Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on June 25, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, June 25, 1951
Page 2
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PASE TWO" .··Breakfast ·:!:.' .-· ,· Lunch !',!".!"··'.' .".'.'"',··""' * Dinner "MOHICAN --MEXICAN .-·.. ,,,-.. ,,,DISHES '^; :-,.;£./# '^'·ti'£;$ffii$P : M^MmS - ' , " . '' .·'?''.! m-. it · ^·'riyq ··':*· * KA tr^BlIM HViMB:' · · ''*!''·-.,''. BOB .HOWAHD, Ph. 9D4 r W - CACTUS .-MOTOR CO. i»Ppntiac-, Cadillac B. BOMAH, v-EUGENE THARP Foods Worth Freezing · · · ---.Are ·-... .Worth Freezing Well ·,.W*./Bh'arp fr«««'il 25 - al K whole»ale Cut, Wrap arid , .ireos^.-jor. Jocker or home fro'ozer. · ' · " '' Dlscounta Foods. on Frezen ' · Lockor Ronlali. WLEY LOCKER , ..... CO-OP. 10-15 W. HiKlle , Ph. 133 Las LAS cmncES ti».M.J:'fOi»-irEWi Business; and ^ Pfofesswnal:-, PICTURE DABOVE is the Glover Plumbing Company located on Highway ·SS.-jtj of the junction on West Picacho. For complete plumbing supplies try the Glover* '' ' of ing Company. THE .VICTORY Liquor Store shown : here is'one of--.Las Cruces' favorite package stores/ Locatcd at .120 North.Church Street, the'Victory Store carries a complete line of whiskies, wines ,'a'hd ice cold beer. . ' ' . · " , - . ; ; ' : GLOVER ; PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTING Phono 796-W G.T, GLOVER Fishing Bound? Try Joe Hicks' For All Supplies In sume parts of tttc state the Hulling aciison has Junl fltartcd to Bet gooil. Trout fishing in the northern part of the state is excell- onl ncconling to all reports, and where would be a better place to ripmid' your vacation than in the coolness of northern New Mexico. Of coin-so you need junt n few preparations before you start on tlml t'DiiiblnaUun vacation -- fishing trip. You'll need just 11 little equipment to fish for . doesn't lake much more than you already hnvp, but it would be wise to check up on what you do iiood. Joe Hii-kH Gun Shop on west PI- radio would he the ideal pluce to j;o tor uny informiUlun ruganl- liip'thc'liCHt places lo fish as well as for the ncccjjsary equipment to Thrift Stores Will Bring groceries To Your Door On Order Everyone hates to aland over a hot stove during- Uie .. summer montliH. tinil Ihc family initially won't £o for. too many hot meals cither. Of courtm the remedy for that would ho 1o serve the family a . cool refreshing; men) for lunch find dinner. Them are always tilings which arc easy for the hoiiHowlfc to whip up without having lo do H lot of cooking. The T h r i f t Grocery Stores make it even enHler for the housewife to prepare those meals. She doesn't even Jmvc to go shopping to get her groceries. The Thrift, Groceries tire as clone as the telephone in your home. All you have f,o do is cull cither one of the. Thrift Grocery Stores nt 70 · or 88, anil i) no of the clerks will t a k e your order for you. Your groceries will be select ed very carefully, arid only the finest of everything will he wml.out when your -groceries nmliii lllr trip u 'DJICCCIIH. Mr. Hicks ] "ro delivered .to your home. What him cvorylhlnif you nml fur BKIIC- "iiuhl bo inuro convenient to llio fliihinu trip right there In his shop. He will be ublu to loll you where lo go to catch the big OIHJS. K you nrcn't planning a trip this summer, you mlfiht as well have Iho equipment ready for the shopper for the family ? If you wish, the Thrift Grocery Stores offer a bpuciotiK parking; lot foi- tht'lr oustoinci-.H, iiml you can tlo your shopping In cither or thel rulr conditioned .stores. Both . .. , , , ,,, .... ,,,,, are conveniently located. Thrift h«ve lie, cqnlpmen r c n l y lo, u a | 0 c,,l«l nl I1B Went U,« tiiiu' wlion you wt t I" 1 fiJlc to niAKc , ,,, ,., , _ ll", Ulp Vm, om alw,,y ,l»e any ! CTMce» Avenue, and Thrift No. 2 fiwhlng Uu.'Hl« you luivc on liiiiid at Cahitllo or.lOlephunt UuLtc. Stop nt Joe-1 Helta Gun Shop for nil your nulling equipment. You OLIVER EQUIPMENT CO. GLEN LILE, Mgri Sales and Service 1700 W. Plc.cho Phone FRED'S WELDING SHEET METAL SHOP AIR CONDITIONING -- COOLING Phono 550-W., ·.... 