Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 29, 1970 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1970
Page 23
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Classified Advertising S I I I N O L K D roof» repaired, new roofs installed. Free estimatut. Guaranteed. 36.1.27C.H after 8. TRIBUNE WANT ADS RATES AND DEADLINES CLASSIFIED DISPLAYS Hate: $1.60 per column Inch. Volume rates upon request. M i n i m u m space 1 column Inch. Screen borders cuts may be used on add of 2 column Inches Deadline: 3 p.m. Day Prior. CLASSIFIED READER ADS Deadline: 4 p.m. Day Prior. RATES Minimum charge (10 words) 80c First Insertion per -word ,, 8c Additional consecutive Insertions of same ad, per -word 4c Sixth day free. llouth rate, per line (2 lin« M O W K R ahnrpeninK and repair. Authorized Toro denier,. Anderson Seed ,'o.. 714 llllh St., J'hone 36S-OIH8. H O U S K W I D K cleaning lervice. Brewer Servicvmaster. Free mtimales. 1324 2»th SI. .'152-2108. ACCOU.NTANT-bkkpr., experienced, Ken« ledirer, atmtx, nupervuorjr: part time o n l y : prefer new company. Box 2*4. Rrichton. No aicencie*. Hi ness Aide. NIGHTS. Harry's Drivin. Mr. Hampton for appointment. 352-2166. JOUUNKYHfAN plumbci m i n i m u m ) $4.00 KKr, discount on reader ads If paid within 10 dB.ys. Every other day ads to he charged at one day rate. Blind l)o% Number! --- 50c CANCELLATION Adi may be cancelled by calling before 9 : O U a.m. insertion day. (One time service charge) Th» Tribune assumes responsi bility for only 1 incorrect insertion of any «d. Please read your «d the first day It appears. Call In correction before 9 a.m. neit PHON'B 85?-0211 714 Eighth Street Office Hours S a.m. to 6 p.m. Classified Index Announcements _ Avjcilons ..... - .............. -Antique! ---- ----- --Auto Service and Suppllte Board and Room Boatft and Supp!n Buildini Materials ---- Buiinesi Opportunitiat -- »u«inea. Scrvieef --- -Coal and Wood -- . -- --- -- Conitrnction Equipment , -Custom Work -- . Education and Instruction 54 28 _ 62 " 25 _ «5 - 14 .. t _ 6 -. 58 _60-A _ 11 ·usinm Scrvlcfl Hilp W.nteJ W A N T K D -- Baby littinjr. ray home. ^63-9247. ilCKNSEU l«ly alttinn, my home, in Evans area. 852-1842. VUNTING -- Residential a apncialty. ],. S. Mcllaniel. Ph. 352-U26U. ['ART time bartender. Apply in per- in, Shakey'a i'iiz., 2814 llth Ave. WANTED -- Wool presser. 6 daya .. week. Good pay. Apply 1309 8th Ave. WAITRESS wanted. Experienced. Call AM' only, 284-9894. COOK wanted, mornlntt shift. Call m. only. 362-1622; 284-9894. RN or LPN, full or part time. 13-0536. EXCELLENT opportunity for new and used car salesman. Weld Co. Garaice. NEEDED immediately -- Experienced housekeeper. Contact Administrator at Memorial Hospital, 862-8123. LIChTJSED child emre. my home. Hul lunches. 353-782B. VANTIOD -- Farm job for 15 yeai _ IJ. Call 4E4-2666 after 4. BABY Bitting, Maplewood area. 363- child care. Hillside f.rca. AUTO wash m«n. Must be experienced. Me Arthur O Mo-Cad iliac, Inc. 6Ug Mb Ave., (Ireeley. YOUNG man not afraid to work with ambition to train u K diesel j chanic. 3S3-01gl or 1816 1st Ave. Kood ap- Davis I'lumbinr and Heat- mt. loveland, 667-3699. EXPKR1ENCED cooks I !n person, Sambo'i Hedlaui'Hiit, Sih Ave. Apply _ _ _ NEW coiiipiiii; i'ersoonel. MI call 352-3S07. lookinir for esEirls. For tnd hiB wife ti NEEDED -- A maL _... .._ live in. Some care for an elderly man. 2325 Oth Ave. RELIABLE my home for hoyi 9 and 6. fi:W I" .1:30. NeM morninK transportation. Jlo p«r week. 32H W. 4lh St. 3n:t-iir)27. Tl'-IAUHKH or teacher's wif*. Full time, ProOflsiitnal. niimmet work. ConiiniK pjirt time next full. For Interview phun» 35:^4:12. TWO peoplt for credit department, experience preferred. Contuct Woolct DepBrtment Store, rersonnel Office, Hours 10 to 1 and 2 to 4. SITTER needed for aummt-r months; ,-nm*n or uirl, mt leitat 17 years old bit to drive. 3K3-fi8Z4 after 6 U rranKe for interview. Nation attendant for pnrl _ work. Including Saturdays *n: hnlf day Sun Hay. Must be iharp. Cali Sa ? 