Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on February 4, 1945 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 4, 1945
Page 6
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PAGE SIX las Cri£*s Sun-News Aggies to Get Return Game With Miners By ALMKKT HAM. Handicapped by the loss of their Btar guard. Hub A l t e r b u r B . Ihc New Mexico Aggies r e t u r n to t h e i r home hardwood* ThurHdny and Friday for a two-game nerirs w i t h the Texas College of Mine.s The Mines five will be II stronger team than the one which suffered defeat at the hands of the Aggies earlier this .seanon. Keveiii! new men have bcvn ndded to the rank of the Mines t e n n i w i t h the opening of the second semester at the border college. A c c o r d i n g to Coach "liud" Laabn the Aggies will be satislied if they can split the series w i t h the Mlnc.s | quintet. | Atlerburg, who sprained an n n - klo In a priu l i c e ne.ssion e a r l i e r thin week may s t i i l be able to play. Probable « t n r t i i , | : l i n e u p in that mat w i l l be: Tony (ionr.nli-s n m l Salty Heick nt f o n v a n l ; Joe lliid- enhiilzer nml Hob A l t e r b u r g at the guard jiofiilion!;; iind liud A l N ' r burg al the pivot spot. A t e n t i i t i v e schedule for i h e resl of the .'leaiion i.-i: TeXIW College uf Mines l r eb- ruary ft (inil W i l l u i m H c a i n n o n l Hos|)llal - Febru/ny 1R A n l i . A i i c i a l l A r t J I I e r y School - F e b r u a r y 17. These are all home i;iinien. CAGING SCORES It) A H S ( M ' I A T K I ) I'KKSS Nw Mexico Hen !(··: K l l t h i n d Field Ofi, C a m p L u n a 48. Lubbocli. Tex,, A A F 4 N . llubbs A A F :i«. lIlKh SHiiMil: Hlinta Fe !. A l b u q u e r q u e 21. Vaughn 2'J. I '01-01111 Hi. A l b u q u e i q u c I n d i a i l H 211 C u l l u p 2(1. Los Veglu. .'i4. Simla Hoha I'J L/irtl.sburK .|H. I i e n i i n g .'til. R n l i m 2(1. K|irini;ei 22 G r n n t n .'H. K l . M a r y ' h i A l b u q - uerque I 25. Claylon M, Tin u i n r a r i 21. Fiirrent .'111, Hoy 2:i. Sllvei C i t y M. H a t c h M Hoy I'll. M'elrose 27. CHrbibnd III", l l e r t c r 25 Baseball Heads Really Selling iVote to Retain Continues Active MAP SHOWS RESCUE SCENE Tlllane H. U i u i s i a n a S t a t e :i'J. De I'nul 511, N o t r e U n i i i e .VJ. 1'urdui' till, N o r t h w e n t e i n -III ArkaiiMin :i7, Texua Clmshau :i:i \Va»liiii|;lon fill, niiri-gon Mi. Oregon S t a l e 4;i, l i l n l l i i :ifi Denver 411, Colorudo A * M 41. Mrmlmui B l t i t e 11, M o n t a n a M Mlnnesotll 5(1. I l l d l n l l a 4M. Mliisomi 47, Nebriislin .11. N a v y 51. Columbia 41 VlrVliiln ·'''. M n i y l n u d 2" Ohio .Stale 411. Wurnn.Hlh 3B. Iow» 50, M l i - h l K i i n .'17 LAND KECEII'I'S I N C H K A K K S A N T A FF.. Feb :l l.T' Lan CotmnlMloniT John M i l e » n n i i i to day lllllil i f f l c c - rnTlpl.i I.. I J i l l un'ry wen. f5n'J,:i7!l M, an m c M - n i . sy n r i i i i iTi.i.F.rnoN. JR. \'V:w YORK, K-IJ. '! i/I'i \Vantn s t a r t an a r | ; u n i r n t ? . . - Harold "Ole" Olhe.-i, Ohio Stale'.'; bafiket- b a l l coach, r e ' - . n t l y picked out a imic.let llnil In- railed Ihf live oul- n t a n i l i n j ; coaches between Pitts- h n r K h nn.l tin- Kochy m o i m l a i i w . . . Tin- n a m e s : Do.' Carlson. I'ill; A(l,lpll Hupp. K e n t u c k y ; U. Co- indr. Tony H i n k l c liutl.