Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 29, 1972 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 29, 1972
Page 23
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Cirt Truck GOOD 1967 Chev. Imptla 2 dr hard top, low mileage. S5G3. 68S-20H. ^s'CHECKER, 43,000 miles. »?co 35S-81D8. · 'C6 KOHD FIOO r l f k u p , V-S, 4 Iwb. tCOO. 363.003] a ti, r 4! _ '66 CHEV Nov« oport coupe, 2ris »- l-lne. Nice. 3M-4CZ8. FOH SALE -- Humbler, '69. 4 door _H»ymond,_M3-OS32. GOOD r u n n i n g 19GI Plymouth SG5 _i88-20I4. _ ' ·67 FORD Gilaxlc. fSOO or lt»t otter 353-6955, n i l 6th Ave. GOOD ruimlnz 1857 Chev. Ilelalr. SSJ . MUST lell in" 10 days. 1070 fo«J Cort i n a wanon. Excellent jns mileage. 1064 CHEV. v a n . Excellent conditlun Very_clesn. JBSS. 3S6-2091. ·05 IMPALA Super Spott. J ISO. C a l l '66 CHEVY. Good condition, Hecent wort done, ma. 352-5317. IfSS VW sedan, low miles. Rack. rj. __ci]o,_heater^ 363-2836. 'GO VW Fastbnek, good condition. 35C-43SO. 1971 VW Super Beetle. 12,000 miles. 8ii-230i a f t e r 5 p.m. WICK clean 1869 Impala. 2 door hari!- ,top. V-t, auto. $1.505. 56S-20I4. FOR SALE: '71 D » t s u n 1200, am/fm radio. 35C-'j690. ·6J~"oliEVY~'A ton, 3 .peed, ' Ion? wide. S800. 353-2910. fa63~plc~KUr. Lnnir Iwdy. Good condl- tion._f400. 358-1705. ·62~ OLDSMOTHIiE 8S. !200 or offer 352-SS7U after 7 p.m. 7962 VOLVO. Escelknt condition, very clean. 353-6101. 19GS PON'TIAC Firebird. $1300. 401 16th Ave. S53.S035. ·!tl WILLYS J«p V-, automatic, hubs J 5 4 - 3 8 I 2 after 5. _llest offct_takea. 333-1315 after six. ibfii'FORD cUlion uncon, S1CO., auto- mntic trnnsmlssion, pmvpr steerniK _3r,3-2627. T065 k TON Ford pickuu 352. V-t. 1 stieed M-ith low silhouette pumper. Kxcetlciit cunilhio]!. M2-3623. 1803 Delwood Ave. T9S5 V, TON Chevy piekup. Lons wide box. Good tires. New ] i a i n l . 3303 llth Ave.. 353-i72S after 6. 1350 CHEV ru. 350 turbo, FfeeririE and bnike* find topper, u n d e r 20,000 miles _ 353-5655 FAMILY enlarctd. Must sell IOCS Thunderbird Power equipped. I117i. See _ a l l»l_E._2Cth St. No. 30. MUST sell '37 Rambler. Oiyvi condition. ?125. Hc« offer. 1011 17lh Ave. 353-117'J. 1970 DODGE 4 wheel drive pickup. Excellent comlltitm. Low mileage. 353-3796. OTKL '6S Kakttn, pocil condition, good body. S675. 3211 10th El. Martin Trailer Couri. No, 35. ckup, V- t u n , rehuill after 7:30 p.m. 356 GOLD Star s'ft. slide-In r n m p f r Jllre.JSSO. J5S-4702 after 5 p.m. 1M3 CHKV. 1 cnKiue. Call 2C66. ·71 TOYOTA Corona 4 door, big en- nine. Litotnatic, 11,009 me. 353-29 niles. J2100 ·65 C H E V Y 2 ioor Iiardton. poivci steering, power brakes, air condition' ing, new paint. W i l l consider oli!ei pickup on trade. 2S4-T757. 196S G A L A X I E 500 4 door, red ivith black interior. Excellent condilii belts, good S I , 2 5 0 . 352-3375. O n l y '70 CHF.VELT.F. M a l i b u , 2 door hardtop, 4 speed, Hurst, vinyl top. CraK ar miga, new radial tires, many extras. 363-7183 a f t e r a. C«n «nd Truck. 51 V 6 , rL , V "OUTa D.,.cud.. Sell .. I, n f4., T ,9 N ,ford pickup, Kt. V-8, or liulbUuri p,rts. 4 speed tram- loltsion. ll.dlo, 14 In. ttr«. .lc. 454- L - 7 ; ^ " rl "o r . » H-61 i ENDT 6 " ""'o «"«'·«. " P«d triple, ia e , 5 |,, ,lee wr , , x . "Lent Urea «nd condition. Trade for » to » ft. landem axle flat bed toiler. Irrigation and Power Equip. °»nt. US Htel..,, So. 65, Hreelw. Trallfrt and CaMpcrt 53 FIBERGLASS camper shell for Datjun lilckup. 