Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on July 12, 1967 · Page 17
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 17

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1967
Page 17
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BAOFTW Press t c»Wwn Hews-Trtbune, Wednesday, July 12 ,1967 - A4 Fifty Operations Spy f Tot oo SEATTLE Ellen Prevclc UPIi was London Beauty Makes Her Living Training Animals from Jungle Kuna - curious NEW By DAVH NACY recalled in an interview. ' I always are\v up around little ones I ' -- Maiy Chippei fii'ld. H 29-yeai-o:d U ut my family tlioiielu K was mucli too dangerous lor a girl. (,, ,, R ,.""" - J!uio! '' !ooks as tfoueh she miplit teach etiquette Even now. my mother ton, mad any time I'm messing about with in a fimshmp scnool for R i r i s . B ut in fact, slie's an animal trainer anything like llial .lions, etc.'." unci nmelini- ';,.,,., .:..,,..., _i. ; . ~ ^ . . . « . . . types Mary's mateinal crandfather was the trainer Tom Purchase, killed in the riii,; by one of his beasts in the UUO's. The dirrf;; project of t.'.iss Cltippei field's is a Florida bin ,, , , . , .. , , ,, ,. . ,, ,,,, ·e Park that she and her associates are upemi* in late July. . * " . ' had ° nly °' 1C C '° Se Ci " ~ " li0 " " 1PPC(I °" TM* \*: --,, - niiKcriiu Miss Clnpperneld. member of a British circus fanvlv IMI ,r: '·".' J ' . ' "1 always think, well, heavens, you can ad killed crossing the Himais lor roa( j £0 w j,y uol eil j 0 y \ v ii a t your doing while you're doing .is performer j ti j j ovp j, j wouldn't do anything else." said Miss Cliipper- field. c e i t t m been taini . zoos and urtuses since her reiifemeiii ' i She took a swallow from a container that contained n small amount of lye and her esophagus -- or food pipe -was severely burned. That was two years ano and the child since then has had da!p s to tJie 171 more than 50 operations to movies, open the esophauus, which be! 0 J'fars ago came partially Worked with scar thsue. Mont with !ier {alhev. Jimmy Chipperfield. and her brothrr. Some tips from the vommi iv)io trained )joi« lo leap onto Wher, it was found that re- Klcna TM. a professional big game trapper. Miss Chipperfield J:imes Bond's car in "Casino Royale." pair was impossible, doctors OIX!rales Cnipperfield's Soutlihamptoti Zoological Gardens made a new esophagus for I «· ,, .. --Trainins a tijier or a rhino parallels training a dot, except out of a piece of her lar»e in- """"' CliippcrneWs have joined forces w i t h a syndicate that you stau brccdii!? familiarity at a distance. Start with lestine The youngster is ic" 1eat!etl by a Eom1 ' African attorney. H a r r y Shuster. to work their young animals, eishl months lo a year old. Then add a collar, cuoeratins well and rir,rr n r= a n l m a l ma P ic in lhc U.S.A.. "Lion Country Safari", a 640 acre then a chain, "so they set used lo it. Handle virtually like a dog. rate her chances of total re " amC obsm ' alor *' '" Florida's Palm Beach County. II must learn obedience." covery as excellent. On ln * "Safari" grounds, abuut 10 mites from Palm lieaclt. --It's somewliru t r u e lliat a bin cat is never "tame": "You've But it has been a bad two molorl sts can drive through jungle land stocked vM\ untamed aot lo realize its a wild animal. The natural iiibtinct is there. You years for Lee and her parents ns Weaker tame, like antelopes, and bister feilows. like ell- neier know when it miiMil come out one day." Mr. and Mrs. Hichard L. Pre- S^ 8 ^*" 1 "' """* ~ ^^ °" h "" 1 * '""" "" "° nS -TM°« s "" mi '« i""*'" sc «* s * he « Tarzan wresllcs tile 1 "I'd estimate our medical "TMe entire atmosphere" said shustcr of the S3.3 miilion JTM ««^?1J 0 £,^'to^fflS'rt'ltS'^slSte bills at about $20.000 but that P ro ' ecl - ""'I »e that of an authentic motor safari through the l j?'""' ,*J?