Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 24, 1962 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 24, 1962
Page 14
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PaK«_12 K K K E L E Y TKIBl'XE .Mun., Dec. 2i, 1962' Auctions 48-A «-A| Use* C«n «^ 51' Auctions 48 -A Auctions 48-A AUSTIN AUCTIONS AUSTIN AUCTIONS FOK SALE "ilb A » P . S Wall Street AT \ l l.'Tln.V ·····;?:,·· " -v w.^uiu^i itr: MM.-vJu drill wiUi smter and prens wheels- -i-^V-i_ , ' r - ' ! ' 1 - '^'^^^. · -li.ulru . -\ UM . ,. . l,ydr.,,,u- dix un r u l i , , , , , , , : I, f,,d , »: ; t v , d u ' v di«- m r u l i l i c r : "',Tl,!,,- r tired Imv « " " d I'" 11 S A L K : ' Ji: K "" 1 K " K (AP) market followed a mixed course as Christmas Eve trading grew · lute Ibis afternoon. milled at 3.2 million shares com- I'.iicd with 3.47 million nn Fri- w o r d " " " -· !ii',-|, t a n k s ; h«B tanks and sprin;: lootb: roil over Frnsno: wire: lumber; water pipe and K S i i l N K S -:n 1 All IM*- : A few issues moved more __~ -t. r.-ily. pussibly affix-led by transfer :i"-i?-'j u ' blfx-ks because of tax purposes :. .i,,:| IM ' portfolio switches. American ,,."»,jon a block ol 3.000 shares. I'nin Carbide goined mor \ V K I ) . DKC. H K N i ; Y l . n i . ' K M A N - i , ;.;,;,. . . . MI--.,I i.:. :,.·... ;/.;ri|-. I K ; . -'·· »:!!' i- 1 " .' i 1 . A ' . . - , : ,| ,',:, ri-11- r. d r i l l - I !·· r i. 1 1 , , - n l,.::..|,. : - v J . l i . i :,,-.i I,,- -' s t r a i n ' I'- i : -r»w lu-t-t , n l | ; :;,i.[t. m-ain l u u i l : w i t h n i o i u r : li'G:: I n t . I n - f t t u ; l o a d f r w i t h ^ h e a d s : s m a l l tools I l l f( J W i!(i. r v All t r u c k s , t r a c t o r s , anil power eimi;,iiK-iil are sold on an :is is basis. N'o mei-lianical w a r r a n t y O l l i - n - i l or i m p l i e d All sales are f i n a l . ·;· ; I.W,--n to A u c t i o n N.-ws each monmii; .it 7::'0 A.M.. KCOL '· iiiM.-s hast HI,) and T : 2 l ) A.M.. K F K A !:'.") TMJL.. w n l i h y d r o - - o l i n i - Ii t r a i ' - j a n y linn- We w a n t your Auction. Auto Service and Supplies 52' ! ' 1: 'U · fatal. IBM was anead :u TiR)s~i,,,--, (,, r ··-· i-, l ,r~i. |a '" ;ut 4 ' 'IT-:.?'''''' '"' '"'· '" s ·"""'· I'K iMi-jtas Aircralt. a successful _i^l__ ^i-st of ils Skybolt missile behind rtouse and Auto Fioiicri 53J". "as "P a fraction while Lock- .,°"!'- : ran SAU, i-,:,; ,:,.,r mt m0 bi,c :hewi - makcr of ""' Polar ' s "lis-j ·i si-,- hl(mt . [,), j-i.-j.---j .Mil. yielded about a pouit. «!!..'d KI " l .. ! ' Al .- 1; -'"i-- r.,,,,, cau,, 0 toij Kord was up a fraction and^ [Chrysler liim while Genera! Mot-| ;ors ga\c up a fraction on profit .takisg and American M o t o r s Do Pont gained about a point. Fractional losses were takea by K l l l t SALK--Fruntir cilr.^rii. w a l l (,, '··. K'l-J C l i e i p. f: J - 7 l - - J _ , v i ; h l!i,;-| AUSTIN and AUSTIN, Auctioneers ' (IK trixlc, r, 'air V.! -".fr Pi, · --*'-"'-" iw^Jta H t i e liUVl'a Oy 35;-i7a «r !-,3.