1 j_ 3 _ 62 :?l 3;! * M A R R I E D man for year around job Experienced irriKntor. Modern house top w«u»t. Phon* KeensburE, 73'2 4X22. U. R K A J j eitate aalesman. Must b*- censed «nd experieni-eil. Best en mission deal In Greeley. Time Re- ty. 852-8888. KN~N"BBDED for fun or unrt ti position. Phone 3K-GO?2. Boncll Re lirement Community* Farm Equipment Fe.r Rent-- Apartment* _. - Fcr Rent--- Buildinia -- ------ Fcr Rent-- Karma and Tractj ----For Rent-- Garas«a -- --Tor Rent -- Houses -For R«»t--Mt. Hornw, Cablna - . For Rent -- Offie* Spaca For Rent -- Knonas --- Frulta and Ve»«UbItl Hr. Grain, Fee^, Straw - Keatlnt * Coollnl -Kelp Wanted ---------- -- aloustaold Gooda ----- Irrixttlon Systema ------Ut's Swap - . --- Uv«toak --Loit and Found - Hiicellaneous -- Mobile Tloanaa Money tn Ixian - Uonii Wanted _ Motels .. -- ------- Monnr i.nd Storata Musical Instnimenta Nuninf Homes - Ptnonals ----Pet SUX-k YOUR familr needs a n u m m e r vnca linn. Invest your epare time now t i-hrn those needed extra dollars. St-1 A vim in your locality. For duUiila t -nll quickly. 3fi2-S23 BO! AUTO mechanic. Experienced. Pnid va _ _4f-A _ 31 _ »2 -- 24 _ IS _ 47 cation, group insurance, n«lnry-i mission basiF. Contnct Kd Hunker DeBrown Chrysler Plymouth, K17 Tth St.. Greoley, Colorailo. WANTED* -- Farmer, experlencod f general farm work indudinte irmc tlon. Good houafnc, near PlaUavilie W r i t * S221 So. Monroe St., Ili'nvi Colurado or call 766-18711 after IMH. 'UI.L or part tim«. If y* 1 - 1 n(l * 1 money, we need you. Dcmon*trat mid Uke ordem f u r "Slim C.ym" th« world'i fa«t««t »ellinK home rx ercisen. SSS-SSOB after K p.m. mn wwkeml.i. LINE mechanic. Must be Qualified ti wurlv on Ford aulonmtic t-rnn»nu« »ion«. Above averaite enrnlnun, jinn v«c»tiom. Iniiuraiicr program. Ap|l to LrB Smith, Shop Foreman, War ren-HuntinK, Pit ton. Colorado. Foultrr . _ -- Wrofeanional Ser\'ie4« Real Estate · Roofinc and Insulation Reeds, Plants. Flowers ... fiewinr Marhinea-VacuiilM -- lituations Wanted Sporting; Goods -Trailers and Campers Trailer Spare Transportation --. Trash Hauling TV-Radio Services. Sale* REGISTERED NURSES StaH positions, mid opernting room (circulntinj;). tatliiWM Opa»rtgniti«l ·OK SAJ.K -- Chinchilla herd. Chrap. BUNTINC: Tn 302-11 M. IEAUTV shuy [or rent. All ·qulini«it. 127 Int., Eaton. Call 454-38B4. A K K Tor sale, (inod liusincs hifallon. lt«y's Cafr. Situitioni W«nteJ 10 JONCRETB work. Fre« estimate*. _Photie 3(2-0601. irnJilfORTalntint -- brush .r apr« VANTED -- Irontnjt. Also Bras, cut. ling. You furnish tool,. 353-4917. VANTEH -- I*wn mowinv, aouth area. 362-0105. SS2-I2C4. N. iAWN mower Bharpening. Jce McLnin. 408 Tth St. 352-1149. CHKOME [-later needB work. 6 ye expprit-ncp. RcferenceB. JfiS-ftgOD. . _ ar,3-49i7 RON INC anytimp. and CARPENTER I grusscuttinK. :ret« work. Gen. eral contracting. Phont 353-2099. AND B PHintlnc. Free pBtimntea. Reasonahlf. 363-5748. 352-3279. ALTKRATIONS -- Dressmaking, 1740 " h ^ A v e ^ o r 352-7311. CA'RPBNTRH" work, ail kinds. THI flirars. Fre* estimntes. Call 363-G403 ALTERATIONS and dressmakine. MOII1I.E ho LICENSED bnby sittlni!, my home 1'ark-WashinKlon area. 353-7479. prate ALTERATIONS - - Ladiert and men's _'J"1' (Iracc's. P12'.a 8th St., 353-2973. Cuitom W*rk 11 Tiosh Haiulini FOR RKNT -- Nice basement apartment. Redecorated, new f u r n i t u r e . Utilities raid. Adults only. No Dels. WorkinK couple preferred. 852-8223. sli Service. IF IT'S Iraah, we haul It. John Kline. 352-1673. WK dismantle and h n u ] away Incinerators. Phone 362-b27U. ^ I'HF. WAY rubblab removal. 352-C124 or 352-0566. WanUd t* Rent 14 UI ; *HM Need 2 hedroom country house. No children. Ily J u n e 6. 331-322!). THREW or 4 bedroom house, for family, (i-reelcy area. -J^-GSt)?.. I'jiul Hrl- APARTMENTS AVAILABLE 2 bedroom, completely furnished and air conditioned. Call 3f3- ;026 or Gilhaiigh Agency, 3527037. WANTKD -- 3 housw, unfuriiinhed. Oaltton-Kattin urea. CAITO!! Dairy. 454-2184. PROFESSIONAL couple desires smal Lome in country. Cnll -W-P189 collect after 6 p.m. WANTED to rent -- Two Iteilrouii house in or near Eaton. 353-158' after 6 p.m. WANTED -- 2 or 3 bedroom apart n: or house by ,Iun» 10. Pels. Write Ifarbara WilHamB, Rt. 4 Box 198 Greclt-y. N I O K H K I ) 2 or 3 hnlroom horn* within If. miles of (.repley. by Jimp 1. Wil be permanent. J'.O. Box 120. (Jil- GRAD student desires 2 bedroom apartment or house J u n e 10 lo August 10. Write 609 Belmont, Pueblo Colorado. 15 For Rent--Homes SMALL 2 bedroom home in the coun try east of J.reelcy. Call 352-SIM'7. FOB KENT -- Three livdmotii .IDUSW N'ice. ColleRe H ren. 3r3-2TaO. OLDKIt 2 bedroom house. Phone 35i!-0a9l. FURNISHED 4 bwlroom house fn iimmer only. Fwmily only. No pets. 22 month. 