-r ami II. S. n a v y ; I'icjjy Lambert. Purdue, and b u t c h 1-miborj;. Northwestern '1'hat'H Koine- to h u l l Homc- l.ody's local pride. ·h oi.n STIM-T 'I'll.- .\fw York baseball w r i t e r s ale J i i K l l y proud of tlieir annlllil d i n n e r , which w i l l be In-Ill for Hie t u n e turnonow. b u t t h e y d i d n t t l r i K i m i t e Ihe idea of throwing a Iced and l a m p o o n i n g the game's hie; i.liol.s . . The a'-cunt of the 1854 S'-a.S'in In Ihe book " A m e r i c a n jipoili," lays: "A uraii'l d i n n e r wan c i v c n on the 1,1th of December, nt Kijux's, 11 P.arclay.street, liy tin- K n i c k e i h o c k e r . Ka(;le a n d ( i o t h a m clubs An equal delegation was t e n t and an excellent b i l l of l a i r presented. A floiiK, composed lor |hi: occlusion by .1. W. Davis, of Ibe K n i c k e r b o c k e r chili, was no well riMTived lhat the Kaj;lc club had II p r l n l c d . II wa» e n t i t l e d ·Hall Days' and abounded In w i l l y j a l l i i K l n n n l o I h e p r i n c i p a l p l n y H l l j .1 the Ihree elubti." TODAY'S Ot'KH'r STAK Dan P a r k e r . New Y o r k '.Mirror I-/.HI so i n i n - l i a.s i l nced-i coaches' who will see I l i a l their players I l e c n i t h e t e n commandment.') b " - ; loi · l l i c y t a c k l e Ibe b a s k e t b a l l j l i l i e s " Swedish Athletes Head for the U.S. KTdCKOHI.M. Feb. :i '/I'' im.lcr I l i o c e , and H[lllli..n Liil. . . a i i h a v e ended Hie u n c e r t a i n t y a b o u t I l i e i r H i p to America lo c o m p e t e in I I tit.standiiiK in.loor I r i i ' H mccls They ilepiirleil liuil n l n h l by air- p l a n e f o r l l i e a t I ' . i - i l n l n . Then- I hey wre expecled lo c a t c h a n A m e r i c a n export I l i r - Ililc:. p l a n . w i t h i n a le'.v days lor Hie I ' n i l e i l K l a t i - B . l l a , n'. whose IOIIK dlslanee run- mni; .··In-red A m e i i c a n t r a c k fans . I n l i n e bis I I H I I I ' . S l o i n , .iporlc.l NEW YOKK, Feb. '.', I.Ti - -Baseball magnates of the two major leaK'.ies approved an aRicemcnt today that provided for a comrnis- 'sioner to control of baseball with little change In the absolute po- wpr.H lielil by the l a t e K. M. Landis i Dealing in real estate continued active the past week, a large number of transactions belni? covered by warranty and quit claim deeds filed with the county clerk in the past few days. Recent f i l i n g s follow: Corporation of Guadalupe to Juio Hcltran. lot in Tortugan; P. T. lonznles to Joseph T. Gonzalcs, lots | in A1 , imc ja place; A. E. Pettlt to during his 24-year rele/n. . ln Amnl( . u ii i-mei:, . i Heroic taking up their j o i n t ! w A Abernathy lost ^n Section · s t u d y of the pact the club owners I 6; P( . tra D . Padilla to Jose D. Monin Ihe American and National leagues announced their determination to open the 1945 championship toya, tract; Royal Jackman to Emilio Provincio, lot in Hagan's addition; Jasper Williams to Mar. n and to continue "as long j , l m rjoodin. jot in Cox addition; as the government wantfi us to do i