686-2693. Auto Service arid Suppliti 52 352-3037 179. 195. MEADOW roof hllb. camper ihell tor 65-72 El Camlno. 356-0316. TOi-I'KIl for loni, wide bo*, 1 month · old. Site «1«0. 3I3-7S79 after 6, _ty_[lne. FOR EA1.E -- Moblte Traveler pick, up camper. Mcnlern except for ihow- _er._CAll__68G-l913 a f t e r S p.m. L I K E new, one owner, 8*20 ft., f u l l y cclr-cuntalntd. 1971 Aljn eamp-trall- T, 1816 ilil St. Road. 1968 BLUEBIRD cnmplng trailer, 10 ft. In good cor.altlon. Range and broiler, iru li^ot, portable . toilet, ilcepi 4. Call 353-E191 a f t e r C. Trailers and Comptrs 53 IMS RED U.le « cab camper. Hardly _b-en u.ed. 254^310 after i. TOR SALE -^53-5646. iper. Real ft. c.b.over camp- 1970 6 FT. Red Dak camper. Excellent _condllion. Call 353-47S5 after 5. FOR SALE -- Insulated canopy for 8 ft. tuckup box. Call 352-5103 or see at 3316 l l t h SI. after « p.m. 69 TRAILER, n ft., al^ps 6. Range with oven, ke box, henter. lights and ivatr-r, on own hattery SMtem - Used only one season. Exceptionally clt f l . C O J . 3S2-7650 after 4. 1 J M Mobile Home Service Supply RED DALE NG'iiad Campers nnd Travel Traile.-e 630 2Gth St. 353-9290 ^^^t^^iV-^i:, A u c t i o n s Franchlfi«d Dealer TERRY, MONITOR, YELLOWSTONE, CARDINAL" Sales and Rental D R Service 422 1Kb Ave. 352-3718 or 362-6288 By DAVID BURKE AP Business Writer NEW YORK (AP) - The rospcct ot hundreds of mil- ions of dollars in price roll- jacks dominated the economic ne'wsfront this past week as tha Price Commission promised to crack down on linns with es- sssive profit margins. C. Jackson Grayson Jr., J . M Mobile Home Service Supply Porta Pottl -- hitches -- gos/ electric retrigerators.'See UB for your'caihper supplies. 630 26th St. 353-9290 KONOJO (T KAMPKRS 1)0 MODELS ·fa Winnobago if Trailer Hitches fa Duno liuggies ^r Tent Trailer R e n t a l s Storage ·j^r ITupii Mini Cycles · C'atn]ier and Trailer .Economy Body Shop No. of Ramada Inn 352-6628 Business Highlights chairman, said the Price Commission was ' reviewing the quarterly earnings reports from major companies and indicated :hat large price reductions and refunds were in the offing. Later in the week, Ford Mo:or Co. voluntarily announced SACRIFICE 1970 0]el Rn]lye. Orifttnal owner. Very COT.\] condition, 1.0 FJ en- jfinc. F disc brakes. Tiich and Instruments. New oversize Urea, exhaust system. R shocks. Extras -- u m / f m Panasonic, rear defroster, trailer hitch, wiritiR, 2 stiiddwt rnilinl pnnvr tires on wheels. A f t e r 5:30, 353-0338. I " MifAra^ 1 ^^ \f\ Tuea., May 2, 1972 Starting at 5:30 p.m. S Located at 1442 16th Ave. Ct. Vrf'i Selling for the Carl Heppner Estate f"'\ Partial list consisting oE: Admiral 11 cu. ft. refrig- Vl era,or; 30 in. Admirnl Electric range; small Philco : ! j chest type frcezur; Whirliwol washer and d r y e r ; chrome =:l.^ dinette set; dining tahlo, G chairs; hutch and bnffct; ','' ] Hook rases (1-3 tier sectional with glass); Simmons ;.";| Ilide-u-bed; lounge chairs iilatforni rocker; sofa hert; ^ end tables; desk; typewriter desk; 3 pc. Spanish bed- j^J room net; Ei pc. bcrlroom suite; O.IO. portalilo T.V. with stand; sewing machine in CHbinet: Slucl wardrobe; high rhair; many pots, pans and dishes; tool grinder and stand; camping equipment; sletl; hydraulic jacks; fans; bicycle; garden tools; lawn chairs; barbecue with oven; lawn sweeper; new lawn fertilizer; C hp riding lawn mower and many more items loo numerous to mention (some collectors items). Terms: Cash day of sale. Sale conducted by: GREELEY AUCTION SERVICE Auctioneers: Roland Krier-- Ph. 352-9587 Bonnie Grncik Used Cars and Trucks an average $13 price cut for its cars and trucks after reporting a 49 per cent leap in first-quarter earnings to $252 million. The commission ordered rollbacks at six large companies, including Eckerd Drugs Inc., ; Charlotte, N.C.