Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 24, 1962 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 24, 1962
Page 12
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I I'age 10 UKKKLUl IKlUl'.Nfc -un, De*. 21. ars Hit At Windsor And Prospect they j fled Jenseo and Warren ToMer. iowuer of Uie s'.c-ie. later pursued tlie thieves but did not capture them IVpulv SlHi::ts A! Kmieiud and, JIMI Hiilman. who uivcstigaled i 'the siore burglar,, reported Mrs. Burglars did about Sl.ixxj dam- ToKer told then, two hind quar- aae to the Windsor High Svlwo! '·« »f txvf had been stolen from and equipment in it in a breakin '·"· .-tore's vvalk-in-i-ooler. Several Saturday night, the Sheriff's of. smaller pieces of beef, a case of fice reported Monday. eggs, several pieces of ham and In another burglary eaiiv Sun- *""· bacon also were taken fromj day. thieves stole a considerable the cooler DRIVER SAFETY AWARDS were presented to 15 Shupe Brothers Trucking employes by the American Trucking Assn at the annual company dinner and party at the Prime Kib restaurant Saturday night. Drivers and their wives attended. Left to right are- Back row. Robert Henry, Basil Sherrow, Delbert Donze. Robert Carstens. Hobcrt Drake. W illis Harwick. Hubert McKinzie. Front row, Lloyd Butler, (lien Powell, Larry Erickson. Vern Norman. Hobert Nichols and B. W. Frederick. Two drivers receiving awards but not in the picture were Howard Powell and Robert Nolan, PI,oio for the Tribune by Winder Studio). Vamount of meat, clilhing .ind · 'other items from Toin's M.r.ket I at Prospect Valley : The breakin at the Win,isr ' 'High School was iv\*~,-.ea i.' Hie i I Sheriff's office at ui a m . s-,:ndax J|by Walter .l.iir.c.- c-f :!-,i- Window ! Police Department Deputy Sheriffs K L. M.-lVvitl ; and Bernard Mt'iiheixT vvh uere jser.t to invotig. ilo the .luniiir Hi: Dump Pttnuti on Fl«*r The burglars dumped a 100- !b lug of peanuts on the store's floor, apparently to get the bag I.- use i! 10 earn- the meat, Knderud and Hillinan reported. Ttie thieves also stripped the sine's meat counter of al! the live:, pork chops, hamburger, Meak. roasts, chickens and otlwr . toisiii entry items it contained, with a few Sclvv' MY:OII exceptions. Safety Awards Ground Broken Sat. Presented to r »« · i j Shupe Drivers For Masonic Lodge Building at Eaton American Trucking Assn. presented 15 Shupc Brothers Truck- KATUN - Members of the Ea- ing company drivers with safetyj,,,,, Masonic Lodge No. IDS AF 1'ark was held Aw., sile I of the building had Kvn g.iined nothing, jock and cigarette by breaking out .1 p.uv o! i^'.ass counters in the store were ran- in a windov\. then re.tchms: ;:'.-idt' sacked and an unknown amount and unlocking the w i n d TM , and 'f Ihe-c articles taken. Tliree. rai-ing it. three-gallon cans of Christmas Pry Op«n Doors °-" kt ' a!so w *' r e stolen. The but-! The burglar-, after get'.iiii in- ler counle! ' was cleaned out and -iric. systematically ue'rked ':!:eir 1onH il ' e "earn and coffee alsoj way throne.!, the biiiM::)^ by prv : ;1 «'n. the deputies said. ing open the doors of the various; c . lwcl ' ou ' Ceun » Ir D»mag»d room-. McDevitt anii Mimhei.