852-o657 evenings. F»r Rtnfr---Apfi. 17 NOW rvittiiiir for lummer (jutrter -New 2 bi'drot-m nparlrriyiita. Kur- nJHhrl. nil utilitic* vuid. $170 mo. 2011 Ml, Ave. Day piion« 803-8KK8 : N J i W l / Y rffdt'coralcl 2 bedruom »imrt- u'tit. t;ios(? i". UninriiiBlicil c.tre|tt ove rcfriK«mtor. $90. Glnronilon. iJ^ fith St. or cull SO'J-K'jyu before ROYAL GARDENS APTS. 2100 23rd Ave. One bedroom furn., 2 bedroom furn. or unfiirn., furnished buffet. Adults. No pets. 352-0152. HOUSES AND APARTMENTS Available for Summer Quarter SCOTT REALTY CO. 1212 8th Ave. 352-1212 Miscellaneous 27 Fri., May 29, 1970 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 23 WE buy lined TV* »nd CUSTOMER Satisfaction, my motto. Tommy's itarber Shop. 1116 7th Ave. WANTED--Old OP iual)l* C*F» that arc towc'jle. Phone 352-9343. PR INTINC.--Smnll jobs a specialty, town. 353-8327. I'OKTKAIT In oil color from your anap. other photo. $1. 303-8327. N J C H T C R A W L K R S . native nnd TVXAB ; ·Ihwiirrn^ 1P03 f,th Kt. W£-Wtl. FOR~s"AfK~^- 4x8 ft. rabbit pf'ns. Phone 8S3-2U99. I- 1 OR SALE -- Top soil for Karden nnd lawiia. Call 353-17CB. We diamantle and haul axvay Incinerators. Phone 3S2-8270. 1801) SI) A k i n tape recorder, cartridge and nwl *250. 353-9911 between 6 and_y p.m. F I V K door cooler, 38-' l i In. by 82 ] ,i by 71'/i in. Operatci off 22U. _ __ EMT'HYSBMAT I have n Monahan posit ivp in-essi for Biile. 352-45111. K-o,1 x- machine N O R HUM) M-order. ·ithout ti eawette nlereo tnpe accessories, with R53-7574. Of, UC H A K L E Y Davidson. New, used. $240. llcUvecn 6 nnd 9 V I K C I N I A ' S i-ifla. knacks, old inr! IIPW. 722 7th St. UPS. phone. r. -irri ! (fn*SON~rf?r(Keriitcd air conditioner. | 2^n ami', \Viriiin nnd box included. I IVrfgL-t condition. f l 2 5 . 813 9th St. W A N T K D -- junk cars, trucks, tn tors. «tc. Call us first, we pay t prii-ns. 353-1005. LIQUIDATORS of nil mercTinndise. f!«ry (irconwooO. Auctioneers and Li.i'iidntorH. 2flOG Slh Ave. 352-4B22. !:\VANT to buy 2 gond xisc-d ! 352-S922 before 7 a.m. .indmills. or nfter Till. I. 353-Uilfi. hedrnom. Couple nml deposit r* 1 - AINTING -mate. Dnl« All kinds. Free esti- efclmin, 353-0518. NTEHIOK and exterior paintinR. Call evenings. Stanley Redan, 284-63%. RKYNA tree trimmlnic. Lowest prices. I'iruwooii half price. 3S3-618n. jl-'OR RENT - Partly furnished 2 l»?ii- room home at SOB W. .Main St., Windsor. Colorado. Mo pets, No children. I n n u i r c -.03 Elm St. TWO bedroom house. Stove, refrip:e.r- stor. utilitien furnished. Available J u n e 6 tbroiiuh September 6, Phone 35 3-2 64 fi. ' A I N T I N G -- Interior, exterior. Free eatimaie. C. E. My rick. 454-2617. lONCRETE work. Fre« estimates, Phone 352-8413. Jim Murehcnd. CKKSPOOLS, jcreaae trapi, pumped. Ph. H5.l-.7fi8. Mrs. Rex C n n n i n K h n m . K U H N I K H K I J 4 bedroom home avail- for summer sessim com module 4 or ' male student.-!. Phone .InlWlMfi. Will or fcmali For Rtnt--Rooms 16 ·ittlng, my home. Birth U years, 6 day« « weuk. Mail it.. .. Schcol^ ar«P. 3S3-01K. I WANTED -- Rnby s i t t i n g by licensed haby sitter, in west (iveelpy. 3n2-33nl). fi2! Sfltli Ave. Ct. WANTED - - Baby sitlinR. my home. Arrowhead, HHI and Park vicinity. Phone XiS2-359y, brick AnA block work donr t-rs. fences, fireplaces and O A R I ' K N ' f K R " " -- Remodelin? and r«^ pair. All kinda. Call after 6 p.m 'TjM'AN 7.7 desire* jol. In Dr.'n office. I ycnr experience. Permanent. Can start anytime. 352-7686. PAINT-NCT"-- Interior, exterior, and f n r m imlntinjr. Free «ttfnuiei. Can- JI.T Hrchon, t^hnrlie Brehon. 352-2027. HANDYMAN." Trim, tmnaplint shnib- l»ery, rows, evcritreciiR, Inwn »od- inir, cl«an_ up. 352-0164. "AND A Pnintinit. interior and «x- li-rii.r. Norm Swunson,; iuKTTER Painting -- Farma, ho, niofn. We guarantee nil work. POwklTi-Vkmc, power aweeninic. ferti- lir.mjt. All at a low, low price. CAR. 1 "KNTER~ -- Expert. Remodrlinj:. ROOItfS for See «t ir ( men. Kitchen and TV. 9 10th Ave, 353-69S8. CLEAN i.H»iruble t.U-cpin K nwm. Man perferred 352-6675. 1-108 15th Ave. *WO Blprpinir rooms for college men, 352-4232. fill I R t h St. ROOMS"-- J3 night. Ratw. wk.. mo. CommcTcinl Hotel, Eaton. 46J-2^0:t. ^LE"l^pfNG"rnom fnr ainclr nmle, siim- iiti-r nuarlrr. $100. Ncnr Aima Col- It'KC. :.52-S870. ALK stuiletiLi - - kitchen pnviloR«s, color TV. JHin f u m m r r oujirl(?r. 161» l l t h Ave. Phone 352-9PH7, call or . , ork. Call 680- repnirinc. cabinet 2fil hflt-r n p.m. ~A"M~n"i:l yunr old rcaponolble «irl. I w a n t » niimmer bnhy BiUJntr job in HllNiilc area. Call Kim at 852-3550 after 3:30. lTKD(;K"trimmeil: Inwn care; Va equipped. Once or »ca*on lone. Larger lots preferred, 352-6079, S97- 22-14. APARTMENT. Furnibhed, 2 bedroom. Close in. Downtown. Phone 352-8807. 1R RKNT -- Sl«-c?pinK room with kitchen privileges for lady, 1419 17th St. 352-2770. S U M M H I l nnly -- Furnished 1 bedroom bnsrmcnt apartment. 