-based chain ol 123 stores, and F.W. Woolworll Co., which was told to rcscint recent increases in lunch counter operations at its five-and- dime outlets. Other news during the week gave conflicting signs of the nation's economic health. The government reported a worsen ing of the U.S. trade deficit in March and a slackening of productivity gains during the first quarter. On the plus side, lending economic indicators showet gains last month, while (lie Treasury's plans for refinancing indicated a smaller federa* budget deficit than previous estimates. Stock In Review Sat - A P f " 29 ' 1972 GKEELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 23 Ivatc sector during the firs! I quarter increased at a seasonally adjusted annual rate ol only 2.17 per cent, compared vith a 3.2 psr cent rate of gain n the fourth quarter of 1971 ind 3.6 per cent for all of lasl year. At a congressional hear- ng, Commerce Secretary Peter G. Peterson expressed amazement at the slowdown. Good news came with the re- »rt from the Commerce Department (hat the composite index of leading economic indicators rose 0.9 per cent in March, continuing its recent upswing. The index, which often foreshadows broad move- Geriatrics Reports Record Second Quarter Revenues ^^ .. By LINDA RUBEY AP Business Writer NEW YORK (AP) -- Slock Geriatrics, Inc., Grceley- markct prices surged forward base:l owner ami nueralor of ments in the economy, hnd risen 0.7 per cent in February, and an average ot about 1 per cent a month-for the past hall year. The Treasury Department, finding itself with unexpectet funds on hand because of whal a spokesman said was over- withheld personal income taxes and Ihe strong economy, an nounced plans to trim its borrowing plans, and pay off some of its maturing :leht in cash. Paul A. Volcker, treasury un der-secretary for monetary affairs, said the stronger revenue picture indicated a small budget deficit, but did not indicate how much the planned $3B8-bil- iion deficit mighl he reduced. Business Corner Teeters Honored Chester A. The Commerce Dcparlnientloeneral agent for Capitol nursing cnre lacililies in six slates, reported record growth in operating revenues and earnings during the second quarter and first halt of fiscal 1972, which ended March 31. According lo Harry Asmus, in moderate trading Friday as' investors displayed renewed I confidence in the economy. 'Jlic closing Dow Jones aver-' nge of 30 industrial slocks ;ained 8.20 to 954.17. | Analysis said investors were encouraged by news Ilia I capi-[ al expenditures were expected ^350""f 3!