Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 16, 1961 · Page 21
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 21

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1961
Page 21
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. Page 22 GUEELEY TRIBUNE Thurs., Nov. 16, 1901 The GreelfcyTSaily Tribune and The Gre:!ey Republican EXECUTIVE STAFF ... RAKSEN . P a b l l i l w . H L i t J K l U WlDhUND tO.G. KOEN1G Buslnw HIT. A. L. PCTERSEN ._ 1 ISTRTCK. JR. Ctro- Mcr |D.ARK PACE _ EDWIN EATON JR. ,, ef ters to The Tribune . - - c d ' E v i T f W«k DM Ertnlng by The Trlbunt .Republican PablUhltn Co. OfJIw lit Elrrilb St. CrwlM, CoTo. *i itcond the Itf otIEc* »f GtMlty. Colorado undtr U79. M«mb*t AiiocUUd Pr«M. 'Color* do Prni Atioclallon. Inland D»ltjr Tre Anoe!fctfc»n. Audit Rtre*u of Ctrcul A3* Her Supt 'Jifflit Krilloi SI nil* ccpj prle« _. - *t Subscription p r t e i . -- Bj n«U to Colo- redo. 1 reir liU.KO, 8 months !*-» one month 11.20 fl m i l l outside of CoIornJo. I *«ar IH.M. oi.t month $1.20 F"or*!m eounlrtei l*-26 reonlh rily earrUr. 11.10 month. I'UHLliJ F O H U M t Public forum Lrt- ter» wait b« no longer lh»n 4U woroi. Correct Tfa* AMocUted Pr«i ti entlll*d tx iH'«ly to tht etc of icpubUeaUon of ·!) lfc« lool TICWI printed In Ibli ni^r paper u will u ill AP t*w» dli patch ei. tauit b« liiuerl to Tbt Trlb- Co. bj. Grec* T y p o Bt*ph' Union No. C86. Pause and Ponder T o^ L " !ontliatNevtrGrowt "Love Is patient and kind; love is not boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not Irritable or resentful; It docs not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right." -1 Cor. 13:4, 5, 6 Thinks U.S. Testing Would Start N-Race To the Tribune; My lutler is based on nuclear testing In the world. I believe lliul if we start nuclear testing again, we arc defeating the point of v,-hat we all want, f mean the stopping of the testing 'in the Soviet Union. If we start will it help matters any? No, all Ii will do is give the Russians an excuse to test more than ever in order to slay ahead of us. 1 we do this arc we doing any better than they are? To prevent nuclear testing, think the United Stales ought t back the halting of nuclear test ing in the world all the way. Dick Bashor 8th grade Meeker Junior High An Emergency Call For Blood or Cash More Fuel for Hot Spot in Congo i^ The mutiny of 2,000 Congolese troops under the direction of Antoine Gizenga, a leftist and political heir to Premier Patrice Lumumba apparently i s - a n other attempt by Gizenga to gain control of the central government. ' The leftist government which Gizeuga established at Stanleyville last winter has been inactive since he went to Leopoldville with the persuasion of the United Nations to become vice premier of the central govern- ';nient. ''·': 'HoweVer, apparently convinced that the politica! alignment in Leopoldville was such that lie could not ·'jjain control of the central government, Gizenga de- 'pferted from the capital about a month ago. The fears that he \vbuld lead a new rebellion were realized Wed nesday with the mutiny of the troops against the cen tral government in Kindu, the Kivu provincial town "--north of the secessionist province of Katanga. 1 Gizenga has summoned a conference for the em of this week to establish a new Lumumbist National Party, Observers believe that if he should succeed in formation of the party, he can expect military equipment and other supplies from the Soviet Union and the United _Arab Republic. The new crisis, coming on top of the Katanga prob- [ n f h 's town can nm m o r 1 .,,.., , _ L Ll __ trying to order breakfast. To the Tribune: This appeal is to the pcopl f Gicclcy on h eh alt of Mr. Robbie Adams, wife of Robe: Adams, who is the son of Chi Adams of this city. Many of you no doubt read t article published in Ihe Tribun nst week about a young hous ·ifc with- a serious heart com ion. After reading Ilic articl some of us. became concernc How would we feel if the sh were on our foot? We understand there can no help given by the Heart Assi because- the husband has a j teaching school. As wo kno school teachers do not gel ric It is sad to hear a case ot tl kind can get nothing. H .ever a case needed special Ip, this is one. Mrs. Ad_ams' case^developed dm- rheumatic fever -when''.a irl! The Adamses have a daugh- r, aged 4.'