Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 5, 1945 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, February 5, 1945
Page 3
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February 5;-1945 Las Cr«ip§r Sen-News PAGE THHl TIE PEOPLE'S MARKET PUCE ^iil*K£LP A /FOR SAT.F l"iP Tnir*E .. T r\tsT I.TVN i*****.^. f. FOR SAJ.E OH TRADE WANTED. OR FOR HEN? LOST AND FOUND WAWTS CLASSIFIED' FOR SALE ! FOR SALE BABY CHICKS BRED TOLIVE AND LAY Book 30 Days in .Advance Dr.Horton'sHalchery 1520 West Hadley Phone 537-M MUJ.EK-TUOMAS CO OLIVER : EARM IMPljEMBNTS NCPjN^CiqiBBOSIVE PAINTS 824 S. Main, St. uliu Cruces, NM. iS- U. S. Army : Jssue surplus used merchancUse,,fit'bargaln prices. 30,. 000 pairs 'shpesi no ration stamp needed, good, grade 52.15, butter grade,- repaired; new soles and heels $2,85; 28,000 raincoats J2.15. 9000 soft feaflier pUlotos $1:00'each Mcssltits .406',' canteens 40c, cups 2SS XJ* 720i)'M5 : WU. S.-Amy extra Wavy; * ib. 6 pi. olive drab sirtgle coftbh''blankets, 6x7 feet, red lint price''$3.16. All postage pr'epald. No COD's. Send jnoney artier.' 'Blank's Exchange, Wichita Falls, Texas.. ' Practically new inaple lied room suite with rnatteress and springs NjO-pound capacity pre-war ice box 2 tuts with legs, round oax dining table and chairs. 748 West Las Cruces Avenue. Cedar posts, all sizes, extra good. Camp DeLuxe. 17 jewel South Bend chrome case watch. Lee Reeves. Whizzer bicyqle motor. Good condition, reasonable. See J. E. Wood; 702 North Main street, Magnolia Service Station. Day bed. 886' West Brbwnlee, Bassinette. Phone 598-J3. You can get professional results if you use Nu-Tone Flat Wall Finish. Cover wall paper, bare plaster and old painted surfaces with just one coat. Paint average room for only $2.98. Valley Appliance Co. ___ "JeVriiangrit residents, civilians ^vant furnished apartment or snial 'house, reasonably close in. children. Phone 34' or 109-J. Civilian, essential worker, permanent renter, desires 2 bedroom uni'urnished house. Phone 671-M. Want' furnished house or apartment. No children or p'ets. Call Capt. McKinndn, Dona Ana Courts. Phone 727. Furnishe'd house or apartmerit. Col. McBride, phone BOS. HELP WANTED Persons now engaged in essential war work will not be considered; Mald. Apply at 224 West Hadey. · . BULK GARDEN SEED ONION SETS -- HOT CAPS FAHMfeR'S MARKET SUPPLY CO. Phohe 333 ,611" KB Tracks 1053 North, forniilo,. nearly new 3 room adobe home, lot 100x190. Fenced, fruit. : and .shade, .trees. $1600.00. Terms. Owner, P. O. Box 741 Sand- tailored suit, 38, 59.00; coot $55. Kilby, Kotirts; cottage 10. 1927 Ford Coupe: Exce'lieiit condition. Good; tl^es., See P. Nleto at.'Las CruceY Furniture 'Store. Toy guns, dolla - drums,' tepees, vests, feather : hats. games, cutouts, pottery etc. Hand woven blankets, purses, neckties, jackets,.' coata, sweaters. Hahd made-belts, Dill- folds, apron's, bobk efids, ash trays. Indian and Mexican jewelry. Hundreds of ottier 'itenjs. Valley Bus Depot, 330 South Main. 'Pontiac, 1038 deluxe four-door sedan. Excellent condition rtiechan- dally, good Ures. Warranted. Ccil- ng price. Will trade. Bob Parshall's 66 Garage, 1144 W. Pieaclio. Snapped corn in 500 pound to 10 ton lots. Luis Carrillo, 1900 West Hadley, adjoining drain canal. Junior size bed, practically new. 150 Willdughby. One slightly used Everman land leveler. Alfalfa hay, 522.00 per ton Phone 537-W. NOTICES We buy, cell and trade. Hlett's Second Hand Store, 130 North Main Phohe 646. Ironing wanted. Corner North Alanieda and Front street. Cloth covered button^ and buckles. Quick. Service Cleaners. $7.50, arid 58:00 permanciito for $6.50 during Jhuary arid February. De Luxe Beauty Shop. Phone 898. --adv. c SAGS WESTERN AUTO V^e' win 'h'ave b?abj 'chicKS each rhursdaj. ^ace your orders o dome and get them. Valley Pro ducts' Co., phone 99. Tractor, he£ari. 