Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 24, 1962 · Page 15
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 15

Greeley, Colorado
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Monday, December 24, 1962
Page 15
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Stock Market in Review IMon.. Dt*. 21, 1962 By ED MORSE AP SMUSINf SS Ntws Writar NEW YORK 'API _ The sloe! «i a rise by G-M would have a [production will rise in i%3 but decided influtoce en Standard 4,said tax reductions are needed to ' TM r5 . mdeXl , ;promote faster long-term growth. GREELEY TRIBINE Pa S « 13!/- A D · T II I I 7 .7 ~r ~ - Castro Prisoner Tell His Story of Cuban Captivity Life's Like That - transactions muddying the trend and crosscurrents prevailing. The popular stock market averages varied in their final reading . »«k. kept many investors in thejchange were: dark concerning complete coverage of financial news. Sleel pro- ductkm had a slight dip. Commerce Secretary Luther H. -·* ·"«" ixouut^ wviiuinriie oecreiarv LUtner n the trend could best be dc-iHodges predicted that'thc nation's irwi nc mivw) scribed as mixed The Dow Jones industrial average took a minor loss of 1G8 at 646.41. The Associated Press average! of SO stocks showed a small up-! pick of .6 at 241.2. Meanwhile, volume remained: at Uw relatively low level of 18.800.75? shares, compared with 18,584,700 the previous week. Strong leadership by such "big ilocks" as General Motors and .Standard Oil 'NJi. honever, re- General Motors, up r. at 58-. or. 319. 800 shares: Chrysler, up 1 at 73'i: Brinswick. up '. at 17 J : Sperry Rand, up ', at 12 ! : and| Standard Oil '.YD, up '·,, Bus/ness Highlights viTM*vn J * CK LEFLER l s «*l«oite-5 I'nion signing a -·\t\\ \OKK '.API - Favorable: unique agreement intended to business signs added gUtter to the ease the impact o( automation . a |lalner drear}' start be- _ ,,.. quality investment de- tolid business realities. G-M topped its old historic high of 58'b reached in 1939 and cs tablished a new peak of S9 1 . on Thursday. Production and sales this year have been second only lu record 1955 in the auto industry and auto shares have km doing well. As the past week began, C-M Hoard (,'hairman Frederic (.'. Donncr predicted that 19(3 would bring .seven million ear salt",]shoremen about the same as this vcar. ItUhe Last ----- ..... ' ' a | l a e r rear}' start e- They weren't sparkling enough | cause of weather too warm and to indicate that 1W2 is going to I then weather too stormy Christ- end on anything near « boom note mas buying pepped up in the clos- i moderate into 1963. Statistics which showed a gauvcouraged in their hopes that recur a steady tone covered theiord 1%1 voluem would lie ex-! gamut of retail sales, automobile ,ceeded by a narrow maigin sales, the gross national product. And was a week in which keen attention was focused on labor-manngement with newspaper strikes nankins on in New York City and Cleveland, a long'- strike threatened on and Gulf coasts, and .