Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 7, 1977 · Page 27
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 27

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 7, 1977
Page 27
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Stock Market Tucs..June 7.1977 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 27 Ntw HE* YORK (**) . . Sty 1 * eloilng Kraft for* Stack Uttonifl HlKttd LoeWxj lonstar ta»t Chfl MtUt HH+ V* Maey Stock AkinA) Aiwch jov Uh. AHlll AmAtr ABdClt ACyan AEtPw AStand ATT Ampcx Armco All Rich AtlsjCp Avon BtatFdi BNChA Bill Her* Bendlx tm+ Vi MaratO 31H- W MirtMt 53 * U McDrW «V»- \i McDonD MH+ U Mtrck 11 h-- ^ AUnMM U^l-- tt Mcfall WH-- H Monun 14\V)+ \* MonOU Z)H-- V* Monpw 4 -- ft MiFutl Mh-- \% MtStTel «t- V* NCR lAIrl BrlltM BrltPH Brnswk aurllnd BurINo Burrsiu ClitICk CatrpTr Ctlmu Crt-te*d CeiSAir Chmpln Chrysler CltlesSv CocaCol CofcPal CotGas ComMl ConEd ConFdl ContAIr CntlGrp ConlOll CtlData Cowles CrwZit CurtW u in ind Deere DltMon Dime ..... » -- rt NilGyp SIVt--V* Nat ind Hit- h No! I SI I 4tfe- Ik N1MP «H+ '.i » .. .. NttfBep Wtt-- Vi OcclPet tt'i-M OllnCp 53?*+ H Om ark «H-- \t OutMar Htt-- ft Owenlll Tuesday's Stock Prices By United Press International AmTT 4.20 Beth Steel 2 BlueBel 1.20 26 Branitf .30 10+\ Celanse 2.80 Chrysler 1 n£-S Cities Srv 3 54%-% j«?lfc Coltlndu 2fc 55 if7 S ContlOil 1.40 32fc-tt '" ,~ Jj CrownZ 1.80 markets mm Feedlot sales Colorado Ftpdlols Dlrecl Sales Report Tuesday, June 7 Confirmed sales: slaughter cattle 2250. Local grain MMraorntog Prices Tuesday, June? Corn local, truck, 4.10-4.20 rail, 4.204.25 Barley 4.05-4.25 Dow Ch 1.20 "-jj EastK l.GOa f - !i ExxonCpn 3 *7m Firstne 1.10 lit* FordMotr 4 14M+ W PacPw tttt.. .. PacTT rtVi PanAm 57H- H PfinEP !«».. .. Payluiw 5i\i-- rt Penney flU-h PepilCo «'.i+ it PfUer IStk-H PhelpO ]] PhllMor 141V- \t PhlllPet J4*i--J Polaroid 37U+ Vi PopcTal J«fc_ «, Potltch «rt+ \i ProctrG 35W--'.'« PSvCol M PugSPL 25H-Mt RCA 7"A RepStt tttt-t- W Reynln 3Ki ReyMit MIA.. .. Rockwel RoylD SCMCp Sate way " GnElec 2 - 20 GnFood 1.64 Slaughter steers and heifers Oats(38)bs.) 5.30-5.50 35%--id rather slow Monday, very Wheat (perbu.): 36fc--ft limited volume steers and only ordinary, 1.74-1.78 a modest share heifers traded, 12percent, 1.83-1.87 both classes 50 cents lower than 13per cent, 1.99-2.03 SOtt+ft last week's close. Demand fair Pinto beans 12.00 19%-y 4 but buyers leery of acquiring Prices in dollars per hun- 54*4--VH numbers in view of a sluggish dredweight, except as in- 28to and poorly defined dressed dicated. M^B market. No sales reported early 34%-Vi Tuesday. Slaughter steers: confirmed 300, choice 2-4, 1100-1150 IDS., 1BH+ ' Dluiey Dowch Orttwr duPont EastAIr Ee-SKd Eaton EIPa» EsmarK EvansPd Exxon FMC FatrCam Flrestn FdFalr FordM ForMcK Frwp.M Frwhf GsmSK Gannett GenDyn GioEl GnFood GenMHU GnMol GPU OTelEI GTIM GaPac Goodrh Goodyr ' Gnce GrGlant Greyh GulfOII HiclaM HewltPk HollyS Homestk Honywlt Idaho P I deal B a INCO IBM IntHarv inlP»per IntTT ttft- Vi Sean WVt- K ShellOH ttVt-- W SoCalE 116W-2* SotitnCo 7H- fc SOU Pic 5fl --m SouRy aVt- H SperryR 17W~ tt StBrand 33W+ V* StaOIICl 1K1-- H StOllInd xvt~ Vt stoiion U -- Vt StaufCh nvt- H SterlDQ 19h+ rt stuWor fit TRWIn S4Vt-- H Teklronx 14Vt+ Vt Teledn 2JW-- '/ Tennco «tt Texaco »'J- * IntlPaper 2 7«t+"ii JohnMv 1.60 19H+ It . , - 3»i+ 'A JohnJn 1.40 »£-·;,; Kencott .30b "nT 5 KeMcG 1.25 «,+·* Motorola .84 n - vj Penney } .48 S5* * PhillipPei 2 SJIJJ ProcGa 2.GO uttZS QuakOat .92 RCACp 1.20 SafwStr 2.20 Sears l.BOa 5i\£ u Sunoil 1 Sfi-S Teneco 1.88 4 i8£.S Texaco 2 sm-'ii Texlnst U2 u + j U n C a r b 2 . 8 0 3i*- 8 USSteel 2.20 27 6H'-% 52+ V, 35M,-- Vi 66«i 26Vi 61-% 3714-14 34^-14 57»k-'.(, 7614+% CHICAGO (AP) - Wheat No 2 hard red winter 2.31 y/tn Tuesday; No 2soft red 2.28fcn. Corn No 2 yellow 2.4OTta (hopper) 2.42%n (box). Oats No 2 heavy 1.63n. Soybeans No l yellow 9.l8n. No 2 yellow corn Monday was quoted at 2.46'^n (hopper) 2.42Vm (box). mVMi 47% 58'A+Vi 44'A-Mi 31%-Vt 26',!.+% 87V4-K SOVj+lf, 40% fc- l /4 33W-- H Texsoll Wrt-(- Vt Textron MW- H Thlokol W»+ 'A Tlmkn I7H+ 'A TwfdSh 64 -1WTWA 19U4- \t Traniam HW4 W 31'A+ Vt TrlCon 20 -- Vt HV*- u Twencn awt+m Mtt UALInc M -- V. IIH--1W UMCInd UW OTt+ 'A UOP 14 1!H--''A UnCarb JOVt--H » -- V* UnEIec 13W 17VH Vt UnOCal im+ 'A 13U-- U UPacCp 54W- Vi J7 -- 'i Unlroyal lOVt- 'A im.. .. UnBnnd I -- rt 7i«-i- W UnltCp 10'A-- Vi im uscypi aiu- w aaft+vtusind 4W JO'A US Steel «U-- U »»A-- liUnlvor Mk Jl ..... Varlan t9Vt- Vt !6H-- HWarnrL 17'^+ W 3MW-- 'AWnAIrt Bfc- Vt 5Wi+ 'AWUnlon UWettgEI DOW JONES AVERAGES 24Vt-i-"u NtwYork{AP) FlnslDow-Jor ·ao« STOCKS sm»+ W Optn High Low Close Cng JSVii: 'A »lnd 913.4? 914.13 901.03 703.07-9.14 HVt4 Vt ls ut[ 1I2i 03 jus; nj 32 111,93+ 0.14 "iVt+rn ustlt 3m -« 3»-» X^38 MA37-J.H Iran .."'.."'.'.".!!!""""! '38o!900 UHU 32S.BOO 6SSIK 2,031,700 Futures Slaughter heifers: confirmed 1950, mostly choice 2-4, 925-975 Ibs., $38.50-39.50. Carcass basis: around'140 choice, 500-700 Ib. carcasses $63 hot weight. Note: slaughter cattle four per cent shrink, delivered. Livestock DENVER (AP) - TuisrJiy'i quotations. Moos SO; narrows and gilts moitly .SO lower; U.S. 1-1300130 Id 4l.OQ-41.00; 13 230-5SO Ib 39JO 41.0011-3 150 710 Ib 37JO- 39.50; sows mostly steady; 1-3 300-400 Ib 34.0039.00. BRUSH, Colo. (AP) -- Tuesday's quotations. Hofls SCO; bnrrows and gilts mostly .» tower; U.S. M 500-135 Ib 4WO-41.75, with high yielding at J4.00J4.13; 3-3 200- ISO Ib 41.50 4?.!S; 5-4 J50-3M Ib 38.00-41.00; towi slNdy; 1-3 300-400 Ib 33.00-34.00. OMAHA, Neb. (APKUSDAK quotatloni Tuesday: Hogs: 4,400: barrows and gilt} fairly actlvo,- 200-240 Ib 50 lower. Instance! 7J lower; over 240 Ib opened weak to 50 lower, closed 50-1.00 lower; 39 head U.S. 1-2 215-110 Ib 44.75; 1-3 100-240 Ib 44.00-44.iO; sows weak to 15 lower. Instances 50 lower; 300400 Ib 38.50-39 JO. Cattle and calves: 7,400; stem SO-7J lower, Instancts 1.00 lowir; hilfers so tower, Instances is lower; gtniral trade slow; cowi gneven, mostly steady, a lew according to Larry Wallace of commercial 15-50 hlghir nsrly; choice steers 975-1175 Ib 3I.7J-39.7J, tiw loads 40.00; tiw loads and part loads choice and prime holffrs 1,000-1,015 Ib 39.0039.35; choice 875-1050 Ib 