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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 1

Nampa, Idaho
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Thursday, July 13, 1967
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SHOWERS Treasure Valley - Possible afternoon or eveningstowersto- day and Friday. Highsbolhdays in 100s; loirs tonight G5 lo 10. VOL. XLVFIl NO. Z98 teto $wt ",-l« Independent Daily Neti'spa/ier Dedicated In C.omi»iinit\ Progress" NAMPA, IDAHO, TIIURSD\Y, JULY 13,1961 24 PACES CIRCULATION PHONE If you hovt not lecei'td yow FREE PHKS bf 5:30 P-« pl«"» «"" 466-7891 for delivny. Circulation phonei cloK of 6:30 P.M. 10 CENTS REBELS TAKE CAPTIVES OH RETREAT KINSHASA, The Congo (I'l'l) |. -- The anli-governmcnt rebellion in Kinsangan) collapsed today and rebel mercenaries fled, taking a number of white- hostages with them. Sonic Americans were believed to be among Ihe hostages. Congo Radio said about 250 French, Belgians and Spanish soldiers-of-fortune led by a former Belgian planter stole 27 civilian trucks and fled with an unknown number of hostages. Previously the hostages had been held at the airport at gunpoint. The U.S. Stale Department has reported 20 Americans, some of (hem women, in Kisangani, formerly Stanleyville. The rest of (tie hostages were E u r o p e a n s , including teachers and missionaries. A mimbcr ot European journalists in Kisangani were believedsafe. The mercenary forces were reported fleeing toward the town of Punia, 150 miles Johnson Ponders Buildup Proposals SURPRISE MOVE Strategy French President, Russ Session Vow Aid for Egyptians Called INVITATION TO attend the 1961 Snake River Stampade was delivered to Gov. Don Samuelsc-t by a delegation from Nampa tMsmorningandhandedlothe governor by Eagle Scout Dennis Gaerte. From left behind Gov. Sarrmelso:i here are YoWilhite, Stampede Queen; Bill Shannon, vice president; Blair Shepherd, president; and Gaerte. A special Boy Scout night recognizing the Wurld Jamboree at Farragut State Park next month will mark the Stampede's opening performance Tuesday, with all Boy Scouts a.i-1 Girl Scouts in uniform admitted lor $1 plus tax. Young Guerte win attend the World Jamboree as a German interpreter for the host corps. (FREE PRESS PHOTO) House Puts Okay !! op ±! s On Water Agency arts fnr the title nf Queen of .. . _. ^^ · NAMPA- testants for the title of Queen of the Snake River Stampede will Mercury Zooms High in Idaho WASHINGTON (UPI) - The The queen candidates will be shown trow to go through (heir maneuvers during competition by this year's queen, Yo Will- hue. She Will demons)rite ttie riding maneuvers as welt as tell the girls what the judges will be looking for in the newqueen. The briefing will be held at the Stam- Treasure Valley continued to petfe Arena Friday afternoon at swelter under hot and luitnin 3i30 p.m. weather conditions today after Friday evening the queen can- the mercury Wednesday moved didates will be treated to the beyond the 100-degree mark to annual banquet the Naropa Beta Sigma at the Harmony Cafe. Shortly after 9:30 p.m. contestants will draw for the position in which they will appear in competition. "As a special attraction following the banquet, Ralph Pearcey and his western band will play in front ot the Harmony providing the entertainment for the drawing event. There will not he a street dance as five-year study of nationwide waler supply problems. The bill, already passed by the Senate, was approved by a ny WALTER LOG AN I'nited Press International Bolstered by a surprise French statement of support and a renewed pledge of aid from Ihe Soviet bloc, militant Arab loaders today conferred in Cairo on their next move in tlie Middle East crisis. William Jacson, head of a French parliamentary delega- southcast of Kisangani where lion visiting Cairo, said his mercenary leader "Major" government authorized him lo Jean Scliramm was allowed to offer "all Ihe aid needed by settle, along with demobilized Egypt to face the present Katangese gendarmes, after a circumstances." previous rebellion. Jacson said French