-._ __ .... . -- ...... ----- ass, an was logical that G-M slwk would ; Kaiser Steel Corp. and the I'nitcd continue its upward course in! · view of the current performance! «nd the stated prospects ; At nOSpit()i G-M was the mu"t active slock, keeping a net pin of !'· but cutting its be»t price to close at 58V Jersey Standard, biggest factor In Ihe oil business, benelitted from a statement by its president. M J. Hathbonc. that the company's earnings this year will top the record WW milliun of 1936. Jersey Standard Hock showed a net advance if r. .11 yj\ as it placed fifth in volume for the week. Beneath this impressive leadership, however, the in.'irkrt \\as a hotbed of tax-loss telling and General Hospital on Saturday, Dec. 22: Mrs. George Rupple. 408 15th" St.: Richard D. Andersen. 2(i23 12th Ave. Court: Jeannie Early. 111. 1, Kersey; Hichard 1 Fred Ave. ; traded as major shifts were made in investment portfolios. Based on the 1.475 issues traded, it would declined and 546 advanced. Standard i Poor's SOO-stock index, however, is weighted by the Dismissed from Weld County iiFave. 910 36th Avr K McCargcr, 1132 Janice Olson, Au ; Mrs. Krd Constance Nelson, Ault; Cmde Math cws. 18i4 14th St. Road: [Might Itapp. MOI lOih S!.: Dennis James Gallepia. Kurt Lupton: I.inda Pino. Furt Luptnn; Sally Varela, _.._.,, _.._ U S=!!e: Mary Lake, 2140 5th switching. Many big blocks were St.; Christopher Vigil. 180J 6th Automobile sales for the first 10 n ·--· i-. "nus,!, 'tuvuitivuiic billed J(Ji UlC IliSl ID durable goods orders, housing days of December hit a record starts and industrial production, for the period. Dealers delivered . St.; Martin Norman. 920 5th St. Clnrence H. Anderson, 1814 llth Avc.: Lylc Kester, 1310 llth St.; . , ------ -..^ ..^. lc ., ,,,,,, mu a... seem like a losing week, for 772 John w. O'Hagan. 1710 23rd Ave ; r4Ai.lin.u4 «i.J GJtf n^.... n ....J X l r c VlnlF.4 U'it.'... !·*·» !*..:_ Mrs. Floyd Wilson, 1728 Fair Acres Drive; Mrs. lx» V. Baker, , .... Estes Park; Mrs. Cliristina number ol shares of stock out-| slro| if!' Kersey; Russell Runner, standing in its component issues "'9 Kith Avc.: Mrs Wilma Jen- «nd this index showed ,1 gam of kins. '81! 7th St.; .lake E Oster. JH at 62.64-a very slight ad- vsnrc. but it Mas there, nevertheless, G-M. with 284 miilion common shares nulstanding. has the largest capitali7iiiion of any is'-uo on the New York Slock Kxi-hanije. Manslaughter Suspect Held For Burglary PlaUcvillc: Ira Mccarty, 406 18th St.; Norva] V. Hayes. Evans; Rev. Leslie J. Tuck. 825 23rd St.; Mrs Bertha Chavarria, 115 13th St. Mrs. Ocie Deal. 609 16th St.: Mr? Ann;i I,. Xordby, 1834 8th A\e. Aniil Hosier, Milliken: Dave K i a u s . Rt. 2; Paul ? Uafgren 11130 14th Ave ; Christian Kjars- Icaard. 607 17th SI : Mrs. Enrl \V iSch.ieffer. 171.500 domestic passenger cars against 148.600 a year earlier. Frederic Dormer, chairman of ,. General Motors Corp., predicted '"· that I9«i3 could be about as good an automobile sales year seven million. Chrysler (.