Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 30, 1970 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1970
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Pa*« 2 GREELEY TRIBUNE Sat., Mar 30, 1970 Draft Director Hopes U.S. Will Quickly Quit War Zone WASHINGTON (AP) - Draft Director Curtis Tarr says he hopes the United States will withdraw quickly from the combat zones of Southeast Asia and begin the process of reunifying a nation divided over the war. "My only hope is that we can withdraw quickly from that theater and go about the important process of bringing back together again a dnd of fundamental unity without which our society cannot continue to advance or even stay where it is," he said. Addressing the National Inter- religious Service Board for Con- scientous Objectors Thursday, Tarr referred repeatedly to the war in "Southeast Asia"--not just Vietnam. The war, he added, has caused young people to lose respect for military service. Until it is restored, he said, President Nixon's goal of an all-volunteer army will not be possible. Citing Nixon's goal to "reduce draft calls to zero," Tarr said, "I think it would be a magnificent thing for the armed forces to move in this direction so that w TM they might regain some of the respect that has been lost in the Southeast Asian war." Increased military pay and OllDER IN THE DISTRICT COURT No. 20246 State of Colorado ) ) It. Oountv of Weld 1 IN THE MATTER OP THE) DETERMINATION OF IN-) TEBESTS IN PROPERTY) OK CHARLIE H. LANDERS,) Also k n o w n a» C. H. Lsn-) tiers and Charles H. Lan-) dftrs. Deceased. ) Now comes on before the Court the Petition of Sharon Kaj iLstrtck for determination o: Jietrship by special proceedings, in the above entitled matter, and the Court beine sufficiently DOTH ORDER that th« Clerk IrFU? notice to a.ll persons Interested to appear and answer the rftltlon in accordance with the H t a t u t e in cuch case made and provided. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that notice shall be. published once a week for four successive ·weeks in the Greeley Tribune and "U'eld County Republican, a newspaper of general circulation publij-hetl In the County where ihe proceedings are filed. Done in open Court this 12tl day of May, A. D. 1570. BY TUB COURT: Hush H. Arnold District Judge The Greeley Dully Tribune May 1C, 23, 30, June 6, 1370. OFFICIAL NOTICE OF PUBLIC IIKAniNG Notice of assessment for Strnel Improvement District No. 324, for curlt. gutter, and pavlnff on 16tl Avenue between let Street ant 2nd Street. it hereby wtter management would make an all-volunteer army possible, M said. But I doubt that it will happen as long as we are trying to recruit from a population of [ oung people who are subjected o a tremendous amount of peer proup pressure against service n the armed forces based on mr involvement in the war in Southeast Asia. "I think when younger people come along who have not been associated with this dissent the chances for the volunteer force are quite good. But not until then." In the meantime, Tarr said, te saw his own job as reforming the draft--making its applica- .ion more uniform throughout the nation, making it more efft cient, and ending the use of de- erments as a way of guiding young men into needed occupa- ions. He said some local draft wards were "reticent or adamant" in refusing to grant conscientious objector classifications, although "I don't know lere they are." But Tarr said cosscientious objection was "a fundamental [rcrt of the selective service law and it should exist as an alternative for every man who is affected by the system." President Nixon has barred 'uture occupational deferments and asked Congress for authority to end student deferments. Tarr said this impliec "awareness that Selective Service should be used only to procure people for the armed forces and not as a leverage by which some policy over many more young people might be effected." He said there have been complaints from school boards anc municipalities that the change would make it harder for them to get the teachers, policemen firemen and others they need. "But we're going to stick to this policy," Tarr said. OFFICIAL NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice of assessment for Street Improvement District No. 322 for pavinK, specifically on 19th Avenue from 2nd street to 4th Street. Notice la hereby g-iven thai certain parcels of land in thi City of Greeley, Colorado are to be assessed by the City Coun cil of said City for the above mentioned improvement!! au thorlzcd by Ordinance No. 36 191)8, passed and adopted November Sth, 1968; that the total caul of Knid improvements are 34 Probable Sequence of Events n Apollo 13 Blast Released By PAUL RECER AP Atrvspac* Writer SPACE CENTER, Houston AP) -- A probable sequence of vents