38.15-39.50; utility and commercial cows 74l50.18.00; few SPRINKLER INTRODUCED - A new irrigation system called "Water Winch" was introduced in Greeley Friday by Plains Irrigation System of La Salle. Posing with the gigantic pulsating sprinkler are, from left, Bob Thomlinson, representative of Agrain, Inc., of Havana, 111., manafacturer of the machine; Don Werner, owner of Plains Irrigation; L« Bailey, manager of the La Salle branch; Jerry Loeffler, who farms the Held in which the machine was tried, and Thurman Hays, owner of the field. (Tribune photo by Ron Stewart) KANSAS CITY (API --wheat 91 cars: unch. to .3 oft; No. 2 hard 127-3.SOV*; No. 3 3.16; Ho. 3 red wheat 2.07U-3.!SHn; No. 3 3.05'4-3.17Un. Corn 107 cars: Unch to .1 up; No. 2 white 3.75-3.00n; No. 3 l.An-3.95r,; No. 3 yellow 2.47ft; No. 3 J.23Vi-3.47Vjn. Oats no cars: nom. unch; No. 3 white 1.45 l.Wn No. 3 1.351.59n. No. 3 MHO 3.64. No .1 soybeans 9.17-9.49. Sacked bran 93 93.75. sackes shorts 92.50-93.25. La So//© firm Introduces sprinkler "Water Winch," a new water pulsating lawn sprinkler, is sprinkling irrigation system, is designed to be used in irregular being introduced to this area by fields. It can easily be used In Plains Irrigation Co. of La fields with obstructions such as Salle. power poles, according to Bob The machine, looking Thomlinson, a representative of something like a gigantic of Agrain, Inc., of Havana, 111., manufacturer 'of the machine. HLP will participate in two-day energy tour The system has been used in southern and northeastern .Colorado, Thomlinson said, but is just now being introduced in Home Light 4 Power Co. will Another session will be on a new Weld County. participate in a two-day energy program being offered in , he ' Mounted on a four-wheel cart, tour and seminar sponsored by state called, "Energy and * e *PTM kler dlslnbut f p U ° the Colorado Power Council, Man's Environment." ^ d^ per' ou re inc Participants will hear P° unas P er S TMTM lnc H Home Light . Power. presentations by officials- of Thomlmson said The car jentien U -- V^ Weyerhr Kmiri It'A- 'AWhlleMt KalsrAI 34HfAWorwth 17H- V» 19!*-- Hi 3S%+ H Ch'lCagO 80T . l J »"?o«S; l '»rer"sla*(; 0 ' l d»TM l L« CHICAGO (AP) - Old crop JJJ^'SJSJI »i'» MSS) uini" soybean futures reversed the and good shorn ewes 9.w.iojo. declining prices of the last oiite°ind re MiTMi V sSo" d nog ),»»,· three sessions, and closed with sheep 300. a gain of 11 cents a bushel on KANSAS CITY IAPI - emu The totu- and seminar will be Public Service Company of tracks along a cable secured at held June 14-15 and will include Colorado, Tri^tate Gerieration one end of the field .and a - sessions on energy ava Uability and Transmission Association tacned to a wmch °" the cart and coal, hydro and nuclear Inc. and the Colorado coor- As water powers the winch the generation of dec.ricity. The dinator of EME. pro g ram m\\ begin at Brighton 1 ' . Te'cable'" se^u-ed Tours of the Cherokee Coal TMere lhe cable 5 s " ure(1 - n d ' m o v e t o t h e M C A C a m p a t Generation Station U.S. Bureau .. . One man and a tractor can set Estes Park for the afternoon of