-.,... president. I.ynn Townsend, joined in predicting a banner year (or 1963. Secretary of Commerce Luther H. Hodges reported the gross national product--total of all goods and services--is expected to exceed in the current quarter an annual rale of $560 billion. This would bring the year's total to $554 billion, up seven per cent over 1961. But he said the pace is not satisfactory and a tax reduction is needed for stimulation of business over the long range. Manufacturers' new orders for 'durable goods im record butlailed ... , | where near the good gain of threej per cent registered in October. ' Housing starts in November remained about steady with the October rale. The Census Bureau said private starts for the year are expected to be near 1,425,000 units, a gain of nine per cent over last year. Production of Ihe country's (ac^ lories, mines and utilities inj November held at a record levc-lj for the fourth consecutive mosth.| A survey of 1.000 industrial] buyers indicated expectations t h a t i ' business w i l l be r lighl!y belter in[ hed up to a new lo come an\ EDITOR'S NOTE Lais Entrial-lall set, but 1 never go. 39. was born in Cuba and,belit\e them. : reared in «e»! Palm Beach. Kla .u-.d a lew ^-^ ,... , , . ,, . , He was one of the nearly 1.200';}.,, c u i, Jn t .,;.;, iV."V--.~.^,~ Cuban invasion pnsi.ner« captured , u . weren't ".j'i" t.. rn -" ' '"""' in April. 1961 This is the s'.oiv Thc Communi^'told'us that i! of h, s captivity, as told to The lthe Anwrk ,., !b . H ,, ni . fm , M ^ '' ''.oy Hv.t any;. u .T.s they could to 1'ne (.) lu-n't much, either. A l.ttle fruit, kxs of bread, and macdn»: Vie ..,,[ u . : -.. j,ttl e n , c .,t -V.d tni-y kept cail-tg us American Uii.pei-. and Aim-u-un »TM« VV« ;o!d them hein" called 'U:n:,- -.'.us a pii\ ::o~e Worms People In the News i We gave them a little he!!, too. They kept telling us tliat the Ameiifans had let 115 down. Ac- the lack of lie'rj. just disappointed'. \\e would hiive uked to have pant.air cover fui the invasion, but it a» more important to have inorr 11; in'ammunition. We fought hard, but Com--»e van uu: nf ammunition, and ^muni-ts never hit you. They work «v couldn't throw rocks at them · Jon your mind. j Wln :ld ^ lha( ^ j , . j For example, they were always,ammunition was a tactical mis- .changing things. They would a'n-|take But it was human and hu- j nouncc one thing and do another.jmans can make mistakes. j.That's why we weren't sure we] I know one thing-I'd be rcadv ;.»,,» rTM .,,,,,, .... got here . m L go ba( , k and i|nade ^ (() _ BY LUIS ENTRIALGO ."""'" "' *-"'"· ·'- "raining tr.ey MIAMI. Ha. A P ' - I was never tt h olc Dr j^ n ° ^ u ^ .;"" "* really sure 1 was ever coins to ,, , , ' , . come back alive until I stepped', W e bcl , e V el cm ' We "*' them out of the airplane a few mnutes , SS ', na holes '" the wa!1 ^ Da °'- ago 'he dynamite. "We had heard rumors and a few ' ""uldn't say that times it looked like things were prison wa - tuo r '2 n - Miami. free until we morrow. l_.