Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 25, 1973 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1973
Page 13
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;-:t!*-n (Goto.) TRIBUNE WH., April M, It73 New mystery show is very different iy?.-!'.. By JAY SIIARBUTT 2i-- ;* AP Television Writer *'·:'.... NEW YORK (AP) - It's ;;-::liard to. believe, but there's a i -': guy running loose who says *. C. .he's got a different kind of new ''?-. niystery series. What makes .-"·^ .me agree with him is that the i..'; :· .scries is for radio. 'V':.; He's Jay M. Kholos. He's ij .from Los Angeles, where many !r. : strange ideas oflen occur. The I;;V stfangest is thai someone these '.'· ·' days can sell a half-hour, five' * . · day-a-week radio series, com'." .plele wilh sound effects. Ii. ~ But the selling is brisk, ac-Jf ;- ' .cording lo Kholos, who says 110 '/,radio slations in the United '':' Slates already have bought (he i'.' ,new series, called "Zero Hour." V He hopes lo have a lotal of 300 ./'·' slations signed up by July. ;'·.' He also has Ihrce more * made-for-radio shows in the *·.' .works, one a daytime half-hour T V soap opera, another a one-hour, -····; -lOnce-a-wccK dramatic antholo- . · .igy'series and Ihe third a five- day-a-wcck comedy series. *- tf you arc a confirmed tele- '·· .vision buff, you may think * Kholos has a screw loose. But * if you are a radio freak, you J .may see or hear, as the case $·'· .,may be -- what he's up to. ··· ^There's been a gradual nationwide revival of old radio -;· series like "The Lone Ranger" ":'·' '.®id "The Green Hornet." - ;: Charles Michclson, a New Yorker who leases Ihcse and other shows to radio stations, says more than 400 stations now are carrying Ihcm. What Kholos, a Los Angeles advertising man, is doing is simply coming up with modern versions of the good old days and, as he puts it, "trying to anticipate a trend. "We feel there's going to be a demand for new shows on radio, so we wanted to be the first one out of the box with it. This is the first time this has been done in well over 20 years." A few established Hollywood stars have joined the effort. Writer-producer Rod Serling will be the host of "Zero Hour." The series' premiere week will star Howard ·' Duff, Patty Duke and John Astin. The show will take the form of a five-part story each week, with four of the segments ending with a cliff-hanger and the admonition to tune in tomorrow and see who survived what. Sound effects, an art form that went silent when television killed radio series in the early 1950s, will be handled by Gus Bayz, one of the few veteran radio sound effects men still working today. What gave Kholos the idea of this series? "Well, it came to me about five months ago and, like I say, stations that arc playing 'nos- it was in anticipation of: a talgia' programming seem to trend,"hesaid. "Radiostations see the possibility of what right now, in my opinion, really we're doing." are in a transitional state. - He said he's preparing the "They don'J know what the three other shows "because if hell they're doing. They're this thing clicks, there's defi- playing all kinds of music, nitcly going to be a demand They're reaching. And so we're and I want to be about four kind of forcing the issue a little shows up on the competition." bit with this kind of programm- Ironically, Kholos barely re- ing." members the golden days of ra- He said his biggest hopes are dio. He's only 32. with the stations that have middle-of-the-road music -- no acid rock -- or those with talk shows. "They can adapt to this sort of thing," he said. "Also the "I used to hide the radio under the pillow at night and listen to the old shows," he said. "But they went out before I really had a chance to get into (hem." As Boyle sees it NEW YORK (AP) - A man witii too many worries is like a man with loo much money. They can go lo his head and give him (rouble. A man wilh loo few worries is like a man wilh too little money. He doesn't get much sympathy or atlention. The main thing lo remember about worries is lhat, as is the case wilh money, you can'l former POW sees family first time lake Ihem wilh you. Like ev- Sinatra lake up lo cheer his crylhing else in life, (hey golden years? should he taken in moderalion From what you have seen of il so far, when do you Ihink Ihe · ' ^'..SHERIDAN. Wyo. (AP)- ..j-, former prisoner of war Major ^- ^Theodore Gostas saw his entire jI;.