-er ' lnt ' 5tor e's check-out counter reported ' Wils baiil . v damaged by the burg- Tile thieves ransacked through lars and articles in the counter at ind St. and the cabinets and relrigerartm- 'ini dunl P cl "" "e floor. award* at the firm's annual din-:AM broke ground Saturday morn-jhall will go up Saturday night at the Prime. 1 "'- "«' construction of its ncvv| The lodge itself new the kitchen of Hie school's e.ife-i Tnc grocery carts Hib restaurant. John L. and Ivan D. iJack ;lodge building. A formal ground-breaking cere- carti.n of ice is acting a-.: cream bars. Cabinets and the re- jto haul the stolen goods out to) I their autombobile. Two of the' general contractor cm the 44 bv 'frigerator in the home econom-i t ' arts wtTe ' oun( ' ""tside the store W foot building. ' Oreclcy since 1952. said H: stressed safety tn their driver and feel ihis has c-ontrihulcdj much to the excellent accident- free record. i y| )p ncw bujifljuj, tt j|] | 1( , (i(m . | ( .f t U | K , n "l" 1 ".' "' p i 1 1 t, . 'strutted of masonry block and 55 l i e y h a v e i K O D t . MQC 1x611116 will include a kitchen and dining Dies on Robert Irvin MacKenzie, 53. nl Company offices in Greelev are! ' Grand Junction, formerly of Ault. ·died early Sunday morning of a i , j , ,., , r, :uicu ca iv MInuav morning 01 K located at 26 h St. and Bv-pass. . , , · . . ,; . , B · H iheart attack at Grand Junction. The 15 drivers, with a lota of| ., , , ,, . , , , . . . He was born June 14, 1909, at 133 accident-free years, were awarded safety buttons and shoulder patches. The accident-free miles compiled by these drivers exceed 14 million miles. Each driver received a bonus. room also were ran-aeked and! aflcr the burglary. Several oth- !ers. filled with items, were left m Safe |standing just inside the front door! nincip-il's of-' 35 thc 1ur S |ars W hastily alter All of the lodge facilities will hc :u ^ pried'open'.'"^TM! 'the drak"!": E "" WU( ! and Hi . llman re P° rtci facilities in the basement. T! ie · j , . ! · · · · · · ) - iv n 1-j'i i i , u i m uiv uiaA 111- , , , . · located on the mam. ground floor.; l h l . offil . e .-ansacked and its con-TM'? ln lhe slore had ***" made Lodge members have been lent» thrown around. The working to raise money for Hi-:,,, | hl , ,,,,, ,,,..,,,,, ,,,' a new hall for over two years. ; a | M1 w;ls |)rinl ,,, u _ Needed funds were raised through',:, ;,, ,,,,.,,, , h;m ,, ( , ^ m ,,.,,,,, its con-', ,- , . -v ""*e front j y hroakm S nllt 'he entire glass file sale and about in the front door 'Magazines Have subscription and donation^ ,..,,, ,1,.,, ,, :,,' , h Galclon. He attended school all Til[ . bll i| dinq , whcn ,^^,,1] , ' ; , ; . ' . , " " : ' ,, , , , , . . 7 , Ault. lie lived there most of hisj w ,|, cosl an ; slimaled s -J m , ; C M n ue Uhe all o fa life and was in the ga, and oil! Completion is slated lor Aprill,', " business. For a few years, he had the and bix drivers with the most ai cident-frce years were awarded watches and Polaroid cameras. The six. their number of accident- free years and the number of years with Shupe were: Vern Norman, 22 and 9 years; Willis Harwick, 7 and 7 years: Basil Sherrow, 7 and 5 years: B. W. Frederick, 8 and 5 years: Hobert Henry. 