-r _ , , , ,, . . _ , _ _ . _ ,, _ ,i ; lne - v would tr - v '· mix up our imeal hours. One day vou might! By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS jhave breakfast at * a'.m . lunch' Sargent Shriver, director of the at 10 a.m.. and dinner al noon. Peace Corps and President Ken-IThe next day you wouldn't get nedy's brother-in-law, says he,breakfast until'noon, lunch a! might run for governor of Illinois, maybe 5 p m.. and dinner at ! but he didn't say when, nor did a.m. he give a definite yes or no. Asked on a taped radio-televi-;! sion interview program in Wash- i; ington about reports linking his.! ame with a possible race for! overnor, Shriver said he had al-' 'ays been interested in public: sen-ice and "if an opportune time! nd an appropriate opportunity! arose which fitted into my situa-l ion and to the situation in Illinois, 1 would be happy to consider; running for office." Frank A. Stanton, a former FBI agent, has been named chief in- ·estigator in the U.S. Bureau of NOW! In Greeley-Authorized Klrby Saleund Service! Klrby Co. ol Northern Colo. 453 :dtb Ave. 352-782S BETWEEN SHOWS, Uockette dancers Polly Reed, 18, left, and Ann Murphy. 20, find time to celebrate Christmas in their dressing room. The two have snatched time between stage ap pcarances to take a look at Uieir Christmas stockings. Rockettes Work Christmas Day AUSTIN AUCTIONS See Our Listing On Clatsifitd Pag* Classification 48-A FARM SALE SAT., Dec. 29, 1962 Starting at 10:00 a.m. Ernest Broswell and Ernie White, 10 mi. E. of - - --- ----- «· Lucerne, 1' No., or ' \ ° mi F, I t ' , X nf rill 'ublic Road's Office of Audits and ' " *"' ' ' *' ° f GllL Investigations. Stanton will be re-' ll F °I d l r a c t o r ; T5 ° Internjtional baler. Cue ild.nk. in connection^ p o i n t Ford ditcher; Van Brundt gram d r i l l ; Y.V^nt l«d«r »:th the federal aid program. l w l t h n a X h «d and manure bucket; Ford 8 ft. mowtr; UJ7 [Chevrolet V , T. truck with beet bed; cultivator tool«- 1 buekit Dr. Dorothy Ma and her daugh- S u r g e m l l k e r ; 2 buclsl Perfection milktr; 4 can milk eoslir: ter. Molly Kwauk will spendil-'""",",,'/,, 1 ,"" m ''P'" 1 ": mi.cellaneou. Itemi; lnt«rn«tlonil ' their first Christmas together in i5 years following a year of waiting, a special act of Congress and , d r i l l ; mower and tide delivery; F-12 tractor' A I n t e r n a t i o n a l and cultivator; H International and loader" Ford a trip to Hong Kong. Dr". Ma left wr daughter in Shanghai and was studying at Columbia Pres- jyterian Medical Center in New York City when China fell to the Communists. She remained here. became a citizen and is now chief of anesthesiology at Veterans Hospital in Ixniisville, Ky. Molly. 25, who is retarded and suffered from tuberculosis, was tractor; M International point topper; Continental . . . . . _ . . ,, , , _ , ,,,,,,,,. tup^ci , vjoniineniai Bpraycr: Continental pott hole digger; 1950 Chevrolet truck with lid. hoitt; toola and miscellaneous; 100 tont enillage, 10 ton KMO ron. r CATTLE »u l h |'» d , ml i k uf OV "u l1 ! PT" 1 ""' 0 "' s «« » v ««f«- 1 bull. I ywr old Holiteln. 1 hfr. Hollteln. 