1721 13th Ave. 3Fil!-n420, FOR. RENT -- Small furnished hut mrnt. flpariment. 353-1K2K, n f t e r 2 n.m. ·'UKNISHF.D hancmcnt apartment f o r j KirU, KUiiimrr (tuiirter.j Can and Trucki r «nt»d to Rent -- uhina* Hachinw 86-A _ 63 _ 23 . 3 1 s , M It IS nnd good benefit*. Call admin- ifilrnlor nt .Memorial Hospital, 352-312J. Top p a y l M A S l l N R Y . i n-ofefsionul Lost and Found REGISTERED OR LICENSED Practical nurses. S tn H lo 7 shifts. Full 11 and or part time. Fairacres .Manor, 353-3370. if letter. C » M ; J r FOUND -- l.iRht hrown Pekinee: Phone 861-6090. FOUND -- Male Irish Si 362-1937 after fi. LOST-- Rlick Poodle, unshaven, noes by Suki. «lh Ave. and 21lt St. 353-7331., LOST -- S old Colli. typ« brown, while female. Ai»wera ti "JennU."| _a^i-»04S. LOST-- A n h a r p edKe on your scisson.. We sharpen 'em. I ' i n k i n n shwirs, tHi. 35-b.-,c on most. A U i i e ' * . S13 Slh AM.. iToST - trover h r i -- .sda male ;«rmnn Slienlirnl I Id. No collar. Itewartl. are*. ff-\ t\fi\ Brid-| Personals ALCOHOLICS 3852 for help Alkir_«V 61 FfGURETTB S,VJ.7S!i!. bicycle repairs? Think i!3 f t h Ave. sr,2-»501. iinrl {ririitcs. __ fsToUR'sVver SK-k 7 Call the R»/.or j Clinic Alkjre. 61S t h Ave. »5?.9.MI1.,| SLlM~G~5 7 ro" Kor free home demonstra-j | tion with no nlilisaiimi. phone T i m Swedlund. 352-2119 a f t e r 6 p.m. FIOHT fatic^ue w i t h /.ippics. the «renl iron pill. Only J1.9S, Oilison Phar- SC'ULPTRESS br»« nnd fashion finure control by a p p o i n t m e n t , or froiili ahowinz. Phone I.ynda llarnnby. S3(- !3ft5 or Donna Ttclit., !I53-5S0. Auto Renlol Transportotion 3 CAR r«ntal« -- llaily. weekly, nionhtly. Greeley Leasing C,... 11(10 Hth .. 352-11174. aft. hr... 362-9127. 1153-5629. Frdcilionol Services BE INDEPRNDENT Set your own goal and build a future in your own protected territory. Mnn over I'D v.-ho are wlllliiK to w ti r k developinK their areas are enjoying above average annual earnings. Company benefits including hospitalization and lifo insurance, bonuses, liromotional materials and selling BidH, samples, hona- f i d e Ipads, estaliliahed accounts and one of. tlie f i n est reputations in the lubrication industry. Mechanical and sales experience hf'lpful. For application a n d personal interview reply to: .lack French, Perflonnel Director I,l!imiCATIOX ENGI- NEKRS, IXC. P.O. Hox 7128 Fort Worth, Texas 76111 ind plaalerinp. helow iinifec- :on .-small. work , sional cost. No job K300 ask fur Hill. ATTENTION working mothers -- Licensed. Kiddie Land Nurpery, 505 17th St. Hours. 7:3(1 to 6:30. 8537912. Kveninps 353-fl2fr SUMMER OPENINGS I f i i h St. Pre-School Day Care Center ages S thru 6 Hours 7:30-6:00 3.-.2-5-I89 3SS-6SS3 Custom Work n TRENCHING. Central TMncbinB and _ _ CUSTOM~«"Td"riwlnK, ar2-4n41. Hill Nnughton. spreadinK. and stack M A N U I t K i haulinff. spreadinK. plow. inc. truckiuK. J. Bernhardt. B52-5937 BACKHOETbuidi work, boring. Platli Valley Trenching. 353-0825. |BAckfll)i:r"toiuiv»Un». back filling I Paul Forman, 2S4-6536. IUSTOM rototillinR of new lawns Hardens. S' B -0680. Jira Hewitt. CUSTOM" baling and stacking. Education and Instruction 8 1JDO instruction. Men. wo rhildren. For infovmation 1688. CUSTOM farm service. Plowing ci planting. Hob nnd Larry Allir R n d Phone evenings. 353-7382. 352- TRENCHINO. ditch cleaninR and le lines, 284-6201. Schaefffr'a Dig PUBI.IC accounting, inir a n i T«-x Servi J a n U Hoikkeep. ·e. 3J3-S165. Business Service . I M I T I O U ojieninns for bpKinninjr pi- c lino students fur J u n e rliisses. 3R3- * 4. r .!ih. Mrs. Frnl Weilnnd. PIlTvATR tuitar Instruction. Now i n i t i a l i n g lessons for all agfa by residi'nl artist. Rick Scheideman. 85.S-70S3. SAW ftharpt-nfnif. All kin.l.«. One ilay) si-rv. Alkirf's. d l 3 Mh Ave. 3:.2-!»5ill. QUALITY miholstf-rinK. ORFjiriTrVY Curtnln Clemen. Curtains, lnti"", tnlilerloihst. 11-211 Dili Si. MO\VKK"~.iii»r|i«iiin|[, rcpnir. P.mpr raUos to rent. Ati-f W.-ldintr ami Kf- pair, 2.109 S A v . SSS-ITIU. Pickup-l)pl. SWIMMING LESSONS All ARCS Oreeley's Finest Slim ft Swim Club Call 3f2-6438 PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD | AND HARNESS ASSEMBLERS fe Due lo expanded oppratlons nur Company has several I» oiienincs for psperlem-Pil nsspmhlers. I'rior experience ^ sssembliiis ami solderliiK i i r i n t n d circuit hoards, oon- ^ n p i i i i r s . p.nd haniPKSPs is iirpferrcd. Apply to Mrs. ** Cninkr. rprsDiinel Offic-p. I ITEL CORPORATION !'i!'i'ri!iat'"ii rrndiictp nivision :,4'1 \Vi'M 2 n t l i Slroei. (irpplcy. Colo. 3»3-6l4l An Kiiunl O i i p o r t i i n i l y Kmployer JANDELION'S BprayH. filiaranteed re- nilu. fieneral Spray Scrv. 352-1050 ;10LJ)AY Tr« Service. TrimminE lulMtinp, removing tret'a. 358-1208. CUSTOM roUitillinir for new lawn am) gardens. Weed mowing. 