President Congo Radio reported earlier Charles de Gaulle was "con- they were fleeing toward Bunia. vinced the I'AR did not begin ~ the aggression (in last month's Arab-Israeli war) and had no aggressive intentions but only wanted to declare ils desire to aid Syria in any possible aggression" before the war started. The Communist pledge came at a secret summit meeting in Budapest, Hungary, attended by- all Soviet Woe nations except roll call vote of 3G8 to 19. The measure, introduced by Chairman Henry M. Jackson, D-Wash., would create a seven - member commission to be named by the President. Because of amendments made by the House Interior Committee, the Senate concurrence is needed before It goes to the White House. maverick Romania, which has refused to glue itself to a rigid pro-Arab line. The conference was attended by the Soviet Premier Alexei N. At Hie I'nited Nations, Israel Kosygin and Communist party fought to stave off diplomatic chief Leonid 1. Brezhnev, a attempts to force il to give up Tass announcement said Wed- ils annexation of Jordanian nesday night. Jerusalem. APHONY RED PLANES DO HOT FOOL YANKS SAIGON (UPI) - American pilots today said the North Vietnamese are using dummy planes to lure U.S.bombers into attacking heavily.guarded airfields. Tlie pilots streaked in, smashed anti-aircraft sites and let; home with no reported losses. U.S. spokesmen said the dummy planes appeared on the Hoa Lac MIG base 20 miles west of Hanoi which the bombers Wednesday hit for the llth time. Pilots bypassed the decoys parked in plane reventments and blasted a nearby surface-to-air missile (SAM) site. There was no immediate repori of any American planes lost in the Wednesday raiding. The pilots also hit for the fourth day In a row North Vietnam oil depols, cwcentiating on the Communist reserves near Haiphong. In South Vietnam's la Drang Valley, scene of some of the war's bitterest battles, U.S. infantrymen tattled all day Wednesday against North Vietnamese invaders. Military spokesmen said 35 American were killed and 31 wounded, most of the casualties coming from one company. Darkness fell before American troops could sweep over the battlefield near the Cambodian border and conn! Commiinisi corpses. WASHINGTON (A'Pl)- Presiden! Johnson arranged confe.-entes today with his top strategists and his combat commander on how many more American troops will be sent to Vietnam. Gen. William C. Westmoreland, commander of U.S. forces in Vietnam and an overnight guest at the White House, presumably presented his case for 100,000 additional troops. Johnson, however, was not expected to give Westmr'eland that many additional men. Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara says 20,000to 30,000 more American (rbops will be sent to Vietnam in Ihe nest three months. Johnson, meeting at mid-day with the National Security Council, planned to confer with Westmoreland and probably McNamara, a member of the Security Council, later in the day. McSamara, just back from a tour of Vietnam, announced the new buildup of troops after a White House conference Wed- NO STOMACH FOR BATTLE Bayonet-Armed Troops Rout Hong Kong Goons HONG KONG (L'PI)-- British several women hiding behind The action was a victory for Caldwell recorded 108 maxi- p aci f ic Northwest congressmen mum and a minimum otTC. Nam- seeking | 0 head off efforts to pa recorded a maximum of 105 diver | water trom the Colum- anrta minimum nf 73. _ bia or Snake rivers into , he . . Boise recorded a record 107 semi-arid Colorado River Batro °P s loila ' went into actlon slldlll S panels and under trap- sponsored by dry out lawns, draw heavily on degrees on Wednesday anrt the S j n against Hong Kong rioters for doors. Phi water supplies and plague peo- lowest reading early Thursday ' tlie first time and raided the Rioting Wednesday nighl in pie. morning was 8Q. By 6 a.m. By calling for a nationwide headquarters of Communists the Kowloon mainland section of the - Thursday the capital city tern- study, Jackson appeared to have trying for three months lo the colony ended only after pei-ahire was 87. stopped a