--". family for the first time since ; ·*': , ; his release by the North Viet- ;J;j namese when he flew to Sheri- I'j-- dan Saturday for the Easter :?i holiday. |! Gostas returned to Fitz- ·i~, .simons Army Medical Center in | ^"Aurora, Colo. Monday for what 'f'?£e termed, "continued Ireat- '5': jljient for internal physical prob- .". ;.,'lems." '..- ..The Cheyenne native spent. - ; itore than five years in captiv- Wednesday evening i,; ,R.m. ViTv*:30-2 Andy Griffith ;. V J ' . 4 Anylhing You Can Do ; 6 Discover Flying ; . - " ; " · . · 7 Police Surgeon J . .1; 9 I've Got a Secret i ; ... .7:00--2 Truth, Consequences r ' : A 4 Adam 12 *·',,, 6 Future is Now ^-··', · 7 Carol Burnett ijV! 9 Energy Crisis ;.'··· ij7:30--2 Dragnet ."'--'··';,· 4 Movie ';.· 6 Design 2000 ?..-. . -t 9 Movie t - , 8;00--2 Bonanza ( '.-' · . . 6 America ·^··- i 7 Cannon S :.,M9;00--2 News '.·'····., . 4 Search (·'. : ' 6 Lenox Quartet -'' ..; 7 Medical Center ~-:. . . t 9 Owen Marshall -. .f;30--6 Turning Points ·"' 10:00--2 Movie » · . ; · - · : 4 Eyewitness News t- · A 6 Soul I'-! 7 News, Wlhr., Spts. .':·'.'· 9 News " v : 10:30--4 Tonight Show '-;." 10:35-7 Movie j.i 11:00-6 Soul '* 9 Comedy News ; 12:00--2 TeatroEspanol ~ 4 Joyce Brothers ', . 12:30--4 Yawn Patrol .; , 9 It's Your Bel and on balance. If you don'l have enough worries, you're nol doing your fair V0un 8 er generation will pay off share of worrying. If you have ity and was released last lo ° manv worries, they simply month. He has been undergoing P a TMIyze you. extensive examination and One way to keep your worry- medical care at Filzsimons. in S in balance is lo weed out Reports from the hospital last periodically the worries you week said he may be able to can ' t rea "y do much about or or the guy who named free leave the hospital in about don ' ( feel excil ed about any- love? three weeks. wa y- On seeing his youngest son For exam ple, here are a few for the first time, five-year-old worries I have decided not to Jason, Gostas said, "The ex- fre( aboul ~~ al least for the perience of seeing Jason was moment: Scientisls expecl the climale (he national debt? Why do psychiatrists, who have lo think a lot, also tend to drink a lot? Who was the bigger liar -the guy who named near beer well worth waiting for. I just can't believe it, I just can't be- lo change slowly during the lieve il." 21st cenlury. Bui will it get Of his eleven-year-old daugh- colder or notler? 1m 8 oin 8 Isn't it really high time that somebody did something aboul it all, whatever it is? Since political campaigns are gelling more and more like beauty conlesls, wouldn't it be a good idea for one of the television networks to get Bert Parks to emcee (he next nation- 'ter Laura, "She's just a prln- le( Posterily handle Ihis prob- al election? ........ ' -cess that's all, she just hasn't lem changed. She was a princess Wnv didn ' t anybody put his before and still is." fi "8 er '" the dyke at Water- The major lermed his eldesl ga!e? son Demetrius "quite a west- Will women's skirts go higher emer." or lower '' wh( =n? Gostas spoke very highly of wil1 President Nixon draw unemployment money after 1976? If so, in whal stale? Isn't there some way to make his molher-in-Iaw and-falher-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ludecke, who have laken care of the children while his wife Jo- professional alhleles happy be- hanna