jjetllc Anderson to Ell M. Adams, ·M." I 20.50 acres; Luroy B. Braddy to The m e e t i n g broke up without j Baggie Pope, tract at Vado. si-lection of Landls' successor but j o e orge K. Walker to Eugene , tract In Mesllla Park twp; .. cxolullon waa adopted urging _ H i n t the naming he done as ·'« 10 ' 1 | William M. Harvey lo Isabella P. as possible. i Collins, tract; Williams M. Harvey ' to Hubert S. Swingle, tract; Antru- nlo Gonzales to Rosario T. Gcm- Carlsbad Goat Ropers Reorganize Rope Club ZRl l u p e part of lot in Guada- t w p . ; Corporation of the Revenue Collectors Have Tax Worries The Las Cruces office of federal internal revenue department is having considerable difficulty in straightening out income tax payers who are attempting to file returns without complete information on their incomes from all sources, H. L. Earth and A. J. Trujillo, deputy collectors, stated today . It is necessary for an employed tax payer to have an employer's receipt for wages showing the withholding tax and the gross wages, it was pointed out. If a person works for several employers during the year it is necessary to have this data from all employers. Sunday Morning February 4, WOOL CKOWEBS TO MEEl ALBUQUERQUE, Feb. 3--U The executive board of the 3 Mexico Wool Growers' Assn. meet here Feb. 15-16. 'OLICE COLLECT $98,005 SANTA PE. Feb. 3 I/PI -- The New Mexico state police collected S98.005.37 during 1944, and law violators came across with $$22,703.53 of the total, a report shows. At the same Hint 1 the Hopers' Widows" also reurgani/.- ed and arc p l a n n i n g a revival of old w«.l(-'rr. lypu social functions. Bulldogs Beat Hurley 44-37 in Cage Game The Las Cruces Bulldogs defeated Hurley's basketball team 44-37 In a game played there Friday n i g h t , Coach Aullon Durham wired .1.' L. ( J i l l , principal of Union high school, Saturday. 1'aul H l a r k , U u r h i i m ' H message said, led ill the, Cr'iccns' scoring w i t h a total of 10 points. On Floor Furnace; Goes Up in Smoke Floor f m n a r e s , popular in the soulhwesl, have I h e t r drawbacks, loo you Just can't put your suitcase on t h e m and then go out for dinner! A Hcrvlreman and his wife were due In find oul abolil Ihls some- t i m e Sal unlay nlghl when they return to Pueblo Auto Courla. Ala- ineda avenue. The xultriuu: Ihey so nonchalantly l e f t In their court apartmcnl aller jieciirlng It for the night following a long auto drive, just d i m p l y wasn't due lo be I h e r e when t h r y l e U i r n r d a f t e r going u p t o w n new close h a i r c u t l i e p l a n s l o l f o r .Imncr! r i ' t i i r n bv A p r i l l. r I" c o l d - m d i - j H l o l e n ? . . . No, it Just went up l i n v i "i v i c e ! in .-.moke. l,'diii;ui :i h u r d l e r , probably w i l l ! C i t y flivinen extinguished the t . ' t f i a m i n t h e U n i t e d S l a t e s longer | bla?.e. Hi:.n l i n e n ; "' his VI.MI is good, .1. U. Crocker. Pueblo Courls pro. ; u n l i ! ,ln:y I . ' prielor, said damage aside from i . - - · · ! Ihe isuitcase, a p p a r e n t l y fillvd with - · ,, , Jliill.MCi 1i over $:ilir,.7!l.