Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 25, 1957 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1957
Page 6
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Simpson Charges Politics in U.S. Road Designation Road Job Advertised Estimated at $1.86 Million, Limon-Agate Traildusters To Give Exhibitions Here r WILUAMSBUHG. Va. i DENVER '/Ft -- Tr*' f!orj'to! !Highway Depl. will open bids July! 10 on construction of 20.6 miles' jof road on U. S. highway 40-287: i between Agale and Urr.on in Ell**-Wyo-; bert county. the highway panel at the National 632. making the project th. Governor's Conference M o n d a y 'cosliis 3 million dolhrs o: that the U. S. Bureau of Roads' that will be bid on next mo appears to be subject to political The work calls for stadia -..pressure in making its decisions nine sleel-and-concrete structures, on "interstate highway right-of-way. Including one 124-foot bridge, an-! He said Ihc bureau left iargely other of 109 feet and a ZJO.foot to the 6tJl*s the design; lions of r overpass at a diamond Liter- r:ghls-of-way, but added, that (change at Agale. sometimes, aflcr the slates h a v e . Department plans call for even-i made 2 decision, ihe bureau I t u a l four-laning of all of this road, "doesn't have the intestinal for-;which is in the interstate system, litude to approve it." i The Elbert county job will n- Bertram TaUamay ot the Bu-: quire about 500 tons of steel and reau of Public Roads denied t h a t : 2,278,000 cubic yards of rough ex- right-of-way decisions were made cavation. It must be completed by the bureau as a result of po- within seven months after the litical pressure. I contract is approved He said there often had been | delays in approving rights o! w a y : lor the interstate highway system and these might appear at) the tune to be tor reasons of po: litical pressure. But actually, he laid, they were "because ' we | wanted all the facts." i Tallamay said there had been' (ome problems in Wyoming because several routes were under discussion, but was glad to announce a decision had been made. Democratic Gov. Steve Jlc- Nichols of Colorado, said the slat: Is not going to be able to handle locally the problem of providing classrooms and of giving teachers pay increases. JIcNichols,, during a news conference, said he doesn't believe any of uie Democrats now mentioned prominently will win his party's 1960 presidential nomination. He said he might classify Sen. John Kennedy (D-Mass.) as i "new face" on the Democratic ccene. State Tax Revenues Are Holding Up-Well DENVEn Ml--Colorado revenue for the current fiscal year, ending Sunday, is holding up lo ex- pectationj, Ihe Legislature's Subcommittee on Appropriations was informed Monday. The commillee chairman, Hep. Allen Dines (D-Denver), said it appears an estimate of $45,500,000 made for the current fiscal year "is jusl about righl." Dines estimated that the stale's 10 millior dollar revolving fund still will be intacl at Ihis lime next year a n d . there will be a surplus of about $2,500,000 additional even though expenditures are higher come. than anticipated in- The figures came out when the subcommittee ' held its monthly meeting at the Capitol. The subcommittee told /Is staff director, Harry Allen, to participate as an observer in space utilization studies to be made at Colorado colleges within the next few months. The studies are to determine if Ml use is being made of classrooms, laboratories. leclure rooms and Actor McBride Dies LOS ANGELES IB - Donald Macbride, 63, actor who starred on Ihe Elage and appeared in more than SO movies, died Friday night after a year-long Hlness. He was born in Brooklyn. American Males Fear Fashion, Expert States The Grteley Traildusters, shown abova. Junior members of the Greeley Saddle club, will present exhibitions at both the evening and afternoon per formances of the Go West with Greeley rodeo at Island Grove park, July J and 4. The group of 22 youngsters from Weld county range in age from 11 to 16. They will present an exhibition of formation riding to music. Instructor Is Mrs. Nathan Ball who operates a pony farm east of Greeley. Mrs. Ball, wbo came here from Oregon, was inslruclor for a Shetland pony riding club that tound Oregon rodeos presenting similar exhibitions. The group will also take part In the July 4 parade. Greeley's rodeo will be at 7:30 p.m. July 3 and at 2 p.m. July 4. Tickets can be purchased from the Greeley Chamber of Commerce and at the Davit agency, 712 Tenth street.