° P crformcti ulllier conditions of stnclesl possible Notes KUNA - Kuna Policeman and Mrs. Gus Gosvenor and family [ter a week of rolling son, Bill, lor his freshman year al Ihe University of Idaho the family drove lo the Pacific coast of Oregon, went through the redwoods into California and "isited Mrs. Gosvenor's brother and sister-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. liufus Doran and children, in South Sacramento. Miss Norms Jean Hatch, daughter of the Hugh Hatches, is in Salt Lake City visiting a brother, LaRell Hatch. Mrs. 'i'helma VreugdenMl and a brother, Clarence Balding of Scrvic* Di if dory ' VASSAK MOBILE MlLLINt. SEliVICE, Grinding, Rollins Mixing, Molassifylng, Ph. Cald. 459-3553. Moore Tree Service licenwd, Insu red Bonded 4t 331 2 or 939-6700 SPRAYING Licensed i injured, \S spray anything. Lee Norland, 459-3257 after 5 p.m. PcrtOrvdrl * ·JHERR1ES: 65$ each, surround, ed by your favorite beverage! Al the Cimmaron Lounge. CardofThankt 3 J Our sincerestapprecutlonfor '. each kindness and gift offering i extended lo us during the illness , and death of our loved one. Maty / you be richly blessed for the ( comfort these acts afforded us. * Mrs, Carl Myers i Family . is nothing compared to the P' culr Mque veldt.. The grounds will be heavily patrolled and pro- teams of professional hunters, wardens and trainers." . SI 'TM ce ' "' to pet the cameras to run as quietly ns possible, because the animal must be able to hear you." she said, For the Chipperfield family, "Safari" is only the latest in a line And what do you say to Leo at a moment like that? "Come on boy, that's a boy, lliincs like that." utter anguish we have had." 'W"! said Mrs. Prevele. Mrs. Prevele said she hopes of animal adventures that stretch back to the reign of Charles their experience will serve one n. For Miss Chipperfield. though, it all began rather on the sate After the chat, the reporter thought ot an important question, useful purpose, by acting as side -- with finishing school, horses, an apprenticeship with the and turned to shout it up the street · "What if you saw a mouse a reminder to others to keep g\viss "Circus Knie" and a career of circus riding till she was 10. in your kitchen?" dangerous subsi.ances out of As to mastery L i the wilder breeds at Chipperfleld's. she But the wild animal trainer had pone the reach of children. Sears .-**·,-;»»- I COTTON MUSLIM SHEETS You can rely on Sears' Muslin sheets for extra strength, extra service. Full 134 threads per square inch after ·washing. Made from extra sturdy cotton, bleached lo a snowy white. Rc(ul»r*1.89 72x108 Flit or Twin Fitted Bottom O. $2.09 Each 8Ix108-in. Flat 177 Kegular 98c a Pair *7| C or,Full-Fitted Bottom... .Eiwli ;1 .Pillowcases - »,,.CF CHARGE IT OI1 Sears Revolving Charge COTTON PERCALE SHEETS Dream in luxurious com fort with white combed cotton percale sheets so fine and smooth to your touch, so strong and Jong wearing. E Ins to-fit corners on fitted .styles make hed- making easy. Full 190 threads per sq. in. after washing. in Wessington Springs, S.D. They plan to visit Yellowstone and Teton National Parks and Ihe BlacV Hills Monument. The Samroie Sholley family of Kuna and the Merl Greens ot Payelte went to Lake Williams near Challis (o camp and fish. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Berheim went lo Ihe Lutheran Church camp at Lake Alturas lo assist with a week end work detail. Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Bennett have returned from a visit with two daughters a:nd their [amilies and other relatives. They went to Dayton, Ohio, to be guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sheryl Williams and Carol and to Fowler, Colo., to visit the Rev. and Mrs. Norman Deugan, In Cheyenne they visited Mrs, Bennetlt's brothei and family, tlte Robert Mathews family and In Denver they had a short visit with Bennett's sister, Mrs. Bcrnice Keith, and her family. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bowing visited nearly a week In Starbuck, Wash., with Mrs. Bowring's brother and sister-Maw Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Englehaupl. A week end camper fishing party, on -Mann's Greet Included the Leon Shrum family and Sam Jerome of Kuna, the M.R, Ginther family of Orchard andMrs, Gladys Ginther of Payette. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Caskey week end visit with Mr. and Mrs. Dick Coltrell. A week end campout and Regular 11.29 Flit or Twin Fill*d Bottom $2.49 Each 81x108 Flat or Full f\ 07 Fitted Bottom, Save 84c a pair . . «^E ac h Regular $1,29 a Pair Pillowcnses, Save 30c a pair 991 CHARGE IT on Sears Revolving Charge PASTEL PERCALE SHEETS Wake up to subtle pastels in solid colors that stay fresh and liright on smooth combed cotton percale, washing after washing. Elaslo-fit corners for easy bedmaking, too. Stock up now! $3.29E!.ch 81x108 Flat or Full *77 Fitted Bottom F.arh (it Regular J2.7D 72nlOS.ii!. Flal or Twin Filled Bottom Rcfiiiliir$1.49 a Pair Pillowcases. Save32capair . (yll ARCrE IT on Scars Revolving Charge s: : *xl \ - \.' "V," "^*" Feather,, --5.^-,;-^^^- s£ · '-^ ^S^o ^Bar,- ^MKS^ w 01 ^^ Brushed « « · . % ; . * Thermo Blanket Sheet Blanket H9U ,_,,,,,, 3»r . *' ?5.DO Thermo Kuil 4* 7 ^9.99 Therrao King 8* 7 D»cron $3.69 80x102 Blanket ·* »9.99 Thermo King »"' Snft and warm in 6 jiasti-l colors, Machine A full 3Wi-lli. winter yciglil Umkft. Eajy. wislialilc. care btcntt of tayon andacrjlie. 7 colors. SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back Sears s^^ap^iRi ^sy^j^»« ^·^SearsCottonl ^TFo.rrv T* Mattress Pads Sear§ Pillows O57 ChiMiXF FF*lh«r, F*an ?;l Anchor Pad '.19175 A or DatrOB ?4 Anchor P.d 54.75 3 J5.99 Foam Pillow *97 |,1SO Klltd Tail ;K)x7S ^ $3.99 Tan 0 Quill Pillow . . . . O97 H50 Fitted Pad Mx7S ......tJ H.99 Dacron Pillow 3* 7 2" SIA»S, IOUUCK AND 00. 524 Cleveland Blvd. CALDWELL Phone 459-3611 FREE Sloreside Parking Shop Monday, Thursday, Friday Nights 'til 9 p.m. Other Days: 9:30 a.m. to6p.m. flrassfield's Free Esl. Licensed, Ins,, bonded. 466-52.10. SHARPENINGSERVICE" SAWS - KNIVES - SCISSORS MOWERS- CUPPERS -TOOLS ADK1NS LUMBER YARD NOtus Rd Caldwell -159-7QBI PORTABLE WELDING Bill Marts Phone 466-0173 PAINTING Commercial i Residential Reasonable prices, free est. Ph. 459-0125 or 585-2919 SPRAYING Insects, earwiES,elmlrees,ma- ples 1 everything general. Alan Halfield, 466-2074 or 466-0151. LAWN LEVELING " Sod culling Seeding BOB HUGHES 466-8758 Western Landscaping CONCRETE WORK Curbs, driveways walks, etc. Free est. Bud Burch, Concrete Ph.466-7090or 466-6645 BIUSSFIELD'S SPRAYING Trees, shrubs, lawns, earwigs and spiders. WE SPRAY EVERYTHING! Phone 466-813? WELL DRILLING Serving Boise