was with him al Fitz- sides 8 ivin g lhem more mone y Simons. He also spoke of the lhan tnev know wnat lo do witn many fine things lhat have gracefully? been done for him and labeled who wi " free . women from it as "typical western hospi- " le Women's Liberation Move- yours or mine. Always pick lalily." menl? worries your own size. Why is il that the 24-hour virus is largely restricted to employes who are scared to lake off more lhan one day from work at a lime, whereas flu is more popular with em- ployes who don'l care how many days they take off? Are signs multiplying (hat sex may nol be here to stay after all. If it goes, what will take ils place? Yes, friends, there are some problems lhal need to be confronted by cooler heads lhan Daytime TV Schedule Monday through Friday Denver channels: KWGN (2); KOA-TV (4) NBC; KRMA-TV (6) PBS; KMGH-TV (7) CBS; KBTV (9) ABC. -;; : ^Thursday evening '·/* p.m. i-' 6:30-2AndyGriffith r . 4 Holly wood Squares I · 6 Arl Sludio I '· 7 American Adventure '-'· 9 Wait Till Father 7:00--2Truth, Consequences ir · ,. : 4Flip Wilson v '·' 6 Beautiful Machine il 7Wallons {·"· :· i 9 Mod Squad ( '. -7;30--2Dragnel i 6 Afraid of Opera? ' 8:00--2 Bonanza 4 Ironside 6 Humanities 7 News Special 9 KungFu 9:00--2 News 4 Dean Martin 7 CBS Special ·· 9 Streets of San Fran ^ .10:00--ZMovie "... 4 Eyewitness News ·'. 7 News 9 News 10:30-4 Tonight Show ^ 6 30 Minutes · 10:35-7 Movie U:00--6 Inform ; " 9 Documentary ': · l^.'OO--4 Joyce Brothers J.-12:30-4 Yawn Patrol '.?' 9 Its Your Bet a.m. 6:00--7 Sunrise Semesler 6:30-4 World Tomorrow 7 CBS News 9 Curiosity Shop (Fri) 6:55^1 News 7 Evan Slack 7:00-4 Today Show 7 Capt. Kangaroo 9 Carloons 7:30-9 Up 7:45--2 Morning News 8:00--2 Flinlslones 7 Cartoons 9 Not b'or Women Only 8:25--4 News Capsule 8:30--2 New Zoo Revue 7 $10,000 Pyramid 9 Mike Douglas 9:00--2 Blinkey's Fun Club 4 Dinah's Place 7 Gambit 9:30--2 Jack LaLanne 4 Hollywood Squares 7 Love of Life 9:50--2 Fashions in Sewing 9:55--7 Mid-day News 10:00--2 Denver Now 4 Jeopardy 7 Secret Storm 9 Password 10:30--2 Green Acres 4 Who, What, Where 7 Search for Tomorrow 9 Splil Second 10:45-4 NBC News 11:00--2 Phil Donahue 4 Sale of Century 7 News 9 All My Children 11:30-4 Three On Match 7 As the World Turns 9 Let's Make A Deal Noon--2 Flying Nun 4 Eyewitness News 7 Guiding Light 9 Today at Noon p.m. 12:30--2 Whal's My Line 4 The Doctors 7 Edge of Nighl 9 Daling Game 1:00- 2 Movie 4 Another World 7 Price Is Right 9 General Hospital 1:30-4 Peyton Place 7 Colorado 9 One Life to Live 2:00-4 Somerset 7 Dialing for Dollars 9 Love American Style 2:30--4 Days of Our Lives 9 Newlywed Game 3:00--2 Perry Mason 4 Baffle 9 Bewitched 3:30--4 Death Valley Days 9 Merv Griffin 4:00--2 Gilligan's Island 4 I Spy 7 Joker's Wild 4:30-2 McHale's Navy 7 N Y P D 5:00--2 Hogan's Heroes 4 NBC News 7 News 9 ABC News 5:30 -2 Dream of Jeannie 4 Eyewitness News 6 Mister Rogers 9 News 6:00-2 That Girl 4 To Tell the Truth 6 Electric Company 7 CBS News 9 World of Adventure by THOMAS JOSEPH ^CHURCH of StBASILIO Italy, WHICH WAS ORIGINALLY A PASAN TfMPLE, (MS IN FRONT OF IT A MARBLE COFFIW COMTAININfi THE BONES OF SOLDIERS SLftIN IN BATTLE 400 VEARS AGO -BOTH By HAL BOYLE If the government puts a tax on breathing, will it do so at the source? Will we all have to wear lax melers on our noses? Well, then, will it be illegal to ;breathe through your mould? Wouldn'l our senior citizens keep in better shape if each one was given a free rocking chair by the stale on his 65th birthday? What new hobby will Frank THE GRAVES OF CHILDREN NORTHERN NEW SUIMEA ARE MARKED BY REPLICAS OF THEIR. ANCESTRAL HUTS -- SO THC CHILD'S SOUL HILL NOT FEEL NATIVES ' OF THE 6AZEILE PENINSULA OF NEW BRITAIM, TO MORE FULLY ASSUME THE IDENTITY OF AN ANCESTOR WfAR A MASK MAD£ FROM THfSKW Of MS FACE ANb HIS ACTUAL JAWBONE DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE-Here's how to work it: A X Y D L