platteville, no operator's license, $10 and costs. Ronald Lee Kulm, Dacono, reckless driving, $25 and costs, eluding police, $25. Guadalupe Oballe, Milliken, careless driving, $15 and costs. Joe Benavidez .Jr., 306 12th Ave., driving under suspension, $50 and costs, five days in jail. George Grimaldo, 317 N. llth Ave., driving under the in- William Lee Porter, 524 23rd fluence, $125 and costs; no operator's license, $10. W i 11 i a m Ix^roy Mitchell, Evans, failed to report accident, $10 suspended and costs. Jasper Mike Fields, Pierce, driver allowed passenger to interfere with driving, $10 and costs. Dale DeForcst Gilliland Jr., 2519 9th St., careless driving, $15 and costs. Jackie K. Rucker, Platleville, stop sign, $15 and costs. Earl Leroy McCloskey, Arvada, parked on highway, $10 and costs. Sammy Lee Frank, Plalte- ville, careless driving, $15 suspended and costs. William Francis Bookland, Denver, no operator's license, $10, $5 suspended, and costs. Vayle Dean Sterling, Milliken, careless driving, $15 and costs. Hugh William Luark, Rt. 4, Greeley, no operator's license, SaTleTspilYing load"orThigliway, $10 and costs: driving while Ave., failed to comply with inspection law, dismissed. W a y n e Thomas Boyles, Evans, no operator's license, dismissed. Daniel Frederick Miller, 2121 25th St., no registration on trailer, $10; no safety chain, $5 and costs. Lilia Josephine Woertcndyke, 1429 8th St., no operator's license, $10 and costs. Howard Dwighl Boyer, La Salle, speeding, $25 and costs. Freeman Miller, Denver, no operator's license, dismissed. Larry Dean Sarchet. 2429 Kith Ave., expired temporary permit. $10 and costs. Marvin Clifford Sickler, Long- mnnt, no operator's license, $10 and costs. Albert Louis Rcmy, Firestone, backed vehicle on highway, $10 and costs. Bruce Allen Butterfield, La $8; false inspection sticker, $15; misused license plates, $10 and costs. William Edward Partlou, 2116 27th St., speeding, $25, $15 suspended, and costs. David Resales, Rt. 4, Greeloy, careless driving. S10 and costs. Nannett Elizabeth McVicker, 407 28th Ave., speeding, $25 and costs. Bernard Kdgnr Walker, Fort Lupton, no motorcycle license, $10 and costs; no motorcycle face shield, dismissed. Richard Elmo Hendershot,] 3220 5th St., failed to display registration, $10 suspended; GfO 11(1(31110 failed to comply with inspection 3 ] a w , $5 suspended; no license denied, $50 and five days in jail. Mariano Perez, Fort Lupton, driving while ability impaired, $100 and costs; reckless driving, dismissed. John F. Killcen, Denver, speeding, $25, $15 suspended, and costs. Charles V. Erickson, I/a Porte, passed within 100 feet of intersection, dismissed. education have impasse, it was Boulder School Negotiations Reach Impasse BOULDER (AP) - After 14 weeks of bargaining, negotia tions between Boulder Valley School'District teachers and the board of reached an announced late Thursday. Boulder Valley Education As sociation president C. J. Field said agreement was reached on such key points as class size, but he said the two sides are $850 apart on a base salary for the 1971 school year. This year will receive The BVEA has come down to a demand of $7,350 for 1971, but the school board has increased its offer to $6,500. The unresolved issues will be submitted to a professional mediator as happened last year. Just blacks hating whites, and whites distrusting blacks. We have youth feeling antagonistic toward the old, and the old feeling threatened by the young. And we find the South fighting once in the Civil War against the North. And we're finding these polarizations increasing. "And this I think is the greatest threat we're facing as a country; and it a threat that could really tear the nation apart, and is doing so today. I don't think we really have the will in the nation today, unfortu "_', to really meet the great kinds of problems that we're facing in terms of our cities or even in the rural areas or the farms." "And as a result we have Kennedy said that under no circumstances would he seek la presidential nomination in I'd give consideration 1 tfl Some- 972. As for 1978, h« added: "I on't make plans that faf, ccr- alnly, Into the future." Regarding a published report mt he might retire from public ife, the last of the Kennedy ro'thers -replied: "..I expect to e 'active in public affairs and pill be as long as I can be doing lat-the job that people in my tate expect me'to do/But if I thing, else.". ; Speaking of the KenneoV. fajnr.; ily,' the senator concluded: "So'"" we're going to continue to be mt. there, and it's going to take, q:- good' Republican this November' r to lick us." Australia Landowners ' CANBERRA - - About .'3.000 ;; ' Americans are listed at the U.S.' ecame convinced that I Embassy in Canberra as owning' oiildn't do (Hat kind of job, theni'land in Australia. ' Telephone 352-7600 UNDERGROUND LAWN SPRINKLING SERVICE REPAIRS AND INSTALLATION MANUEL GARPIO GREELEY, COLORADO starting teachers a base of $6,250. Pope To Visit Australia, Philippines VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Paul VI visit the Philippines and Australia next November, the Vatican announced Friday. The Vatican said the 72-year- old Pontiff would fly (o Manila in (he second half of November (o take part in a conference of Roman Catholic bishops in the Far East. Then he Sydney to conference participate of bishops fly to in a from 747 Safe After Emergency operator's costs. license, $10 and MILWAUKEE (AP) - A Pan American flight from London Dennis W. Gonzales. 