|.I7 in ! elothlng was scarcely worth men. . h i n u i i r v . H H I ! """'"I'- in Las Cruces; John L. Martin to Charlie Flnlcy, lots In Hatch; Car- dcnio J. Benavidez to Elflda R. Kubio, lots in Grandvicw addition; Julio Ueltran to Francisco Gutierrez, lots in Guadalupe twp. ·-AIK1SANKH IS DECORATED HOME, Feb. 3--lift--Lt Comdr. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., former film actor, has been awarded the riritish Distinguished Service Cross or his work as special operations officer on Vice-Admiral H. K. Hewitt's staff In landings In Sicily and al Salerno, Elba, and southern France. It was announced today. RULE DROWINC SUICIDE 3--l/Pl--Peace iberg has ruled man identified 52, of Gulfport, His body was the Rio Grande si. internalion- EL PASO, Feb. Justice Chas. Win Ibe drowning of a as .las. P. Tucker, Miss., as iuicldc. found yesterday in near the Sanla Fc al bridge. Cross and circle locate Cabu, where an American raiding party struck behind enemy lines on Luzon to free 513 Allied captives from a Japanese prison camp. Arrows indicate American drives to clear Luzon; Heavy lines show penetration. Latest major gains arc the capture of Olongapo and Subic Bay and an advance to Calumpil, north of Manila. (AP Wirephoto). New Mexican io Enter Racing at Mexico City ALBUQUERQUE, Feb. 3 Wl -Nick Luciani, Albuquerque race horse owner, will try for the 125,000 pesos handicap De Las American at Mexico City April 22 with his horse Buckle Down. Luciani, home from Mexico City .1 business, took his veteran Springer, My Orel Tet, to Mexico when Anita was prohibited from opening. He bought four Kentucky bred horses. Including Buckle Down at Mexico City. wagcd battle against drink in every port of the world except Alaska and South America, died yesterday. I'USSVFOOT JOHNSON DIES BINGHAMTON, N. Y.. Feb. 3-- l/l'i _ William E. "Pussyfoot" I,Johnson, 82, who for 50 years ASK CASH FOR FARM COUNT WASHINGTON. Feb. 3 Iff! hc house appropriations committee recommended today an additional fund of ....?,784,000 to complete the census of agriculture started more Ulan a year ago. BULK GARDEN SEED ONION SETS -- HOT CAPS FARMERS MARKET SUPPLY CO. Phone 333 On RR Tracks Try first lo set It in Cruces. TODAY and Mondayfl Songs. Danc»s on ihe | Great White Way! __ 2 Big Days i Starts TLL OF Y HOLLY^ODTMHEARTls'lNif... AND 50 ALL Or nuLLi WUUL/ o -*" *« ** · · · · -OF HOLLYWOOD'S STARS ... with Jimmy Dorsey and his band ... Carmen Cavallaro and orchestra .. .Sons of ihe Pioneers, and Golden Gale Quartet I "THTS Stlfect AMERICA" PLUS -Flashes of World Events in LATEST NEWS EVENTS GOOD GROOMING GIVES YOU CONFIDENCE (lonil firoomiiif; i one ol llif oiil- s l a n d i n ^ i i t l r i l u i l o lo luisint^s MIC- cos. T l i a l V w I n llic \cinc l . a u n d r v and (ilciiiuTr- look- I ' o r u a n l lo ki/rp- inji v o u r \sardrobe in spollos condi- lion In raiiiou.s Sanilonc (!lr;uiiii^. This procc^ " r i i l l x l u l l llioroii'ddv I ~ * * removes lil'e-rohbiiifr. e o l o r - d i i l l i n ^ soil and r e l u r n s orifi'nial Iriiiiiicss to the ! i n e M l ' ) o i i r p m i i e n l . ( ; i \ e y o u r wanlrolte eliie perl'eelion l l i r o n ^ l i the whole year h) regular Sanilon- in«; al (he Acme L a u n d r Fo/A\s Don't Li \ To Ride (Ji ,V.VA\V.V/.V.V/ I .VW 1 /^^^^V Anthony Mercantile Company ANNOUNCES /^ Tfaw Senwce TO POULTRY AND LIVESTOCK FEEDERS S \\I10M K A N S A S CITY, Kims.. I'd) .1 i/ll A mini called al Ihe ration i board to n»k why only part of the i gasoline r a t i o n he had requested ' -,vim g r a n t e d . "Cooi! heavens men," t h e boanl ; member shouled. "don't you know i ; there's n war on? you ask .