Valley since 1944. Cable tool or rotary drilling 4 gravel packing. Test holes, Irrigation 4 domestic. JESS DOTY Caldwell, 459-961! or 459-362? Midway Hwy. 30. to thank our .. . , friends 4 neighbors for their l expressions of sympathy, ^ thouelitlulness and many acts of j kindness during the loss of our , loved one, Herbert Chriswisser, ' Hazel Chriswisser Don Ctirlswissjr * family '. Jeanne Wallers family 1 wish lo expvtss my sincere · thanks and appreciation to all ray friends and neighbors for the many acts of sympathy, floral.I offerings, cards, special attention and help which 1 received. . at the time of my husband's death. May God bless and keep · you always. Mrs. W.L. Barley Sp»ciol NotiCM * IOSE WtlGHT solely with D«x-A-Dt«t ' Tobl«tv Only 98' o ! MiAown Phormocy, Caldwell. uv*~..._,u.u.j Anonymous, Na- ipa group meets Thursdays'8:30 p.m. and Sundays 8:30 a.m. in County Bids., 9Ul Ave. 2nd "' "· P.O. Box 1024 Nampa, lo»t fc Feunil REWARD for the returnof smiU ' while female POODLE lost or taken in general area of fire- worts display July 4. Any leads · please phone 459-8866 $10 reward for return of Shag- rug lost last Sat. nite on hwy. : between Caldwell it Marsing, Call colled Homedile 337-3821 or 337-3115. Lost-Small, mostly black dog- Harness with 'Tammy*. Vic. Nampa 4 LaXe Lowell, Reward, 466-6340. Painting, roofing, foundation work pest control for termites, spiders 1 ants. Free est, MPG Construction, 466-2112. BASEMENTWCRR Under Houic EKCOVQTIUU CONCRETE WORK fchMk ft Instructor, U.S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTSI Men-women 18 and over. Secure Jobs, tilth starting pay. Short hours. Advancement. Prepara- ratory training as long as required. Thousands ot Jobs 3pen. Experience usually unnecessary TODAY giving name, address and Comm. Sprayers GLEN IVEY i JOE SMITH Grain spraying, crop i ditcl] Mah fklp Wanlcd .bank, Trees, cattle, wnds ant 1 ~- · . "--··--- all types insects iiiludij* ter- Grade A Dairyman * miles. Enuipped (or any kind of f a r m - haml - Hoi ? se ' urn - 1*..;»11 .4.66-.96q8.or.A66-20.05 466-4865. '..^ J;' . x . : ;: lor est. /rwnals 10 ph - Part-lime bartfhder,' ."* person at Fizza Hutacross from 117 Seas", Nampa. ervoir was made ty Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harrold, Mr. and'" Mrs. Lester McCllcitfck and Tammy, the Eldon Harrold family and the Floyd Duncan family. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Johnson and son, Mark, returned home from a five-week (rip and visit with relatives. They went through Reno and to Lake Tahoe, visited the Burton Johnson family at Cotati and the Dwain Johnsons in Sebastopol, Calif., then were guests of the Nephi Bushman family in Snowflaie, Ariz. In Clovis, they were guests ot Mrs. Johnson's son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cox and in Denver they visited cousins, Ihe Elmo Higginsons. They completed their visits in Salt Lake City with daughter, Janet Johnson. CLASS DISPLAY SPOTS before your ftyes -- on your"n'tw carpet -- remove them witti Blue lustra. Rent electric shampooer $1. Hales Fur nilure, Nampa. jf yoif bare marital problems fit any kind^ phone .466t828£.for: fret counseling service. Can**,' yon Family Counseling Service; (Sponsored by Nampa RoUry Club.1 {*nil«rUlpWanlid VI Girl for kitchen work, experience preferred. ApplyInperson at Pizza Hut, across from West Jr. High. , SALES PERSONNEL" work in good office conditions. 