move to study of humble this Crown Colony. police opened fire wild sholgun- Tlie forecasts tor Ttnirs- water imports into the Colo- The communist leaders who ---------------day called for some lowering- rado under pending legislation previously battled police meekly temperatures in some areas anrt to authorize a project to carry surrendered lo the bayonet- Hie possibility of a few showers, water to the Tucson and Phoe- Ottier high temperatures ac- nix areas of Arizona, rnss (be state saw the mercury BULLETIN WASHINGTON (UPI) - President Johnson conferred with Gen. William C. Westmoreland today and let U be known that future troop commitments to South Vietnam will be chiefly based on what Westmoreland recommends. Negroes Besiege Police like antiriot guns (ha( killed two persons and wounded 10. Six police were injured. Authorities said Ihey will not hesitate to call out the British troops once more if the rioting erupts again. rise at 110 at Lewislon, 103 af Grangeville, 101 at Goading, 10G at Mountain Home and 100 NEWARK, N.J. (UP!) in previous years, but there will Negroes enraged Ijy the alleged at Malad. Burley reported 97, be plenty of music before and beating ot a cab driver by Idaho Falls Of! and Snltnon 98. after the drawing," according to police besieged a stafion house, Cajn. touching off a wave of window- The contestants will compete smashing and tooting early each night of Ihe rodeo, with the today. Police Clear Riot Area armed troops of (lie Welsh regiment who rolled barbed wire around the headquarters, cut through steel doors with acetylene torches and charged in. Later a bomb in a handbag was luirled over Hie wall of a police station. The Wast hit no one. Hassling Marks famine Hearing NEWPORT NEWS, Va, (UPI) new queen selected on Ihe last Police and firemen were night of the rodeo, July 22. stpnert in tlie disorder which spread hit-and-run fashion for several hours through a Central Ward tenement district in this city of -100,000 of whom CO per ance adjusters said today the cell t are Np[r ro fire that destroyed the Fruit- A caravan of atlwst 50 cars land E l e m e n t a r y School car ne ( [ angry Negroes early Wednesday morning cost an es- | (Kiav to city Hall ami police 1^ JS FRl'ITLAND (UPI) - Insnr- In Boise, a request was made for alternate day lawn watering after water pressure Wednesday dropped in the downtown -- Helmeled police, clubbing, area as residents turned on kicking anrt turning snarling sprinklers lo wafer seared police dogs on stragglers, lawns, cleared early today a 12-block Keith Stokes, manager or the. long area leading into the Water Corp., requested Newport News Shipbuilding and that homeowners with even num- Dryrtoclc Co., bit by a violent " scrt nnl ' «" M teto «- «1« a bered street addresses sprinkle strike, their lawns on even numbered A number of pedestrians, no! d.ites and those with IK|I| num- heeding warnings to move 73 arresls. Hritish army units had been border fight witli lied Cliinese guards broke out Saturday. Never liad tliey moved against timated ^338,000. INSIDE Stampede act, n .scene ;o u Almanac ......... I'agp A4 Ann I.anJori ...... P.K A' ill.i^.Mfiivi ait-.. I'ases A5,Afi,A7 -wnnt Dr. M.ilner Miliinrial ipini»n headquarters where they staged a noisy protest. They were Inrrpil by sliolgun-armeil pnlice from headquarters where Ilicy sought to posl Iximl for Ihe taxi ilvivei-. Four policemen were injured in Ihe melee at Ihe l-'nurlli Precinct stalionhtwse which involved about 2 r 0 Negroes throwing bricks, Mtles anil other nlijocls at tin 1 ImiUling :im! narked police cars. "ji'ig 0 '^4 Abiuil "0 lirlmi'leil sq'iads of .t'jRe-. 