^wi*c£7over mi's .0 increase 14 per cent this year and by the continuing flow of improved first-tntarler earnings reports, including the good report fro mGencral Motors. Big Board volume was 14.17 million shares compared with 15.74 million Thursday. There were 831 advances and 53G declines out of 1,742 issues traded. The market had .TO new yearly highs and 62 new lows. American Slock Exchange volume was 3.7G million shares compared with 3.89 million Thursday. There were 508 advances and 435 declines out of. 1,218 issues traded. The Associated Press CO-slock average gained l.C to 33G.3, with industrials up 2.8, rails up .1, and utilities up 1.0. The NASDAQ composite index ot Over-thc-Counlcr stocks gained .32 to 13'..33. The New York Stock Ex- first half operating revenues ol $5,336,221. Net income was $265,305, an increase of 138 per cent over 197l's first half earnings of $111,J73. Earnings per share rose to $.35 as comapred with 1971's $.15 per share, based on weighted averages of 754,039 change index of some 1,300 common stocks rose .31 to GOioQ. Denver Ecology Exhibition Held Over "Design for a Dynamic Region," n Denver Art Museum exhibit, will be held over through mid-May because of the interest expressed in the display. The exhibit features ecological maps which show how future regional growth and 766,136 shares outstanding respectively. For the second quarter, operating revenues were $3,815,536, an increase of 34'per cent over 1971's second quarter operating revenues of $2,845,341. Net income was $150,886, an Increase of 146 per cent over 1971's second quarter earnings of $61,342. This resulted in earnings of $.20 per share, as'com- pared with $.08 in 1971, based on averages of 753,f)63 and Itil,903 shares outstanding respectively. Asmus stated, "We can at- .ribute much of this f i n e growth lo increased occupaticey in our facilities. As of March 31, 1971, 2,638 of a total 3,240 beds were occupied, an 81 per cent level of occupancy. As of Ihe same date this year, 2,824 of a total 3,312 beds are occupied, an 85 per cent occupancy level. In addition, we continue lo improve o u r cost controls and achieve belter buying power through volume - purchasing." . ··;. On Feb. I, tiie company opened 20 new beds at the Longmont facility. Additions 'in other facilities, totaling about ZW beds, are scheduled for completion by Oct. 1. An additional 60 beds will be available said Ihe $584.3 million deficit in the nation's trade account last month, which was slightly lower than the February deficit, rought the first-tiuarter deficit o a record $1.0 billion. A trade deficit occurs when ho value of foreign goods irought into the country exceeds the value of American ocds taken nut of the country. The Labor Department, meanwhile, reported that output per hour of work in the prim Used Can and Trucks A T T H E S E F I N E USED C A R S Stock Market Closing Prices N'cw Ycr Friday's r v«h Exchange prices; Admrl AcnAu Ak-UCii AkdSr AlsCH Alca Am Am A Mints ACS ,Wn AEIP A.M«'v Ainllls ? (API - - K a i s e r 2.V4+ \'t iosirg New 'vn'itcoU 2""^ SlocV K r a f t ^C'/a+ H scIcctcdKrrs^e 110 -f3 I-lhby 6H- W Close Chgt.Htnn TR"- |-.V 4 ?~Kr v 4 l^ckhecd iHfc+ 1 A 221^-^- ^ LnncSG W.!i-J- ^fc ^··A-- i.« LVO Cp B 35Ti+ V* M » eke ]W-- ^ I K i Macy 4JK-- ^ 51 +1*4 Mnrtis T-lt' ·1«M- T 'i Matfnvos 37 -- »1 45V4- =!* W a t a t h 2!»W+ '.k 16^-+ I'j Marcor 23 -f tt 311-14. {\ McDon %K J? JitoVM 27^14. i(, M'llillOil 2T^f.