which caused the Apollo 3 explosion half way to the oon was revealed Thursday by mce agency officials in state- icnts correcting and clarifying i a n n o u n c e m e n t made 'ednesday. Space agency spokesmen said he probable sequence began ith a problem two weeks be- ire launch when technicians r ere unable to drain oxygen ank No. 2 on the Apollo 13 serv- ce module. The tank had been- filled during the countdown demonstra- on test. After the test, a spe- ;al procedure had to be used to drain the tank. The procedure included turning on heaters in the oxygen ank to force the liquid oxygen o warm up and become a gas, tie gas was then vented. The chairman of the Apollo 13 eview board, Edgar M. Cor- right, said the procedure ap- arently damaged two thermal witches and they failed. These certain i t y h rcels of Und in th« certain parcels of Und City of ureelfty. Colorad . by the City Council of said City for the above men- t i o n f d Improvements authorized by Ordinance No. 23. 1969. passed and adopted July 1st. 1969; that the total cost of aald improvements are 16,311.51; that tli© City Council has made the asflcssment upon the- lotH bene- fit.ted in said Improvement District; t h a t the City Council will Hit to hear and determine objections. if any. to such assessments and to ma.k« corrections therein at City Hall in the City of Greeley, Colorado at 7:30 P.M., on the second day of June, 1970. «s by law provided. A copy of this not lea alonr ·with a. copy of the proposed ord- J n a n c f l listing: each property owner and his assessment, shall he mallc'l bv rp(?lpt«r*d m a i l to «ach property owner. All proceedings are on /He at the Office of the City Clerk and may be examined d u r i n g regular office hours. All complaints should be made ]n writing:. Dated this 6th day of May. 1370. at Greeley. Colorado. By Lola Bowman Clerk The Greeley Dally Tribune. May 9, 1C, 30, 1370. OFFICIAL NOTICE OF Pt'IlLTC HEARING Proposed Street Improvement D i s t r i c t No. 331. This is to advise the owners of p r o p e r t y located alonK" 35th A v e n u e between Sth Street and run. Streets, In the City of Gree- ]py. that the City Council of *;repley, Colorado TvHl hold ·public hearing for the purpose «f creating 1 an Improvement Dlfi- 1 rict for construction of curb, .putter and paving. T\\". probable cost of curb, n i n r and paving Is. exclusive of I n c i d e n t a l expenses, established ,'U $7 i»rt per lineal foot, and pa.v- j i i f f only is eatablinhed at $4.80 j.«.-r lineal foot, and gutter pan only IK established at $2.15 per lineal foot. The assessment shall Ijft due in five equal annual in- M a l l m e n t B plun 6% per annum or the assessment may be paid in one l u m p sum at 6 f .n per annum. The above mentioned public l i ^ a r l n p will be held and the ordinaiim a u t h o r i z i n g aaid con- M r u c t i o n will h« considered J u n e '2 1^70, at 7:30 P.M.. at the Creeley Civic Center, Greeley. 1 Vilnrado. A l l proceedings are on file al t i i e o f f i c e of the City Clerk and V be e x a m i n e d d u r i n g regr- nl.-ir o f f i c e hours. All comp l a i n t s should be made in writ- Jj'ated t h i B 1th day of May, T'7n a t f\rf-e-\ty. Colorado. CITY OF GnKBDBT. COLORADO By: Lola Bowman Clerk Th» Greel'.y Dally Tribune. May 31. 1*!. 3^, 1970. m ity 427.30; that the City Counci las made the assessment upon the lots benefited in said Jr provement District; that the CL. Council will alt to hear and de .ormine objections, if any. ti KUch assessments and to mak corrections therein at City Hal n the City of Greeley, Coloradt at 7:30 P.M.. on the second day of June, 1370. as by law pro 'Jed. A copy of thU notice aloni with a copy of the uroposei ordinance llatinc each propert owner and his assessment, shal be mailed by registered mail t each property owner. All pro ceeiUnsrs are on file at tht Of flee of the City Clerk and ma' he examined during reKular of flee hours. Ail complaints shoul be made In writing:. Dated tills Cth day of Maj 1970. at Greeley, Colorado. Lola. HOTvman City Clerk The Greeley Dally Tribune. May 0. 16. 30. 1070. NOTICE TO cnEDiTons Case No. P-11647 Estate of Joe Ben K«m. De ceased. All persons harlnr claim apainst the above named estat are required to file them for al lowance In the District Cour of Weld County. Colorado, on o before the 23rd day of Novem her, 1370. or said claims ahall b forever barred. Kdith Kern Administratrix The Greeley Daily Tribune. Mav 23. 30, June 6. 13. 1370. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Case No. I 1 -! 