--Tribune photo by Jim Moore. By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK wi - "American men are the best built in the world," said Francesca Lebow. "They arc also as vain as any men in the world. But, unlike women, they aren't frank and whole- iome about their vanity. They yearn to look well in their clothes, jut they are scared lo death of jeing called fashionable. "They think it's sissy." Mrs. Lebow, perhaps the outstanding woman consultant on what men should wear, said the cowardly American male's fear of the word "fashion" is one of the clothing industry's greatest obstacles. We'd give thousands of dollars .0 anyone "who could come up with a new term that would make men proud of being fashion-conscious instead of frightened. The world 'style' won't do. For some reason men think it sounds cheap when applied to them." Mrs. Lebow, who was the. first menswear editor of Vogue maga aine, became even more interested in the field after marrying Victor Lebow, a clothing manufac turer. "Approximately .70 per cent o all men's clothing is now either se lectpd -or actually purchased by women," she said, "and the per centage is increasing. "Even when a man goes into a store by himself lo pick up a suit it often is one which his wife has scouted for him in advance.' What's wrong with a man doing his own buying? "Nothing at all," said Mrs. Le bow, "if he knows what colors anc fabrics suit him best--and isn afraid of trying something new now and then." Among Mrs. Lebow's own inno vations for men are removable cuffs on suit coats and braid- trimmed evening jackets--neither of which, it mu5t be admitted, has caused the average manly heart to beat much faster. "You wait," said Mrs. Lebow, who is as firm as she is pretty. "I'll still win both those battles." Here are a few clothing" tips she offers for guys who think any s u i t ! if he had a beige skin?) looks hoi- ' f j g f i l Kinross Dies is okay, just so Sam doesn't m a k e j l r - r in a deeper rather lhan a light-. . .11 the pants too lonp: 'er brown. ' LOUG11EEI) Alia 'T -- Cecil "A big man will look s l i m m e r ] ··][ a m:m n a s a s u n lan, a while John Kinross, 59, second ynunsest and neater in a dark suit. As every 1 5 ; l m m e r jacket will set it o f f . R e - i winner of Hie Victoria Cross, died woman knows, any light object i mrmbcr, don't let your personality I Friday night. He won Ihc honor looks larger lhan a dark object the same size. fade into the fabric of your suit, j at the Battle of Pas.-chcndnele in "If a man has a red face (Edi-|ioi7 when he was 19. The young- That doesnt mean he has lo lor - s N o t c . And who doesn't, some l e s t winner was John Cromvcll, IB, wear black or charcoal. Men like |,i a y S ? ) Hc W JH look Dcsl j n s o [t: 0 f' t h c Royal Navy, fatally charcoal suils because they t h m k l m u l e d b]ucs and grays ^ t o n e ' w o u n d e d in 1910 any color shirt or necktie goes well j down his fire-engine complexion. I with it. But it is a lazy man's; "The most dangerous color of all I Scven prescription cnemisu lo is green, for either men or worn- sum jou at your [riendlj HEXALl en,"because it brings out the. yellow '"res: "StH" stamps at Gilben color. "A slim man can wear heavy, woolly looking tweeds, but a stout man should wear a smooth, fine- finished fabric." What about colors? "Blue is the most universal color . . ,, . . . ,, , . for all skin tones," said Mrs. Le-l thcl " "Ound ' sighed Mrs. Lebow bow. "Bui that doesn't mean plain · . and ,, men bke ^ l don t need ad- old blue serge. Blue will he the | v l c e i dominant men's color this fall, but | here are at least 200 shades lo :hoose from. "A man with a light fair skin :an wear a variety of colors. A i looked for B smoking, well-lit burg- nan with a sallow complexion lar after a service station was Austin Sale Dates ESTATE FURNITURE AUCTION Saturday, June 29, 1:00 p.m. FRANCES LAGE ESTATE, Hubert Waldo, Attorney 1302 4th St., Greeley, Colo. Frlgldalrt refrjgeratorl upright piano; steel filing cabinet; adding machine; 2 double beds, complete; single bed, complete; dining table and chairs; secretary; office desk; 4 antique chairs; several other chairs; several rugs;'Ice box; tables; 2 typewriters; 3 'lectrlc clocks dishes, pots and pans; Singer sewing machine; some garden and lawn tools. NOTE: Mrs. Lage collected dishes and buttons and we will sel quite a lot of collectors dlehes and buttons, also several pieces o very nice collectors furniture. We are sorry that you cannot see this furniture until sale day. Everything will be available for Inspection ~ 12:00 noon day of sale. AUSTIN and AUSTIN, Auctioneers Natte E. Austin -- E. R. "Kid' Austin Ray Larson Greeley offica 4804 PHONES Ft. Collins office HU2-5305 Radio programs--Dial 1410 at 7:20-a.m.--1310 at 7:30 a.m AUCTION Saturday, June 29th -1:30 p.m. We will sell for The Men's Council of The First Presbyterian Church of Greeley. Located al Ihe corner of 14lh Street and 9lh Ave., Greeley, Colo. This is an annual sale for (he Men's council and we will self many useful items; (here will be all kinds of furniture, lawn furniture, garden tools, shop tools, and many other items. Be sure to plan to allend (his sale, it will be a big sale of many useful items. i CLAUDE REDMAN, AUCTIONEERS RALPH GREENWOOD RALPH WHITE, CLERK TOM KIME, MGR. in your skin, and makes yon look like you need a quart of blood." And what should tall, dark and handsome men wear? ' "There aren't very many n[ Heavy Smoker KNOXVILLE, Tenn. Mi-Police Bishop and Wtldorado Drugs.- Adv. Billboards Up States, Idaho Governor Argues W1I.LIA.VSBURG, Va. v?v-Gov. Ruben E. Smylie of Idaho told .'r'liT.; 1 .ijLYr.'iOi-j; V.uM.ia} "i; i.- no husine.