14 rnd 4 years; and, Hobert Drake, 9 and -I years. Those awarded pins and bonuses were: Lloyd Buller, 12 and 5 years: Howard Powell, 12 and 4 years; Robert N'olan, 11 and 3 years: Robert Nichols, 8 and 3 years; Robert McKinzie. 11 and 3 years: Robert Carstens, 9 and 2 years: and Glen Powell, 3 and 2 years. Larry Erickson was the rookie of the year at the company. Del- hardware store at Ault and in rnamcnts and the three kn Vending Machines Broken Open Two Coloradi 1953. moved to Boulder. He came to Greeley in 1957 and was a traveling salesman for a hardware firm. MacKenzie mov Grand Junction in August. 1961. He was a member of Ihe Elks and the Congregational Church. Resides his wife, Gladys, he is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Donna Williams of Grand Junction: his molher. Mrs. G. W. MacKenzie of Greeley; a brother, Harold, of Evans: and Iwo sisters, Mrs. Walter Hrrna' Ward of Greeley and Mrs. Willard 'Lethal Darling of Denver. Funeral services will be at 10:30 a.m., Thursday from Macys Drawing Hoom with interment al Scnset Memorial Gardens. . , ,\ · . i . i of the superintendent M office also was pried open, rmdicemher issue The Eaton Lodge was formed; 53 years ago and is one of the I oldest in Colorado. Lodge members are presently meeting in the Eaton I.O.O.F. Hall. Leslie Clary of Ault is thej ; ,ls,, went downstairs, where" atl- vorsnipful master of the lodge C r piying open an overhead gale and Earl Jamison of Ealon is the;u K , v i.,,.,,^, upcn u ,,, ir warden. Fred Kovach ofj,_.j.j mis n n j , ]n -MSchool Workshop io education zincs have articles in thei .the desks and files in the oflice|ley Public Schools ;s covering Ihe Gree-. PROUD OWNER OF A NEW BICYCLE is I searched through. The burglar Isenior . pre-sessiun cliff Johnson of ion 22nd Ave. Ct. He won the workshop held her,, last August| bicycle at a drawing Saturday afternoon at the Chief Theater. The drawing was for boys and girls who had been observed riding their hi- Eaton Couple Dvercome by hert Donze mechanic and Joanne Shupe is receptionist and bookkeeper. Hugh G. Murphy Dies Saturday Hugh Murphy. 86. of the Camfield Hotel died Saturday night at the Weld County Genera Two Injured in City Accidents Two persons were injured accidents on Greeley streets Saturday and Sunday. Alexis Gardner, 2900 W. 12th St. Rd.. was treated for bruises and abrasions at Weld County General Hospital and released He was struck, police said, by a Hospital. He 'was born Oct. 14. 1875. at: Nunn is junior warden and s ary is Tom Griffith of Eaton. '"ichine. obtainin: .amount of money. The thieves then left Ihe build- ling and, after several unsuccess- iful attempt!, finally gained en[trance to the High School build- The Colorado Music Educator pop ma-jofficial publication of the Colo-|-ice cream ir.a-; ra( | 0 _ Music KAmalms As . n J an undetermined |)llWisht , d in Bou|dt , r rcvjwed the workshop in an article en- cycles in a safe manner by Greeley police officers. It was part of a bicycle safety contest s|K)ns«rcd by the Greeley Kivvanis Club. Tribun* photo by 1'aul L'd.scorn. tilled "Pre-Session Workshop at Greeley: Setting lhe Pace." The Colorado School Journnl. ifficials publication of the Colo- Car Stolen And Set Afire