4599561 before 5p.m. 1 will not be i any debts incurred by anyone o'p" other than myself. · --1 Thomas" Saber Parma, Idaho -- Wanted nurse's aid over 25 yrs. for ,,, ,,,, Call 46 . 631 2 before CATS HAVE WHISKERS Not ladies. BN for 2 nighfs per week. LPN. full or part time. 3 toll. Phone .466-9292 for Intetv' ; . Lady to care for seml-'lnvalid Consult Fisher's lady L light housekeeping, live Electrolysis for permanent re- in. 466-4729 raoval of unwanted hair. Ph. : 466-2552, 541_Gr«Msnleaf,_Jiampa Part Time NIGHT CAR HOP Stop abusing t prematurely ag- Little Chief Drlve-ln, Nampi ing your skin with wax filled creams Si cosmetics. Let us show you Nature's way to a new beautiful you with OVA." TION COSMETICS, ph 459-0126 or 459-8553, I will not be responsible from this date. July 6, 1367 for any aways, contracts of any kind, ot my present marriage, made HELPl! Udles lo help service Fuller ·Brush customers: 1. Pleasant people 2. Protected territory 3. $25 to $50 per week for 15 hours. Call 466-5238 or 459-0156. Registered Nurses needed toas- in developing program MALE HELP WANTED SEATTtE area. Highway contlruc- lion. Laborers $4.25 hourly. "Job News" 35" slumped evelope. SNCO, BX 444, Bothell, Wash. by arvy 0[1 e but myseli" Also I T r counl £TM* "«»«« program will not be resporUible for any " ^ a(nyon ^ ml ^ .^lic health bills ma d. f, contracted for tr ^ infnB and ^Hence deslr- -rlace The names M *' bul aU W 11 "' 1 "^ will ^±·^"1?" be Answered. Day h o u r s . bills made before our mar: of this one person are: Mrs. Arthur L. Fordlce-Chena'Bee ^ U "," H m * y "* stat '°? ed '" °* ft Fordice-Alias former name' P 0 ""' 1 " 0 / 1 ««»; S»Ury com- C.B.Jones SIGNED' mensurate with training and ex- Arthur L Fordice f erlence c - c - Department of _ 2000 Collet, Caldwelt S^V~» 0049 ' ° f 7 ° 6 ^ Service Directory 1 VACUUM CLEANER REPAIR Sales i parts for all makes Reuben Moser. 466-2201. CUSTOM SPRAYING " Insects, livestock, spidor mites. A. H. HEIRONIMUS ·166-0347 or 459-1029 PAINTING- PAPERHANGINC Quality work. Katr prices. Ph. 466-0093 after 6 P.M. MAGER CABINKT CO. If it's made of wood, we'll build ill Try and beat my price of satisfied service. Business Ph. 466-8166 U E D C I N D K R S A TOP SOU, PUI.VEK1ZED FKRTIL17KH Fill Dirt - I-oon Helt 459-9159 PLUMBING Kemadeling - Cuntrac tine-Service Calls. Krec est, FIELDS PLUMBING SKI1VICF.. 466-5621 K W B Y SALES 1 SERVICE iiow in Is'ampa and Caldwoll Factory Authorized Sales i Service tloward Brownlec,466-6614eye, RENT TENTS Moves, Ice Ch«ts, lonlerns, Sleeping Bogi, Cols R6SERVE TODAY AMBITIOUS GIRLS BUSY SEASON JUST STARTED Need 5 neat younj ladies IB/23 free to travel Expo 67andWest- ern Stales. No experience necessary, transportation furnished, Immediate expenses advanced. Parents welcome at Interview. Contact Mr. Perez at Nampa Chief Motel. Phone 466-2645 after 10 a.m. Thurs. A Friday, USE BANKAV.ERICARD RENTAL CENTER Hiwoy30nr. Midlond 46W151 »VI« A rVmolt Help COOK wanted. Hospital experience desired. Caldwell Memor. ial Hospital. 459-4641, ext. 27. WANTED CARPENTER WORK". new or remodel Ph. 466-7903 ItlpWontid JOHN'S SHRU11BKIIY S K H V I C E SillHIIiUKRY SHAPED 4 TRIMMED ALSO Y A R D WORK. 450-3021 lniu;( bell* MEN WANTED NOW TO TRAIN AS CLAIMS ADJUSTERS lorKtodiuitenoadiiwuUoolo,, ore bod!, n «ded d M lo th. rnmwdoui M "lormi rBV!nd»i?iauVd Ul °r°h l * ° K!d *"": ""'· *""«'"». "b- For prompt rtply wril« i 0: ||T""~" INSURANCE AOJI-STERS I °TM - SCHOOIS **"«»- SCHOOIS pi. 1359 P.O. Bo, 3173 ! City *nohi;n,Calii.9;80 j Zip -A 9 e -Stot«

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