2 Brahmt ealvea. Plan to attend. Watch for llttlnj of Mr«. Dorothy Clmlyottl Salt, January 7, 1963 at 1 o'clock. CLAUDE REDMAN. Auctionwr RALPH GREENWOOD, Auctioneer Thirty-six talented young danc- (our ,TM, a day. ~ ..... "" -'"""^ - for?E ° " 1e pl . ; Cnnslmas ttl 'n the family to, lions are tucked into those breaks . . Tneir own eelebra- - w c r n IMS than m 1%2 but that tlie rile' a '" '" iay · 1I P w ' lacuIar lo w1 " 1 " Ihe audience is absorbed not uiai me raiCi ,, ,. \ match th,si ' e ;' u tT" **°TM** '"to the j»oke. Law-son 173) nth St.; Mr J M (irate. Eaton; Charles X. Ball 2W4 13ih Ave ; Donald Allmer. DF.XVKH 'API - W i l l i a m D. R, 2 . Ui Salle: Mrs. Robert 0 Gottfried. ;?. awaiting smienceiKelley. Fort Morgan: Edward of grouth will vear ] Thotp \\crx: nn sipns nf procress "· ' -- " j '"" ·····iw.-i vumtiaitu u s" i "j toward settling the Xew York Citx-' 1 " 0 "' ° rummer ^^ or dancing! crammed stockings. Christmas! ' a" 11 '- Hw Rockeltes are on sia.ce card-, bows and wreaths. Manyj hours of association on the parljg^^ rule.-, but an act of Congress wasi required for her to reach thei I'nited States, Dr. Ma flew Hudson; Mrs. Gcorpe!i',ewsjia|vr sfrike which began!""'"' ""' "" v " l l i h Ave : (-.rorec AjDcc 8. With the city's nine maiori " by the showing of a movie Radio City Music Hall. ; i , their dressing room. mirrors!vill»: where they As at imaled candycanes. snowj arc almost obliterated by gift-'Christmas together, lancing! crammed stockings. Christmas! m ,, ,, , "v. Robert Hoffman Hong Kong to bring her to Louis-i will spend | for voluntary manslniixhti-r. was captured just Iwlorc midnight Sunday ns ho and n companion fled the scene nf a burglary, lien- ver polite .imiomirrH o.nly Monday. " Kerbs. Fort I.upion: Edward V. Sweet. 1117 18th St.: Aden Roy Cupron. 201 27,rd Ave : Mrs. Chester A. Hidp.ilh Wrav Mrs Ed.. .. j i , U rar Moorman and dauchter. ,, closed, busiiirv. ing Ihe absence of column.- Secretary of Ijlwr W. Willard Wirtz said the strike could last six -r eight weeks or more. Wirt; al.Mi stepped in to altempt to head off n strike ol 60.000 longshoremen which could hegin Sun- crvenS Foreign Briefs muni.-! 1 TOKYO i A P I - Chinese Corn- of the "alley mates." the row of iuc pill- in line of makeup tables, brings a kinship almost as clo.»e as in a family. So the in blankets during the. service at the l"r-', FARM AND CATTLE SALE THURS., Jan. 3, 1963 Starting at 10:00 a.m. Walter Rothe, Jr., 13 mi. E. of Greeley on Hwy. 34 ithen 2! j mi. S. or 2 !' 2 mi. S. of Kuner Station. LUNCH BY KUNER CIRCLE ,, . _, ~ ...... ; ·" «u.«e as in a Premier Chou En-Ui has | 10 i idav Bi f(. piving initiated negotiations for a border, m3 u e , treaty will, Mongolia. Central As-i tom j c or ian country whi,-|, forms a buffer! \( lcr t 1 CnUrr ' », . = · - = · Monies. r . wh( , th( , r the So was his choir and congregation. The heat was off in the j church--on purpose. It was part 1956 I.H.C. -WO Fast H i t c h ; 1951 I.H.C. M tractw; 1948 J.D. A or. s i n g l e f r o n t : 194S J.D. B tractor, l i n g l t front, beet 1953 J u b i l e e Ford tractor, newly o v e r h a u l e d ; J.O. No. 8 er; J.D. No. 5 mower; 1961 wheel type I.H.C. topper; I.H.C. 2 bottom s p i n n e r plow. 16 In.; ;960 New H o l l a n d baler, No. 6S: F a r m h a n d loader, F14A; Silver Jet weed b u r n e r ; new Hoiland side r a k e ; 3 point cult, b l a d e ; J.D. spreader, model L on rubber; Clark s p r i n g harrow, new; 1948 Chev. truck, beet is Ilic l:u!.iral jr.vaii «(] l)ismi ? scd day. Thai is the expiration time| vjel Union coolms-olf period! ^^ | !us , between Red China and the So- Sunday. lire. which held off a strike ordered Dixie Ann Uolllncd. n uuotinu'jKii'ki'y Weathers. 