352-1721; For Rent--Apts. THHKE room basement apartment w i t h bwth. 1I2S l l t h St. TALISMAN APTS. A v a i l a b l e June 5. New lux- ury 2 bedroom. Carpeting, ' drapes, range, refrlg., rtish. washer, private pallo with nit. view. 353-3793. $165. N K W H P R I N T for Fale. f-c Ih. Roll cnd3 eii:li)iiK From B to 30 Ibs. The i-i-oley Tribune. MONP;Y to lean. We buy. sell and trade for anythinc of value. Grccley Pawn Shop. 353-4137. 402 J l t b Ave. FOR SALE -- 2 matching bridt-s- mafds drppses snd hnta--mint Si7.cs 11-12. 353-0*109. I'OR RAL1-; -- 2 pair near nc« rn Boota, "ire 11 and 12 A A. B.'.Z- For Rant--Garages or 3 car space cnrape suit mechnnic or other com HUT posr. Reason able rout. Cull p, :,o2-U134. B A I J Y bed, ti-olu. lawn n n-Iirac, pictures, bike, t'ini-. complptf. Nrwly bci-n run. 352-.JU73; FOUK box ram frefi for haulinc. Plus Turkey Fnrm. 9 milt.i south o Kersey. dnire 100 1b. day cubes. $150. 284 ICK mnchine. KriK ciipnrity, tmnll 9K94. C L E A N rugs like new, ith Rii.!-M.ile. Rent iujcr^ ?K ^Kuniac I'ui easy to do herd. ~ pacen in Kuiipct Memorial Gnr- in Ojirdon of The Good Shep- For Rent--Buildings 20 B U I L D I N G S for rent or tcane. Retail or warehouse slorace. 153-5846. Office Space 22 aii -- Summer qu.irl rtnitnl. 3B3-I11HS. C A R I T I T K I ) nnd nir conditioned office spnro on flth St. Approximntely on. ft. Phone 362-1400. Cowan Ilenlly. OFKfc~B SDIICC at 712 10th St. 800 . tt.. street frontane. 1'rivnte offices. Could hnnR nipn. 3R2-460S. Huyu. 3M-5SC1 FOR R K N T -- O f f i c ptmtileil. «ir i-i.niliti cncttei. Plenty of month. Call 3fi3-HRSS. niiile.i. C u r p p , nril. w i t h kilcli- rkinj;. *175 TWO room office, ground floor, 250 rijuare feet. ITtilitieei, *ir rondillr ine nnd janitor furnished. Very « Eonnblc rent. .locil Corner, '(.'nil sec Dr. Haefeli. SOI 10th Ave., 3522020. V oinviiB work ol nil kindp ·inj; uf t r u c k suats, etc. Wood; Pnjil FOR SALK~ Nrw Olympia si/.c. electric 1 , pica typcwritrr w i t h fii_bn'c__«ml_cnrbiiii ribbon. 352-Si.n ASS1-TNGER flats -- $1.25 vulcanized re.iair. 0 K. Rubber Welders, E20 , . , 1939 Reservoir Rd s t a n d n irre iiter. nnrt healthier lawna with Apply Procal now. 260B Un'lit ^i")RNiSHKD"annrlmpnl. 'i 1 nity Center. Noed 2 Troilcr Space ock t Phone 353-2f»*lB. i r t r r -- 2 bedroom mobile ic-il rniiplr. 1 smnll fluid Univci ahiire"!: himiu. M'm nccrptfd. I ·:XTIIA nirf furnished buffet apartment. A i l u i l s only. No pets. ]M5 7lh Avi'. :.r.2-:^sn. w i t h ' 4 others. $100.00 per q i w r l r r e«eh._35:i-2794. TWO bedroom iiiifiirnii'hci. duplex. Mnrriwi couple. No pcl«. Call 3fi2- 744S n f t r r B. W A N T Kb -- Kirl for nummer qii » sha rtor. e double kitcben _ VERY nice fiirntshM buffet apartment. w oirpet. JI2S. month. Call f33- _ ·'ATIj qtiarier -- · 2 hedr furnished apartments f u r collene Kirla. 3. r .3-ai32. F U R N I S H K n apt. Couple Also mobilr hm 102 13th St, 722 N. l l t h Ave. 352-7660. UNFURNISHED 2 hcdi fur couple. No children or pets. ?14fi per month. 352-1924. N I C K , elefin, furnished "pstairs apartment Tor working Iniiy. No Htudents, Children or pet». 352-9501 before G. N K W trailer 353-1792 nllable. Thom spares iler lots for aale at Hill \N k. Ph. 352-40S3. LIMITED number of HOUSI-' ir; Y A M A H A , U.S.A. and Cushmnn. A t h n r i x m l d^lei-. F r n n k l i n Cyck Siiks. 2P25 S. 1st Ave. 352-6992. AUTO Ktoiitno. by wrclt or month will buy 718 N. l l t h Ave 3. r j2-7nfO. FOR SALE~-- Pulverised lawn nn Kiinlen fi?rtllizcr. FarmH's 101 St COLLKCTOR'S ln -- Anilnuea ; u?e f u r n i t u r e , books, lance ncsortmem _J126 _C«ntra^, Evins. Open Sunday. TRAILKIIS 1or trnnh hauling as lo aa SI.00 for 2 hmira, O.K. Traile H f n u i h . SgQ 2nd St. TIR 1C balnnclntr--Only f 1.25 n*r pi sennur tjrc. Weight* free I O. _Kubhcr Wcldera, 820 2nd St. \VA.\TKP"-- J u n k curs, trm-Un. tn tors. Vff Imv nwny free. Wt u buy complete ciin. 30S-6692. Miic«llar,«oui 27 KHiry Sale* and Servlc. at Brumlcy'i Floor Covering. 