-- 't, ATor.sant »'·+ K . :TM!" 11 Insurance Company in Grecley, was honored for his outstanding production during 1971 by Capilol Life at the company's national convention, hold at Ihe Soncsln Beach Hotel in Key Biscayne, Fla.. April 23 lo 27. Teeters, a member of Capilol Life's Silver Sword Club, al- londod the four-day meeting, along with 80 qualifiers and nnorod Ninety-six big blocks of 10,000.could be planned lo harmonize cal Center Pharmacy Teeters Sr sliarcs °'" more ''' a(icii com ' villi natural environmental lingen, Tex. The ] ·Capilol l i f e pal ' C!l w l l n 141 Thlll ' S(lii y- Tlle wtterns. grossed appfoximatel; their BIII! received biggest was 103,600 shares of Crocker National at 35, off Vs. Motors utilities, metals and chemicals were higher. All oilier slock categories were high- Volume leader on the Big Board was American Motors, up % at 8 3 ,s. commemorative gifls. Capitol Life Home Office executives presented insurance plans and projections for the fultiro, and the producers themselves discussed their opinions Journalism Seminar Set The maps were prepared for he Regional Transportation District (KTO) by ilic consult- int learn of.Wallace, Mcllarg, loberis and Todd, and Development Research Assn., inc. They were directed by nolcd ecologisl Ian Mcllarg and are jased on scientific data col- ecled .about the natural en-! vironmerit in the seven-county' ITD area. . ' ' i and (Bchniques serving clients. Capilol Life, 'ices in Denver has more than $2 billion of insurance in force worldwide. HI 1 ,, f '.', HI H- »i ' Mil !· - '4 Ancla Amco Aim 6".*~ 1 2'A+ 14 ll«"i+3i'i 'A- V4 2nti- 'i Yl m- · '.l -li^u-- \; lE'k-r !« in selling and home of- Local Inrcresf Stocks (As of ill a.m. Friday) Monfort Bayly Geriatrics ltd Skaggs /Iff. Bank Shares Hewlett-Packard CNB Hank Shares \'iponl Chemical Home LI. Power Bid Asked 914 27 3 36'A 57 2114 G 27 A 28 9 Id 22 · G'/i A seminar in clevision, radio, advertising, newspapers and their related fields of production nnd industry, will be opened to the public at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, in Universliy Center 20GA oji the Universliy of Northern Colorado campus. The seminar, which include; specialists in each field fron Denver, is presented by the Rocky Mountain Council of Ihe American Association of Advertising Agencies. Local Market Friday, April 26 15cans 11.00 Wheat 2.15 Oats (38 11). or belter) 2.40 Barley 2.1S Corn 2.30 |wilh the opening of the Sleam- 12 jboat Springs facility on May 1; Also on Feb. 1, Geriatrics, Inc., jicquired Harlingen Medi- in Har- pliarmacy grossed approximately $200,000 in sales for Hie 12-mqnlh period prior lo the acquisilion. Natural evolution lias produced a variety of patterns in geology, land, weather, vegela- lion, ground wnler, surface lyatcr and wildlife. The analysis of-;/these natural patterns and .heir Interrelations indicates low mini can design regional growth lo best harmonize with the environment. The ecological sludy is a porl of the overall study of public lrans|oiialion needs and opportunities being used by the KTD, Colorado Uepiii'lmcnt of Highways nnd Denver Regional Council of Governments. The maps nnd Information will be translated into a total transportation plan for Ihc district by Ihe cud of this year. "Design for a Dynnmlc Region" Is presented by tile Art Museum in coopernlion with Ihc Women's ICnvironmcnlnl Conli- Vanderhoof.