1714 12th St.; beauty qiu-en. (Belinda Craven. La Salle: Val Police identified Hie oilier mnnjori.i .limes. 2525 9lh St.: Mrs. Avis as Henry B. Williams. M. of I.aki'-jllarriiiflnn. i.TO 24th A v e : Mrs. wood. Roth «eiT held for invnsti-iwilliiir I.. Soloman. Thermopolis. Ration in connoclinn with a nib- Wyo.: Mrs. Anna Weber. 1211 2nd bery i( the Klanuni! 1'it reslaii-JAxr.: Mrs. Artie Holwrts. 1227 rant. | l 4 t h Avo ; Mrs. Earl Moflat. Mheir back rliw. Mongolia an- Keen interest ol both manage- jnounced early this year that it ent and labor was centered on wa, siding will, Moscow ,» the the agreement between Kaiser ...... (intlfrictl is free nn Imnd Ing sniteiKT for the fal;il thixil- nf a |!i.j ( ( ,ld Denver youth Kv.'ins: Mrs Alfred T. Bradbury. 1315 6lh Ave : Carl Drug. 1.112 13!h 1,'LSt .1,11 Srbinovich. M. were Nov. 27 (if voluntary l tcr. ,-iiul .lames · , . ' sider the move as l)r(1 i,ably v.ill con- u . ... r ...»d L ou;,cii Of Churches'|bed. side hoist, cattle 'rack'; 2 Meyer ditchers: new 18 hoi. show on Chri-l . rgenC - V 3PPC '° r blanketS t ( ; i ' H ' C ' d r l l l ; lco1 bir f o r Fast Hitch I.H.C.; I.H.C. wheel typ. . p . ,"" sl '|Send to Algeria. After the service ' t a n l i e m disc: Van Brundt d r i l l ; new Speedy V i n e Beater; J.D. tlie Kocketles em " when the heat was turaed on the! 3 " clion htav ' dut J' h = r r ow: E v e r s m a n land leveler; roller; blankets were donated t o ' th-l!! 1 ?,."'.'· I" £"*. "? , !tand : wi . dc F a r m h a n d _ w i t h grappl. mas plovers put on a parly complete with tree. gift, and refreshments " " » « " ^, s ; s i i . ant! l l ' i i I'MIIIICIlld chrag at in gr;ujiu(le for ,,,,, manv h olia an- ,i,» j ________ ... ...... ... · ._, . : llv~riiiTM« hi.-. me nauers l.a\c cause. Said the Rev. M ' h e j f o r k : wooden f l o a t ; 250 irr. tubes. 6 in. to 1 in.: 40 ton "alfaffa", 2nd c u t t i n o ; J.D. 2 row corn cult, fast h i t c h : 7 ft. I.H.C. cffset Hoffman: "A-.'lisi: on w h e e l s : EZ-Flo f e r t i l i z e r spreader: Great Western 6 cn«,i " nrf" ' : ·*"«"« "ev. iir. o m a n : - . i : o n w e e s - o e r z e r s p r e a e r : Great Western 6 spent working, blankf , t may Ml be g sacramen .,row beet t h i n n e r : I.H.C. 4 row corn d r i l l ; Oliver weed sprjytr Steel and the I'nitcd Stcelworkcrs idcalofical dispute with Peking I'sion covering 7.000 workers all STIGON. \'iet Nam 'Al'i--The the cr planl. The agreement was intended the company's Kontana Calif . j h a l t l e against communism by t h e i jiree world is as acute in South j famil ' or a s P ecial dalp - T "e controlled by the "stage wv-^mbwu ^ikrte'-m i ances. there's time to slip out jjeria is not unlike bread and wii J ""'" " ;e ;in rempmbrance of Christ." for Christmas dinner will. CATTLE 77 head b l k , co\\s and hfrs. f r o m 1st calf hfrs. to aged Mws. as in" any part of t h e ' nfr * llkel - v 1(1 s!ar; promptly ati J 0 ^!