'Phone 655-W. COTTON, SEED ^-^ Mesa Acala, as previously advertised. 100-lb. ne new branded cotton bags, re cleaned, jier; ton- S120.0C FOB Santo-'rwmas Ranch, P. O 050, Phone 498-J1. D. F. Stahmann Stahmann Farms, lias Cruces, N FOR SALE We will have six and seven foot JUMBO FRESNOS in stock in a few days. Etpripmenl Supply Co. 452 South Alameda Phone: 168 Farmall' '.if.i...'jiisC overhauled. 3-ro\v stalk cutter, in -A-l shape. Phone 86. Farm'ill 20 tractor-With cultlvnt. 'of ahd plo*s. PKone 598-J9. Mercury quartz ultra violet ray ^rit! Ozone nealth' lamp. Loomis and Company.^ Alfalfa ·Se6l,''va1liiy*Krdwn, qol- 'lege tested. F. J. Rig'ney. Jr., La Meaa, New fcitjfo.."3li,. BABY CHICKS We have on haria ! «'t"this time most large breeds. Xew ship- FARMERS MARKET SUPPLY CO. Phone 333 On RR Tracks 60 acres of Innd. 30 in cultivation, rest in pasture. Modern home. Also farm equipment. Priced to sell. W. C. Bates, phone 584-J3. Complete and large ilock of TRACTOR TIBES Ray's Park Texaco SERVICE STATION CdTronlon Loss } fleet or irbn structures Involve a corrosion loss of 2 per cent of Iho vnlup of the material, pir 7»r, or a possible annual lots In Ult Bnlt«Ml*1M of JSOO.flOO.OOO. General Contracting and Floor Sanding. HARRY L. ST6TJT Phone 785-R3 Gleaner Cleaners. or presser. Cothern . Carrier boys for Las Cruces Sun- News. Cook for family of 4, On ranch 8 miles from Las Cruces; $20.00,per week, robin arid board. Phone Girls for permanent Work. Experience not necessary. We will teach' you. Apply Baker Drug: store, Geo. Adams, manager. Cook for La Fonda Cafe. Phone 502. , Soldier's wife to fa'M full charge of house in return for private rpbm ·ind bath and small salary. Phone 536-NW, Waitresses. Must be experienced. Apply in person. Del Rio Caf«. Lady, half time'caoln, half time station, by week. Camp DeLuxe. Middle aged American woman wanted to help at Las Cruces Hotel, 128 South Main Street. L03T Saturday, Feb. .3, brown billfold containing identification cards and money. Rewar'd. W. C. S'trodb. Phone 598-R2. . FOR RENT Ten acres land, for cash rent. Apply Williams, 136 North Main. Building on Main street at Me- sllla Park, equipped for cafe. Phone 593-S2. Commercial type Waxer for that extra special waxing- job. 50 cents one-half day. Valley Appliance Co. WANT TO BUY Red' chill, all k'lrids. Barker's Ranch,' phone 599-R1. WAITED, HORSE HAIR, FURS. We pay 75 cents per pound for horse tail hair. Mane hair at value. Also buyers of rabbit skins. Raw furs. Ship express or parcel post now to W. H. Sturges Co., Winner, *!outh Dakota, dhecks mailed promptly. HEAL ESTATE Lots and acreage. Terms to suit. F. A. Bunch, Box 1S9. or 714 East Lohman Ave., Las Crudes. When in need of anything in the real estate line, always see Burton's first. 115 West Grlggs, phone 381. TRAVEL ALL AMERICAN S Free meals, Fr^e Pillows, Low^r Rates. Three schedules. 333 South Main, Phone 774. Fire-Cured Tobacco · Tobacco cured in an atmospfiere of. wood srnoke similar to that.