642 W. Organ HAZEL'S LAUNDRY WET WASrl'and ROUGH DRY 220 W. Grlggi Ph. 659-W Gnaranleed Repairs On All Makes of RADIOS Good Uwd R«dloi CHARLIE'S RADIO SHOP 404 S. Main St. Las Crwis Welding Fabrication Company ( HILLK, 'Owner WE FABRICATE ALL TYPES ROOF TRUSES "Any Mti«l Tlmt- Can BA Woldtd-- I C»n W«ld It" West Uighvyny W) · ; hns Cruces is located street, nt 123 Norlh ' M a i n DeLuxeCafcls Place To ; Summer Dhiing- k Your old stand-by -In /Las Cruces 'for 'good* foot! --is th'c ;te liuxe Cafe. No matter what time of day you get hungry, the De Luxo Cafe Is open and ready to' .serve you. Most business, people.', in '.. Las Cruces laVe time '.'out 'during;- ;the day to relai over a cup of coffee. Since the DC Luxe cafe ia so handy to all business places' in town it takes .only a few minutes to drop in. for a gopd cup. of ooffee.' · If you don't _gd' nomc. for lunch you can get a business"* "man's luncheon -for a vory /reasonable price. The mcnu\fs.'alwayB-loinpt- Ing and' you'll, pn joy., Lho food after It is served , yoUi .. 1|n'g, ae^'lce · Is always quick, und cyurteous. The Dc : LuXE J ;Cnfo: iniilntaina hiph standurdK of cle»nllnes.s, and their kitchen is upon for-,; Inspection- any tlinq. . : . ... !"£ . '. : . No matter. 'what Umo of! day , or night you fire hungry,, try the : D ' ' ^ Large Scale Entertainment Isn't Cpld Necessity -- Hospitality Is v Luxc'Cafc,' fii'cy^iire four hours 'a day. . .twenty Hazel's Laundry IsThePlaceTo Do Weekly Wash mij*ht even start' thinking about the coming hunting .sca.son. Hfivts Mr. llicks put nwny n hunting rifle for you now, pay f o r ' i t na you can, | Weal und when the time cornea to use Iho gun, it will he yours. Poker ia hellftvcd to be fin nilnp- nLlDii or a Poralon gtmie, "na HUM." which uarnc lo the United' atiitc.i by wny of New Orleans. H taltca Us.namc from the French g-ftiiio ."poquo" and the German ffnmo "pouchtin" whicli 11 icscni- ' : ' For n cleaner, whiter' laundry try 'Hasc'l's' Automatic .Lnimdry. Make it n regular habit to deliver your weekly inindle-.or.lanmlry tp Hazel's Automatic'. Laundry 'at 220 '.' Leave .the ; bundle at Hazel's oh your : ,way«.to -town to do your shopping 1 , ·'. then when, you return for. your, laundry, all you have to do is pay the small fed for having it done for you, take it home and hang it. out. if you wish you may have your, laundry rough dried before, -you take it homo, Then air you 'have .to do Is fold ll and put It away. Thy service -'bffci'ed' at. Hazel's ATLAS LUMBER CO. *-j^.wWn^**.i ·'·V*wn\ ,'\.-, ',;'*» Home And Commercial Wiring , ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING/'- Fixtures and Appliances. ;/ SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC 1301 W. Picicho Phori. 289-R DAVIS LUMBER COMPANY · Building Material ·.Lumber; , . · Plumbing Supplies '. ·';;.:^ '. ; CompUii Lint of .^ * ' , . - ; . Paints - Laqueri - VarniihM .- · ·, ·· 1210 7lli Slrocl (Hwy. 85) .,' .. - , Telephone. 