* P- Kennedy's personal 1 A " p r e 9 ' ! " ted a n d 9"aranteed with calf. i in. af.i v v i i i v i u nan i nit iiuiil lu ·*· - ' u ' l i os in au j/.ii i \'i nil' r *r* . "''. * · - r *·· --··""· reward workers along w i t h maiH W(lr 'l- l''iaiu'i Cardinal Siicllmanj r ' rvS 1' m - an(i end al 8 26!'"^ unt "'as estimated at MOO lagoinent for production success; told military and religious lead- · Mondav. Cardinal Spellman arrived fir' USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS A l u m i n u m , . . STORM DOORS WINDOWS ICLIFTON'S HOME SERVICE 352-6006 -- Milton M. Schimke. K o r t : , r .. , ' , : ," ' Lupin,,: Mrs. Willis dine. 1137 M ' TM 'j ""f "'7 "^T r,lh St : Harold 11. llolmen. E^'"'" J " '° 8ulomal10 ^ e]m TM^ Arthur and I'verott Klls-i ,, -,, . , , , i ., . ,, . 411 1811, Ave Court- Mrs ! ossll) ly "I cnuld hrcome a pat- military installations t h r u , ' "|tern for ncgotiaton nn a limadjihe war-loin republic The c,i scale of labor-management rela-'nal is liomsn Catholic vicar l)!1 lii|'s Anici j'.'a's armod [orces. Automnbile production during ,-,,.,,.... ..,_.. the week totaled nn estimated- X A 1 K A N ( H I j but lo tlie dancers. . Kommc. lf.16 22nd! Kdtt-in Kailliih. Wind- Kmanurl lie!?.. '.Vi2o Couri, Mrs. Arlhur n. HIT !2lh Ave.: Mrs Mrs \vc D.ivid Ccf Mm rnd son. Rt. 2. Eaton: Mrs. nil-haul 1. Klol and ;Ave Mrs (Jenr jdaiillliici. 1»1; IWIi l«iil«-r( .l:iv Dirlrrle kind of life is normal -million in an article in the cur-. 10 head, reg. Qi^rttrhorses. fron co^ts to 2 yr. old mares. ren: issue of Fortune magazine.;G-andaughters and grandsons of Leo and Tonto Bar Gill, 'which says the President's f a t h e r ' Tnis is an o u t s t a n d i n g sale, p l a n to a t t e n d Jiiacle considerable nwncv in wist- ,-, . ,, - jxvar real estate and oil Ventures. l l a u d c K e d m a n Ralph (irtenwood IThe article describes the Kcn-! Auct ii ne « Auctioneer nedy fortune as being about oi;e Trail Ridge Let " I tin w i n i i i d"'"' X X M I ' !!nmotl lllf ' WASHIXHTOX ' A P ' of a S.'.77.4nii contract . to i ll ' ! iiii fin:r mill's of Trail Ri . , ' half tied up in trust funds for .Kennedy children and crandihil- cin. ?or, 111!, t'olirn und Ave . Mi ,'inil son. since January I960--and lW2.'JI(.'i n year ago. Tin- i-iitbaik irsultol mainly Iron, n sharp minimi, in .loo Luna COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE · Major Overhaul · E n g i n e T u n e - U p · D r a k e S e r v i c e · Body. P.ilnt anrt Alitotnoljvf \Vu S f r v l n ' Any M a k o "I (':.! t^lni; ( I n h llVinilin' I ' n t u -- Expert Mechanic! -W A R R E N B U N T I N G M O T O R CO Eaton, Colo. Ph. .I'j.12591 TIM'SAIA. SwcdOH itilicr l\usi:in niK'ionr N'uv;i\;i /-omly.T rtrc;i u a s uiU'!'rd by I'ppMiln 1'iiivprpilv'j! '·oi*-nnili.