Reclamation water (hydro) irrigate 20 acres a day with the session and evening's lodging. . generation plant at Estes Park ^"ine, according to and of the visitors center at the Thomlinson. The cart can St. Vrain nuclear travel up to one-fourth m,le per An energy simulation game, which is computerized, pitting Fort BosuuDPth Sulliuan S Company, Inc. | MEIiBlFJlS NEW VOfiK I STOCK EXCHANGE Wall Street NEW YORK CAP) - The stock market was mixed todaj after the Dow Jones industrial average bounced back from an early dip below the MO.level. The Dow average of 30 blue the Chicago Board of Trade to- SKiS emoiiniiy to we»" inimces your ener gy knowledge and generating station will be held settin g- da V- SS/ ',Cht"""aTiVS' ideas against facts of supply Wednesday. The entire TMer is sprayed in ai49Meet New crop soybeans were 31.00, high dressm ii.a-n.w; teener 8n j ,j em and will be featured in program is sponsored by the diameter. The system has been down 12 cents, however. Soy- ^;SVh\ a ii«TM^'"nTMhlic.m one ofthe'afternoon sessions. Colorado Power Council, an "« U cover, every type of bean meal prices also were di- Mibjj.owusiKiYModM.oo. ? organization of investor owned crop, from orchards, to corn, to -.,,,..,.,,,,,. utilities, rural electric BU g ar beels i Thomlinson said.. . .. cooperatives and electrical Cost o£ the machine i s a b o u t . NEW -YORK .(AP) - Spot equipment and appliance $12,000 plus piping and pumps.- ,.onferrous metal prices distributors. Plains Irrigation is owned by Tuesday: · Participants will include Don Werner. Home office is in Copper 68%-71%' cents a approximatelx 40 high school Sterling, with branches at La pound, U.S..destinations; lead sbphomores and jlmiors and Salle, Imperial. Neb., Wiggins, 31 cents a pound; zlnc34cenlsa ,, ear i y 2 o educators selected by and Y u m a - Lee Balle y is pound, delivered; tin closed, the C PC members from across manager of the La "-"New York; gold 5143.40per troy tnc state branch, ounce, New York; silver $4.535 per troy ounce, New York; quicksilver $135.00 nominal per flask, New York. crop down $6 a ton and old crop up 51. Soybean oil prices were steady to about 25 points higher, or. Vt cent a chips, down more than 3 points pound . Wheat futures trade was in early trading at 899, was up vcry slow bu[ pr j c(is WEre U p PotatOBS .93 at 904 by 2p.m. through most of the session. , n , D ,f.^ n ^ Losers held a 6-5 edge on Oats fe n the allowable 6 cents Ib 43JO-43.75; 23 250245 Ib 42J043.25; sows 25-75 lower; 13 330 500 Ib; 500.450 Ib 39.00. Estimates tor Wednesday: cattle 1,300;. hogs 3,000; sheep 1M. !|S: 10 01 ilnlmum n.50.12.50, some 11.00, 50 Ib ·Ions BO-100S A.75-7.00. Arizona cklns: Arizona 3, California 3, gainers in the over-all count oi Ilmlt in July and tne September la ,*°| 3b ' TMS!IK' u.s. N, New York Stock Exchange-list- on reDO rts of a soft cash mar- otherwise staled. loW ' ed issues. . ket and this tended to weaken Big Board volume came to (ne corn p j t , 13.58 million shares at mid- At the c i ose , soybeans were afternoon.' 