-jT«B a "w,i'u'rYs'uiii,i»' lu ''accos. including Uvillard Lig- TlirJ'lii^-'r'l?lit,?,.,.iron our*''" M ' CrSl a " d AmCriCa " T °- rrrrrr. . -hanks were open, most big cor- 'iporations were closi-d for the day j tii make it a four-day Christmas S-.:,hl» J » vl (:,*··!· - art, bfit. [)r Tra Mistrial Declared in Union Boss' Trial ' ft. h a r r o w a m i ' | :;«,:,.; ol'iv,Vs 'r^'ian,!TM J^nSeriein" p»Ta.o i i ' i ' i i I ' ,'!',,"" ·' ' "'"' " i m " r - womliMi i l o a l - S fl ilv r I ,' ^ H" f l - lv "" v: "" r : N '-»- '"'"«»'l T, I,:,,- side r a k e ' O l i v e r l e r t . snip drehM-r: w i r e w i n d i - r ; :;nn B al "-i-, t n n k .,, f S irrlfh,'. 1111 h 'T W " l d ; i r : ·V'° ty1 """ W 1 h l e ' »·''«' "»nkTM -«!» mi):, l u b e s : shop lool.v and , - n l l . ; tools- labor f u r n i l i - r p · a r m has sold. H a r o l d has ,,,,,.· t,, work for l')ami"n -eed Lot 'Ibis is a very }-,,,od line of l a t e model m a c h i n e r y . A T A I ' C T I O X KHII.IAY. lii-:c. :i. i:u;: iii:iii) A.M. SHAUP LAM) (:::,, A U l t K S i - I - A K M Kljni'.MH.NT A N D W.F U V f T L E Mil. AMI M R S I ' A V L V A n i l l T K R . l,,,-al«l '!) m i l e s ,,,sl ot 0 c e y , (.o,,ra,lo on I n a b w a y :;i t o K,,s ,.y ,|, 0 ,, ,;^ s o n , I and J i , c-asl; ,,,· m,,,, i,,. hu .r. Colorado. I; miles \ o r t h on U S S» to I'ei-kliani I l i e n I P . ( M S I , r m l i t in the heart of norllieni .7-'i"i'" 1 . .v,'"-'" 1 "" llc "''''''"" """ ' l i v i - r s i d e d crop area · I l l f c LAM): i;::-u A t l t K S i |-;i.. ,, f sec. i:;. Tnwn-Um, I \oni, IlaiiKe l i l West in Weld C o n n l y . i_'olo. Then: an- a p p r o x i m a t e v lli'i a c i e s 01 in-i-.-ati.^ f a r m l a n d , l.rvel to made a, ,1 i r r / · · i, I 'T'I'I''' ji-S'/o""· Wt " S Wi "' "· """"i 1 " 1 " '·«im':ity 01 s n i i f l £ v M1U 1'I1O\ L M K X T S : I n i - l i u l i - n modern : liedromn lionu- w i t h "l,-,sn uient l i i a - b m e shed. lr,,,k s,al,s. l,,,l l,,, s ,n a,TM,,,,, o , '"^ c a t t l e , J p i t silos, and oihr-r sup -linj; I m i l d i M r s The- i m i i r o v i - "''''"-md!!,?!," 1 *"" A ,''-'""''' ' TIi;l: - MS ( '- N " L A N ' i l : There is a S-J'.iMlO.i.iil loan on t h i s l a r m t h a t l l i i - Imwrs will -is^uine Tlio SHH^H^KS^S in J i r f n r r t KOlt SALK "ii -.hiii'C. MUST w ]\ i Used Con and Trucks 51 K A I J I A I U K cu-aninu and rt-pairlnu. Ust'tJ riidiaUira. AM lyj'i-s uf uutu ami truck rci'uinnK Julni Thompson Garat-t. U()| j-th Ave.. or lit N. Sth Ave. 353-15ia. THICt . FOR SALK - !'lym»uth hy W4 FU11D pick ! thiini Ml Ford c 3^,:{-(j r |,. a ner. Fnit SALK-10S9 Chevrolet Imnala hnnltoii. All while, perfect condition. PricL-il for tiuick »ale. I'JSS Chcvrulet HHAir Hanltop. A-l ihnpe. See at Mo»:an Nurserj. 2^011 ttnervelr lW. D E N V E R LIVESTOCK I CaUli- 1AW; rahro nonr: ;,]! cU^i-i' U-ady: slauijhUT stit-rj 27.M--J8.75: hi-n- rs 26.SU-27.MI; bwf ctms U.W-IT uu: lockers and u-txiors ano- M (!fjO -Sht-t-p TOO; all closes 5tt.-a(1j · -ho,c.