^ed for smoking meats and flsh is .kqo'wn as fire-cured "tooacco. In this 'cdun- try tobacco Is fire-cured in certain sections of Virginia. Kentucky and Tennessee. .The product iq utilized Jn the manufacture of the .Italiqh tyjie' of cigar and for s'riuft, A stmijar product is prepared at La'taWa .jn the Levant b'y curithg the small 1 leaves of Turkjs.h types In smoke. The flavor of this product closely resembles that of the American flre-cur"ed types. Pood Waste Food waste figures show an annual loss via the garbage pail of about 100 pounds per person of good, edible food. Of the total waste of 20 to 30 per cent of all food produced, 2 per cent is left uriharveste'd on farms for lack of labor. 2 peir^ cent is lost by poor handling in transportation, up to 7 p*er cent is lost in storage ahd wholesale markets, 3 to 6 pci* cent is los't in retail stores, 6 per cent is wa'sted by restaurant patrons a'tid 15 per cfirrt of all food taken intn homes Is wnsted. KoldJns Linens It is best to avoid folding UriCns when putting "them away. An old broomst'lcK handle or mailirig riib'e can be used to roll the llneri vvlicn it is stored, Always store llfieris in a cool place. Avoid hot or dry area's. If you do fold linen, do not fold It in the same place each time. For example, if Once it is folded in the center, the next time fold it in a different manner. Folding linens on exactly,the seme line increasingly weakens the fibers. . Eg'r Production For each dozen egga produced, a hen will eat about seven pounds ot feed. NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS WELL, JUST ABOUT TO SOLO- 5O START ftjLLIN YOUR TOETHER..' OH.OH ...: THAT 15 THE ONfe LITTLE PTTAIL IN re-rtiw FLVINS CURRJCUUM TMAT.BA5 BE£M eOTHEOINQ HIM-' --AW NOW HERE. HE I* FACE TO .FAC?V/|THIT.... OAKY DOAKS ^ YE CODS'AMD LITU£ FI5HE5/ THIS IS KETCHY- rv SABOTOCe/^" KETCHY:/' LAST VOUVE MET YOUR ,, MATCH, SIR/ 5 OAKY/ SUDDEHiy DESERTED OAKY AMD LEFT. HIM TDB4CE MOECAMA'S ERirftLBEAST AWUE/ DICKIE DAK* By Conlton Watt* WITH WHICH, DICKIE FALLS idTO A DEEP SLEEP... , yOt/ POOP Ll'L DOGGIE, rfHAT'5 MATTEP? ···! BET IE, SVFFE0HG FROM AMttESIA, At/D tfAHDEPlHG ABOUT THE- MMTAltfS, OtSCOlfEPS A CAft · - - GEE, THE BOSS IS SUQE ACTllJ' FtlfMV ---HE OllGHTA BE DOIti' SOMETHING! rf/e BQEAAPE.AGlff , I'LL JUST SLEEP TILL COMES, OR ID-Die ADVENTURES OF PATSY By Charles Bit* AND WE'LL USE THE BEST CAMERAMAN WE CAN FIND IN HOLLYWOOD.' HE FOUR CHILDREN, ANDREW, . LUCIUS, fWSY AND TEDDY . HAVE WRITTEN A MOVIE SCRIPT, WHICH' . PATSY HA9 BEEN RBAPIN DIRECTOR HO3AN. 1 CAN THEE VOUR POINT ATM LOWS ATH HE LETTH VOU HANS AROUND.' MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN B? Lee »alk and Phil Dafb NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT IT IS QUITE NOTHING LIKE A COZY FIRE-PLACE IN WEATHER LIKE THIS. SORrVf,IT'S SOCOLD,BUTSOONYOU WILL FEEL NOTHING/ HOMER HOOPfcE m TOIMkii HE'-; TAE tA5T WORD )== ,Si\rA£WDOLDMT IT FOR TA£ WORLD / IT WOOLD B£ WOWDERRIL GMCLE BEW. IF .Von REALLY COULD'TAKE DOWMA te, A TWO-TOW TOJCK OH, DIANA "f- VJHY VOU HELPED SUAAAArTR VjlTH -bUR. VICTOR GARDEN, LITTLESIS/ JtTEPeT(?5 CREEPERS' "'!' BOO SAY^ "PLAN x _ Vie dopy GARDEN NOW"'"." WHAT'S WRONG WJITH AM · .J AI..L-VEAI?-ROUND CAW AW GEE MOM.' WHAT A LITTLC GIRL PQTHELP- " SCQRCHV SMITH Frank lolMw ^JITH THE DEPARTURE OP THE RESCuEP AVIATRIX, CELIA HABr ...EOUTINE SETTLES ONCE MORE, ON TME Boys AT scoecHvs' KLAMC5 BA95 IN THE PA^IFC HI/CAPTAN SMITH/ soeey i COULPNT (JET TO SEE MI5S .HART OFF...(· 5HE5 IN THE U.S. By NOW.' OH HUH/ SHE ASKED ...SEEN CHUM .' THE OLP MAN'S ) -^ GOT SOMETHIMCr, HE VVANT5 /.// TO BUZZ yOU A(70T-- /" BETTER M.ME TRACKS/^/./ V.I WHAT'S HIS VUND

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