1678 Kstate of Esther B. Soper, D« ceased. , , ll persons having claim inst the above named cstat are required to file them fo allowance- In the District Cour of TVpld County, Colorado, o or before the- 16th day of No vembcr, 1970, or said claims oha bo forever barred. Kdna S. nhlnehart Administratrix The Greeley Dally Tribune May 16, 23, 30, June 6, 3970 NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the District Cour* In imil fo the County of WeH ««(" State of Colorado No. P-11671 INSTATE OP KATHERINE J OIESICK, Deceased. All persons having: claim against tile above-named estat arc required to file them fo Hmvance in the District Cour T weld County, Colorado, on o before the 9th day of Noven her, 1370. or aatd claims shall b forever barred. Herbert N. qlesick Special Administrator The Oreeley Daily Tribune -May 16, 23. 30, lune 6, 1970 Greeley Refuse Collection System THE CITY OF GREELEY, COLORADO 80631 will receive sealed bids at the office of the City Manager, Greeley Civic Center, until 10:00 a.m. on June 12, 1970 for furnishing a Refuse Collection Service to residences within the city limits of Greeley, Colorado. PROPOSALS AND INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS may he obtained from the City Manager by contacting his office in the Greeley Civic Center. THE CITY OF GREELEY reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. CITY OF GREELEY, COLORADO B. H. CRUCE, CITY MANAGER. Tht fnil* with th» Built-in Chuckle Curable Disease Believed Mistaken for Fatal Types of th* ^^ four tcroftibwd wotos M tew to-form four ilmpW word*. FESLUN I P Ml BYNIR I -I Tl DYOLI NTT SAN DIEGO, Calif. (AP) Medical researchers, after a ive-year study, hey believe which may be curable had been mistaken by doctors for two usually fatal ailments. The new disease is called lym ·homatoid granulomatosis. A lungs, or Wegener's disease FAOIAR Girls are like pianos. When tht/re'upright, they're --·. jr-3 A Complete the chuckl* quoltd w by filling In the misting word you develop from Hep No. 3 below.. A PRINT NUMBERED LETTERS IN ** THESE SQUARES 1 z i 4 M I UNSCRAMBLE ABOVE LETTERS TO GET ANSWER SCRAM-LETS ANSWER ON PAGE 4 Insulation on wires powering r ans in the oxygen tanks was apparently melted away by this heat. The fans are used to stir up the liquid oxygen. After Apollo 13 was launchec April 11 the fans worked without incident until the night of Apri 13. hich normally prevent the eaters from getting too hot. The broken thermostast al- owed temperatures in the heat- r tube inside the tank to rise to ,000 degrees Fahrenhit, he aid. said lung Friday disease rise, it seems to respond to certain types of treatment and in one case, it apparently has vanished, pathologist Averill A. Liebow said in an interview. The symptoms were diagnosed in the past as lymphoma, a cancerous condition of the ung condition believed on the Monioya Heading Into N.M. Primary With a Late Bonus which affects not only the lungs but nasal passages and kidneys. But Liebow's researchers at the University of California at San Diego were confounded by "a patient who kept living year m connection with alleged pay- Sal Salazar Attends Conference Sal Salazar, Kersey, chief nodes, spleen and bone marrow By WALTER R. MIARS AP Political Wriftr WASHINGTON (AP) - Democratic Sen. Joseph M. Montoya a heading into New Mexico's primary election Tuesday with i last-minute campaign bonus fom n panel of his Senate colleagues. The Senate Ethics Committee Thursday issued a report clear- :ng Montoya of any wrongdoing after year" study. and began their Liebow said a close, X-ray examination showed the lymph weren't involved in the majority of 42 cases in which materia, was collected from throughout he world. The major symptoms are a dry cough, fever and general 'down" feelings associated usually with a chest pain and ransient joint pains. Some pa- ients complained only of a skin rash. Extensive lung lesions were discovered by X-ray. Although the new disease has how proved fatal in Z3 of the, 42 with cases, Liebow said the lesions community action programs to disappeared in nine, and five of steward at Monforls of Colorado and vice-president of the Weld County Opportunity Agency,; ,vas one of 50 union trainees attending a week-long conference in Houston last week. Salazar, member of the Butcher Workmen of America, Local 641, is also on the board of directors for the Colorado ilural Legal Services. The work conference instructed trainees in federal antipoverty programs and members can work alleviate poverty. It was Salazar's second conference; he also attended a 2 to 15 years, Officials believe that when the fans were switched on that night, bare wires apparently caused an electrical arc which ignited material in the tank This combination caused pres sure to rise until the tank ex-! ploded. The explosion caused loss of most of the command ship's oxygen and electrical power, forced cancellation of the moon landing and imperiled the astronauts, although they returned to one-week session in Oklahoma City last January. While in Houston, the trainees