B A A X R is L O N G F E L L O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is .used for the three L's, X for Ihe two O's, elc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day Ihe code lellers are different. CRYPTOQUOTES H J V A A X B N M L C R R A L V A J N A L A V R R T W Q A L V J V T D T W A L V S P J R Z T D Z P W V F X M L T R Z J V W . - P n T K V J S V W Z V R R L P H B V D SCRAM-LETS ANSWERS Yesterday's Cryptoquote: PART OF THE SECRET OF SUC- A^onV-Umf ^Ted^lrVadv"^ 1 he CESS IN LIFE IS TO EAT WHAT YOU LIKE AND LET THE "Al^skfepTalm cool and COLLECT » FOOD FIGHT IT OUT INSIDE.-MARK TWAIN (© 1973 King Features Syndicate, Inc.) ACROSS 1.-campaign «. Weather 11. Knight's weapon 1Z. French girl's name 13. Exactly; correct (si.) (3 wds.) 15. Bakery creation 16. Anatomical network 17. Biblical mountain 20. Chat 23. Luau goody 24. Arizona city 25. Win (3 wds.) 29. Redolence 30. Hipster 31. "Da," translated 32. Most up- to-date 35. Whitney and Wailach 37. Aunt (Sp.) 39. A sure winner (colloq.) (3 wds.) 43. Unravel 44. Lubricated 45. 'mid 46. Frail; slender DOWN 1. Spatter 2. Craze I. Register 4. -- 'himmel! 5. Caddoan Indian 6. Small bottle 7. Latvian 8. Whole number 9. Indian farmer 10. Poetaster's adverb 14. Cranium 18. Imitator 19. King (Fr.) 21. Balaam's steed 22. Night- flying mammal t\. Wee bit 25. Diffident 26. Poem 27. White table wine 28. Corpulent 32. Compare 33. Fashion 3*. Pronged Yesterday's Answer 36. Kind of wire 38. -Williams 39. Advocate (suff.) 40. Immediately 41. In favor 42. Untruth HENRY By John Liney MY PAP BOUGHT ME A * SET OF GOLF CLUBS! I'M GOING TO PLAY FOR THE FIRST TIME; TOPAY By Bob Montana HEY. yOU ARE WITH IT, AAISS HAGGLY.' REX MORGAN, M.D. By Dal Curtis I TOLD VOU tlfORE -- NO ONE GET A GUARANTEE WHEN HE'S PLACED OH THIS EARTH / I'M GOING BACK TO WORK AND GET IN SHAPE FOR THE BI TOURNA- /MENTS CO/WINS UP THIS SUMMER ' THEY CLAIM THAT THIS GOLF GAME 15 SEVENTY- FIVE PERCENT MEHTAi/ IF iriS, I'LL BE ABLE TO WIN AC-AIH ! CANCtL OUT MY APPOINTMENTS FOR TODAY, A1K5. SOWERS.' IF THERE ARE AHY tMCRGENCIES, HAVE OK ADAM SEE THEM ' JUNE/ I'M NOT AT ALL SUKE I HAVE THE RIGHT 1O ASK YOU TO MARRY ME.' AT BEST, MY UNCERTAIN ' JOHNNY HAZARD movie schedule Wednesday. April 25 1 p.m., Channel 2 (C) -Cheaper by the Dozen wilh Cliflon Webb. 2p.m., Channel 7 (C) -- The Howard wilh Kfrcn Ximbalist Jr. .1:30 p.m., Channel 4 -Fa I her Is a Bachelor. 7:30 p.m., Channel!) (BW) -- Iiilcrmc7.7.o with Ingrid Bergman, Leslie Howard, Edna Best and John Hallidny. 10 p.m., Channel 2 1C) Thunder in the Valley wilh Lon MacL'iillislcr. 10:35 p.m., Channel 7 (BW) - The I'linnliim of Soho wilh Diulcr Horschc and Barbara !!ucltin|. I2:0rn.m., Channel 2 B W - .Scd le Armor. Thursday, April 26 1 p.m., Channel 2 (C) -- Brass King wilh Robert Slack, Celeste Holm and Van Johnson. 2 p.m., Channel 7 (BW) -Shock Treatment with Lauren Uncoil. 3:30 p.m., Channel 4 -Shadow of (he Window. II p.m., Channel .6 ( B W ) Oliver Twist wilh Alec Guiness, John Howard Davics and Robert Nowlon. 10 p.m., Channel 2 ( B W ) Dream Wife with Cary Grant and Deborah Kcrr. 10:35 p.m., Channel 7 (C) -Kangaroo with Maureen O'Hara, 1'clcr Lnwford and Itichnrd Boonc. yES.KTJAN... THAT I MD6T KNOW.' BUT rr's NO TRICK... 00 LIE, HAZARP/ TO TRICK ME INTO REVEALING- A\y BROTHER'S ...YOUR FEL.UOW REBELS FO HOLP THIRTV-5IX INNOCENT UlVeS HOSTAG-E/ I'LL. PROVE IT TO you... By Frank Robbins ^HORTV-y,A CALL \B PLACS7 FRO/V, WEST CERMANY-IOTHE ZURICH AIR TOWER;... SWISS-AERO FLIGHT Z.71... WE HAVE A PIRECTLINE OPEN TO IO-1AN BAMPIKI/ WILL VOL! Li'L ABNER By Al Capp TAKE CARE OF MYSELF.'/) HA!! THE CRUDE WAV WOULD BE TO HAVE HIM KNOCKED OFF- TAKE \ CAREO 1 1 YORE- SELF.':''') BUT I PREFER A MORE SOPHISTICATED APPROACH. I'LL SIMPLY OUTLIVE HIM.V BUT SIR- VOU'RF. INDOOR NINETIES.'.' 6OODBYE,NDKUM -REMEMBER-THE SURVIVOR GETS EVERYTHING.'/

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