- (H lb slaunhti-r |. in Ui« t!».Sfl; ulUilv In orxl slaughter i-ttcs HOO-a.50. »lnuKlilfi ' ut'k-i ti.50; choice Iccder Inmht Id Vi l How 1.4i«; liarums and silu M h-'sh' MERRY CHRISTMAS! and our thanks for your fine patrona;re the past year! It has been a pleasure to serve you. s a 'up: ow» 1^.0011 OMAHA LIVESTOCK Hojis a.Soo; iiarr^M.h Dave McDonald -ir,l-i:;si Hay Wiedeman Art StcinberKcr llerniiin Kindsfater I.VI-2U71 Warren-Bunting Motors 2:00 p.'m. ^F^^^X^^^^W tools. (i!l I I U A D UF C A T T L l Y - ' « « - " i sal MARKETS Prices were mixed on the American Stock Exchange in moderate L' S. government bonds were up ;sJifihtly. ,, M !*.!» ita if,;i.ij--s* City Traffic Accidents Seven non-injury accidents were v|xrted on Grccley streets Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Mon- md MI» S | ( '"'- ''In 1 lime and place of each Ifnl and the vehicles, drivers n a y v hrlf,-r =3.50 lushir'i'TM.. "l'r,,nj"to\,TMi!l' 1 "l f'Hl SI., a l!»il truck. Williai !iS.^S["i,S' 2 7SSi;^«'»;i niC - U: ' ll «". "m Kill Ave., non (·Hit I i t l l l l p ).(i30 !ti h r l l r l s L'l . r Tl. hu-h ! :mit -i llVVt L - i u l . , . . l l ' J l l : ___ D . . I . i . lone sedan. William I'olok !3i«Kl I lib Ave.. "Do jon want something erbe'D really Bko er 4a 1M feel it's the thought that By GAVIN SCOTT NASHVILLE. Tcnn. (AP) - A removed. Miller said be was op* dcring the U.S. attorney's olfic* mistrial was declared is the lo assemble and present to tn« Corporate Iwnds were mixed Jarn «s R. "«f'a conspiracy trial K r ond jury all of the evidence con- Sunday and the judfie ordered an investigation of what he termed attempts by the Teamsters president's close associates to influence the jury. Tlie dramatic end of the nine- week trial came shortly after noon when tire U.S. District Court Jury ccraing the alleged attrmpti U reach the jurors. The judge ordered the mistriW after asking the jurors to IndlctU by show of hands if they felt ther* was even a remote possibility ol agreement on a verdict. On thia. the jurors-locked up sinee Dtc. reporled-for the fourth timc-il 5-wi'rc unanimous: The deadlock was hopelessly deadlocked, Thi jury deliberated 17 hours After the trial. K. I'. Horn of, nne of the jurors, said ci; was 7-5. He declined lo say whether the balance was im for acquittal or conviction. Alfred K. Dallon of llalsville. . . another juror, said the jury first for acquittal and one could not be broken by further deliberations. The trial, jaid Miller, wai OM uf the longest and most difficult over which he had ever presided. 'Itic sovcrnmcnl sought lo show llolta t;ol payoffs from Commercial Carriers. Inc., Detroit-bawd automobile hauler, as a bribe lor peace. The prosecution claimed CCI or- John Warren Jim Bunting ''V. (l''·*(; F O R D A G E N C Y , EATOX. COLORADO Phone - ''·" SAT., DK(J. -I), ]'ii)"--in nn \ \\ We of the Garnsey and Wheeler Sales Force would l i k e to wish you A Very Merry Christmas And All the Best fur the Coming New Year! - . · ^ - - «. : »i f ;,ej i,,ai,isi,,. K ,-i,,,,,-,.::inil Will St.. a 1%1 truck Alvin o cd t.tmhc IH 'ji."i 'Ji- i». u i i. i i .. ., . from a Michigan "transport finn' stock in lhc maidcn n in return (or labor Deace ' Nlrs - """·''· Tht ' Sovernmcnt Ibs 17.23-17.75: 220-230 Ibs lf,.5()-:- llln - -' ml ;| parked !