12 cents a bushel lower to 11 Brokers said the market higher, July 9.28; wheat was tt faced a generally negative to itt higher, July 2.4Hi; corn news background. - was H to IVi lower, July 2.48'A Salle Ray Cusack account executives who work . for you Kent Schafer C. K. Carlson reds: 11.75-12.00, 2 1 /i-3 l A In 13.50-U.OO; live 10-lb baled 7.00-741D. California long whites 10.00-10.25, live 10-lb baled a.25- MO. CHICAGO (AP)-(USDA)Major potato markets FOB Eslal of GEORGE W. WHITTLE, aka G. They noted a report that and oats were 4tt to 5tt lower, shipping points U.S. 1A Monday w. WHITTLE, IDK«MJ) T _ . _ J I i i_: :_i.i-_:,,,, :* n «:i _ . . . - . ·_ inn ii --I,-, rinlifn^^in Inrir-r tnmf no. !· in Saudi Arabia might raise its oil Ju ] y price by 5 per cent on July 1. - » ,, Such an increase would end a "JW^^ (Ap) _ MjrM| ilBay . aj pricing Split Within the Organ- maml lair to oaod; offtrlnos adequatt: ization of Petroleum Exporting %«£ ££ "S'JJ 1 ^,^ S Countries. lane a 26 21. And the Commerce Depart- CITYOFOREEIEY ment reported today that busi- NOTIC p U B L 'i| :NN40LT "E MENT nesses increased their capital Thl , is T0 ^uy a ii persons interested spending projections for 1977 ^'""VlSfK'" m J£ Only Slightly in the last three flowing contractor on the prolecl months. · SpK "p^"p concrete Consiructton Co. But by mid-morning it be- centennial Village Walkways. Gaiebo · came evident that some traders ^^J^Si m connection were USmS the DOW-900 level as wim me above prolecl must (He same witn . . Hie Director of.Finance no later than June a buying point. 13 , W7 . The NYSE's composite index Dated mis aw day ot MOV. 1977, at managed a .03 gain to 53.15. On Greelev ' Colora " the' American Stock Exchange, the market value index dropped Theoreeiey Daii 1 June 3,7,10,1977 C1TYOFGREELEY Peter A. Worrell City Manager ·Ibune in 100 Ib sacks: California loiig. whites 5.50-6.00; Arizona Nor- golds6.00. BEFORE THE OIL AND OAS CONSERVATION COMMISSION OF THE STATE OF COLORADO CAUSE NO. Ill IN THE MATTER OF · ) THE PROMULGATION 1 AND ESTABLISHMENT OF } FIELD RULES TO GOVERN ) OPERATIONSINTHESABER J FIELD, LOGAN AND ' ) WELD COUNTIES, ) COLORADO ) NOTICE OF HEARING .TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS AND TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: on September u, 19A9, tlii commission Issued Its Order No. 111-3 whlcn approved a certain Unit Acreemmt, providing for unit operations of ttit "D" Smd underlying certain lands In Logan and Weld Counties, Colorado, and approved a plan for Injection of water Into said "D" Sand, order No. 1114 Issued May IB, 1971, 1«13 All personi having claims against tha above named estate are required to present them to lhe undersigned or (to thi District Court ol Weld County, Colorado! on or before four monlhs from date of flr*t publication ol this notice, or said claims shall be forever barred. MaymtleiWnlttle 14ia-9lhStrefl Greil»y, Colorado Thomas A. Richardson Attorney for the estati 909 - 11th Avenue Greeley, Colorado BOA3I The Greeley Dally Tribune May 24, 31, June 7,1977 CITYOF GARDEN CITY .PUBLIC NOTICE Pursuant to the laws of the State of Colorado and the ordinances of .24 lo 113 even. LOCAL INTEREST STOCKS ' Mldmorning Quotes Tuesday, June 7 Bid Ask Aff. Bank Shares 15 16 Am; Nuclear . 