. Mrs. Adams' life 'is at slake tow. Will you 'please help?. The ne doctor said to be able to erforrn Ihe operation Mrs. Ad ms needs to be'at Peter Bren rigliam Hospital iii Boston'. W ivc been told $1,000 and 40 pinl: blood must be on the line be ire Mrs.. Adams can enter this ospital. The entire cost of th «ralion and hospitalization wi! ic $3,000. . Friends, if you cannot · giv lood, please make a-cash dona on, regardless of its.size.-Please outs 3. Lefkowiti against · Wag-' er. \Vho was running again: Wag- Iso went,into New, Jersey's gub ; rnatbria! race to supporrRepub- rcan James-P. Mitchell against Jemocfat. Richard J. Hughes, . a n d Truman cam] or .Hughes, who. won. But while.both men had plenty f fault to find .with-.what: their uccessbvs w;cre doing vat- home both stopped'.'it at the .water's edge.' in 1933 called for firm ;upport for .Eisenhower '.during he Korean -War negotiations. It 961 Eisenhower said Republican; stand as -Americans' first, no artisans; behind Kennedy in for cign affairs. In his first year out of office B«com« an Ordinary Citizen." El- senhower has chinned about that icn-^and has givetr--a series of TV Interviews, on. the irobiems of his presidency. ,' · Both men were unlike President Hoover who remained silent on jr leaving office; But what Hoover had to say in,politics after that can hardly be said to have influ enccd events' much. H seems certain that if President Roosevelt had lived lo_ retire he wouldn't have been any more quiet than Truman or Eisenhow ST. But neither Truman nor Eisenhower, for all their, talk, can be said to have influenced voters minds much when, they them selves weren't running! This, however, is not likely to Prelate Cited ···WASHINGTON,. D-C. AP lie Catholic Association for In- ernalional Peace has chosen a one-time Iowa .priest who has spent much of hiS'caFcer in-as Truman gave interviews. So did discourage either of them from Eisenhower, Truman wrote a series of five] trying. ive to this most worthy caus s the Lord .directs and-lays .pon your hearts. Much sickness has fallen upon his entire family, which has aided in this case, but there-is lothing left to help Mrs. Adams iirlher. There is a chance of fiurvivval if Mrs. Adams can lave the operation. Let us ask ourselves th'e queskm: What if a member of our family so needed such an opera- lion? May we not fail in this.oppor tunily to aid one in this emergency. Your life will be enriched and God will bless you. Dec. 1, only a slwrt time away is the date set for the entrance of Mrs. Adams in to "th« Boston hospital. Blood donors should call the Blood Bank, EL 2-4121. Cash donations should be designated for the Adams Fund, anil mailed to Norman Dean, in care of the Weld County Bank. Mr. and Mrs. M. Burbridge. Mrs. E. M. Alexander. articles on. "What It Is Like to USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS sistance projects abroad, to receive its 19G1 Peace Award. He is the Very Kev. Msgr. Luigi G. -Iggutli, director for international affairs of the National Catholic Rural Life Conference. USE'THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS D A I L Y CROSSWORD ACROSS l.Actrcs* Lillian- : 5. Annexii 9. Theatre - group · . 10, Moved 16.'Farm 1. Cigarette' "-'frfme (Brit, 'slang) 17. Unit -, t. steeptew- ' P* i - ' 14,'bn, In all , 18. Evening ' lirthct cracf.'Bddnu Ik* lillltit. nic 17. Organ . 18. Perfonn, . 19. Hard to --. . a.steeplei ness ' S.Boy-l nicknama 4. Farm ,"-": product". 5.OUofnM»-j .' living ': quarters' . (shbrteneaj measure . -,,-8. Withdraw . 28 .