had a project in the ghetto area of Bordersville, at the city limits of Houston. They completely rebuilt the Bordersville Boys' Club including painting; a basketball donated $4 built each materials. court each anc! for earth safely. Officials said Thursday the tests which established the probable sequence of events were conducted here. Earlier they had said the tests were conducted at the Beech Air Craft Co. plant in Boulder, Colo. An earlier announcement also stated that it was insulation on wires to' the heater which were witches act as thermostats damaged. Officials said Thursday the damaged wires carried power to the fans. Officials said it has not been determined why the oxygen tank could not be drained in the normal manner following the test. U.S. To Seek Soviet Vow On Mideast Pilot Usage By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER AP Special Correspondent WASHINGTON (AP) - The Jnited Slates will seek assur- ince from Moscow in talks next reek that Soviet pilots in Egypt vill not fly offensive missions igainst Israel. Administration policy makers are not optimistic about the Washington discussions, but hey agree the outcome will lave an important bearing on 'resident Nixon's forthcoming decision on an Israeli request or more warplanes. The lack of U.S. optimism terns from as apparent belief he Soviets have embarked on a ough and threatening course in he Middle East. This.jn turn has brought on a similar display of determination y the administration in ap- iroaching the upcoming con- rontation. This became apparent Thursday when State Department ress officer Carl Bartch said lussia's reply to a previous inquiry about its military involvement in Egypt was "both imprecise and unsatisfactory." The meeting between Asst. Secretary of State Joseph J. Sisco and Soviet Ambassador Anatoly F. Dobrynin, is a follow up to a May 5 session is Moscow nvolving U.S. Ambassador Jacob Beam and Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Vinogradov. There also have been some tour-power meetings at the United Nations on the Middle East. But, according to reports to Washington, the Soviets have shown a tough and uncooperative attitude, increasing the impression they are on a hard policy line. Israel has been pressing the United States to authorize the sale of 25 Phantom fighter bombers and 100 Skyhawk fighters. Israel cintends Russia's in volvement in Egypt has turned the balance of power in the Arab's favor. So far Nixon has refrained from supporting that conclusion saying he is re-evaluating th Israeli request. The probing o Russian intentions, officials con firm, is part of that process. Nixon would like to have no only some assurance about Mos cow's defensive purposes ir Egypt, but also clear word Soviet combat pilots will no switch to offensive operation, and that Russian personnel wil not become involved in comba along the Suez Canal by installing and manning advanced new air defense missiles. But even if the Soviet government were willing to offer all those calming promises, admin- the patients may be cured com- Tuesday primary. pletely after use of cortisone for Three of the 23 died of massive hemorrhage from the lungs in what Liebow termed "accidents" rather than the result ol a normal course of a disease. AP Appoints New Cheyenne Correspondent CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) 3 aul L. Albright Jr., correspondent for The Associated Press at Bismark, N.D., has jccs appointed correspondent at Cheyenne. He will take over his new post on June 2. Albright, who is returning o familiar country, succeeds John Vivian, who is transferring o the Denver AP bureau. Albright, 34, began his AP career in Cheyenne, in 1962, after working for the Rocky Mountain Mews in Denver and the Paterson, N.J., Evening News. After nearly three years in Cheyennd his boyhood home, Albright transferred to Albuquerque, N.M.. in late 1064. He spent four months in graduate study in 1967 at the Washington, D.C., Journalism Center and worked part-time at the Washington AP bureau during his study. He returned to Albuquerque and was appointed New Mexico} slate editor. Albright was ap- known, is believed to be an al lergy or virus. The other researchers, who described their work at a news conference, are Dr. Charles Carrington and Dr. Paul Fridman of the university. fhursday'i announcement, his allies In New Mexico had been spreading the word that the indings cleared the senator. Montoya quickly took up the offer of Sen. John C. Stennis, D- Miss., the ethics committee chairman, to write a letter specifically clearing any senator in- olved in the Investigation, "After carefully considering all of the evidence, the conunit- ;ee found no wrongdoing by offs for the introduction of special immigration bills. Senate sources said at least 10 