jAt Fort Lupton Cliff Johnson Wins Bicycle In Kiwanis Safety Contest Cliff Johnson, ion 22nd Ave jlxiys and girl! who were rldinfl pie. Charles E. Griffith of 4 Cottonwood Ave. Eaton, were "pretty sick" when! The they arrived at the hospital but ket at Prospect Valley'was dis- will) lhe local were believed to be improved covered by Hay Jenssen of Pros-iciations.' brought in to meet curriculum asso- early Monday afternoon. Their condition was described as "fair." No official investigation of thclpcirties loading a'car in front of incident apparently ' ! ' :40 was made 11 he store _ _ _ j _,and further details about I h e j .len.-sen. who had com 19S3 sTaUon~"wago~n ~aV4:02 "p"'.m"i! oisonin - c ooul1 TM" he peel Valley who woke up about: The articles were prepared by ' Jn a.m. Sunday and saw twoj.Iack Meakins, coordinator ol mu- ' sic, and \K Triplet! nf the department of instruction in the Greeley -chool svMem. Saturday while crossing a street 1 Scoltsburg, Ind. He attended the jal 1211, St. and 9!h Ave. Methodist Church. A nephew. Donald Hood of Denver. survives. Also n half-brother. Walter Murphy of New Town, The driver of the station wagon was Stephen E. Nehrig, 1456 9th St. William P. Bershinsky, 702 3611) . A ve.. suffered cuts and bruises X D.: and two half-sisters. Mrs.jj,, an acckient al 3 . 16 a m Sun . William Barlle of Hampshire. : day jnvo!ving his car and a Home "" ....... *~'~ "' j Light and Power Co. light pole al 8th Ave. and 25th St. He was 111., and Mrs. Harry Tate Dixon. 111. Funeral services will be at 2:30 p n v . Wednesday from Macysjllospilal and released. His 1956 Drawing Room with interment atlpickup received S700 damages and Linn Grove Cwnelcry. l|he light pole S200 damages. treated at Weld County General Dock Strike Stops All East Coast Shipping NEW YOHK iAI'i-.\ strike c,f|j p.m.. Sunday. Hie very minute Ii!ngshoi-cinen began to spread';,n dn-day fcdi-ral court strike in- parnlysis Mon along ducks from|jiiiiclinii against HIP ILA expired.] Maine lo Texas i The government, acting on Kcn-i The Internalinnal Li.inL'.-hi.i-e-.npcly 1 -- orclprs. nblained the in- inen's Assiu'iatinn r e p m u d thai' him lion early Inst October to give in New York alone i: bad immo-'i.he longshori'men 80 days to cool mmediatelv. out of quarters, however.' · the burglars and.USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS " r ''"' ( ' !lmll ' nl !ll i' l; 'v vm - Tom ''edigo. chairman w ' nt ' rc ' 10 is "' 'he Kiwanis CTiib safety «om- .also ca|)l.iin of the S.ilety Patrol 'rniltee: ljurenre Hurley, a mem. In the bili/ed 72 voxels. Picket- bo'aii iii.'n' (io/,en or more A t l a n t i c : l'na.-l |xirl-. but Hi" cin f u l l picketHC WMiil.l ,,..: t i l alU'i i'ln-1-iiiia- 'liic walkout I,.';..n a' Sillliiiiy 0:1 .:!;· i--.i.ii;^" n i i n i l t e a p l K - a l iiy I ' ! ( · - : ! rejected by lhe uni'.'ii K'irsl repoit- =li., lied ii|, ; n P..ill mi":. Jo In. 1 ). Te. . t ! in N'".; :'.' Ihrce rani m P,n:i.n am A l a . ; and t v u i in %'.-.-.; Many 'hip- sailr'l Sue,' d.-r i r j beat Hip .|c-:nlii!i.- ;he poris almost emptv i Some Kl.iXi.1 in'in i-l,J|0'l ' I l , \ ' . by -ti: iinior.'s prc-itici:!. . rd in Hi! -lnl.f. nffc/-! pi.H- f i r u n Seal.