13'A 13% ARA 39'A 39% AZL (Farmhand) 4Vi 4% Bayly Mfg. TO Wt CNB Comb. Eng. Coors First Natl. Bancorp 29 GWU GWTJIpfd.) Hewlett-Packard Public Service Monfort of Colo. 1714 United Bank Vipont Mining Vipont Chemical 55% 55% 18 18% 31 18 193i 20 75% 75% 19% 19^ 4 % . 5% 18% 18% 21% 22 2tt 2% 2% 3V4 NOTICETOCREDITORS CaseNo.P-14034 Estate ol R. PRICE HOPKINS, a/k/a REESE PRICE HOPKINS. Deceased. All persons having claims against the above named estate are required to · present them to lhe undersigned or to the Dlstrlcl Court of Weld County, Colorado, on or before October 6,1977, or said claims shall be forever barred. : Gladys J.Hopkins Personal Representative The Greeley Dally Tribune May31,June7,l*,l!77 NOTICE INTHEDISTRICTCOURT . Division 1 No.llOl-A. , STATEOFCOLORADO 1 County ol Weld 'ss. INTHEMATTEROF 1 THE PETITION OF ) WAYNE HENRY GOSSERT I FOR THE ADOPTION OF ) TINAMARIE8ROTT I THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF COLORADO: TO: Robert Paul Brott, Parent. You are hereby notified that lhe above, named petitioner has filed In this Court a verified petllloni seeking to adopt the stepchild named above. Thepetltlonallegesyou have abandoned said child for a period of one year or mora and/or have failed without cause lo provide reasonable support for said child for one year or more. You ere further notified that said SandUnitBconvertcerJalnwellsto-waler the City Of Garden City, inlectlon wells for the purpose of Inledlng Colorado; Donald J. and Olson " Sand underlying the witer Into thi Unit Area. On May 4,1977, Bright 4 Schlf I, for Itself and thB royalty owntrs, filed an application with thi Commluton for en order to corrict and amend, nunc pro tone, said ordir Not. 111-3 and Ul-4 for the Saber Fltld, requiitlng approval for water In- 'Helton optrations to bt conti pritsuri malntinanci In thi "D" Sand underlying said flild In accordance wllh CoiTfCtSoninrJ Royalty Owners ln[ectlon Agreement.* Th» .Intaki wells art the Reagan No. 1, SEUSWtt Section 13, Reagan No. 3, SWVjNE'/j Section 13, Shtilhorn No. 1, NWY-iNEUj Sectkwi 11, all In Township 10 North, Ktngt U Weit, 6tti PM., Weld County ind will No. 4 Cirvl, Carole L. Olson dba Leonardo DaVino's, on May I/ 1977, applied for a Beer and Wine License. for (Restaurant}. If granted, said license is to be exercised at Leonardo DaVino's, 615 26 Street, Garden City, Colorado. The Liquor Licensing Authority of the City of Garden City, Colorado will hold a public hear- above, h« set the above -entitled mattir j nq on gajjj application for hearino on: y "' on June 7, 1977, 7:00 P.M. in the meeting hall at 2714 6th Avenue, at which time and place any interested person thecommlssbnwinentirsuchordena, may be ^^ flnd ^ heard. Range SS Weit, 6th P.M., Logan County. NOTICE is HEREBY GIVEN, thit tna Oil and G8 cowervstton Commluton of tne Stete o» Colorado, puriuant to th« DATE: Monday. June 20,1977 TIME: 9a.m. PLACE: Room lit). State Centtnnltl Building; 1113 Sherman Street; Denver, Colorado BW03. Puriuant to tald hearing in thi abovi- entitled matter, at the time and place aforesaid, or at any odfcwrnw mettlng, DENVER (API -- Gmeral bldi to grower! 