^u'!il mslityito Siiiv.l;iy. , in^lit'.rtr reported Monday. Tin 1 lir:ni of tlu i s n s t i h s t i u n . l)r ! ' |M;t:-ku!i Hn;itii snM the llnst H i u l ; ^ ' .;» |vnuT of live nn^aiort'i, l' 10 :,^, n|ir.v;ili'nt (»f f i v r niillmn lonv «f ' 'I"\T It \\n; thr l^prst OTplnMnn!.,,, -inro thr Smict I'nii'ii ftv-unirH iiv-tiiiii Ore 1.") n f t r r ,ui itilcr- .S.'iliirilay meHimr dm 1 in lite .., .jpimu'h of rhri»tm.t5 11 AntilluT liechnt' in stocl p;i ilui'tion w a s rcj-istpird dunns ih «0t'v \\llCH ( U l l j U l l 3llHM!l]t(.(i 1 J.IM.IW tons, off 1.4 rf,· cent; K A^^; ( )0^·. Burma .xr-Bii:-. f , ; f r o m the p r f x m i i s w c r t liiAistn ,,,,.,., ,,,,,,, ,.,,,.,.,,,,,,,,, ,, ipsprutivps atlriliiitrd the wtKick 1 TM,^^ ,| w ^j c , ,. n . nn i r m ' in P,m to 1,,-avy s, w « ,,, the Knst.,, u ,,,|,' of M ,, w ?1| , ,,,,,,;;;;, ^^ hours early Monday so thr ns od| lh( , ]n(mK ,, ,j.nd whrm cou! fl (,,!!,,,,- ,t over; T l,r rt -mr a ,..Lnrr «·,,,, "';\--"'"nvari,,, 'is to IH-(m^ird in 175 riav The Sl-ytMr-nld pontiff, u-hii ln ,;,,,,.,.,,i dviklrui'.^, t' .himself w:is spi'ioiisly i',; s ivTM:h. vc .. ajw with a slimwrti disoidor andi T! . P w ,,, k u i ] i j,,^,.^. j'ni-mi.1. is lo wlfhiMlo M;,,s in #,.,,,.,,,,, , mi u .],,,. l(1; ,, n his pnv.i'.r rti.tju 1 ! r\r's · Hea ' fs!al e makes up M lir.nst - · remaining one-quarter oonsi:s nf , ^j,..];'^ 1 holding, t.ix-cxonipt minrri- : ' ...'.'. 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NOTICE TO ALL FEEDERS Slni'titiK as nf Jiiiiiiiiry I. 1%'!. all fjit ralllo in Ilii.« comity hciiii: snlil to packinK IIIMISOM mitsiHr "f I his ciuinly slunilil lie hrnnil inspected anil cleiiroil fur liniml.t liy this nffi'.'i-: State Hoiinl of Slock Insiector» tienc He|'l"irle, liispcelor Foreman (irceley I'mdiicerji Livestock Alarkel Assnrlnlion Hi.ildini; I'hnnc 3:-2-Sfi22 III. 1. Box 230C (ireclev. C'oliirndo ----- ------- i MO SI -OW ...\p._s,, v . rt !·,,,.,,,,,,.; ^ . A I C O N . VIM Nam ..\l" - Khnislicl'rv is makiiif plans lo Communist ppuarl firp slmt down vist Yugoslavia, a trip that spems! a Vipln.impflf air force sjiotlpr SUIT m r.iise h.i.-klps higher in plane Mimrlay Ihp fifth Riovprn- IVkin ; ; input niivr.ifi rlownpil in livn rlays Thr p:n.pri-tixp \ i - i ' - 1'iit n.!! A I'.S Aii l-'urcp raplain I h - i l h p ilate-- ft.iv annoumi-d o v e r ' ing as n n ohservcr in the 1-19 suf'the «ppkpnd in ho!h Moscow an.) (prpil Inn hullei wounds niKl a He'si-ado broken arm The S'letni-.mesp pilot Th.- Chines t'ommiiiiist.y kepi escaped Injury. KiRhlii- planes ii|i .1 ln,m!irp nf ,i|,use ,r,'.»imi covered thf rescue of thr l«o a n - ; Yugoslav IVpsidfiit Tito ihirinp mpn hy helicoptpis deep in SIIPI- his lust.conchidrd SnviN lour. The rill.i territory 1* milps snithwrM't'hinpx- omiMilpr Tito a tr.nlor to ° S»igon. Iwnfld communism. SUNSET SALES YARD WAMT_AD5 , 73n 1?( A v e _ WE REPAIR ALL MAKES AUTOMATIC Transmission Co. S2I 2nd Street EI. Mr.s NO SALE ON WEDNESDAY, DEC. 26 NEXT REGULAR SALE WEDNESDAY, JAN. 2 Frigidaire Products Sales and Service Sine* 192S Weld County Garage sin inih si. MERRY CHRISTMAS To One and Ail Thank you for your patronag* during the past year. The Staff of th« Sunset Sales Yard

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