1381 9tb St. ELMRft'C Pawn Shop and Frontier StIt-Strvc Gas. Ue«l furniture. We buy. Bell and trade. Com* In am! browie around. Rimer Dale, 200 N llth Ave. 352-277*. WELL kept rarpeU ahovr the results llviit electtlc aKampooer $1. HcsUrtTi Sth Ave. u»,l 8th St. or 2517 lltli Ave. G A H A U K ssle -- 526 28th St. between U unit 11 n.m. Saturday May M. Slovi; m a t c h i n g couch and f h a i r : -lm;k r;i,lio and more. Turn Jrft off 8th Ave. ut K ami li Speed shop lo end of street. FOIt SALE -- Factory high performance (.-am with hydraulic lifters ami push rods for 3o3 Plymouth : sinKlc 4 m a n i f o l d with Curler A KB 2-4 wnlxr. S5.V.II2H. GARAGE SALE 710 35th Ave. Ct. Anytime After 10 a.m. Sat, Sunday, Monday. Everything Goes Antiques 28 WEBEK'S Antiques, 2408 8th Ave. Wanted -- art glass, etc. 353-7E84. WATCH for the Flea Market coming to I,ongmonl J u n e 13 and 14th. Dealers interested in Uibk 1 reservations call Mn. William Secor. 776- 2Kifr. I'OUTICAI, campaign I,inJ, rilihnna. tokens, hooks, postctinls and advei- tifcinc pins wunto.l by TMllecl/ir. W i l l hu3 one or hundreds. Mac McGraw, Knit Morgan, Colorado S0701. FURNITURE auction. % mile west of Evans. Every M o n d a y night. 7:00 sharp. Consignmpnts welcome. Al- bnch Auction Company, phone 3528248. Household Goods 30 POWERFUL twin motor. Elrrtrnlus. Dallas Shroyer, 333-0961. FOR KALB -- Kenmor* double oven range. 3L2-6524. WLSTINCHOUSE washer and dryer. 35:i-lfiS3. JtF.FRIGKRATOK. stove, dinette set, twin I*ds, couch, rug, miscellaneouB. 352-2116. lOltl 1'Jth Si. TO!' prices paid for furniture. One piece or houseful. Grccley Pawn Shop, 3H-4137. V ANTED -- Gnod ufc*d f u r n i t u r e nm miscelianuous. Onry Groenwoo-l. 2t',0fi 8th Ave. 3S2.4822. WANTED to buv used furniture. Rus- St. 353-4076. USED furniture. Open dnily. fjreen wood Liquidation Center, 2GOG 6th Ave FOR SALE - 8 piece new Mediler lancau living room set, iiut'inuaic washer, iiew k i n g size beil, complete, l'J6fl console color TV. 353.10151. AIR CONDITIONER. IIP A Whirlpoo . window m o u n t . S.OtlO HTI'. (YjM ?2.','l. used 3 months, sell f!35. Phone 352-6P10. FOR SALK -- Ranch aik dining room set: set of mnjil, 1 hunk beds will upritiKS nnd ntnltrcss. Cnll before "NEVBH uceTl anything like If Fa users of Blue Lustre for clrjining cnrpct. Rent electric champooer $1 Grceley Furniture. FoTrsTuT -- Cuuch. 3 piece corner Kt-ctiunnl. HIMKU nnd brown tweed Very mind condition. GSS-4313; D8S- FOR~SALK~-- fimplcl« twin bee complete, pold couch, avocado gm'ri r\iK. mnttress and liox springs fo double bed, misc. items. 352-ftGKO. FOE SALE --- Refrigerator, stove Iwriji, erlh and mattress, high ehalr dinette set. couch, swine pet. m B rc]lan«ous toys and other. rit7-22Ul GB refrijmtor for ..!.. Eioill.n Boiti Suppli" 15 M FT. fiberglassed fishinf boat, with tilt trailer. See at 40(1 30th Ave. Ct. or phone 363-J631. FOR SALE -- flnotleas '64 15-foot boat,. 35 hp motor. New uphulbterlng. After MUST aril -- 14 ft. fiberglass fishinsr boat, 15 hp motor, trailer and accessories. Call efter fi p.m., 333-7595. FOR SALE -- 14 ft. bust. 30 hp Johnson self starter, trailer, 5450. OS6-7765. FOR SALK -- Used boat, motor and trailer Also 16 ft. travel trailer. 501 K. 28th St. 353-6476. 14 ft. FIBERGLASSED fishinc boat, trailer. 12 hp motor. Excellent condition. $200.00. Coll 352-3407 or see at 11306 26th St. 18 FT. 9 In. Hydro Swift boat, SI in. benm, 110 hp Mercury 4 hp John- All in A-l condition. Sl.SOO.OO. 352- 3R07 for mure information after 3 p.m. 17 ft WOLVERINE mahogany boat. 85 hp Johnson electric start motor, f.nitor tilt bed trailer, life jackets; skis. etc. Call 352-2045 between C and 8 p.m. Sporting Good« 35-A GUN repair -- Custom reloading. Clark's Gun Shop, 4th Ave. and 10th St. 353-6086. Sccdt, Plants, Flowen 38 SPECIAL sale on all bedding plants. Miller Vegetable and Grecnhouie, I miles south on 1st Ave. from Sugar Beet Factory. Hoy, Groin, Feed, Strow 40 EAR corn for sale. 45.1-2053. FOR RALE -- Straw. Reasonable. LEAFY sreen alfalfa, largo Jala. S I 1 " per bale. 353-42BO : 2S4-6472. PARlThay. graded alfalfa Wi,. cedar fence posts. Don Kelly 3a2-9401. FOR SALE - ISO ton oat nw.. »W per ton. I'.i mile west of bvans. w. Robinett, phone 352-0420. HAY for snle. Ut, 2nd and 3rl eui- lint-s. Call after 6, Don Hoffner, 352-7781. 1ST "nd and 3rd cutting nay. Good onaiity La Salle area. 2S4-6236; 2S4- 6410. Livestock 41 FOR SALE-- Appaloosa Beldimr, Slit. 353-S2I5. THHEB year old AQHA. Broke, Hood barrel vrnpcct. 352-0259. FOlf^ALr; -- Three Hampshire feeder nigs. Phone 352-6123. HORSF.SIIOEING and trimming. B3- 01 nc FOR SALE - bridle: ..ddle and horse trailer. 