1533 9th St., no operator's license, $10 and costs. Clarence Eliberts Sandoval, 1202 4th Ave., leaving scene of accident. $20 and costs. John Richard Stearns, Fort Collins, parked on highway, $10; failed to display lights when .parked, $5 and costs. Jeannettc L. Kofz, Roggen, careless driving, $10 suspended and costs. Joe Rodriquez, Gill, no operator's license, dismissed; driving under suspension, $50, $25 suspended, five days in jail suspended. Robert Neal Elkins, Johnstown, careless driving, $10 and costs. Warren Lee Adams, Rt. 2, Greeley, speeding, $25 and costs, $10 suspended. Brian Eugene Jayncr, 1045 10th Ave., speeding, dismissed. Jeanne Ann Koehler, 'Denver, failed to,report change of address, $iO and costs. Benito Pacheco, Cheyenne, Wyo., driving under the influence, $125 and costs. Hugh William Luark, Rt. 4, Greelcy, failed to obey summons, $25 and costs. Francisco Olivas, 301 N. llth COLD BEER TO GO 7 DAYS A WEEK MCDONALD'S Superette 1001 E. 18th St. Oceania and in celebrations of the 200th anniversary of (lie discovery of Australia. It will be the Pope's ninth trip outside Italy and the first visit ay any pontiff to the Far East and Australia. It will also be the longest trip by (lie Pope since he became spiritual ruler of the world's half-billion Roman Catholics seven years ago. Previously he made jet journeys to the Holy Land, to India, New York, Portugal, Turkey, landed safely after being de- Bogota, Geneva and Uganda. oured from Chicago by bad weather, then was stuck Friday night in Milwaukee with an oil system leak. The 177 passengers aboard the Boeing 747, largest type of commercial airplane in production, sat in the 500-seat craft for more than an hour at Milwaukee's Mitchell Field, waiting for customs and health officials to arrive from Chicago's O'Hare Field. Officials said an engine was not running properly because of an oil leak that had to be repaired before the plane could be cleared to leave Mitchell Field. The fligh terminated over O'Hare Field 90 miles south of Milwaukee for about a half hour because of stormy weather. Officials said the weather and a slight drop in oil pressure prompted the decision to land instead at Milwaukee. , which was to have in Chicago, circled KATMANDU (AP) -- The Nepal government has thrown open to foreigners most of its 500-mile Himalayan frontier with Communist Chinese-ruled Tibet, the national news agency reported. Last April the pontiff made yet another jet trip, to the Italian island of Sardinia. Never before Pope Paul came to power had a reigning pontiff made any airplane trip. One of the hallmarks of the present, pontiff's reign has been his effort to go out and meet 'his flock," as he puts it. He ( has described himself as an "apostle on the move," and "the pilgrim Pope." The announcement indicates the pontiff, who underwent an operation for the removal of a prostate gland in November 1967, is in good health. Latin Conference LIMA (AP) - Peru's military government invited all Latin American countries Friday to an Aug. 11-15 conference aimed at supporting national claims to sovereignly over 200 miles of coastal waters. Foreign Minister Kdgardo Mercado, speaking to an assembly of Latin American ambassadors, asked for a solid front against U.S.-Soviet efforts for setting a 12-mile ocean limit. The conference is to be held in Lima. We Will Be Closed Monday, June 1st Joe Goddard Son Welding 127 E. 18th SI. SUNDAY MONDA SPECIA PRICES GOOD SUNDAY MONDAY ONLY just say Children's Playshoes | Tan k 97 C 2 arae Ladies' Sixes: 9 to 3 Happy go-casual sandals for the younger set -playtime will be funtime. From «' WO TM £,£ Stretch Style. acetate ieraey. SW"? back ,,,,»,. wmi moc* °r ful1 TM inal cM,, g ...he*.. Tank TOPS man * £ ,. Rlripcs all(1 sol,* Chotae -I vibrant .»mm t Wo olco Sa Gveat Summer Looks i n R . just say '/" it 2/398 i "ea wth chicken feathers. At 'his low price y QU ca " buy one for very in cmber of ; ia family. Nationally Famous LENOX® Men's Permanent Press Walk Shorts Compare at 4.00 Rugged no-iron blends of 77^0 cotton -- 23£ polyester. Ivy belt loops. Assorted solid colors. Sizes 29-40. Kleenex Paper Towels TWIN PACK 411 00 Slrong-Ateotbcnt Gillette Platinum -- Plus Injector Blades Pack of 11 88' Pack of 5 66' -- *-,,, 50 ft - Garden Hos Bear Rug ^ : 99" Reg. 110.00 1 Thcso bRnutlful r u p g como in wlittc, brown or blno.k. e Monsanto 97 Shakespeare Rod Reel 13°°' $40.00 trade on any working machine ELECTRIC Portable 99 WITH TRADE Stuel fur solidity ,nnd- durability. Electric for sliced and pi-elision. GENERAL' ELECTRIC AM/FM AC/JDC 95 iiporl to loavn fine nuttiio homo. This fccauty pluys rich FM, plus yv*u£ A M fjtvnritPs. 4.37 ce Wheel Balance '4/4" 20.07 C o in e R complete with 14 mile of Jlono line. r r i c o inrlinlos w f i g h l s . Correct wheel b;ilam-o prr- vent a f.'ist wcnrout both oE tires and oC steering equipment. Shop Weekdays 10 a.m. 'til 9:30 p.m. Shop Sundays 12 noon 'til 6 p.m. Hillside Shopping Mall, llth Avenue at 26th Street

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