-] Won't Veto District Plan DENVER (AP) - Lt. Gov. iJohn Vanderhoof scotched rumors around the Capilol Friday liat he might veto the congressional redistricling bill during !he absence of Gov. John Love from the slate. ; "I would like (o veto It," Vanderhoof. Ipld reporters, but lie added (hat lie wouldn'l take such a' step unless the governor asked him lo do It and he said (his has not occurred and is not cxpccled lo occur. Love in- dicnlcd al n news conference Friday morning thai he prqb- nbly will sign Ihc hill nllhotigh he stmi he doi'sii'l ]inrlicn]aiiy like II. The governor left Ihe slate Friday for a Hepublican campaign speech in Oklahoma and planned to return Saturday, Sunday ho will leave for several days lo allend a mectning of Ilic Republican Governors Asso- clalion in Virginia and probably 1971 Mustang 2 Dr. H.T. V-S. AT, PS, PI!, yellow with black leather interior, 20,700 miles. $2495 1971 Mustang Mach 1 Automatic, P.S., P.H., Ked w/Rcd Vinyl Interior. Extra clcnn car. 351 cu. in. engine, 1S.DOO miles. $2995 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix 2 Dr II T I'.S., P.H., factory air. iS2895 19G9 Chev. Malibii SS 396 2 ilr. H.T., ·! Bfieed, bucket seats, Icnllier interior, new tires, mag wheels, 37.300 miles. 51795 1968 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Fnc air. PS, PB, fully equip. Urown willi white vinyl top. §2895 1968 Oldsmobile Delia 88 4 Dr. Sedan. P.S., P.H., factory air, $1595 19G8 Volkswagen 2 Dr. Sedan Kxtra clean. $1050 1967 Plymouth Barracuda Conv. V-8 Gold Hlack leather interior, bucket seats, AT, low mileage, fac. air, P.S., P.O. 41,700 miles. $1095 1064 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Rare find, r.ilnt condition, sra/fm radio, padded roof, all extras, loaded, fac. air, new guaranteed overhauled engine. $1495. 1971 Pinto 2 Dv. Sedan 4 cyl., -1 speed. Ulack w/Blue vinyl interior, 10,800 miles. $1895 1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III 2J.OOO miles. Black w/blnck vinyl top. P.S., P.U., fully eiiuippeil. $6195 1960 Mercury Marquis Conv. P.S., P.n., factory air, 28,-iOO miles. ?1975 1969 Oldsmobile Delta 88 4 dr., V-S, PS, PB, radio, air, extra clean, 39.500 miles. $2050 1969 Ford LTD 2 Dr. H.T. Urown with while vinyl top. black leather interior, PS, PB. 30,«0 miles. $1795 1966 Chrysler New Yorker 4 dr. ir.T., A.T., P.S., P.D., Kac. air, fully loaded, perlect condition. 76,600 miles. $1095 1965 Ford S52 V-S job. Ton Pickup auto., radio, new naint $1050 1D65 Ford Mustang 2 Dr, H.T., 3 speed on floor, 52,500 miles. $ 795 1962 Scout 4x4 Extra clean, Rharp paint. $ 795 Dick Nolan Motors Airport, 3 miles east on 8th St. Open Evenings 'til 9 p.m. Phone 352-9560 Saturday 'til 6 p.m. lion, Uocky Mountain Cenler on ncynMct MV.+ 14 Ilnvlll PMM 3^^-- '4 So 3^4+ "4 SlOilOl '··"· ,'-·+ KilA ml StOIINJ -- - it TcklrmU --'··*· "i Tfaneco -" --_ I', VnAIr JM44- ·»- -- IA UnCo 11H4 ··-- 14 L'S r,m 1'= l-A ;+ n us fill 14 I'll' Coif il Varian Here's nn inieresting experiment: Call dfleen ol your mot successful IrioncJs. Ask each ol ihomwho his broker is. And v/hy. If we're doing as v/ei! as v/e think v/o are. we th knov/ who'll get your sixtsenih phone call. If WnAlr 19«-- '/t Wnn«n ' -- li WoUn 38645 vtntrv. R'cyerh al -- M Wvf Vol ?W- 'i Wolwrt + «i v tr «, + 1 ZfnIUi S«!e 14.170010 Ynrt (API -- '« Am.rican t rtf tu p cki. Klrl ««+ « HMP r-V, Scryn 3 Kyr.tx Boettcher and Company 306 / i m l h A v o . / G r o o l o y . C o l o . 80631/352 YORK (AD -- Dow Jond llofk """*'" Oonvnr/ClicaQO/llowVorV. Slocii C» American and Mid-vast Slock O p i n H i g h Lew Ck» N.C V.T.V, 5M.71 t«M 9M.I7 +« Vi IV). 57 Vil.W »7.01 ?.«.7» -D.» 1M.M 110 J7 IM.B3 10,71 -f ».4 iri.25 *«.« 311,4) 3M-O 4I.K ·Ihri moro you Know aboul invo I f i o moff:yoii a n p f ^ f - ' a l o B o l t c ' t O ' unit Ccj Tranucllor.j In «l«k«

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