6Ei-229i. FOR SALF, -- Single norse trailer. Call sna-2353 after B. THRKF, year old Angus bull lor s»le. 5SS-43f,2. .ro~imED~i,i'ii« 'or sale j n u r choice tlOO. Phone 2B4-7915 or 3»3-lS£l,. CURTIS" Brcedini Service, 552-53-U ; 686-2400. LTKE~^o^be,d .table, Boarnint. exercise and care. 352-1688. W A N 1 K U -- Snrini! pasture, ready loon I'bone 3S2-1205. iTWO horse trailer, tandem a\.e. E"^ rubber, encellcnt condition. 64-.) ..." St. 3.VJ-9118. *ii"?^S5r«rStoSi. ^i Gentle. 353-8308. r-NROLlTnow J« ( ,'° ) TM |sI J r!urcl J," inK , 1c .l 6 p.m. ··'if^St.^A^wfJwr" home for rent. Adult*. No __ MllTlILK " Hum*? annce avnilnlilc In in iliiys. Can t n k f 1'J Mt-arlows Mobile Home only, no prti. 1st Ave. ConiJict Mr. Rny, Spnrc M . Park. Adults and 22ml St. M. 3. r )3-r.17r. Misceltancoui Z7 I'OR, SALK -- Antiques, oollcf tor's 3. misr-pllanroiifl. S15 K. 16th St. G A R A G E siile -- 10 to 4 Saturday. 150:1 I21h Su FOR S A L K -- Stork (nnk nnil c-'il- d frn-H ninmif,* i n n k . 454-22-11. OHKVR"OLET~ engine nnd rcnr em!, plete. Cnll lifter 6, 353-3170. MAN'S 3 sj'ued bicycle. .2 after 5. CLOU IRS line _ OOWNTO\VN npartment. Adults only. SI 25. Ui'iosit reQuired. Purr A Parts. 353-1400, 352-8909. 1021 8lh Ave. pomplrtely fur- np«rtinent!nOOVKR yort«ble wa.shinc niuchim "~ and baby cnr b«l. 2S4-f:!08. lafiJT^YAMAliA SfiO. 352-5325 or act 1026 23rd St. WANTED -- Used piano. 3'hone 363-04N1. TEMPORARY home, nishexl. 1 to 3 bedn kitchenettes. Daily or weekly rules. Mountain View Motel. 2409 10th St. No phone calls. F67T~Rp;NT~-- Furnished apartment for 3 people. Newly redecorated and furniflhed. 2nd floor. Adults. No pets SI 10.00. Deposit reuuired. 353-1169. ONE bedroom furnished apartment. Permanent, mature woman or married rnuple. No children or pets. Cleaning deposit reuuired. 1015 l l t h Av«».. Msnaner Apt. 6. ONE rit-droom unfurnished apartment in 4-plox. Available June 23. Kx- ri'iitionally nice, all electric kitchen. A d u l t s only. No pets. SIUS.OO per f n H N J S H K D apartment for 2 si atimmer quarter only, fi minutfi fr colIeR*. in country. Place for nor: Utilities paid. Afl«r 1, 2136 I f l t h St. iUMMT-TR q u a r t e r -- One nlre furnished apartment, couple with 1 child, J285. or 3 cirls |3flO; one furnished apartmRnt for couple with 2 children ?XOO. or 4 or IS uirls. $100. each. 353-3132. CUSTOM manure spreading *nd lo«d er work. .U.2-7184 «v«ninK3. Derold X)\v"(J4(; -- Professional service. 11; equipment (or larseaL Iuwna. Gen al Spray Service. S52-1050. EI^AM'S Custnni Knrminit. Windrow- K. bnliiiK, nUickinif. Unit's turned , eiljif, »S inches loni. Hud Kluni, _ ItHckhue serv nK. water line, an ,-rvicc. Also toi soi ·h rlc. ice. Dit tyiie b.ic dvllvureil. Service. Mt-rh. hcd t chup. w i n d r o w , hnlr, i 352-9512: Warren, '63 Y A M A H A 250. Good condition. ?2fli. Phnne 352-0036. MEN'S Seiwinn Varalty fport rarinR bike, JO cpecd. Cull 353-S133. VAMATlA""l"26 Enduro. tf375.00. 351- KOR SALE -- 1970 8SO Honda. 3.-..1- B746 after fi. FOR~SALF,~-~ 6 »ninU rabbits. Afiei :hool. 35S-fi09G. CUSHMAN -- Eaple arool.-r. Good condition. Mnk* offwr. 853-77R5 " ~ WE NOW have corral poles in atock. $1.10 ench. HoREctt Lumber Co. 13' llth Avff. JIM' (iiul menu'. f ] B , J17..'i(l, $20,' J2. 1 ,, Jjrnybenl Jeweirrn, 818 fctli St. FOR SA1."K -~ Sheets, lilnnketa. hnth mni. u , fiibk'cloths. white brilspreads, Jill new. Wnntrd to buy -- .-.mail Kiirden cultivator. 3, r i2-fi602. nnt~S~ALI-::~ RCA console T V ; kitch- table mid clmlrs: 2 occasional Stccle tutilt- l n n i [ i ; bird K. ISth St.. Hurl LOSE wcisht eafcly with Prx-A-Diet; remove cxrr-jis fhiiil w i t h Fluwlc.x. O n l y US'c iiltd Sl.CH, CamjHiH Phar- 10 INCH DeWalt nidinl orm saw with ronlnidor'F suind, new niotm*. Kx- i-ellftnt cnn-lition. $179. Evpritt Lum- U-r Co. IT'S terrific HIP LuBtrc for rl fttery. Kent A nnd M (!]» ay ' ·Irclric -iiin · B l u e :i 1.1ml- r J l . FROM wall U wnll. no eoil nt nil. carpets clennod w i t h Ffluo Lu?t Kent electric ehampoocr f l . Kanch Wholi'Knle. condiitun. clean, $00. MDVJIU;, hi other Items must icU. Ii sent. TV utand, odd and enrfs Jtemn. Ckll_ 358-6103. STOVKS, rrfriccnitors, appllnnces, books recorris, jrood imcd f u r n i t u r e . M. H. Rurkcr'n Used i - u r n i t u r e . 