8,0 officers with ui^lilslick!; at tlie . .r'aui 1 A2 rejily dispei si-il tin 1 mob I'.IK'CS 5 , 6 without a iii.iiur fidit. u.ut o if mi (Him W H I I iii'i imi11- Meriting ^iii iiiti^-i iu I U U T C ? . . . . bered addresses to sprinkle on quickly enough, were clubbed to rlotm ln lliec ol(iny itself. ;\4 ,\2 'C 4 Algerian Press Claims Trio Kidnaped Tshombe M --.iras ,'l'l'0 - The ^nvi-L iinu'iil-i'iiii pri'ss liul:iy iiupliruh'il lwi piluls .i:u! .1 HelKi-.i" iu tin' Mulling »f fnruier C ii u i; " I r s e jiniiiii'i Mivisi 1 Tshiiiiiln 1 . I'nwiiiuslv, ,i l-'rairliiuan tuiiii'il 1-Y.incis Hiiili'ii.ui lunl l»i'j| lililimi] [nr lu|:ii'kin^ the (il.tne fluf l'iiini;lif T.slnimlii' (n Alp'ri.i am! jn'1'.sl, but Hie Alperin Press *rinv (Al'S) sni'l ·'jMTslstent niiuiirs" linli- c.ili'il llnili'ii:in "was nnly .111 "Tin 1 bi-rn 1 in inl mil b (tissengpr,-; »r l l n 1 pilu lilalio," AI'S S;lut. (I s-.uil Marcel lliuiilwrsin, a lli'li:i;iu atTiisnl li Tslioinbcul Iheft, was :i psissenpcr nil the |il;ini' unrt sutii pilnls David T;iliir ami Trrvnr Cnjiplp.sinn iillenil U" ri'sislaiin 1 when lliiileji:in fiirri'il H»' pilnls :it i:uu|«iint In iiiMil the I'liinlcri'cl ji 1 ! [nr Ali:iTt;i iiistrtnl nf MarjiiriM. nrtcl numbered dates, Tax Collector Admits Snooping WASHINGTON (l'll)-Tlie Internal lievmue Service lias admitted secretly eavesdropping wilti wire taps or other devices in 1,010 cases, but it insisls tlie unknowing (irivalp citizens involved were engaged iu illegal activities. IliS Commissioner Sheldon S, Cohen, in a letter disclosing; (lie incidents Wednesday, conceded t l u prjdiei- nf slumping was "imprnni'r." llr sai«l Ihe IDS liad eaves- ilmiifii'd imly fii persons- 'Vri- wpM in nr illepl activities. " j\ll lit il mTUITeil lirlwei'll (!KK anil .lulv, lOCifi, Viliru sleps won 1 taken tn make xm-e tin 1 ini|ri|«T IliS usr nf electronic listening ill-vires "I'anmil iv- nir," Cnhi'ii said. Ciiluii imlii-ali-d, lir Ml (In 1 1,01(1 r.isi's uucm-eiert by .1 sjierial Irani wrn 1 few onn- iwriil In tlie "hundreds of tlifji/.s:ni(l.s-'' uf critujiml investi- l':ilinns nunliirli'il by Ills tax ccilli'i-liiii; iigriiry ilnriiiK Ihe IK'rinil. the ground. Newsmen watched The soldiers left Iheir posts as ixiUee kicked one man lying anrt joined jKilice in swarming inlo Hie Suzie Wong nightclub distrirl w-hpip usually visiting I'.S. sailors show oiif (lie only military uniform. 1 ;. Tlie}' inlo the command liead^narlprs of tin 1 militatitly tpflwmg motov transport wnrkers union. The troops and police found piles ol makeshift weapons. On the roof they fiuniit baskets and of lollies. Bottles are a in the street and at least three persons were bitten by police dogs, including a newsman and a slate trooper. Later, al the 7 a.m. wnrk shift change, 3fp state li-oopers, plastic visors on their riot helmets glistening in tlie sun, armed themselves with riot guns and stood atop buildings near the giant shipyard where a grievance over nvevtime (or favorite weapon nl Communists three men liart sparked a bitter wlio liur! Ilipm from rooftops at strike involving nearly 20,000 ixilire iuirinc riots. The raiders workers. arrested 32 (wsniis including Two Solons Wanf Silver Excluded From * Halves' WASHINGTON (I'l'l) - Kep. Silvio 0. Conte, K-M.iss., filed ;i bill Weilne.sil.iy providing fin Hie eliininaliou nf silver from nesday. He refused to indicate whether he agreed or disagreed with Westmoreland's reported request for 100,000men. An increase of 20,000 men would bring L'.S. forces In Vietnam up to the authorized strength of 480,000. McNamara said there had been no decision on how much larger a force is required but he foresaw "no need to call the reserves lo meet Ihe currently anticipated future r e q u i r e - roenfs." Westmoreland flew in Wednesday night and a presidential' WASHINGTON (UPI) -A sen. Jacob K. Javits, R-.N.Y., helicopter deposited him on the Senate inquiry inlo starvation in angrily accused the agriculture White House lawn where he was rural Mississippi has endedona department "bureaucracy" of greeted by President and Mrs. note with Republicans dragging its feet in feeding the Johnson. They offered sympathy for the death of his mother in South Carolina. ........ The White House said Johnson Before the hearings wer. resented the implication "we brought to a close Wednesday are sitting on doing nothing." Sen. Joseph S. Clark, D-Pa., chairman of the subcommittee, repeslc-dly gavelled for order as Javits pleaded to "let us have KENNEDY (UPI)- this mil." At one point, Clark suggested in exasperation that the two men "act a liltle more mature about this" or slep outside to sour The British troops were called ar ' Bry ' admillistrat ' on officials poor in the Mississippi delta, after the latest outbreak of biller and Democrats shaking Agriculture Secretary Orville rioting in this colony on.the tllel '-. l 'TM 1 s. L. Freeman retorted that he coast of China resulted hi at least Iwo deaths, 18 injuries anrt Rocket Trouble Delays Blastoff and Westmoreland talked over a our backsides late dinner and afterwards Westmoreland stayed overnight at the White House for more formal discussions today. Lady Governor Gains Strength HOISTON (UPI) -Gov. Lurleen Wallace of Alabama got out of bed Wednesday for the first time since her operation. CAPF. Engineers working around Ihe clock lo fix a "ghost-like" rocket problem today set Iheir sights on a Friday laimrti for the fourth of America's Survey- settle their differences, or moon landing robots. At Ihe conclusion of the The shot originally was set hearings, Sens. Javits, George for removal of a malignant for 7:02 a.m. EOT loday but U Murphy, R-Calif., and tumor and walked around her Winslon L. Prouty, R-Vt., accused the Johnson administration of allou'mg poverty conditions in Mississippi "to grow am! persist. "Republicans must c o m e together iiitlun n-ir pjrly io call for an end to Ibis government paralysis," Ihe three Senators engineers gave up for a day 10 liours before launch time when they losl their race to correct tlie Irnnble and still start the fount down ou schedule. The o:ie-iay postponement meanl Surveyor ·) would lose one of l-l days of sunlight on the lunar surface for ils ambitious anil dirt-digging (Continued on Pst. 2, Col. 6) picture-taking expedition. The problem, which took 2-1 hours lo pinpoint, involved an connector intheupppi stage of HIP Atlas-Centaur launcher, Tlie unit was short drcuilinp mlermiltenlly and officials feared il might loosen (luring lauik'li. hospital room. "The governor continues to recuperate satisfactorily," said Dr. li. Lee Clark, director of Ihe M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute. Mrs. Wallace, 40, underwent nearly six hours of surgery Monday at the famed cancer hospital. Mai fisher Is Slated for Pair of Hew Honors Reports Wanted noiSK ill'l) - State Traffic lii 1 !). llenv) Keuss,D-Wis.,cn- sjmiiMiml the lull. Cnnte is a im'inl-CT of tie .luiut minims- stun mi flu 1 C'ninap 1 and lieuss is a uirinlHT uf the llauMiit; anil Ciivn-iicy aiul .Ininl Kf»- noniic Coiiiiiiilti'i':,. Cnnle s.iid in a slalenienl ;ic- nni|unyiup liis bill that it Ihe Cl.F.AKFlF.l.n, Vtah (VP1)- Mcdal of Honor winner Ma;ar Bernard F. Fisher will dedicate a park namw) in his lionnr AI:J, 12 iu Cleaifield, ftah. The park is located next lo and rrrasiiry wanted to continue minting lialf-rtolhirs il could use cii[i|nT aiul nickel, (lie s -.1 in e mi' usert in dimes ami quarters. . ,, "Silver is used iu our nation I'livclor Gene Kapler of Noise North Davis Junior High School, Staff. in our industry and ulli- I"'" '"'fed IdaluMiis to report which Fisher attended a s a Th'i by the general public tr.illir hazards in their areas lo vonlli. The Malio native spent the Slate Department of Law his early boyhood in Clearfield Enforcement. Fislier, tlie f u s t Air Force llagler sairt his department man to receive Ihe Medal of was liim'lcil in what il could ito Honoi in I'ielnam, will arrive about correcting hazards but with his wifp al Hill Air Force said he would relay complaints. Base Aug. 8 following a cere- mcny earlier in the day at the Pentagon in Washington D C Fistier win receive the Chen' ey Award during the Pentagon ceremony from Gen. John Me- Connell, Air Force Chief-of for many im|Kiitanl, necessary and utilitarian purpose;;. The silver half-dollar nn tlie olher hand Is Indiy serving no iitili- fiiiiclion whatsoever," he The annual award is pro-, senied (he Medal of Honor for his rescue ol a downed flier in Vietnam last year. Fisher landed his plane under heavy enemy lire to rescue Iwo olher fliers whose plane had crashed.

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