-mitt. M.I.I K walkiiut brg:i i prompiiy nil under provisions of lhe Taft- ; i llaitle;. Aci 'Ihi' cnjoindcr was; .^.iei! af'er- Ihe ILA pulled a four-, l : 'i- K i--iie is Hie ship owners' d.-mand that longshoremen cut ic. iiy i:' v.dVh eang- from 2n to 17; ·""'I:: 1 : .iv':.-' a iaiger number is. "i: ' h-.i'b 1 - 'M-lili;.;- " The ILA says · ' · ' - ^' '·'· !i :.··' ii'^"" "iir men oul '·'··'· -'^ -'''.i 1 ···· tile f'Ui'iciit walkout 1 ·i.'e";,ti. pi(k"!s appeared at such 1 : :iii- ;.,.iK :,, N"u York: Newark, N..1.I · : i - ll.i.i-i'.n. T,-x . anil Lakn ('liaclj'S.i . . ' - . N'.i p;..."' liiie^ u e r e plailned| '. .1 !..· .nine p..,!-. 11:1 l u l l i n g Mobile.! "i , Ma :::ni I'niv iil.-nce. It 1. I I , A j i.e.--' |i.ik'--ipen -aii; One said t h a i ' I'l.iLilclnliia Trenton. N.!.. ami' "f \ \ i h r ,'ii.l'in. I i . - i . .Ux'k- w i l l not !c. · n ' - - . p i - . k i ' l n l in f u l l [one u n t i l alleri il ( ' l n i - - i m a = ! in i / . ; e i p i . t and i;-:liia'hiig nf -l,:p. : m.-i-.i':.HIT! a' a f i . n / i c d p,-.i-p Siin-. i.II" 1 : 'i-iy i:, ;:n e l l i . i l h, gel |li r v e s - ; i - ' l v "ii t i n is w.iy hefoH- t h e i I' dr-adlin'-. I Sheriff's officers re[xrted at in:25 p.m. that they had found the car parked and burning a half mile west of the sugar factory al Fort Lupton. Woman Birttn B/ Dog A doctor notified Ihe Sheriff's office at 7:45 p.m. Saturday that Mrs. Barbara Johnson of 2S1I Mlb Ave. had been bitten "n the right leg below the knee by a dogj^j.^, at the Raymond Alles farm. Al-;[ rnm contest, begun !asl : ber of the committee: and Police officers watched forChief Karl TowriThg.' They h«d * lioy come up from the nudience to draw Ihe winning card from I Ixix. Trip IKJV left bofort they ! Chief Towning said Monday thai :jf this l«y would come to the po- jlicc station, be would give the hoy :ivTM tickets to pilher tho Chief or HpfUV Knnilh nenry i\nauD, Henrv Knnuh, 78 of I-'orl ,. ,.' , ,, , . Ims d.rd Monday morning. jles' farm is on Ihe west side of Seeley Lake. The doctor said the woman had been bitten 4:45 p.m. Saturday. about Fred Courts, 72, of Ft. Collins Dies Mon. was (Kirn May 10. \m. «l|Culnrailo Ilicalers. ·'. Hnssin. Hi! was reliml, he Great Western Siijia Officers Co. His wife, Mrs. deris Knaiib (lied ... Survivors include two sonsj.''.", 1 ^ ""'T T,, ""^ " Henry Jr. and Fred, both of Wind-jJ; 1 ' 1 " ' " llnly '' ' n " r: '' "°' p ' Ul1 "' sor; six daughtprs, Mrs. Heflhai^ Swiirlz of Grp(.ley. Mrs. Swartz nf Kalon. Mr? Mary ' Kichorn and Mrs. Klsie Decker. .'both of WincKi I Fred Colitis, active in area Hural Electrification Administra- Schnniilcr of Colorado Springs.! m! and Mrs Delia |tut 7 . of Nisland.! 1 '.''"' " 1 ' , "IT, , " K lro!lwl for tw " culs l " 5 lll ' ; ' H ' '"""'· ' l " t -' Mal11 . *® w Mrs Paniinel s l · lolli I" 1 '"' 11 th:it ^ Wi » driv lion affairs and a member of several water boards, died Mons - »·: 2l «r.'mdch.ldr,n; and day al his home in Fort Collins. He was 72. He was born Aug. 1, IIWO, in iScotland and had lived in lhe il'Virt Collins area since liKKl. Survivors include his wife, Mary; a daughter. Miss Mildred iCnutls of Fort Collins; two step- great grandchildren Funeral services will In- at pin.. Wednesday from SI. .Inhn Lutheran Church of wil interment nl Grand View Cem tery at Foil Col!hi;. | daughters, Mrs. l/jwell RodRurs rancjcinents. lot Westmiasler nnd Mrs. Fr.