-s ol Congress" whether, there shall be billboards inside the new interstate highway system. "This should be left lo the JS stales." he said. "In Idaho we will lake care of it in our own good time." '. Smylie said the constitutions ot ; Idaho and several oilier slates pro- inliil tlie stale; from taking pri- ! valc land for highway purposes l u n l i l the eminent domain liliga- i t i o n is completed and Ihe land I paid for. The federal government ' c a n use its power of eminent dn- I m a i n , luv,ve\cr, and prompt fc;l- ieral assistance in this will help to .hold down land acquisition costs, he said, ! He addressed a roundtable on ! highways at ihc National Cover- Inors Conference. I Gov. J. Hugo Aronson of Montana said his s t a l e feel.-, it has an obligation lo acquire land for Ihe ! interstate system and will "call for federal assistance only as a l a s t rnsiiM." : Aronson said "We, in M o n t a n a , with i n a d e q u a t e highway revenues to match all of bur federal aid, i a n d with a p r i m a r y , urban and secondary h i g h w a y program lo ' w h i c h we arc committed, do not feel lhal it iS lo Ihe besl interest , and economic growth or our s t a l e : t o sacrifice construction on these highways in order lo participate to a greater cxlenl in the construction of the new interstate system. We do feel, however, that this system is an urgently needed fa- Tuesday, June 25, 1957 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page » Patrolmen Declare Jackie Cooper Sped 145 mph on Highway for reckless driving and speeding ' and orJercd lo appear before July 8 in the Mojave court. The a-tor was returning to Holly?/?!::! Jrors 2 fcticz triy. la Hollywood Monday, Cooper denied speeding a* fa! jis the ei- · MOJAVE. Calif; f - Highway ficcrs .claim. patrolmen say actor Jackie Coop- "On one open stretch of road I or.' with his 10-yrar-oJd son as a sot up to maybe 100 m.p.h.," the passonficr, hit 145 m.p.h. in his actor said. "I broke the law, no 312,000 sports car during a desert doubt about thai, but I wasn't chase. speeding any 1-iS m.p.h." One patrol car blew a tire at. -- \l.s m.p.h. anil another tore theljsrtj^ Comebflck tread off ? tire at 120 before Coop-i _ cr finally was slopped at a road-! fiA v; DIEGO. Calif on - When bbrk officers said. The chase took: Postmaster Bill Krenning pro- place last Saturday and came to t( , stcr | l n e j ncre ased cost of his liShl only Monday. ; | a u n ( l r y and r( , m arked that mail Cooper, drmnc a Morraies - ; no ., agc W B S t h e 5 a m c as m ]g33 Bonz. snid he was unaware lhal lie was heinc chased. He was cited cility and we'll endeavor In disperse our funds to the end that it will not suffer." : the l a u n d r y m a n replied: ; "Yes, hut you're losing money." ihould dress in clean clear colors and avoid somber hues. "A man with a beige skin (Edi- broken into here. Among the loot were 55 cartons of cigarettes, six boxes of cigars, eight flashlights .or's Note: Whatever man knew and an electric razor. INSTALL A GATES UNDERGROUND SPRINKLER SYSTEM FRK ESTIMATE Phone 41)6 OFFEN HARDWARE tth St. it tBth AVI. DO BUSINESS WITH THE MAN YOU KNOW "1 L _. ___ ] Lewie Smilh, Mgr., Greeley O f f i c e ' LOANS T O Y O U R N E E D S Helpful analysis of your particular problems and a lean lai^red lo lit your needs, your budget. Confidentiol · No Co-signers We loan any amount. S Phone 3^B ECURITIES C R E D I T C O R P . 029 9th Av.nua Creel.y, Colo BIG M 7 57_TAKES ORDERS LIKE A PRIVATE Instant obedience! Your touch is its command. Start! Neutral! Low! Drive! Reverse! Merc-0-Matio Keyboard Control does just abou t everything but salute. It's so advanced you con even release the Toe-Set parking braJte by pushing a button. COMMANDS THE ROAD LIKE A GENERAL You're in charge on any road. Here's two tons of solid authority ... filling low (less Lhan Ki fL-el high) to lake the lightest turns . . . built wide, (more than 6J4 feet) to hold the roughest roads . . . made mighty (up to 290 hp) so you can do the J exccptionaJ with matter-of-fact ease. AND HAS ROOM FOR AN ARMY No need to pull in your elbows. There's room for dad's Ieg3, mother's hats, and for the family to grow in. For The Big M is the widest car in its field. In fact, there's so much hip room and shoulder room, you'd have to buy one of America's 3 most expensive cars to beat Mercury's seating space. Remember, too, that only Mercury brines you Dream-Car Design. Only Mercury has Floating Ride- the moat effective combination of bump-smothering features ever put between you and the road. And only Mercury offers you innovations like the power seat that "remembers" and a Power-Booster Fan in the Monlclair series, "esl of all, Mercury prices start just above the lowest. No need to be wealthy--jast wise. See for yourself--at our showroom. THE BIG M E RCU RY -Tor 1 S7 w *h DREAM-CAR DESIGN Don't miss the bio. television hit, "THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW," Sunday evening, 8:00 to 9:00. Station KLZ-TV, Channel 7 OMPANY, INC. 1412 Eighth Avenue. Greeley

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