|7.'i | ! miles a month. Yon h a v e to gi 1 ! -1 can't f,.'t viders." "There's a w a r on, and yotl ea not R ,-t ralersV" : "No. 1 can't. If you'd read my | ' a p p l i c a t i o n you would know why." " W h y ? " · "I h a u l caibage." j Filipinos Say Japs j ; To Defend Manila SAN K K A N C I S C O . Feb. :i I.T The Jnplinese a p p a r e n t l y i n t e n d to j H u n Ihe c i t y uf M a n i l a into n hi.llleground.'iieoi-ge Folsler. N11C correspondent, reporled today | al'ler l a l k i n g w i t h Filipinos In the j 1 e u m i t y ol' the American sixth army .spearhead approaching the c i t y i The Filipinos said N'lpionese tioop.s had mined some of Manila's I'Ulldings. hlocked windows wilh .emenl and installed tank traps i and sleel mil roadblocks. i Fol.sti'l Mild t h e loads north of ! t h e c i t y were hllered will] Ihe ! \ \ i e c l u i e e of Japane.ii 1 s l a f t cars, \ m d l c a t i n g llle eflecllveness of i A m e r i c a n air sinning a t t a c k s . J K i i i g r / u i i r / i Hell* Purina Chows, Purina Sanitation Products, and Purina Farm Supplies now available at our store. · are pleased to announce that we have been appointed the authorized Purina Farm Supply dealer in this community. In our opinion, proper feeding, sanitation and management will affect farmers' income in the future more than any other factors. Our thorough study convinces us that the Purina programs are some of the best available. We are ready now to supply you with any feed needs--supplements for your grain, complete feeds, special feeds for calves, dry cows, breeder flocks, turkeys, dogs, rabbits--any animal or bird on the farm. Also, a Sanitation program to help prevent disease and parasites, and a new line of Purina farm supplies. OTHER SERVICES AVAILABLE AT OUR STORE We also carry a full lino of lumber, paint, hardware and builders, supplies; also poultry feeders, fountains and many oilier items for the farm and home. AGME SOO NORTH MAIN IAUNDRY · !« f l CLEANERS PHONE 373 i \ V i T l l A M K l l l l ' A N TKOOI'S I N ! 1'HII.IITINF.S. Fi'l'. 2 i l V l i i y f i l l i.Ti H I I I ^ I I I K rhuri'lil'olla anil 1 llowrr lii'ilivkril VlllnjjTM wi'liMllli'il · Urn lioucla.s M n c A r t l i u r twlny »« ! Ii · Jrrpitl uhi'Htl w i t h hw most adv a i n i ' i n l i i n l i y piitml.H. whli-h took i him hnil tin' roiiil own "" " l " 11 ' i lop ilhuoul w i t h i n .vlKtll " thf | . . l U a m i t a n( tin- Mliuihl hi' loTI i in.iif limn Hiri'i- y.'iiis IIRO. 1'rrpnrcil tlallrr I'ostWAC competition f.n Ihf bak«r Ii In Ilir roHtly.inlxoil (mini f u k v biillrr All Ihc h n u x r u l f r will hnvt lu do will l» to bKkt mid mv«. *W Sewtcet we fa* t* Adft ANTHONY MERCANTILE CO. EVERYTHING FOR THE FARM AND HONE ANTHONY, Phone Anthony 9 NEW MEXICO

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