-inkj · Hiddell and Hays Mm In F'ort Coilin.s is in chaige iry n! ·if a i - Wdliam of Fort Collins and A l e x i l n j u r y ir) Accident of Scotland. j Services will be held al 3.:«l! ,"'"\*' r . " sll ","' e .V 1 ' : ;"" '"· p.m.. Tliursday at Ihp First 1'nit-i'.'' 1 !''' """ r - v * ;d Presbyterian Church in Forl Onv " 1 « Collins with burial at (Jramlvicw lemetery in Fort Collins. Ban-the-Bomb Vessel Returns From Russia ly bm. in Ihe WHd-Ad:ci nad live miles ,.,-IM of llndit about I I : M p.m. Sllllllay. Highway r.-ilinlnwn W i l l K.ig barn rcp-nliv! Ihi- lhid-.nn v o u t l ;iiilnni.iliili. ui'ii, nut of ... iiilh on Mh Ave. when hit forced to Ihe curb at 4lh M ny lour yoiilhs in another car. iMata said one of the youths hit liiiin in Hie back nf Ihe head with a ba-eball bal. and when he ran inway from Ihcm, iinulhcr threw a ibnlile. which hit him on the side !"( the li.'ad Mata said he had never sivn iv of Ins nl lackers before, jSliichfs v..'re taken lo close tin ; vviiuii(k on his head and he was i released. ; Convcrliblo Top Cut Saturday nigh! Kalby Jnnei, hew l?ih A v e . told piilice that lln [lop "f her .·onv-n:bii- had wrt i n i l while it ua- p.irked ill Hid hii'.h sihool paikiiii: lot. C»r Prowl ! Hoy I'ankey, 1-U3 Vlh S t , ti.icl ip'.liee Saliudav ni, ; lil that hi, ear v.c'iil. off n isoiith side cmb of lhc Radio Reported Stolon Sunday uirbl l.yan Nielsen. Torn ( h o v e ov.-l ;,;, , \ v e . li.lcl police n radio Tlie vehicl.'!!,.]..!,!:,,,;: !,, .i,,| M1 n,.., ni j,.,,) tikm.-ni on llie.bei'ii stolen h u m Ih-alh's base. carry Hie campaign lo Ibe Smielj Marriage License and \ a c n v Kd K ;o K. Itait.- """ 1 :ll.i»ki-r. Imlh Crri'ln. The Iwomavlc'd 4fl.|inl f|..hini:| Thoma'. IJT Tcui'il. c;n- k«'lrli saiiiil for b-ningiad Sc-pt .m.l c-.-m.ivn J.-.-o, Wiit. l!i ."'Hi S: R. J. GRAMS, leli. prcsidc'iii .if Ihe Weld Cmin'y A r l h i i i i « r'lnb. :m,i Mr a w l M i ^ . I! A Mom man. all icf llrc'c-lcv. w'-ri' pbiingrapbi'd riiircni! a l.rirf lu!| in foiivilci's ;il ;i ( !nntnu,s party foi arilnitir. in Ijrnvir n-ccntly. '||] ( . annual even! i«. spuns'ircd by the Ilocky Moun- lain Chaplcr of the Arthritis and liheumatism K'liiiid.ilinn. a mpmlipr o! (irei'ley and Weld I'ounly I ' m l p d Funds The \\ld ('.ninlv A i l h - mis ("hib is nioiisorcd by the Allrnsa Club of (it eeley. 12 tain with an mlcin.ilional new nl ·lear di-aiinols. The cap .Mm Wood Read and Mr- , ^ Hr. Eatle Reynold 1 ., an'ai.l A. L.IOE:. bnt}i nf i;.ef-|e-, can prolesMir of nntliK;-, Billv Hob T.-n-kilt. W. -in,,',, «ho lives in Hliii-himnjao.l Kva Charlollo Tmiilln. 'he crew had ho|«-d In gn; _ _ ashore at I^ningrad. lo lalk ln| One in 12 l'ni;.-| Russians and distribute lcnllels,;.|pnis lives on n farm. I 4 Hubcnps Slolon ,t"ib-e Munii.r, ui.iin'ml.''f',',,', 'i^'1'.-ai,- had 1,-,-n - [,,,,,, ,,,., i -ir Bulb, T»k.n «( Ouliidc T'M M i - Kd |j,ir,,, t.i|., ^,1, v M. l»id I- 1 M',,.1,1- le-i jii'i-i, -Inlrn In,,,, '( hi islma.t t,rp. nun; ouUidc

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