11.00 for U.S. No. 1 plntos and ... _ II00 for U S. No. 1 great northerns; FOB pttllton Is sel for hearing on Wednesday, Denver and Nebrma rati basis. July 20,1977 at 9;00 A.M., In thll Court at · · Gniliy, Colorado. Youarifurther notified that If you fall to appear for said hearing, the Court may lerminati your parental rights and grant the adoption » sought by the petitioner. Witness my hand and seal this Ind day of Any. petitions or re- to the grant of said license may be filed at NOTICETOCREDITORI Cm Ho. HOI) Eltflteol Ellen G.Doke, De«a»«d. All persons having claims against the above named ·«·!· »« required 10 present th«m to thi undinlgned or to the June, 1977. District Court Ol W«ld County, Colorado, ( S E A L ) MKSSJSi 11 " 1 """ · ClirKoftKicS! shall be forever barred. Wi|||-m(!Doto * By Ward. E. Spelts Pirsonit Ripritentallvi DiputyClerK TheGreeliy Dally Tribune - The Greeley Dally Triotni 1 May31,Jun«7,14,1977 June 7, 1977 of oil and gas, either or both. In the oper*tion of said f lekf, and lo carry out the purposes ot the statute. Any fntirested party dislrlng to protest M « M , 4 ^, M ^ rt , -,,-*.»:-:·,·, thi granting of thi application should (lie mOnSTranCCS penammy with thi CommUiton a written protet no later than Juni IS, 1977, briefly stating thi basil of thi protut, and such interested party thall t thi lamillmi JK vi or mail . . . . , ,. .. a copy of thi protest to thi pwsco filing the lOCatlOH Of the City me application. /..wi/ IN THE NAME OF THE STATE OF. CierK. COLORADO. OILANOGAS Dated this 1st day of CONSERVATION COMMISSION A/\aV 1977 OrTHESTM^FCOUORADO ^'5^ Daj|y 5!cr«»fy T.-ih Iin p Oslrt al Dinvtr, Colors* ' nuUHB wy«.'«' May 28, 30, 31, June 1, 2, Th. Or.(l«/Dilly Trltui! ' ' imi 7, im 3,4,6,7,1977 Available to Residents of Colorado AN OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE SENIOR DEBENTURE NOTES (Not Subordinated) In Amounts of $1000 or More With Interest and Terms of Check our Rates on Amounts of $5,000 or More for 90 Days or Longer. These debenture notes are presently supported by total subordinated debt and stockholders equity capital of $3,469,422. These figures are taken from our annual audited statement as of October 31,1976. Notes sold by offering circular only. This announcement is neither an offer to sell or a solicitalion or offer to buy these securities. The ofter is made only hy offering circular. Complete circulars are available upon request. We will welcome your inquiries. This security is limited to bona fide residents of the Stale of Colorado and is made In reliance upon lhe exemption from registration provided by section 3(a) (11) of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended and this security may be reoffered or resold only to a bona fide resident of the State of Colorado. This security has not been registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. GREELEY FINANCE CO. "The Friendly Corner" 1135 Eighth Avenue, Greeley Colorado, Ph. 352-0356

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