%1 truck be117.25: 2-I1 2-i()-2KO Ibs lii.(Ki-ir,.7. 1 i. !lfini !' n ! l " Miller Brothers Truck mixed 1-3 320-100 lb sows am-i(·'. BI9 liih St.. $100. 11.50: 400-500 ibs 12.,'iO-i:i.7fi; 2-:!i ;U * 14 P-'iv Friday, . 500-025 Ibs I2.2S-12.75. - , .. and loth St.. a 1355 sednn, David HOYLMAN ' Calves il.OOO; c;,lves none: hi«li rlicbardson, ;::,i-| i:,t|, St.. $150, choice and prime 1.TO-MOD ibiTM 1 a 'M5 sedan, Hetty Khrlich, .slaughter steers :IO.OO-31.25 mclm!.] 1 "' 1 - ' M Ave. Ct . S3. ing around half dozen loads primi.-j ^ :! ::',0 p.m. Friday, 'JOO block 1.223-1.3W) Ibs al :)|.K: bulk|1th A v e . a UKil truck. Melvin choice I : l0il.|.:i.-,o Ibs 2l!.ai-2!iV.V. Wagi-nman, 1434 l l l l i St., none, Jclmic-e OT-l.lOi) ibs 2775-211.7:,: a"'! '· parked 11)35 scilan, owner several loads bifih choice a n d' u "'' sl1 ''' Mr ' mixed choice ;,nd prime 1.000-1 1,100 Ibs 29.00-2l.50: good K.Oo27.30: few standard 22.50-21.IK); ( load mostly prime around A , , , '.' . _.", . CORDON" J O H N S O N , 3.-.2-M71 ? lb llcifcrs 211.00: load lolsiUH M i n Q Ot PW Food Uppermost choice U50-1.050 Ibs 27..iO-2«r,'l;| CAl'-ltOLL F L A C K , ::r,J.]s;| , T i l l . I , CO.Ml'TON, 352-1J02J I I A R l i Y ROTH. :i:,:;-i2io L'Sl-JD CAIi M A N A G K R mcrcial cows 14.00-lii.o!): eanners S 27.511-21! ffl; I II r f , , lily and TM,,i-| Home from Cuba ' ^ra!n"unn ^ J, 1 .'^ '^,-^'";,? :: - {. ] '";^;'^,TM p, ,^«HpHSS§£ Garns ey and Wheeler jueicidi cows H.oo-ifj.of): c.'innrrs, and cutters 10.50-14.00; utility and! MIA111 - F1:| . 'AP)-What kind commercial bulls IH.OO-'Jl.od. j' if '"'"' ''''' VtlM Castro Rive his Sheep l.(Wii: active, all elates! 1 ' 1 ' 1 )'' "' '''K" prisoners? - choice and prime nativ,:! !0-100 lb wnnlcd sl: ' U8lte ^-""-ai..TM mcludinfi 4i»l « lor pips." said 711 llth St. ALL OF US or the Lot w i t h tho R'jvoiving OK TO All OF YOU A VERY, VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS And riv 11 head armtinl ion ibs al and land choice Cd.ltxi ibs l7.tXM:i.i»i: SCO Q17/tl" U l i ' y ·'""' l? '"" 1 M '" M7 -"": l '" 11 UtJ^-r!i (1 and n l i l i l y |oiiO.|4 nn. 17 h,,;,,i 'i«; and prim,. 117 lb shorn hlauijhlcr lambs witli ,\o 1 pell- . li " """-. 22. "no ,,f the return l' ns """ rs s: "'l Sunday nifiht. . " r '"' l "'"''«-"-l «'·· "Mially had f Ihe defense pictured Iloffa ai i dedicated labor leader. mest prosecutor, said he did not now if a retrial would be sought. 'I don't make the decision. You can quote me as saying 1 don't know," he said. Hoffa declined lo comment on U.S. Disl. Judge William E. Mil- Icr's orders for a special grand jury lo meet early next month to investigate "the unfortunate events which have marked this trial from its inception." Miller then told the ury for ihe first lime about Ihe air pistol attack on Iloffa by an ex-mental patient and Ihe two mysterious secret sessions thai led to lhc removal of two jurors in the tiral that started Oct. 22. Miller mid inforamtion was presented at the secret sessions indicating "illegal and improper at- - " _ tempts were beinu made by close "' niw - s l i a|wj or