353-W; VICTORY LIQUOR STORE LIQUORS -- WINE -- BEER 110 N. Church St. V ',;/ LAS CRUCES MEAT CO. WHOLESALE MEATS / CUSTOM SLAUGHTERWQ , " , Pucknging and (Quick Freezing For Your Home Deep ^vv-M';::^ 1 By DAVID TAYLOR MARKE ~. AP Newsfeatwre Rdltor Not many parentjj can afford large-scale entertainment for their children's friends, but all fathers and . mothers can , offer ' simple, friendly,.old-fashioned hospitality Fortunate Indeed is : the child whose parents always arc ready with.a,treat for their friends, say's the National Kindergarten Association's Helen Gregg. Green. Says she: ' "One of iny happy childhood memories-la of a chum's mother who .was always, ready'with an after-school treat, together with, our parent's permission to enjoy it. ( ,'$Marie's grown-up 1 brothers would j;rect their sister's friends with the natural gallantry given lo (i, pi'ctty girl of their, on age, I as neither pretty nor their age, but the young doctor and his.hand- some -Ibrother gave' all:,"the .neigh,- norhoud children a fceling-'of being;' .welcome. " · - . ' Any family, she says, can'occa- sionally hnvei a children's party and nerve ice ci'cam and cake!' · . .In addition to a .child's personal life'and home'life he has'a social' life,-, where he takes .a place In the EVQVjP* .. an d, lie 'should contribute something, worthwhile to It. Acquiring social consciousness is part of;"th"e process in', .becoming an adult'. It.should begin early, and contlniie to grow, through sym- "patheUc interest in others..' , "". A child should know all-...types of · youngsters. As one parent'put it. . : ."Ifv you don't know both the rough' ones and those who "are 'refined, how. can you distinguish and evaluate the different traits of character?". It's the best kind of hospitality to .riiftke-others happy, says Miss Green'. The'most satisfying return from'hospitality is. friendship.. ' A friendly, open home will al,ways be prefciTed.'tp public places: When it-is. possible for your'boys and girls 1 to have their- fun at home, you' have the opportunity to help; them'build ideals that will Autoniatlc Laundry is : the best of its -kind In., the city. The'location Is.convenient'and there' is \isuajly plenty :of parking spsce when you drive-up.-. - '·· · .. ' * ' - . .-,' .- Jyhy t --«ot-,try_ 'Hazel's .Automatic ikUndry^ l f - you-risaven't -ftlroatiy. ' 1 lic. service,.' ;.i; ; ;: ; .;.', '. one day - make them worthy of homes. . · ' , . · . · · It's a. good, idea to .make your home headquarters for. the' crowd. Both Dad and Mother should realize that there Is a need for a choice it Is. more important to have a house that all the youngsters enjoy than one which is decorative but without warmth-and-feeling. We become the kind of adults we arc because of early influences. If Mother, or Dad.dream of some day being.a welcome, loved guest in a.son's or daughter's IIOUSP, they should begin now to make their home a place where hospitality is the keynote.. Ask-yourself ---"Are my children's, friends' happy in our Area's friends happy in our house?" Uiali Youth Takes Marble J Tourney ALBUQUERQUE, June 25--WP) --A blond,. 12-year-old youngster from Ogderif' Utah, captured the National Boys', Marble. Championship . here 'Saturday night. : : : ' Gordon Rowsc, son o£ an pgdcn druggist, prevailed over Henry Patino of- Thermal, Calif., in the windup of the fifth annual Veterans of Foreign Wars meet. "I was real lucky," Gordon blurted Jafter the final shot.. He won 7-s", 0-7, 7-1. The score is determined on Uie basis of Uie first to knock out seven" of'13 marbles In a 10-foot ring. . · · ' " · · · -With his .parents, Mr. and.Mrs. Lowell S. Rowse, and two younger I brothers, h e ' l e f t yesterday for a visit'to-Carlsbad Caverns."""" ' -It was the second crack at the championship for young Rowse. In last year's VFW.'final at Eaton Rapids, Mich., he was beaten by Tilton ' Holt, Jr., of Wilmington, Del. He defeated Tilton In an earlier "round Saturday. With the championship went a motorbike, a trip to New York City, a radio and a ?50 war bond. · The load-line of a'ship is generally known 'as' Plimooll's Mark, named after: SamueVPHnisolV-lSJUi century "British., social -reformer Whose efforts ; * were" directed -n- galnst overloaded, : unsafe" "coffin- ·jships.','. f'.