-Speak* , , 11. Family car.' 1 Z9. Prophet , · S6. Too (eoltoqi) i":' Sl.Mbuntali* 38. River 13. God of lov« ···· (Peru)..',! island UnptH «nnUp. fit ntlr- 'THE - - . DRia? GRASS DUK1HSTHE UMMCR AMD; STOKS rr WlMT£R COW6UWFT10W/ 2S ^ few T, veer BREATHS of AIR COWTAIHWG OMLV tWO PCK C£MT CARBOU MowoYipe CAW CAU6E 1 WSfAWt Hal Boyle's Column Trouble at Ordering Breakfast By 'BUD SPRUNGER NEW YORK (API--A stranger ^Igm, has caused grave concern among diplomats at the United Nations. Acting Secretary General U Thant Friend of mine from the Southwest couldn'.t get a doughnut. ordered UN forces to take every measure possible to They kept handing him something restore order. The ability of the UN forces to carry out this ' tirtier with their present strength, especially if the Soviet Union and the UAR decide to help Gizenga, highly questionable. · Withdrwals have cut the 1 forces to; around 15,000 meh, : thinly spread over the Congo, and Nigeria is expected to pull out ite contingent of 1,700 troops figured that out but told me in the future to ask for Danish. shortly. Only the extra financial assistance which the with jelly in the middle--where the hole is supposed to be. Finally he found .out that in this spot the word for doughnut is cruller. · Arriving from San Fraiicisco, : made the mistake of asking for a snail-with my coffee. The dudes .urned'sort of green before I cor- rected'that to butlerhorn. They Ofher translations are not quite as difficult. Almost any tout-is 1 V'Umled States has given to the UN for the debt-ridden can figure that hotcakes.on the operation has kept it from folding long ago. The General Assembly appropriated only enough money to keep the UN kroops in the Congo until the end of the , year. .j The danger of a UN failure in the Congo -is that th« turmoil may eventually embroil all of Africa anc other parts of. the 'world. The situation seems as grave M it was a year ago last summer. menu,' are pancakes. ·But you can get mixed' up ii the names of meals. west,, Southwest, we say 'supper for the last mea of the day, but around here it i dinner. And so they won't get con : Timc of Anticipation November is a month almost as unpredictable as] jyiarch. November is a fall month, but it is popularly! ·' associated with winter in northern areas. Still, though ; --snow ta- no stranger to November, neither are sunshine and mild temperatures. The general bleakness of'the month is assuaged, too, by anticipation of the holidays. In November the ''"storm windows are on, the hatches battened down, the home made snug for the feast days and festivities ahead. Parents anticipate the return home, for the holidays, of sons and daughters away at college. Busi- -.'·nes« streets and store windows.are beginning to be bedecked, by mid-November, with the garlands and gifts of Christmas. School choruses and church choirs start diligent rehearsals for sacred concerts. .;,;: Turkeys and hams are featured in grocery ads. Father checks on his /supply of fireplace logs and -.. mother on the dining room facilities, wondering if the '·'three leaves stretch the table sufficiently for all the company expected. " . The snow shovel is handy ,iust in case. Every day it doesn't have to be used is a plus--but one never knows about November. ound here don't drill their kids the verb take. New. Yorkers go to business hile the rest of us go to work aybe they juU'"atm't"work'a ard here. I don' You never heai m city, either. Zl.Sofl drtok* ».Un- . grateful person 25. A pair 27. Chines* ·' ' calculator 30,'ii definite ' iftbile SI. High card 32, Coiisamed 33. Contract M. Poker stake 37. Pursue _ ' relifnt. S8. Chang* a time" 40. Elbe tributary 41, Parrots iZ.JUtUng; ' 37 7M J- 2B i BAltT CRYMOQUOBE -- ' Bere^'how to work H{ A X Y D L B A A X R I i L O N O T E l - t O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A ia used tor Uw tbrea !.'«, X for the two Ofa, etc. Single' letterj,'apo«- trbphlea,- the length and formation o the wonti »re aH'hiata. Each 'day the cad* kttera are differ»t. ; , . ; · --^' .;« ^ ^ - CQ.R'LR wtR P R L C W Y X K R L O Z X O K Z i , F Q Z I K G L R C i, G C Q , T O , W K Z T O Z X -- i t r a i Z T O . IS , NOT .' ·nMKS-TXXI SBC«T FOR US TO'BOEB OUftSBtVES-- Work on Dam At Arrowhead Progessing Work is well underway on a 790- foot-long earth-fill dam at the site $ the new Arrowhead 1 home de;1 velopment, southwest of Greeley. j: The dam measures 20 feet in 'f height and will store 300 acre-feet ·: of water for residents of the set^ Uemenl. f . The lake will' include its own i water treatment plant. 