l labor union associates of the dc- P rp «-" (cndant lo contact and influence . " c " ll '' ( ' cl - "" lhis Ibe two-count in- dictnu-m, iloffa would have laced a maximum sentence of two yean in prisonand a $20.000 fine. In Holla's brief courtroom ncw« conference he said that though h« was gratified he was not convicted be was disappointed the jury wa« deadlocked. The union official said the outcome nl the trial showed the wisdom ot the jury system in permit- tine the right of indc|)cndcnt judgment by jurors. Iloffa said government law enforcement agencies "seem to believe their sole and only objective mu-.l be lo convict, regardlesi of Ihe process, if (his Is lo continue, competent and able lawyer* will hesitate to take cases that art unfriendly to the administration, the newspapers or the m«il» o( certain members of the jury Although the allempts were not I 1 '" successful, lhc judije said be had| S3 ' no alternative hnl ( 0 .li« ( |iialify '· Mrs .lames I'aM.-ball und Cralin Fields and replace them with al- . is happens. Iht f ..Ijury system of America will bo- 'come a mockery and the court ·stem will become a mockery." The judRe direde.1 that h-.-m-U;:."'!.'.'.;.' .n.-,c:,n,ni w,tb ,, watery reri|lls ,,, ,,,,, Uu , ^ , , - R rain lhat be mnde public lo sh,,w ,!,,. ,,', USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Minn: (n- ·niAMii--Kii ' ( D E N V E R B t A H S ! :.,,,.,:,! l, : .| ,., ,,,.,, J C H I C A O O B U T T E R /\ND r-CGS l'.i|ila-.!l : *.\ A lormer pii'itiinraplnjr ill Ma- J. v a n a l)i;,/ was asked what be ''"';|,l:,n:ic,l I,, ii,, in a,,. | u |i|, ( . ' "Kal. 1 1 he anstteied. ' · ' j I ' O l i T O F S I - A I N - M i i n i i f a c l u r e I','.;|nf .-.|im-:; ttill bp |IN|II,,| Im-allv liy , i i _ . . · .1 . . ' J Local Market i 1 " ·}"''! Your't Dn '" / (Corrected to Dec. 24) t'M I'llllo I'.c.ilis. No. i l%2 I'llllo Hcans, No. 2 .. Oals. cwt. liiillrrlal a.'.'rli'y lle.ivy Urns l.nihl 11,-n^ A int-fliiitr, t-£'^ A large IT.':'. «l ini, I ,,,,rl I,, ni,.l f,, mit)- nf \\,.|,| ntl ,J $2 in,! H: \ \ K I:-M-:I.-|: ,,,· V,!',:-,,,:, I l . ' i l ' H ' M I . V I i v.'Mi Ml.-l.. (,.-: .I.. .lolni Kri-llcr Dean Hjielii.-iilic Kd Kritxli'i- H i l l i'tnv..-1-s I/' 1 ' 1 ( ' i l i i i i i : i i i ) r s I'Yc.l M i l l e r T;irr:uit Edwards Chevrolet Co. n,,a in , t«i l-'l J:sT \.\-i i ' , \ v l , i! v.M : , , , - ! . - . ,-..l-.r.-..|.. l : - I . - , i t - · · ; : M . i . r i ' f,'i,'.|"l, !."'f, ,,',1 !,,iii.l,,. ,,,,,! M i n i n r l ! t , - u fit.. "I 111,. 1 1 . I . I H I M W N '[ I n n n f r r n r M K I i M A N A . X r i ' K K , Tr:,nMiT«. ' ' ' "" y T r l l K l n " . |,..,,i v ·)., ,,, Mi-l'lri; To" -iii.'.ni"V,|;, l - . M I I I r . , , [ | . 1 1 K I I I . \ \ I I I T . \ K T l . i l v r n t h a t t ·-1','r! In t l , « . H A l t l l T Milli l: n, ntxl f,, r ,itt,l Tl:lt. l,, l'i n i l · 1 1 . ir,«j ri,,\,M. H A N K AI.-.STIN Af(;Tio;;s USED CAR LOT i;$10 Sth Avenue D'C. 17. J 4 , ' l l , ' r,:. j , n . ,_ ,.,,. ·· ""J '",1M In .. ,,, u n i t or \\r-\A HH4 |

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