4Hi Uml St.. La Sulli-. Open 12-7 Tuesday thronnh Stttunlnr. ONK net mapTe bunk beds, $45: Sears WHuher, 1 year old, tlliO; dryer in (Tooit comiition. $ n : table nml 4 vhairfl. Early Amcricnn mnple, Jfil double and mngle bcda witli hcai- hnnrdff. S10 to $20 a n e t : Hiiie-n-bed unfa. 125: 3 bicycles, SIO rnch. Sec Rt 2S01 W. l H h .St. SACRIFICE *ale -- "0 i 4S beveled p i n t o Klnss mirror, $23; xvultmt trii nwirn divider, $10; I«r(re I R in. rooi f u n , $fi; 2 unii.ll cheat of d m w u r . SH.Sfl rnch: Kirl'-i vanity ami henr.h, #.s: hnv'ji desh. $5 : niirht Ftand with drawer, 14; like new queen FIZS be*!, box nprinc «nd ninttreaa. $75. Much (O IT yourself. O i r new fabrir-i hir bt'i-n shipped frnm Italy nnd H. thousand yard* of iltacnntinueil P« tyf*r»s jit one (o three dollar* pi yanl. Cnn furnish nil auppHcs i eluding frnmcs, modern hand cnrvi or antique, -limmie Knllie Furnitu factory. 700 Ccntnil Strt-cl in Evan ful if elect H t;onst. ^nd life too you use Min'K)?r Const. can be be Lustre. $1. Wfst _ LOFTY piie, trn?. from Boil is the car- pnt cleaned with Blue Lustre. Kent electric ahnmpooer tl. Sherwin WN linnis. "lnRs-- milibiir.? style *n- t. witli 1/3 kiirat dinmonil. ]i]inv band. Yelluw gnld. 35;,- aDDING mnchinea, typwritei-n, maker.?, new and used. Sales, scrv Ruaranierd. Ed Feldhaua. 1201 l l t b A v ? . 352-0066. A U T H O R I Z E D Ski-Poo Denier. Franklin Cycle Sulei. 352-6992. 26 I N C H boy's bicycle. Good for paper initp. 353"lfiG£, LKATIIb'R bar with stool; aynthetic 'IE, auburn. 3S2-7901. BOY'S bicycle. 530. 1423 after G :30. FOR SALB service f u r -- Jnpnn made S. Cnll 3S2-!Wn7. BICYCLE -- Schwinn Vnrsit 2« Inch 10 S52-6S02. 1 SS3- cliina. odel. ipeeri. Like new for Rent--Aph. 17 TWO reserved tickets to Shrine Cir- t-iw for I pint hlnnd donated Shrine Crippled Children Hospital. :ir,i!-ft:'(i7. iNEKD money--Hart Pawn Shop. Ruy. fioll, traiic anythinc of vauc. Furn. p(c. Hart Tradinj: Post, 316 N. I t t h _Ave._JJ53-Ji!)73. K E K P yntir carpet, beautirul rlespite cun.stnnt footsteps of « bu«y family. (id Uliic Lustre. Rout eleciric Rham- n n o p - f l . H.-sted'.. Mli AVB. and 8tb St. o, 2n47_ l l t b Ave. WINDSHIELDS- NPW and used. Plate KlatiS, \yindow Rliips, ncrccn?. Evening windshield service (or y n u r conv iVnce. roll for npp't, Knrl'ji fire. Class Center. 210i 9th St., 33.VJ HOUSE OF BARGAINS Ttnnliniptry, stoclt. railroad snlvaKC, colnr TV's. f u r n l l n r r , npiiliances. 22S llth Ave. Phnnc 352-52H HORSK ahocinz niipofntment c an,l trimtnlnir. Fnl ,H Koy M/irttn. 85!- ?i"iiaern"~"n«iTnter Ranch. Ffn*»* nu,h nv»iK"hol*«.ile. retail. E.' ISth St. 3r,2-7S6S. YnTsAuTur trade -- 19" tundem wheel horse all metal ami H: IS ft. a trailer d inside. Would trailer. 2314 Oth St. - S. Bi.ll. P^ce. Colorado work Hob Seytried. ROBBen. Colo. s»-s»r.n. 7nrVil"K -- Renlstered Puroc «llts. TM «M*ril.l toelleol I-H projects. SI5.00. S53-Oa(l« after Your fi or FOR" Wise liver choir. w«*kfl and 15 Money to Loan WK SPECIALIZE In small loans $fiO, Jl.fiOO. Most collateral ace«pUhle. C.F.C. Corp., fith Ave. nnd llth Si. Phonr 3B2-OI32. WK LOAN money--1st and 2nd mort- Kape' or business. Also buy .st nnd 2nd nmrtfracrs. (loM-Naiman Inv«»st- Co.. n t h Avr. and 11th St. uilding SAW fiharpenimr. 34 FARM CiiH..mi thinning, Krct ·tack. Tappn 3r.2-r,r.9fi. SMALL" "doTer and carry-all work lln«jk hoc w -loader. Of. 28-1-550-j Hob t.«rann. ZM-MK. D. Freomyei, ' n t K N « ' H l N ; and instdllstion of w a t e r lines, aeptic tjinkd or leerhinn fields. Hrown, 737-2277. OONCKKTK work all t.yp»n. flat work, retain inR walls, restoration nn«i G E PAINTING Krce estimates IloaRonable-ilependiible Xo .1oh (no smnll Also j a n i t o r i a l service 3;.3-S7.*8. 352-3279 APARTMENTS AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY For Summer and Fall Quarters WHEELER REALTY COMPANY 353-0346 2 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSES ll kinds. One day . . Alhire'3 61S S Ave. 352-9501. JAT1VE roiiKh lumber, fiood «tock. Hnsscu Lumber Co., 134 l l t b Ave. 353-2171. SHOI'WOKN lumber. Ideal for eorral* and many farm uses. Murphy Lumber Co.. 712 91h ~ Miscellonoous "Cash raid for JreBh, dead or disabled cows and horses. WELD COUNTY BI-PRODUCTS 352-1788 WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Horses or Cows For Reward Ph. 353-0929 24 Hour Service EVANS BI-PROPOCTS CO. ROUNDUP ARENA . STABLES Horses cared fnr the way you would yourself. Hay and grain twice daily. Arena facilities for exercisinp! Kor tlie best place in awn to keep your horse, call 353-9SGS: a f t e r T, 353-6019. APARTMENTS Now taking reservations for 2 bedroom apartments completely furnished. Cunningham Apts. 353-6026 or Gilbauffh Agency 352-7037 ATTENTION FARMERS NEED EARLY CASH-PLANT PICKLES DREHER PICKLE CO. For Further Information Now Taking 1970 Pickle Contracts Large or Small Acreage CALL 484-4168, 284-6274, 482-4803

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