5! Arrowhead is described as a £ "western living" luxury type sub- 4. division by its developers, Roy Si Lundvall, Charles Karowsky and J!assed »lipad covers a half section '«( land and is located one mile west and one south of Sunset Me modal Gardens. Tht l»k«, which will cover about The lake will offer swimming. boating and fishing to Arrowhead dwellers. lome sites located on Hi, 2Vi and 5-aere tracts. The lake will be about a half- mile in length. Big Givers KANSAS CITY (AP) - Th« Church of the Nazarcne ranks first in per *P !la giving among menti American Protestant denominations with 100,000 or more members. Members of the church give an average 1135.51 yearly each. AVID THE uHrreo 1HIRD AMD FOURTH UAT10WS OW ABOUr EQUAL TO 1W OP BUT OklLV ABOUT HALf THAT 'Of CHINA/ By Carl Anderson tknowi y ,-r-i.; . . -. them going;! arJout every ody in Norttern California goes ' " " ~ o the city when'"tKSy" : ~go to San rancisco, which they jronouhce suburban- going- to.ffevv that : liye in bor- ughs . other (hnri; Manhattan say ley are going' to"- town. Clothing can. cause you trouble, x. I wanted a pair ol Levis the ther day and some clerk was rying to be helpful/ After I hod tried ; out overall pants and jeans n him, he finally convinced rne 'By : Frank .-'Robbing aat what I wanted was a pair ol JOHNNY HAZARD ungarees. Turned out he was ight. our OF me owwR TWWSMATERIAUZEB MUSTMAKESURE t£ Maybe the trouble here is the kids around' here NOTMUCHCHAlitEOF PlCK»iG U1L» OUT OP [on't .get grades. No, sur. What hey get are marks. And although that bring and fused, they say lunch when the HERE/ WE'RE A U-W A BINP «3W,,,«HEKNOWi THIS 15 A 7KAC FOR HfK ,,, AHP WE KMOW SHE'S SOT AM ACE OR TWO UP HER SLK.VE take thing floors them, the East- And, oh yes, around here the ern kids go to ·grammar or ele- call a waitress Miss, not Mam, -a By Bob:Montana WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former Presidents Harry S. Truman and r were going down the middle of ight D. Eisenhower, although e road moving backwards. Ei:hey might not litte to think so, enhovrer in 1961 said, "The con- liave looked like look-alikes facing in the Kennedy is like a tornado in opposite directions in the first after each left office. Each, as he walked out of the Both men, in their first year out By Dal Curtia White House, got a hunting li- REX MORGAN. M.D. f office, couldn't stay put of ac cense to pot-shot his successor llH7»»*rjRE T-ID BETTER WAN TWO *OU K fOf. tX. YOU R PHCWE, I m5 TO «ET HtR ' HERE/ ve politics. Truman had better They fired merrily, or indignant- ick than Eisenhower. y, or disparagingly, as the mom seized them, which was pretty · WEU.TrtIS IS W wtexptcTED SWMOSE, MX »OaaiN/ I THOU6KT In 1933 Truman, after first let ing it be known he wouldn't umped into the New York may But there were other parallels ralily race to back Robert F that may tend to get the publii who won and there- accustomed to what after kept on winning. from ex-presidents in the future Neither, when he gave up th taw York to back Republican HOT* »n 7tM pupili «nr«ll- td in *· SfMky PuUic SchMls? LFLABNER FUST-AH GOTTA T^KEW **Sfc TH' DEEPEST BREATH IN AU- ly. often. S3 acres of land, will be partially ;pring-fed and is expected to be completely filled by next sum -·-----. - ,, presidency, was happy about th last election.results. In 1D52 Tru Remainder of the water will mm Hacked Adlai E. Stevcnso come from the Greeley-Loveland wno | ost to Eisenhower. In I960 Eisenhower Nixon who lost to John F. Ken nedy. While Truman and Eisenhowe The village will include 150 were tied at having more unbal anced budgets while they were office, they never could get I gether on the budget subject. In 1953, alter gelling adjuste to civilian life again, Ttuma banged away at Eisenhower's a ministration for what Truma called its dangerous philosophy that'balancing the budget is the most sacred objective of gnvcrn In 1961 Eisenhower, although his $12-billion deficit in 1939 was the budget w.TMld affect the na said Ihe failure of President Kennedy's administration to balance USE THB TRI»UHi WAKT ADS the budget would affect toe na I

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