\'' '." -.' "' \, · · "' i-Box 221 -Phon* 168 EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO; Of New Mexico. Inc. Allli-Ch*lin«» Tnctpri and Firm M»chin«ry GMC Trucki - ;P«ck»rd Can 137 South Church St'." !,...· · - . - . · ·.· Las Cruces, N. Mex. WAYSIDE INN "or Th« B«t Hamburgtri In Town · Curb S*rr!c» 885 N.'Mnin -.-Ph.'851-M .-..' TURNER'S Electric Motor Service Sales and Service Eltclrlc Motori - Pumpi G»n«r«lori 1160 W.. Plmeho . . Ph.'733-M GROCERY STORES NO: i UI.LA8-.GKUCC8 AVE. "";. ' -'FfconM 70-71 * ; · · · · - · OM Fr^ D»HT*TT SAVS TIME . Ut Ut Da Y«r Only tht FrwhHl NO. 2 3ti NORTH MAIN · '--^ «r«fti 'w-it^V 4 -*-- 10»00 AJC IAVE MONET .of .Quality Foodi . . Art Sent Out OnOwr DeUVerttt - Check Your Roof Nwv-It Might'' 1 Rain Here s Soon \Vc haven't had a chance lately to find out whether our roofs leak or not, but it wouldn't it be wise to sec that they arc repaired before we actually find out that they arc not in good condition? If your roof needs any repairs at all, why not visit the Davis Lumber Company and inquire about roofing- materials. ' Now many of ^s are taking our vacations. We aren't going out of town, but.arc spending the. time around the house just loafing or doing little things here and there Most of us nrc probably thinking of doing those things which we ,have put off for so long. The lady, of the house could probably use a few more shelves in the closet or pantry, or a mop rack on the back porch would be useful. When these things have''to be done, it. is usually the man around the house who 1ms tu do . them. Of'course ·he'll need the necessary .-materials to get the.'jo'b* dbne.-^, ·"" ' WJiv' not visit the Davis Lumber Company tills week spm.etim^ and pick out the 'materials you need to do these jobs with. If you don't want'tlicm right now, piace ·your order for future delivery , Know Your Local MEBCHAKTS und · BUSINESS MEM- The'Vnews "and advertisirig- .on 'this ,pa^e;'i?' Kelp, you ·get : acquainted--a'nd^serve'- '"'-''!'/''ybii?betWr;'j':\^":. : " ciobp -TOGO. 24 -HOURS 520: GUARANTEED Bluing - Repairing Custom /Gun Building Sporting .Goods ; QuU^ard Motors "If iig Ciuna, «·· Jo« Hicka" JOE HICKS GUN SHOP ....-.·. ,1016.W..Picacho - " " ' - 4 -5 *,:J r l! '*. '· CON;QGO '-STATION NO. 1 · Service. Department ,'r. 1 1 1 . _ , V v . - i f t n t ^ V l f I ) · Gonoco Products ' -.·"···'Phone'108-W 305 N. Main Las Crucei CARR POTTERY LOT CALIFORNIA POTTERY, GIFTS t NOVELTIES · Viait Us--See The Very Newest 1144 W: Picacho . , : . . Phone 289-M The Most Modern and Newest Restaurant In New Mexico-: , " ' Specializing In ...... ' . . . ' ' PLANK STEAKS · PSlME RIB OF BEEF LOBSTER · · NEFF RESTAURANT Highway 80 West, Next to Neff Court Your Favorite MIXED DRINKS GooctFood Dating " .J.ust "A, Pleasant Drive v From Las. Cruces :·'. · MT. VIEW INN .ORGAN PRJCHARD Book Stationery Company · · - . . · ' · . · - · ; :'.( ; dqmplcto ' School It Oiiict SuppUv ;' and-Equipmtnt 302 N. Main · Ph. 918-W NEW , AND AUTO: PARTS, Wreckiig Yard r \!TJ. · ·;··."· *'. · '·,;,SM,lj!,, Church'.. ' I V. JREEN'S 'JEWELRY ·t» fly .jtssv^r,* ·*·-.' -· ··- Authorized epair' VALLEY TRANSIT MIX, INC.

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