senators testified during the c o m m i t t e e investigation, prompted by published reports f bribery for the introduction of bills to head off the deportation of Chinese seamen who jump ship in the United States. The committee said it found no evidence any senator or em- ploye wss bribed to introduce legislation. The Ethics committe's report mentioned no names. How ever, Montoya had been linked in news stories to the immigration legislation. So had Sen. Harrison B. Williams, D-N.J Williams is also running in a you," 'The Sources close to the committee said the report was issued simply because it was ready, without regard to Tuesday's announced balloting. But the case was of specia importance in New Mexico, The cause, while still un- where it has become an issue in a campaign looking past the primary to the Nov. 3 general e!ec tion. Montoya repeatedly ha urged members of the biparti san committee to hasten release of the report. Even before' 624 13th St. Stennis wrote Montoya. evidence, moreover, shows that all bills introduced in your name were done so without your knowledge or consent." The Senate inquiry, conducted in secrecy and relative silence, never became a significant issue in the New Jersey primary campaign. Williams' aides said he did not seek, a Stennis letter on the subject. Boulder Movie Home Raided; Flick Taken BOULDER (AP) - The Art Cinema movie house was raided by Boulder County authorities Thursday and the film 'Mand Wife" confiscated as obscene material. Theater manager Richard Martin posted »1,000 bond and was released. Authorities said he could reopen the theater as long as he didn't try to show the same film. AUTO GLASS For All Cirt A M Glass Ph. 352-624S CARPET-RUGS * ONE WEEK ONLY * QUALITY CARPET AT UNBELIEVABLE LOW PRICES THIS IS NO ADVERTISING GIMMICK! -WAREHOUSE CARPET SALES OF LYONS, COLO.-i . . . Is a Direct Mill Distributor, which enables them to sell . . . to you at warehouse prices! We can prove every word we say! It's a fact! Shop everybody's price . . . then come to see us (or our salesmen will come to you) . . . and make us prove that we have the lowest prices in Colorado. FOR EXAMPLE istration authorities say there are still two vitally important actors which would have to be aken into account bv the President. One is Russia's now large mil- ary capacity in the Middle 5ast, composed both of its sizable fleet and its weapons and lousands of officers and men is Egypt. The other factor is Russia's ready established commitment to a defense of the Egyp- ian heartland. The implication is that these 'ficials see some reason why ixon should grant at least a art of the Israeli request because of what has already hap- lened-- both to demonstrate a new American backing for Israel and to show Russia that the nited States is not about to let IB Soviets become dominant in le area. Douglas Pass Caving in Highway Plan DENVER (AP)-An item of 1300,000 included in the 1970-71 Colorado h i g h w a y budget signed Friday by Gov. John A. MVE marks the achievement ol a goal-- the paving of the road over Douglas Pass. It links Grand Junction and Rangely !o. The paving project is on the art of the road which is a state highway. It bears the designation of Colorado High way 139. Representatives of western Colorado counties have ham mered for years at completion of the highway. 1 LOVE A HEEL A HEEL that's Put on in 3 minutes WAX SHINES Shoe O.l.m.i.'. Shine Shop OailHian 9 Parlor 911 Sth Avc. pointed correspondent in Bismarck in July 1968. A native of Nebraska, Albright brings legislative reporting experience in both Wyoming and Vorth Dakota into the Cheyenne post, where he will oversee AP operations in the Cowboy state. Albright is married and has two children. Hugh van Swearinges, 32, of the Helena, Mont., AP staff, will succeed Albright as corres- Kjndent in Bismarck. JL. SCOUT ^ NEWS Pack 221 Cub Scout Pack 228 of Kersey mid its monthly meeting Wednesday with opening ceremonies presented by Den 1. A Nature Trail Study was p'ven by Den 2. Bob Hunteman, Cubmaster, resented awards to the ollowing: Cary Mount, bobcat pin; John Hoff, patch award; Vayne Ledford and Paul McQuen, bear badges. The next meeting will he a picnic supper June 27, in Kersey jark, starting at 6:30 p.m. Color film FREE when you gel your developing and printing at any Gilbert Rwall Pharmacy. Slides and movie film not included. -Adv. CASH for SCRAP METALS · Copper and Brass · Aluminum · Batteries · Scrap Iron, Steel Weighed on Certified Sonlet Andersen's Sale* Salvage 1 Mile Eait on Sth St. 352-7797 Junk Cart Picked Up Modest Charge 100% Nylon Pouff Cut Pile -- 11 Colors. Wonderful for bedrooms and bathrooms 100% Continuous Filament Nylon Pile. Double-back, textured design _ 100% DuPont 50103 Nylon Pile. 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